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Today’s word of the day is, desperation


Frank v Duke DeSPERATE
A pic is worth



  1. The condition of being desperate.
  2. Recklessness arising from despair.
  3. the final 30+ minutes from the Virgina Tech football Staff

text: #NeedyDesperationAnxietyJitteryFbStaff

and then text:


.5oo and prolly still bowling @ 4-4; or negative and prolly not @ 3-5.
I did not  see that we had any other choice.
Did you???

4Q 2:11 remaining:
How in the “Wide Wide World of Sports” do you even get a throw off, like this? As #27 was draped all over my boy like bedroom curtains. Sure wish we’d had this MB12 kid for the full four or five years. This one is a unique gamer and this one is a keeper. And oh by the way, just in case you live under a rock or have recently been hit in the head by a rock; he plays hurt; as in, very. As you could see MB12 having trouble lifting his left arm up above the 6-pin plating clavicle level after several substantial Duke hits. Keeping fingers, eyes and toes all Crossed that he makes it through; God willing.

How did he even get this throw off?
How did he even get this throw off?


  • Michael Brewer is our best pure passer since………..(fill in the blank)? That TD heave under ass-kicking duress, those 2 out pattern straight sick sideline throws? The ESPNU guys were right “…that’s a Professional throw.”  Only thing is, Brewer is a next level footballer trapped in a softballer’s body.
  • stiff-arms! How many times did Duke garner Y.A.C. (Yards After Contact) on the old-school stiff-arm play? I know they got at least 6 points off of it when Sirk planted Deon Clarke like farmer Brown plants Maize Corn or Winter Wheat. Though really?!? What was up with this stiff-arming put-down trend?
  • turning your back: …Tuaman is a lotta things and some of ’em just ain’t good. Cue block shedding, enter here. Yah; I know, I saw the Duke Rb -that’s Running Back men- Aunt Jemima the poor Tuaman and serve Tua up as a pancake on the odd or left-side Sirk Qb-draw same as you.  Though what really got me? Is how handsy Tuaman has gotten. Thereby using his extended hands, not to martial artist use the oLineman’s weight and momentum and matador “ole”  said oLineman. Instead he did this bushy move in order to keep the oLineman off him and nimbly turn his back, and side step a 4Q Duke carry in the 2-hole and artfully avoid contact. I would not wanna be in the voyeuristic film-room for this one men, when and where everyone else, can, see!
  • tertiary and Secondary matters: notice what is going on in the hind-4 (or hind-5). Do you see what I see? Because what I see is not as much as I used to see. Less combinations, less bait-n-switches, less zone-blitz (did see: Maddy do a little of this however); less rolling coverage, and just more pure straight-up man. Duke’s defensive surplus of alignments and surfeit of coverage off the same really reminded me just how sophomoric this ’15 Hokie stop-unit’s scheme truly is. Night and day reminded me.  As this is Bud Bock’s most limited VT.edu defense in a good long while. Prolly 11 years if you are keeping score at home.
  • VT did enjoy a season low in Penalties. A mere 5 for 35 plus scrumming for an A.c.c. record setting 4-OT’s ain’t half bad as rule-book obedience goes.

Long-field Management (Lo.FM):©

(READERs note: recall this metric tracks how teams fare when facing long down-n-distances on 1st (from penalty), 2nd, 3rd or even 4th and long, if they elect to  go for it)

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| |||| |||| | (2 VT TD’s)
negative: |||| |||| (1 VT penalty)
Swiss: ||||

positive: |||| |||| (1 Duke TD)
negative: |||| |||| |||| (1 Duke penalty)
Swiss: ||||

Do you see what I mean? We played this football game on O&M ice-skates on an oil-covered staking rink men. And we STILL almost freakin’ won?!?

Get outta here; how is that possible?

M.Brewer is how it is possible! 29 Lo.FM’s for Virginia Tech and 28 Lo.FM’s from Duke virtually correctly predicted the overtime or 4 extra innings of play. However, do notice that my boy Qb12 (somehow) hit for 166% more positive plays including a very very hard to come by 14 points when playing from behind the sticks and chasing the chain-gang.

Duke -and the pretty gutty to his credit- although inherently younger Duke Qb (Sirk), had 111% more bad plays when facing long yardage down-n-distances situations. Or in other words, …how the hell did we just get beat?!? Beats me! As one can now now clinically objectify that Virginia Tech could have won this football game and prolly did in fact let this one get away.

Why is Whit letting this go on?
Why is Whit letting this go on?

And yet we did let this one get away. Ergo, I offer you WW2 and one of the all-time U.S.ofA. Admirals one  **** Arleigh Burke:

When reflecting on the events (Battle of Blackett Strait)  Adm. Burke asked a nearby ensign what the difference was between a good officer and a poor one.

After listening to the ensign’s response, Burke offered his own: “The difference between a good officer and a poor one,” said Burke, “is about ten seconds.”

Or in our case about 15 seconds; or ever how long it will actually take to finally and officially announce that Frank is now …done.

Indecision perhaps should have been my word of the day.
Cue Arleigh’s boss…

“Indecision is a virus that can run through an army and destroy it’s will to win. Or even to survive.” -Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

As everyone someone knows of says that this is a done deal. Frank has exactly 240 minutes left in his 1st-ballot Hall of Fame coaching career and yet nobody knows it. Yes, it is true, there may indeed be forward facing recruiting issues to be observed. If we did make the unofficial news suddenly official; we might de-commit a few class of 2016 recruits; and yes, that may not be entirely fair to Coach Next.

However, is this officially unofficial and altogether indecisive WW1 esque no-mans-land approach fair to Frank’s farewell tour or to the 2015 team? You tell me???

Which path should A.D. Whit Babcock ...track?

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Don’t have a whole whole lot to say in closing… we went ALL-IN and crapped all-out trying to beat Duke.Duke.

Busted our emotional O&M bankroll from where I sit and Vegas paid for our flight home.

God Bless this man... great health @Coach!
God Bless this man… great health @Coach!

As panicky or not, we threw all we had @Duke. And all is tough to recover from a quad-OT L. That one is gonna leave a mark men, a lingering mark I fear.


As exactly how does a lame duck soar? How sky high can you clinically expect this Staff to get this ’15 team with what now appears to be three –up one from last week- with three now apparently on their way out the O&M door staffers? (according to coach whisperers) Not very is my knee-jerk Rx, at least not unless the official announcement can give the troops just cause to rally ’round the flag. (though someone did hear that there is plenty of ex-Beamer baller tix demand for the U.n.c. game; if that tells you anything)

coacing jobs1

As I suspect we L out until the @uva visit.   That one might be the one we get back up for (mentally).  Chestnut Hill will be baseball ugly. 9-3, 12-o, something like that.

Hippocrates once said that : “Desperate times call for desperate measures”. Right now we stand in at 3 up and 5 down, in last place in the A.c.c. and needing to win 3 of our final-4 to extend the Bowl streak; –yes, I’d say that qualifies for desperate enough; and yet I for one expect an indecisive effort from here on out… … or until the decision is, announced.

ESPN Bowl Projection:
Camping World Independence Bowl: Virginia Tech Hokies

Virginia Tech=43, Duke=45 (4OT’s)




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  1. I’m blaming the curse of the Orange hat, HCFB wore, going forward it’s all maroon & white w/ orange accents. Darn orange colour.

    Indecision is accurate.
    Defense needs a diet, soft on the edges & in the middle, time for freshmen MLB to take the helm of the defense & Dadi sits until he can use his hands to wrap up. Between Muto & Dadi have been liabilities on the D this year, in fishing it’s time to cut bait & allow both to view from the sidelines w/ Minota & Lydon getting the nod.

    Especially this week as BC is all about power.

    Last outstanding question, with Brewer’s clear knowledge of the playbook (preseason) & game decisions, why is he not in charge of the two minute drill on the field, vs that mess of lining up & looking at the sidelines for a play burning 15-20 extra seconds a play in the two minute drill.

    But… believe wheels turn this in the Hokies favour. It’s halloween & time for some freaky things to happen.

    Explosion by the offense esp TE & WR as VT rolls over BC., along with numerous screen passes to lossen up the BC Dlinemen.
    VT 31. BC 24.

    Let’s go…Hokies!!!
    De-feather those Eagles!!!

    1. Yah; you’d think an elder statesman like Brewer could do more.

      Though Scot is a quantum (not just micro) manager.
      He is a Robo-Qb coach.

      (just ask: Lawson)


  2. Brewer played a heroic game. Whole team showed a lot of grit when they came back to tie the game in regulation. Someone had to lose this one unfortunately, it was us , again. We’re due for the football gods to shine on us at least once or twice more. Please!!! How about 3 times?

  3. What do you think Bstreet? Does Frank announce during the season, after the season, or does he go one mo’ season?

  4. Really good article, but I don’t know what to say in response.
    It is all very sad to me. The fact that it is time, doesn’t make it one bit easier.

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