Dwayne Lawson thumbnail scouting report:

Hokie, Hokie, Hokie, Hi!”

**** or 4-star rated dual threat Qb, one Dwyane Lawson of Sunshine State (Florida) by way of Tampa Bay, is bringing his version of Lawsonville to Blacksburg, Va.!

Here is what really bent my Eye on tape -per always- in our omnipresent website motto of:  here real men congregate and: “…speak truth to the power!

i.e. uncensored and unabashed…

As I saw several things I really did like in film-study, and a couple more than may need some, well, some time, some calories, and some reps. And prolly a r-shirt as well.

(read on to find out, what)

  • Size: said to be almost 6’7” in stature, so seeing over an N.F.L. sized line will not be problem
  • weight: said to barely be 2-bills and change, or right at 2o8 lbs.!
  • high school stats: see pic

Lawson stats

There were a couple of things leap, or almost screamed right out at you, when breaking tape on one #2 (and occasionally #9) on film.

First up, he’s tall, as in very tall, and even thinner than he is tall! I mean Lawson would be thin to be playing next year as a 2-Guard in A.c.c. hoops, even if he looks more like a Small-Forward. Never mind a possible play-right-away D-1 B.c.s. pivot prospect. As this kid needs to attack the nearest steakhouse and he needs to attack it, daily. Then mix in a case of protein shakes per week for good over-the-counter measure.

Lawson does enjoy very surprisingly altruistic quicks, dartiness, and nimbility to invent yet another word when on the move. Has a long striding and handsome enough top-speed. In point of fact, he’s kinda LT3 ‘esque with noticeably superior acceleration and better drafting per the aforementioned leaner overall body-lines. This kid can flat out move downfield. Though he is a big big target in vertical terms and not (yet) a big target in terms of right-mass funding. i.e. can he take B.C.S. division-one shellackings from the word: “go”?

Gridiron I.Q.: Lawson did not seem to make hardly any bonehead throws on tape. Which would seem to suggest a pretty high pigskin Intelligence Quotient. His very low interception percentage that improved each and every year -and greatly- would likewise appear to agree. Seems to be something of a natural gun-slinger to boot. Does not want or lack for self-confidence.

Lawson ville Tech
VERY lean body-mass 1o1:

Does however have a very unusual looking buggy-whip throwing motion that harkens me back to an elongated and truly rail-thin string-bean looking Joe Gilliam, the once Terry Bradshaw back-up Qb of early 1970’s childhood Pittsburgh Stiller fame.

Has what nearly appears to be an “ok”-sign of a release as an orthodox passer with his off or left-hand. I have no idea what this serves; as I’ve honestly never ever seen this particular throwing movement before? Utilizes a lotta forward weight distribution shifting, which almost brings his plant-foot (his right) off the ground al-la a Major League pitcher’s textbook downhill delivery.


Arm strength appears above average, however, it is most intriguingly difficult to analyze (much less write-up) due to his wildly lengthy wingspan. As this kid has some very very long-ass arms indeed (see: above pic).  Such leads to a seemingly intentionally shortened wind-up, a nose-down on a rope-throw (think the best of C.Holt, now think better); and a possible forfeiture of maximum velocity in exchange for the same truncated wind-up. It’s almost like someone has coached him into a crouch and coached him to fight small, whereas I want my taller fighters punching downhill all day long. Accordingly, and for clarity, it is not so much that I find his passing mechanics to be wanting, or bad, so much as I find them to be truncated, and therefore a bit, strange. I would love to hear what coach Loeffler really truly thinks of the same, off-the-record?

Lawson does field a very accurate ball, with a nice tight high revolution spiral. He does throw a pretty catchable ball with a better than expected touch for being such a towering specimen in his own right.

I would also love to see him out on a dead calm wind day, and see just how far he can chuck it from the goaline towards mid-field. As I read several scouting reports that were not as generous on their eval’ of his contemporary arm-strength metric as I was.

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Now, all that being said……………fret not on my critique(s). Remember, instead that Lawson should have plenty of depth-chart room to red-shirt and plenty of time to grow into the same. Just how good is this kid gonna be? About a good as he wants to be. As there is some deep talent inboard in this one, this one just needs time, some added right-mass to increase his survivability index, and then he will eventually need some game rep’s. As I’d be pretty dang surprised -almost to being disappointed- if Mr. Lawson does not eventually start at Qb at mighty Virginia Tech.

Virginia Tech=5 chip Qb‘s, Transferring=any???




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  1. Looks like a keeper to me just what the doctor ordered.

    I had felt that everybody was winning those close games against us with dual threat QB (BC, UCLA ) that used to be us because we have deployed a QB who had that skill-set. Now I believe we have jumped back into the game with this signing (and I don’t believe he signed with Va. Tech to ride the pine) we have failed with the pocket passer (MB) to many teams pinning their ears back rushing the passer. (jmo)

  2. bstreet, from what I see Lawson has almost perfect “baseball pitcher” mechanics and I would not be surprised if this kid could throw some 90 mph heat right now with those beautiful long levers (think Randy Johnson, only much better looking). Given sufficient time in the pocket, these mechanics are also great for throwing a football, but where many QBs break down is when forced to throw quickly or on the move. I’d like to see some film of him when he has to throw under pressure. Loeffler can probably help him, but I hope he doesn’t mess too much with his natural mechanics – that’s usually not a good thing to do. I believe that to be the case with LT – he had better form under Lefty, but it wasn’t natural for him and thus his accuracy never improved and he continued to miss receivers and throw picks.

    Gentry will most certainly add a few “stone” to his frame for strength and durability – I see a big upside here.

    1. All I can tell you, is:…….every single report I read said “6” outta 10 on arm strength or C+. Nothing higher.


      1. BTW: I do agry……………..do not reivent the passing wheel.

        “Does it get there?”
        Is what the best Qb coach I’ve ever studied under -and by faaaarrrrr- used to described his ideal textbook mechanics.

        He taught submarining the ball was fine.
        If it got there.


  3. I noticed that he throws a great deep ball, but I didn’t see throws into tight windows. It will be interesting to see if he can develop that skill at Tech. Unless our lines develop greatly that will be the skill that will make or break his success imo.

    1. I would have liked to have seen him on more rolling work. Strong-side and back-side (against the grain to his left) as well.

      He may have to throw and move at the same time; here.


      1. I guess it would help that he would be a threat to run. The DE’s couldn’t crash so quickly or they might see him go the other way. I always think it is so hard to evaluate high school QB’s due to their competition. He looks like a giant at his height playing against average high school kids.

  4. the thought occurred to me the other about basketball players specifically guards. In bball, you have to have some athleticism. But the interesting thing with bball versus football is generally speaking height is the one the attribute that really stands and differentiate athletically gifted football players as compared to basketball players.

    This is where I am going with this. I have always wondered why certain basketball players that were guard height, that were never going to make it in the NBA and to some degree make a scholarship at a D1 upper echelon college program didn’t “see that” and move to football. Think about NBA guard height, which in my uneducated mind, is at 6’2″ but probably more 6’4′ or 6’5″ did not just play football. think about how many positions a basketball player with that height could play in football.

    1. A few do not have poly sport skills and could not transfer over as it were; to football.

      Though yah.
      I do see what you mean.
      If I can “fit” a given sport; and possibly go Pro’, that would nearly have to be the sport for me.


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