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On this weeks show, the power fails and our very own bourbonstreet ad-libs and flies blind. Only thing left working in the southern part of the state was the old-school Alice the Maid hardwired phone-line. “When life gives you lemons, the Bluefield Chamber of Commerce serves lemonade.”

This weeks topics include:

  • The A.c.c. pre-season Media Poll:
  • was it accurate?
  • who will win the A.c.c. and will VT win the Coastal?
  • The all-A.c.c. football team 2013
  • How many Hokies made the team?
  • How many Hokies should have made the team?
  • The Asante departure and what it really means/effects…
  • Hite vs. Beamer … the skinny on the O&M fallout

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