ESPNRadio Beckley West “by God” Virginia, 1o2.3 FM Tech Talk!

This week your very own bourbonstreet takes the air-wave dais and rocks the mike on the following topics de jour –while entertaining and occasionally informing as well…

  • is ‘Bama in a textbook Trap Game with their much ballyhooed rematch on tap out in Texas in game#2 post Virginia Tech?
  • how has Frank Beamer change his approach to season opening Out of Conference BIG-name game#1’s over the years???
  • 2013 VT oLine preview:
  • Grimes is better although almost perfectly inexperienced on the edges,
  • Grimes is deeper, more experienced though totally in flux on the interior at G-C-G
  • will that flux VT up???
  • Game#4 preview: Marshall @ VT
  • Could this be a trap game for VT with only 4 days prep for P.J.’s flex-bone on tap next?
  • does Marshall have just enough #1 ranked National passing offense to steal this one?

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