Florida State Virginia Tech football preview

  #16 Virginia Tech @ #13 Florida State:

Virginia Tech football travels 641 miles south for a made for TV Labor Day nighttime date vs. Atlantic Division perennial swaggy Florida State on Monday ESPN/ESPN3 at 8 pm! (preseason rankings: courtesy of Athlon)

The Hokies are already staked as a +6 point betting underdog out on the Vegas big board and yet these are two big-name Atlantic Coast teams that are in a mutual state of, fluctuation. As the Seminoles (less 1 coach) are starting 100% over and have questions/concerns at Qb and along their offensive line to boot. Our Fighting Gobblers have had a pretty torrent looking off-season as well; an off-season that was nearly ineligible for a certain Qb1 hitting the torpid VT.edu fan, just a minute ago. As both clubs have had an eventful off-season to put it, mildly; and both clubs have to be more than willing to actually eschew all this bad press and get back to some good ole fashioned industrialized hard work. And that makes this event a curious, displaced, hacked and even outlying event to actually call. And that segues us effortlessly enough into our word of the day… …and yah; I know, you wanna know who will win… read on to find, out! (p.s. try some mouse hovers, this year for Easter eggs here-n-there)

Today’s word of the day is… flux!

flux  (flŭks)

noun. (genome: Middle English/Old French)

  1. flow or flowing of a liquid.
  2. Constant or frequent change; instability.
  3. ~midnight Labor Day Night when one of these two teams will be feeling… all fluxed up!

Florida State Head Coach: Willie Author Taggart: age=41, (debut F.s.u. year; 47-50, .484 overall). Has a rep’ for a lethally simple offensive; recognized as one of the most elite recruiters in national terms to boot.


Baller Taggart was a prep standout at Bradenton Manatee High School in Florida, where he was a first team all-state and all-conference selection as a Sr. after guiding the B.M. H.S. Hurricanes to back-to-back state AAAAA Championship games. Baller Taggart won one as a Jr., while recording more than 3,000 yards passing and 975 yards on the ground.

After high school, Taggart became a star Qb for the Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers from 1995 through 1998, Taggart is one of only three W.k.u. players in the previous 50 years to be a four-year starter at the Qb position and one of only four Hilltoppers players to have his jersey retired. In each of his last two collegiate seasons, he was a finalist for the prestigious Walter Payton Award, as one of the top offensive players in I-AA ‘ball. Taggart finished fourth in the balloting in 1997 and seventh as a senior the following year. An all-American as a senior, he was also the 1998 I-AA Independents’ Offensive Player of the Year. Taggart was recruited to W.k.u. by Jim Harbaugh to play for his father, legendary Jack Harbaugh.

Coach Taggart was named head coach at his alma mater where he snapped an ugly 26 game L streak and eventually went on to C.P.R., revive, St.Lazarus and resuscitate his Hilltoppers with two winning seasons and a Bowl bid in his final three W.k.u. seasons. Coach Taggart then bolted for his home state So.Florida Bulls. Putting in two final winning seasons in four years with one bowl victory for good measure. Last year coach Taggart went 7 up and 5 down over at Oregon increasing the Ducks win tally by three W’s over 2016. Now he’s back home down in the sunshine state where you just know he knows any and all recruiting front-doors, back-doors, trap-doors and connections galore.

Additionally, Coach Taggart has squired something of a tag as being an erudite Cultural Change agent. As he has turned all four L’ing schools he mastered around and turned all four L’ing schools into winners in 24 games or less. Hygiene, 1o1…

Offensively, coach Taggart has shepherded seemingly diametrically opposing powerhouse and spread offensive sets efficaciously enough. Flexibility, 1o1…

Overall, every single coach Taggart O and D less a single spot of offensive ranking has improved every single year under coach Taggart’s big whistle command and control. Every single time, every single year, at all four schools! T.Q.M., 6-Σ in the U.S., “Kaizen” in Japan or continuous improvement everywhere you look, 1o1…

Taggart calls his own plays; centralization, 1o1…

Curiously enough, Coach Taggart’s sapling coaching tree has already spawned no less than four head coaches formerly under his tutelage.

  • Tom Allen: Indiana (2016–present)
  • Lance Guidry: McNeese State (2016–present)
  • Mike Sanford Jr.: Western Kentucky (2017–present)
  • Mario Cristobal: FIU (2007–2012), Oregon (2018–present)

Nevertheless… another way to put all of that is to say that… the Seminoles just hired a guy who has yet to win a conference championship, a guy with zero playoffs, a negative Bowl mark, and a guy who has a <.5oo or an L overall record in his eight of his seasons as a college head football coach. Or in other words, the Taggart jury is still out if not well, hung.

Poppa Taggart and his wife Taneshia have three children: two sons (Willie Jr. and Jackson) and a daughter (Morgan).

Seminole 2017 record: 7 up 6 down and 3-5 in the A.c.c.

F.s.u. Defense: (starters back=4)

  • Age=51, Harlon Barnett: D-cord’, ex of Michigan State; former 7 year Safety in the N.f.l. Barnett is something of a schematic fossil as one of the few remaining defensive coordinators to employ a base Cover-4 package. I.e. Cb, Cb, Fs, Ss, all tend to be isolated with man-to-man responsibilities across the width of the field.
  • Boodell Haggins: was the only refugee Staffer good enough to be the only Jimbo retainee. A former Seminole late 80’s Dt his ownself, Odell enjoys a recruiting rep’ and deploys a run-stop first look. Accordingly, Barnett can drop 6 or 7 into coverage and only send 4 or 5 vs. the pass thanks to Haggins’ said dynamic d-Line recruiting for years; plural.
  • D is now known as the “War Daddy” D!
  • 18th in Total D.
  • 31st vs. the run.
  • 29th vs. the throw.
  • 51st in Qb’s sacked.
  • 28th in Tackles for a Loss (TFL) inflicted.
  • in dLine Havoc.
  • in Linebacking Havoc.
  • in Secondary Havoc.
  • D overall: Mega takeaway and takeaway advancing and scoring D last year what with no less than 36 defensive points tallied down in Tally. And that type of anesthesia would seem to fit the newly remodeled Tampa-4 look to the proverbial “T”. Or to put it another way -and unless JAX and company can connect on some HR type throws to (bleep) with this many man-coverage isolations looks- in my considered evaluation? This is the worst schematic match-up for the Fu’fense this side of @Syracuse or vs. Duke (teams that play full-time Nickle/Dime sets). As in, although this is not a base Zone look, this is an even tighter covering D underneath. Where a good 60% of the Fu’fensive plays live. Or to put it another way gents… this ‘Nole D reminds me of what the Oaktown/L.a. (or wherever they currently are) Raiders of Lester “the molester” Hayes and Michael Haynes fame did to the “smurfs” or “fun bunch” of Joe Theismann fame in the Super Bowl, way-way back when. Rugged, physical, in your jock tight/press/jam man-to-man on the edges. Yes, it is true, one misstep or slip and there is no real live Centerfielder safety help behind the needy initial Cb coverage here. However, how many of the still on-the-job-training Hokie Wideouts strike you as game-breaking “crazy legs” Hirsch? Me neither. How does the contemporary Tech Qb1 strike you on the long-ball or our experienced, decent maybe even solid oLine strike you vs. numerous **** and ***** star guys upfront from F.s.u. in what basically amounts to an N.f.l. taxi squad to Lamborghini type front-four guys that we have to protect successfully against for at least a “three-Mississippi’s” count in sandlot terms. Again; me, neither men— as this one is all about the Benjamin’s and even if they are still retooling a smidgen, their Benjamin’s tend to spend better than our Ulysses S. Grants or (Andrew) Jackson’s. And just like our last visit to Florida, I’m hoping this type fast-forward high-velocity game does not expense poor J.Jackson his remaining September health going forth.
  • ∑ (summary): TBA

Defensive letter-grade: TBD

F.s.u. Offense: (returning starters=8)

  • Age=33, Walt Bell: O-Cord’, has a rep’ for a very fast paced offensive system and as a coaching hot commodity. Don’t get too attached Seminole readers…
  • 100th in Total O.
  • 76th in aerial O.
  • 89th in ground O.
  • 94th in sacks allowed | 117th in TFL allowed!
  • O overall: Taggart’s offense is a run-heavy scheme that will mix in the zone read and jet sweeps while featuring wide splits for offensive linemen. The passing game features a lot of screens as well as deep shots down the field. In general, the offense tends to go up-tempo, which will be a new look for the Seminoles after playing at a snail’s pace last season. The offense tends to feature a number of bodies as well; as playing-time is liberally available due to blue-state or CNN -esque substitution policies to help keep everyone fresh and gamey here. From what I can Oregon film-study and F.s.u. spring-game gleam… this ‘Nole so-called: “Gulf Coast O” is indeed machining Pro style parts into a stretchy looking zone-blocking truly spread out offensive set. That’s the news… the bad news for us is that Taggart and Co. kinda went year no.1 Coach Fu’. In that, they have inherited several very keen, distinctly handsome and specifically well-hewn R.P.O. type fits in their 2018 cadre of skill-position players. Spread set high school savvy ballers that formerly lined-up Pro’ set @F.s.u. As coach W.Bell has demonstrative inside power fits at his ground game disposal and he likewise has a lucrative edge to outside zone-stretch fit at his leisure. Alike, both, mutually— or to put it another way, this is one dang tough O to run game key or to “take something away” from as Bud Bðck typically loves to run-fit do. A uno-dimensional offensive set this just ain’t folks, and one could be forgiven for opining that the 5th quarter of the Camping Bowl kicks off at just past eight postmeridian on Labor Day night. And you just know that this Seminole go unit is gonna wanna test all that O&M green-wood right down the Hokie defensive middle with a handful of thoroughbred pass-catchers, A.S.A.P.; if not, sooner.
  • ∑ (summary): TBA
  • 69% run:pass 31% mix.

Offensive letter-grade: TBD

Noles Special Teams: (return)

87th in Net Punting.

  • 55th in Punt Returns | tho’ 18th in KO returns.
  • 115th best in punt coverage | 65th and in suicide-squad.
  • F.s.u. had blocked a staggering 6 that’s s, i, x, kicks and allowed 2 kicks to be blocked.
  • F.s.u. had blocked 2 punts and allowed 1 punt to be blocked.

Special Teams letter-grade: TBD

Unit Rankings:

  1. FSU O.
  2. FSU D/VT D (tie)
  3. VT O.


  • motive: home-field, a brand new, new car scent big whistle— yes, this game means a lot lot to the Hokies, although it prolly means a scosche more to the homesteading ‘Noles. EDGE=F.s.u.
  • weather: (TBD), ask weather.God early September.
  • health/off-field: (TBA). Both teams had a beat-up looking 2017 and have several key starters that really do need some summertime health. (UPDATE: VT appears to be trending towards being down 2-4 starters; already. EDGE=F.s.u.)
  • penalties: Gotta favor V.Tech here with newbie O & D schemes down @Tally and whatever F.s.u. kinks that need to be Seminole worked out. EDGE=VT
  • intangibles: TBD. (tho’ 1o1st in all important Turnover Margin last year was not a good F.State look)
  • fatigue: N/A.

R.A.T.T.: ...right now, in early July, the smart $$$ says... what???

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Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Seminoles who could start @Tech=13

the takeaway:

The takeaway here is… that this one is gonna be a tough one to win and yah; I know; rain is still rumored to be… wet.

True dat, and yet I gotta tell yah; I do like our d-Line matching up with the retooled and hurting/suspended Seminole oLine upfront down in the trenches. One could dare to assonance that this is our one true or seminal lifeline down at Tally.

However, one could further authour that unless Joshua Jackson is at —and necessarily for 60 minutes remains at- 1,000% full w.v.u. speed for the duration, that the fast-twitch of any F.S.U. halt-unit that is basically a recruiting constellation as star-power goes… is just too much for the heady, likable, though south of 220v of industrial or Power Conference elite ampere capacity Jackson. As the Summa Cum Laude player-coach or Rolex game-manager himself plays a 110v game via any and all testing and S&C definition. And honestly, will that really be enough juice to “burst” all amped up F.S.U.’s bubble on the road, at night, on national telly?


Fret not Hokies, as it actually could be, although Wiles front-line needs to have its scrumming best 2018 apex game, ditto we must finish positive in Turnover Margin (+2 give/take) and we must win all the little-hidden yardage battles. Or basically, we must beat a different version of hateful w.v.u. to open the year again, game no.1, twice. That’s not umpossible, technically speaking, nevertheless, it is dishonest to say that I favor our beloved Hokies here upon the June/July preseason boundary. I do however give us about a 1 in 3 shot to pull the upset— as we surely are catching Florida State and newbie coach Taggart at just the right time; in the 1-hole, and before any real legitimate tinkering/puttering and/or any real live Seminole improvement(s) begin to take.

Tag‘! You’re, it!”

And to be quite frank, how many visiting teams even have a 33% shot when warning down in Doak Campbell Stadium in historical terms?


  1. Δ1=65% (the early lean for me is that the A.c.c. Big-3 are just too dynamic for the mentally superior yet physically adequate+ Joshua Jackson. The ‘Noles (eventually) get to or get at JAX and corporal punishment style roughs him up to win by 1.5 to 2 full scores on smash metrics alone).
  2. Δ2=25% (that being realistically said… if/when Wiles boys can bust contain on a spurious looking F.s.u. offensive front-line; once we notch a positive turnover margin and maybe just maybe the (Τ) or the Tao of coach Shibest on special-teams is due to Clemson Florida State)… Vee Tee scoreboard sneaks one while being mathematically outgained in the Box Score.
  3. Δ3=10% (if anything, one might rightfully argue that the calculus of this variable is too low; nevertheless; with this much graduation, eligibility, off-field and coaching staff turnover combined… plus off-season and likely upcoming pre-season hurt(s) to each Atlantic Coast Club… Whiskey Tango Helen knows? This game could swing-vote 1 to 2 full plays either way at any moment; on any given play… trust me and Coach Mulder, there are a lotta X-factors in play here folks).

the skinny… (TBA)

the call… (TBD)

upset Index=about 1 in 3

(odds): Virginia Tech+6, Florida State-6







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    1. If he was a journalist, you might have a point.

      It’s also terrible origami and car repair.

  1. Hopefully Josh will be able to calculate where to go with the football just a bit quicker this year with his knowledge of the offense in Year 2. This way he can pace himself during the FSU game. I would like to see him pick his moments when running with the ball and try to avoid hits when he is rolling out and FSU is coming full speed toward him.

    1. I’d have to think so Orlando.

      Can’t be any slower for a pretty smart kid.

      I just hope they find him some kids to surround him with who have what he lacks… “twitch”, “burst”, call it what you will. Though that is when you will finally see just how sharp he (JAX) truly is.

      And he has to run “smart” as to when where and how far to run vs. the A.c.c. big-3.
      And honestly? I would not waste his runs -as much as I could-
      vs. the other 9 teams, we play.


  2. So – here’s a mental exercise:

    Would you rather
    Win vs FSU and lose our last game of the season (UVA or Bowl cause it could be either)


    Lose vs FSU and win our last game of the season – same conditions apply – because if they do really rough up JJ worse than UM in either scenario, the whole season could shift dramatically.

    1. beat hooVa.

      That’s too easy.
      -Will Stewart, can’t jump-

      NO way in the world I wanna even consider seeing the uva streak bust.
      And the Bowl=??? ‘pends where and how hard we, slot?


  3. I’m not a gambler but I thought FSU-6 and VT+6 were the same thing or I am misreading the poll?

    1. Not exactly…

      Would you rather subtract six points from the final score of F.s.u.?
      Or would you rather add six points to the final score of V.P.I.?

      (and then see who won the bet, which may or may not be the same as who won the game)


  4. Grate article B. My head says F$U, but the heart always says Fu. One picky point, we’re in the Coastal. Have a happy and safe 4th my good Hokie.

      1. My fault B. You said two Atlantic coast teams. Sometimes my eyes don’t reach all the way to my brain. Keep up all the good work.

        1. Oh it may have been me… keep checking me, keeping
          me straight.


  5. Fix the house on Mt. View or tear it down. You are killing the property value. rodham (just kidding).

  6. I’m hoping coach Fu’s ability to tweak an offense (and I think he’s one of the best at it) offsets some of the scheme match-up problems.

    1. Hope so too.

      Though how/what does he tinker with?

      FSU is missing a Safety, couple of Lb’s… and can you protect long enough to take shots at that?


  7. B, excellent thought process. F State has the necessary parts, however you didn’t mention what Coach Fu may have in store to surprise FSU. Me thinks he has hatched a scheme along with In Bud We Trust to make this a nail biter in North Florida,South Georgia.

    1. …maybe… though what/how does he out-scheme F.s.u. here?

      As our biggest scheme might just be (hopefully) all their new car scent misQ’s.
      And special teams.


  8. Am concerned about “Big Game Promos” on TV, as that has usually resulted in a Hokie loss the past ten-ish years. Sure would like to see VT win a big national game. Not sure my ol’ heart can take another loss. The Boise State and Michigan games (as an example) left deep scar tissue. Also, the woodshed beat-downs by UC Berkeley and Stanford in bowl games were gruesome. Sure hope we can shed the title of high-profile losers. Wish I could be more hopeful. AH

    1. w.v.u. on the National State last year was a pretty big game take.
      So was @OH.State.

      We’ve snuck a few name teams here and there.
      I’d rate it as about what we could take; not too high not too low; alike.


      1. No way the wva team/game is anywhere near par with OSU, SOCAL, UM, Boise , Alabama.
        We choked in those games (except the Alabama series) and could/should have stolen a share of them (OSU excepted); your disdain for the cuzzins (which I share) blinds your perception of how they are viewed nationally.

        1. WHAT?!?

          We -good Sir- we beat; even upset; will “namath” grier!!!
          JeanThang’s man.
          Her main man at that!

          Dood has hair that won’t stop; as well.


  9. The Hokies should have a chance to run the ball. If Bud can stop the run and get some turnovers….that is how you win on the road.

    1. Maaaaaybe… maybe on the edges?
      De looks thinner to me than Dt.

      Tough that’s a very relative statement here as well.


    1. Did the mouse hover not work?

      Did when I tested it.
      Though which browser is this?
      (hold it a second or three to for the alt.text to appear)


  10. Mochas Gracias for the opportunity to step away from the grind today, as that’s the type of pick me up we all need….

    Hmmmmm battle of the former Div II QB Coaches… whilst Willy T was handing off and tossing deep the Oklahoma kid spun his ball to the Arena League. And o what a difference that is…Willy’s all about the big play swing for the uptempo fences featuring some combo of those 3 titan RBs while QB Frenchy will be spinning it deep.

    But as the bell strikes Midnight don’t be surprised when TE Hokies are all smiles boarding Hokies Flight 1-0 back to Bkburg.
    How so…..just look for the former Arena QB to wear down that Seminole D playing sideline to sideline and due to greediness by Willy T will be on the field longer than ever. As the tongues start to hang so too will Coach Fuentes crossing routes…ultimately busting a few long ones for multiple TD..

    So when the dust settles on the Tarmac of Hokies Flight 1-0, look for Coach Hilgart to carry his much earned game ball as he wins this baby during the summer as we see the emergence 4-44-6. Maybe the greatest LB crew ever in Hokie History.

    Of course I’m now saying who’s spinning that ball down the field for VT…

    Let’s Go…HHokies!!!
    Beat F$U!!

    1. Which Qb wears them down, now?

      I doubt it is decent though not quite accelerating JAX.
      Now Hooker might could… and he might could hold on to the ball; too.
      (or not)


  11. unfortunately, F$U has a capable D. Did not auger well last year when VT confronted with a real D.
    You are right, over the top capable will be the game changer. If not, than not optimistic.

    1. Yah; need to loosen them up; and off the line-of-scrimmage.
      If they get to crowd that?

      That will make poor JAX look slower than he really is.
      Might get him, killed; too.
      : (


  12. CJ F will outcoach FSU, will that be enough to pull upset? Not sure. Game likely decided by TOs

    1. Not umpossible.

      Is coach Tag’s another all supped up racy Ron Zook+++???
      Could be, time will tell.

      I know he’s a helluva a recruiter, a rook, and ace thereof; though where is he as a big-time game-day coach when the chips get big-n-blue? Dunno…


  13. Once I figure out what you’re saying I enjoy your Schtick.
    Who are the 2-4 starters you refer to that may be out for the game?
    Happy 2018-07-04!!

    1. ha-ha, yah I was wondering… (if I’d catch this ask); mum’s the word for the moment, Sir.

      (at least 1; possibly 2 are 100% unknown/unpublished– and when I give my word… I give my word. or nobody I give it to will ever give me the “word”… again)

      (though this looks more defensive as these offenses; go)
      : (


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