Frank Beamer: HOF coach, gone quarter-horse or Thoroughbred recruiter?

So Signing Day 2014 has come and gone; and the results are in…

Virginia Tech just finished with the 31st ranked incoming college D-1 football recruiting class in the entire nation according to And with a measly 1 player in the ESPN top-300!

According to the Chris Horne’s TSL scorecard, once mighty Virginia Tech just managed to rake in a whopping 1 player outta the in-state or Virginia High school top-10! So allow me to put it to you directly and to put it to you thus…

…is Virginia Tech succeeding at failure, whereas uva is failing at success?

Caption the pic.....
Caption the pic…..

Yes, I get that “the” Ohio State or F.S.U. or a ‘bama offer  is a rather inviting invite to actually turn down. I get that dippy although still technically in-state uva might snatch a kid or two, which not coincidentally enough matches their win total. Though does reigning Commonwealth kingpin Virginia Tech really only have enough remaining in-state stroke to sign a meager 10% of the Virginia High School Top-10? And is that a problem?

In brief … oui-oui, uva and London may have indeed succeeded lowering the oh so cavalier floor; though they have also succeeded in lowering Frank’s ceiling; like it or lump it; there is that.

The Godfather of all steering (wheels)...
The Godfather of all steering (wheels)…

And Don’t let the –much welcome and likewise much needed- out-of-state success stories as 4-star ballers go fool you fine localized folks. Such is the lock stock and barrel of other websites. Put your O&M thinking cap on; listen, 10% is no longer a Commonwealth recruiting problem people, that’s a Commonwealth recruiting crisis. And God help us if Littlepage ever cards himself and actually finds a well-qualified Minority Candidate who can …and of all things; actually flipping coach!

Now let us revisit this in-state VT vis-à-vis uva decision matrix for a moment. hoo do you wanna play for? A 2-win butt-punch of a football coach who could not coach his way outta Leslie Nielsen’s police academy; because if the coach don’t fit you must acquit. Or a future first ballot Hall of Famer, who beats that uva ass each and every year? Whom do you choose … a winner or a whiner hoo’s really only a looser?

I’d call that pathetic though that’s not fair to pathetic people every where. That’s just preposterous  that you wanna ball for a coach who can’t win! Where did you lean that? How were you conditioned to accept that? Surely you must enjoy getting beat. Because that is what uva is good for; posturing in a forward folding fashion. Why else would you wanna play for uva unless you enjoy catching? Not pitching. And that soooooooooo does not impress me re: what is on the inside of these kids and what is the driving force behind them or backing or even encouraging/steering all of this. Unless there is nothing that an aging as I type, pasty (meaning: Caucasian), non wannabe gangstar, well esteemed head football coach who wears his hat nice and straight and who has little or no street-cred’ … is there nothing that he can do about all of this at the end of the day, at the beginning and in the middle? Are the 7-5-7 card(s) stacked against Frank here? Is … “that’s what it’s all about”?


When I came up, I was strictly taught that you always marry problems to solutions; because to do anything else is simply no better than to author complaints. And the second chapter of how to Win Friends and Influence People clearly says “…never criticize, condemn or complain.”

So how does Virginia Tech opine an O&M 7-5-7 solution here? I’ve been covering life for 44 years and I’ve never see this happen. Yes, Virginia there may not be a Santa Claus; though there is a backyard problem here … so what’s a Virginia Tech do???

What Virginia Tech really needs in the 7-5-7 right now ... is???

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Virginia Tech=1, uva=4




Is the real issue here as clear as...
Is the real issue here as clear as…

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  1. I’m not buying that race is at issue with the 757 recruiting debacle. I tend to believe it has to do with the 7 on 7 stuff going on and Frank and Co. just not being up with the times. That said, I am just a lay fan whose only knowledge of football recruiting comes from sports writers …

    1. Yah. And that could be.

      See my MB response below.

      Frank and Co. were late to this party; at best.
      And some would say that Frank and Co. simply thumbed their O&M noes at the same.


      1. Btw, way to stir the pot and get the masses thinking. I think it’s fair to judge an article, in part at least, on the comment section, i.e, a good, thought-provoking article results in interesting comments.

        1. Thanks Ft.Payne!

          Though that is the readers medal ceremony.
          They are the ones who really shook the diversity of opinion(s) tree.


  2. thought there would be more to the article…especially since it mentions the thoroughbreds at the end…in the survey. It isn’t about having a nice African-American recruiter there. Will we need one in Northern VA and MD too? We know that a particular group steers plays certain directions. Are there not competing 7-on-7 groups that are not part of the Thoroughbreds. Parents ARE involved as well as many of the parents are assistant coaches.

    1. There is nepotism on the Thoroughbreds?

      That’s a tough cart to overturn for little old Frank; if true.


  3. Age is no longer a factor.

    Average age for VT Coaches = 45.3
    Average age for UVA Coaches = 53.0

    Winning cures all ills. As long as Frank & Co. keep winning football games, I don’t really care where the individual players hail from. That said, I’m very disappointed that we didn’t get Nnadi…I really wanted him in Maroon & Orange.

    1. See that’s just it!

      Why go play for a coach who can NOT win of any Race???

      Damn if I understand wanting to ball for London???


  4. We need to better market the area to pull to VT vs the 7 on 7 push against. Tradition is not winning out, so you have to put something sexy to sell it. C-ville is NOT sexy either, so they have put a lot of lipstick on that Mr Jefferson’s pig.

    1. I could not agry more!
      Since when does C.ville football have swag’???

      How/why is it suddenly kool?!?
      (when they suck!)


  5. Of the top ten 2014 recruits in Virginia, 6 out of 10 recruits went to schools with white (and very succesful) coaches – Fedora, Beamer, Fisher, Saban and Myer. The remaining 4 went to UVA. The suggestion in the survey that an African American coach may be a potential solution to VT’s perceived 757 recuriting problem is contradicted by the top ten list.

    1. Overall? Yah. You have the maths on your side.
      And you also have the youth.

      Not so much.
      There you have neither.


  6. How do you fix it when the 7 on 7 coaches have such emotions against us? Where did these guys come from? Has anyone tracked their players through? Are they producing well prepared atheletes, do they come out of there entitled? If this talent has been flowing North, it sure hasn’t had that dramatic an effect.

    1. Their rise in command and control in such a SHORT time is simply bewildering.
      I really do not know how this happened?

      I”m most most most curious to see how long they last?
      As they are getting attention now like never before.


  7. Wow I cannot believe the absolutely ridiculous bantering that goes on again and again and again. The Chris Horne scorecard??? Did this scorecard come down from heaven blessed by God himself? I don’t think so.

    Some how the most vocal people on this web site and others simply believe that if Va Tech misses on a top notch recruit that it is some how the coaching staff’s fault. Earth to Bourbonstreet (and all the other nah sayers) there are numerous variables that factor into a kid’s decision. And, sometimes just sometimes no matter what the coaches do or say or promise, the kid goes elsewhere.

    Me thinks that if they had hauled in all 10 players on the list, as well as 3 or 4 of the top 10 players on lists in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and NJ that you would still find something to piss and moan about. You guys remind me of sailors that i served with in the Navy … if you don’t have something to piss and moan about then you make something up. Your normal state is pissing and moaning.

    I just hope the players who did sign with VT who want to come to VT who are excited about coming to VT know nothing about this web site, as well as others with similar attitudes, because they might get take your bantering that Hokie fans are disappointed, down right angry, with the quality of players who did sign their LOI and fax it to Bburg.

    I am excited about the players who did sign, who are coming to VT. Some say “oh my we put all this time into recruiting Nnadi and let him slip through our fingers … or not. Much of the time recruiting Nnadi was most likely done after they pretty much wrapped up the 2014 recruiting effort.

    As far as the 757 goes, who knows what is going on there. I would suggest that both you and VT fans in the area keep alert, make inquires, etc … or be devious and start rumors that money is exchanging hands. You don’t need facts to start rumors. In the meantime, VT should for the most part ignore the 757 and recruit elsewhere. The coaches demonstrated that they can recruit north of their traditional recruiting area and find success.

    As far as firing Beamer, I don’t see that happening until someone steps forward with money. My wife had an uncle who willed his entire estate to VT. It was substantial … he might have been able to do it except for one thing. He loved Beamer. I get the impression that many of the “Fire Beamer” are mostly 20 something … you know nothing.

    1. That’s POST Frank Beamer.
      (for clarity)

      And you won’t be seeing my name beside the $$$ part Sir.
      That is news to me.

      Though and all in the same breath; since when is that news in college recruiting???


    2. Gary, you d’man. b.street is more interested in rap talk than saying something in English or plain speak. Be cool if nothing else. techsideline is itself losing its relevance. Be critical and second guess a HOF coach as though you know what you are doing? Thinking Rivals knows more than a top 30 program group of coaches only shows how much they agree with their own kind. Sideline reporters with an attitude who think they know best. We’re 10-0 and UVA knows best? Go join the other side sucker.

      1. Yes, well i dropped my paid subscription to Techsideline several months ago because the culture over there is to bash the program at every turn. The thing can be said of burbonstreet as well. It would seem their commentary is about them and fueling their own egos. They remind me of a few UVa graduates, or progressive liberals I have met, who enjoy displaying their superior intellect. They are legends in their own minds.

        Notice that burbonstreet didn’t respond to my post with anything but smart remarks. Can you make sense of his reply to my post? I certainly can’t. Maybe he had one beer too many tonight.

        1. Dear Mr. Cline:
          None of that was intended as being smart-ass.

          However, first up, I’d be amazed if you found a more right of right person than me.
          Now that being made extra transparent……..I’ll surely cover the gridiron in Queen’s English; as I am 1/2 mum after all.
          Just as soon as it is played in the same. The game is hip, it is hop and it is Ebonics galore. Nothing sesquipedalian about it. It is after all mostly Wheat bread; not white.

          That’s how the camaraderie on-team goes.
          That’s how I attempt to cover it.
          Film-study style. Where anything, and everything can and will be said, re: your Race, Religion, sex, this, that and any other.

          Terminal contact sports; and the Military are still the greatest socializes of Equity.
          Because they are the greatest socializes of suffering.
          Which never discriminates.

          And they surely are the final bastion of true free-speech.
          And the libby libs can kiss my non-P.C. Truman-Dem’ ass on that.


          1. Well Mr Bourbonstreet … you came across as a smart ass in your article and you have come across as a smart ass in your replies to my comments and that of others. I believe you have an audience at and your own web site here because people are entertained by your bantering and smart ass remarks. Me thinks many people, including me, only understand 30% or less of what you write. It is amusing most of the time. But it boils my Hatfield blood when you attack this program and the coaches and lead others to believe the program signed an inadequate pool of talent in this year’s class.

            And another thing, it is high time everyone declares the Hoos as water over the dam. They are irrelevant, and should be ignored the way they waved us off for decades. Who your arch rivals are says something about you. And, UVa has simply not been there for years, actually decades. If people want UVa as an arch rival then cheer for them to recruit better players and play better football. If at some point VT had to make a decision to play UVa or Miami each year then i vote for Miami. If you look at the play of our players, i think they would vote the same way. Our players stepped up their game to play an arch rival, and won.

            Well that is my rant for today.

        2. I’m way more put off by fans on this site who are blind about VT’s decline over the past few years than I am about the fans who are here willing to admit the obvious, even if it does become a drum of constant complaint. The suggestion that regardless of the quality of the recruiting class, this community of fans would be here complaining is so misplaced it’s that of a sophist.

          Moreover, your personal attack on the author is not only off base, the substance of your posts are inaccurate. The Hoos are not irrelevant. They are the one program taking talent from the state away from VT. How are they possibly irrelevant? They’re a season away from firing London and hiring a competent HC. When they do, these in-state recruiting hauls will become very relevant. Looking for a historical example? Check out Ron Zook’s recruiting in his days at Florida, right before Urban Meyer arrived. Further, I don’t see a suggestion of an inadequate pool of talent signed. The question here, the elephant in the room above sir, is how is UVA getting such a haul of top talent in the state when they’re losing on the field? Regardless of the reason, our coaches have no business losing in-state recruits in this large of a degree to a team that didn’t win a conference game last year. If you want to defend these coaches and recruiters to the death, be my guest. You probably defended Stinespring as our offensive coordinator and Newsome as our o-line coach back in the day as well. How did that work out for you?

  8. Let’s not get political like those in Washington. It’s not about race. The last
    time I looked, Alabama, Fla State, Ohio St and many other winning
    programs had White coaches. These things seem to
    go in cycles

  9. A Saban-Fisher talking coach/recruiter may remedy the situation. Along with the Beamer wining record

  10. This reminds me of the Gary Williams situation at Maryland, a coach that reportedly did not want to get involved with the AAU culture. You have to, unfortunately, because the system has changed. Frank needs to adapt. I believe, if given the power to do so, Torrian Gray could fix the situation since he is our best recruiter. I do believe that a black coach in that area could help.

    1. Thank you!
      VT needs to blame VT for at least some of this!

      They need not credit their rival Mike London (uva).
      That’s just not the thing to do.

      However, they need a measure of responsibility here as well..


    2. We can recruit IN the AAU culture without being OF the AAU culture, unless it’s that insidious. The second part of Frank’s summary of the signing class was “the type of person.” I would hate to see VT change our focus on character and education simply to compete with those who think winning (defined as scoring more points) is everything. It is not. Torrian Gray is my favorite all-time Hokie and FB player – for running down Tiki Barber if no other reason. Coaches like him (don’t know much else about Cornell Brown) and Cornell Brown are in a position to recruit within the ethnic group if that’s important.

  11. Lets go head to head with the Thoroughbreds…the name itself is derogatory to the purpose it is serving in many lights. Your son is a piece of meat and we are going to market him to the highest bidder..Nice..real nice..real real nice. Why can’t Bruce Smith/Mike Vick etc. start something like this up in the tidewater area . We’ll call it the Commonwealth Cup Camp..

    It by no means has to be associated with VT – just a camp, who invites prospects, who helps the best kids get to 7 on 7 tourny’s around the country. Maybe Bruce can use his private jet to get the kids around. We don’t have to steer kids JUST so happens that Bruce went to VT…

    This S*&^ is so rediculous!

      I love it!
      “The Commonwealth Cup Camp”

      Now that was fighting fire with napalm!


      p.s. yah; that was not a pious nickname, not that anybody else thoughtful enough to get that however

    2. Actually, Tyrod Taylor just tweeted something the other day about a 7 on 7 program coming to the 757. It’s called Next Level 757. Here’s the link:

      Maybe he sees what is going on and he wants to change it.

      1. Hey Jeff!

        HOW did you change your avatar Sir???

        If you can post the step by step, you just won 1 FREE moth of TSL Pass kind Sir!!!

        (Will and I have been looking, not so much on *finding* that one)


  12. Really? Not enough black coaches is all you can come up with? How about playing time? All London has to say is “Hey, we need you bad. Early playing time would NOT be out of the question.” Then, they take a look at VT & see themselves possibly workin’ their butts off for a couple of years before they see the field.
    Also, all that comes out of the 757 isn’t automatically gold. I say get the players YOU want for YOUR needs – wherever they come from. UVA has always gotten some choice players in the past – they just haven’t been able to do anything with them.

    1. The Pee.Tee (playing-time) card is a heavy heavy one.
      You have me there Sir.

      Mike wields it well.
      Because how tough is it to beat out guys who suck???
      ; )


  13. My take is this: if you want to play at UVA, you’re going to play at UVA. Obviously football, and winning, are not your primary concerns. And if those aren’t your primary concerns, then you aren’t going to cut the mustard at VT anyway. So better off to find out now. Yes, some of these guys have become good players. But when crunch time rolls around, the VT guys especially in the last decade, dig deep and win. All I do is win! And at the end of the day, that’s what we want. Hard workers. Winners. Let the other guys have the “five stars”.

  14. Short term is to take Stinespring out of the 757 and try Torrian Grey there. See if that makes a significant change in the course of events. If he can’t then you know it’s a bigger problem. It’s not all Stiney’s fault either, he had the 757 rolling and then we took him out of there and put Sherman in there, and when we did that we started to lose traction in that area.

    1. Now that is a very LUCID take!

      Take this 1-step at a time
      Move by move.


  15. and how many of them will handle UVA academics….stay eligible….. get eligible in the first place……

  16. PLaying time is only an argument if there is playing time to be had. Imagine if I am a LB and I want to go to UVA and they have LBs already locked and loaded ( making up a position, I don’t know the depth chart at UVA)…then the playing time argument is empty. Sure, they could say a stud will get on the field no matter what…but that would have happened for say Brown or Kamara at VT . Does UVA have safeties that Blanding is going to surpass right off the bat?

    There are going to be positions where UVA already has locked in starters and backups that are good enough to keep an incoming freshman off the field… negating the early playing time thing. PLUS a real stud is likely going to get early playing time at most places barring being buried at Alabama, FSU, etc.

    1. Let’s hope uva never has that problem!
      (too much depth)

      That P.T. card is an admission; as well.


  17. I believe we see the beginnings of a situation similar to that of the AAU “coaches” that proiferate the road to college basketball. The Thoroughbreds and their like seem to be cut from the same bolt of cloth. We see how well that has worked out for college basketball right? Oh yeah, and what about the money that is needed to run these programs coming from. Certainly can’t be from the “homeless” souls that are involved with the program. So if it is a Nike or some other source, where does it all go after the horrendous expenses are met? Seems like the maps tell the story. follow the money and we can all be “shocked” at the source and follow the tracks of where the “clients” go to play their college football. There will most probably be a link. Over 400 calls a year. Not just inquiring about the weather!!

    1. USMC has the real answer, lots of smoke and we’ll see if a fire ever surfaces.
      Also believe we may have told them when this first started that we weren’t going to deal with them as “agents” so the “disrespect” card has arisen. Unfortunately, that’s the way the game is played in basketball and is a rising trend in football.

  18. Race is all over this issue. How many white qbs have transferred in the recent yrs from UVa only to be successful in other programs?.. Black AD, coach, and players that signed. Race is an issue , especially where the powers that be are black. Truth.. If race were not an issue then the little man would have been fired over his recent coaching hires. The basketball hires until recently and the inept football head coach would have caused a white AD more problems than anyone would want. What other program in the country–with the staggering costs associated with the sport–would have retained London after this year? The “man in the mirror” was an alum and more successful and was still sent packing–race anyone? The elephant in the room.

    1. “How many white qbs have transferred in the recent yrs from UVa only to be successful in other programs?”

      Where there is ^that^ much smoke…………..


      p.s. how much street cred would Littlepage have if he S-canned London??? Dood is being dealt his very own Race-card, in reverse…

  19. Don’t mind going head to head with Thoroughbreds. Just don’t stoop to their level. Remember, we have (had) the Stallions. And most VT players speak of a family atmosphere and character counts to Frank. I rue the day we have to be a Louisville ** shiver **.

    1. Well, I’m not real bent if we VT get a Pro-VT 7×7 camp going; somehow; some-legal-way.


      1. and you expect it to stay on the straight and narrow as it weaves its way through a field of whores?

  20. The thoroughbred 757 feel they are well connected with uva coaches and they are in the know of everything about uva football.

    I know these coaches I coached with them years ago at the Virginia Beach (they all lack class). There was a time they would take the player to Tech but some how there was a disconnect and it did not have anything to do with Sting getting back to 757 to recruit those guy talk trash against Newsome as well during the time he recruited down in 757.

    Personally I would turn uva over to the NCAA and see where it falls. The thoroughbred 757 collects money from these players but they are not listed with the SEC as a LLC,CORP, sole prop 501-c I would inform the IRS and see where it falls …ruin them! Put them out of business! Let there background record speak for itself!

  21. Waaah waaah waaah.


    I like the subtle race-tinged digs though. Can really tell you guys are mad. LOL, you mad bros? Saw the bigtime for one fleeting second on the back of the most hated (MV1) pro athlete of all time and now finally realizing it will never ever return?

    Every year you dumb poor pieces of trash bring up your little “throrobreds” theories. And every year we see ZERO evidence.

    How about you guys take a look at your own players bragging about wads of cash like that dumb trash Reavis guy?

    Here’s a hint why you lost Nnadi: I pulled one of ‘YALL’s’ tricks and pretended to be a Hokie on Twitter. We talked a ton about bass fishing. BOOM I betcha I helped FSU a lot there.

  22. LOL hokies so mad. You guys are worthless dumb pieces of trash to keep alledging cheating without ANY evidence.

    here are some FACTS:

    1. UVA has always been VA’s flagship school. The best of the best in VA pick UVA over VT, usually

    2. Frank is old, Blacksburg is boring hicktown, and VT football is much more on the decline than the upswing. Moreover, ever wonder if London simply really does seem like a great father-figure and someone a young recruit would identify with? Holy crap I may have just made you guys think for once. Why is it so shocking that the top prospects and many great VA players want to go spend four years in Charlottesville. The town is better, the school is better, it’s a fun, happening “cool” town as opposed to blacksburg.

    all you guys say over and over is that you can’t see why anyone would want to play for a team with a worse record than you. sad to think lots of these kids think in terms much grander than win vs. loss in a sport that will be basically extinct (or extremely different) in the next 3 or so decades

  23. And always remember that things work both ways. You guys go try and get UVA into trouble all you want using lies/half-truths/and racist-tinged slander.

    Just gives me more reason to try and sway recruits like Nnadi, Hand, and many others away from you. Maybe one day I will even make up a huge lie that could be damning to your entire university and

    It all works both ways and if you guys never brought up the “UVA is cheating” crap I likely wouldn’t have pretended to be a hokie and trolled Hand and Nnadi until I was sure they were not picking you guys as they both once thought.

    Karma is indeed a you-know-what. Just ask your boy Logan Thomas. Is he still crying?

    1. and this flagship has won how many football games with this poor little cow college over the last 15 years? Account for that Mr. Landed Gentry!! I believe your ship done been put in mothballs!!

  24. I guess if your own team blows you’ve got to try and talk about someone else’s team to try and boost your self esteem. When was the last time that team of pansies actually beat VT? It’s been so long I can’t remember. Keep London! He’s worse than Groh if that’s possible. No class to boot. Exemplary of the UVA brand.

  25. We should do four things, hire investigator to see who is getting paid what by whom and make sure it is all reported to IRS and notify the NCAA of suspected violations. Start a new camp, one that really benefits the players and not a way for some scam artists to make money. Ramp up marketing by playing ODU, having past players get in front of these recruits, getting billboards up, look at social media ways in, take out ads on rap stations, put Torian and Cornell down there and anything else that is legal and remotely affordable. Also carve out niches with schools in the Northeast, near Midwest and Southeast with specific goals of getting an incremental five quality players a year out of those areas. The costs of doing nothing are too high. Refill the positions that Hite and Cav used to hold with primary responsibility of getting this stuff straightened out. If we can’t keep recruiting in the top 20 with occasional top 12 or so we won’t win the MNC or the ACC (other programs have raised their games).

    That said, I also agree with USMC hokie that we might not need as many of these kids as we think. If your parent is taking money to “coach” at these things even though he or she has no coaching skills and is willing to jump on the organization’s Tech sucks bandwagon with no regard for kids’ futures, then how great a student-athlete are you really going to be? If we conclude that the talent pool lacks high character kids then just focus on 4 above, developing new areas including hitting the decent schools/kids down there harder.

    Why would NIke sponsor such a thing? Is it on tv? Are there big crowds watching the games and practices? Nike doesn’t cough up promotional money for the fun of it. They do it for exposure to people who can buy shoes, etc. I could be wrong because I don’t watch a hundred sports channels but without an audience, Nike funding this thing is a dog that won’t hunt.

  26. Honestly i dont Beamer wants to put the effort into recruiting like Nick Saban and he lacks in the personality dept that apparanty Mike London has and hes VERY SLOW to fix problems as evident in waiting forever to change the coaching staff and according to his along with Bryan Stinespreens comments in hokiesports recruiting day special they don’t see any problems with losing the best talent in VA year in year out VERY VERY frustrating!!!! Hate to say but this won’t change til he retires and we’ll continue to LOSE every BIG GAME that would make recruits be more attracted to us as we are seldom prepared and play with little or no INTENSITY!!!!!!!!!

    1. Older typically is code for slower.
      Is it not?

      Though yah; I do agry.
      They do not get part of this cultural dynamic.
      They won’t; either.
      (though Frank has gone out a bit more as well in the last 2 years; FWIW)

      This is the year it really frustrated me too.
      Hence the article.
      (as I nearly never cover Recruiting; that’s the Chris’ side of the street)
      ; )

  27. The author of this article should just call all of the players from the Tidewater area n!&&ers and get it over with, because it certainly seems by reading this trash that that word is not far behind! Don’t blame anyone else for Virginia Tech missing out on top flight talent in its own state other than Virginia Tech. It’s not because the university is in Blacksburg, or because Frank Beamer is white, not a gangster, esteemed and doesn’t have street cred! Blame it on him being slow, soft, disinterested in doing the things to catapult the team into the elite (because the high school football in the state is), and the fact that he simply does not learn from the mistakes that he makes. Everyone wants to say that Frank is this great Hall of Fame coach, but look at how great he is when he can’t come to the 757 and get some studs. The 757 is great, we have the alumni, the coaches, the all-pro’s, and the NFL Hall of Famers to prove it! We know great football when we see it because we see it all of the time, from pee pee football on up to high school, we know greatness! And I’m sorry, but Frank is not a great coach and the product that he puts out on the field is not great. What the hell is a four corners offense in football? What the heck is 3rd and Pickle? What coach in their right mind would redshirt Logan Thomas, let alone switch him for WR/TE to quarterback. What about Vinston Painter? What about the loss to Kansas in the Orange Bowl. The loss to Michigan in the Sugar Bowl. The lack of offense that caused you to lose a game to an undefeated Auburn that was very winnable that would have continued to put the program on the map? What about stop blitzing Chris Weinke so much and only rush 3 and make Florida State run that football more in the second half of the National Title game. What about being up by 18 on Georgia and not being to generate ANY offense and losing the game! Man the list can go on and on as to why Coach Beamer is a total goober. But there is really no need to call him out further. Serious football fans know that this guy is fools gold! But even he can turn this around. All he has to do is fire Stinespring and make Tyrod Taylor recruiting coordinator at Virginia Tech! If you want to Tidewater back, that’s the move to make. That’s chess ladies and gentlemen, not checkers!

    1. Ahhhhhhhh-negative. Big fat nugatory on that.
      Never said that word before—–>b.street
      Slander or even flirting with that will not be tolerated.
      It will be a kill shot.
      You are warned!

      Though was Frank “slow”?
      Hell no.
      You have to move in order to be slow and a first-mover Frank simply ain’t.
      He is reactive, a counter-puncher by trade.
      Mostly, it servers him South Bend (HOF) bound well.
      (he will get in as a ST revolutionary; and that much cuts teeth)
      (he did time the plunge of Miami in the big east and then Miami/FSU/Klempson rather well in the A.c.c. Same as Jordan never took down an Alpha-Team in the Finals, you beat hoo is put in front of you)
      ; )

      Though Dean Smith and I did enjoy your mixed-metaphor.
      Keep the strong opinions and generic quality up and you are welcome here.


    2. All those games you mention, you forget, what an ACCOMPLISHMENT it too just to play n those games. All of those teams had FAR superior talent. Auburn had 3 first rounders. FSU had 9 NFLers on D, Weinke, and Warrick. GA had the first QB drafted and an AllPro. Kansas got lucky. Michigan game was cheated thanks to Coale TD and UM kicker not getting called for false start, also MANY flukish bounces which ALL went to UM. VT has had their share of games they won too, over Miami when they were out talented, Texas in the Sugar Bowl. There are very few games where VT has the superior talent and loses,you mentioned Kansas and Michigan the most prominent two

  28. I think that the problem is not as easy to diagnose as race. It probably boils down to a lot more “real” issues to an 18-19 year old kid with relatively young parents and support staffs.

    I think that it is very easy for UVA to play the card of “come to C’Ville and start right away, make a difference and change a culture. That is a lure that most kids coming out of High School want. They are obviously talented, thus the top 10 ranking. Well, that means they don’t want to come to the BURG and sit for a year to learn a complex defensive system that you may or may not understand even after you burn a shirt (see Alonzo Tweedy, one of my favorite athletes but never really learned the system). That is big to a kid and a parent who, let’s face it, is more than likely riding on a kids coat tails wanting fast cash from the NFL. That is the promise of UVA football. They have done well at recruiting and putting kids in the league that didn’t win in college.

    Beamer and Staff are regaurded as great coaches and students of the game no matter race or age. Unfortunately, we are the Duke of Football, great coach very little PRO success. That is real. Our problem as a fan base is thinking kids want to win in college. They DON’T they want an early PAYDAY. We cannot offer that until we get a different staff. With the staff we have we will still win between 7-10 games per year, UVA will still win between 0-5 per year but they will beat our tails in recruiting.

    Now, in the Burg Coach

    1. Yes!

      I do actually know that that is how it now is.
      College = Professional weigh-station on I-81 for some kids.

      I’m not down with that. is first. (same with
      Then winning.
      And yes, the Pro bucks are a welcome Blessing.
      You can always come back, go Shaq’ and get a degree in the off-season.

      Though yah; Pro bucks >>> college scoreboard.
      ‘fraid so.
      More and more every season.


      p.s. I do not disagry, I just perish the thought of supporting that!

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