Georgia Tech basketball preview!

#63 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #219 R.P.I. Georgia Tech:

Virginia Tech men’s basketball is back in their Panera swagg.

The Hokies just used a very tight/efficacious offensive performance to roll to and garner their first road VicTory of the whole, entire, 2o22-2o23 campaign. Now the All-Championship Challenge continues for the ’22 Title-Belt wearers down in Atlanta. As some extra O&M defense (the: noun) of said Crown might just do wonders in terms of giving the ATL, offense. ’cause the Pt.Guard1 in me (pitifully) latently recognized our O(n)-trend. Mo’ below on all of that… This one, however, is a less-than-friendly one match-up-wise vs. a less than an epically talented team. Gah.Tech checks in at: 9 up against 16 down overall and a meager looking: (2-13) or just .133 in in-League terms. Nonetheless, what you wanna know is… who is gonna win and by how much, rights? So, read on… to find, out!

Georgia Tech Head CoachJoshua Paul Pastner: Age=45, 269–184 (.594) overall,
1o2–111 (.479) so far at Georgia Tech.

Not a dum’, coach… all fingers point to, that.

The kid, Josh Pastner, is a Glen Dale, Wva., native and the son of Marla and Hal Pastner. Hal is a high school/A.A.U. coach and basketball promoter in the Houston (Tx.) area. Josh Pastner knew he wanted to be a coach since he was in the 5th grade. By the age of 13, he was publishing the Josh Pastner Scouting Report of local high school talent in the Houston metro area | at the age of 16, the Houston Hoops A.A.U. squad was turned over to Josh Pastner by his father/coach Hal; as this was Josh’s first job as a head coach! While a teenage A.A.U. coach, Josh Pastner coached future NBA players such as Emeka Okafor, T. J. Ford, and Daniel Gibson. WOW!

On April 6, 2009, Josh Pastner was selected to replace John Calipari as head coach at the University of Memphis. At Memphis Coach Josh Pastner only won five conference titles in his seven years as the big whistle; including one C-U.S.A. Coach of the Year award in 2o13. Josh made the March Madness big dance at Memphis his first five seasons; then declined lesser post-season invites in his final two shotgun to Coach-Fu tenured years. Josh is known to be one of the best young hotshot recruiters in the land, including inking the #1 recruiting class nationally for Memphis in 2010. To put it mildly, Josh Pastner is a basketball coach and nothing other than a basketball coach. Coach Josh Pastner also courts a rep’ for lack of post-season success with a lot of one-n-done high roster turnover early entry-type talents. Baller Josh Pastner was a walk-on freshman on the 1997 N.C.A.A. Championship University of Arizona basketball team. After winning the NC2A title, Pastner was able to finish his degree in only two and a half years, taking as many as 33 credit hours per semester. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Family Studies from Arizona in December 1998. He finished his master’s in Teaching and Teacher Education in December 1999 before beginning work on his doctorate and starting his coaching career in 2000 as a graduate assistant under Lute Olson at Arizona and later at the University of Memphis under John Calipari.

Then we see that… Georgia Tech basketball coach Josh Pastner filed a civil lawsuit last year in Arizona against Ron Bell and Jennifer Pendley, alleging defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, civil conspiracy, aiding and abetting, and injurious falsehoods and attempts to blackmail and extort. WoW!

Then “wow” some more… as a counterclaim has been filed against Georgia Tech head men’s basketball coach Josh Pastner in Tucson, Ariz., where he’s accused of sexual assault (14 times in 10 months).

The alleged incident happened in February of 2016 while Pastner was still the men’s basketball head coach at Memphis. The counterclaim comes after Pastner filed a civil suit against former booster Ron Bell, who provided impermissible benefits to Yellow Jacket basketball players Tadric Jackson and Josh Okogie, who were both suspended three and six games respectively by the NCAA for the violations. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Pastner’s suit alleges that Bell and his girlfriend “defamed him and attempted to extort and blackmail Pastner and his family.”

(UPDATE: An independent Title IX investigation of Georgia Tech basketball coach Josh Pastner over allegations of sexual misconduct found the claims to be false and “concocted” as part of an extortion scheme. The 29-page report from the law firm Fisher & Phillips, obtained by USA TODAY Sports this summer, detailed numerous attempts by former Pastner friend Ronald Bell to blackmail Pastner, including apparently fabricating allegations that Pastner sexually assaulted Bell’s girlfriend, Jennifer Pendley.)

Mmmmmm-k, and if I knew what all that meant?
I’d know what all of that… meant.

Though Eye do know that Joshies overall numbers and his digits in the ATL are slightly trending upwards; so, there are a couple of encouraging signs, here.

Still yet, may St.Joshua & St.Paul bless and sing: ♫“kum-ba-ya”♪.

Seven of Pastner’s former assistant coaches have (already) gone on to their own careers as head coaches. Pruning a broad branching coaching tree, already!

Daddy Josh’ is (still) married to Kerri Lamas; they have three daughters:
Payten, Sydney, Pastner, and one stepson (Ethan); Lord have mercy.
(UPDATE2: …honestly, this guy is a surprise, he has some surprising hoops acumen; to be sure. Eye am also at least 1% surprised he is still here.)

Georgia Tech at a glance:

  • 37th best in 3-point percentage D!!
  • 53rd best in SWAT team or (bpg)!
  • 61st fewest turnovers on O/game.
  • 93rd best in fast-break points.
  • 293rd best in 3-point percentage O.
  • 319th best in offensive FG percentage!
  • 337th most in FT-attempts/game!! (Perimeter team 1o1).
  • NOTE: (This is not a shiny-looking hoops club. As GeeTee fields not less than 22 rankings -out of the 28 Eye track- checking in north of 141st best or lowest possible C+ caliber. In point of fact, they log in with 8 of those 22 at D+ or worse.)
  • NO injuries were listed. (“Thx” @Coach God!)

Returning Starters=2*

Georgia Tech Strengths:

  • * Seniorfic Kyle Sturdivant is a 6′3″, 196 lb., is a Southern California transfer baller. A One or Pt.Guard in this case who transferred all the way to the ATL to enroll in… aerospace engineering! ‘wow’! Don’t get to type that one out, often; or… ever. That Norris Hall slide-rule praise rightfully bestowed, Kyle is said to be a tough playmaker and a solid scorer, adept at controlling the tempo of a game. And Kyle was a VHT peach-state escapee (93rd in America per Rivals). Where he enjoyed a buzzer-beater rep’ for basketball factory Northcross. Said to play as ‘an older’ player does already. Tho’ his bettered tho’ still less than expected: 7.2 ppg with 2.o rpg, 2.6 apg, on a now modest (up from: ‘meager’) 31.7% from 3-point land say he may need to mature for another year, or three. “Aye” Kyle is better than what we caught from his game last year; he can even defense a little bit now; that fairly struck, mo’ was expected from this (So.Cal) Trojan Horse here. Accordingly, … his 37% overall this season has seen him subbin’ in from the bench of late. This one-time 7A or AAAAAAA septa-Georgia Player of the Year was only the 91st-ranked hoopsters (Rivals) and he only had a high school history of buzzer-beaters making it rain from all over. Said to be a fairly speedy One as well, and now would be a good time for all of this to be, seen. (UPDATE: … he found 1-inch and cut 1-pound this off-season… so there is that).
  • Dallan Coleman goes by: “DeeBo”. He also goes 6′6″, 218 lbs., as a lead-G or scoring-G at the Two. He is keeping a twist-top-‘fro that be lookin’ like he wears the Acme Anvil on his head same as the (po’) Road Runner once did. That hirsute flat-top look aside… DeeBo was merely named Florida’s Mr. Basketball as well as the Florida Class 4A or AAAA Player of the Year as a senior. NTTAWWT. His father, (Ran, ‘yes’ that’s his swagg), is the head coach at West Nassau H.S. (Florida), tho’ Dallan came up in Memphis Tennessee. d.Coleman was a consensus four-star prospect who peaked nationally at #32 per Outburst scholastic scorer who double-dipped with a surprising 38-double-doubles (ppg + rpg) in his final year and a half under pops down in the sunshine state. Prolly has a solid hoops I.Q. for all that backyard carpentry class or hardwood home-schooling. Second best at 9.3 ppg with 2.9 rpg, and 1.o apg on a so-so looking 31.7%. This is down from: 44.3% from 3-point-land last year in his first-year varsity start. The 67.9% charity-stripe donations and the 38.3% overall are also all down and/or questionable. As something is up here with this many shots no longer going, well; down. So, let’s see where this all DeeBo goes come 2o25 or so’s. This could be a good player…  (UPDATE: …very chilly guy shooting-wise of late… cool if not outright cold “winter has come” streaking here).
  • Miles Kelly, no; not the well-fabled Children’s Book authour, the 6′6″, 176 lb., raily looking off-G in his second season for GeeTee. The Commonwealth escapee one by way of: Parkview H.S./Hargrave Military Academy [Chatham, Va.]. This one is getting you: a team setting 12.7 ppg with 3.5 rpg and 1.2 apg. As this one is a recruiting service mover, who really helped his high-scoring self his last year @Hargrave. He did come up in the ATL along the way itself, so, his roundball is homespun here. No. 87 in the Nation per 247Sports as a **** or 4-star kid. Honor roll/dean’s list student at both high schools along the way as well, so that is a good sign. He was only beaten once during his final two scholastic seasons; finishing as the National Runner up two years back. One of those rare kids to not have any fam’/guardians listed— Godspeed on that. Does have something of an edge to his game upon breaking tape. Not a soft hard-way-up touch for it. Lindy’s (actually) had him listed as a regular reserve with ‘inside-out scoring ability’. So, being the alpha in ppg is a pleasant surprise to most not named Miles Kelly his ownself. Influence typea pure scorer (neat term: think: an intrinsic guy who just Bernard King gets is on O). The 34.6% long is serviceable enough, the 38.5% overall has 5,28o′ worth of: “…promises to keep“. Tho’ the 87.8% from the FT-line makes you wish he was higher than 5th most in FTAs themself. This is a good, strong-willed kid, who has some checks in some boxes… my only wonderment is headroom here? As he has been a bit cooler of late— is that lean B.M.I. hitting a wall? That, and Kelly is 5% less from the floor and another 7% less from 3-point range, @home. Go fig’ on that?!? Though if he figures that out, this is prolly a M.A.C. level all-star guy, or an Atlantic Coast Ceiling guy; time=tell…
  • 6′2″, 2oo lb., Gardner-Webb transferring hybrid-G, Lance Terry, gets you: 8.8 ppg with 2.6 rpg and 1.o apg all on a solid 85.2% on FTA’s. The 43% from the floor and the 36.1% from outside the arc make you just begin to wonder if the A.c.c. level hath attempted too much? As in at g.Webb, the ATL native got you: nearly ~15 ppg good for a rather honorable-looking All-Big South set of honors for the Bulldogs. The book here says that Terry clothed it as an excellent scorer in the Key itself. A “pizzazz” typea baller, or at least he Big-So. he was. And he did seem to want the power-conference work, schooling the bigger schools (18 ppg) for g.Webb vs. P5 teams last time (2o22) out. Lindy’s as a lotta my preview mags were pretty high on this kid here… does have a history of dings-n-dents (Coach God Bless). 275th from 247Sports baller in all the land. Did net a AAA trip-A championship ring (Heritage H.S., Ga.); while splashing home 49% of his scholastic 3’s. So, there is that too— as more than a couple expected more from this one here.

    This is their one, that’s (1)… BIG!
  • Ja’von Franklin is a 6′7″, 214 lb., Swing or Small-Forward of the glossy ilk. As there is some ‘show’ to his ‘tell’ here. Tho’ his tale is of his third school in three years and that seldom sits well with me. Auburn then South Alabama now GeeTee. “Frank” as he is nicknamed, was an: All-Sun Belt Conference and NABC All-District forward at South Alabama and he did merit his u.grad’ degree. Which does rest well with me. This after Mister Franklin, an Arkansas native, played two seasons at Auburn after spending two years in community college in Mississippi. This typea ladder climbing desire always sets a SuperSet (telly) with me. As this technically is an r-double-Sr., Grad’ and cv19 year who began his collegiate career way back in 2o17! Ergo, the Experience Curve is not wanting here. Arkansas AAAAAA or hex-A baller of the Year more than a ½ decade ago along the way to a five-A bling. Has a history of knee dents (missed most of a Holmes Community College season from the same; St.Nikon help). 8.3 ppg with a team-leading: 6.3 rpg, 1.6 apg on a likewise team-leading 57% overall is not half-bad work from such a vagabond circuitous career. Said to be a: ‘punchy’ typea scorer @So.Alabama (13 ppg and 8 rpg). Will dunk on you and prolly the kinda hearty kid who dunks on the game of life post-basketball career. That all said, this is the one Jacket that has been mo’ parts Armani of late. As Frank’ has been hot on O in the last couple of weeks. Good on him.

Gah.Tech Weaknesses:

  • These Jackets are short-shirted a bit at the top of the roster— role players did return; although what 2o22 star-power they did have is 2o23 dimwits or no longer keepin’ the ATL party totally lit.
  • Somewhat smaller or shorter or non-skyscraping Wing to G-sized team. I’d like to see us give the posts some extra looksee’s here.
  • This from a club with five, that’s (5) different guys who all found 1″ in height this off-season; LOL, go fig’ on that as well?
  • Zero pre-season All-Conference honorees 1st to 3rd string is typically an about-to-get-strung-out look. G.Tech also departed DeVoe and Usher (or 35 ppg between them right there)! i.e., what ’22 star power they did enjoy has gone ’23 burnout or brown… dwarf.
  • That said… as you are reading… there are some lofty (recruiting) rankings in play here… makes you wonder if this is an anti or Gestalt^1 power effort here?

Jackets depot: (depth=4)

6′7″, 2o9 lb., second-year Three or S/F Jalon Moore is a finisher. At the rack as he will sky and dunk on you if you let him. As this is a sweat-bee, worker-bee, or an earner for the Jackets. As Moore offers up 8.o ppg and a second-best 5.2 rpg for a slasher who lacks pure range (14% from 3-point land). This from a kid who was mo’ parts footballer until he took up hoops right before High School. So, Jalon is prolly still developing a bit here. The tag says: ‘athletic slasher’, who can defend multiple positions. Kinda a range-limited Swiss Army Pocket knife slasher or multi-purpose baller if you will. #146 hoopster by Rivals, who was the AAAAAA or six-A ‘bama Player of the Year. Again, slasher, dasher, prancer. Though an Honor Roll student to boot and .edu props on that. Has raised his free-throwing by 20% in college and seemed bigger/stronger than listed to me in the film room. Again, still developing and if Moore can develop an outside shot, he will be a mo’ tougher cover for it as a 3 (or: S/F) down the road.

NEW(er) injuries include… 6′6″, 2o6 lb., S/F, r-Fresh’ year: Jermontae Hill. And also 6′1″, 176 lb., true-Jr. year, Deivon Smith. Hill (selfie) elected to r-shirt, well; himself last year. Hill of the really thick azz mop-top. The book calls him a ‘skillful’ Wing who brings toughness and playmaking alike to the perimeter. He was Top-1oo 247Sports— until he was not. As he fell outta a lotta National Rankings and it is hard to take that as a good sign. Ga. Player of the Year in AAAAAA prior to things bailing out a bit. Looks kinda strong to me in the film room for the Lt.Heavyweight metrics. Lindy’s says he turned down several Big East D-1 schollies (to stay close to Peachtree State home) and ultimately walk-on here. Not sure… though maybe this is that signature gym rat kid who just proves too adhesive to cut/leave?

Deivon Smith is ex of the Bulldogs down at S.e.c. Miss.State. Said to be a: a vertically explosive true One or Pt.Guard with dynamic court vision who excels in transition and is an exceptional finisher with both hands at the rim. The book also reads that Day-Von (phonetically) is an elite defender who is tough, crafty, and smart as your Qb1 on the ball. He now drops you: 8.o points, 5.6 rebounds, and 3.7 assists and fielded near the very same digits over @Miss.St. two years back. He was the: No. 63 nationally per 247Sports. When he was only named the: 2o2o Gwinnett Prep Sports Player of the Year what with an AAAAAAA Georgia championship bling! So, there is that too… and the vibe is that he is cat-quick although cat-nipped thus far this year. More was expected here… time=tell on dat.

Tristian Maxwell was sidelined with a foot injury (whispers say: “right-foot snapped”, St.Servatius bless), and there was no timetable for return. Well, until he… returned; that is. Sidelined tho’ now back are his 6′3″, 2o5 lbs. As this Junior lead-G and his nearly halved 3.3 ppg with 1 rpg are noticeably diminished this campaign. As ‘yes’, he is the son of Vernon Maxwell, a former the University of Florida All-American and longtime N.b.a. veteran and champion with the H’town Rockets way way back when. 35% career (only 3o.6% this year) when dial-long-distance roams well enough. The 62% on 15′, unguarded set shots with 10 seconds to shoot however is not commiserating with all of that. As this hommie is keeping near earlobe-sized earrings and you need to have it together to ear-farm that many carrots just like dat. Former North Carolina State Player of the Year one season in H.S.; and then Nc’s Mister Basketball scholastically the next. This was where young mad-Max’ had a pure blow-torch scoring rep’ which tagged him 198th in America from 247Sports. Does not seem to want for confidence on tape; prolly has some trysting lady-swagg fo’ it to boot. t.Max’ has all kinda stars (*’s) inked on his off-forearm, so he’d best be shooting lights-out to extend the metaphor here. (UPDATE:  has a history of a bum thumb, St.Julia bless!) Prolly is a good scorer, and this Trist’ too is prolly a 2o24 or so ask-back… as he may not (yet) be 100% ’23 all-right in foot/thumb terms.

* Third-year with two years remaining, one #24: Rodney Howard is a kinda strapping looking: 6′11″, 256 lb., BIG upfront down-low for Gah.Tech. Who frankly does not explode or ball as physically as he looks in the film room. U.G.A. or national champion in football transfer Bulldog baller. (Wonder how that collar wears on rivalry court?) This after he renaged on his Olè Miss. signing thus making the Jackets his third school technically speaking in less than 2-full-years. (And we know how Eye tends to feel about that). Anywho… No. 1o6 in the 247Sports rankings. Did pocket a USA National Prep School National Championship bling. So that only forever counts. Only had so-so scoring and rebounding digits in preparation for his 3-colleges in ≅1.5 years. Did I mention the change of addy labels, yet? Mmmmm-K, tho’ 4.7 ppg with 4.5 rpg and 1.3 bpg. 55.2% overall is not the worst triune collegiate start. As this is a legit Five or true-C who is only in his 5th year of organized ball. So, who knows where Mister Rod.Mo’ R.A.T.T. 2o25… projects? (As there are just a few flashes/whiffs of ‘zo.Mourning to the way he goes at the rack on tape here). (UPDATE: …this poor kid’s digits nearly speak to a trick knee or sore feet(s) or an ankle turn or whatever plumbing-wise downstairs… as something is clearly off here. Godspeed!) (UPDATE2: …that box scored right as rain… sourcing says that Coach Josh is very high on this guy… said he is on the cusp of breaking out and coming correct… we shall see?) Though there is surely handsome enuff Talent here, on that Eye and Coach J, agry. This is a curious/alluring one… if/when he puts it all together? (See: above pic).

When expressed in the finest hoopology Technological, terms...

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Illationconclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Jackets who could suit up @Tech=4 maybe 4.5?

the takeaway:
The takeaway here is

…(from: above): not to be too taken with anything sans Tempo itself.

Kevin Bacon teams that are a bit mo’ offensively Footloose and fancy-free we gots. (As in we gots a solid enuff look at simply out-offending or out-scoring them on our pretty perky medium+++ to outright BIG-o).

However, the good Rev.Shaw (one: John Lithgow) does not want us to… Dance!

Not at all, no Ariel antennas need be NC2A, erected!

Tractor racers beware… g.Tech’s stall-ball tempo will do mo’ than jus’ Dear John your… Deere!


Our handy-dandy friend the so-called Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is calling for an entirely absurd raised to the totally insane ➕149-point VicTory dance here! And if that happens Eye will humbly and contritely eat these very words on the next TSL Podcast. As Col. ‘wild Bill’ -of Apocalypse Now fame- and I both like our crow “warm yet rare”. That said… even when taken per capita this Fourm Guide is still calling for a +14.9 Tech Triumph for the good guys. Me? I’d take a 1.49-point VicTory dance and move on to the next one. That said… the Fourm Guide is season-hyphen-one so far this year. And this is a near 1:1 or one-to-one correlation. VeeTee was not just better vs. common opponents in roundball round-robin A.c.c. terms, VeeTee was typically way better at that.

7 PM kick!

The annualized year-to-date vitals say that… VeeTee is up a nearly solid +7% in shooting percentage margin (from: just plain better offending as defending is only off by a few tenths of a percent); with VeeTee up an unremarkable +1% in 3-point percentage margin (’cause: VeeTee is better on 3-point O and GeeTee is better on 3-point D and they nearly canceled the whole trifecta shebang out), and -same as the last several times, mind yah- Vah.Tech is up +2 carroms corralled in rebounding margin for the duration. (Per, G.Tech actually being negative off the fiberglass and V.Tech winning this one in only |absolute value| terms). (see: GeeTee is a little better off the O-glass vis-à-vis than on D, FYI. Whereas VeeTee is right at neutral or Swiss or even off the glass thus far).

The most recent 5-game metrics say that… the Hurrying Hokies are now up a noteworthy +1o% in shooting percentage margin (per: VeeTee is quickening on O, an efficacious team with the rock of late that is covering the dangerous O&M wilting on D, so far; however, the Jackets canNOT make a 2 (or a 3) with a pencil of late. Seriously, as their shooting would rate penultimate to Last Place in their last-5 runs!); shockingly, GeeTee is now actually up +2% in 3-point percentage margin in |absolute value| terms (due to: both teams are trading underwater here. HOWEVER, …the Jackets are a staggering 8% thriftier than the Gobblers are… ’cause the Gobblers are not only dead-last, they are actually 364th outta 351 2o23 D-1 menz hoops teams when I bothered to take the time to even compare the 13 who are reclassifying {sic: moving-up} this year. We are not only last folks, we are also LAST by a numbing near ≅2% worse than anyone else is vs. the 3 or basically a sieve vs. the 3 in halt-unit terms!), and now we see the v.Techmen up by +3 rebounding margin in the last fortnight of backboarding. (As in: our Techmen are jus’ plain getting softer here, and yet the Jackets have gone seamstress in distress in the last 2-weeks as glassing goes. Both are negative, yet the other Tech is even mo’ negative than our Tech).

Armchair Pt.Guard’s:

Technical Trends:

The Hokies (15-1o, 5-9 A.c.c.) are coming off their first road win of the season Saturday, a 93-87 victory over Notre Dame that marked their fourth win in their past six games following a seven-game L streak.

Georgia Tech (9-16, 2-13 A.c.c.) is reeling, having dropped 10t of its past 11 games following a 71-7o setback in the final seconds at Wake Forest on Saturday.

Rain is rumored to be… wet 1o1?

We need to play better defensively, obviously. That’s just too many points to give up,” Basile said. “When we’re shooting it well like we did tonight, obviously we can win the game, but then there’s games where we don’t shoot it very well and we lose. That’s kind of been our issue.”

Gah.Tech is a .571 host; whereas Vah.Tech is .125 as a guest.
V.P.I. is up a decent +5% at the charity stripe for the year.
GeeTee is up a nominal looking +1 in R&R.

The Call...

No.56 Net Ranking Virginia Tech @ no.218 Net Ranking Georgia Tech:

Frankly, G.Tech is cut from the same lumberyard as: BeeCee, Wake, and Klempson all have proven to be. These (flannel) Jackets are within reach as the Baltic Avenue version of those three. Basically, Diet BeeCee or Wake Lyte if you will.

’cause other than 3-point D, some shot-blocking, and pretty solid handles in backcourt terms, these Jackets are not off the rack, they are on the flood (collecting dust) under the same.


The thingy(s) is… G.Tech does have some benching (141st in pine ppg); they are at home and they do favor a far more deliberate stall-ball approach.

None of which seems very southern belle cotillion inviting to me.

As the Pt.Guard1 in me finally connected our offensive dots… we need to face Tempo-friendly or higher R.P.M. O’s and go Doc’ and Wyatt and win shoot-outs vs. the same.

That we can do… as Mike is a very solid x’s and big-O’s guy for a far more traditional One through Five home-position old-school coach. He is something of a hardwood Fu’ in offensive terms. Jet-sweeps, Bustling screening (pardon the sporting metaphor mixer), and lowercase to mediumcase thingys to net open shots. Dunks, fast-break, and deeper logo-3s are too sexxy or too high Q-score for him. Getting the little things BIG-O right is right in his wheelhouse, however.

IF/when he faces a less combative and LESS CROWDING defensive squadron.

The VerdicT:

That makes this one a screwy one to call… as I like our straight-head chances far better in our very own Cassell machine shop or forge.

Down 411 miles So-by-So-West in the nitelife urban streety ‘hood of the ATL however and Phillips and I are not so sure…

Is VeeTee the better Tee-information here?

Do we deny this?

Although our Tee has been squared 7 outta 8 times out on the road thus far this year.

As Eye really wish this one was @home…
…did Eye mention wishing this one was @home, yet?

’cause, although we are +4% better on O of late we are also 7% more user-friendly on D. We are also up +3% on 3-point O yet down a hurtful looking 8% in defense of the 3.
Do you see what Eye means?

What Eye means is… that is not an attractive Away Conference Calling basketball look. All the mo’ so when you see that Gah.Tech is fifth best, that’s (5th) strictest vs. the 3 @home in the nation. That, and G.Tech wins overall shooting by +9% on the Home:Away splits and they further win 3-point netting by +9% @home! wowow, did not expect that—–>b.street!

The closer:

So, after studying all of that… this one forecasted closer as the closer goes than I had expected. As this one might just very well have All Clutzy Contest or ‘ugly‘ written all over it.

We start well and methinks the strength of the Fourm Guide finishes G.Tee off.
As it is pretty hard to be want to pick against, (+149), that.

Nevertheless, it is likewise hard to ignore those Home:Away 3-point and most recent 5-game splits which entirely and heavily favor GeeTee from three, in extra particular when on… D.

🦃 < 🕒 < 🐝

So, ergo, therefore, to Whit; and either way… the start=the finish here.

We go’on and take GeeTee outta their own Gym early on and they prolly already know how to lay down and die.

We gift them a don’t play any O&M D lifeline @Away, or; we have that clanks and orange-paint-chips do happen chilly looking from Timbuckthree range in a visiting gym flavored nite… and all good-Tech bets are off here.

As this one is a race to seventy-one. (As: GeeTee has been capped by 71 since early January,
and VeeTee has been north of 71 for the last 3.5 weeks).
The first one to 71, wins.



(52% confidence interval)
Virginia Tech
=71, Georgia Tech=68

please support the VT F.C.A.!







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