Georgia Tech Eye in the Sky (part II):

“Why pay for the milk when you are already getting the cow?”
-3o4 premarital advice on when to Marry-

This I never totally understood until I watched this film.

This brings me and neatly to the word of the week…



noun \kən-ˈsər-və-tər, -və-ˌtr;

  1. one that preserves from injury or violation :  protector
  2. one that is responsible for the care, restoration, and repair of archival or museum articles
  3. a person, official, or institution designated to take over and protect the interests of an incompetent
  4. an official charged with the protection of something affecting public welfare and interests
  5. is that what we (now) are?

 Are we a relic of our very own past???

3Q 14:35 remaining:
Watch the Georgia Tech d-Line listen into the Farris-wheel’s blocking calls pre-snap.

See the Georgia Tech d-Line swarms this even 6-hole play over to our right side, with just a mere 5 defenders.

You do the maths … then you, tell, me???

3Q 12:08 remaining:
Georgia Tech all-world track-n-field star and rookie Qb Thomas, pitches the ball … and again and again and again, we refused to hit him?!? Refused to make his 181 lb. soaking-wet body pay that O&M signature price? Why? Did we coach this –to let the Qb go, and then begin a (mostly) fruitless pursuit down the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) and still hit nobody when we arrived late on the pitch-man himself? As for triple-option offense, this rookie Qb’s Time To Throw metric (which keeps tally on all Qb hits run+pass alike) is remarkably …clean.

Can not understand, this——–>bourbonstreet

3Q 10:46 remaining:

  • why use a Punter who is no threat to fake (run or pass) as a Holder? (also takes practice time away from punting) When M.Leal can do this, and at least you must honor the possible fake FGA at all times with him @Holder.
  • why did we not have a hot read to the overload (right for GT) side (or just call timeout)
  • why use a spot, that is CLOSER to the stud GT FGA blocking maven, who snuffed out his 3rd blocked FGA career wise for our troubles? (beyond the easier angle for us; where you could take a delay of game, or even two if you must involve geometry)
  • why not place a real wide body on the edge to make said stud kick-blocker have to bow further outside to get there?
  • (or does any of ^that^ just make too much sense???)

    “Try as we might, football still ain’t rocket-surgery folks.”

3Q duration remaining:
Notice the Bud Ultra defense being sucked forward in Triple Option run-support as this one wears on. Our wide-side or Field-Cb nearly lined up as a 4th linebacker, both our safeties (Fs and Rover) cheating up, with Jarrett in particular all the way up as a virtual 3rd De, just a yard at most off the LOS. (i.e. this is not a good sign, nor is it a subtle or sustainable one, either)

4Q 7:58 remaining:
Hate to say this, though it would appear that Georgia Tech just set a single play steal record, of Hokies stolen! I count no less than 4, that’s f, o, u, r open-field peal-back hits on this redunkulous looking KO return that could have been a Safety, that resulted in a 35 yard KO return on the botched fielding attempt by the Yellow-Jacket KO return man. Some days you get the bull, sometimes you get the horns, and this was a very horny looking play indeed. : (

loafing 1o1...
“Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

4Q final 3 plays remaining:
Was there any doubt here? Why would coach Pea-Jay risk the Belly hand-off or either of the two possible option pitches in a 24 all football game when Virginia Tech has no timeouts left and he is driving through our red-zone like a hot knife through even warmer butter? Short answer? He didn’t. (i.e. I’m defending the Qb here first, second and maybe even third)

4Q :02 remaining: (see: above pic)
This really chaps my ass…………’s bad enough to get beat, however since half past when is it a sin to try?!? For crying out loud folks, unless Frank had called for FG-safe on this one; what the mother-loving hell were (from L to R) were Ford, Riley and Bonner doing here? Why bother to even try, right?

You three little ones are lucky I’m not your coach. People would be calling more than just P.E.T.A. as Sunday’s practice starts just as soon as the field clears for you girlfriends on Saturday afternoon.

The #1 thing missing at Virginia Tech right now

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Time To Throw: (TTT) ©

Virginia Tech:
Qb sacked=1
Qb hurried=3
Qb pressured=8
Qb hits=8

Georgia Tech:
Qb sacked=1
Qb hurried=1
Qb pressured=11
Qb hits=14

“Ted Roof! Ted Roof! Ted Roof is on … fire!”

Well, maybe not so much, as this guy is right of right and right of Nixon raised to the Goldwater power …NTTAWWT. Or in other words, Ted Roof did not so much overload our given play-side with numerically superior blitz after blitz. Instead, he truly did keep everything in front of him and simply waited patiently for Virginia Tech to make enough mistakes for Virginia Tech to beat Virginia Tech which Virginia Tech eventually, obligingly enough, bloxking chart

However, all is not, well, lost, not even at an even 2up and 2down or .5oo, as our offensive-line finally started to improve, of all things, for the very first time this season on second-half film. That sound you heard may just have been the sound of a little blocking gelling, or a little settling in occurring upfront. As our oLine finally found a way to fold-block and at least here-n-there, begin to get to and they even get at the Georgia Tech second level or linebacking corps. No really! We did, as my boy Shai McKenzie gained 51 yards and netted the same, and Mars’ Williams gained 38 and netted 36. Even Trey Edmunds finally got in on the show with 10 and 10 respectively himself. Or in other words, our trio of very talented Tb’s amassed 97.97% of the available yardage out in front of them that they possibly could. Yes, I do realize the skeptic in you will offer than the Jacket d-line was less than stinging good, this may hold sway, although it was our Tech who (mostly) controlled the line-of-scrimmage in the final 25 minutes of scrumming, and I don’t know about you, though I favor the sound of that.


One other TTT foible I wanna point out, as the TTT metric simply can NOT respond predicatively well to any Service Academy or ground-chuck option based attack. 100m track-n-field threat Justin Thomas, the 181 lb. rookie Qb of Gah.Tech had 22 carries on the day, and yet he was only hit 14 times?!? Let us take that one a step further, as precisely 6 of those hits came on passing plays of which there were 19 total called throws –if you count the one sack we recorded. Huh? Am I the only one who has a problem with contacting a somewhat puny looking and downright raily Qb that infrequently?!? As I wanna hit this diminutive kid for breakfast lunch and dinner, I wanna hit him at the start of the game, at the end and in the middle. Us? Not so much.PJ fingers Frank

 Are we the team we used to beat? — GBOHokie  09/23/2014 1:12PM

Basically yes, with one huge exemption to the past. In the past Frank and company dominated on defense, and during our 10 win seven consecutive season pinnacle, employed just enough masking agents on offense (cue: T-mobile, R.Williams and D.Wilson) to get by when our margin of offensive error was Bud Bock’s mid-teens total defensive points allowed on average. Nowadays? Well, we do have a few masking-agents over on offense, although they are nearly all in their rookie season of voting or 18 years of age and therefore basically 2017 away from their prime.

GT tackling chartHowever, we are now merely a quite serviceable 41st in total defense or in more direct terms, our margin of error now officially resides at 21.3 ppg. Which may not seem like a lot  prima facie, though it’s pretty close to one full play (or one touchdown) as a softening or diminishment goes in our stop-unit itself.

missed tackle ratio

Or in other words, can such a nubile offense now be the one to bridge the gap and carry the load for coach Foster for the very first time since 1992? Stay tuned on that… as Bud has milked about all he’s gonna get outta this 2014 defensive cow and as Scot Loeffler and Michael Brewer have just been appointed the new conservators in town, as it is their job to now preserve our bowl-streak past and to act fiduciary in the best interests of preserving our bowling future. Which should eventually prove to be offensive indeed, and which hopefully will allow Coach Foster some much needed time to restock his front-7 parts.

Least we become relegated to wondering past our reliquary that we call a Trophy Room,  indeed.

Virginia Tech 4th Q=8, Georgia Tech 4th Q=17




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