Georgia Tech football preview!

#34 R.P.I. Virginia Tech #96 R.P.I. Georgia Tech:

Today’s word of the day is… nescience.

nes·cience (nĕsh′əns, nĕsh′ē-əns, nēsh′-, nĕs′ē-əns, nē′sē-)

nounLate Latin: nescientia, from Latin nesciēns, nescient-, present participle of nescīre, to be ignorant: ne-, not;

  1. Absence of knowledge or awareness; ignorance.
  2. agnosticism. (wimpy atheism).
  3. …inexperienced.

Georgia Tech Head Coach: William Geoffrey Collins: age=48, (2-7 year; 17-17 overall); has a rep’ for thrifty defensive play and Linebacking emphasis in particular. With a tag as a slow-starter and a burner of a November finisher. And a recruiting coordinator background to boot.

Maybe… 1o1…

Baller Collins graduated from Rockdale County High School in Conyers, Georgia. He went on to play Linebacker (OLb) and Db at Western Carolina University. As a student-athlete, Collins totaled 194 career tackles as an outside linebacker and defensive back at Western Carolina (1989-92). He had 68 tackles and six (TFL) as a junior and helped lead WCU to a 7-4 record with 62 stops, including five behind the line of scrimmage, as a senior.

Coach Collins broke in as a positional coach at Fordham and then cut his lowercase teeth at Albright College before moving up to the D-1 ranks. Where he spent four different seasons at Georgia Tech about 15+ years ago. Then he really moved up as the player/personnel director at Alabama. In addition to helping Georgia Tech land the highest-rated recruiting class in program history in 2006-07, he helped Alabama sign the No. 1 class in the nation in 2007-08. So the guy can indeed allure/recruit. And oh yes, he has a: S.W.A.G coordinator on his staff! (no joke!) As this is the most unconventional recruiter. A human-zig to a world filled with zag(s)!

Subsequently, he returned to the coaching ranks with stints at big-name schools like: Florida, U.C.F., FLA.International— so clearly he has pocked some sunshine state ties. After this, he was D-Cord’ at Miss.State and he helped rebuild the stop-unit (to: 26th), before tallying the 6th best D overall over in Gainesville.  After this, he got his first head-honcho job at Cosby U up in Temple and hooty-hoo’ed the Owls to two straight bowl bids in his two seasons there.

NOT the worst recruiting: idea

Coach Collins, has blown his whistle for 15 schools in 26 seasons as he and Larry Brown do itinerate vagabond around. (and honestly, he strikes me as noticeably better recruiting Grimy. Very careerist, very upward bound/résumé driven— and pretty damn macho same as Grimy). That said, the whispers do say that recruiter Collins is selling “Hotlanta” or the ALT like a mug and has a very lucrative looking 2020 class to show for it. Time/patience=tell here… as Collins is literally selling Gah.Tech: “as the University of Atlanta!”

Daddy Collins is married to wifey Jennifer.
They have a daughter: Astrid.

2018 record: 7 up 6 down and 5-3 in the A.c.c. (winning 6-straight to see P.J. out right to close)

Georgia Tech Defense: (starters back=4)

  • (pseudo) 4-2-Nickel.
  • ZERO Sr. starters, not; 1.
  • 75th in Total D.
  • 119th vs. the run.
  • 31st vs. the throw.
  • 54th in passing efficiency D.
  • 21st in |zone| D.
  • 98th in Qb’s sacked.
  • 94th in Tackles for a Loss (TFL) inflicted.
  • 85th in 1st-down D.
  • TBA in dLine Havoc. Hard to say what this dLine is… or at least could have been? As they are “bleep”-kicked here health-wise. St.Nikhon bless… as four of their top-10 are out or done for the year upfront on D. Everything/every injury you can name including one casualty. Not to even mention the devastating death of lineman Brandon Adams this spring during a step-show rehearsal where he fell and struck his head. St.Adam bless, R.I.P. bro’. Likewise, the season-closing classroom injury to star Florida De/Lb hybrid Antonneous Clayton. As not for bad luck this GeeTee front-4 would have no luck at all. Decent size plays here, and they are not worse of late… tho’ still…

Game of Life >>> a game of anything, else

  • TBA in Linebacking Havoc. Lb Charlie Thomas, ILb David Curry are the decent here. Curry is steady and nearly seems to be developing a nose for the ball. Thomas was supposed to be disruptive although he has yet to officially erupt. Hard to say just how much is nomenclature illiteracy/settling-in and how much is baller(s) itself? Although Curry has been on the come of late and now fields 22 more stops than anyone else. Keep your eye on #6, he may just will himself into being boy next door clean-cut legit.

    FortyTwo full-time Nickel hybrid base D:
  • TBA in Secondary Havoc. The G.Tech defensive backfield plays a rare balanced approach to man vs. ball. As they get a few and they stay behind a few here as well. Very centrist outlook with regard to coverage gambling/strength. Cb Tre Swilling and Ss Tariq Carpenter are supposed to be legit… although so is courting two substantial 2-deep dents here. As a good defensive-backfield has suddenly become a very thin defensive-backfield. That said, Carpenter is a solid tackler and he has four picks in the last calendar year. None too bad. Although potential star  Michigan X-Cb Myles Sims has not appointed yet and is trending closer to being a bust. This is, however, a tall secondary, only one guy balls south of 6′2″ and you nearly never see that. They are also reasonably physical enough… what with only one guy under 212 lbs. Middle pass D is prolly above edge coverage and in rush-defense at the moment as well.
  • D overall: Ungreat. Prolly is improving a bit of late as familiarity and fit are both wanting and waiting on 2021 give/take. (film-study): This D does a lotta/little subtle (and unusual) things off of its base 4-2-5 shapes… among them… it (vertically) stacks Safeties behind Lb’s; and Lb’s behind Dt’s/De’s. In theory, this makes them harder to reach on scrapes and folds to the 2nd-layer. It cheats peep(s) up into even looks. It seems to want to run-fight, first; although it has something of a delayed -if not a read-n-react- second-layer look to it that Perk/Qb of uva went aright after laterally. Edge guys don’t quite shed-blocks superlatively either; coach Jafar I’ma looking at you! Corners are a bit tighter than usual, (less 3rd-n-long where they back-off) with Safeties hanging back in halves; although typically not further behind that regulation deep. D looks/appears more physical in person than it plays/is. Almost seemed to lumber a bit at times for it to boot.
  • ∑ (summary): returning D production=55%. Charlie Thomas is your conflict defender here. the overall defensive vibe coming into this year was/is: “…a lack of, playmakers.” Death and dismemberment have been most unkind on top of all of that. Ditto the fact that this hind-7 Defense is a wreck class-rank or maturity-wise. As, as many as six outta seven guys will be underclassmen at times. Tackling was moderate to reasonable, tho’ they sure do a lottttta live-fire work here. Including pre-game, if you are in the Stadium early enough; check this out. It’s totally nutz and I’ve not seen (much) of this since the late 1960s to early 1970s. Tho’ clearly Collins is trying to engineer a very physical halt-unit, if/when he actually can.

Defensive letter-grade:

Georgia Tech Offense: (returning starters=3)

  • 121st in Total O.
  • 75th in ground O.
  • 120th in aerial O.
  • 116th in passing efficiency O.
  • 126th best in completion percentage.
  • DEAD last in |zone| O!
  • 100th in sacks allowed |111th in TFL allowed.
  • O overall: Oline: The smaller/leaner 4-point stancing P.J. oLine is gone tho’ left-Ot Zach Quinney, C Kenny Cooper, and right-G Conner Hansen do return. Well, they did until C1 Coop’s season ended on a hurtful hip-injury (St.Lawrence help!) These blockers have played a bit… including Vanderbilt grad transfer Jared Southers, six linemen return with starting experience and when starting totally over that may not actually be the best retooling thing. The new Staff has surely thickened/fattened up this previously Flexy oLine; as 80% of them are now north of 3o5 lbs. as being small upfront is no longer an Option, here. Improving a bit as the year wears on and the transition continues— and unsurprisingly, this ex-Option attack oLine is not worse in right-fighting than it is in passing-fits. Rb: curiously enough, the returning P.J. stalwart Rb’s: (Nathan Cottrell and Omahri Jarrett) have combined for 9′ this season thus far. Go fig’ on that as nobody was figuring on Jordan Mason (6′1″, 219 lb.) sophomore leading G.Tech in rushing (716, 7 TD’s) this campaign. And even if this is a pleasant surprise, the next best Rb grounder-gainer had only gained 1o2 mo’ yards than you and I have combined this season. Mason was the penultimate Tennessee’s Class 5A Mr. Football award runner-up as a senior *** (3-star) recruit. He had quite a few Cf offers in seams/baseball and started in hoops as well in high school. As 4,523 career yards in a mere two-year carer is no bad thing. So he’s an all-around cross-sport guy; with a very heavy twist-top ‘do; although he looks smaller than his listing(s) upon breaking tape. Qb(s): former Johnson option Qb1/part-time Nickle-back: Tobias Oliver is your 2nd leading rusher (279-yards), although he is your hind-dog passer (42%) turned part-time Wr.  Lucas Johnson -who has a Pro’ skill set- has had Jr.High foot health of late (St.Sebastian help) and that leaves Qb(none): enter: James Graham (47%, 8:5 passing ratio (TDs:INTs). And yah; this Flexbone transitioning is gonna take a season, or three. As Graham has one passing day north of 50% thus far as the third Qb1. That said, there is athleticism here, as Graham was only the 17th athlete in America outta H.S. according to 247Sports. Which makes you wonder what his home position truly is? He stared in scholastic T&F and hoops and was a **** (4-star) gridiron recruit. Albeit, at the second-lowest Ga.H.S. football level; which makes you wonder if he is a bit Q Patterson II undercooked? Nonetheless, Jay.Gee. is a stud athlete, make no mistake on that. Although he has a history of dings and dents dating back to his scholastic ball. And he is (somehow) 11% worse at home this campaign. That, and Graham seems to press a bit later in games when G.Tech is truly forced to give chase. In addition to striking me as being a bit puerile on tape. Wr: the one thing that does not live here is… experience. The one thing that does live here is: size (for wishbone blocking). As one guy is back with ≥3 snags from last year! Ahmarean Brown (who offers a northerly stretch element) and Adonicas Sanders are your de facto alphas here… tho’ this is not saying post-Flex (the passing element to the Flexbone itself); much. Mighty mite, Ahmarean Brown all 5′10″ 154 rookie year lbs. of him got included here just Fun-Bunch/Smurfs, ’cause.  And less Ah.Brown a smaller Wide Receiving crops this just, ain’t. Fr. UConn grad’ transfer Te Tyler Davis is quietly serviceable and that’s about it for a catch-crew that courts only two receptions beyond 39-yards as this scheme is the definition of intermediary passing. The only caveat is it defaults on the lexicon of mid-range: catching. Ask 2021 or so back here…

    This look PeaJ familiar?
  • ∑ (summary): returning O production=44%. In theory, this is supposed to be an entirely balanced HARD to key offensive set. In practice, however, the play-call split at Temple was so evenly split as to lack an offensive: “Identity”. This is a Pro’ Style up-tempo Spread-set that jacks all trades and masters little to none. (film-study): O runs today’s Spread-Gun 10 personnel or what we purists deign to call Half (or split)-back sets. Oline really tries to 45° gap-over block downhill. Mixed results here, as Mason, is prolly better than his oLine. Although this Mason-jar is no slouch and runs with authority at times. Front-4 speed/quicks seem to be a fly in the y.Jackets ointment. Lotta arm-extension and pushy oLine looks as well. GeeTee is not shy to overload or favor the short or boundary side. They will even work bunch sets and their Hb all jumbled up against the sideline. Whereby Graham actually moves the pocket to the wide side to create a max’ed out elongated Field-side stretch (if they have passing-cup; time). Graham is getting better/more comfortable at this as well. Saw me a few Pistol muzzle looks with a H-back nearly in front of the Qb with an I-back behind the Qb right at the snap. Not sure how this goes on the pass from C (handles wise)? Tho’ it is an intriguing look for a direct-H-back snap. There are even a few Wake -esque ride the mesh-point Option looks in play, and the Qb will keeper and load this play behind the I-back at times. oLine seems better vertically than on the run-fit move. Mason looks like he has some kinda soleus left-leg ding on tape. Even saw me a few refugee looking ‘bone plays (with crossbuck fits) on breaking-tape. Including some Pistols and under-C sets; making this a serially oddball Multiple-O too be sure.
  • 62% run:pass 38% mix. And so much for the ‘balanced approach’. Nobody is your secret sauce offender here. As I just do not see a surefire rocket type guy to name drop. As the entire Georgia Tech season on offense can only nominate three plays greater than thirty-nine yards so far (3 >39)! That’s a lotta things sports-fans and yet the word: explosive is not among them, although “wet powder” if not being outright: ‘inert’ quite possibly is. This is one Many Faces of Eve or ‘identity crisis’ O upon breaking tape. As being Coach Next after any f.Boner of an offensive wizard is very hard-on Coach Next.

Offensive letter-grade:

Wrambling Wreck Special Teams: (return)

Georgia Tech is 105th in Net Punting and so is beefy looking Pressley Harvin III. Truly, I thought I had found the ‘rong guy on breaking tape as this is the very first P who looks like he’s a Mike-Lb or Fb over on O. 5′12″ and a seriously thick-set 244 lbs. says so. Last year he was merely 2nd-string all-A.c.c. and his dossier says he’s an underutilized weapon at P. Harvin III was only Ranked as the No. 2 punter in the Class of 2017 by Kohl’s Kicking Camps, and was not ranked lower than 4th by any recruiting service that I could find. He was a State championship thrower (T&F, hammer) in high school and he only has a 3.8 G.P.A. I’m not sure if there is any relation (bio lists no parents or guardians/God help); though I am sure that Pressley is an accomplished musician that plays multiple instruments and participated in region band two times, holding down first chair on both occasions. As this is one neat kid and he’s about as physical of a third-year starting P with basically a blocky Fiddy-Cent look-alike hew if you need him. And oh yes, his 76-yard career-long leg tells you he puts some punch into his punts. Which makes you wonder how much this coverage team wants to commit marriage to their P? (as it does not appear the P wants for talent and/or game).

  • 112th in Punt Returns | 58th in KO returns.
  • 106th in punt coverage | 58 and in suicide-squad.
  • G.Tech has blocked an impressive 3 kicks and allowed 1 kick to be blocked.
  • G.Tech has blocked 2 punts and allowed 1 punt to be blocked.
  • Bonus: Juanyeh Thomas is a terrifying return man, especially on kickoffs.

Brenton King is Georgia Tech’s FG-K who is crowing former starting place-Kicker (Wesley Wells) who’s next miss woulda been his first coming into this year. As b.King being K1 is a bit of a shocker here. Nevertheless, King is 50% on FGA’s even if he does have a Tennessee caliber leg; it sometimes lands in Kentucky. So, who knows here as Kicking appears very unsettled to me. 6′ and 176 lbs. of near Michael Brewer twinsy looks means this r-Soph. does just fine off-field. King was the nation’s No. 19-ranked kicker by 247Sports. He holds numerous Georgia H.S. AAAAAAA (seven-A) kicking marks including most FG-makes in a single season. And Brenton also netted two soccer titles prior to his Sr.Prom. All-A.c.c. Academic Team member and he’s only been playing the real football for 5-years, total.

Special Teams letter-grade: This strikes me an underachieving specialists’ bunch— as GeeTee “yips” too many makeable putts to mix my sporting-metaphor. Hence, the lowest possible
B that could/should be higher than that.

Unit Rankings:

  1. VT D/VT O. (tie)
  2. GT O. (narrow edge)
  3. GT D.


  • motive: VeeTee is clearly on the rise and poor fellow Tech (Georgia thereof) is clearly on the schnide. And our Tech needs Coastal love/wins like a dead man needs a coffin. EDGE=Hokies.
  • weather: Two weeks prior to Turkey Day and it don’t get no November better than this. EDGE=the fans.
  • health/off-field: VeeTee may be dinged-up tho’ GeeTee is plum beat-up. Several key starters are out for the duration as not less than 11 guys are out for the season or QUESTIONABLE here. Coach God bless. EDGE=Hokies!
  • penalties: G.Tech is a salty 15th best in the least yellow-laundry done this season and this beats even us by a smidgeon. EDGE=Jackets.
  • intangibles: 124th in TOP is just what me and Hilgirth and our Training Staff all wanted to see. Hopefully, our 1’s can catch a second-half breather or three. EDGE=Hokies.
  • fatigue: VeeTee is actually +1 on R&R going back to the Duke FNL’s game. However, 6 OT’s later and 4o9-miles down the road and any advantage here belongs to the sleep in their own beds other Tech. EDGE=Jackets.

Winning the A.c.c.'s yearly Techno bowl is all about, what(s)???

View Results

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Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of wramblers who could wreck @Tech=7 or 8.

the takeaway:

The takeaway here is… Virginia Tech is an accurate road favorite though nobodies visiting lock.

As this spread would surely be wider to -if not above- 10 points or 1.5 full plays if we were balling at home in Lane Stadium.

This, however, is a roadie down to the ATL. Where basically everyone agrees… Coach Collins and Georgia Tech have made some progress and are getting closer and closer. i.e. to breaking back into the W-column.

That and they -to his credit- they have not let go of the long-season rope despite anything north of moral victories being hard to come by of late.

Plus, this one has a certain Icky Crane or Sleepy Hollow feel to it. What with (seemingly) noticeably harder games looming to close 2019 out at home vs. Pittsburgh. Then vs. our Commonwealth Cup archrival with a 15-yarn winning streak and a possible Coastal Crown up for grabs over in c.Ville, Va. soon enough


  1. Δ1=70% that Virginia Tech is year no.4 Fu’rther along than Gah.Tech is in year no.1. That and it sure looks like VeeTee has more skill position love and better skill position fits on film. Under this format VeeTee is feeling no pain, still improving a bit and outstrips Gold Club GeeTee by at least 1.5 full plays; possibly 2. Git dat work early here folks; A.S.A.P. and do not let Gah.Tech feel like they are improving or getting any closer {sic: to breaking through}. (see: more below…)
  2. Δ2=30% I would dare to authoûr that there is about a 3 in 10 chance that -this week, or next week- that Virginia Tech is due to “bounce” in horse racing terms. As we’ve run about as well as we can and as far as we can for five straight games and as coach Geoffrey Chaucer taught us all: “All good things must come to an end.” Under this format, we see a fugly game or a race to 21 or 3.5 full plays. First Tech there, wins.
the optics...

Tech is gonna win this one! I gar-ron-damn-tee it!

the skinny

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©) says this is an inviting team here on O. As the W.Reck is 125th on 1st-down and then only 120th on 3rd down-converts. 100th in Qb sacks allowed and an even more user-friendly 110th best in TFL (Tackles for a Loss) allowed gives Bud BØck a real live chance to attack and play well ahead of the sticks.

TTT (Time To Throw©): as you can see above G.Tech does not pass-protect well and they don’t exactly get plum after opposing passers either (98t most Qb’s sacked). Gotta like this and as we all know… Hookin’ ain’t, easy.

Both pet metrics encourage being on schedule -if not a good deal better-
and this is where we have thrived all season long.

This sure helped us pinch Miami and Wake.

Forum Guide:
Our handy-dandy friend the so-called reflexive or round-robin driven Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is calling for a 1-point (that’s: o, n, e; folks) technical win. For the good guys. Go fig’ on that?

The yardage markers, however, are positing, averring and connoting a stunning 16-point VicTory party for the other Tech! For Gah.Tech. (This one lantern battery shocked me, you?)

The total yardage margin VeeTee by right at 95-yards per game on the year and this would basically predict a two-score triumph. With most of this due to VeeTee being noticeably better at stopping the run in annual terms. Additionally, VeeTee does out-pass and out-run GeeTee on O head-to-head and the only thing GeeTee won was pass-defense.

However, since our Qb1 swap-meet or in the most recent 3-game trends… we see that the Jacket’s D has out-improved a modestly improved Hokie O.

On the other side of the ball, the Jackets overall O has been nearly flat in the last fortnight. Although they are throwing a bit better (with less rushing). Whereas the Gobblers halt-unit has been quietly wilting of late on pass-D. Yes, the Bud Bøck ground assault numbers are better as Tiz’ pointed out to you on Will’s pay M.B. What was not pointed out to you was that our anti-aircraft guns have been misfiring in aerial defense and have been off-target by nearly 65-yards per game. Thereby easily wiping out any ground-chuck gains and then some.

i.e. we had better NOT let G.Tech get any version of their throw-game on track early.

As it has improved slowly/surely; they hit medium+ plays -which we have suffered in defense of for nearly 20-games- and that would only open things up underneath for
their quietly pretty dang good Rb1 all the mo’.

  • Gah.Tech was only half-a-play beaten by hooVa; a game in which they led three different times.
  • In point of fact, there are custom-Jacket signs here… check it out… as a r.Fr., Qb1, James Graham played his best game of the season; completing 15-of-22 passes for 229 yards and 2 TD’s. Soph. Rb., Jordan Mason just carried the mail for 94-yards and a Major (6-points) on 19 carries, as the Yellow Jackets finished with 372 yards of total offense (their second-highest offensive total of the season) vs. 21st in Total D france. (mid-script: maybe it is all the newfound padding Graham has on? Coach Charles Schulz seriously, he looked like something out a Peanuts backyard pick-up game last time out vs. the boo-hoo’s— tho’ if that many elbow pads and forearm wraps make you a better Qb… well; there you go…) And do not sleep on his newfound penchant for big/chunk style plays.
  • Gah.Tech has been a lotta things under newbie Collins and a fast-starter is just not among them. 1Q: 35-71, 2Q: 48-101… after that the wreck has not been as Amtrack off-track. (85-89 in the 2nd-half). i.e. call all “GO PLAYS” immediately and try to put G.Tech outta your/their misery pronto!
  • Vah.Tech has given up 6-points on the ground in their last 16 Q’s of rush-D.

g.Tech Projected S&P+: 89th.
Jacket Projected S&P wins: 3.7 W’s.

the call...

…this one, at least to me, has an underclassman undercooked look-n-feel of a classical let-down trap game.

Right now (Wednesday night), I sense a hard-running, physical, hard-fought game. Just what we don’t need with you know hoo just prepping to take many Liberties in 10 more days’ time.

This one could be a muddied one. And more parts baseball than basketball on grass. As Gah.Tech will shorten the game and try to N.Dame steal one late— same as we did to the Irish.


As frankly speaking… I had indeed toyed with the upset pick here.

3:30 pm tip-off!

Because, even if we are turning -or have turned- the Cultural-corner… there is no way around the class rank factoid that this is still a very O&M green-wood football team that lacks seasoning itself. And this cultural reboot still needs another (successful) test or two before we can clinically petrify all that green-wood and set what Fu’ really truly madly deeply clinically wants in (reliable) Hokiestone.

Nevertheless, seeing the softie look of the G.Tech frontlines born out statistically, the fact that their newbie Qb is not as much @Home, and their welcome-mat approach to Sacks and TFL— all of this pushed me into the good Tech and finally gave my OPT digits a firmer sense of footing.

I’m not sure we are regular season done getting beat… tho’ I am feeling this Saturday better; here.
As it has yet to take more than 4-scores to beat Gah.Tech all year long.


^that^ being R.A.T.T. R&D O&M, said… eye feel I owe you gents a caveat here…

As these are two highly inexperienced teams sports-fans. As the starting combined count of not less than 28 underclassmen 1’s objectively and science-fact testifies.

Or in other words, don’t die of cloying, yiffing or gurning shock if someone either balls-out or fades-out as both sides are just too dang nescient to know any better. As this game gets away from one of these two Techs’ after being a fairly technical affair early on.

Let us just hope our technique a bit more culturally and playbook refit, mature.

upset Index=34%


Virginia Tech=32, Georgia Tech=18




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  1. Part of me thinks that there should be plenty of motivation in this one for VT that is securing the bowl streak and getting back for upset losses for the past 3 years including an embarrassing loss @home last year. Yet, I still can’t shake that I got a baaaad feeling about this one.

  2. Might be Pitt.

    Pitt is a nasty match-up.
    Very physical team. Nearly; dirty- at times.


  3. B’Street you’re a literally genius, so I’ll translate it in the country boy way… VT’s gonna open a whole can of Whoop Ass on these Yellow Jackets and hang half a hundred on their smart ass comments before its done… Offense explodes whilst VT Defense applies full Anaconda Squeeze as the NC boys of Big Play Tre, Deuce, Chief and Taz have a field day as revenge is the word for the day in Section 7, who just rolled into Buckhead….will be waiving from 130…

    Let’s Go…HOKIES…
    Tomorrow we stomp their sorry Ass into the GA Red Clay!!!

    1. Well, that’s not umpossible.
      I’d favor us working them as opposed to getting worked.

      Tho’ that many younglings out there combined and who knows how whom will respond to adversity?


      1. After last yrs whoppin’ no way Fuente doesn’t come out with a Knute Rockne pregame speech that peels paint off walls & inspires greatness.

        Half a hundred or bust!!!

  4. Looks like nil on TV here in Central Texas. Possibly stream it on the PC. Disappointed the ACCN did not pick the game. Will listen to Laas and Mike for sure. AH

  5. It’s a good day when I learn a new word.
    But I’d debate your definition of agnostic.

  6. Hopefully Foster and Fu wanting this monkey off their backs will carry us across the finish line first; otherwise, this has trap/lack of focus quagmire written all over it. Plus we are always in danger of an HH injury taking the wind out of our sails. I think those who believe we will show improvement every single week have not filed away or recalled enough seasonal history – teams are almost always inconsistent, especially w this much youth involved. I am happy to smoke some crow if VT can throttle these guys. VT 19-17. Go Hokies!

  7. Vt 38 -Gt 10 We lay it on thick this game.. Payback for last year game. Also sets up a night game showdown next week against Pitt. We’ll both probably be ranked if things fall right this weekend.

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