Georgia Tech football preview!

#95 R.P.I. Virginia Tech #63 R.P.I. Georgia Tech:

Today’s word of the day is… résumé.


noun (North American).

early 19th century: French, literally ‘resumed’, past participle (used as a noun) of résumer.

  1. a brief account of a person’s education, qualifications, and previous experience, typically sent with a job application.
  2. a summary. a listing.
  3. 4 PM mad dash to Kinko’s downtown?!?

Georgia Tech Head CoachWilliam Geoffrey Collins: age=5o, (9–2o @ and 24–3o overall); has a rep’ for real slickster recruiting, and defense. And movement…

Baller Collins totaled 194 career tackles as an OLb and Db at Western Carolina (1989-92). He had 68 tackles and six tackles for loss as a junior and helped lead W.C.U. to a 7-4 record with 62 stops, including five behind the line of scrimmage, as a senior.

Home life up in the Keystone State

As an S, M, and ultimately Big-Whistle, Coach Collins is a Larry Brown itinerate vagabond who gets around. Wearing 13 different coaching colours thus far at as many schools. Some, small: (Albright, Franklin, Fordham), some medium: (West.Carolina, Temple, Florida International, and South Florida); and some right-sized: (3-Gah.Tech stints, even big-bad Alabama, and 3-other well-seasoned South Eastern Conference tourstops). Coach Collins has been around, he has cut his teeth, and he has paid his ladder-theory dues. Very in fact in regard to all. Tho’, the Sunshine State and So.Eastern looks are keen resumè and recruiting-contacting looks to bring to inclusive then to bring to fruition. All of these have been defensive stops with an emphasis on Linebacking itself. (No wonder he loves doughnut drill so much upon breaking tape?)

Most of this includes streak breaking/beginning (to the good), defensive record-booking, and some pretty high marks in defensive attack— all of which stood out upon his citation(s) review.

Collins’ innovations in utilizing social media to aid in recruiting efforts have not only helped Georgia Tech land the two highest-rated recruiting classes in school history; they also helped Alabama sign the No. 1 class in the nation in 2007-08.

Overall… Coach Collins seemed to have Philly’s Temple on the come… two wining-seasons and bowl appearances strung together after hard times is sharp just like that.

On December 7, 2018, Collins was named the 20th head coach of Georgia Tech football. Collins has won three games in each of his first two seasons with the Yellow Jackets. Three and not mo’ than three, mind yah. In 2021, Collins ended his L’ing streak to F.C.S. opponents when Georgia Tech defeated Kennesaw State. Collins has yet to extend his winning streak at Georgia Tech beyond one consecutive game. Wow/dang…

Making this pretty good defensive coach a hard one to Top-Shelf read?
Is he another shoulda stayed in Memphis sort?
Or is he about to pop-ATL, clean?!?

Poppa-bear Collins is married to the former Jennifer Haynes. They have a daughter, Astrid.

202o record: 3 up 7 down and 3-8 in the A.c.c.

Gah.Tech Defense: (starters back=8)

  • kinda/sorta… a 4-2-5 and/or 3-3-5 cross-pollination of sorts. Seems to want to be a thirty-three mo’ often than not… sorta…
  • 97th in Total D.
  • 88th vs. the run.
  • 1o4th vs. the throw.
  • 116th in Passing Efficiency D!!
  • 61st in zone D.
  • 8 in 10 in dLine Havoc. Sourcing indicated that the front wall is: “solid” and that there is a very limited P.T. lifespan here behind that. Meaning depth is Jenny Craig here in the Jackets front-3 that tend to get, pantsed. And one of the De’s is just smallish; even by historical Foster Stud-De standards (jor.Domineck, only tips Toledo’s for 228 lbs.!) Additionally, several guys have not developed as expected here: (as Clayton, Lockheart, and White have suffered a blackout of sorts on improving/adding/aiding if you will). This puts a lotta 4Q strain to A.B.C. (always be closing) on the opening front-3. De’s are stronger than the middle-G. They will trust northwardly if you allow…

  • 5 of 10 in Linebacking Havoc. The GeeTee 2nd layer is really making plays like a mother; at first blush. (Which tells you the 1st-layer is blue-ribbon in keeping ’em clean). Quez (who will hit you) Jackson, Ayinde Eley, and Charlie Thomas all rank Top-1, Top-2, and Top-3 in stopping in order. Thomas is very keen in pass-coverage, has a nose for the ball and he really attacks upfield well on film. Very disruptive baller overall. After that… sourcing said: “…there is Charles Thomas here, and then there is everybody else.” CeeTee is legit. Very. The rest have acquired mo’ numbers/stats than they have… strokes. (Literally, the drop-off from Thomas in the 2nd-layer is tertiary, or mo’). Ditto Lb2 Quez Jackson’s resistance to morphing into mo’ of a Lb1. Tritto Maryland transfer Lb3 Ayinde Eley who may have even, regressed; (and cut nearly 10 lbs. in the progress, gone regress).  This is not the best run-fit when 2 of your 3 Lb’s only combine to field 422 lbs. between ’em! As they are so-so vs. the pass and drunk DAX and D.U.Eye Tis’ vs. the rush.
GeeTee base D: true-Ng, Sam cheating-up:
  • 1 of 10 for Secondary Havoc. The Jacket Secondary -unlike the front-7- does not want for depth. Although, some of that is via a series of nagging defensive backfield dings; that only recently seemed to have succored a bit. Because if there is such a thing as a hind-4 via committee? This is it. Lotta guys rotate in/out here and at least that keeps everyone fresh. Or, is it he who has 2 Qb’s really only has, none? Secondary -and the D as a whole- play the man and not the ball. This is a bend don’t break format, or keep everything in front of you and make opponents suffer/succeed via driving the length of the field. Speedy S1, Juanyeh Thomas has really nice range for his size (6′4″, 219 chiseled outta wood lbs., Jr.); and he can return-game pitch in. Ditto legacy Cb2 Tre Swillng. As the GeeTee hind-5 is tallish (nobody south of 5′12″ here), tho’ they are not that physical/strengthy other than j.Thomas —what with at least two light in the wallet guys here. (Even if they should only 2022 improve, per no Sr.’s courted in 2o21). (Did glean upon 2nd-time hooVa film-study review… edge guys do not shed blocks well… and DD/Gallo and the Wr’s are none to shabby, at the same!)

    …daddy Swilling, stud Lb/De for Gah.Tech way back when!
  • GT D overall: (Film-Study): GeeTee’s 2nd-layer will elevator and toggle into/out of even or odd fronts, and they will deal an Lb or three here-n-there from here. It is our thesis of thought that Jacket Linebacking will determine this contest here. If they are highly contested and stiffen a bit vs. the run, therefore making the Fu’fense win this one threw the airwaves? All O&M bets are off. If, however, they muck around and miss coverage calls, or plum get beat in gap integrity? VeeTee might get sum, and could steal this game. The key is… can they negate the newfangled VeeTee run-fits? As this 2nd-layer did not strike us as showcasing the highest possible gridiron I.Q. upon breaking-tape. Lotta 4-point standing upfront, which is a run-fighting posture. Did love the old-school 60’s era bent-De’s. (Angular=inward, to force things inside). As a real burner Tb1 to the edge might be alluring here (FREE k.King???). GT will jam-Man short-side and go medium-man off of that wide-side. With Tampa-1 (Cf for the World Series and Chris) or Tamp-2 behind that. D will swarm-hit and they do actually ‘hit’ a bit. Also, kinda wondering if now might be a good Bròckworst time? As the GT Ng1 is not that big on tape… and if our C’s can whoop him that should open everything else up. Finally, GT D did seem smitten with the hooVa play-side whatever(s). Could be some real-estate to work with behind that (throw or run) off of counters and crossbucks. As they seem to struggle to contain even non-running Qb’s on tape. And if BAX is feelin’ body-free he should have a good upfield day here. ’cause, their 2nd-layer, although kind quick; is not that physical nor that sizey when envelopment blocking or folding engaged. (i.e., their knocking BAX out might just seal the deal for them).
  • GT D ∑ (summary): returning D production=82% (23rd)! Kinda isn’t a conflict defender here. Ex-Te, now explosive De Keion White was supposed to be it, tho’… as the D seems pretty dang turnabout similar to 202o as opposed to being a stop-unit 2021 turnaround. What with some foibles vs. the run and outright issues vs. the pass. Groundhog Day all Déjà Fu all over again if you will. As the vibe was for at least hind-7 improvement that has not numerically materialized in 2021 thus far. As there were four by my numbering, major transfers from big-name schools that have given the GeeTee ATL D a very small-town look. So, this has been a bearish set of Jacketing helpers so far. Tackling was nominal to so-so, tho’ it clearly worsened further off the LOS (line-of-scrimmage). Might be something to pop-contain here if/when we can work someone free downfield a bit? ’cause Euclidean or Dr. Crittenden (the math one) bling-bling savvy this Engineering school just ain’t… as they really wet the defensive bed by going too shallow, too quick, or sometimes just plain ole “whiffs”. As this grouping really tends to bite the 1st-whatever, (be it play real or play-fake) hard. As in very. Mokey-bites or hickeys galore dot your necking.

Defensive letter-grade:

Wrambling Wreck Offense: (returning starters=8)

  • 48th in Total O.
  • 51st in ground O.
  • 56th in aerial O.
  • 37th in Passing Efficiency O (surprisingly)!
  • 83rd in zone O.
  • O overall: Qb1-2/Rb1: Ground-Gainers 1o1… Gah.Tech keeps several of ’em, let me tell you. Maybe this is a refugee/inherited Flex-Bonner or not? Tho’ there are a few run-shapes here that are not all that un-shipshape itself. Spearheading the way would be Rb1: Jahmyr Gibbs. Not far behind him would be (ostensible) Qb1: (F.s.u. de-commit) Jeff Sims. Not far behind him would be Rb2: Dontae Smith… and right beside him at 11-yards less would be Rb3: (ex-all-A.c.c. 2o19, now: dented tho’, (Head/vision, St.Olaf bless) and he’s the only power-packer they gots)) Jordan Mason. As these four rushers (nearly) amount to not less than 250-rushing up to over four-bills grounding (410-yards) for alpha Rb1: j.Gibbs. Back-up or caddy Qb1: Jordan Yates even chips in a bit here-n-there and then antes up 613 threw the air. So, there are a lotta C+++ to lowest possible B— fenced caliber guys here to prep’ for to be sure. And although there are no real stars here… the GeeTee Qb1➕Qb2 outpassed BAX by nearly 500. The GeeTee Rb1➕Rb2➕Rb3➕Qb1➕Qb2 all conspire to out-rush BAX (and: Blackie and: Thomas) by nearly 350-yards. Do you see what Eye means, yet? It is not that they are great, it is rather that they are very good at maxing out their averages if you will. Wr’s/Te’s and aerial-gainers 1o1… Wide Receiver is very similar to Rb-via-committee. As The top-3 grab-gangstars have an Rb thrown in for good measure to boot. X-Wr1: Malachi Carter, Y-Wr2: Kyric McGowan (sneaky good, their Robinson+++) and Rb1 gone Wr3: Jahmyr Gibbs and even the somewhat separated Wr4: Adonicas Sanders all conspire to contribute at least ∼250 catching yards up to right at 400 snagging yards. The tricky part is that GeeTee’s throw-sets are now medium to medium+++ with a few longer looks mixed in to keep you honest; than they were Wishbone before under r-G.O.P. PeeJay. Again, this is a doggone hard O to key. As they go Rob.Hood and spread the wealth here. Nearly a possession-based welfare or handout set if you will. Still, yet, there is mo’ depth than there is star-power here. An average-sized unit here. Te1, Dylan Leonard is a decent wannabe Ot3, and a bit less than that in the aerial game.

    (the) Frank Broyles. (BOSS GT Qb1 b4 he was an trophy!)
  • Qb1: Jeff “give em game” Sims is a really cocksure guy upon breaking tape. He carries a high-handed selfie look to be sure. Confidence won’t ever be an issue for this one. 6′3″, 210 lb., double t-Fresh. year Qb1. He has improved his even passing ratio (13:13) upwards to being nearly 2:1 to the good this year. That said… not many t-Fresh. (Last year) nugget or rookie year guys win All-A.c.c. Rookie of the Week, thrice! So, when he gets it going it can and will go pretty far for GeeTee. As j.Sims was a four-star (****), Elite-11, and 6th ranked dual-threat Qb in America per Rivals with good reason(s). On top of that, Mister Sims was rated the 14th best GeeTee recruit, ever! As in… all-time. The squirrely part is he did not have a scholastic rep’ for chucking Picks. (Averaged a mere 3/year). So, he got a bit youth-movement full-of-himself and at times played outside the same @GeeTee. Think of Jay as mo’ of a pure scorer in hoops terms. A pigskin Bernard King of NY.Knicks yesteryear fame. He’s a dual-threat play-maker who makes plays. (Whispers say he has been dinged-up of late… although gaining his health back as well). Tho’ there are signs of all those handsome athletics, his Comp-% is up by seven percent. His INT’s are down by a factor of 260%. Does have a wide set-up base that expenses him height/sight. Does have a history of plant or orthodox-right-leg dings (Godspeed). “I’m betting on myself then I completely double down.” His very own words on himself last Spring. Very image conscience guy, the: Andre Agassi of the A.c.c. And he must be doing sompthin’ right… what with his N.I.L. to pimp: @mercedesbenzusa! (They gave him an e-Benz!) So, there is that… and yet there are also his two 40% passing days this year that have not (yet) gotten fully 2o2o ironed out. Likewise, his testing metrics are pretty middled. Seems to have mo’ game-speed then they showcase/stopwatch however. As he is a whopping +13% better passing @home than @away! Although he is also a gamer: as his 2nd-half throwing throws down at +11% compared to the 1st. And, his 4Q passing is his best by far, at 71% with an appointed 4:0 perfect ratio! As this kid goes Cassanova and gets stronger as the nite grows, longer. Making Sims a very alluring 2024 check-in. Seemed smaller than listed to me upon breaking-tape… tho’ has very decent ‘touch’ to be an ATH playing Qb1. Rb1: Jahmyr Gibbs, 5′10″, 200 lbs. of NO fumbles in two collegiate seasons so far, is a 2nd-year t-Fr. by way of homespun: Dalton, Ga. Gibby was the no.2 all-purpose Rb in America per Rivals. A legit four-star (****) Rb1 candidate. And ONLY the 5th highest ranked GeeTee football recruit, ever. As in… all-time. That does not suck, and neither did his 2,554 yards and 4o TD, AAAAAA (six-A) Georgia Player of the Year award as a Sr. Rb1. Sports Illustrated tabbed him as one of their two 1st-string All-Americans for it nationally! Lotta (raw) talent lives here, same as Sims. Gibb-o is also: All-A.c.c. Academic Honor Rolled, so proppers here! He does tend to wear down a bit in-game (1Q to 2Q and again 3Q to 4Q). Tho’ he has been a HOT HOT HOT Buster Poindexter baller of late as well. As most all of the BIG-S.E.C.-names wanted his legit 4.5 (speed) and 39″ vertical work. oLine: the Jacket frontline is led by a very reasonable Ot1, Devin Cochran. Who is prolly close to earning N.A.F.T.A. or C.F.L. work, ‘eh‘. The other Ot (Ryan Johnson) is at least experienced enough, as they combine for a decade of ball between themselves alone. After that their G-c-G internal wedge trifecta is okay; tho’ fair-to-middling on pulling/trapping. Depth is a concern up front here as well. GeeTee does not seem real tilted in terms of proficiency to run-fits or to passing-pro’ itself. Both are so-so to very decent at best/at most. “And some would have me say…” that this modest blocking after hitting the transfer portal hard with Kenneth Kirby, a two-time All-M.E.A.C. player at Norfolk State, and three-year Vanderbilt starter Devin Cochran now on board— or where would they blocking, be? As backup G2 Williams and starting C1 Minihan have not been what they expected/hoped down in the ATL. Somewhat undersized oLine, with 3-starters in return here. And they have been really dinged up recently this year. They rotate a lotta guys in-out and use a lotta combinations upfront. (Some of which is Training Room necessitated, Eye expect). Did Eye mention the lotta combinations upfront yet? That’s both personnel groupings and schematically to boot. Kinda reminds me of my boy c.News’, as it takes a minute or four before any oLine can learn how to meld between this many differing base techniques. (Very Denver Bronco –esque).

  • GT O ∑ (summary): returning O production=84% (21st)! (Film-Study): Sims is not an all work makes Jack a dull boy. He’s mo’ a jack-in-the-(Ot)-box Qb1. As you’d better keep him pinned/hemmed in there. You do NOT want this guy to hit a few easy throws or pop-clean beyond contain on any R.P.O. keeper or Qb1 Terry Bradshaw looking pre-Super Bowl run era Qb-draw. Sims and his Swagg -or lack thereof- is the straw that stirs the drink here. As he is still young enough to get Selfie frustrated at times on film. O does a lotta shotgun, single Hb looks, with Quad-wide or trips (including the Te1) to the odd-side. Will motion to Will side and then sometimes even hit back behind that. Kinda does some traditional Lombardi pull (2 G’s) Gregg and Krammer simultaneous to kick things out on tape. And they have done better upfront recently here than Eye anticipated. And Eye’ll say this little for Sims, he must have some arm talent. As he makes a buncha throws, falling away off his back-foot. Same as Karl Malone FTA’s. Additionally, they pull a G(s) and play-action the Hb plunge look to free up longer looks downfield. Wr blocking is adequate, Rb blocking is a little south of that. As Rb’s sometimes lack patience in screen and run-fit game alike. Some of the GT plays are not exactly fast-developing. Somewhat mutually, to be a handsome enuff ATH playing Qb1, Sims really feathers some of his throws, like 80’s hairstyle. A little is nice/catchable, tho’ too much is just that— too much. As some of ’em just hang-up in the air if the Cb or Safety can break forward on the ball quick enough; the INT is there to be had. A little bit of a gutty oLine, like they know what to do with a keg; and/or how to headstand empty the same. Tho’ Rb’s nearly thrive as dump-off safety-valves out in the passing-game flats. Mind the store here.
Qb1 don’t like the wimminz species! (No joke, he freighttrained this uva one here!!!)
  • GT O Overall: 58% run:pass 42% mix. (Little bit modern era run-fit heavy here mind yah). Sims (who was not Qb1 early on) is your secret sauce offender here. He’s like a mac-daddy Erik Chapman+++ or Dooley era max’ed-out guy. Throws very well on film to the Out(s) or along the sideline and rolling orthodoxlogically to his right. This is from the rookie or nugget year Qb1 who 2o2o emerged with: “accuracy and decision-making” nags firmly attached. Tho’, the vibes say that Sims is a cinematic kid who goes Will Furrer and lives in the film-room. Gotta give him that round 10-8. Ditto 33 runs of 10+ (yards) already. (Back-up Wr5, Kalani Norris is a real vertical threat when in the game however, don’t want him going to the casa on his 1 catch here). That all said… the one thang that went bugbear and rubbed me the ‘rong way (after: B.Patterson’s preview was gathered), is… G.Tech has some run-fit depth here. And if this forecast is correct… could that slowly wear-n-tear on V.Tech a bit?

Offensive letter-grade:

Jackets Special Teams: (return)

Georgia Tech is 96th best in Net Punting and incoincidentally enough, so is P1: David Shanahan. Davy by way of bonnie ole Ireland, where he played Gaelic football— must merely replace last season’s Ray Guy Award winner (Pressley Harvin III). That’s all… no biggie there, right? As this 6′, 190 lb. nugget or rookie-year voter hails from: Castleisland, County Kerry, Ireland. Where he attended: St.Patrick High School! No bleep… and may St.Patty bonne bless! Davy was rated as a three-star prospect by 247Sports and ESPN. Where he was a versatile athlete who played: Gaelic football, rugby, and basketball in his native County Kerry, Ireland. Dang… He also was a member of Kerry U17 Gaelic football “panel” that won the 2o17 Munster championship (Gaelic football’s national title) at the U17 level. Shanahan attended the venerable Prokick Australia in Melbourne “down under”. A place where you bet the over on kids going American football. As this kicking academy has produced six of the past seven Ray Guy Award winners and four current National Football League punters. That counts.  Davy continued to hone his punting skills during the cv19 pandemic by punting in solitude on his uncle’s dairy farm in southwest Ireland. Moooooo-ve over Raymond Guy, a frenchy o-2 in WW’s name, rights? Almost 44-yard average with a 70+ leg does count. And you can count on me be 2024 curious here.

  • not so good 1o6th in Punt Returns | and a centrist 78th in KO returns.
  • 63rd in punt coverage | and 70th in suicide-squad is average, twice.
  • GT has blocked zip kicks and yet allowed four, that’s (4) kicks to be blocked!!!
  • GT has blocked nil punts and allowed 1 punt to be blocked!

K1, 6′, 210 lb., Brent Cimaglia is a 4-way surprise starter. As two ex-K1’s and one last-ditch transfer K1 are all K2 through K4 depth-charted concurrently here. Brent seems to have reliable range into the uppercase 30’s and then he really gets shaky beyond that. I Volunteer that stoopidity, as Brent was just that, a UTenn.Vol. just last year back. A grad’-r-Sr. with his degree u.grad’ framed and up on his still gettin’ his Kicks on Route 66 athletic locker wall. Then I found this little (corrective/redactive) nugget from his UTenn bio’: “Was especially impressive from long range, making 18-of-29 field-goal attempts (.621) from 4o or more yards and 4-of-6 (.667) from 5o or more yards … Put together one of the nation’s finest seasons by a kicker as a junior in 2o19, when he made 23-of-27 field goals (.852), including 9-of-11 from 4o or more yards”; preview, snap-on dumbasss me! Does however have a history of “battling injuries” according to UTenn as well. So, that’s not helping… tho’ his Southeastern Conference Academic Honor Roll marker is not hurtin’. Nor was/is his five-star rating (*****) that saw him tabbed as the nation’s best or the No. 6 kicker in the Class of 2017 by Kohl’s Kicking. That’s elite leg-game men. Very few Place-Kickers get the full penta-star clasp. And he is now pursuing a master’s degree in real estate development. So, there is that too. Ditto not looking like a fonduè guzzling K1— as he almost looks a little, ruff to be true. With a career-long out to 53-yards, as he can long-FGA help in lieu of the short punt. (With zero rushing/passing attempts, so his next trickeration will be his, 1st). Good K here folks, just not UTenn good just yet. As his 16 makes from 42-53 yards out would uppercase attest.

Special Teams letter-grade: D+++ is all I can do. As those blocks are skipping your mid-term exam. (Although, sans that and GeeTee might just sneak up on a lowercase, “b”).

Unit Rankings:

  1. GT O.
  2. VT D.
  3. VT O.
  4. GT D.


  • motive: Well, it is pretty close to do-or-die for both teams post-season Bowling Alley chances. Tho’ someone has gotta role or roll a gutter ball here. Making this one an 8-10, split. EDGE=push.
  • weather: well, weather.God says… it could get wet here. So, that favors trench warfare, and if they are still playing fo’ Fu’? This is a tie. Or, whoever does not butterfingers the rock in the precip’. EDGE=driest, hands!
  • health/off-field: Other than the catch-cadre (Wr’s/Te’s) the Jackets are not hard-pressed at the midway point on health. EDGE=GeeTee by quite a bit.
  • penalties: 14th best in yellow-laundry yardage/game does not suck. Fu’ is better, tho’ not by much. EDGE=push.
    (As Georgia Tech finished last season ranked 121st in penalties among FBS teams, with 41 of the 89 penalties that were accepted by opponents coming before the snap!) So, this is quite the pocket-square in Collins jacket to be sure. What with an offense killing and Matrix mind-bending twenty-eight, that’s (28) False-Start flags last year!?!
  • intangibles: 55th in all-important Turnover Margin is serviceable, tho’ 1o7th in TOP (time of possession) is, inviting. EDGE=VT.
  • fatigue: …G.Tech just had their OFF/OPEN date right before @hooVa. They are ’bout one week the fresher club here. Who do not travel and sleeps in their own crib. EDGE=GeeTee. (By a decent bit too).
  • Fu’tigue: building… unlike last time, now is a good resume updating time. EDGE=GeeTee!!!


In all candor... putting your hand on the TSL Bible... what happens next???

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Illationconclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Jackets who could suit-up @Tech=9 maybe 10.

the takeaway:

…the takeaway could very well be which team remains the most taken with their present-tense head coach.

Or, maybe better struck, which team is most taken with the notion of being taken to some warm-weather climate to try their bowling game out this Christmas break?

As that team has mo’ to play fo’ as opposed to (little) “whistling” for some version of a Home for the Holidays Christmas, broke.

Which one however is admittedly hard to gauge for sure?


xxx‘s & ooo‘s:

Beta Analysis: The Wreck’s O graded better than I thought for Explosiveness and avoiding negative drives. And with sooooo many skill guys courting underclassman status, you gotta wonder where they will 2o23, be? As nothing graded beta-stats bad on O; and they were almost trending as being offensively efficient of late.

formulae here favors

Beta Analysis: …on the other side, the GT D graded poorly -as expected- in all less opposing SOS (strength of schedule). Maybe we will be a bit of a possession break for them? That attempt at levity aside… they graded really suspect on: Passing Efficiency, and overall Drive Efficiency allowed. So, extending/converting 3rd-downs for the Fu’fense is a must in this one.


  1. Δ1=47% that the home team does just enough to send the visitor away, sad. As home-field has gotta count for something, right?
  2. Δ2=43% that VeeTee either has a little bit more Talent, or a little bit more Talent vis-à-vis systematic fit, or at least a modest Experience Curve check-mark to boot.
  3. Δ3=10% (at least). ’cause when neither team is really any good? Now might be a good time to make an Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium extra-innings selection.

#ChallangeA.c.c.epted… there are 1,440 minutes in a day and yet again, we gotta war into the high 50’s if we wanna win this one here.

the optics...
…in their last couple of seasons, the y.Jackets are… the Yellow Jackets were 5-1 when scoring more than 27 points and 0-12 when scoring that many or fewer!

So, there is your in-game barometer for this one… 27 mb’s of Mercury.

the skinny...
GeeTee is not that physically imposing of a team across the board as you can see above, and last year all seven L’s were by double digits. 

So, go BIG and try to hammer them early here.
As they have had zone O troubles punching-it-in for years, plural!

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©)

  • GeeTee is a moderate-looking 76th on 1st-down O | whereas VeeTee is (still) a useful-looking 44th best on 1st-down D.
  • VeeTee is however a dysfu’nctional 1o4th best on 1st-down O| whereas GeeTee is 75th on 1st-down D!
  • GeeTee is a paltry looking 1o1st best on 3rd-down O | whereas VeeTee is (still) a salty looking 18th best on 3rd-down D!!!
  • VeeTee is a respectful 49th on 3rd-down O | whereas GeeTee is quad-from-last best 116th on 3rd-down D!
  • Lo.FM Analysis: well, tough to not type: “EDGE=VeeTee” here, so we won’t. We will have to wonder out loud… if O&M eggs and j.Ham is still cooking? Or Linkedin lookin’?

TTT (Time To Throw©)

  • The Jackets are a just decent enough 51st in TFL (Tackles for a Loss) allowed O | while the Hokies have (now) sagged all the way to a mere 88th in TFL inflicted!
  • The Hokies are an immodest 82nd in TFL allowed O | while the Jackets are a softie looking 112th best in TFL inflicted!?!
  • The Jackets are a nearly average 72nd best in sacks allowed O | while the Gobblers are a reasonable 48th in Qb sacking D.
  • The Gobbler are a dippy 82nd best in sacks allowed O | while the Jackets are a near-matching/canceling-effect at 89th in Qb sacking D.
  • TTT Analysis: well, same as above… tough not to type “EDGE=VeeTee.” And same as above… it’s not so much that VeeTee is doing so mo’, so much as it is that GT is doing, less.

3-game splits,

Also, although both teams are trending underwater, VeeTee swallowing mo’ Duck Pond water (124 ygp) than GeeTee is gulping ATL Aquarian aqua (87 ypg) of triune late. And even odder than that, GeeTee was at least showing a sign or two of dog-paddle struggle whereas VeeTee looked mo’ lame-duck, stuck. As the G.Tech O is the one trending most upwards of late; coming off of a season-best efforting.

On O the Fu’fense has moved via 6′ of a Δ (delta meaning: ‘change’ in the sciences recall) of late. The O&M D however has softened by ≅70 ypg, with most (∼86%) lilting on the ground game itself. The GT O has (somehow) bucked up by nearly 60 bonus ypg, with all of their positive offensive Δ coming from atmo’ or throw-fits airing-it-out. (wow! Eye did not expect this.) However, the GT D has mo’ than given all of that offense back, as the Jacket halt-unit has gone bottom-rack zoot-suit and got turned out for a whopping 140+ ypg to the totally ‘rong! More user-friendly in airwaves terms, tho’ the run-fill Δ has worsened as well. (Krazy!)

H/A splits:
Virtually the exact precise same as above… Fu’fesne has a 12′ visiting Δ. Although, j.Ham and Co. are about 14-yards better per road game than at home. On the other side, the Gah.Tech O moved by an unremarkable 6′ of a Delta @Home. Although, the GeeTee D does (somehow) improve by right at ≈40 fewer ypg allowed down in Hot’lanta! (Interesting…)

Our handy dandy friend, the so-called: Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is merely calling for a single-play Vomit, or for GeeTee to win by 6.

the call

Here in the sportlight… we see a spotlight that might as well be shining/baking right on through a magnifying glass at some po’ set of ants.

As one coach is on a warm seat and the other one is on a hot seat that is only going endothermic and gathering heat as I type.

As one set of coaching-kid-o’s is gonna gain a measure of lunchroom finally stood-up to the bully reprove, and the other set of coaching-kids is gonna wanna take a legit serious look at going, home; schooled. (…sadly enuff).

GeeTee Projected S&P+: 75th.
GeeTee Projected S&P wins: 5.8 W’s.



GeeTee has had 1st-half scoring ills under Collins for several seasons. However, this year they are 3Q decent and even 4Q better than that.

Meaning: Fu’ & Co. need to jump them and try to get rid of them before this bout enters the championship rounds… on the road.

12noon tip!

Because… The yell.Jackets have dropped 16 games over Collins’ two years. 14 were double-digit blowouts and one was to Citadel from the F.C.S. There has yet to be a win over a team that finished with a winning record, and counting the end of the Paul Johnson era, the program is on a rough 3-18 stretch coming into this year.

Now they enter this one on a 3-game L’ing schnide so let’s not do anything to help them up off the same.

  ♣  ♦ 

As someone is about to at least get their fingernails out in front of the proverbial corner for the first time in a while in this one. Whereas the other one will (unhappy ending) mani their pedi.

As this one is not the proverbial two ships passing in the night…

 So much as it is two harbor tugs sounding (collision) alarms.

••• ——— •••

The Closer

Well now… and to be fair… on paper, this favors a Tech VicTory.
In point of fact, our multi-decade equations (generally) equate to this… mostly.

Thingy is… this one is not gonna be played on paper, now is it?

It is however gonna be played 4o9-miles away, So.-by-So.West down in the ATL.

Down near The Omni of Dusty Rhodes fame.
Where d.Ainge bit another dood named: “Tree”.
Where our Sherriff will marshal and posse your… Lobo.

This muddle-huddles us anew…

…as we now thinks this one comes down to whichever one wants it mo’. We say this quantificially because if you combined these two teams you’d really only have, one {sic: team}.

…the O&M whispers say…

The kink being… both teams need this Dub-a-ewe.
Ergo, therefore, to Whit… one of these two sheep needs to go’on and ‘ram’ it home.

“@Home” being the key thing here gents. As Tech goes skeleton-key and unlocks one late here.

As in… some sorta bomb is due to go off here…
…the only calculus is… can it still be, defused?


As in, and least we forgets, Fu’ is 86-secs removed from being 6-1. Word up, today homie!

As time’s ahh wastin’!

Oh wait, Eye meant: resume, (the: verb)?


upset Index=51%


Virginia Tech=3o, Georgia Tech=24


Please support the VT F.C.A.!







COUNTRY >>> party!

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  1. Pass to Score and Run to win.
    Old school Fu-playbook.

    Being on the road this week is best medicine for the Hokies.

    The ATL is hoppin, & time for Turner & Robinson to be knockin’ that end zone, vertically.

    +1 for Fu for pulling the mental toughness ‘Coach be gone’ now play for yourself amd let’s the Dawgs out

    Mochas Gracias good read!!

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