Georgia Tech football preview!

#13o R.P.I. Virginia Tech vs. #63 R.P.I. Georgia Tech:

Today’s word of the day is… waistcoat.


noun. BRITISH.

  1. A vest, especially one worn by men over a shirt and under a jacket.
  2. A short suit custom -just got post-season eliminated- fitted for 1 of these 2 Tech’s come ~4 PM.

Georgia Tech Head CoachWilliam Geoffrey Collins: age=51 (1o–28 @ and 25–38 overall); has a rep’ for real slickster recruiting, and defense. And movement…

Collins was the big whistle… and then… he was gone…

Georgia Tech Head Coach: Donald Brent Key: age=44 (2-1 @G.Tech and overall); has a rep’ for blocking and run-fits along the front-line… recruiting… and not sure after that?

Donald Brent Key is currently the interim head coach, run game coordinator, and offensive line coach at his alma mater, Georgia Tech.

Key grew up in Trussville, Alabama, a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama. He attended and played football at Hewitt-Trussville High School. A Clay, Ala. native, Key, 44, was an all-state performer at Hewitt-Trussville H.S.  Key played on the oLine as a G1 at Georgia Tech, starting all four years. He was a team captain and all-A.c.c. performer as a senior and graduated from Tech in 2oo1 with a management degree., props.

While as an assistant coach at the University of Central Florida (UCF), Key was selected to be the heir apparent to George O’Leary following his retirement. Following the 2o13 season in which UCF won the Fiesta Bowl, Key reportedly declined the head coaching job at UAB to remain with the Knights.

Key play(s) 1o1…

Prior to being hired at Georgia Tech, Key was the offensive line coach at the University of Alabama for three seasons. Key was hired at Alabama on February 15, 2o16, replacing Mario Cristobal, who remained on staff as tight ends coach.

Before his time at Alabama, Key was the offensive coordinator, assistant head coach, offensive line coach, and recruiting coordinator for the UCF Knights. Key played under George O’Leary at Georgia Tech, where he later served as a graduate assistant before joining O’Leary at UCF. Key served as UCF’s recruiting coordinator beginning in 2oo7 along with being UCF’s Offensive Line Coach. After the 2o12 season, Key was promoted to assistant head coach and then to offensive coordinator following the 2o13 season.

Hard to get any traction on: are the G.T. suits considering Key or is he just the key-holder for Coach Next?

Mo’ wins would help understudy/audition though…

Poppa-Key and his wife, Danielle, have a daughter, Harper.

2021 record: 3 up 9 down and 2-6 in the A.c.c.

 Georgia Tech Defense: (starters back=2)

  • 4-2-Nickle.
  • 1o7th in Total D!
  • 11oth vs. the run!
  • 78th vs. the throw.
  • 45th in Pass Efficiency D.
  • 7 of 1o in dLine Havoc. Stud De1 extraordinaire… O.d.u. transfer baller Keion White, who recorded 19 T.F.L. (Tackles for Loss in 2o19 tho’ missed 2o21 because of an ankle injury is back (St.Philip bless). And he is a big ole build a dLline around get back to boot. Though as you will see below… De is pretty thin here. Damn near invisible (not named the reasonably handsome neon-Keion-White I mean). There’s size to rotate around on the interior of the line; maybe that will help keep the 2nd-layer duo, clean? They need to make a few things A and B-gap disruptive or northward happen from time to time as well. TFL (tackles for a loss) have upped this year so far. Upfront the Jacket dLine is young/inexperienced. 75% of sophomores start as 1’s here; they are medium-sized or on point. Keion White is a pretty fair-to-middling rush-End when he wants to be. File that one away as our pass-pro’ has been less than protective of late. 4, 3, 2… point stancing all works here. Not a dull dLine; starters are solid, the 2’s not so much.

    Ray ‘what the heck’ Beck. Stud Ng1, he looks it too, don’t he?
  • 8 outta 1o in Linebacking Havoc. Mac’ or MLb1, 232 lb., and well-seasoned senior year Ayinde Eley is a downright solid -if not pure- tackler in the middle of the linebacking corps. OLb1, Charlie Thomas; is back after leading the team with ten TFLs (tackles for loss). They need to be the veteran rocks in the kinda gravely looking 4-2-5 alignment. Thomas in particular is very pass-coverage savvy; has a nose for the aerial ball in point of fact. So, that’s 100% or two outta your starting two. Behind that is trickier, however, as in unknown. Tho’ if Eley and Thomas leave no (health) doubt, it should make no never mind. As they are (legit) quality; and the rest are quantity; if dat? One Lb1 is right-sized and the other one is Lb1a Lyte-sized. (Both are experienced, however). Same as Dline, there is a gap or drop from the 1’s to the 2’s, here. As in… the starting pair has combined for 152 tackles, 17.5 tackles for a loss, 4.5 sacks, four forced fumbles, four fumble recoveries, and an interception through eight games. Snap!
  • 7.5 from 1o in Secondary Havoc. Well… bring thy roster card here. As this one is 52-pick-up in the hind-4 Gah.Tech terms. As the Jacket secondary is getting instant help with corners Eric Reed from Auburn and Kenny Bennett from Maryland. Former Notre Dame safety transfer Derrick Allen and Michigan corner transfer Myles Sims need to rise up for a secondary. And that is a 2o21 GeeTee Secondary that generated a grand total of one of the defenses’ three interceptions. Think about that… and if you think about that long enuff you will know that that is 4th from last (in: opposing passes picked). Yikes again! As nearly all of their Top-5 secondary defenders were someone else’s primary secondary defenders somewhere else last, year! Good height courts here, a little light in the seat of the pants in the hind-5, however. LaMiles Brooks has been a sharp emergence for the Wreck. VERY quality natural cover-S1. Think Ken Easley, someone who just S1 home position ‘gets it’. Brooks may be a Sunday pro’. The rest are mixed to average to me in the film room. Tho’ they are vastly mo’ ball-hawking and play the same not the man in defensive backfield terms this term.

    GT base D: …variable Man near equal S depth.
  • D overall: (Film-Study): GeeTee has an odd-(almost)-stacked pure 5-Db base set. They will grenade an ILb on obvious rushing situations. They are (at times) available to catching blocks (at times) in the front-6 on run-fills. Ranking 4th from last in Standard Downs mighta been a clue here had Eye seen it sooner. Anywho… their tacking is not too bad, textbook if not real physical. Dline will shift E-W pre-snap; they kinda (early Foster) leave very wide Gaps along the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) daring you to try them. Seemed very wide-side conscientious to me, wanting the boundary to be the short-side 12th defender. Did offer a few forty-two looks (including 4-point-stancing) in obvious run-downs. #1 is a hitter downfield. Seemed smaller in parts than their listed metrics suggests to me upon breaking tape. Like to see someone physically try them good-n-hard beyond the point of attack. Duke got them G-c-G wedge-play a couple of times just like dis. D will Cb-blitz short-side. They are not overly complex behind that, sitting in a Cover-2 that is not especially super-strong. Seems to want to keep things in front of it and make you convert longer/slower drives. D will play LOS (line-of-scrimmage) heavy in modified 7-man short-yardage fronts… k.Smith play-action long jumps to mind here. Did like #88, that is a swamp-donkey mode of a Dt/De-hybrid when he is rested. Zeek, BIGGERS. LOL… yah, no (bleep) on dat. However, the one thingy that was a Jacket short-sleeve bugbear was assignments. Or, the blowing of the same… GeeTee is available to some schematic gaffs or Y.A.C.’ing it up pun/play on words intended, at least at times.
  • ∑ (summary): returning D production=54% (11oth). Ayinde Eley is your conflict defender here. He is on-trend as the term disruptor goes itself. This #2 uniformed baller is no.1, here. Last year GeeTee’s D was: It was 11th best (overall, Total D), in the A.c.c. As it could not hold up against the run, and it was dead last in America in pass-efficiency defense. That is 13oth best just in case you were keeping 2o21 score @home. Additionally, it prolly won’t help when you depart your top tackler Lb1, Quez Jackson; and S1, Juanyeh Thomas to the No Fun League. And then depart your best bookends— Jordan Dominick to Arkansas and Jared Ivey to Ole Miss. Yikes and dang, alike. Further, Georgia Tech forced multiple turnovers three times last year. It forced three takeaways against Kennesaw State, North Carolina, and Miami –that’s code for: two of the three wins on the year– and just four takeaways in the other nine games! Yikes, sum mo’.

Defensive letter-grade:

Wrambling Wreck Offense: (returning starters=3)

  • 119th in Total O!!
  • 97th in ground O.
  • 117th in aerial O!!
  • 118th in Passing Efficiency O!!
  • O overall: Qb1: Jeff “give em game” Sims (foot sprain, St.Sebastian bless; game-time decision; tho’ said to be closer to PROBABLE, now) is a really cocksure guy upon breaking tape. He carries a high-handed selfie look to be sure. Confidence will not ever be an issue for this one. 6′3″, 210 lb., double t-Soph. year Qb1. He has improved his even passing ratio (13:13) upwards to being nearly 2:1 to the good this year. That said… not many t-Fresh. (Last year) nugget or rookie-year guys win All-A.c.c. Rookie of the Week, thrice! So, when he gets it going it can and will go pretty far for GeeTee. As j.Sims was a four-star (****), Elite-11, and 6th ranked dual-threat Qb in America per Rivals with good reason(s). On top of that, Mister Sims was rated the 14th best GeeTee recruit, ever! As in… all-time. The squirrely part is he did not have a scholastic rep’ for chucking Picks. (Averaged a mere 3/year). So, he got a bit of youth movement full of himself and at times played outside the same @GeeTee. Think of Jay as mo’ of a pure scorer in hoops terms. A pigskin Bernard King of NY.Knicks yesteryear fame. He is a dual-threat playmaker who makes plays. (Whispers say he has been dinged up of late… although gaining his health back as well). Tho’ there are signs of all those handsome athletics, his Comp-% is up by seven percent. His INTs are down by a factor of 260%. Does have a wide set-up base that expenses him height/sight. Does have a history of plant or orthodox-right-leg dings (Godspeed). “I’m betting on myself then I completely double down.” His very own words on himself last Spring. Very image conscience guy, the: Andre Agassi of the A.c.c. And he must be doing sompthin’ right… what with his N.I.L. to pimp: @mercedesbenzusa! (They gave him an e-Benz!) So, there is that… and yet there are also his two 40% passing days this year that have not (yet) gotten fully 2o2o, 2o21, or even 2o22 ironed out. Likewise, his testing metrics are pretty middled. Seems to have mo’ game-speed then they showcase/stopwatch, however. Has been up-n-down all year long. The up version (RTG=139 points on average) will prolly beat us. The down version (RTG=85 points) is far more available. Additionally, Sims is  +7% better passing @home than @away; and this game is in Lane. Although, he is also a gamer: as his 2nd-half throwing throws go up by +4% compared to the 1st. And, his 4Q passing is his best by far, at virtually 2 outta 3 (68%) with an appointed perfect (zero INT’s 4Q chucked in 1.5 seasons) ratio! As this kid goes Cassanova and gets stronger as the nite grows, longer. Making Sims a very alluring 2024 check-in. Seemed smaller than listed to me upon breaking tape… tho’ has very decent ‘touch’ to be an ATH playing Qb1. Though he has a tendency to result in a lotta dings (if not dents) in-year. Did Eye mention the dings/dents, yet? That never helped any Qb1, anything. Finally, he is nearly NOT rushing at all in the 4Q this season thus far… with only .o43o% of his rushing yards accrued in a final 15-minutes basis. WILD, ain’t it?

    Legit triple-threat (Punt, Pass, Run) Qb1, Billy Lothridge with Coach Bobby Dodd!
  • Playing Qb2 would be: Jordan Yates …or… Akron transfer Zach Gibson. Who was actually highly accurate (7o%) in his five starts last season, is good enough to beat him out. Former Clemson signal-caller Taisun Phommachanh also joined the team after spring practice. Sims enters as the favorite because of his size, experience, and dual-threat potential but has been prone to indecision and mistakes, with 20 interceptions in 18 career games. Yikes!
  • Rb(s): stud-recruit and seemingly Rb1: Jahmyr Gibbs is now rolling with the Tuscaloosa Tide. Likewise seemingly Rb1a: Jordan Mason is now rolling for the 49’ers out in the Bay area. This leaves ’21 Rb3: Dontae Smith, and both Qb1’s who gained you a quite reasonable near +5oo yards rushing on the ground; good enuff for 36-points last year. Still yet… replacing last season’s Gibbs; who merely and rather quietly finished No. 3 in the nation in all-purpose yards with 1,8o5 is a big ask. k.Kong-sized at that. He good, prolly ‘Bama very. Now we see… incoming: Hassan Hall from Louisville (7.2 ypc on 38 attempts) and Dylan McDuffie from Buffalo (1,o49 rushing yards and 11 TDs). Seems helpful to a point. So ’22 far, Hall has done just enough and Rb3 Dontae Smith has surprised a little bit. Both guys have mo’ than 110v juice and can break longer plays, and Smitty has a nose for the endzone on top of that. (Tho’ both guys are modestly scaled or sized).
  • Wr’s/Te1: …kinda starting Wr2: Kyric McGowan is now a Redskin. Kinda Wr1: Malachi Carter (2o21: 37 snags for 489 yards) is the leading grab-gang returnee. Bucket-headed: Adonicas Sanders is back at Wideout and clean-cut Dylan Leonard is back at Te1. Although, gone is their #2 catcher or their #1 Rb1 -the aforementioned- Jahmyr Gibbs. As Gibby really contributed downfield outta the backfield via the ATL airwaves in ’21. X-Wr1: Malachi Carter is prolly your best hope here. Leading receiver Carter is a fringe pro prospect who the whispers say needs to be used more. Te1, Dylan Leonard is a decent wannabe Ot3, and a bit less than that in the aerial game. And the GeeTee aerial sets are a bit mo’ medium (in throw-point depth downfield) now than before. So, how this shakes out remains to be seen or proven to me. Malik Rutherford and Kalani Norris are also in the wide-open Wideout mix. Kalani Norris in particular is a promising deep threat, and there actually is speed at Wr on tape here. Can they catch up to the rest of receiving itself? This Eye do not know… E.J. Jenkins is A Man Called Horse: at: 6′7″ 243 lbs.! The rest are mediumcase. Tho’ E.J. states his downfield case (16.1 ypc for 18-points) pretty well.

    GT base O ’22: …’gun and Halfback 2 to 4 wide at times.
  • oLine: (from Rb above) … Dontae Smith and Louisville transfer Hassan Hall are both in the mix to start at running back, and yet neither Rb(n)One has seized control of the position. Plus, Georgia Tech must replace three starting offensive linemen— thus, making the task of establishing the run that much more challenging. And that is where we are here. Besides 6′6″, 333-pound right-Ot1 Jordan Williams, who looked like a potential star last season, this is an inexperienced unit that needs immediate production from Alabama transfer Pierce Quick, who could slide into the blind or left-Ot position, and Clemson transfer Paul Tchio, who could start at right-G. Corey Robinson is a potential Ot2 from Kansas. Do you see an incoming or transference pattern, here? ’cause I guess if they come together and gel quickly, and remain healthy, the Top-5 is not the worst. Behind them, however, depth is wanting if not lacking itself. (Finally, recall Collins’ oLine’s have not been real stout vs. TLF (tackles for a loss) allowed metrics). 100% underclassmen man the frontline as 1’s here. So, this is a 2o24 move to be sure. They are reasonable in their weigh-in metrics. Although, this is not a good O-line. Not at all. Bottom 2’ish in the A.c.c. or not better than the bottom 3. I suppose the even or right side might be a little less worse on tape? Tho’ that is a very relative statement here. We need to outright win -if not throttle- this match-up up-front.
  • ∑ (summary): returning O production=58% (88th). My spies say that… Sims took snaps from under center during the spring, and there is an expected emphasis on the run given Long’s background. Sims has shown flashes of potential over the course of his career, and yet never the consistency the position demands. Perhaps a change at coordinator, along with Chris Weinke taking over as quarterbacks coach, will help? Perhaps it {sic: Collins Cent-21} will not? Tho’ Sims is kinda their Ike Whitaker of sorts, albeit sorting it out, out in front of everyone to see. My spies also said: less shotgun, mo’ 2-Te’s, and a mo’ “aggressive” scheme. Which seems mo’ parts: ‘desperate’ as anything else to me. (Film-Study): Still some embedded Option traits to be found here upon breaking tape. GeeTee will play-action off of (possible) R.P.O. looks and pick-n-pop shorter to medium things downfield. Or, run a crossing version of the option itself. Sims is quality on that optioning part to be sure. He is not as Flexible as the Flex (or passing) goes in old P.J. Flex-Bone terms. Still misses his share of throws (long or too much mustard). Make no misQ, Sims is the straw that stirs the drink here… his play-faking is good, and he is very comfortable in the Spread/’gun set when working the R.P.O. He is not a pure passer, so, you must trap him in long down-n-distance scenarios and force him to (try) to be a pocket guy. Pretty nice rushing Qb1, maybe a near great rushing Qb1. Has some physicality to him at times plus some moves. Harkens to Joshua Nesbitt with mo’ swivel in his office chair. You let this guy get northward and G.Tech has a chance to Wreck {sic: you}. Again, not a pocket-pro’ guy, does not sense backside pressure well, not a very accurate guy or pure-passer. Slick even a bit strong ATH (athlete) playing a good version of Qb1 when the run is on the table. ’cause although Paul Johnson may be gone… he’s still here with Sims running the show. Including Qb-leads/keeper and so forth. Sims does thespian or acts well on play-fakes, did fake out the Duke camera guy a couple of times. They will sweep (Wr or whomever) and roll off-Ot. Although this is NOT a very manly o-Lline. Dinty Moore beef stew is not their thang; not very physical. Kinda vegan. Do we have anyone to whoop their azz, however? Did like the #4 Rb (Smith); he really adds slickness itself to the already semi-slick Sims. Nice dip moves from Smitty to boot. And Sims is one of the few legit Leadership the nebulous Orion concept Qb1 I have seen on film in a spell. He will plum ‘git after’ his teammates if need(s) bees. Eye confess, I kinda like this Sims Qb1.
  • 53% run:pass 47% mix. ??? is your secret sauce offender here. Eye do not see one… as E.J. stands out too much to miss. That being said, ball-carrier via committee might be your secret(s) sauce(s) offenders here. As these Jacket ‘backs have already busted six, that’s (6) combined jaunts north of 44-yards on the season to date. They get free and break contain and they have the T&F mechanics to house a run or three on you. (NOTE: including Wr1, Nate McCollum; who has made sharp work of the few carries he achieves this year (10.3 ypg)! To put that into further perspective for you? Gah.Tech has one, that’s (1) snag from their catch-crew north of even 38-yards! As in…, you’d better mind the chunk yardage rushing store here.

Offensive letter-grade:

y.Jackets Special Teams: (both return)

Georgia Tech is 96th best in Net Punting and incoincidentally enough, so is P1: David Shanahan. Or they were last year. This year they are perfectly dead-last at 131st best in Net Punting! Davy by way of bonnie ole Ireland, where he played Gaelic football— must merely replace last season’s Ray Guy Award winner (Pressley Harvin III). That is all… no biggie there, right? As this 6′, 190 lb. nugget or rookie-year voter hails from: Castleisland, County Kerry, Ireland. Where he attended: St.Patrick High School! No bleep… and may St.Patty bonne bless! Davy was rated as a three-star prospect by 247Sports and ESPN. Where he was a versatile athlete who played: Gaelic football, rugby, and basketball in his native County Kerry, Ireland. Dang… He also was a member of Kerry U17 Gaelic football “panel” that won the 2o17 Munster championship (Gaelic football’s national title) at the U17 level. Shanahan attended the venerable Prokick Australia in Melbourne “down under”. A place where you bet the over on kids going American football. As this kicking academy has produced six of the past seven Ray Guy Award winners and four current National Football League punters. That counts. Davy continued to hone his punting skills during the cv19 pandemic by punting in solitude on his uncle’s dairy farm in southwest Ireland. Moooooo-ve over Raymond Guy, a frenchy o-2 in WW’s name, rights? Almost 44-yard average with a 70+ leg does count. So, you gotta wonder what is punt game up here? Or, you could just read the turnstile blocked-punts allowed metric below… wow/unreal!

  • 25th in Punt Returns | 32nd in KO returns. (Tight hidden yardage efforting returns here).
  • 125th in punt coverage | and 75th in suicide-squad.
  • GeeTee has blocked 3 kicks and allowed 4, (that’s: four) kicks to be blocked!!!
  • GeeTee has blocked 1 punt and allowed 4, (that’s: four) punts to be blocked!!!
  • GeeTee will use trickeration, their Lb’s (yes, Linebackers) throw fake punt/kick passes.

K1a, Gavin Stewart has (seemingly) kicked K1b, Jude Kelley to the benching curb. I presume?

As Stewy is 9 of 9 on F.G.A.’s thus midway takeover far. With NO blocks. Whereas poor Kelley was 2 fo’ 4 with 100%, blocks! WOW. Never read that one ever before=me. And prolly you, too. That Baltic Avenue attempt at alliteration aside… Stewy may or may not have a bionic leg, as he only has one make and one attempt north of 37-yards and it was only 40-yards itself. So, go ahead and expect some going for it on 4th as you might not be in love with a short punt here. The nutty part is… Stewy is only 80% on his P.A.T.’s and you can suddenly sees why this G.Tech leg game is very much technically challenged thus far in ’22. Gavin does field a very red carrot top, so, there is that. And Kelley has made out to 50-yards for his career. So, maybe you would see him on a needed longer F.G.A. still yet? Gavin was a pretty fair-to-middling H.S. Wr1, hence the #88. So, trickeration has to be in play somewhere here. His big bro’ was a pretty good Wr for the Jackets prior to his arrival as well. Two-time member of A.c.c. academic honor roll never hurt anything. And apparently, Stewart entertained: futball (soccer), tennis, and football offers alike in his triune scholastic sporting recruitment phase. Eye’d have to say that counts too. As does his legit 4.55 forty time. As does his discipline per Benedictine Military Academy.

Special Teams letter grade:
Block party 1-o-none ruins everything else here… tho’ the new K1 is seemingly a noticeable upgrade. Hence a reasonable C+++. (Which could/should be higher by at least a ½ a letter grade if
the newbie K1 toes the line).

NOTICE: …lotta fiery colours here… and very little Experience. Yikes!

BONUS: (Readers note):

…so, Eye track 46 traditional team metrics per opponent per week. 16 times in 2o21 GeeTee ranked a centennial (1ooth outta 13o D-1 teams) or worse. In 2o22 GeeTee ranks centennial (1ooth outta 13o D-1 teams) or worse 22 freakin’ times!

…that is not good; JIC you did not know.
Nor is having 17-transfers and 15-recruits listed in your 3-deep.
Nor is having only five, that’s (5) guys back with ≥4oo snaps from last year!

Unit Rankings:

  1. VT D.
  2. …slight gap…
  3. GT D, GT O, VT O. (nearly all tied).


  • motive: …hard to say… both teams need this win like a dead man needs a coffin. EDGE=push. Although, one Coach (GeeTee’s) is coaching as if his ATL mailing addy depends on it. EDGE might just=G.Tech for it.
  • weather: …favors the better dLine and/or oLine here— is that actually VeeTee via default? Or, you could say it hurts the better passer, which is not Sims. EDGE=???
  • health/off-field: VeeTee’s injury report is nearly ≅35o% loooonger than GeeTee’s. Yikes! EDGE=G.Tech (in particular if Sims is good to go solo).
  • penalties: …yet again and both teams are trading underwater here. Tho’ the Jackets have been a little tighter of late. EDGE=G.Tech (small).
  • intangibles: Being well above 40% on third down conversions was the norm under Johnson, yet Georgia Tech has failed to get there in two of the last three seasons. Under 36% nearly for the duration if you are keeping chain-gang score at home. And guess what your R&R lacking defense late in games after that? Red Zone TDs: Opponents (61%) – Georgia Tech (49%). That’s not A.B.C. or always be, closing; is it? Nor is… Interceptions: Opponents 10 (returned for 154 yards) – Georgia Tech 3 for six yards. wowow! Tho’ that was last year…
    …this year and (somehow) G.Tech is 3rd best in all-important Turnover Margin and just a little worse in TOP (time of possession) than we are. EDGE=G.Tech by quite a dang ’22 bit too.
  • fatigue: Due to very quirky docketing… the Hokies are actually up +7 on R&R in the last fortnight of play (nearly) itself. EDGE=home team tucked in their home, beds.

Lord Haw-Haw …or… Tokyo Rose?
…inpowerHERment 1o1.

Did not see any, g/f’s.


R.A.T.T.: ...which Tech does what(s), here???

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Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Jackets who could suit up @Tech=1o

the takeaway:

July odds…

ESPN’s SP+ RK opened the season giving Georgia Tech 4% Bowl Odds for 2o22.

That is four (or 4) in 1oo folks.

That’s; not, good.

And neither is Georgia Tech.

Check it… now, and it is perfectly true, that: Collins was always going to need some time to craft a more modern program. Nonetheless, three years in, he had a record of: 1o up against 28 down. (Or: .263). And after jumping from 111th to 75th in his second season, his Jackets stumbled back to 96th in 2021 SP+ and foregone a majority of their most talented players to either graduation or the transfer portal. His fourth Tech team currently ranks 118th in returning production rankings; only five returnees took more than 400 snaps in a Tech uniform last year —three on offense and two on defense.

There is just as much turnover on staff, where Collins brought in six new assistants, including former Notre Dame and Tulane offensive coordinator Chip Long. Coach Col’ also went calling and dipped heavily into the portal, focusing on the secondary (five newcomers), offensive line (four), and skill corps (four). Plus, he brought in a pair of quarterbacks — Akron’s Zach Gibson and Clemson’s Taisun Phommachanh — to battle Jeff Sims for the starting job.

That is not jus’ being in flux itself, this is… fluxed, up.

…you do the maths!


xxx’s & ooo’s

November odds…

formulae here favors: (no one!)

…where you stand is where you, sit.

Last week’s 41-16 L at Florida State was a humbling reality check. On a day when the Yellow Jackets’ defense surrendered 642 yards, their offense gained only 24-yards in the first half.

The other Tech (Vah.Tech) only gained 9-yards in the 4Q down at Raleigh when penalty yards are taken into account.

Again, …you do the maths.

Game Ball or mag·num o·pus:
…peeps who do not, watch?


  1. Δ1=33.33% Tech wins.
  2. Δ2=33.33% Tech wins.
  3. Δ3=33.34% Nobody wins. At least not in regulation.

#ChallangeA.c.c.epted… there are 1,440 minutes in a day and yet again, we gotta play 100% of ’em to win here. 60-minute men like Ric Flair in The Omni way way back when.

the optics...

GeeTee has tallied three straight three-win seasons under head coach Geoff Collins.

Even worse than the lack of wins is the lack of competitive performances. Since the last year of the Paul Johnson era in 2o18, 22 of the last 29L’s were by double digits! Yikes! Ouch too!

Closing out last season by L’ing to Notre Dame and Georgia by a combined score of 100-o did not help.

…or in other words… they already know how to (conditionally) lay, down.
…so why help them, up?

the skinny...

…the coaching sewing circles said the sharks were circling the no longer chummy or pro-Collins waters down at the ATL’s blue-water Georgia Aquarium.

…and frankly (foreshadowing intended), that kinda sucks.
’cause -same as po’ Fu’- if not for bad luck Collins would have had NO luck at all.

…albeit, worse.

May St.Adam and St.Eve bless, tho’ this guy has a serious snakebit rep’ in the sewing circles,
pardon the pun(s).

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©)

  • G.Tech is a lowly 119th best in 1st down O inflicted | whereas V.Tech is a reasonable 58th best in 1st down D allowed.
  • V.Tech is a lowly 115th best in 1st down O inflicted | whereas G.Tech is a nearly puny looking 121st best in 1st down D allowed.
  • G.Tech is a paltry 123rd best in 3rd down O inflicted | whereas V.Tech is a sanguine looking 26th best in 3rd down D inflicted!
  • V.Tech is a near softie 118th best 3rd down O inflicted | whereas G.Tech is a surprisingly centrist 64th best in 3rd down D allowed.

Lo.FM Analysis:
Well, clearly the VeeTee defense *should* enjoy an advantage on Saturday afternoon. The only maker for GeeTee was their decent enuff 3rd-down D. Still yet, you gotta pin the tail on the Hokiebird and Pry’s D to hopefully make the GeeTee O chase the sticks. EDGE=Vah.Tech D. (Tho’ not O).

TTT (Time To Throw©)

  • The Wreck is an available 126th best in TFL (tackles for a loss) allowed O | whilst the Hokies are a downright northward 25th best in TFL-inflicted D!
  • The Hokies are a middleocore 61st best in TFL allowed O | whilst the Wreck is a nearly matched 26th best in TFL inflicted D.
  • The Wreck is a near sieve looking 123rd best in sacks allowed O | whilst the Hokies are a little below average at 85th best in sacks inflicted D.
  • The Hokies have sagged here of late, and are now a porous 91st best in sacks allowed O | whilst the Wreck is a near average 76th best in sacks inflicted D.

TTT Analysis:
Well, the edge is best found in saying TTT favors both D’s in this one here. As both oLines are circuitous at best in TFL and sacks-allowed upfront. EDGE=the Ds, plural— tho’ I’ll choose V.P.I. by a scosche if forced to team name drop or select.

3-game splits…

The G.Tech O has shed ~20-ypg lately, nearly all of it on reduced run-shapes from their O. The V.Tech O -as Eye in the Sky hit- is only down 6′ of Total O in their last three. Nearly 4th law of Newtonian Mechanics or… ‘stuck’ as Dr. Broderick put it to me. On D G.Tech is likewise right at ~20-ypg worse of late. Neither is a major mover, tho’ both are in regress not progress itself. The Hokie halt-unit however, is vastly mo’ user-friendly of late. Worsening by ≅90-ypg softer in their last 3-games. Both run-fills and pass-shapes are down 40-something ypg alike. That’s not good… and that Edges this recent playmaker into a G.Tech checkmark all by its ownself.

H/A splits…

(Surprisingly enuff) … the Jacket O suits up by a bonus near 50-ypg to the better out on the road. A little better on the ground tho’ even mo’ better threw the air. The Gobblers O only negates by 10-ypg thinner @home or about a 1st-down. Not much movement to be found here for Bowen/Glenn & Co. on Lane Offense. The Jacket D however does short-suit itself in flood-watchers via allowing a bonus near 40 extra ypg on the ground in your house. They are worse on D as the visitor.  The good O&M news is that the Gobbler D does defend better on Worsham Field. Per ≈50-ypg less allowed @home. Moreso on run-fills ‘getting after you’ in Blacksburg, Va. That Edges this one into the Hokies’ modest favor, after the canceling effect of the GT O vis-à-vis the VT D.

Forum Guide…

Our handy dandy friend, the so-called: Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is merely a whopping 21-point VomiT in this one round-robin style here. So, I ran the total yardage marker(s) and that was nearly mutually calling for a 17-point Tech Triumph for the other Tech. Hope that is ‘rong, tho’ that is a pretty reasonable correlation as Venn Diagrams go.

the call...

…tough one to split hairs on and truly outright with authority call.

Tho’ Gah.Tech’s Qb1 being back and Vah.Tech’s Rb1 being out could be a clue…

…as you could do worse than to author just pick the skill-position less salubrious squadron here.

the sportlight...

…here in the sportlight, we find that this one will prolly not be easy on the eye(s).

This seems to hint that one of these two is ready to go’on and tap, give-in or give-up. If either one can only land a haymaker or two early on, this one could get away from the other one.

As methinks you could argue that each club is looking for a way out…

One way or the Technetronic, other.

G.Tech Projected S&P+: 99th.
G.Tech Projected S&P wins: 3.75 W’s.


The closer…

Coach Collins is pretty much mired in his fourth-year no.1
And it is gonna take something pretty year four big to not be one-n-done.
LOL… that was my opening to the closer a few months back… and St.Xenia bless coach Collins now.

…what a: ‘waist’ or waste… Godspeed @Colins.


Now, however, Tech wins here.

I hereby gar-ron-damn-tee it!
Or I will eat these very words on some Alternate Galaxy TSL Podcast.
(Clever ain’t, Eye?)


Which Tech however a harder discern…
…because if you combined these two Tech’s you would almost have one full coating of Tech’.

My phobia however is, sans Rb1 Thomas, VeeTee's O is obvious to coach against.

Nevertheless, right here right now… showdown ethos 1o1.

Someone’s post-season odds live to fight another day and someone’s post-season odds run away.

Fish or get off the pot Prybar Techmen!

Do not wanna hear/read no mo’ on {sic: still} buying in.
Want to see me an affirmed BUY, not rent, not hold… not nuttin’ else.
As we gotta play like we’re the 3rd Turkey in line to get on the ark.



upset Index=49%


Virginia Tech=2o, Georgia Tech=26 (OT).


Please support the VT F.C.A.!





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