Georgia Tech football preview

#16 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #47 R.P.I.  Georgia Tech:

Virginia Tech football returns home, for a few drowsy days after Planes, Trains and Automobile “those aren’t pillows…” nighttime of a trip home ¯and oh yes, we came home with an L to boot. And then it is life back out on the road for three out our final-four regular season games .

The Hokies need some applied sports psych mental amphetamines here like a dead man needs a coffin. As early practice reports were restricted as Chi or energy went. As this game would be a great place for an opening onside kick, a crackback hit or a HR throw that actually hits. If not, it is not elastic at all to introduce you to our word of the week…

Today’s word of the day is… somnolent.


adjective, (Latin)

  1. causing or suggestive of drowsiness.
  2. Icky Crane in a certain Hollow.
  3. Coach God Himself in a rocking, boat.
  4. Virginia Tech football waking up very Saturday morning early in the ATL?

Georgia Tech Head Coach: Paul Clayton Johnson age=6o, (4-4 year; 181-91 overall); has a rep’ for Flex-Bone option offense extraordinaire; easily the Grand poobah of the same.
$3,020,000,oo per

Paul Johnson the baller does not exist; as he is one of the very very few to big whistle a game that he never; played!

Paul earned his Bachelor of Science degree in physical education from Western Carolina University in 1979. He also earned a master of science in health and physical education from Appalachian State University in 1982

P.J. is a lot of things, among them he is a FlexBone been there, done that, doing it again tomorrow wizard of ground assault if you will. Accordingly, one could dare say he is the Gen. Rommel of college football from his U.S. Naval Academy to Georgia Southern to Georgia Tech days. And despite his throwback version of non TV or facebook savvy modern era ball; he’s done pretty well for it by-the-bye.

As Johnson’s Georgia Southern won back-to-back NCAA Division I-AA Football Championships in 1999 and 2ooo. Paul Johnson has the fifth most wins of any active coach in D-1 College football. P.J. is a six time conference titlist; a three time A.c.c. Coach of the Year and a once National Coach of the Year (2oo4) award winner.

Johnson met his wife, Susan (Propst), when both were students at Western Carolina University, and they married in 198o. They are the parents of a daughter, Kaitlyn.

Jacket 2016 record: 9 up 4 down and .5oo in the A.c.c.

Georgia Tech Defense: (starters back=9)

  • 28th in Total D.
  • 26th vs. the run.
  • 46th vs. the throw.
  • 8th best in 3rd-down D.
  • 8th best in 1st-down D.
  • 129th best in zone D! (dead, freakin’, last!)
  • 86th in Qb’s sacked | 115th in Tackles for a Loss (TFL) inflicted.
  • 43rd in dLine Havoc. Only one starter returned here from an okay enough though not very sacking Dline last year. Senior De KeShun Freeman is as close to an explosive play-maker as the GT front-4 has. While Jr. De Anree Saint-Amour and Sr. Dt Antonio Simmons are adequate or thereabouts.
  • 123 in Linebacking Havoc. And this makes perfect sense with three of you second layer two-deep have missed games plural apiece this campaign. Lb Brant Mitchell is the best of a semi-weak spot bunch. Though there are several dings and dents in play here.
  • 86th in Secondary Havoc. Plays a bit more than man and less the ball here; don’t see this much often any more either. Though make no mistake, even if they don’t make a metric ton of big plays they make a lotta plays as four of the top-5 secondary guys enjoy a whopping 62 to 75% success rate! Never seen that many that high in the hind-4 (or hind-5) before. As there are nearly literally a handful of all-A.c.c. honorable mention (or better) guys here. Or to put it another way, a whole lotta B+++ caliber guys even if there is not quite a A+++ Don Patterson or Ken Swilling in the works. Cb Lance Austin (2nd in A.c.c. in fewest ypc allowed!), S Corey Griffin, S A.J. Gray and Nickel-Db Lawrence Austin (twins who got after us last year); may want a group-think word with that; as all eight from 2o16 are back. Gray (leg) is “questionable” however.
  • One of the few remaining read-n-react sets on the Power Conference B.c.s. big board. A Mary Poppins or umbrella set that keeps everything in front of them and forces you to out-man them and beat them repeatedly down the field. A chaste defensive set that is risk adverse every bit as much as they don’t beat, themselves.
  • To some extent, the GT halt-unit metrics are a bit skewed via facing fewer raw opposing offensive plays thanks to the effusive GT offensive TOP clock eating advantage; just so you know. This D really middle-zone clogs the center of the field and tires to use each boundary as a 12th defender or funneling/spilling conscript. Secondary will go for the strip of the football, coach Z and Wiggins beware. Whole GT defensive set looks deeper than most. Like everyone cheats a yard or several deeper off the line-of-scrimmage than a normal second-layer (Lb’s) or hind-4 depth. Ergo, lotta softer man and medium man with two deeper S’s sets in play here. D will cheat the Sam (Lb) up and deal him hot off the edge on occasion. Though a pretty stand-up set by modern era terms. Tough to get behind for deeps; although not the worst Fu’fensive match-up with all this off to medium sagging on paper.

Defensive letter-grade:

Wrambling Wreck Offense: (returning starters=9)

  • 52 in Total O.
  • 3rd in ground O.
  • penultimate 128th best in aerial O.
  • 23rd in third-down O.
  • 3rd best in yards per completion (19).
  • Likewise 3rd best Passing IsoPPP (i.e. what passes they catch go long).
  • 88th in sacks allowed | 83rd in TFL allowed.
  • 31st in efficiency overall.
  • 13th (or best we will see) in Power Rushing!
  • 9th best in run stuff(ed) rate.
  • 65th in ease of tackling or centrist, mean, median, mode.
  • Qb or not to Qb… that has been the campus question here since a 40 passing TD and 20 rushing Qb just, left.
    Enter a 5′10″ (if he is that); 185 lb. third year Qb, who was a former A-back (Halfback ) due to his raw speed, one TaQuon Marshall. Who is a lotta things, a pretty good Option pivot with a 41% throw game and a backbreaking nine, (that’s, (9)) fumbles being among ’em! Big big or right sized is not among ’em however and although his 6:2 or really 3:1 passing ratio actually does mathematically check out, his 17.3% sack rate does not. As that’s the highest (or worst) I’ve seen in many a season. The back-up Qb (Matty Jordan) is dinged up as well (foot in spring | knee now), and you never know when you have to Nesbitt your back-up Qb in any high contact Option based set.  (Godspeed).
  • Bback KirVonte Benson is a sawed off true wanger of a Fb if there ever was one. 5’8”, 219 lbs. of don’t give a bleep says so! As this plucky spark-plug headbanger is on his way to a 1,000 yard season which is less than easy in a hit every single play Option offense. Much less when you’ve missed nearly two games this campaign.

    minime under C; bunch Flex set:
  • Aback Qua Searcy has a opportunity rate 18% in excess of the GT Qb or Fb and that tells you who is the truest play-maker here. Except he does not get the ball all that much; as this is a hording Belly-Play (Qb + Fb initial mesh) option set if there ever was one. Qua is said to be more parts Wr playing Halfback, and he has fielded a handsome enough dual-threat (catch + run) element going all the way back to high school. Though this r-Jr. also has a history of dings/dent and outright hurts dating back to the same (God Bless). Clinton Lynch (2016, 11.2 yards per carry) and J.J. Green have been change of direction disappointments at Aback here.
  • Gone (kicked off) is stud Hb/Wb or what P.J. calls Aback Dedrick Mills. As this was a 1k kick to the curb as likely 2017 rushing yardage went. A very credible Halfback and the third-Option itself all multiple athletic department principle’s office (“undisclosed”) visitations gone. Mills was said by most to be one of the best A.c.c. Rb’s as a speed and power blend go, though he’s now clicking his heels  “in Kansas” at some community college. (Godspeed).
  • Worst, Catch-Rate(s), I’ve ever seen! No (bleep)! Entire team is 50% or less on catching the oblong spheroid itself! Every single guy in the G.Tech Top-11 pass catchers is 50% or worse! I’d call this Jr. High though that’s not fair to at least some Jr. Highs anywhere; as a ton of experience did return in the Jacket pass catching corps. Go fig’ here?
  • The GT oLine was gelling with three talented freshmen finally finding their way in the second half of last season. That however was two injuries ago as this was a top-half of the A.c.c. oLine now gone Atlantic Coast Mendoza line or less. Still see the double-handed “hike” from C; which does nothing to help pass-protect. Not sure I saw as much chopping here; nevertheless, there is plenty to keep Paul Bunyan and his blue-ox happy.
  • Saw me a lotta Qb-keepers as Marshall does have 13 scores on the ground. Lotta sneaks, and this is a four down run set. i.e. 4th-n-short in favorable field position and GT will go for it more often than others. And in addition to the base six plays (Belly, pitch/keeper, and the second pitch/keeper) to either side… there is clearly more of a countering action to his O this year. Lotta Qb crossbuck bootleg works away from the traditional first or second option run shape. i.e. Marshall going the opposite way after the belly or 2nd-option to the Hb. P.J. even pulls two oLinemen as a run-fake L or R and rolls Marshall behind that the opposite way. Looks like this sly old dog has taught himself a few new tricks. As this personal protector on a pulling pass-block went outta style with Norm Van Brocklin and Co. way back when. And do make note… Qb Marshall -who can ran pretty well- has not enjoyed a passing day >45% since, September!
  • 85% run:pass 15% mix.

Offensive letter-grade:

Jacket Special Teams: (0 return)
41st in Net Punting. Pressley Harvin III was one of the highest-rated punters in the 2017 class as it looks like the Wreck has found themselves two serious keeper legs here. Though Pressley is not your typical fondue party guzzling specialists who is well, special –as this 6′ 244 lb. P looks more parts Te or Aback or Lb to me. A 3.8 G.PA. does not suck; nor does being ranked no less than the 4th best P in America by any recruiting service; and nor did being all-state as a (hammer) thrower in T&F. So a fake is in play here; as this mechanical engineering major who earned first seat in two different bands is about as all-round talented as they gets. And he looks just a bit like a Joe Frazier or anything not named P to me. Harvin III has a big enough leg to KO in the last few weeks as well.

  • 81st in Punt Returns | 73rd in KO returns.
  • 1o4th in punt coverage | 114th and in suicide-squad!
  • GT has blocked 1 kick and allowed 2 kicks to be blocked.
  • GT has blocked 1 punt and allowed no punts to be blocked.

One GT place-kicker Shawn Davis (who looks part Wr in #88 to me) is questionable with a undisclosed leg injury and I’m just guessing that that might hurt any given kickers kick-game. Cue Brenton King who was a major in-state signing coup, though he’s being pressed as a rookie year voter here. Davis was 50% on FGA’s with a P.A.T. miss and yet the 6′, 157 lb. King is now 100% on FGA’s and PAT’s and climbing. God bless; though don’t hurry back eight’s. As this King has had a Midas touch from 25 out to 41 {sic: yards} thus far. King is also said to have a big leg good enough for KO duty; as King holds all his H.S.’s distance marks. Not half bad for a Tarzan looking -seriously, this guy looks like he walked outta a jungle and into every single girls dorm room- not half bad for a Tarzan looking K who only kicked two years scholastically as a recruited foûtball star turned football 19th rated K in America in just two autumns time. King holds several Georgia high school AAAAAAA that’s 7-A all-time kicking marks. Yah; even if Davis is not cleared this job looks like it is crowed until 2o21; unless King holds professional court and leaves, early?

Special Teams letter-grade: two big new legs are getting hogtied by some return and coverage foibles here, although you gotta like this new P & K long-term. A flat B.

Unit Rankings:

  1. VT D.
  2. GT D.
  3. VT O/GT O (tie).


  • motive: well, Georgia Tech is playing to remain bowl eligible. VT is all less eliminated from the Coastal race… you do the maths. Edge=GT.
  • weather: N/A. Looks November good here; no edge to be found.
  • health: Edge=push. Both teams are a bit dinged up at the moment.
  • penalties: GT is 1st best in fewest flags. Not may beat Fu’ here, although only Coach God beats GT. Edge=GT.
  • intangibles: GT is third in TOP (time of possession | +4:39 mins.): NOT what a sleepy-head late arriving, beaten and hurting VT needs. P.J. is also 12th best in 3Q football; as he has seen it all as an adjusting move, countermove, counter(s) to counter(s) option Gandalf goes. Edge=GT.
    (BONUS: yes, GT is o.31 in turnover luck; option sets inherently have a lotta fumbles is what that noise is actually all about)
  • fatigue: Edge=GT!!! At home, in their own beds vs. our sleepy-heads.


The only way to call this Technology bowl is to call for ... what?

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Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Jackets who could start @Tech=6 or 7.

the takeaway:

The takeaway here is… that someone has source’s that confirm, Tech is gonna win; ergo, therefore, to wit; I gar-ron-damn-tee a Tech victory in this contest.

Now if I could only be sure which Tech that was gonna be?

As I was pretty sure it was our Tech. Virginia Tech. Until this harshing as I type Miami L, the Miami injuries, the return trip once a career S.N.A.F.U. getting home and suddenly this became a very technical game to call indeed.



  1. Δ1=54% that VT wins a dicey one as you gotta hope this is where the sporting-culture hygiene change has its dig-deep Hilgirth’ed @Notre Dame “suck it up” 2016 moment; today. And if not for this somnolent Hokie traveling madness I would up this marker to 65% give/take.
  2. Δ2=6% that one of these two seemingly off-balance schools gets well soon and has a Hallmark day where everything bounces just right. “Stranger Things” have indeed happened.
  3. Δ3=4o%  GT wins a dicey one as I don’t wanna see us fall behind early, play Miami a second time or even worse have a  can’t find our circadian rhythms flavored day. As we are basically -1 on sleeps and assignment football for our recent sleep-gate troubles. No way in hades that that can help us, not one iota. That and the so-called Forum Guide is calling for a GT FG win, here.

the skinny

…then I found this little nugget… +10, -10, +5o and +16… is code for what?

Those are the Jacket’s quarter margin’s from 1Q to 4Q; just crazy, is it not? Only one negative stanza and this Wramblin’ Wreck team is quite possibly a good deal better than even or .5oo on the year if they would just get outta their own way. Or to put it another way if Georgia Tech did not have back luck they’d have no luck at all. That and three of Georgia Tech’s four L’s have come by a combined total of 6 points.

the trouble with…. Triples!

the call
…very tough call to authoür here sports-fans. As this game has ugly written all over it and if basketball on grass is your Oregon Duck thing you’ve prolly come to the ‘rong place.

As the September version of Georgia Tech that out-gained everyone by +133 total yards per game all the way up to +286 yards per game is long gone. It has been replaced by the red October -or mostly deficit- version of Georgia Tech that has been out-gained by 2oo up to the very same +133 to the good just one time. Do you see what I mean?

Georgia Tech is +1o1o total yards to the great at home and yet 386 out on the road.

Guess where this game is… @?

Though that very same aforementioned Forum Guide had Virginia Tech ahead of Georgia Tech by +280 total yards when the three aggregate opponents’ were taken head-to-head-to-head. Or basically what amounts to a nine point visiting win— and here you thought I was gonna, pick… Tech?

And low and beyond something resourceful did turn up… as I rarely use these sans visiting morganhole, L.s.u. at night, or something over the top Home/Away splits wise.

As when one compares the Home/Away splits for these two Techs’, it paints a drastic picture indeed. Check it out…

  • Although the Fu’fesne does better by about three first downs on the road, Bud Böck softens by nearly 50 total yards.
  • The Jacket hosting metrics are even more stinging indeed… as GT rushes for nearly 80 mo’ yards in the ATL and the Wreck’s stop ethos stiffens by 55 to the good.
  • Or to put it another way… that’s -134 summary yards the ‘rong way or +134 backyards in GT’s favor.

That pretty much puts a fine point on things to me…

And yet I’d still prolly buck all those objective science-fact trends and pick us if not for this Sominex sleep-gate madness. (now you know where the product name comes, from).

upset Index=47%

Virginia Tech=23, Georgia Tech=24




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  1. B’street
    Thanks for the info and you are right concerning the mental health of our beloved VT sports team. IMHO run the dang ball forget influence blocking and put a hat on a hat, we showed signs last week. Punching them in the gut early and often will heal forcing the back end to lend a helping hand.

    1. You are welcome James.
      Thank you for reading!

      Yah; I’m no fan of all this influencing which is zoning gone more finesse.
      C’est la guerre.


  2. GT is the more consistent offense. The QB is dangerous. Have to get turnovers. Watching GT all year play defense it worries me (play good team D, no super stars). Hokies have to take it to them with dink and dunk and Run the dang ball. It’s time for Hokies to play their best game. And, GT could be 7-1 (with the right bounces) and assuming that, probably favored by 2 scores.

    1. soberstreet after reading that pragmatism———–>b.street

      Can’t argue though.
      Not 1 iota.


  3. I agree with mostly everything you wrote except for the motivation factor. Most of these Hokies were around last year when the Jackets came to Blacksburg and absolutely punked our boys.

    There’s probably an Edmunds or two, or a Walker, or a Mihota that would very much like a big drink of Kickyourass to wash that taste out of their mouths.

    Coach Bud and his gang will hold the Jackets to less than 17. The rub however is if the good guys on the other side of the ball can get to 17.
    I think they can. I’m predicting Hot Tub TIme Machine circa 2013. 17-10 Hokies. With Mook, Tremaine, and Ricky having monster days.

    1. very much like a big drink of Kickyourass

      Very nice.
      Will be borrowing that—–>b.street

  4. I dunno B, these are 18-22 year olds. The science behind it tells you they should’ve been all caught up on zzzz’s by Monday a.m. at the latest. I don’t think it’s an issue.

    I kinda feel like if we don’t win the coin toss, we may want to see if the buses are still in the neighborhood. Seriously. Lost the toss against both Clemson and Miami. And this one is even more important. We NEED to start the 3Q w the pigskin, otherwise we may not get it back in the same Q.

    1. No doubt.

      “Heads” vs. “Tails” has every meaning vs. that extra possession up against P.J.


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