Georgia Tech Virginia Tech football preview

 #79 R.P.I. Georgia Tech @ #39 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech football emcee’s 3 up and 4 down (1-4 in A.c.c.) Georgia Tech in a made for national TV ESPN only (no ESPN3 simulcast here) half-past-seven (7:37 pm) date.

The Hokies entertain the team that Anterior Cruciate Ligaments, M.c.l’s, L.c.l’s., and menisci everywhere love to hate. As coach Wiles had better have his boys getting dat politically incorrect so-called: Monkey Drill work over and over and over some more this week. As knee roll-ups or cut-downs -be they accidental or not- will be at a premium this Thursday night down in the New River Valley. Nevertheless, this one pits 51st S&P+ hosting Virginia Tech vs. 64th S&P+ visiting Georgia Tech and that for that very reason, I am hereby gar-ron-damn-teeing that Tech will win this gridiron game! Nevertheless, that attempt at satire aside… which Tech is what you wanna know, so read on, to find… out!

Today’s word of the day is… hackle!



verb. hack·ledhack·linghack·les
  1. (Military) a feathered ornament worn in the headdress of some British regiments.
  2. (Tools) a steel flax comb.
  3. To chop roughly; mangle by hacking.
  4. (The ATL)… that is how we block, yo’!

Georgia Tech Head Coach: Paul Clayton Johnson age=61, (78-58 @Georgia Tech; 185-97 overall); has a rep’ for Flex-Bone option offense extraordinaire; easily the
Grand poobah of the same.
$3,020,000.oo per.

Paul Johnson the baller does not exist; as he is one of the very very few to big whistle a game that he never; played!

Paul earned his Bachelor of Science degree in physical education from Western Carolina University in 1979. He also earned a master of science in health and physical education from Appalachian State University in 1982

P.J. is a lot of things, among them he is a FlexBone been there, done that, doing it again tomorrow wizard of ground assault if you will. Accordingly, one could dare say he is the Gen. Rommel of college football from his U.S. Naval Academy to Georgia Southern to Georgia Tech days. And despite his throwback version of non TV or facebook savvy modern era ball; he’s done pretty well for it by-the-bye.

As Johnson’s Georgia Southern won back-to-back NCAA Division I-AA Football Championships in 1999 and 2000. Paul Johnson has the fifth most wins of any active coach in D-1 College football. P.J. is a six-time conference titlist; a three-time A.c.c. Coach of the Year and a once National Coach of the Year (2004) award winner. Coach Johnson is one of only four coaches to record 50 wins in his first four seasons as head coach at the D-1 level. Coach Johnson has also spawned three Option style disciple head-coaches, two of which -not surprisingly enough- coach at Service Academies.

Finally, industry insiders say that coach P.J. just inked possibly his best Georgia Tech recruiting class ever… so file that one 2021-22, away. (they also say there is talk down in Hotlanta of “his buyout number” right now behind the scenes)

Johnson met his wife, Susan (Propst), when both were students at Western Carolina University, and they married in 1980. They are the parents of a daughter, Kaitlyn.

2017 record: 5 up 6 down and 4-4 in the Atlantic Coast.

Georgia Tech Defense: (starters back=6)

  • 51st in Total D.
  • 43rd vs. the run.
  • 73rd vs. the throw.
  • 124th in defensive efficiency.
  • 104th in S&P+ total D.
  • 123rd on 3rd down conversion % allowed.
  • 94th in Qb’s sacked.
  • 118th in Tackles for a Loss (TFL) inflicted.
  • 65th in dLine Havoc. Although 113th in defensive line ranking(s) nationally. This DLine appears to be a little more sturdy vs. the run than vs. the pass although it appears to be pretty well south of epic vs. both. One #94, Sr. De, Anree Saint-Amour (mega suave name) is well north of average. He is 6′4″ and 249 lbs. worth of 14 TFL and 9 sacks in his last calendar season of play and that makes St-Amour the best De on the field for either team; that and he’s one of the best De’s we will see all year. That being said, the 2-deep here is a little south of right-sized for Power Conference 2018 scrumming terms; (back-ups more so). Maybe they can be Hilgirth worn down as this one wears along? (though Ry’ Wills be-Oct 31st-ware- this G.Tech dLine does strip the ball in pass-protect! Additionally, they do reach/jump for pass-deflections and pop-ups!)
  • (inbetween: lotta Lb on the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) looks here for looping/twisting stunting combination type blitzes)
  • 127th in Linebacking Havoc. Victor Alexander is a fighting/scuffling damn dawgg of a Lb. As you can bait-n-switch a personal-foul here if you dare. Seriously, Vic’ is most wigged-out willing indeed. Lb overall is a bit beat-up at the moment. Although Linebacking was supposed to be loaded for bear; what with Lb Brant Mitchell and Lb Bruce Jordan Swilling returning as well. Do note that ILb is much deeper and more experienced than OLb in this thirty-four set here. G.Tech will “stack” ILbacking twins at times, making them noticeably harder to scrape to or easier for G.Tech to keep “clean”.
  • 33rd in Secondary Havoc. The Tech hind-4 or 5 clearly plays the ball not the man. Accordingly, the Wreck’s secondary is 19th best in passes pilfered thus far. Not real bad work for only returning one 2017 starter; as midfield defense (i.e. Safties) seemed stronger than the edge pass stoppers did on film. Sr. Cb Lamont Simmons is prolly your alpha here, although he might be more of an uppercase beta among ceti’s, plural. Wofford, grad-transfer Fs Malik Rivera has been a pleasant and very efficacious (D leading 43% efficiency rating) surprise as well. Tho’ all-world recruit: r-Fr. Cb, Tre Swilling -yes, he is Pat’s son- may want a word or three with that. Nevertheless, let’s ask 2021 there. As placing 118th in passing down S&P+ rate is just not a good look. (i.e. not stopping the pass when you know the pass is (likely) coming). Saw more than the normal soft or medium-man upon breaking tape here. One has to think this is an enhanced run-fight looking. Though it’s not a bad place to patrol vs. the Fu’fense in particular. D will deep Cb blitz, even coming from the boundary side and if you can pick that Cb outnumbering guy up? There has to be deep room behind his spot to work here. Though they will tighten up inside the twenty in red-zone coverage.

    Lotta ground to cover here… both, ways!
  • D overall: Interesting which is to really say a juxtaposed defense stem to stern. As the front side of the G.Tech halt-unit is much much more read-n-react oriented; keep things in front of you, spill plays to boundaries or funnel opposing rushers back inside towards uncovered help defenders. Whereas the Jacket’s hind-4/5 ballers are much more a Full Metal Jacket or hell-bent for pigskin leather. As the G.Tech secondary is primarily a high-risk high reward unit. And G.Tech tallied 1st-worst or a dead-last 130th in 3rd-n-short percentage allowed. Cue Vice Squad deployment here…
    As film-study goes… not the best or most physical tackling D I’ve ever seen. Army, in a word at times and the smaller parts of the dLine is not a helper-outer here. D does have a lotta facet and geometry to it however, as their Fs and Ss will align in oddball (sometimes run unusual | sometimes pass strange) ways here-n-there on film. G.Tech will flood or overload the Will or wide-side as well.
  • ∑ (summary): G.Tech, however, is 5th best in defensive TD’s this year as this is a willing/gambling advanced the ball defense at all costs. Which jives with the coaching circle whispers that said P.Jay ordered his D to simplify and go more aggressive this year alike. And this seems supported by halt-unit measurables/metrics that helped engender the switch from Ted Roof’s 4-2-5 off-stack to former Ap.State D-cord’s Nate Woody’s 3-4. And this really should unleash Tech’s smaller, speedy players to play more of an attacking north-south game upfield. And honestly being ranked 51st in total D this early in a systemic and nomenclature turnover year might just be a good deal ahead of halt-unit schedule.

Defensive letter-grade:


Quickie mini-me Trip’Option primer:

  1. The first play is the so-called “belly play” whereby the Qb (Quarterback) rides the mesh-point of the Fb’s (Fullback’s) belly. He reads (typically the Dt, can be the De or OLb), and determines whether to hand the ball off on a pseudo 20 or 21-Dive. Or to Qb keeper and follow the Fb; or to Qb (momentarily) keeper east-west and then make the second option decision.
  2. The secondary option decision is to the play-side Hb (Halfback). The Qb reads the De or OLb and option end-over-end pitches or Qb-keepers the ball accordingly.
  3. The tertiary option is either to the trailing Hb from a Tee formation or from Split-Backs to the play side. Or to the Wb (Wingback) in the opposite direction to the back-side.
  4. Paul Johnson has also added Hb play-side jet-sweeps, and toss-sweeps to complicate or go quadratic (optional) things all the mo’.
  5. The “Flex” part of the Flex-Bone is the passing element off of Fb play-action itself. Be this from the cup or on a ½ roll or in pure sprint-out format.
  6. The sixth part is that coach PeeJay will go for it on 4th down as this literally is a four-down-offense. (even when traditional field-position spots of the ball say otherwise— nevertheless, G.Tech is a reckless 91st best on 4th down-converts thus far this campaign)
  7. The newest PeeJay wrinkle is his pseudo unbalanced or “heavy” set where one oLinemen flip-flops to the other side of the C there creating a power-side overload.

Wrambling Wreck Offense: (returning starters=9)

  • 33rd in Total O.
  • #1 in ground O!!!
  • no.2 in offensive efficiency!
  • 126th in aerial O.
  • 93rd in team passing efficiency.
  • However… 3rd, that’s third-best in passing yards/completion: at ~18 yds/catch!
  • 28th in sacks allowed | 51st in TFL allowed.
  • 7th best in offensive stuff rate (allowed).
  • 50th hardest ‘Backs to tackle in America.

    Unbalanced or “heavy” to the odd side.
  • O overall: This O surely does one thing right; it surely hits for… power. What with eight guys logging carries ≥25 yards. Nine guys checking in at ≥17 yard totes. It also has deeper throw points than normal what with all seven of the Top-7 Jackets logging at least one catch of ≥16 yards or more. And with all seven of the Top-7 Jackets averaging better than 13 yards per grab. Make a schematic misQ, an assignment mistake, or merely slip on the turn and it is “see yah wouldn’t wanna be yah” time for sure! Another thing is… yes, it is true, you can not key the Qb per se, though 37% 2017 passing (now up 10% to 47% passing with a 3:4 ratio) Qb1 5′10″, 185 lb, t-Sr. TaQuon Marshall (he of a toe, an ankle and now upper-body ding) has 181% more carries than any other Jacket, so oo7 Qb1 spy indeed! Likewise his whopping eight Qb1 fumbles thus far. Likewise again Qb2 6′2″, 182 lb., r-Fr. Tobias Oliver; who has just at 150 less rushing yards than Qb1 ‘Quon Marshall. Albeit on ~70 fewer carries! Think about that… The Wrecks oLine checks in at 7th best nationally; and yet it is only a centrist 61st best in power situations (which makes perfect Newtonian sense). That and a 111th best sack rate allowed (11.5%) in passing is a bit deceiving upon first blush. In addition to that, the Jacket pass catching corp has several dings and dents that it is dragging along. 4 of 5 starters return up front and they are very matriculated and mechanically sound. As it is tough to trump: Parker Braun (an all-A.c.c. caliber left-G), Kenny Cooper (leg dings), Andrew Marshall (sat last week, Questionable this week: upper-body); and Jake Stickler on tradecraft technique. As they are now (mostly) healthy after all the Jacket oLine starters less Benson missed spring ball due to injury or illness. (i.e. advanced depth was build up for it, here). Nevertheless, there are no less than six former full-time starters returning on the Y.Jacket oLine overall. Rb’s are snagging a few more passes here as this is not an exceptional catch-corps in traditional Wide Receiving terms. As only one Jacket is gloved up enough to field a catch-rate >60%, wow! (although the G.Tech Wr’s do enjoy… height). As film-study went… great footwork oLine, these Jackets can really move and work in space. Very sharp pulls and traps when they want them. Wr’s are very physical in creating separation here, even illegally as offensive P.I. goes. And guess who fields smaller less physical Cb’s (not named Farley)?
  • ∑ (summary): The Jacket O is one other thing that was peculiar to me in film-study, although the Wrambling Wreck oLine and it’s 4-point stance Center and company is typical ~20 lbs. undersized by modern-day football standards, the G.Tech backfield is undersized this year as well. As the Jackets rushing attack haberdashes three guys between 174 and 186 lbs. and no guys ≥215 lbs. in their Top-6 rushers. Or in other words, for reason(s) beyond my explain… G.Tech does not have a prototypical hammerhead shark of a Fullback installed this campaign. G.Tech, however, is a real live C-Gap and beyond horizontal threat as edge speed does live here. That plus a 100m in 10.7 seconds from your Qb1 ain’t exactly… slow. And per always, this is a very useful red-zone offense as vertical room to throw compression has negligible meaning to the enemy of throw FlexBone here.
  • 83% run:pass 17% mix.

Offensive letter-grade:

Jackets Special Teams: (1 returns)

Georgia Tech is 16th in Net Punting, and so is punter Pressley Harvin III. Pres’ is a lotta things and a P trapped in a Fb or Te’s body being among ’em. Standing in at 5′12″, and tipping the Toledos at a downright bulky/beefy looking 255 lbs.! As this is just a big ole boy back there at P. Pres’ was also 3rd-string all-A.c.c. as a rookie last season and he was named the freshman P of the Year by two national publications for his nugget year troubles. This after being ranked as the No. 2 punter in the Class of 2017 by Kohl’s Kicking Camps and likewise being tabbed as the No. 4 ranked punter according to ESPN and 247Sports alike. That does not suck, and neither does a kid with a big ole treetrunk sized 50+ yards on the regular. With a career long of 72 (on the fly)! Pressley also earned four letters in track and field and helped lead his high school to three-straight regional championships as a thrower and he courts a 3.8 G.P.A. out on the football field to boot. And oh yes, he’s the lead-chair as a multi-instrumental musician in two regional bands down South. Not half bad work if you can get it, as Mister Harvin III will only get better and he’s pretty much already weaponized the Punting spot as is.

  • The Jackets are 77th in Punt Returns | 106th in KO returns.
  • The Jackets are 80h in punt coverage | and a lowly 128th in suicide-squad.
  • G.Tech has blocked 0 kicks and allowed 0 kicks to be blocked.
  • G.Tech has blocked 0 punts and allowed 0 punts to be blocked.

The Jackets have already deployed three different 3-point shooters this season and that’s typically code for not having just one reliable gridiron 3-point specialist. t-freshman Wesley “crusher” Wells appears to have the job at and for the moment. As Wes’ is a long-legged Qb turned Kicker. He also won soccer and wrestling team letters scholastically so fondue hosting mani/pedi party jokes need not apply here. Wes’ is a member of the National Honor Society and Beta Club Honor roll student. The kicking whispers say Wells fired a record-setting long-distance leg in high school; even if that big foot is yet to load collegiately (his GT long=41).

#9 truly is loves to fight guy… 1o1.

(as for the other Jackets K’s: …Brenton King went 25% on FGA’s and Shawn Davis (blown A.c.l., St.Nikhon help!) was only 80% on P.A.T’s. That caveat being said… I would not rule any further Kicking toggles in or out here)

NOTE as well… this is a pretty inexpensive Special-Teams set on film— like they are L.D. as sportsmanship goes. They will take shots and they will fight you; literally. #9 (Vic.Alexander, again) in very particular is just a warhorse k9. Temperamentally nutty; even… “woof!”

Special Teams letter-grade: S&P+ rank=105th. And to me, that’s considerably too low for fielding a burly cannon legged punter in a game that could come down to hidden yardage when you really do NEED to win that opening-coin toss and get that +1 possession here. Return teams ain’t all that and a “snap” and yet FG-kicking is the true X-files unknown?

If W.Wells has gone Wells Fargo truck and locked that kicking job up, G.Tech has some pretty sharp special-teaming legs. If not they are only so-s0, so take thy pick…
though I’ll pick a flatfor the moment here.

Unit Rankings:

  1. GT O.
  2. VT O.
  3. GT D.
  4. VT D.


  • motive: Well, the still Atlantic Coast Championship racing team seems to have more to play for. Though you’d have to think that PeeJay smells Bud Lyte blood in the O&M water here. EDGE=GT.
  • weather: Good as can be, actually feels like football outside. EDGE=God.
  • health/off-field: The Hokie injury rap-sheet (and whispers) although not entirely salubrious, seems less insalubrious to me, here. EDGE=VT.
  • penalties: G.Tech is one of the very few teams we will face that is even better at yellow-laundry management that we are. As only five teams in America are better than G.Tech at this. EDGE=GT.
  • intangibles: Aye, G.Tech’s do fumble option pitches/meshes, tho’ 32nd in Turnover Margin makes this awash. Tho’ unsurprisingly enough… G.Tech is about as good as TOP (Time of possession) gets. EDGE=push.
  • fatigue: Calculating back to E.c.u. and V.Tech has a modest advantage here, and G.Tech must midweek irregular sojourn. Still yet, both teams should be updated on R&R. EDGE=push.

Predicting this mutual engineering school Techno' Bowl is all about ... what???

View Results

Loading ... Loading ...

Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Jackets who could start @Tech=8.5

the takeaway:

The takeaway here is… that the easy thing to say here -as everyone who has never worn a jock will be spewing this- is that Bud Lyte with so many Flex-bone rookies is not a charming match-up, is it?

And guess what?

The can socially fall down-n-out although have no idea how to route the same traditional media… are actually correct; for a change. As that is a pretty unsavory match-up, possibly a bad one, potentially a stillborn one.

That’s the news… the good news is… well, there is no more bad news.


The other news is… as well as coach Johnson -to his option wizardry credit- has done on maxing this B— to B+++ crew of ball-carriers out, I did not really truly madly deeply see any A+++ straight killars here. No megalodon Pat Skov at B-back, no can do it all J.Nesbitt at Qb, no 100m champion or pure burner J.Thomas at Qb1 either.

Nonetheless, this is a pretty well coached O that seems to enjoy some Gestalt Theory effects in their run-sets that do not quite stop-watch, bat and Eye, or Pro Day measurables show up upon breaking tape.

That, and who is not to say that the other Tech does not enjoy the technically more proficient stop-unit at the moment? Now mix in a P who is pretty well the equal of our own and you suddenly have a very crotchety looking home date upon your Lane Stadium hands. Ginsu dicey if you will as only one Tech can Coastal Division wub come midnight this cooling off Thursday evening. As G.Tech has played the Résumé S&P+ Rk: 49th and the Strength of Schedule Rk: 43. (which is well in advance of our O.d.u. and W&M own). This conspires to grant the Y.Jackets a 1 in 4 bowl probability. Which is to say, that of the seven teams G.Tech has played, predictably enough, G.Tech has beaten the bottom-3 and been beat by the upper-4.

Although prognosticatively aloof V.Tech surely cannot say the same…


  1. Δ1=50%, well, and as much as I am recalcitrant to publish this… there is a chance that this one could early-Winter snowball and drill-field get away from us just the same. In addition to that -leave NO doubt here- this is Paul Johnson’s best possible chance to rub his professional archrival’s nose right in it. And I have no doubt that this King Bee would wait a while before calling off the dogs, here. (possibly right up until the 59th minute give/take).
  2. Δ2=45%, that there is a reason or reasons -plural- that although Georgia Tech does pass the box score stat-sheet acid test sagely enough, they do not (quite) pass the Eye in the Sky final exam whilst breaking tape. Or another way to put that is to say that although P.J. is coaching his ass off here, his ass is a little thin right in the seat of his white and gold pants.
  3. Δ3=5%, I might just C&P this section for all games that remain not named hosting Miami… as you really could dabble in a $1 Price is Right signature or isolation low-ball bid and pull an extra innings or OT (overtime) call for this contest.
the skinny

Overall, 6′ of total O separate these two on offense or basically two whole yards. Albeit courtsey of V.Tech being way more offensively balanced than the ground-assault or heavy infantry approach of G.Tech.

The unusuality is that our Tech the good Tech or V.Tech is actually chasing G.Tech in total D by about 50 yards per game on the year. And here is where the plot thickens —and perhaps even real live Coach Spock science-fact objective determinations can be made…

The other Tech or G.Tech has actually improved on O by nearly 30 yards per contest in their last three, whereas our Tech has experienced a deflationary economy of just at 45 ypg. Or what combines to amount to right at an 8 point swing, away from us even when at home!

Over on defense, we see that both squads are worse off in their last three contests vis-à-vis the year; although G.Tech is in an even deeper ~ 20 ypg deficit than we are. Nevertheless, G.Tech is still approximately experiencing a 6 ppg betterment per the old-school rule-of-thumb of 1 point per every 10 yards of total O. Or to put it a final way… only the Yellow-Jacket O is not so yellow-bellied of late. As all other Thursday night units between these two Coastal clubs’ are in retreat of the Flexbone’s advance.

“The Trouble with Triples…”

And although this may not precisely qualify for the always enjoyable  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow pet metaphor of… “two ships passing in the night” —it really is a case of three leaky creaky old PT-boats rusticating, oxidizing and taking on water with one rather serviceable old-school harbor-tug merely chugging right on bye.

As when omitting potential National Champion Clemson, the Jackets of Georgia Tech have out-gained all other teams combined by a very lucrative 884 yards on the year or 126 ypg on average.

Whereas our mighty Hokies have been out-gained three times in six games and when omitting puny Bill & Mary we are actually 98 yards in the aggregate annual hole! That and Bud Lyte has allowed 327, 438 and then 522 in three consecutive total yardage weeks. You do the maths… and do you see what I, mean?

Can V.Tech Realistically All The Time (R.A.T.T.) “…hack…” ^that^???

the call

That (along with their 3-4 overall record and 1-3 ACC record) tells me that
Georgia Tech isn’t particularly good. -Chris Coleman,

Then there is… ^that^.

And yeah; bingo that— as V.Tech is .6oo in its last 10 games whereas G.Tech is a bowl ineligible .4oo over the very same timeframe.

However, G.Tech is mo’ than that… upon film, -and this is nearly shocking to see from typically high-demand Option system based high-discipline teams… G.Tech is one other thing. Or things… in that they are very flaunty, taunty, dancy, flexing, sauntering, posing and just downright showy upon breaking-tape. An alpha camera aware team and this team loves the same {sic: camera}.

So the one thing -and it might be the only thing- I am sure of regarding Thursday night? Is to bet the over on any: “extracurricular Prop” line from Vegas. As this one is gonna get testy, then it is gonna get salty and then the 2nd-half will actually kick-off.

Beyond that?

And as Coach Ripley’s (believe it or not) goes… Foster has actually improved his leaky pass-coverage in the last several weeks. Although the Bud Lyte trench fighters have oh so quietly worsened by right at 35 ypg. vs. teams that do NOT run for a living.

On the flip side, V.Tech rushing has improved each and every single week under Ry’ Willis spearheaded Qb1 offense. The key, however -and this is *the* weekly key until JAX gets back- the key is Ry’ Willis the passer… (and Corny and Fu’ have been giving him more throw-plays week-by-week mind you as well).

The chilly to mostly cloudly Ry’ gets us beat every week not named Pitt from here on out. The partly cloudy to Indian Summer Ry’ will beat everyone not named Miami from here on out. Or at least go not less than a very serviceable .6oo to close the regular season in Qb2 relief.

i.e. Virginia Tech goes every bit as far as Ryan Willis can wing Virginia Tech.

No further ≡ no less.

In equational form…

VT football = ƒ(Ry^throw game).

If you think V.Tech is gonna throw-game “click”?
Pick the somewhat more talented team overall to nick (this one).

If you think the V.Tech gonna get throw-game “picked”?
Pick the somewhat less talented -although schematically very problematic- team to stick.


upset Index=52%


Virginia Tech=27, Georgia Tech=27, (overtime)
(then VT=o, GT=6 in the 10th inning)




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  1. Vinny shaping up at last, Walker almost 100 per, Ashby/Hollifield kind of game. Extra prep time, home field advtg., our strength of pass game vs.their weak secondary plus intangible, Fu and Foster can both carry a grudge pretty well and willing to bet the team will be ready and tired of losing to these archaic knuckleheads. All that overcomes our youth and poor open field tacking vs. their strength – grinding teams to a pulp. V 35 G 27

    1. Vinny shaping up at last, Walker almost 100 per, …

      Almost like they (our Staff) were spoiling just for this very game.
      Is it not?


  2. Lord have Mercy, if one straddles a fence too often a woman he becomes. Crew from Section 7 broke bread tonight and here’s the skinny: P.J. Runs, P.J. don’t pass, P.J. turns over meanwhile Willis passes a lot, Sometimes to Hokies sometimes to Tech, when the dust settles though on this made for ABC TV movie it’s the Skipper’s Fire of greater value cause 7>3 as bend don’t break mentality wins this one by Foster’s boys.

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!
    Beat GT, bad!!!

  3. VT’s Offense will be No Better than the Two calling the plays ! As usual, set and play the clock, let GT get a good lead and then go play Catch up ball. MO of Corny & Fu . Willis can have a big Night, VT can win IF the TWO lets the H back & TE actually Play Ball. And on Bud and his Lunch Pail Defense ,PJ will burn them again, sorry to say.. Pulling for VT but I see Three in a Row.. Maybe a Cool night will weather down the GT Team.. Least I hope for anything that will be a winning factor..

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