Knee-jerk guide to Virginia Tech v. Cincy in the Military Bowl:

#32 R.P.I. Cincinnati vs. #58 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:bowl_military

.5oo or 6-6 Virginia Tech is a 4 point dog out on the Vegas big board vs. 9-3 Cincinnati in the seventh annual Military Bowl, Saturday 27 December 2014 A.D., 1:00 PM on ESPN.

Below you will find a quickie mini-me look at the Bearcats, and now Qb2, one Munchie Legaux; who I am sure you fine gents remember from our date with them few years back up in D.C.

Pretty decent football club this Cincy Bearcat 2014 squad. Long in the tooth on passing and short in the tooth on defending the same. As it may take a few points to tame these Bearcats in this here Military Bowl.Also of note is 3 major suspensions for the Bowl game, one for “legal issues” one for “disorderly  conduct” and one for flat-out “assault-charges”! This on top of one starting Cb out for the season (busted leg, God Bless).


N.F.L., .... starter 1o1!
N.F.L., …. starter 1o1!
  • Also, Cincy fields very possibly the best Ot (#71 Eric Lefeld) we will face all season. This guy vs. my boy Dadi should be fun to watch for you armchair drink-coaster Qb’s.
  • 2 headed rushing threat, each guy is decent, neither guy is, large.
  • HR passing game, Cincy will throw long and BIG plays allowed have been the one Foster bugbear all season long.
  • Pretty dang healthy football team, beyond the Cb and the 3 back-up off-field suspensions.
  • Super tall sky-scraping sized oLine, that is more parts technical and nimble and less parts battleaxe or bludgeon.
  • 2, not 1, very talented Qb’s.
  • pass >>> run
  • Forty-three stop-unit base set.
  • Smaller D, one Lb goes 189 (no, that’s not a typo) another gives Chase at 218.
  • Defense dropped from 9th best in 2013 to 1o2nd best in 2014! (though it did improve — see below:)
  • Not an epic hind-4 or secondary by any stretch of the imagination.
  • Not the best Punt game | v-e-r-y good FG Kicker out to about 45 (yards) however.
Cincy Stats 2014
RED favors Cincy …. ORANGE favors Tech

This does not read like a dull team to me sports fans and they do have some coaching star power in former collegiate coach of the year gone Auburn refugee, in one Tommy Tuberville. Who is the ONLY coach in Auburn history to beat Alabama 6 straight years.

NCAA Footbal: New Mexico at Texas Tech
Bill Maher gone Anderson Coop’?

 My best knee-jerk Rx on this one you ask?

Since half past when has Virginia Tech scored a lotta points, recently?

Our beloved Hokies just tallied, 16, 6, 31, 17, a nearly shutout 3, and then 24 to comeback and eventually beat hooVa. Or 16 on average over the last half of the season if you are keeping score at home. Or in other words, three plays (2 TD’s and a FG make) could indeed be enough to finish us off with our first negative record overall since 1992!

Cincy on the other hand has scored less than 31, once -and still won, mind you- since the beginning of October.

Ergo, to wit, therefore, it is gonna take a few points to put this Bearcat squad to bed. Especially with what amounts to a clinical applied sports psych letdown-trap after upsetting uva, in a truly “all-in” and downright frenetic emotional struggle at home. And least any other pundit mislead you, Cincy is tilted-balanced, NOT 1-dimensional folks.

As Cincy tilts in favor the the aerial assault game, and yet they out-rushed Virginia Tech by 16 yards per contest this season. Now mix in the fact that their defense really improved in the final month of play, shaving off 118 yards per game allowed to close 2014. Accordingly, Cincy actually wound up a mere 3′ worse than where Virginia Tech was all year, to end the final three weeks of the 2014 campaign in Bearcat defense.

Put thy hand on the Bible and tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

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At this moment, and in particular when looking at the staggering disparity in each squad’s respective injury report, it would be tough to favor Virginia Tech to R.A.T.T. win this one at this moment.

 Virginia Tech=less, Cincy=more, (medium game, something like say 1526)




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  1. Hey folks. This is just another team from Ohio that is going to take us lightly. Can you say September 6th boys and girls?

  2. Damn, if you were at the Normandy invasion in 1944 you would have forecasted the Germans win by 6 touchdowns. As Captain Kirk once said to Spock … “never tell me the odds”.

    Even with all the injuries and the young players i think this team is much better than their 6-6 record.

    1. Me?
      No Sir.

      My late Uncle Misha (may his soul R.I.P.), was one of Gen. Omar Bradley’s bodyguards.
      On D-day+1.


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