Maryland @ Virginia Tech basketball preview:

 #81 R.P.I.  Maryland @ #221 R.P.I. Virginia Tech 

 This is gonna be a very abbreviated hoops preview; due to a burst hot-water heater and associated soaked up electrical ills here in the 3o4.

Though I did look Maryland over; and briefly….

My contrite apologies on that…


  • Looks to me like they are the final Atlantic Coast post-season tourney team of the A.c.c. lot.
  • they are a very well balanced hoops team, with a quality  mix of both inside and out
  • strong rebounding team (45th best in Rebounding Margin overall); and in particular at the offensive glass (at 56th best).
  • The Terps at at full strength; injury free, with their Top-9 rotation.
  • Not a good FT shooting team –if it comes to that at 286th best in all of D-1
  • semi-star G Dez Wells may be the best baller on the court; and he has been no less than warm (if not hot) of late. (averaging 20 ppg in the last 3 weeks)
  • Maryland is only 20% on the Road however
  • Rest is equal (3 days) per team
  • VT down to 57 ppg on 38% overall since o1.11
  • NO Forum Guide information was available from different A.c.c. Divisions’

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Conclusion(s), illation, OPT digits:
In brief, Maryland is nothing special, more and less an exalted C+++ caliber D-1 men’s hoops team this year. And yet, at the end of the day, at the beginning and in the middle, Virginia Tech is a good deal less right now under the embattled coach J’s.

Maryland hoops  match ups

At full strength; Virginia Tech would have a fair to middling shot here in this one. As Maryland is not quite fully beyond on depth. Though it is difficult to touch even in the kiddie end when you team appears to have let go the rope.

(75% confidence interval)
Virginia Tech
=52, Maryland=69




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  1. Lack of public relations IQ too, judging by weekend interview (daily press, I think?) where he unnecessarily threw Raines under the bus. Ready for this season to be over and for Whit to lead us to greener pastures.

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