Miami Eye in the Sky!

Virginia Tech=26, Miami=38

Today’s (bonus) Word of the Day is… Portal!


noun: portal; plural noun: portals

word genome: mid-19th century: from modern Latin portalis, from Latin porta ‘gate’.

  1. a doorway, gate, or other entrance, especially a large and imposing one.
  2. a website or web page providing access or links to other sites.
  3. Me! I’ma done. Transferring to somewhere SportsWar else!
  4. Dis sucks! ☮️ut!!!


Ohhhhhh wait… same as this exact same time last year…

…Eye’ve opted back-in. As you always…


Virginia Tech football is in some measure trouble men.

The Hokies are hurting. Truly. Qb-gone, twice. With what is left of their Qb1 with one game or about 60-minutes (if he hears the 12th round go: “ding” that is) remaining in his career. After that? No matter how much TSL’s now totally defeated and flaccidly deflated Fu-fighters will pimp Coach Next… this is gonna be one bitch-ass-o-nite tough row to ho’. As you could see the wheels really begin to lug nut loosen and then outright unsteadily wobble cruising down @So.Beach late Saturday night.

The only Q&A for you is… will you see them finally come off of the O&M little-red-wagon
this Saturday over in gay paris vs. you know hoo?

1Q 5:33 remaining:
Goodness… po’ BAX (All Saint’s bless!) cannot even walk a straight sideline, line after this. A V.P.I. roadside old-school D.U.I. As he is so wobbly, that even the sideline staffers/ballers alike, BARELY touch him. They go Gerber and baby him as he is actively avoiding contact with them to boot!

St.Christopher bless!!!

wowow, sad, wow, sadder yets… as you can see him not only groggy post-triple-dippy hit, he is dropping his right shoulder numerous times post-play, (like: trying to ‘pop’ or (re)align it…)

1Q 2:42 remaining:
DAXy and Shibest sure scouted this one first-best… as DAXy busts azz on the even-side C-Gap and then knocks Da U K1 on the same. BONUS: points for the 70’s old-school j.Lambert double-forearm smash upstairs!

…BOOM! (outta here!)

Same as boxing… “Defend yourself at ALL times.”

2Q 10:57 remaining:
This is coaching, the (intensity) verb… observe m.Diaz who denotes with hard-hittin’ lead-pipe S’n intensity after a legal though hard-fought/hard-won Miami defensive stop on Blackie along the sideline here. THIS is plum gettin’ after it… and what did we tell you about your boy du jour?

…did enjoy the 1968 Mexico Olympics sign tho’.

We told you we’ve known JayCee for a long time… he’s very… reserved.
Eye used to tutor this guy and the secondary ballers in the early-90’s, Eye should know, right?


Fu’ part deux???

And at least do me the candor of riddling me this… what did you in-game see to… disagry?

BAXDaddy 1o1!!!

2Q 7:43 remaining:
First of two Catch of the Year candidates in the very same game… PROPPERs and AAA old-school Trip-Tix @Trè!!!

3Q 11:52 remaining:
Not gonna lie… there is at least one off-camera lick on BAX that is “unavailable” to be found. (A previous Word of the Day Ginkgo). However, notice po’ BAX’s po’ nite come to a close here, as he can barely stand-up after the sack got hit by a baseball bat odd-side Pass Pro’ fail. One of our Te’s has to help scrape the scrambled (pardon the pun) BAX rainy-side-up.

Wave this one, off? Protect a fighter from himself?

Coach God Bless… and fam’ BAX (Dan and Angela Lilly-Burmeister) might wanna go Daddy Shawn Porter and throw in the towel and stop the fight here.

BONUS: Daddy-B STILL holds the: Northern Virginia 200 Meter Dash rec’!!! And, is only 2nd all-time in Arena League INT’s too!

(As he was an old-U.n.c. star Lb/S who had a cup of coffee and won a Super Bowl with da ‘Skins… so don’t tell me he don’t know what ⌚️ time it really is sonny!)

3Q 6:32 remaining:
Second of two near Catch of the Year candidates. PROPs @Kaleb Smith!!! Who is trying to actually round into a solid all-’round Wide Receiver.

Game Duration:
…Eye don’t like this one… it is a cheap look… and it WILL get you hurt… nonetheless, all nite long I saw a guy or three here-n-there loafing on special teams. Coverage teams in particular. ’cause when you go meow-mix and take a play off? The cat who did not will find you, and land a puuuurfect hit upside your sauce of milk for one head.

Seriously… this is a dangerous/hurtful look men. Miami scored several different uncovered coverage teams’ steals vs. our loafing Bakers (dirty) Dozen.

Guess hoo will see this on tape and might just call: “NEXT”?

3Q :17 remaining:
All; year, long… Eye be seein’ S like dis yo’!

Opposing teams be: grabbing, hitting, poking, punching our junk(s).
Opposing teams be: pee-holing us.
And now they be, humping us?!?

…this is what an easy-girl rep’ looks like men.
(What it feeeeels like, too!)

3Q/4Q boundary:
Meta-communications adroits… you tell me’s…

…this one was code for… what(s)?
  • “Happy Days”, Whit has his man?
  • Or, he’s thumbing a ride, home?
  • Other/else? (Use space below…)

4Q 11:44 remaining:
Eye missed this in real-time, however, upon breaking-tape… here we see po’ Jaylen Griffith get dinged-up yet again this campaign. As his right leg just slid out from under him when right-De pass-rushing the V-shaped Miami passing-cup vs. T.V.D. here. Nothing really impactful or weight-bearing to it. It just slipped and gave. (St.Nikon help!)


4Q 11:06 remaining:
Let’s see… my near boy and silent or Secret Santa Team M.V.P. Daley, ejected. Waller limps off late (4Q 8:12, left-leg Soleus, St.Philip bless), and here you can see po’ number fo’-fo’ (#44) d.Strong pull-up-lame grabbing his dreaded non-contact left-knee post-play (St.Culbreth help).

Dangnation… been dat kinda year, hasn’t it?

4Q 4:67 remaining: (get it?)
Here we see the actually starting to round into ILb2 or ‘backer form just a scosche, ke.Artis put his right shoulder into the internal Miami plunge-play dogpile and loosen up the same for his still hustling late-game trouble. As he self-protect lets go of the 1st-contact hit as his right shoulder clearly Spock’s here. Dang…

…seen too many of these too late this year, too.
St.Christopher bless… as this is a hard-way/tough time to get put out da game.

4Q :57 remaining:
Then, our Secondary who played a tertiary coverage-nite, gets quadratic stolen at the end of the soggy-bottom Miami run misfit play.

This is what you do to sissies
LOL… why are you complaining to mommy here?
He took your lunchroom money and then ate the same!

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=8
Qb hurried=3
Qb hits=34!!! (a new TTT record!!!)
Sacked=4 (Eye scored: “3”).

Qb pressured=4
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=7

TTT Analysis:
Well, what would you have me say here?

Da U came into this one… 114th best TFL (tackles for a loss) Allowed! Da U came into this one… a near sieve-like mere 113th best in Sacks Allowed! And look what (did not) happen!?!

LOL… Eye mean… it could begin and end right ^there^, right?

Not so fast my friends.” —Rental Agency pimp Lee Corso

As someone might wanna call V.P.I. P.E.T.A.
See if they have a witness protection program for rescue-Qb’s?

’cause Braxton Burmeister has the rest of his Game of Life left to play after this, see? And even the a little bigger Connor ‘crash’ Blumrick was getting up slowly off the mat to end this one. Like the ref just said “nine” on a 10-count slow to get up later on in the 4Q. Granted, his mullet and pornstache have mad 1970’s cigarette ad’ swagg. They are indeed cut of Joe Stalin’s hair that just won’t Q-word, or even move, timber.

However, they were both taking lumber-yard hits here.
And Eye do not recall hearing any Ft.Knox family members chanting “FREE” the same.

Or in other words… it is nearly a TTT miracle that we did not get totally blown out and punked here. As frankly the TTT metric prolly came up about ½ a loft-wedge shy on this one. Maybe, mo’?

(o) (o)

Blocking Analysis:
Well, this one is a spurious one… down in the Sunshine State of all the things, rights?
(Get it? Sports+Geo’ play on words insert (_____) here? ✅)

…anywho… check it… so, a decent to nearly sporting amount of our run-shapes were decently shipshape enough. Some were even a bit sporty if not sprightly. We did move Miami off the run-game LOS (line-of-scrimmage) pretty dang well to be playing with a Vice Squad oLine that was 60% on 1’s (or 3 outta 5 of full starting-strength).

That’s not it… what is it, is that it was at the very worst possible time(s); when Miami did TFL (tackle for a loss) breakthrough, or sack our Qb1 or Qb2. They did this a bunch on money-downs too. (Read: 3rd or when in dire field-position need). Now mix in some Wide Receiver hedging on the edge and suddenly there you into a 9-TFL and 4-Sacks and 1-strip you 12-point deficit hole you go.

And do mind the store that several of these Qb-hits were Captain Crunch hits in a major way. Like medieval armor’s lobster shell “crunch” crumpling bad.

As we did -to our credit- manufacture a nifty-looking 227-yards on the ground.

Or, thereby besting Miami by a must useful looking or precipitous +421% in rushing!


The killer part is the 17 on BAXcinations, the 12 on Blumrick gettin’ dogged, and the 6 on our last week k.King gettin’ crowed.

As in… Miami did NOT own the L.O.S. (line-of-scrimmage) here. They did however execute a lease with an option to buy; right when they had to!

As you can see… our negative numbers took a quantitative hike in a significant way for the first time in several fortnights of scrumming. The toughest part is that some of these fails were seriously and costly bumming.

At just the precisely worst possible down-n-distance time.

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| ||| (1 CB TD!)
Swiss (neutral): |||| |||
negative: |||| |||| (1 fumble)

positive: |||| |||| |||| (2 BIG TD’s! 1 VT flag)
Swiss (neutral): |||
negative: |||| ||

Lo.FM Analysis:
Well, and this is rarefied nearly to the point of being downright MV1 (passing-fancy) unique… tho’ damn if Ty’ Van Dyke did not stick mo’ than his fingers into the same.

As he not only hit a surprising amount of 2nd-year-rookie positive (+) Lo.FM’s… he hit several of ’em for bonus Lo.FM chunky soup yardage at times too. And he did this with a bloated bladder bothered pigskin on a very wet down-pouring night sports-fans. And if he is this good in this bad of weather…, where is he come 2024 and sunny-skies?

(Or, is he even (still) griding on Saturday at that point in time?)

As this kid is downfield good, nearly great; and he does have some film-room headroom to grow.

(READERS note: ‘drops’ coulda=2, in the INT butterfingers play)

And for everyone nagging Cover-2/Tampa-none… Eye wonder if starting Safety t.Daley getting ejected hurt our settings/rotations any? As they sure looked late in lieu of loafing upon breaking-tape; and then they looked even physically lamer/slower at the close of business to air-cast book.

On the other Lo.FM side… BAX (when his body allowed) did Lo.FM best he could. Tho’ Blumrick likewise surprised and broke some offensive-shapes into some backyard sandlot style positive (+) fits here-n-there. Nearly inflicting his will to do so at that. As Conner may not be a great Qb, he may or may not even be a home-position-Qb2, tho’ he is a grim, gutty one who hung in there and manufactured plays that really were not there as best he could for as long as he could too.

As Miami slowly won the Lo.FM scrum overall quantitatively over the course of the duration. Although they won it bigger latently qualitatively.

(o) (o)

Tackling Analysis:
Well, this one, Eye confess… does not make much lookback sense?

As it was pretty decent early on…
…then truly feel multi-misses per-critical play (singular) apart, late.

Eye don’t have a whole lot to add to that, so I won’t.
The news-news is that Miami popped clean and hit us up for some bonus Y.A.C. (yards after contact) at just brutal sequencing times. Even though our open-field edge tackling and ability to string their plays out laterally were sharp enough. Or, in other words, we tackled just enough to get beat. The good news is… there is no mo’ news. As uVa. is only 97th in rushing-O.

The potentially savaging news is that they are virtually 1st-best in passing-O. And this Hokie halt-unit sure looks rear-end beat all to hell to me upon breaking tape.

🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner:
T.V.D. and Miami’s O’staff.

Who really plum got after us long in this one.
As really, he did have/has a few passing foibles…
And to do that in a really on, off, and on-again drenching nite?

That too is coaching the verb… as Eye really thought that much rain woulda rained on their old-school Orange Bowl parade here. Though what do Eye know?

R.A.T.T.: ...the biggest takeaway from The U is... what(s)?

View Results

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the takeaway...

^^^this^^^ did not portend 2o21, well gents. Not at all!

As someone said on the pay-side as a pre-game Fu’ture Tense warning of sorts…

…where is all my on-film Talent(s) that your Fu-Fighters have stirred the message board pot with and hiked your hind leg up and T.O.S. personal-fouled and #fire-hydranted the same?

’cause your well-disliked boy is now fired, see? So, it could no longer be his staleness, it could no longer be his smothering the same with quantum-sized rules that micromanage the whole shebang.

As in JayCee could have been a breath of fresh air.
IF, the Talent(s) you’ve (unsuccessfully) fought me on fo’ 3.5 years were actually, there?

Tho’ our Talent level looked very much the (very) same to me on film.

This makes me rather phobic of: …
{Coach} “Eye, agry.” {/Next}.


xxx‘s & ooo‘s

Did anyone really out-coach (the verb) anyone here?

Hmmmmmmm… Eye mean… VeeTee really screws this one up. And that’s not Miami’s useful fault. As the VeeTee: Secondary, oLine, and surely Pivot or Qb injuries quite plural, proved every bit as pivotal in this one as they did playbook erasing. If not playbook shredding.

Or to put it another way… how hard were we to coach against on Saturday Nite?

formulae football

Virginia Tech tallied 3. As in 3′ or 1-yards in Punt Returns.

This was from the pretty well rocketing good -if not outright great- 9th ranked Punt Return squad here. Who sure needed all the hidden yardage they could get—
just like a dead-man needs a, coffin.

BONUS (from above) Final 15-minutes:
Now mix in 0-yards, 0-feets, and 0-inches passing in O&M 4Q; and welcome to the first-ever Zero-Wing offense.

 “The Rest of the Story...

To put all of this another way… we were two, that’s (2) Catch of the Year candidates removed from being humped 38-12.

Think about that one long and hard before we head over hooVa girlfriends… as Eye’ve read a number of spinsters complimenting how hard we played @Miami. We played okay-hard. Not hard like w.v.u. wantin’ to whoop our azz so hard that rivulets of sweet were prespring as drops off the bottom of their facemask(s) on their 1st-defense series.

As 2nd chances are the 1st place of L’ers.

And frankly, right now that is exactly what we be.

…even if hooVa only wins by .oo7 of a point on the corrupt CCCP judges scorecard?

That drops us to 10-15 in our last 25 going back to 2019.


Eye don’t know about you Fu-Fighters, tho’ where I come from, we are positive that a negative record is not a good look.

Or in other words, we tried just hard enough to get beat by nearly 2-fu’ll scores; vs. a horrific defense, in a rainstorm that shoulda run-fit favored us.

Or in final words… what mo’ did we want?

The sportlight...

Here in the sportlight… expectations shape opinions… opinions sculpt behaviors… and ALL next rival-week?

Well me and my committee of one?

Eye aim to misbehave.

That’s: misBEHAVE τΣλ (

…welcome aboard @RH!

Check it… even the vastly highly esteemed none other than Raleigh Hokie has been forced to aide-de-camp wif little ole me…


Sorry, Raleigh… I know that’s prolly not yo’ swagg.

Tho’ is Raleigh ‘rong? Here???

Eye shall spin you a story… (one Eye’ve been saving for weeks, plural…)

…so, the coaching clinic -the largest sewing circle ever- whispers had “whispered” that bronco let it be known (during recruiting), that he really felt like he could “GET Tech” this year. As in get up in and bronco-bust his NON-buddies azz.

“Aye”, this was prior to their Qb1’s significant denting… and this was when we still had you know Fu’ as big-whistle, granted. Tho’ we still have his stank and bronco just got his Qb1 cowboy1 back.

Raleigh is perfectly correct here men— uva could get truly fu’gly.
And if his @Miami efforting take is accurate?

Well then, my Talent take is, too… high!


…and the Portal itself is about to drain that which is only half, fu’ll.

Un-Dox that… ☮️ut!
You bet!




Virginia Tech=26, Miami=38




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  1. The only remedy to a fugly Hoo game will be the announcement of a top line coach . Beat UVa!

    1. …we prolly need a litttttle hoo-help.

      Maybe physically test that dinged-up Qb1, too!


  2. The portal itself is about to drain that which is half fu,ll

    And there it is, ‘streets call of the cold fish of reality. Will Hokie nation be patient and hang in supporting the players, coaches next and staff. Re set expectations for a while? Time will tell.

    One thing for certain is we aren’t entitled to anything. And the other teams around won’t lose any sleep that VT is tango uniform.

    Big stakes whit is opening into after losing last go around. I really wonder if the solution to the coaching staff and player talent deficit equation is “known”. “Same old” results in mostly same old? The road is littered with many programs who tried to do everything under the sun right – and still can’t return to glory no matter how hard and often they churn staff.

    There be dragons, there.

    Hope someone is whispering in whit’s ear something like – how to become the “flavor of the month” is not a math/logic assessment. Last i looked, we have a pretty good Marketing curriculum. Apply it to help the new crew. What is VTs slogan in the vein of memorable sayings “where’s the beef”, the steel curtain, air Coryell, monsters of the midway?

    King whit, pull forth Excalibur.

    1. …we need sexcaliber!

      LOL… let’s hope Eye’ma reeeeeaaaaallllly ‘rong on this Talent take.

      Tho’… how well will Talent now fit Coach Next is trap-blocking my mind as well..

      a bravo-zulu post too!

  3. Might be tough for fans, but if the 2022 talent is just so-so, less impending losses to the portal as there will undoubtedly be, the new coach will probably appreciate the way it will end up level-setting expectations. One of the things that started dogging Fuente in 2018 was the way he was going backwards in win totals from his 1st year. That’s not likely to be the case this time around, as anyone with 2 adjacent brain cells can look at the program’s existing depth chart, its distribution of players from freshman to senior, the 2020 and 2021 recruiting classes, and quickly realize that Virginia Tech is about to hit a gigantic hole in the roster that can’t be fixed by anything short of the greatest incoming transfer portal coups of all time.

    1. that’s a good fu’ neg-slope and coach Next (hopefully) a positive slope take.

      Way to RISE up!
      (Eye’ll be borrowing that… good1).


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