Miami Eye in the Sky!

Virginia Tech=14, Miami=2o

…tough work here during any tough year. : (

Virginia Tech football is a hurtful looking 2 up against 5 down with a pretty likely 2 up against 6 down pending once we get unPacked.

The Hokies are now officially 8 games beneath .5oo in their last virtual 3-years of play. Like it or lump it, they are L’ers. To say anything else is to lie and as we all know… lying is fo’ rugs. Here we also know is where real men congregate and speak truth to the power. The truth is… this once-powerful football program is a bit short-circuited nowadays. They are mo’ parts 11ov or domestic. Long gone are the beat you black-n-blue Big East industrial strength 220v and steal your lunch money A.c.c. squads. This is gonna be a tough row to hoe, and this may just be a long row to hoe to boot. Nonetheless, here are some modified Tech Thoughts, midterm grades, and so forth… as the Eye Wide Shut dabbles in the off-week off-format yet again.

2Q o:oo remaining:
Did enjoy seeing the (male) cheerleader rabbit-ear the Hokiebird from behind at intermission. At least someone knows how to make lemonade when the game {sic: day} gives you lemons.


King(s) to Queen’s Level… III?

4Q full remaining:
Pry already has 3 VeeTee Bowl rings!
That is kinda cool… Eye wonder if he ever gets a 4th?

Still 2nd in the Ivy and gaining on Bill & Mary!
Eye’ma not sure we always had enuff helmets on the LOS?

Game duration for the 3rd-straight-week:
Don’t wanna hit this one too hard, tho’ Eye’ma not the one to ignore the same in the interest(s) of being P.urely C.hicken, either.

There are a loooottttta dings showing up upon breaking tape this campaign of late.

Including guys taking/signaling themselves out in this game here.

Now, I do hope I’am ‘rong; tho’ it is starting to make me wonder just a bit, how ’bout …you?

4Q duration:
Did anyone else catch (foreshadowing, maybe, intended) our oLine stancing on obvious passing-downs? Clearly, they were plenty worried about the Miami quicks and outright speed(s) upfront on the ‘Cane dLline to shift into these really oddball 2-point pass-pro’ stances.

And yah; Eye know… maybe they had no choice?

Tho’ it was a totally obvious play-call giveaway that you gotta keep honest with a Qb or Thomas-draw play-call just to give them something (else) to think about at least once in a while.

4Q 3:20 remaining:
Are no-names now how you are allowed to full-dress a homesteading squad?

…can you now duplicate in triplicate if you omit the: Surname?

4Q 0:00 remaining:
{sic: on Offense} …we’ve got to be difficult enough, we can’t just be vanilla.”

Time To Throw (TTT)Β©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=7
Qb hurried=2
Qb hits=15 (1 TD run tho’!)

Qb pressured=8
Qb hurried=2
Qb hits=1o (1 TD throw).

In all candor?

It may be coaching the verb or a minor miracle that we were within 1-score of da U in this one here. As ‘yes’, the TTT metric did get the winner correct, tho’ this look here suggests -and pretty strongly- a multi-score VomiT of a ‘rong way day.

Seriously, T.V.D. was sacked twice, and that is not the worst worst mathematics of all time. Tho’ he had 4 ‘hot’ or “go” runs that he saw something on and headed up north best he could. In point of fact, this was his second-best rushing day in one day short of a year if you are keeping score at home! Kra-kra ain’t it?

As his dropback wheels won 22-yards less the sacking for a rarefied pocket Qb1 positive net day of +13-yards to the good. This only confirms what we sawβ€” as we (generally) saw a decently clean pocket, and we sure saw a Qb1 who invites, loves, and hits mo’ than his fair share of a high degree of difficulty throws. Seriously, again; T.V.D. reminded me a bit of Roger ‘the dodger’ Staubach in hitting things downfield that were very thready as threading the proverbial needle itself goes. (And then his guys dropped 4 throws, one prolly housing if for a full 6 no less). T.V.D. of an obscene 411.6 Qb-RTG in-game after most of the 1Q of work! He also broke his Hurricane seasonal ceiling by a swell 6-points in the stricter QBR metric on top of that.

Again, this too only confirms that this one very well coulda been and prolly shoulda been… worse.

(o) (o)

On the other side, we were looking at g.Well’s warming up pre-game. Now, he is not as high-end speedy in line as BAX, tho’ he is a good deal more inflated than BAX upstairs. Like a more power-lifting Baywatch lifeguard if you will.

And he needed every oz. of it on Saturday as ‘burlap’ was his favorite color as he lived and came up shaky looking once in the 2nd-half off of an in-the-sack 25/8 flavored day.

Not a weak-sauce kid to ingest/suffer this much contacting and live to fight another day folks.

That fairly stuck… 4-drops with a staggering 7-misses and with 7-sacks registered against, on what was technically nearly 40-called pass-plays in the huddle day is just too dang much! That is too many passes if you wanna out-physical the All-Charmin Conference. That is too many hits on your Qb1, and that is a possibility -at least- of having hit 25 outta 31 throws. Maybe mo’ if you Global Passing Satelite some of those misses in… and suddenly your registered -and not too shabby, all things considered- 63.4% passing day morphs into a passing fancy day of at least 75.7% on butterfingers (one which should have gone for 6) alone.

“Aye”, Eye already knows… if my Aunt Kim had nutz-n-a-bolt she’d be my Uncle, Tim?
Tru dat.

β–„ β–„ β–„ β–„β–„β–„ β–„β–„β–„ β–„β–„β–„ β–„ β–„ β–„

^^^click me^^^

Then… and to his credit, g.Wells went old-school Mad-Libs or sandlot several successful times and nearly just made things up as he went along on our two scoring drives. Most of which were from our hurry-up or No Huddle-Shotgun sets. Where Thomas and Gallo rose up and made several useful plays with Wells on the move. This broke the shape (or fills) of the MiaFla D. And in the preview, they were outta shape in near pee-wee-looking terms vs. U.n.c. quite a bit. The wonderment is… are g.Wells and this stammering offense really equipped to look good making it up as they go along; or, was Miami so fundamentally impoverished as to merely go along with it? Or, do they really only need 56-yards gift-wrapped from Miami totally bonehead defensive penalties during those two scoring 4Q rally-cap drives? Hmmmm…

Tho’ there is at least a little 117th-ranked Ξ£ or Total O headroom here;
somewhere, methinks.

Blocking Analysis:
Well, after a slight to at least a little betterment post-w.V.u., things have flattened out. Not worse, not better, just flat on the overall pie-chart looks itself. Tho’ pass-pro (obviously) just went to hell in a handbasket. Granted.

Or to put it a final way… there is prolly not much mo’ blood left to squeeze from this Hokiestone blocking-rock for Rudolph. They have their best run-fit ‘Back (Thomas; who does fall/lean forward well to be so spindly looking) in return. There is prolly not much mo’ they can ’22 do. 56th in TFL (tackles for a loss) allowed is prolly who they are.

The only Q is… how many mo’ truly athletic dLines will they have to passing V-cup
suffer after this Homecoming Qb1 shellacking in 2o22 A.D.?
Two pretty streaky nudist colony guys here…

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)Β©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| |||| (1 VT TD! 1 VT fumble! 2 da U penalties)
Swiss (neutral): ||||
negative: |||| |||| |||| || (1 VT flag, 1 da U penalty)

positive: |||| |||| |||| (1 TD! 1 da U penalty, 3 VT flags)
Swiss (neutral): |||| ||||
negative: |||| |||| |||| |||| (4 da U penalties)

Lo.FM Analysis:
Well, here yet again(s), is why you run the maths not yo’ mouf men!

Did not feel like this to me in-game either…

However, it took a staggering nearly 33-minutes of scrumming before we surrendered a negative or Lo.FM sack! This is on a downright leaky or negative pass-pro’ day of a dibble passing V-cup of NOT keeping po’ g.Wells upright and erect in the pocket.

Nutty -bad extended metaphor- ain’t it?

Meaning… two, that is (2), as in only two of our Qb sacks allowed were allowed under Lo.FM circumstances!

Poker-face much? Tipping? Showing-n-Telling? 71.4% (5βž—7) much?
And here it gets even weirder, Miami hit all less one sack post-intermission!
Miami also tallied sacks vs. at least “2-Mississippi” of backyard/sandlot timed rush. Or a couple of coverage sacks where the V-cup held up okay to decently enuff and nobody came open on the play.

So, Eye moved this below award up to here…

🏈 πŸ‘οΈ.Q. Award Winner:
Da U defensive staff for whatever they saw/caught and adjusted to during halftime itself. As they went ‘Trapper” John and swamped po’ g.Wells post-intermission. As yet another 3o4 imported Qb1 named: “Grant” pays the went to the 24o6o price.

DubVee Wild (Wonderful) ain’t it?

(o) (o)

That praise is rightfully bestowed… these two teams must assuredly pre-game on Sloppy Joe’s, plural.

As they each were their own worst enemies and befriended the other side time-n-time again. Twelveteen Lo.FM ‘tweets’ or yellow-laundry throw between ’em combined. As neither team is Coach L. van Beethoven football or much when it comes to the art of composure itself.

The difference is… T.V.D. and Miami hit several Lo.FM plays (four), greater than 2-n-long or even beyond 3rd-n-10 measurements. i.e., the ‘Canes have play-makers we have not known the likes of in seasons plural.

Tackling analysis:
Up-n-down day to be sure.

It was better to begin, it got worse, then it rallied a bit and bettered to close. They are Senior heavy and that’s a mature/matriculated upper-class favored look. That would seem to encode for better leadership by-the-bye. Hopefully, that is a cultural encouragement. (See: below).

The best thing so '22 far is R.A.T.T., ...what(s)?

View Results

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the takeaway...

Well, here are the midterm letter grades…
…and yah; not a metric ton to be taken with here, is there?

Now, this was one mixed-up set of ratings… as they graded pretty close to average or above average in most National metrics on D. And substantially well below middleocore in the same team categories over on O.

Caveat being… Dt A-gap plugging has been a pleasant surprise. Tis’ may just upgrade the whole second layer all by the presence of his presence in lieu of the presence of his absence. And the starting 1’s in the secondary are none too shabby. Tho’ we are really dinged-up or just missing P.T. on a very senior-heavy D. That is an under-classed look.

On O… k.Smith is having a good year when he is out there and playing (health) free. Both our Rb1 and Rb1a average close to 5 ypg and β‰ˆ6 ypg. That does not suck.

The monition being… do they have any headroom left whatsoever?huh?
As you prolly will not see King+Thomas out there at the very same time.

That means, what little offensive weaponry we do 2o22 actually deploy?
Well, 33% of it watches the other 67% of it nearly 100% of the time.

Do you see what Eye mean?

Dang… as that is a Rubix Cube missing a few stickers of a stickler typea personnel or grouping problem for Glenn and Bowen to rotate through and try to sort out.

…as they can only really get 1o of their Top-11 out there together at the very same time; which effectively leaves their Top-4 in a 1 hole on most any given play.



xxx‘s & ooo‘s

g.Wells is getting a little seasonally better… right?

Generally favorable overall trending since WVa.

Or, is g.Wells rather getting a little in-game, worse?

Virtually everything worsens in-game!

Well, if you ask us -and you did via reading these very words- if you ask us?

This speaks to one of several things to us…

  1. Are we front-loading our pre-game scripting with each and every single ‘go’ play we gots? (Or, do we just not have many ‘go’ plays no matter where we load ’em?)
  2. Does he have some kinda hidden throw-game ding? Like throwing his arm-out in-game? Or just a tired arm later on? There are no whispers here to be clear. Tho’, it does make you wonder…
  3. Or, was Pry (the ex-Qb1 his ownself, recall) correct up top?

Is this ’22 O this dang predictable and therefore easy to counterpunch with or out-fox our Hokiebird in-game?

Admittedly, they only have a few even semi-keeper pieces to play offensive football with here.

Or, maybe they should place a ‘smoke-n-mirrors’ phone call to Corn’ and Fu’ stat?

Because the decline in, in-game stats outweighs the uptick in season stats with Thomas Rb1, back.

formulae football:
…favored nobody here.

As in nobody wanted to clean their game up.
This means each somebody will get upset by someone if they are not remainder of ’22 careful indeed.

The Rest of the Story...

Whisky Tango Foxtrot is the Tau Sigma Lambda I used to know?

The sportlight...

…here in the sportlight, we found this clinical quantification or Coach Spock science fact to leave all of you OPEN or BYE date with…

You gotta give Prybar and Co. those championship rounds 10-9, maybe even 10-8 in their favor.

As lesser Venus Tech typea men would have folded their pup tents up and gone the final 10-15 minutes home. When being outgained by a whopping +256% yardage margin at the commission of 4Q play!

This after a miserable 36β€² or thirty-six-feet gained in the 3Q of scrumming for dear ole V.P.I.!!!

Goodness gracious, that stinks to high-Heaven with kickback.

What with the ‘Canes leading for β‰…80% of this game and pitching a goose egg or shutout for the .8 same!

Truly; a buncha swallows could not have sucked this one up down nil-2o.
Did, not

So, at least they did not spit the bit and let go of the preview’s “Big Blow” O&M rope.
There is that. They bit down as hard as they ending/closing could and that is something.


The only rejoinder to you is… is it Gah.Tech=the beginning of a possible post-season four-game single elimination play-off, run hard enuff?

Time is the greatest critic of them all.
β€”Coach George Burns

And time will… tell.


Virginia Tech=14, Miami=2o

β€œLETS GO!”






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