Miami football preview of Virginia Tech

#13 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #7 R.P.I. Miami:

This week Miami Hurricane football hosts a suddenly resurgent Virginia Tech at 8pm on A.b.c.

Usually this Coastal Divisional football scrum has been a -or been the- deciding factor in your early November primary voting. Exit polls this year are poised to agree; as several are already calling this made for TV prime-time date a play-off eliminator. And that brings us effortlessly enough to our word of the day…

Today’s word of the day is… renascent!

re·na·scent (rĭ-nā′sənt, -năs′ənt)

adjective, Latin
  1. Coming again into being; showing renewed growth or vigor.
  2. Springing again into being.
  3. Both once proud Big East schools in their last two A.c.c. seasons.

Virginia Tech coordinator Coach: Bud Foster: age=58, (7-1  year; 214-79 overall); has a rep’ for physical defenses, aggression, forcing teams to become uno-dimensional, inflicting turnovers and advancing (not covering) the same.
$950,000.oo (with a $300K annual retention bonus)

Baller Foster Foster went to high school in Nokomis, Illinois. As 1981 graduate of Murray State University, Foster himself played Ss and OLb from 1977 to 1980.

Coach Foster began his coaching career as a grad’ assistant at Murray State in 1981, Frank Beamer’s first season as the head coach. After two years as a graduate assistant he coached OLb’s for three seasons before taking over both Lb spots in 1986. He also served as the Racers’ recruiting coordinator and worked with their special teams.

Foster then moved with head coach Beamer to Virginia Tech in 1987 and became the ILb’s coach. He then coached the OLb’s for the next five seasons. Foster assumed the position of co-defensive coordinator in 1995 and took over as the sole defensive coordinator in 1996 while maintaining his ILb coaching duties in addition. Coach Foster has fostered 40 different Hokie draftees and 17 different Gobbler defending all-Americans.

  • Since Foster took over sole reins as Tech’s defensive coordinator in 1996, the Hokies lead all D-1 programs in sacks (749.o), sack yardage (5,177); interceptions (337) and INT return touchdowns (44), while owning a share of the nation’s best mark in third-down defense with a 31.6 conversion rate.
  • Virginia Tech is third in scoring D since 1996 (17.4 ppg allowed) and 2nd in Total D (3o3.1 ypg) over the same time-frame!
  • Since the start of the 1996 season the Hokies are 2nd among FBS squads in pass defense (187.8 ypg), 4th in takeaways (552) and 6th in rushing defense (115.3 ypg).

    This guy is a: STUD. 100%.
  • Thanks to his opportunistic defenses, Virginia Tech owns an insane +12o turnover differential dating back to 1996, while 5o0 different defensive players have scored a total of 77 TDs!
  • Blacksburg has truly become a no-passing zone under his direction. Since the start of the 1996 campaign, Tech has permitted the lowest completion percentage (50.5%) of any F.B.S. team, while owning the nation’s highest INT percentage (4.5%) and the lowest TD/INT differential (0.75) over that span.
  • WOWOW!!!
  • he sucks!

Coach Foster won the A.F.C.A. Defensive Coordinator of the Year (2ooo) award and later won the 2oo6 Frank Broyles Award winner for top kick assistant coach in America. He was #1 in total defense in all of D-1 in 2oo5 and 2oo6. Foster has been whispered to be in contention for several head coaching jobs over the years: (w.v.u., Illinois, Florida even Clemson); curiously enough; always the bridesmaid, and never the bride.

Bud is married to Jacqueline Foster with three kids – Grant, Amy and Hillary and two grandkids – Jaiden and Braxton.

Hokie 2o16 record: 10 up 4 down and 6-2 in the A.c.c.

V.P.I. Defense: (starters back=8)

  • 9th in Total D.
  • 13th vs. the run.
  • 14th vs. the throw.
  • 7th in pass efficiency D.
  • 3rd in 3rd down conversion % allowed!
  • 2nd in scoring D allowed (11.5 ppg)!
  • 6th in 1st down D (generates a lotta Lo.FM’s)!
  • 24th in defensive TD’s scored!
  • 12th in zone D.
  • 38th in Qb’s sacked | 9th in Tackles for a Loss (TFL) inflicted!
  • 7th best at power D | 18th in stuff rate.
  • 46th in dLine Havoc. And here you thought the ’16 gobbling Dt’s were a bitch! As the 2017 Hokie Dt’s may lack a little quicks and sum experience vis-à-vis their ’16 forefathers, and that’s about all the really bulky Settle and the rather lumpy Walker lack. As each specimen Dt is bettering as I type. Tim (Settle) is a pro’ Ng. Walker is prolly a pro’ camper. Dt depth here is starting left-De Mihota and maybe about 1/2 a back-up; though still, if these two get off the field and  stay rested these two will get-off on your G-c-G internal blocking trifecta way more often than not. De is pretty dang solid if not spectacular; big-Vin Mihota is run solid if pass rush and zone blitz triple shoulder injury and double shoulder surgery reduced –whereas Hill on the right side may press for 2nd or 3rd string all-conference on pass rushing acumen itself by the time he’s a senior in 2o19. As this is a bear-pit strong starting front-4. Don’t believe me? Just ask: 26.5 TFL, 10 sacks and 1o5 total stops combined. And the vibes say the Gaines kid is making a move at De. This on a larger than normal Hokie front-4.
  • 84th in Linebacking Havoc is prolly a bit misleading as Tech really only fields two inside-Linebacking twins full time with a third pseudo OLb turned nomenclature Rover gone glorified Slot-fighting third Db more often than not. As the Gobblers unleash a very, highly matriculated Mike-Lb (Motuapuaka) and a possible 1st-rounder at the other ILb (Tre.Edmunds). These two only amount to: 127 total tackles. Great for 14 TFL, 4 sacks, 5 fumbles, 1 INT, 7 Qb hurries and 10 passes defensed. Or in other words… the Tua’ kid is matured and therefore solid enough and one of the two Edmunds brothers is prolly gone. As in… pro’. That’s a 2o18 problem about 125 other D-1 football teams would love to have.

    VT 40 base.
  • 5th in Secondary Havoc. And yet conspicuously and shockingly enough, only 120th best in ISOPP or in giving up a few really “potent” big plays; go fig’ on that. As this Foster hind-4 or 5¢ brings something in the vivacity of the very same four or five fringe quality next level ballers. Metrics wise this is a really good looking secondary, heighty, nice bulk; as shorties, shrimps and small-fries need not apply and this superior size only aids and abets Foster’s iso’ man-on-man island looks all the more. Not real sure there is a surefire Kam Chancellor here on film? Though I am sure there are about a handful of N.f.l. campers here; even if there is no true home position Fs here. And Cb turned Fs -and the other Edmunds’ brother- Terrell’s 48% success rate as about as elite as they get. As Foster is fielding and rotating a slew of highest possible B+++ to lowercase A- coverage kids here.
  • All of the modern ISO and S&P+ Foster run-fits rank 24th or better. So the Hokie run-fits not only check out here; they appear to still be improving of all things upon breaking tape. Nonetheless, 11th in overall Havoc is about as disruptive as it gets and the hints posit that Foster thinks this could be his best defense of all-time if they all 2018, return. In the meantime the days of exploiting the ‘Tua kids tiptoe run-fits seem to be gone and yet the composite T&F (track and field) pursuit speed remains. As competing against a stop-unit of this caliber is really all about choosing between the lesser of two evils or bringing someone(s) at least of an all-conference caliber ilk themselves, and then straight ahead battering-ram hammering that O&M screw until it disappears. (This helps negate all of that aformentioned Foster T&F lateral speed). As the only thing separating Foster from a pure A+++ letter-grade is a couple of botched coverage’s and about as many HR plays that went to the Hokie house. Nevertheless, make no misQ here, this is one of the better coached and one of the most talented Top-11 Hokie defenses in the last quarter century.
  • mid-script: READERs note: this is a single-gap system; not an individual assignment set. As you have the A-gap and I have the B-gap. Not you have Fb and I have Hb and who has the Qb?!? Accordingly, rushing Qb’s have been a bugbear for this amphetamine looking mosh-pit in the last several seasons.

Defensive letter-grade:

Vah.Tech Offense: (returning starters=5)

  • 32nd in Total O.
  • 51st in aerial O.
  • 38th in ground O.
  • 19th in team passing efficiency.
  • 55th in 3rd down conversion %.
  • 21st in 1st down O. (does not allow many Lo.FM’s).
  • 7th fewest fumbles!
  • 42nd in sacks allowed | 51st in TFL allowed.
  • 57th in efficiency | 50th in explosion.
  • 70th in power success rate.
  • 8th in starting field-position | tho’ 86th in finishing drives.
  • Rookie Pivot Joshua Anthony Jackson is the #1 freshman Qb in all the land. A shiny 2,032 yardage marker, on a good enough 62% at a 17:4 passing ratio all conspire to say so. Nevertheless, there are other things to be said about the 22nd ranked Qb (per Rivals) coming out of high school. As to me it is fair(est) to say that Jackson is a Rolex quality game-manager who plays with a Timex burst. As his 2017 performance ceiling may not be real far removed from his career roof. Joshua has a decent enough top-speed, although not much in the way of twitch or acceleration or even outright moves/jukes heading downfield. He has a okay enough arm with good zip out to about 30-35 yards though nothing truly gunning beyond that. He has a few high and out in front misses on tape and has forced and gotten away with a few more throws in the last month of scrimmaging. Or in other words this kids pretty damn good for a rook’, and yet pretty good may be all he will ever be. As it sure looks like you wanna keep the shorter 6′ Joshua bottled up and inside the cup where his lack of said north-south burst will become even more vertically apparent as a covered play enters the real of can you self-create and improv’? Ditto his penchant for deflections or tipping -yes, tipping, counts. Finally, and almost hidden enough, Joshua has not completed more than 50% of his passes in three days short of a month by the time 8pm Saturday night rolls around. And that leaves one wondering if there is a hidden throw-game ding/dent here or if this is a rookie Qb merely hitting the proverbial, wall? (As his comp’ percentage has dropped an alarming 11% since Sept.)

    VT base Spread O:
  • 124th in Rushing ISOPPP and a well below average 94th best in Rushing S&P+ do not paint a Rembrandt run-game picture. Tb via quad’ committee is the Fuente rule as there are no less than four divergent Tb parts in play here. A grinder (Peoples), a glider (T.McMillian), a combination-Back (McClease, coming off a good game) and a fan-favorite scat-Back (Fox). Each has a roll to fill and yet neither one is good enough to sit the other three. As this O has turned a former 1,o42 rookie rushing potential thoroughbred (T.Mac’) into a ~650 quarter-horse. This is also more of a 110v rushing set as this ground game lacks juice with only one carry north of 34 yards thus far (and no carries >45)! Additionally notice that virtually four hundred (396) Hokie rushing yards are not born of Hokie Rb’s. As only one Tech ball-carrier has an opportunity rate >47% (Qb2, AJ Bush, 69%). And the Hokie Rb’s are the 124th easiest Rb’s to tackle in the land; wow!
  • The Hokie catch-game is decent enough and led by no less than a 1st-string all-conference Wr (Cam Phillips). Cam has been dinged up of late and on top of that, with slot starter C.J. Carroll out indefinitely, while no Hokie Wr has a catch rate in excess of a very adequate looking 69%. This however could be viewed as being in excess of previous tropical depression August catch-rate forecasts. The Hokies only have one grab north of 53 yards every bit as much as they do enjoy no less than eight full snags at 34 yards or better. Or in other words, even if this is not a Daryle Lamonica mad-bomber offensive set, it has a very handsome enough medium gaining element to it and two mediums do = one big. As the Savoy (catch and jet-sweep game) at Wr and the Keene Te/H-back kid have both been coming on of late. So  this Tech catch crew may very well finish November crispy enough.
  • The Hokie Oline has shown more of pulse in the last two seasons under new oLine coach Vance Vice. The left side -with two possible Pro’s- is/was the stronger and more experienced side until the leg whip from behind was suffered by zeus built right-Ot Nijman on last Saturday night. As it should be noted that this was a 3-Guard basketball looking offensive set with lifer back-up G (Chung) now starting at right-Ot. This ’17 Hokie oLine has been better than average in the trenches and through the air. It has improved; and does appear to play better later on as the game wears on; thanks in no small part to obviously increased C play (Gallo). It is also a bit more physical than the Stacy and Newsome incarnations were, although still not very deep as the starters (mostly) tend to go the distance here. And if anything run-blocking could very well move out in front of pass-protect if the Jurassic looking P.Osterloh has to go at blindside-Ot in lieu of Nijman on Saturday night; God Bless.
  • There is something about what some dumbass Hokie writer calls the: “fu’fense” that comes off a little bit smoke-n-mirrors on film. Or to put it another way entirely, this is the #1 ranked Gestalt Offensive set in the land and as that very writer likes to opine: “that’s coaching, the, verb.” As the staffing appears to be north of the balling (or players) at least in 2017 film-study terms here.
  • On tape this is an offense predicated upon establishing an early East-West screen-pass and/or run-fit stretch that slow morphs into a short to medium downfield passing horizontal stretch before it finally goes for a latent Anthony Joshua ‘esque kayo punch late. Though make no mistake folks, this is a more physical offense for all of its triple-mesh point finesse and countering backfield looks early on. It is also a offense that slowly gets better and better at inflicting its will as the game wears on or the other team wears down. It is also a tempo needy quick hitting offense with a good 5 in 10 plays just beyond, at or just behind the “bang-bang” football line-of-scrimmage (LOS). Acupuncture as an offense goes if you will as there are numerous immediate to the LOS pressure points for such a needling offensive set. This O however is not a long-throwing or long protecting O. This quick-hitting of an O can help to mask any sustained blocking inefficiencies efficaciously enough. As even with somewhat downgraded skill-set parts; this Hokie staff is manufacturing -if not conjuring- offensive yards and that’s a lot of things, though being short on coaching acuity is not among them. (Now just imagine Blacksburg, Va. populous with another Tyrod Taylor or Ryan Williams mega talents plugged into this O; geez! Because if they are doing this with so-so to B- parts…)
  • The one true caveat to all of this O&M offensive betterment since the previous Staff is: passing down performance. Where Virginia Tech ranks no better than 112th best in all three passing down categories! Or in other words, you’d better win 1st down- and force Fuente to navigate Lo.FM’s with a non long hitting O if you want to carry the muy bueno day.
  • 58% run:pass 42% mix.

Offensive letter-grade:

Gobbler Special Teams: (1 returns)
Virginia Tech is 12th in Net Punting as imported 6′1′′, 2o2 lb. t-Fresh. Aussie Rules punter Oscar Bradburn  is sharper than one of Paul Hogan’s knives. And his punt game is pretty serrated to boot as this is a very pensive and downright elegant public speaker —as you’d have to bet the over on his hang-time with the girls, accordingly. Hokie hints say the Sydney native can punt with both legs which would CW and CCW spiral the football in each direction. Big leg, good directional kicker, has the look and feel of a possible Pro’ or at least an all-conference kick in a year or three. His long of 54 is a bit deceiving as there is not enough room on sum of his punts to truly 155mm howitzer that leg. Oscar is a graduate of the much vaunted ProKick Australia school, a training facility in Melbourne just for next level Rugby legwork.

  • 20th in Punt Returns (with 2 TD’s) | 24th in KO returns.
  • 5th in punt coverage | 51st in suicide-squad.
  • VT has blocked 3 kicks and allowed 1 kick to be blocked.
  • VT has blocked 2 punts and allowed no punts to be blocked.

Final year, 5′11′′, 213 lb, Joey Slye holds a lotta the Tech kicking record book right on the tip of his toes. Nevertheless, he has been erratic at times this year with several so-called push misses and a blocked FGA; all of which slot him as a 65% K overall. Upon further inspection however, we see that although Joey can kick it from here to Georgia -just ask his Pro’ level KO return touchback mark or nearly 89%- although sometimes it lands in… Alabama. As for having such a Steve Austin bionic leg, Joey only fields two makes beyond 37 {sic: yards} —go fig’ on that? Joey also courts four P.A.T. career misses and Hokie K2 (Brian Johnson) has not missed any thus far this campaign. In his only high school track season, Joey finished all-state in both the shot put and discus, then he won the Va.H.S. state foūtball title while finishing all-state as a Lb and K kicker in football alike! Accordingly, Joey the ex-Lb has 1o career tackles. As Joey’s first kick -hit or miss- sets the three time 100% day and four time 50% day tone no matter what. As Tim Hardaway streak shooters every where are… smiling. On a more serious note… Joey has a deceased older bro’ (A.J., leukemia); may St.Joseph, bless!

Hokie Special Teams letter-grade: just a scosche more KO coverage and Slye being just a little less shy on makes and this would be an A+++ ST’s unit. A Seems about right at this stage.

Unit Rankings:

  1. VT D.
  2. Miami O.
  3. VT O and Miami D (tie).


  • motive: lot to play for, for both sides. A Miami win nearly clinches the Coastal with GT and VT wins in hand. Although a Hokie win and Tech controls their own Coastal destiny. Edge=Even.
  • weather: 82º hi/71º lo. (Coach God wiling, looks good as of Monday)
  • health: Push. Both teams with dings & dents and out’s for the year. God Bless.
  • penalties: VT has been sharp here; and although Richt has helped the ‘Canes Tech is still ahead. Edge=VT.
  • intangibles: +.75 or 19th in Turnover Margin, 14th best in Q3 football (or halftime adjustment(s)), 22nd in TOP (time of possession), and a metric ton of special team(s) hidden yardage tilts this one to Tech. XL Edge=VT.
  • fatigue: This is the U’s 7th weekend in a row of balling out and VT is +6 on rest in the last three weeks. Noticeable edge=VT.


Honestly, right now the best team in the A.c.c. Coastal Division is... who???

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Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Hokies who could start @Miami=7

the takeaway:

The takeaway here is… that a renascent Virginia Tech football has been positive in their yardage margin ever since their head-scratching win vs. w.v.u. in the one-hole. With two very good outings, two superlative outings, and two good enough outings… all conspiring to sum up to a nifty looking +1,419 cumulative yardage total. Or a whopping +2o2 yardage advantage per game ever since. Per the old-school rule of thumb, about a 20 point victory per week on average.


And here’s the kicker… on tape the Hokies look like their halt-unit is still actually tightening/constricting, their O -although somewhat flat as line-of-best-fit slope goes- is still pretty good and their special-teams are only a couple of FG-makes removed from stunning!


  1. Δ1=40% chance that Da U wins a close to medium one at home. As there are those close to the Hokie program wondering when that 2o16 Syracuse/Georgia Tech sour apple game whereby that former giraffe necked Hokiebird that lays a egg is bound to turn up?
  2. Δ2=40% chance that this one is too close to call and goes right down to the single play wire. Toss-up. Pick ’em. Even. Push. With a possibility of… extra innings.
  3. Howsoever, there is a Δ3=20% chance per our handy-dandy friend the so called Forum Guide that avers a blow-out. And it avers one in VT’s favor when common opponents are compared head-to-head (Duke & U.n.c.) VT is expected to win here by +22 points and +184 in total yardage margin this game! wow!

upset Index=50%, a coin-toss game.

Virginia Tech=medium 20’s, Miami=medium 20’s, 1OT.

(as right now methinks this one is a race to 21, maybe 24, first team there, wins!)




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    1. No Sir.
      At least not yet anywho.

      Just wanted to do a preview in reverse.
      Previewing -and therefore- dissecting Virginia Tech (for a change).

      My early (non-binding lean) is VT by a half to a full play. (give/take)
      (though what I wrote is binding; as this is very close to an even game)


      1. Actually, mathematically, you did pick Miami. You gave them a 40% chance to win close, assigned another 40% chance to “toss up” and then 20% chance to VT blowout.

        So Miami gets 40% plus (40% times .5 = ) 20% = 60%.

        Though perhaps with VT having a 20% blowout chance, maybe the ‘weighted average’ math becomes a 50/50.

        1. Ah, I see where he went, now.

          Yes. That would extrapolate correctly.
          Beyond weighting, as you say.

          Though the upset% was set to 50% as well.
          (i.e. a PUSH or non-pick)


  1. The Hokies defense is playing lights out we’re more rested and we always played good on the road I think the Hokies win this 10 +

    1. I’ll take by 1 on the corrupt Russian judges scorecard and call the whole shebang off right now.
      Get this W. Get back on the bus. Get back on the plane. Start teaching the FlexBone.

      As we MUST sweep the next two weeks –(and possibly the rest of the year) to get the Coastal birth.
      (as 2 L’s would put us 1 A.c.c. game behind Miami even with the head-to-head tie break since they did best F.s.u.)


    1. Okay……….so this reverse look was worth while?

      I kinda like it myself.
      At least it’s, different.

      Maybe mid-year and end year from here on out?


  2. In Da U fan speak:
    Yo, Yo Yo, Yo B’Street, It feelz as if U be thinkin’ Da U may go down to this bunch of key shakin’ Butterballs. I say we ain’t no Smithfield Thanksgiving feast down here in South Beach, we sport da U=Lace, the ultimate playa photo shoot op on TV, to highlight our individualisms. Just caz Foster D is tuff, don’t mean our marshmallow Oline can’t tie ’em up as you know Coach Searlz is master of holding. Manny Diaz D is ready for said Joshua QB, cause he ain’t no Moses and inspite our Coach R will lead to the promise land, or so he sayz in 2019, or 2020, or 21 man. So get ready Hokies cause just cause our QB Rizer is n uh sling, and our best run B is n cast, & our D spends mo time posin’ for the TV in U=Lace than practicing don’t mean we can’t win dis game. $crew what Vega$ thinks 2, man
    Peace out Homie.

    DA U,
    Smoke, Tote, cauz we no joke.

    1. Your nom de plume fits as you my friend are crazy. I love me some BS reads, but in his head…..

  3. Do they have coach Stacy now?
    I DNKT?

    Yah; where is that JAX w.v.u. run game?
    We may need it, here?

    Though I was told they pulled those plays -they HAD saved just for Klempson- in the Tiger game as JAX was gonna get killed. So maybe they burn them here?



  4. Anybody worried about the program’s poor record in top ten road matchups? I agree that the Hokies will have to win out to win the Coastal. That’s a tall order for any team with a RFrosh QB.

    1. Clearly you understand what you are talking about… taking O&M contacts out for a moment and yah; it is a tall order. Possibly, very.

      Tho’ I’m hoping those former Staff trends are F5-keystroke or: “refreshed” right now.

      If not gone outright.


  5. VT plugs the middle and cuts that running off. They will win this game. Somebody has to stay home in the middle. VT by 9 in this game. If not , Canes will win going away….

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