Miami football preview!

#74 R.P.I. Virginia Tech #43 R.P.I. Miami:

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  2. VeeTee football for the last slow-fall 3.5-years!
  3. VeeTee football for the next 12o-miniutes?
  4. …ask midnight Saturday nite!

Miami Head Coach: Manuel Alberto Diaz II: age=47, (19–15 overall and @Miami);
has a rep’ for being a good egg as a peep and for being a very industrious long-hours worker-bee as a coach. A defensive magus by trade; very itinerate coach. Really jumps around. The Larry Brown of defensive positions and of U.S.P.S. change of address labels. Tho’ a Linebacking rook-card coach. Really gifted in 2nd-layer terms. An Lb-whisper if there is such a thing.

Baller Diaz, is the son of former Cuban-American Miami mayor Manny Diaz, was born on March 13, 1974. At Miami Country Day High School, Diaz was a three-sport athlete in football, basketball, and baseball. In 1991, Diaz was a Miami Herald honorable mention All-Dade County Scholar-Athlete for football, basketball, and baseball.

A defensive coach with a scoring O @home!

After college Manny got into coaching at FLA.State. And here is his nearly who’s who of big-names and or really articulated halt-unit names on his way up through the defensive ranks. Bobby Bowden: Florida State (1998–1999), Chuck Amato: North Carolina State (2000–2005), Rick Stockstill: Middle Tennessee (2006–2009), Dan Mullen: Mississippi State (2010, 2015), Mack Brown: Texas (2011–2013), Skip Holtz: Louisiana Tech (2014), Mark Richt: Miami (FL) (2016–2018). That’s not cutting one’s proverbial teeth, that’s sharpening one’s defensive fangs! And notice as well, there are a couple of disciplinarians and a couple of ace recruiters in coach Diaz’s pedigree as well.

And by my count? Coach Manny has tallied an absurd… 41 national rankings 15th or better in the top national defensive statistical categories. With a sixth sense for Sacks and TFL (tackles for a loss) inflicted. Likewise, Turnovers gained and Manny once was a very creative/aggressive special-teams coach to boot.

Big Papi Diaz is considered the mastermind behind the extremely notorious “Turnover Chain”. A Cuban link chain with a charm in the shape of the school’s iconic “U” logo, designed by famed Miami jeweler Anthony John Machado, more commonly known as “A.J. The Jeweler.” Who lives in the 3o5.

Daddy Diaz served as a Production Assistant at ESPN. The last highlight reel he cut was the 1997 Masters. Diaz and his wife, Stephanie, live in Miami with their three sons:
Colin, Gavin, and Manny.

2o2o record: 5 up 5 down and 3-3 in the A.c.c.

Miami Defense: (starters back=1o)

  • 87th in Total D.
  • 54th vs. the run.
  • 115th vs. the throw.
  • 72dn in passing efficiency D.
  • 129th in zone D!!! (Penultimate from last!)
Base 43 look (nearly medium-man; regulation Fs/Ss toggle):
  • 7 in 1o in dLine Havoc. Most revealingly enuff… these Hurricanes chart, no, as in zero tacklers upfront in Da U’s tackling Top-10! #11 in halts is Nesta Jade Silvera. As Miami is (still) trying to replace three N.F.L.-bound defensive ends with one transfer and a slew of underclassmen with two total games of starting experience. Lotta green-wood on Da U fire here people. As total stud-Bookends: Jaelan Phillips on one side and Quincy Roche on the other— they combined for 12.5 sacks and 3o TFL (tackles for loss) are $unday gonzo. Zach McCloud is s decent internal pass-rusher; and Miami native now returnee per being an ex-Tennessee De1 Deandre Johnson is okay at the same; tho’ mo’ (negative-plays) were expected here. Freshman all-everything Jahfari Harvey has shown flashes then flashsback to inconsistent itself.  Even with less left behind; it seems like there is mo’ to do here. What with really bowling-ball looking: and good-sized Dt’s in 326 lb. Jonathan Ford and 311 lb. Nesta Jade Silverà inside. Jade is the closest, a big game from him could make a same-sized impact vs. the newfangled VeeTee internal run-shapes. Dt has some talent and maybe even more serviceable depth. Dline does start 3 Sr’s/r-Sr’s and is pretty well right-sized by-the-bye.

  • 4.5 of 1o in Linebacking Havoc. Linebacking seems jumbled up to us here. There is Talent, every bit as much as this talent wants for sorting itself. With Linebacker being a bit of a concern with some shuffling going on. 23o lb. second-year freshman Corey Flagg made 15 tackles (2o2o) and should push Bradley Jennings for P.T. (playing-time) at the Mike. Flagg has polled well enough, and Jennings might have moved likewise as ILb-twins go… tho’ Jennings has been out for nearly 10-quarters of ‘ball (God Bless, upper-body). So, 2o5 lb. Gilbert Frierson was/is a Safety playing Lb and now the third-leading tackler will play the hybrid Striker role. These guys ain’t bad so much as they are either not in good health or not in good (home-position) sorts.  Tho’ Lb3 Waynmon Steed has been a steading if not spectacular emergence thus far this fall. And frankly, they need his size out there, as the 2 OLb’s are pretty dang light in the wallet. As the 2nd-layer is prolly the weakest link here. Or, is it the rookie-chew Secondary?
  • 4 outa 1o in Secondary Havoc.  star safety Bubba Bolden and cornerback Tyrique Stevenson, who transferred to Miami from Georgia in January are both legit. The rest slot (pardon the pun) in between okay enough and trying to be good. Tho’ those two could very well be next-level Talent’s. Both have done it all… run-fills, pass-stops, even Stevenson with some sharp broken-field INT return yards quite plural. They even rush the Qb1! The pitfall has been their cutsie named: ‘Striker’ spot or a glorified Ss if you will. Which has bunted, balked, and at times struck out this campaign. Frierson (the striker) is a Tim Foli or contact-hitter for singles/doubles, not a power or clean-up batter. Cb is pretty deep tho’; although now Cb3 (DJ Ivey) will take your head off with New Guinea football when out there. Lotta transfers dot the defensive backfield here too… Cb2 Tyrique Stevenson from Georgia prolly being the replacement alpha among ’em. Tho’ rookie all-everything Fs Avante Williams has not (yet) been all dat and a: “snap”. The other (newer) Ss Williams is S/F sized from hoops. No joke, towering Ss2 here men. (6′5″, 232 lbs.)! They do play the ball not the man. (BONUS: tho’ very few strip-attempts, however). And they are Skittles allllll over the place (to the bad) on breaking tape.

    This Stork delivered!!!
  • Miami D overall: (film-study): kinda sorta a forty-three base. With a nearly unique amount of Koufax or Lefty 3-point-stance guys. In a modern era reverse quirk, they are tighter on the Boundary side and Higher on the Field side intensity-wise. They over-shift both Will and Sam slightly East to West, or the front-4 itself. Clearly favoring something scouting-wise or trying to funnel whatever/wherever. D is front-7 quick. Not sure if they are pure as fast as the once were before though? They sure do fill shallow and early and at times, even all that quickness gets (self)-caught or bottled up inside as the play breaks contain to the edge. You can see how they tally a lotta quick-burst type of TFL or sacks on tape. However, when that misses or a seam pops clean all of that northward thrusting stuff does not hustle downfield. Like they only take one cut in the batter’s box. Hit or strike out and be done with the whole shebang. Edge guys are not that edgy in shedding contact/blocks either, and we have been very good here this year. D also seems to flop a lot in hoops terms, very vocal in complaining to Zebras. Nothing is ever their fault. Da U D does mix in some even looking thirty-four sets at times this year. Also has a widened field De-Dt look that really compresses the short-side. Sam/Will cheat up and attack the same. ILb’s or S-M-W will red-dog at times from these sets. Tho’ they sure key the 1st-movement, F.s.u. did well behind this be that Qb1 or Rb(whatever). And then to bonehead it all the mo’… they do not exactly wrap-up. High tackling/contact points. Sissy looking even. There is an old-school Fs/Ss base or Cover-2/Tampa-2… hard to tell… as this 4-3 sorta has a true Mike and then not as much as a true-Will or false-Sam. Miami got trucked at times downfield. F.s.u. did work the sidelines well when the Cb drops the Wr off and the given-S rotates late. And to compound fracture the brain of all of that, they are late on D-calls and line-ups at times as well. Did I mention they get trained as in freighted downfield yet? (Even mo’ so on the edges, and/or further off the LOS (line-of-scrimmage)). With All rookies @Saftety too! Hence the abundance of ISOppp+ or explosive plays allowed.
  • Miami D ∑ (summary): returning D production=86% (12th most!) S1 Bubba Bolden is your conflict defender here. IF/when someone is gonna go hero-ball make a play? It’s #21. He good. Very rangy Safety when he is playing full health-wise. (Has a history of dings/dents tho’). Last year’s pretty fu’gly twilight defensive sag sparked up Da U to make D changes. Coach D’ moved former defensive line coach Todd Stroud and former cornerbacks coach Mike Rumph into off-the-field roles. He effectively demoted Blake Baker, prompting the former defensive coordinator to leave and become the LSU Tigers’ linebackers, coach. THEN: Diaz reinserted himself as the play-caller on defense! (Thereby eliminating D.Cord’ position itself in lieu of hiring an extra secondary guy). Kinda like you know Fu’ having to Hawthorne Effect the whole “cats away=mice will play” Fu’fensive shebang, right? However, and ergo, therefore, to Whit… 4-new-defensive play-callers actually made for a dull start. As you read above… despite the front-end departures, it is the (returning) back end that is in, arrears; and yet this zany D has really improved in-season in terms of citing negative stops in your backfield. Maybe Manny is sorting it all (recently) out? Unless they are not? As this is a total feast vis-á-vis famine D. Their tackling is nearly Duke-puke bad at times. Very shallow, or very army or both. And where is all their recovery speed per such T&F freaks when they do misQ and need to run someone down from behind? 1-step forward and then 2-rolls back.

Beta mining (D):
…well, here we nearly shockingly see that Miami graded mucho better than Eye had expected. In particular, they graded welllll above average in: Negative Rank (TFL/Sacks -yards infected; so, this one checks), Play Rank (meaning they have played the plays they had pretty decently… due to…) Opponent/SOS (strength of schedule). As they faced the 2nd toughest-match-up-O’s that the Canes coulda outta 130 D-1 O’s drawn. Their opiate being… those negative plays inflicted by the ‘Cane D. Which appears to be artificially skewing Beta D, at least to me FWIW.

…cause either Beta stats know something most/all don’t and Miami is better than we all thought on D. Or, I watched Miami of Ohio or whatever on tape?

Defensive letter-grade:

Miami Offense: (returning starters=12, no typo, now 1o…)

  • Po’ ‘Cane O… LOTTA star-power has gone brown-dwarf and flicked out as knee injuries and shoulders all mount. (Top-2 Rb’s, C1, Qb1, Wr hurtin’ too). Coach God Bless!!!
  • 28 in Total O!
  • 94th in ground O!
  • 16th in aerial O!!
  • 39th in passing efficiency O.
  • 46th in completion percentage O.
  • 88th most passes pilfered.
  • 42nd in ypc.
  • 71st in zone O.
Da U base O:
  • Rb1: Cam’Ron Harris is a 5′10″, 210 lb. squat tho’ well-stocked looking Rb1 for Miami. Cam’Ron was rated as the nation’s no.7 Rb by and that’s pretty good for a guy on a truly loaded AAAAAA Sunshine State title team where work/reps were hard to come by due to an abundance of, depth. Cam’Ron does court legit sub-4.5 forty speed; and yet his offer list was good enough, tho’ just a 5-iron short of great. Cam’Ron is a lowercase sized Rb, who grades a little small in stature. However, Harris is explosive, sudden, and quick through the hole. He deploys deceptive long speed though overall is quicker than he is pure burner fast. Not the most patient runner ever upon breaking tape, as he breaks shapes to try for SportsCenter showy type runs if the initial hole is not there initially. Looks shorter than his listing(s) on film too… tho’ this is a plucky determined Runner when he wants to be. Strong pipey kid in the gun-show arms-race. And he pushes big-ass Ford pick-up trucks up hills with then entire (large) family in the back to off-season train. Tho’ his average per rush gets more than cut in ½ from 1Q to 2Q and again in the second-half from 3Q to 4Q. So, he’s a load outta the gate and then goes smaller-lungs after that. As he has just below 40 2Q+4Q carries and not one north of 15-yards between ’em thus far. Good Rb, and a much better Rb when fresher early-on. And same as D’Eriq, these apostrophe guys run a scosche run-fit hot-‘n’-cold. Streaky talents to be sure. Disappear for a series or three then: “boom goes the dynamite”. And if they only had better field-vision… as they are leaving yards out on the field on film. (OUT: knee-injury… St.Nikon help!)
  • Co-Rb1: Jaylan Knighton. 5′10″, 190 lb., Fr2., who was a true-Fr. last year.  Who was suspended (off-field) for a month earlier this year. Thus far this season, jay.K’ was Rb5 for all of America per Rivals and the 88th ranked baller overall via That counts. As does his… having ended his scholastic career as the all-time leading rusher in Broward County history with 5,15o! yards. Yup; that does not suck as they put up pinball wizard typea offensive numbers down there. Snubbing ‘bama and Klempson who were apparently pretty hot for his work here. Did catch a bit in H.S. too, and has snagged: 15 receptions for 231-yards and 18-points thus far. Now mix in the team ground-gaining alpha swagg with: 493-yard and 30-points and you’ve got a very alluring 2o24 multi-faceted Rb1 on your hands— if Kinghton stays that long of course. Good speed here, tho’ Harris might have just a little greater speed if that helps any. Tho’ other than F.s.u., Jaylan had been on the come of late here. And he does seem to run well/hard 4Q late. Lotta depth here too, four 2o2o guys returned at ≥4.5 ypg.
  • Qb1: Tyler Van Dyke, is a 6′4″, 229 lb. well-built Pivot from: Glastonbury, Ct., is putting in pretty solid work. I mean to be working So.FLA collegiate green-card at least one season premature. Check it… 61.6% for 2,193-yards on a: 9.1-yards per completion average, with a very decent better than 300% passing-ratio (TD=19:6=INT), on a long of: 83-yards and a Qb rating of a mere: 158.6-points really does not 1st-year of D-1, P5, college ball suck. NOT at all in point of fact. Almost, surprising… and if T.V.D. is this solid now (2o21), just how solid will he 2o24, be?!? As he was merely: a consensus four-star prospect by ESPN, Rivals, and 247 Composite. He was only ranked No. 1o5 nationally (overall) in the ESPN300. And he was just rated the No. 2 pro-style quarterback nationally and the top player in Connecticut by ESPN. That’s all, he sucks; cut him now! While tallying: 4,600 passing yards and 39 passing touchdowns over his only two varsity seasons; which only won him one A bling ring. And that’s the only caveat I could find, he came up scholastically in a single-A small-state environment that may have un-wooed a few teams away. As T.V.D. had good regional and a few national offers, just not the super whooper ones to show for it. As his 5.o forty time paired to his very kinetic 4.4 flat 20-shuttle time just does not make any twitchy sense? Vertical jump (28″) is a one-hand dunk, not two. So, he’s quick/darty tho’ not a Gentrification or case-Qb taking it to the house on a long-field. Tho’ Van Dyke is a Pro’ or pocket-Qb1 via trade. So, the +51-rushing yards to the positive or 6-point good are kinda gravy here. That being squarely struck, he has ONLY passed for less than 272-yards in a game once this year! (For comparison’s sake: BAX has done it (n)once. no+once!) Caveat being, T.V.D. gets a little willie-nilly, what with 3-games at ≤53%! Accordingly, in those 3-contests he has chucked 83% of his picks. So, that version is beatable even on So.Beach. However, the good version has amassed four starts in which he has hurled it at ≤76% just once (and that was=65%!!!). Meaning: streaky or Byron Scott typea chucker or not, the flame-thrower version of Mister T.V.D. could very well prove too hawt to handle. Even if he does hold the ball a bit too long. And (unsurprisingly) he is a +9% pitch-n-catch heavier hitter @home, and a rather lucrative +10% better post-intermission. That’s nearly demonstrating some sharp-looking nubile closing skills indeed. And although cocksure and wiling to force fits, this Qb(one) has me 2o24’ish curious folks, dang near: “very”.
  • …and don’t forget the Netflix Valdosta, Ga. football factory kid whose parents literally split up to keep him transferring/eligible from Cali’ is now your Qb2 here (Marital Patron Saint’s bless the Garcia’s!) Helluva a price to pay to play…

    Football’s spinmove O.G.!
  • Wr’s/Te: Wr2 Slot, Mike Harley is legit and Wr1 Charleston Rambo is a damn star. 64 snags great for 955-yards on a 14.9 average with a long of: 60-yards to tally 30-points all conspire to say so! Mike Harley is within striking distance of Miami’s all-time records for receptions and receiving yards. Oklahoma transfer Charleston Rambo provides another big-play weapon for King on the outside. Imagine Da U, dat?!? As c.Rambo is there Trè (vertically) when he decides he wants to be. Then there is the post-catch action-Jackson’s here… as Miami has housed a whopping eight, that’s (8) HR throws this year! (HR=normal 45-yard post-patterning). The intrigue is found in they have housed it from basically medium+++ throw points. This tells you right away just how nimble they are in trafficking and how much damage they will do if you Y.A.C. an assignment up and miss a stop here. As 10 of the Top-12 grab-gang gets you ≥11-yards per catch. The other two get you 9-n-change and of those 10, 5 average 1.5 first-downs per snag or better! Make just one misQ here and it could very easily be 6. There was a lotta experience here in return, tho’ Pope, Wiggins, and Redding III have all succumbed to various on/off-field things and that’s that as the right-tail of the Experience Curve got snipped. The starters are really good, depth has dropped off (bad pun) a bit behind that tho’. Wideouts are okay enuff on height; NOT very physical tho’. Kinda like to see some chin-checks get cashed vs. these Bantamweight pants. As their run-support is even mo’ lightweight than that. Seriously, a whip-sauce blocking catch-corps. Z-Slot guy will motion a lot pre-snap here to draw/show your coverage out. Te is last year departing thin… Te1 Will Mallory is a solid possession guy underneath who sparks one and sneaks one long on you here-n-there. Not quite a pure K.Winslow (catcher) or a pure third-Ot j.Mackey (blocker); kinda a hybrid stretch-F of a Te1 if that makes any cross-sport sense? Solid, fringe Pro’, who needs a T2 or T3 to help him out though. Good hands not named the rookies who all seem to not look-the-ball-in (i.e., they are gone before the ball, arrives). Maybe even very good hands for the 1’s… and the takeover Rb1 (j.Knighton) nearly leads D U in ypc!
  • oLine: the U offensive line took a massive leap forward last year, led by tackle Zion Nelson, who jumped from turnstile as a freshman in 2o19 to rising star in 2o2o. After allowing the fourth-most sacks in the nation in 2o19, Miami allowed 1.5 fewer per game last season to climb closer to the middle of the pack. Last year they were juggling ding/dent chainsaws at times and there’s size and talent returning after a few parts were out of the mix last year. More than anything else, there should be more cohesion after the right five are set in fall camp. However, 40% of the ‘Cane block-1’s is dinged or flat-out OUT for this one (left-G1, and C1 both are downright dented here; Coach God help). Ot1 Zion Nelson is ‘posed to be the next big thang here. Odd-side is bigger more physical on tape, although the right-side is the one with all the VHT’s (very highly touted’s) and the front wall is not small at all. Although class rank/experience-curving is all over the place here. Edge (Ot’s) prolly a little better here, tough hair to split on Pass-Pro’ vs. Run-Shapes? Both have their moments and their flaws alike…

  • Miami O ∑ (summary): returning O production=95% (1st MOST!!!) (film-study): The ‘Canes operate with a lotta single Hb offset Spread/Gun looks and with a lotta 3-wides. Te does get some setups here as well. Tho’ not always in-line or just outside of the given C-Gap itself. Canes do a fair amount of scissoring or crossbuck X’ing things to free peeps up. Qb1 T.V.D., will sometimes throw off his back foot and fall away jumper things. This expenses him a little velocity and even mo’ accuracy when things go America’s Cup and sail on him like that. When he sets up nice and stout though he is a strong fording passer. There is a mix of quick-hit-short and medium angularities behind that here. Liked the 4th Wr on the hesitation/delay-off the LOS (line-of-scrimmage). Was kinda surprised by the oLine’s agility at times downfield on folds to the 2nd-level. They are talky; this did not surprise… Lotta turn/shield looks here, oLine fights tall and prolly needs a little chute-drilling for it on the inside. D U guys did not seem to like/want F.s.u. contact downfield, alligator arms as if they were playing So.East FLA themself. I repeat, F.s.u. put a shoulder into Miami and Miami went All Charmin Conference all over the place. Tho’ the O will flood front-side and overload your S’s with Trips; then leak an Rb out late on the cleared out back-side at times effectively enough. T.V.D. does seem to have a knack or Naturalistic (with: a capital “N”) vibe for this here. As he is a very intrinsic Pivot, getting deeper/mo’ comfortable at it too. Like everything Rye on Wheat ever thought he was+++. (This kid is prolly at least a C.f.l. pro’, “eh”). And this O will go October 31st and publish trickeration; from anywhere field-position wise.
  • Miami O overall: 48% run:pass 52% mix. (NOTE: this is tilting mo’ & mo’ Passery of late)! Rb3 Cody Brown is your secret sauce offender here. After a real strong September has late-autumn really fallen off. IF, he can give them a little something-something they are really tough to defend and even harder to key. After several seasons of play-calling, musical chairs— offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee ditched Miami’s long-standing commitment to pro-style systems in favor of a spread, up-tempo attack. This is a very different look for Coral Gables which had lined up for decades (m0st) plural as the 1970’s-1980’s Miami ‘Fins Lyte. The Hurricanes jumped to 26th in scoring, 32nd in yards per game, and 39th in yards per play, and ex-Qb1 former Heisman contender D’E King was his perfect conduit last time. Tho’ King is really messed up physically (Godspeed, A.c.l. now blown shoulder, St.Nikon & St.Christopher Help’s); as he’s had an unfair amount of big-dents to boot. And yet now Miami is back to (2) legit Pocket-Pro’ Qb’s as their King is dead. A cruel cruel 1o1 drowning mistress this oblong spheroid in spades. Anyhoo… the nags here have been lacking consistency (they are making progress…) and lack of run-game (they were making progress; recall King’s=600 rushing yards is now fineto). As sans Harris, (and King of course) the Miami run-fits have been redacted by over 1.7 ypc! Multiply that by 3-straight hand-offs and you get over ½ a first down and then you fully see what Eye means. That put’s even mo’ on the twice-Fr. plate of now Qb1 T.V.D. and his 2 or 3 kind special pass-catchers. Can they attention-gather enough offense here?

Beta Mining (O):
…well, here we see that the ‘Cane O is average or average+++ in a lotta spots. Except for: Explosiveness (where they are a sprite 34th) and Passing Efficiency (where they are an even sharper 20th best!)

The leads me to conclude, that although this O prolly lacks 2o21 headroom…
its Thanksgiving ceiling is at least vaulted indeed.

Offensive letter-grade:

Hurricane Special Teams: (P1 returned)

Miami is an entirely reasonable 12th best in Net Punting and so is r-Jr. Lou Hedley. If this Lou shows up on your front porch to court your inexperienced prize-daughter? Deadbolt the door. Load the shotgun— as this is about as nutty looking of a JuCo transfer and converted Aussie Rules semi-pro inked-up tat’ guy as there is. Seriously. This guy has more neck-ink than Queequeg did and a biker-gang apprentice in-training this one has to be. Even JAX of SOA agrees. Lou is 26 years young, and he got his come-ups during his eight years as a scaffolder in the middle of the Australian desert! Does the ink act as S.P.F.-55? 6′5″, 228 lbs. of raw imported Aussie lumber. Finally, this is the one P nobody wants to fight. And oh yes, he averages 25 ypc on fake-punts! Lou has a good -if not a great-leg- career-long of 6o. He was the #1 ranked P according to 247sports and he suffers no career blocks. And yah; Eye do not wanna Rough this Punter, either.

  • 67th in Punt Returns | yet 1o5th in KO returns.
  • pretty solid 30th in punt coverage | and yet 109th in suicide-squad.
  • Miami has blocked 0 kicks and allowed 2 kicks to be blocked.
  • Miami has blocked 0 punts and allowed 1 punt to be blocked.
  • Offensive field-position  | Defensive field-position

ex-Florida International K1, now Miami Hurricane man-bun K1, the cv19-twice-r-Sr. year, 5′10″, 2o5 lb., Jose Borregales is well, a different sort; I suppose. He takes a lotta practice photogs of himself, typically in compression gear. Very compressing compression gear at that. Tho’ what do Eye know? Just like the new(er) Bond… I’ma an old-dog, old-tricks. This K1 however has plenty of experience. 63 of 80 for a 78.8% career FGA percent says so. As he experienced one helluva a 2o2o… check it…

  • 2020 Lou Groza Award winner,
  • 2020 All-America, First Team (consensus),
  • 2020 All-ACC, First Team,
  • 2020 All-ACC Academic Team!!!

However, and nevertheless, this is NOT the throat-slashing one!
And I confess my sins… missed this one for a spell here…

This is the other one… the Andres Borregales 5′11″, 175 lb. rookie or nugget or debut younger-bro’ one. LOL… as Eye barely caught this as they really do look very well alike. This one has the long-ass dangle earring look on both sides… not sure what that is 2021 urban-dictionary code for? Tho’ I do know that the kicking-D.N.A. appears to be pretty heady, here. I also know that being…  rated a three-star prospect by 247Sports and Rivas. That being ranked the No. 2 kicker in the country by 247Sports and a top-300 player in Florida by 247 Composite. And that being listed at the No. 7 kicker nationally by Kohl’s Kicking… does not suck. As his 75% overall is not the worst t-Fresh. year bootstrap start I’ve ever scouted. This one does have a very legit mid to high-50’s range, so you need not short-punt here if you long-FGA prefer. He is still 5×5 or 100% at 36 of 36 P.A.T.’s with no blocks so far and no fakes either. With only one F.G.A. miss since September and yah; I’da has to say that’s rounding into fine form. Although it is curious that Miami has shorted his F.G.A.’s down to 46-yards max’ ever since?

Hurricane Special Teams letter-grade: Miami does have talent here… in particular in their leg-swings… they thingy is they swing wildly on all other phases of Special Teams. Thereby making them an anti-Gestalt set of specialists if you will… or less than the sum of their, parts.
Lowest possible C. (Some might say: D+++, as there really are some key/untimely gaffs here)
(Tho’ mind the Talent candy-store… they do have that Black Friday supply-chain in-store if they pop clean on you).

Unit Rankings:

  1. VT D.
  2. ‘Cane O.
  3. VT D.
  4. …gap…
  5. Da U D.


  • motive: …hardest one ever… who knows? Both needs the bowling season Dud-ah-U, or win… tho’ Miami=head-game cracked and where are VeeTee’ earholes now?!? EDGE=???
  • weather: some chance of precip’ is in the weather.God offering here… rain would hurt T.V.D. mo’ than anything else. EDGE=VT.
  • health/off-field: 2nd time this season we’ve faced a noticeably mo’ dinged/dented team than our very insalubrious own. As Da U nearly charts 200% mo’ on their injury list than we do. Coach God Bless. EDGE=VT.
  • penalties: …VeeTee has been slipping here of late, just not 116th best in yellow-laundry banana-peal fallen and kan’t get up. EDGE=VT.
  • intangibles: 121st in TOP (time of possession) and then gettin’ humped by 120th best in all-important Turnover Margin. Hard to say what is worse for Miami, here? EDGE=VT. (big time too!)
  • fatigue: We/VT are hurting here and we will R&R hurt worse next week. Miami is only 1-week better, technically. Although they had a 2-week scheduling glitch double-BYE. EDGE=Da U (fo’ sho’!)


Upsetting Miami down in Coral Gables is all about... what(s)???

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Illationconclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of  ‘canes who could blow @Tech=12

the takeaway:

…the takeaway(s) is… to be 9o8-miles So-by-So-East?

This may be the longest roadie for beloved VeeTee in mo’ ways than… sum.

Do you sees

’cause unless you live under a rock…

…or have recently been hit in the head via the same?

…what Eye, means?
The game has changed gentlemen.
And frankly, it will change some mo’ in the next fortnight.
And some sources hint it may change again as early as next, week!


xxx‘s & ooo‘s

…O’s are closer to even than the D’s (albeit for different philosophical reasoning).

…as one team (seems) to be a bit mo’ defensive than the other.
(however, see immediate caveat below…)

formulae here favors
…literally, whoever is mo’ jumped up as opposed to let-down here.

Simple as dat folks.
#Emotions win this one here.


  1. Δ1=45% that D U is done.
  2. Δ2=45% that VeeTee is done.
  3. Δ3=10% that this one is undone in 60-minutes or less.

#ChallangeA.c.c.epted… there are 1,440 minutes in a day and this one same as the very recent ones is likely to be a 55-59 minute game. (Unless one of these two just ‘lets go’, then it will only amount to 50 minutes as someone will scoreboard sneak away from the other, late).

the optics

One A.D. has been broken-off-proper, and one big-whistle just got blow-out (somewhat improper via whispered locker-room feelings).

You tell me which one Fu’tball hurts, mo’?

the skinny

The last six ‘Cane games, all of them A.c.c. contests have been like none other in Miami history: all decided by four points or less, and all with the Hurricanes allowing at least 30 points. The Hurricanes are 3-3 in those games, with a combined score of 200200.

^^^dats, tight^^^
newly minted: TD Ring!!!

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©)

  • Da U is a pretty sprite looking 19th best in 1st-down O! | while VeeTee is a serviceable 55th best in 1st-down D.
  • Da U is 63rd best on 3rd-down converting O | while VeeTee is an astringent 16th best in 3rd-down preventing D!
  • The Corn-rows are a slow-starting 98th best in 1st-down O | while Da U is a modest 80th best in 1st-down D.
  • The Corn-rows are a reasonable 58th in 3rd-down O | while Da U is a centrist 69th best in 3rd-down D.
  • Lo.FM Analysis: well, here we see… a pretty much split vote, sister kisser or “Let’s call it a draw.” Early downs seem to somewhat favor Miami and latent downs seem to tilt back at VeeTee. EDGE=??? As either Miami wins this on 1st-down or V.Tech wins it on 3rd. Tough one to call… tho’ the real (bad) outlier is Corny on 1st-down… he cannot afford a centennial looking 1st-n-10 nite in this one and get all off-schedule from the word: “go”.

TTT (Time To Throw©)

  • Miami is a near sieve-like mere 113th best in Sacks Allowed! | whereas V.Tech is a just above average 55th best in opposing Qb’s sacked.
  • Miami is a user-friendly 114th best TFL (tackles for a loss) Allowed! | whereas V.Tech is a below-average 81st best in TFL inflicted.
  • The Corn-rows are an okay-looking 54th best in Sacks Allowed | whereas Miami is an on-trend 31st best in opposing Qb’s sacked.
  • The Corn-rows are a decent 55th best in TFL-Allowed | whereas Miami is a very crusty looking 13th best in TFL inflicted!
  • TTT Analysis: This one is modest on strength (okay VT oLine vs. a strong U dLine) and then weak on reasonable (lilting U oLine vs. a respectful VT dLine). Similar to above, this one does not parse well… tho’ the zeta unit here is clearly the U’s oLine. Although we really do need a swatting Vice Squad effort just to be sure. EDGE=VT by a little bit… tho’ not by a metric ton.


Virginia Tech is 5-2 this season when scoring first, o-3 when the opponent does. Miami is 4-o this season and 13-2 under Diaz when scoring first, yet 1-5 when the opponent scores first this season and 6-13 in Diaz’s three seasons.

^^^this one^^^ makes a lotta sense to me…
As one of these two could very well be looking for an easy way out!

3-game splits,
…of Recency Effect itself, we see that the ex-Fu’fense had popped up by nearly +70 ypg to the good. Mostly down in the trenches itself. On the other side, the Miami D was a little better on the ground tho’ aerially gave all that back and more with a wilting of right at +40 more ypg allowed to the worse. On the other and in spite of a virtual 30 ypg contraction on the ground, the Miami O is still better by +40 ypg overall, thanks to crafty-looking passing fancy. Across the way, the Hokie halt-unit has tightened up by nearly 40 ypg less itself. Despite letting go down in the dirt by right at +30 ypg further allowed on the ground. Quite an air-force improvement here.

7:34 tip!

H/A splits,
The Corn-hole O does not move much of anything out on the road (30′ should not a game make/break). However, Da U D is a very interesting 50 fewer ypg allowed @Home down in Coral Gables on D. Most of this was betterment threw the airwaves to boot. The U O was right at +45-yards better @home. A lot of which was on the ground down in the dirt. On the other side, O&M eggs and j.Ham move nearly the same 30′ to the slightly worse as road warriors. Tho’ again, that and ¢50 should get you a quarter-cup-of-Joe.

Our handy dandy friend, the so-called: Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is merely calling for a 12-point VomiT in this one here. That objectively Coach Spock science-fact, struck… it should be pointed out this one was all over the place here. As the better version of Miami is prolly a coaching turnover or outta our Cat’ IV or so depth. (Although the dingy/dippy version of Miami should be kiddie-pool safe enuff).

AND… the ’21 Turnover Chain, bling!

This one features Miami’s 16th-ranked passing offense vs. Virginia Tech’s 15th-ranked pass defense … bone on bone crime and these are two big bonners indeed… unless something smaller jumps up and shows the way?

the call...

the sportlight...

Inspect, circumspect, retrospect, suspect,

  • inspect, this is an interesting one, who can locker-check, cleat-check, helmet-check and somehow drill-Sergeant just that little extra juice outta two 11o or domesticated-looking Alice the maid voltage teams? (Is it, the jumper-cabling: Jay-Cee???)
  • circumspect, who has mo’ pop left in their, can’s? All things being equal… would you not (most often) say the Home Team prolly has mo’ “burp” or carbonation?
  • retrospect, well, we are kinda wondering if FLA.State mighta just upset Miami for us last week? What if Da U was experiencing a seminal moment, twice? Then… this O&M week happened and ALL bets are now off here. Miami always=who knows and now we no less=the very same???
  • suspect, keeping Cory. One of the stalest pieces is still all moldy here… and unless Jay-Cee can call an O… where will this yo-yo’ up-n-down O now go? (With big-brother Fu’ no longer minding the offensive Company-Store???)

Miami Projected S&P+: 14th!
Miami Projected S&P wins: 9.1 W’s.


Interim coach vs embattled coach

All Lives Matter! (‘yes’ this includes Black ones too!)
  1. The Price is right?
  2. Or, Manny has Many Miles To Go…

Or the fallout here is Justin’credible and at least one team is Whitlocked here? Is the now ex-Fu’ense the Through’fense under the wing-clipped Corn-Rows lamest-duck?

Or can JayCee milk something pricey outta this wearing down due to BYE week S.N.A.F.u. scheduling angst?


Hell, if I know?
And hell on anyone who says they do…

LOL… even ballers in the huddle might have a false-start to three here.


The Closer:

As ancient-world cartographers wrote when they did not know what was edge of the world just over the horizon…

Here There Be Dragons…

JayC’s home-court, advantage!

Tough one to navigate; ain’t it?

Tho’ Eye do know one thang… IF, and after all “…IF is the middle word in: life”… IF there is mo’ talent here {sic: @VT} than Eye can spy on tape or at practice?

Well… here is its BIG chance to write a Fu’-OFF 2nd epitaph for you know Fu’.

Test-Fu’be babies cry out and unite… as here is the very 1st Coach Next and his very own pet embryotic culture 120-minutes worth of Laberdashery du jour.

Such is a lot to Dox or to unbox…
So, are we…

Feudal or vassal?

Viserys (refu’se) or Daenerys (infu’se)?

’cause it is now or Coach Next II ever…


upset Index=%


Virginia Tech=27, Miami=32


Please support the VT F.C.A.!



COUNTRY >>> party!

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  1. Wow. Got all-the-way-to/the-end! Incredible data and interpretation and the usual too-much-cleverness. Hope you’re right with the call. This one is “which team(s) show up?” Sure would be satisfying to see the Hokies cap a tortuous era with wins at two disliked rivals. But…OTOH….A.H.

  2. I will admit to doing a double take/laff at the unit rankings #1-5 summary. One wonders if old bourbon Street inserts the “presidents screw” into your text. (If not familiar eith term, it is situation when craftsmen would bring final plans for approval to company president, with an obvious error in them – that the president finds…).

    Given your research and ultimately take VT for the win you must sense something beyond most observers analysis. Hope u r right.

    Anything you are looking for that would point toward JC price influence on game calls/tenor? Even if it is an epic sideline meltdown – a la broken white board.?

    1. …neat1!
      “President’s screw…”

      Yah; kinda… I based it mo’ on, @GT and Duke… such filthy D’s… same diff’ here.
      JayCee=NOT Fu’.

      IF VeeTee realllllly is Talented?
      THIS IS IT!

      IT HAS TO SHOW UP– since their ANTI-boy is now, cooked.

      (p.s. IF, ‘nyet comrade street’ VT’s Talent is reallllly hurtin’…)


  3. Fu no mo, =let the Dawgs out.
    Some unpredictable outcomes by Hokies

    Play for a coach that has more emotion in little left toe than Vulcan will will Coach the VERB today.

    Team needed a dip into cool water of refreshing fresh start. Time to cook Ibis & those Canes in their backyard.

    No quit in VT Big Whistle and sometimes that’s the difference in the game.

    Let’s Go… Hokies!!!
    Beat DaU

    1. …yah; kinda…

      I’ve known JayCee since 1995… he’s kinda reserved in person– tho NOT a light touch.

      Eye hope that kinda scares/lightening-boltz, ’em…


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