Middle Tennessee State football preview!

#34 R.P.I. Virginia Tech vs.
#78 R.P.I. Middle Tennessee State:

Today’s word of the day is… Raider.


noun: raider; plural noun: raiders

Scots: from Middle English rade, from Old English rād, a riding, road.

  1. a person who attacks an enemy in the enemy’s territory; a marauder.
  2. a person who attacks business premises in order to steal.
  3. An absconding Mid.Tenn.State come 7 PM Saturday?

Middle Tennessee Head Coach: Richard Wilson Stockstill: age=63, (95–92 overall and @Mid.Teen.St. alike); has a rep’ for: Qb’s/Wr’s and passing-game overall.

All In The Family… 1o1!

Baller Stockstill was well-stocked on his way up.  He was inducted into the Fernandina High School Hall of Fame in 2oo6 for his pivotal scholastic Qb1 efforting. After that, he attended Florida State University and was a three-year letterman there as a Qb1 where he was team captain and earned honorable mention All-America honors in 1981 under Coach Bobby Bowden. He was inducted into the F.s.u. Hall of Fame in 2019 as a baller.

Stockstill served as an assistant at numerous locations for 24 years prior to getting his first head coaching job. He began at Bethune–Cookman University as an offensive coordinator and later went on to coach Wr’s at the University of Central Florida. For the 1989 season, Stockstill began a long stint as a wide receivers and quarterbacks coach with the Clemson Tigers, where he stayed until 2002. He served under coaches Danny Ford, Ken Hatfield, Tommy West, and Tommy Bowden while at Clemson. Stockstill also worked under coaches Lou Holtz and Steve Spurrier at South Carolina after working one season for East Carolina University as an offensive coordinator. So, there is no denying Coach Stock’s resumé is a bull market indeed.

In 2006, Stockstill got his first head coaching job at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro. In his first season, Stockstill led the Blue Raiders to the program’s second bowl game as well as a share of the Sun Belt Conference title. He was later that year named the conference coach of the year. The 2007 and 2008 seasons saw the Blue Raiders take a small step back with back-to-back 5–7 seasons. However, in 2009, Stockstill and the Blue Raiders went 10–3 and won the New Orleans Bowl, which was the second bowl victory in school history. Again, Stockstill was named conference coach of the year for the 2009 season. The Blue Raiders went to another bowl in 2010, and they finished the season 6–7 after losing the GoDaddy.com Bowl.

After the successful 2009 season, he turned down several offers from other schools, including Conference USA’s East Carolina and Memphis, citing that it was not the right time to leave the Blue Raiders. Despite an overall record slightly above .5oo, Stockstill is 14-50 against teams with eventual winning records, with a record of 4-25 incoming against non-conference opponents.

Coach Stock’ has lead little ole nearly nobody C.USA Mid.Tenn.State to a freakin’ bowl bid in 50% of his little ole nearly nobody C.USA Mid.Tenn.State seasons career-to-date! That’s pretty dang great work by me. BRAVO @Coach Stockstill for carving 8-post-season notches in his mid-major, belt!!! (as 3x Conference Coach of the year for achieving that nearly seems a mite, shallow). Coach Stock’ is the fifth-longest tenured coach in the country. In his time in Murfreesboro, Stockstill has won a Sun Belt title in 2oo6 and a Conference USA East Division title in 2o18.

Stockstill and his wife, the former Sara Fleischman, have a son, Brent, and a daughter, Emily. His son Brent was awarded a scholarship to play football at the University of Cincinnati beginning in the fall of 2013 but was released to play under his father at M.T.S.U. Brent was the Blue Raiders’ primary quarterback from the 2015 through 2018 seasons.

M.T.St. 2o2o record: 3 up 6 down and 3-4 in Conference U.S.A.

Mid.TennDefense: (starters back=1o)

  • forty-three that looks mo’ forty-two-hybrid Even Based to me.
  • 34th in Total D.
  • 41st vs. the run.
  • 5oth vs. the throw.
  • 38th in Passing Efficiency D.

    Base MTSU D shifted forward into a near 5-2 look:
  • 63rd in zone D.
  • 3 outta 10 in dLine Havoc. The Raider front-wall is 50% freshmenic in their 2-deep and a staggering 80% underclassmen in their 2-deep to compound fracture all of that all the mo’. Can you say playing 2021 for 2022? That and they are truly critically lean/small at left-De where the Top-2 De’s average a lowercase Linebacking looking 216 lbs. between ’em! wow! Dt Marley Cook and right-De Jordan Ferguson (trick knee: St.Nikon bless); might be your underfed boomers here… tho’ this dLine is nothing to write home about.
  • 8 outta 10 in Linebacking Havoc. The second layer is even leaner than ^that^. Mike-Lb’s average just over 21o lbs. and OLb’s check-in at about 215 lbs. on the balance. wow/dang. Will-Lb D.Q. Thomas is as close to a blizzard as it gets here, and at least he is a 3-year starter. After him, the Raider middle-layer individual fear factor is about as lean as the Toledo-Scales suggest. Even if they are pretty quick to the ball if/when they can play uncovered clean pursuit football. Like Thomas on penetrating TFL (tackles for a loss); which he is pretty smart for. This is part of why they deke or blitz so much, gotta use the one metric you gots (speed/quicks) in lieu of the real metric you lacks… (size).
  • 6 outta 10 in Secondary Havoc. The Raiders secondary does play the ball and they will take risks to collect the same. Ditto breaking on out-patterning in attempted Pick-6’s (of which they did snag one last week). 38th in passes pilfered for it already in 2021. If there is a strength of this Raider stop-set it is in the middle of the hind-4 defensive backfield. Where Ss Gregory Gate and Fs Reed Blankenship have a lot of experience-curve effects in their gameplan. Catch (pardon the pun) being, Gate’s and the Cb’s are not that right-sized (whereas Reed actually is). Blankenship is also on chart to finish his career as the all-time leading M.T.S.U. tackler! And that’s worthy of publication. Ditto he’s a Sunday baller, prolly an early-rounder at that. Still yet, 3 guys south of 188 lbs. is 3 guys south of 188 lbs. Secondary seems to want to keep everything in front of them and disallow any power-hitting HR plays. These guys do not moonlight at the local furniture store… as there is not a lotta cushion along the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) pre-snap. They will however mix-zone behind that and sometimes release into Fs/Ss help— so, this can be a deceptive look. Working some release techniques a little extra strikes me wise, here.
  • D overall: D tries to deny the run-first and will risk Island Cb-coverage fits for it on the edge via sneaking a Safety up into the run-fill box. D will attack off the edge a bit as well. They also plum get after the dang oblong-spheroid itself. I mean they stand people up and then a secondary or tertiary guy really tries for the rip or strip of the rock. Very Oak.Town Raiders (nickname appropriately enough) under John Rauch then John Madden. VERY handsy team here men– be a smart week to get some extra Gauntlet Drill work in for it to boot. Tho’ State only courts two senior defenders and this could be a dress rehearsal for 2022 on D. Oddly enough, from a D with so many 2o20 guys in return.
  • ∑ (summary): returning D production=70% (70th). DeeQ Thomas OLb is your conflict defender here. The whisper-mill says that halt-unit is down at M.T.S.U. and that the O gets first-pick of the side of LOS (line-of-scrimmage) fenced guys alike. (film-study): VERY blitzy team. They will deal from anywhere and it is infrequent that they only send the front-4. Rb/H-back/Te pick-up and identification will get a Cornhole workout in this one for it too. Tho’ there are of course spots vacated behind said blitzing to pick-on if you can get the ball away quickly enough or get outside of contain and then really work something even deeper down-the-vacated-field. They do this with Tampa-1 and the Fs playing centerfielder to bat clean-up on anyone who breaks away to mix my sporting metaphor. Lotta variable Man on edge looks for all this red-dog or dealing on the opposing Qb1. And the Raiders (same as Beamerball) are coached to advance not cover the ball at all costs. Tackling was not bad at all… surprisingly well-schooled here. D does have a little speed and will at least try to swarm/rally to the ball for it too. Almost like they (intently) went to a size for speed swap meet.

Defensive letter-grade:

BONUS: both sides of the ball sub’ blue-state liberally, might not wanna conserve as much game-clock; at times, as you may just get a free 5-yarder here-n-there for it.
Unless you feel like you don’t need it?
Or, don’t wanna w.v.u., show it?

Mid.Tenn. Offense: (returning starters=8)

  • Pure R.P.O. base Spread set O.
  • 91st in Total O!
  • 95th in ground O!
  • 56th in aerial O.
  • 16th in Passing Efficiency O!!
  • 12th best in Completion Percentage O!!!

    MTSU base O: Spread, XXY, with Hb offset:
  • 60th in yards/catch.
  • 81st in Zone O.
  • O overall: Qb1: r-Jr., 6′2″, 2o6 lb., Bailey Hockman looks like he is coming off of a pretty heavy bender in his pics; prolly won’t be getting carded (again) anytime soon. As the
    6′2″, 206 lb. Pivot is actually developing well enough; if not ahead of schedule. Qb ratings of: 98.1 to 138.1 to 2o4.4 tend to say so. As does elevating his completion percentage from:  55.7% to 63.4% to 77.3%. This is not ½-bad work from an Nc.State VHT (very highly touted) Qb1 transfer if you can get it. And although the 53 yards rushing for his career may be a clue, the throw-fits do appear to be there for this Ad-Hoc’ Qb1. Hock’ is a Koufax or southpaw pitcher, so you need to thread the Jugs-Machine CCW reps here (counter-clockwise, or the ball will tie your digits Chinese Finger Trap up in knots the first few times). Hock’ did fall outta a football family tree— his grandpaw is/was one of the best Ohio H.S. football coach’s ever, Hall of Famer for it in point of fact. Old-man is a good Ohio H.S. football coach in his own right. Bailey had great scholastic vitals with over 9K passing with nearly 100 aerial TD’s. Although, he got beat every in every semi-final and was INT prone (nearly 30 picks). Four, that’s (4) colleges so far: (F.s.u.-East, Hutchinson Community, Nc.State, and now M.T.S.U.) is typically a red flag. Tho’ Hockman was 247Sports no.32 baller in America, so there is that as well. There is also the factoid that Hock’ sat ex-Qb1 Asher O’Hara down. O’Hara of 2nd-string CUSA reign prior to Hockman’s arrival. Rb: is very much Running-Back via committee— and beneath all of that, we just saw Qb2 and Qb3 notching some reasonable rushing numbers in their own right last week in relief. That said, there may be a big time Diamond in the mid-major rough here, or at least so M.T.S.U., Hopes. As F.s.u.-East transfer Rb1 r-Sr. year Amir Rasul (5′10″ 198 lbs.), is a former quadratic or **** very chippy recruit who was rated the #1 Rb outta the sunshine state by Rivals and the no.7 Rb in all of high school ball by ESPN! Dang! Caveat being… Amir has as many 2019 (r-shirt) and 2020 (opt-out) yards rushing as you and I do combined. Maybe this was a bit of oxidization or a rusty Monmouth effort? As (much) more was and is expected here. What with a rep’ for speed+explosion. With a laser timed: 4.51 in the 40-yard dash. As Amir was also a T&F star who only won the 100-meter dash at the 2013 FLA state championships… with a could be collegiately running track 100-meter dash time of 10.44! Dang sum mo’… Mr. Rasul does have a history of shoulder dents & surgeries… St.Christopher bless… tho’ how much has that slowed his noteworthy leg-game to boot? As his Florida.St. digits are modest at best/at most this side of a couple of nifty KO-returns. Chanton Mobey easily has the most returning career rushing yards here (5′11″, 195 lbs.) at only about 1.4K final season yards mind yah. So, beyond Amir breaking out, the itch factor is low here. Although there is size and physicality at Rb2-Rb4 for the Raiders. oLine: 60% r-Fresh. or true-Fr. start here! That’s 3 in 5… and that’s 100% 36-years of the Game of Life combined over on the entirely rookie-season odd or left side. (Only good news here is that this is NOT the traditional blind-side for the unorthodox Hockman). C and blind-side right-Ot are none too towering that that’s a blue-Raider red-flag or concern to be sure. The middle of the oLine (C & right-G) is vastly more experienced and Eye have to suppose that has to be the minor strength if only via repped-up default. And this was an oLine that was supposed to return 4 outta 5 starters from last year mind yah. Wr’s/Te’s: …Wr1 Jarrin Pearce is a very grabby possession guy and he is legit and he is the one who might just start at VeeTee. He’s kinda a Charlie Joyner kinda guy. Good hands, Cali’ guy (L.a.) same as Joyner. Big smile and is a good locker room guy who can take a kick and house the same on top of all of that. 7 of the 2020 Top-8 catch corps did return here; although, the vibe is they (generally) lack downfield explosion. The grab-gang is a little short on height and even lighter than that in the pants. Sr. Wr2 C.J. Windham is prolly an A.c.c. class baller. Fb/Te/H-back Joseph Sewell is a ‘Bama transfer who has never quite emerged. Tho’ he is at least pretty sure of himself on film. The truest non-glossy/modernized term here is… Box-man. ‘cept he’s been unboxed. (Box=behind either G). Slot guys remind of the wash.’Skins fun-bunch or smurfs. Not dull to watch after the catch.
  • ∑ (summary): returning O production=56% (97th).  M.T.S.U. really rotates 11-deep, or even closer to 22-deep if/when they can. Fatigue should not be an offender for the Raiders offensive huddle. M.T.S.U. scored 30 or more points in four of its final seven 2o20 games and maybe you could argue that they are at least getting that side of the ball figured out, of late.
  • 57% run:pass 43% mix. Amir is your (potential) secret sauce offender here. (film-study): O will relieve Qb1 in lieu of a shotgun modified Wildcat look at times. #44 (Mobely) calls his own Qb(none) keeper number a lot here. oLine will scissors both G’s in front of all of that, with the play-side G tipping things via being the 1st-mover (albeit in the reverse direction; i.e., do NOT follow or key the 1st-mover, follow/key the backside G to the play). Also saw a lotta modified Pistol with an offset Hb behind Hock’ in the Spread set base. Like an oddball sawed-off shotgun of A.F.L. 1960’s zany sorts. O will counter behind the jet-sweep short-side motion and try to kick out block to free the aforementioned Hb wide-side; and they do have a couple of Rb’s with enough speed to beat you to the edge unless you have a badazz Will-side Cb1 to fight this look. O seemed to run better off-T than internally G-c-G wise FWIW. And for being undersized, they do move pretty well and at least body-up when they fold to the 2nd-layer. Throw-fits are shorter to medium in-depth and they roll the pocket out to flood the front side with the old-school passing triangle. With all kinda Hollywood choreography from coach Paula Abdul when they score… seriously… does C.USA allow for this Dance Party U.S.A. sans any yellow laundry? O will play-action to End-around in a naked backfield when it is not on the roll… Brockman has a dinged lead or right-leg; tho’ this is not his backhand or plant leg as a lefty pitcher. That said… Hock’ throws a very deft ‘ball upon breaking tape. Very feathery soft-touch most catchable ‘ball. 5-10% Montana -esque. Tho’ the 4.96 forty is a bother, as he’s not very vertical with his wheels. Just a good arm, with arc-passing rhythm, and a timing pocketed Qb1. Polished compact mechanics, as he gets what he has outta himself, put it that way. Wr’s did help Bailey out ad-hoc’, as they made several fingertip snags last week. A great problem to have when you just miss as a Qb1. Tho’ Hock’ seemed mo’ mature under fire to me as well. As he will hang in a collapsing pocket until the final sec’ sans the Pirelli Tires with which to escape… (Coverage Sacks insert____here!)
  • …that all said, there are a few skill-position shiny parts here, it is the oLine that causes the O overall to appear a bit more lackluster than it should. Although… there will be a day(s) where this many handsome transfer skill-guys will go get theirs.

Offensive letter-grade:

Blue Raiders Special Teams: (2 (may) return??? Maybe…)

Middle Tennessee State ranks 56th in Net Punting and so does r-Jr. P1, Kyle Ulbrich. Kyle is kinda a, well, ‘necky looking guy. Not real sure you wanna fight this P here. Kyle is a Valpo’ transfer-P1 who has started 2-seasons subsequent to that over in Tennessee. So, experience is not wanting here. Nor is leg strength as Mr. Ulbrich regularly cranks out ≥50-yarders with a career collegiate long of 76-yards thus far. Kyle Place-Kicked and Kicked-Off in high school tho’ it is only in punting the pigskin where his leg-strength has showcased itself. As all his other kick-game metrics were so-so at the lower level. Punting however and you will find Kyle’s name on all pre-season national punting watch-lists and he’s prolly a fringe Sunday baller candidate to boot. (Kyle has had one punt snuffed-out in college terms career to date).

  • #1 in Punt Returns (6-points from #83, Jay’ Lane here last week)! Hommie did this all by his ownself, not a lotta walling “Riddle” or “Lucy” love. (WHO then gave the endzone the mid-finger!!! LOL!) | with a mo’ expected 84th best in KO returns.
  • 84th in punt coverage | 60th and in suicide-squad.
  • M.T.S.U. has blocked 0 kicks and allowed 0 kicks to be blocked.
  • M.T.S.U. has blocked 0 punts and allowed 0 punts to be blocked.

Alek’ Usry seems like the returning K1 entering 2021 as a rising-Jr. Kicker. Thingy is he split reps with recruiting steal and nugget year Zeke (neat name) Rankin last week. Alek’ was however 76% in 2019 as M.T.S.U.’s K1, albeit for Charleston Southern. Who mysteriously still has him 2021 listed? Is there a second doppelganger Alek’ Usry out there? Hmmmm… that confusion said… I am sure that Alek’ did pocket back-t0-back 28-o double-perfected Georgia High School state championship bling where he seemed to be a better Punting prospect than Place-Kicker. So, I’ma really not sure who is kicking what, here, or for whom? As the box score says these two conspired to go 6 for 6 on P.A.T.’s and likewise did not even conspire to kick one FGA last week. Go fig’ on dat… tho’ let us all hope this game does not come down to M.T.S.U. FG-kicking prowess or TSL.com will be in eat its own in freefall free for all meltdown mode either way.

Special teams will engage in trickeration be it early September or not… P.A.T., F.G.A., punt-game; gotta mind your pints-n-quarts here.

Special Teams letter-grade:
Middle Tennessee State has leg-talent… if they only tightened up their coverage fits a bit, this is an uppercase C.USA special-teams unit. Flat B for it at the moment, tho’ footsie-game they gots.

Unit Rankings:

  1. VT D.
  2. VT O.
  3. …gap…
  4. M.T.S.U. O. (they do have a little star power skillz wise).
  5. M.T.S.U. D.


  • motive: LOL… this is a double-bookend classical let-down Trap Game for big bad sammwiched VeeTee. And even if it was not, (and it is), this is Mid.Tenn.State’s Super Bowl, and World Series and heavyweight championship of the world all rolled into one. EDGE=M.T.S.U. (big too).
  • weather: EDGE=should be the scoreboard as this weather forecasts as Offense friendly to be sure.
  • health/off-field: I do not know if this is accurate, or not? Tho’ Mid.Tenn.State has no injuries listed and VeeTee did have 4 walking wounded b4 U.n.c. and 5-6 dings vs. the t.Heels. EDGE=M.T.S.U.
  • penalties: Fu’ -to his credit- is a sharp-looking near 70-spots strictified here. EDGE=at least a chip-shot FG worth of field-position is in VT‘s favor.
  • intangibles: Mid-Tenn is #1 in Turnover Margin (+5)! So that cannot hurt one iota (1ι). And they lead us in miscellaneous yards 3′ to nil. So, what the hell… (i.e., does it really, matter?) EDGE=M.T.S.U.
  • fatigue: N/A. Each team enters on a normalized 6-day work-week. That said, VT should be deeper than M.T.S.U. and they are nearly 90-spots better in TOP (time of possession) EDGE=VT.


R.A.T.T.: ...hosting Mid.Tenn.State as a 21-point fave is all about... what(s)???

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Illationconclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Raiders who could State their case @Tech=6 or 7.

the takeaway:

It may surprise you to know that Mid.Tenn.St. was precisely 3-plays removed from a perfected 2020!

As in three plays removed from going a perfectly bad o’fer the campaign!

As they carved out three wins by a single full play or less.

And in all frankness, one was an OT near, fluke.

i.e., the takeaway here is… Fu’ and Co. had better not get took here.
As this team is south of @O.d.u. and well south of Duke & Liberty alike.


xxx‘s & ooo‘s

formulae here favors: the team sleeping in their own beds… as the other team is said to have booked a whopping 8-hour bus-ride for this one!?! wowzo!

Additionally, 68% of the Hokie offenders and 77% of the defenders got t.Heel work last week. Time to work all of the Top-22 or two-deep on each side of the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) in.

FREE Qb2 and Qb3!!!
FREE Rb4 m.Lee!!!


  1. Δ1=40% that VeeTee is post-U.n.c. VicTory Parade hungover a bit and that allows M.T.S.U. to hang around before getting worn-down, late. Plus how much does Fu’ really wanna 3o4 sho’?
  2. Δ2=40% that said, Fu’ does have a R.U.T.S. history behind him… he ain’t curb-stomp scared either. And as unsporting as this will indeed read… now might be a (very) good @w.v.u. time to go’on and put a hurting on M.T.S.U. and enter Mo’town, Wva. flying sky high.
  3. Δ2=20% well, yah; I know… @O.d.u. did happen. Ditto timeout vs. Liberty. True enuff. Tho’ this is not a good team and it has an aging twilight coach (tho’ likable) who frankly has been on the slip for about 3-years now. The Raiders golden-era honestly looks aged out to me. That candidly said; if we are flat as a board or just bored with M.T.S.U.? They could hold us to a 2-play win. (Think: 35-20 or so).

#ChallangeA.c.c.epted… there are 1,440 minutes in a day and (hopefully) the O&M starters need not play mo’ than about 2-quarters-n-change in this one.

the optics

well, Eye did watch Mid.Tenn.State host surprisingly spry #1o ranked F.C.S. Monmouth.

And I regret that I did, as that was one yawning festival 1st-half before the Raiders and Ichy Crane went “PEACE”-out on Sleepy-Hollow and finally, awoke. The Blue Raiders never trailed but led just 28-15 early in the fourth quarter vs. this D-1aa squad before putting the game away with 22 points. Prior to that, however, Middle Tennessee used three Qb’s against Monmouth. Bailey Hockman started and threw a pair of touchdown passes in the last two minutes of the first half to snap a 7-7 tie. The Blue Raiders managed just 36o-yards of total offense.

Mid.Tenn.State wore them down after that… tho’ which half is 3/2’s, full?
in theory… it ‘should’ be on BOTH streams… in theory!

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©)

  • 1st down O: Mid.Tenn.State is a below-average 81st here | whereas O&M eggs and j.Ham are kinda giving off a modest read-n-react  52nd best vibe here.
  • 1st down O: VeeTee is pretty discrediting 91st best | whereas the Raiders are a pretty solid 39th best here.
  • 3rd down O: M.T.S.U. is an impoverished looking 93rd best here | whereas j.Ham and Co. are a downright Spartan looking 12th best in 3rd-down converts disallowed!
  • 3rd down O: the Fu’fense was better here, 38th is nearly B— territory | whereas the Raiders are a centric 60th best in preventing 3rd-down conversions.
  • OVERALL: Corny needs to kick-start his 1st-down O… granted. Although the rest favors the good guys mo’ than a scosche. EDGE=VT.

TTT (Time To Throw©)

  • Sacks: M.T.S.U. was a shapely 31st best in Qb-sacks inflicted on D | with the Vice Squad an even superior 23rd best in pass-protection.
  • Sacks: j.Ham and Co. plum got after it carving a sharp-looking 6th most Qb(s)-sacked notch | with the Raiders okay-enough in pass-pro’ at 52nd fewest sacks-allowed.
  • TFL (tackles for a loss): M.T.S.U. was a noticeable 26th best in backfield stops last week | with the Vice Squad a pretty dang sturdy-looking 24th best in TFL disallowed.
  • TFL: j.Ham and Co. were an elitist looking 11th best here in week no.1 | with the Raiders a mere five, that’s (5) spots removed from last-place in TFL allowed at a very user-friendly looking 121st best! a.Barno Yikes!
  • OVERALL: VeeTee needs to mind the keep BAX upright and erect store. That said, j.Ham should be raiding the M.T.S.U. run-fits early and often. EDGE=VT although not as whopping as Eye had hoped.

the skinny… 

M.T.S.U. tabbed ESPN’s SP+ metric @115th best pre-season.

Accordingly, therefore, ergo, to Whit…

Here is your post-U.n.c. ✅-list, or, to-do list…


…now, some of you will naysay and nag with: “It’s only 60-minutes b.street!”

Was it only one game?

Do we deny this?

Nonetheless, opening vs. #10 U.n.c. is what we first-schoolers call: “a good look”. As we did not intro’ tally those above metrics vs. The Sisters of the Poor or vs. some dippy D-1aa chump-sauce overmatched squad.

And on top of all ^that^, we GOTTA keep these Lo.FM matriculating metrics up. Like gotta O.D. on Viagra keep it up!


Inspect, circumspect, retrospect, suspect,

  • Inspect, Fu’ and company have 60-FREE-view film-study minutes here to really locker-check any Rb they want. Is Marco (maybe) the best hard-grinding northward fit? (Or, are King and Blackie the juice that a mo’ modest-looking 110v domesticated O really run-fits needs?)
  • circumspect, and frankly, although tempted to type: get this one over with A.S.A.P. and start the Mo’town Bus… BAX needs some mid-field looks, reps, and works. As screening is a Bustleing (get it?) look and then only inline sideline patterning behind that makes jack a dull -if not predictable- boy.
  • retrospect, recall… my peeps are wondering IF U.n.c. ends up being our apex predator 2021 effort in the one-hole, of all the things? (M.T.S.U. prolly won’t answer that, tho’ the team that has called: “next” just might!)
  • suspect, ergo, therefore, to Whit, Eye suspect Fu’ turtles a bit here— barring some defensive or ST’s out-athleticing them scoreboard love.

Further… the early-returns are… that this is Justin’s most coachable team since Sam and j.Evans went shore-patrol and military-(self)-police VT.football.C.C. for him in his inaugural season.

As the U.n.c. effort was his most organized looking VeeTee effort in 2-3 seasons of ball.
might be ^here^ too… or at least, replayed!

3-game splits, H/A:
(N/A, both teams were @Home last week).

Our handy dandy friend, the so-called: Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is merely calling for an Atlantic Conference Call round-robin ask-back come October.



Me personally?

2:04 PM tip-off!!!

I hit what I need to w.v.u. hit reps wise here— albeit while being pretty basic, pretty cost-cutter, pretty vanilla, and try to get the 1’s the 4Q, and hopefully the 3Q as well 100% off. I work the Mo’town basics and nothing else.

the call

Hopefully, we are all about to witness a VicTorious slapdash of a P.D.Q. M.T.S.U. football game.

As the Training Room bed-check and the P.T. (playing-time) metrics are prolly what is most exit-strategy curious come Saturday ~6 PM give/take.


Because sans being found guilty of some version of sleepyhead 2 PM wake-call truancy?

Virginia Tech really should take the cheese here and this just in…
… rain is (still) rumored to be, wet.


That not very impressive candor rightfully said… do recall what “Mr. Clutch” the Association’s very own 3o4 logo taught us all regarding the two telltale signs of truly great sporting teams…

  1. They find a way to win when they don’t play their best.
  2. And, they go’on and {sic: badly} beat the lower caliber teams they are supposed to beat.

Here’s hoping this one is mo’ parts the second-Westros part and less parts the, former.

Nonetheless, you will be learning a lot about our 2021 collective chemistry-set
and locker room ethos/leadership; or pathos, in this ho-hum one.

Because if you ask me -and you did via reading these very words- if you ask me… methinks we experience a fu’ddy-duddy kinda afternoon.

As we have an entirely serious Dub.Vee raiding effort that will serially mentally confront
and truly physically put us to a medieval gridiron device up next.



upset Index=16%


Virginia Tech=34, Middle Tennessee State=16


Please support the VT F.C.A.!



COUNTRY >>> party!
May St.Nick beg for the RW&B!!!

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  1. Mochas FB Gracias. As well said later today, foot meets pedal…pedal to floor…don’t lift up!!!

    FU 2021 needs to round up in 1st half and have fat lady on 2nd chorus by halftime.

    Welcome to Sacksburg, Bleu Raiders!

    VT 62. MTSU. 17

  2. Something is Jill’s best friend ‘d -up about the Overall Defense letter Grade for MTSU.

    Maybe a typo: is the overall score (D minus) supposed to be less than any of the position ratings? I know it’s prolly not a tru average, but I am thinking that was meant to be a C minus?

    1. Yah; I feel yah; … it does look off/’rong.

      They gamble SOOOOO much… they are BIG-play available for it.
      And their talent is very sporty. 1 sorta De, 2 quality Safties, 1 striker Lb, and the rest=HIGH risk.


  3. Love the Steve Sabol pull…I remember watching that NFL films episode when he recited it….AND if I’m not mistaken, they played that same clip during one of the Hardknocks episode a few years back when it was about Gruden’s first year with the Raiders?? Or at least the voiceover of it…

    1. That I do not (new-school) know?
      Tho’ thanks on the old-school recognition/love.

      Happy somone/anyone got dat————>b.street

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