Notre Dame football preview!!!

#34 R.P.I. Virginia Tech vs. Notre Dame #13 R.P.I.:

Today’s word of the day is… sapiosexual.


origin: early 21st century: from Latin sapiens ‘wise’ + sexual

  • adjective:
    (of a person) finding intelligence sexually attractive or arousing.
  • noun:
    a person who finds intelligence sexually attractive or arousing.
  • chrono:
    an unexpectedly a hetro-offshoot for our homoemotional big whistle and his ‘expected outcomes’ come, 12-midnite?

Notre Dame Head Coach: Brian Keith Kellyage=59, (85–4o @Notre Dame; 256–97–2 overall); has a rep’ for defensive-minded coaching and national recruiting success.

Baller Kelly was born in Everett, Massachusetts, and was raised in a Catholic Irish-American family in Chelsea, Massachusetts.  His father was a Boston politician. He was a four-year letter winner at Assumption College as an Inside-Lb (1979-1982). After graduating from Assumption in 1983 with a bachelor’s degree in political science Kelly started out as a Linebacker coach, defensive coordinator, and softball coach from 1983 to 1986.

After that, coach Kelly joined the Grand Valley State University staff in 1987 as a graduate assistant and defensive backs coach after which he became the defensive coordinator and recruiting coordinator in 1989. Kelly took over as head coach in 1991. In his final three seasons, the (other non-L.a.) Lakers went 41–2, at one point, winning 20 consecutive games. The Lakers went 14–0 in 2002 en route to their first national title and went 14–1 in 2003 when they claimed their second National Championship. Kelly was named the AFCA Division II Coach of the Year after each of these championship years— not bad work; if you can get it.

Kelly then went to a pretty well-kicked Central Michigan University football program where he only turned C.M.U. around in one year and got to a bowl game in year number three. After that, he was off to Cincy where he posted a seminal-looking 36-6 mark including four bowls in four seasons and two New Year’s Day bowl invites with a perfect season in his final (12-o) year!

Not a dullard of a…. coach!

Coach Kelly then landed most any up-n-coming coach’s dream job @South Bend. As the Irish big whistle coach Kelly has gone an entertaining and job-holding .611 overall for N.Dame. This includes a low-water mark or Irish Potato Famine of 4-8 in 2016 and nearly all the vacated wins from 2012-2013 (o-4 official mark; with 21 wins vacated) due to the use of ineligible players. This also included the Sugar Bowl season that climaxed in a dubbing by S.e.c. Alabama to boot.

Coach Kelly has only spawned a very fruitful nine fellow college football head coaches per his very own coaching tree. He only holds eight national Coach of the Year awards and six different conference Coach of the Year awards thus far. To go with a mere 11 championship-blings of various college-football levelings and denominations.

Yah; this guy sucks, LOL.. fire him now!

Daddy Kelly has a wife, Paqui, and three children, Patrick, Grace, and Kenzel. Paqui, after surviving breast cancer, went on to start the Kelly Cares Foundation.
May St.Nektarios bless!

2020 record: 10 up 2 down and 9-1 in the pseudo-A.c.c.-(agreement).

 N.Dame Defense: (starters back=5)

  • ostensibly a forty-three that has legit 30-looks as well.
  • 65th in Total D.
  • 41st vs. the run.
  • 91st vs. the throw.
  • 32nd in Passing Efficiency D, (however).
  • 50th in zone D.

    3-4 toggle with Cf in Tampa-1:
  • 7.75 of 10 in dLine Havoc. The Irish front wall just graduated two really sharp bookends ( Daelin Hayes and Adetokunbo Ogundeji); so, the interior is superior here if only via returning reps default. 296 lb. blocky looking Kurt Hinish returns at Ng, Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa is a big De or a quick Dt; and Isaiah Foskey should be the team’s leading pass rusher. Justin Ademilola is a rising star at De. Tho’ it is Foskey who has been the real breakout surprise baller here as the newbies have outshined the returnees, thus far. Irish front-line is seniored and therefore right-sized, tho’ not quite massive. There are loops, X’s, crosses, and stunts to be found here. N.Dame runs the original Stud-De position (armchair Qb savants: you know this predates Fosters’ differential use of the term). This used to be code for ‘tweener (ungood) which is now all dressy as a ‘hybrid (better). Foskey is an S/F to P/F cross-over or your very own Anthony Mason in hoops. This is a good if not great frontline.
  • 7 of 10 in Linebacking Havoc. N.Dame Lb1 JD Bertrand is by far and away your most productive stopper this year. By a near Rick Razzano -esque +177% if you are keeping historic V.P.I. score at home. With a near astounding ≈200% better on solo stops. ’cause if JayD gets his hands you that’s when you typically go down. Kinda a heightened version of m.Stonebreaker (epic Lb surname) if you will. Tho’ mo’ was expected of MLb, ‘Drew White here, as his V.Van starry-eyed blackout curtains need to open a bit and give 2021 a… Gogh. (as he is better/mo physically Talented than 5th best in stops). That said… it is said that the Irish are 3-deep in quality 2nd-layer guys here, prolly the deepest Linebacking corps we will see all season long. And it is pretty well normalized on its weigh-in metrics. Although it is -1 at Will-Lb1 (Marist Liufau, OUT, ankle, St.Philip bless). And, there is a lotta flexing/elevatoring here pre-snap. They walk you down both E-W and N-S in the 2nd-layer.
  • 10 outta 10 in Secondary Havoc! The Irish defensive-backfield has one of the best players in college football. Safety -and 2nd-leading tackler- Kyle Hamilton has been a force for the last two years with the upside to be a top ten overall N.f.l. Draft pick. He starts anywhere he wants… and after that… Cam Hart is prolly your best Cb1 for N.Dame. Clarence ‘burnt-toast’ Lewis at Cb2 is much mo’ inviting. And although I’ma not sure Fs/Ss is better, I am sure it is deeper here. And I am sure that Mr. Hamilton is a specimen-looking S that the Draft Combine will drool over. Presuming his surgically repaired ankle (St.Philip bless) holds up. The Irish secondary is kinda tall and fills in well below that. they also play the ball… and are 3rd best in passes-pilfered… did I mention the bronze-medal in D-1 INT’s, yet? And they really mix their hind-4 base, and Nickle and even a few Dime-piece looks in as well. Very keen rolls, variables, disguise… a defensive backfield went masquerade ball if you will. Although Eye did spy the N.Dame Fs rolling a bit tardy to either the Will or Sam-side from time to time. (as their Fs’s must fill or should I say feel… run-fit needy). And frankly, Safety cover-help geometry was mutually shallow or wide (i.e., late) at times.
  • D overall: (film-study): Irish D reminds a bit of @Syracuse Fu’s rookie year… with a lotta trust in their front-3 or front-4 to get the job done (alone); with moderate blitzing A-Gap or edge behind that. And a lotta flood-under-zones or hook drops behind that. Which attempt (pardon the pun) to take the middle of the field away and allow each sideline boundary to act as a 12th (or 13th) defender of sorts. Or, N.Dame had 3-downlinemen and brought 3-mo’ behind that. As the Irish halt-unit came outta their keep everything in front of it shell once they were down 2.5 full scores vs. Cincy and at least tried to attack a bit. With some success(es) too. N.Dame has an interesting 2nd-layer true umbrella or m.Poppins look when in favorable Lo.FM dispensations spot-of-the-ball wise. As the Irish horizontally flexed their 2nd-layer well outside of their De’s at times. While sneaking the Ss forward into the box in a near Mike-Lb stacked (run-fighting) look. Irish ‘backers seem to at least jab-step favor the run-fits; might be some Gallo or DD’s play-action room behind that here. On edge, the Irish had semi-variable Man intensities (a bit stronger on the Sam-side); although Cincy did beat them several times on linear pitch-n-catch Fly type works here-in-there. N.Dame had a lotta halves or the pictured Cf look behind all of that. Irish tackling was centric enough, tho’ not super physical. Form/technique was okay, just not a huge shoulder behind it.


  • ∑ (summary): returning D production=53% (108th most!)  Kyle Hamilton is your alpha-striker and therefore your conflict defender here. The Irish have a new D-Cord’ (Marcus Freeman, ex-of-Cincy fame) and honestly, there are some growing pains in play here. Not to mention some circuitous looking learning and experience curves that need some stop-unit Dramamine right about now. As this D is not bad at all to be only so deep into this much of a transference or a systematic reboot. They just need more reps, more settling-in, and more emphasis on what they do, do 2021 well. As schematic foul-ups are a culprit here as much as anything else is. ’cause Talent(s) they stop-unit gots… defensive Euclidean fit or shapes they 2021 needs. As this twenty-one, Irish D will only get 2021 better and better. As least we forgets our Gingko (whatever it is called) med’s… this was a fantastic N.Dame D last season… that will only evolve from here.

Defensive letter-grade:

N.Dame: 23rd in ∑ Defensive-Beta!!! (wow)!
Although only C+++/B— Beta D in the dirt,
…a VERY stout 7th best D in the atmo’!

N.Dame Offense: (returning starters=two, that’s (2))

  • 95th in Total O!
  • 124th in ground O!!!
  • 29th in aerial O!!
  • 70th in passing efficiency.
  • 81st in zone O.

    N.Dame base O: quadratic look:
  • O overall: Qb1(‘s): grad’-Sr., and Whisky transfer Qb1 or maybe Qb(2)… Jack Coan (6′4″, 224 lbs.) was your alpha pivot. Tho’ he and his inconsistent play got the yank last Saturday in an uneven to the point of lackluster performance vs. Cincy. The whispers say he is literally: ‘uncomfortable’ and that he has his footwork set-up into release-point all tangled up. Or a Fred Astaire cocksure Qb1 this is none. Poor Coan has been dinged up for several weeks and missed some reps accordingly. So, maybe to some extent, his Karl Malone FT-looking lean-back release can be slightly forgiven? Tho’ it clearly mucks with his accuracy, in particular, further downfield where it really ‘pulls-the-string’ as mixing of cross-sport metaphor goes. That said, his pedigree says he has the goods. And his head-game is A-okay as he has his u.grad’ in hand and he was twice named: Academic All-Big Ten. His overall 2021 digits are none too shabby, what with: 1,100 passing on 61.1% and a decent enough 3:1 passing ratio. However, a lot of that was one dislocated finger (St.Julia bless) ago. That is NOT a Qb1 helping look. As Jack was merely your: NY Gatorade player of the year (2o16) and he only scratched out:  Long Island career records for passing yards (9,787) and TD-tosses (128) while also rushing for 2,551 yards (6.54 average) on only 33 ground-game TD’s. Most of the fam’ played collegiate football (Wr’s) or volleyball (girlz). So, the Sporting Genome projects most willing here. And Jack was prolly a college-quality Lacrosse player to boot. Coan is a pocket-passer or something of a Boomer Esiason throwback if you will. And the recent above aforementioned footwork and fall-away shooting looks are not him. As this is an accuracy or rhythm/timing touch passer. Who the whispers say now has a bad wheel (ankle: St.Philip bless) to boot. As Jack has plenty of reps/experience-curve effects, and yet his connect percentage has dropped ≅9% since on Wisconsin which leaves him less efficacious for N.Dame. The 4.35 shuttle is quick enough although the high-end 4.96 forty is lowercase indeed. Ditto his nearly negative centennial career rushing mark (98 yards). As this Jack-n-the-(Ot)-Box only has one career carry north of 11-yards! Jack’s passing drops 1Q:2Q by 6% and again 3Q:4Q by nearly 5%. Such does not speak to a healthy Qb1 to me. Additionally, his passing dropped by nearly 10% @Whisky from 3Q:4Q and that does not speak to being a closer to me. Tho’ it is queer to see that he is a better visiting passer by +6%. Go fig’ on dat? Overall, this is prolly a good Qb1 when healthy, think Andrew Ford exalted good— again, if/when healthy enough. As Jack’s game-log completion percentage has dulled every week up until Cincy along with his decline in health itself.  Qb2: rookie-voting-season Drew Pyne (5′10″, 195 lbs.) did sub-in for the sagging j.Coan last week. And promptly hit for 40.9% and 10-yards rushing. So, he may or may not be the savior in front of TD-Jesus just yet (Godspeed). Qb3 Tyler Buchner is basically your default Rb2. He of 50% passing this year his ownself. Accordingly, the N.Dame Pivot game is up in the proverbial air here, in more ways than… sum. Rb1: Kyren Williams is the Irish feature ‘back; although Qb2 and some say soon to be Qb1 (Tyler Buchner) is your most spry guy carrying the mail by far on a yards/carry basis (188% better). Kyren (5′9″, 196 lbs.) is a third-year rusher who was your A.c.c. Rookie of the Year two seasons back. He was also 3rd or 4th-string all-American from a buncha publications as post-season honors go. As the St.Louis native had a sharp 2o2o (1,135 on 14-combo-TD’s). Mr. Williams also tabs 50 career snags good for nearly 500-yards receiving on just 1.25 seasons worth of work. He also vends 16 BIG-plays of 21-yards or more combined (rushing+receiving). So, this kid can kick the go-juice when given room to work. 22nd best Rb in America from 247Sports. Tho’ his recruiting metrics matched or were truncated by his truncated size itself. As this kid is a lb. for lb. 1-man productive sheet. And he is also a pure gamer; what with: only being the 2018 Missouri Football Player of the Year along with an ’18 AAAAA or penta-A ring all while shattering the Missoula state title game rushing mark with a whopping 364-yard offensive outburst “show me” day. Kyren is legit, tho’ he has been a bit ‘off’ for the last fortnight which prolly means he is due to break out. No. 2 ‘back and Richmond, Va., escapee… Chris Tyree is a turbo-jet. Don’t want him breaking free into the open field. Wr’s/Te1: Michael Mayer is possibly the best Te1 we will see all year —and very likely a Te1 that will be shown some Sunday love. Although he is said to be hobbled by the bane of all real Y-chromosomes everywhere, or the dreaded “groin-injury”, yikes. (and St.Elmo’ bless). After Te1 that, N.Dame courts a slew of Wideouts -most of which are upperclassmen- none of which has ever caught more than 324-yards/season in their N.Dame career. Buncha VHT guys (of course) tho’ no breakout/breakthrough showcase Wr1 just yet. And I guess team-captain (Avery Davis) is your alpha Wideout here— as Team Captain’s are ‘posed to be your alpha, rights? As the Top-3 2020 Wr’s are all gonzo and frankly it, shows. 2021 pass-catchers are right-sized. The catch-game itself is modest handsy-wise… interning at All-State (‘the good hands’ people’) these Wr’s, won’t. oLine: in all candor, you could skip to the Lo.FM and TTT sections down below. As this oLine is not even keeping its beak above the treading water line as I type. They are pretty well drowning or sieve-like. Not enough Dutch-Boyz for the Irish to plug this many, leaks. In particular on the edge of the Ot-box where the naked Irish Ot’s really struggled in the outside lane at your local H.S. asphalt track vs. the sprinters of Cincy. As the Irish departed their odd Ot-G, and their even G-Ot from last year. Their C1 is solid and one Ot-transfer is supposed to be the same… although their two-deep is mostly underclassmen and that means they are playing 2023, today. C/G Jarrett Patterson is your bell-cow here, presuming his previously broken foot is good-to-go (St.Sebastian bless). Ot1 Blake Fisher was basically all-N.b.c. or whatever, if/when he gets it all blue-chip in gear. Tho’ he may be done with a cartilage rip (St.Nikon bless). The Irish oLine is noticeably mo’ experienced on the even or right-side and yet they are only average sized, if that. Nobody tipping the Toledo’s ≥3o8 lbs. here. And this just in… rain is rumored to be, ‘wet’; as the whispers say N.Dame could be down to their left-Ot4! (i.e., 4th-string)!!!


  • ∑ (summary): returning O production=44% (123rd most!)  The Irish throw-fits feature triune leveling. Tho’ they do medium to semi-long leak a bit vertically downfield. This is not quite your quick-hitting narrower Spread set of today look. As N.Dame will go a bit deeper than 2021 most. What with everyone who plays averaging 9 ypc (yards per catch) and the Top-8 grab-gang guys all tallying ≥11-yards out to a spartan 17-yards per snag on average. Additionally, all of the N.Dame Top-7 catchers have at least one reception north of 23-yards! (Film-Study): …as you can see above, this is not an O that cheeps on shine itself. N.Dame is literally a ‘multiple’ offensive Set in every way/or word. As you see the Irish Fl’s (flankers (or slots)) stacked behind the Se’s (split-ends). Or, their Z is stacked (same as Lb’s on D) behind their X. This makes the behind guy (Fl or Z) hard to read and potentially harder to get to. As this is almost something of an East-West Giles Co. single-wing that gets wingy indeed. This is even further made oddball when one of your Se’s (they who toe the LOS is the best way to remember this), is really your super all-world Te1. Then, you have a near all-star caliber Tb1 behind all of that; be that as an I or Hb (offset) from the Pistol or the Spread respectively. And you had better mind the Te1 store. As this guy is a mini-me Gronk’ of sorts. Seriously. Our Lb’s had better have their coverage day of the year here. And he deploys all over. Even as an inside-Fl or Y. Confused? Yah; there are a lotta moving parts here as N.Dame really stretches/stresses the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) effectively and *this* is what frees up thing(s) further downfield. IF/when they actually get around to blocking that is. ’cause the Irish throw points are Dublin-deep. Or at least medium-deep. And they will old-school Ara Parseghian triangle/flood the play-side. Then they crunch the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) in tighter narrower splitting bunchy formations and try to work R.P.O.’s northward inside the Ot-box with their rushing-Qb2. Now, and how this many VHT recruiting stars can be experiencing this many mostly-cloudy blocking days is a real weather.Coach.God conundrum? Yes, there are two resequencing injuries here… tho’ they have 4 and 5-star guys caddying for each other. So, don’t cry for me Argentina, Indiana. The catch (pardon the pun) being… you have to protect for longer to temporally to fund these medium to longer vertically angular looks downfield. This magnifies the Irish dribble-glass passing-cup foibles all the mo’. On top of all of that, it does not seem to feel/or find blitzes well, in particular, “one-Mississippi” or delayed red-dog calls. As both (or all three) N.Dame Qb’s throw/decide pretty suspectly under Penthouse or full-frontal pressures. (tho’ I really super liked the 70’s looking Rb-shield/protector safety valve releases into the patterning flat at the last second… the Irish Rb was absolutely uncovered/unaccounted for every time this happened as dump-offs go).
  • O Overall: 47% run:pass 53% mix. One of these Qb(s)… is your secret sauce offender here. Though, which one?!? As the Notre Dame offense has been balky like a gummed-up caulk-gun as opposed to a true shotgun if you will.
    Or, to put all of ^that^ another way… for being so multi-faceted… I almost wondered when breaking-tape if the N.Dame offense did not need a midseason Frank-n-Stiney moment just in time for 31st Oct ’21? As in, they are doing Ooooo so very many things at once… that they just need to “simplify things” a bit. Get outta their own many faces of Eve possession identity crisis way if you will. (God Bless). As this is (in theory) a grinding, TOP-controlling (time of possession) efficiency-driven O. Something of a So.Bend Fu’fense if you will. An in ‘Control’ or a Paula Abdul offensive set when it all ‘clicks’ right. Plus only fielding: 18% of your starters in return is prolly a bit of a mulligan or a refund waiting to happen… at least for an open month or two.

Offensive letter-grade:


N.Dame: 27th in ∑ Offensive-Beta!!! (wow)!
(as if they are due to pop… ‘clean’)
tho’, 11th best in Beta-passing!
^this^ vs. the #1 defensive SOS!!!

Readers note:
So, as you know… N.Dame got upset @home last week vs. the upstart Cincy Bearcats, right?

True dat… tho’ N.Dame made sure Christmas came early and handed Cincinnati a lotta short-field and just downright sloppy looking gifts.

i.e., N.Dame is a better football team than that… if/when they clean any of that, up?

Fn Irish Special Teams: (both return)

(readers note: N.Dame does NOT catalogue career stats…
so this is bullet-point cobbled together best Eye can).

Notre Dame is 40th in Net Punting and so is P1 Jay Bramblett. Don’t get too much mo’ leg game senior prom sexy than being named the: #2 punter nationally by folks. Jay is a true Jr. year P1 who has a career-long of 61-yards with zero Punts blocked thus far. As the Alabama and Texas H.S. all-star native seems like a bit of an exalted directional punter more so than a pure Ray Guy boomer. Very consistent P1 however as he makes solid contact and nets you a lotta singles and doubles leg-game-wise.

  • A pedestrian 72nd in Punt Returns | and yet a “rocketing” (get it?) 13th best in KO returns!
  • an average 65th in punt coverage | and better than average 43rd in suicide-squad.
  • N.Dame has blocked 0 kicks and allowed 0 kicks to be blocked.
  • N.Dame has blocked 0 punts and allowed 0 punts to be blocked.
  • Offensive field-position 3oth | Defensive field-position 99th!

Final year and Charlotte, Nc. or PHNC’s crib native… Jonathan Doerer is your K1 for N.Dame. He of the unusual-looking twist-top red-frost ‘fro fame mind yah. Kid ‘n Play nonetheless, his 70% is useful enough on FGA’s thus far this year; although he does already tally on P.A.T. shank. Jonathan has been your K1 for three years now and he clearly has enough experience underfoot at this stage. The odd part is he yo-yo’s just a bit once he hits the mid-30’s on the Holder’s spot of the ball. As before that, he is virtually automatic with only one career miss. After that, he has counted 10-career-misses. Even if he does have range out until right at 50-n-change what with 3-collegiate makes of 51 or 52-yards. Jon.D. has kicked off for N.Dame off and on throughout his Irish career. So, leg-lift seems willing enough. Doerer was the no.6 K1 in scholastic terms per Scout. And he does have his degree framed already. Thus, making Doerer a kinda good K1, tho’ not quite a great K1. As he has a history of slumping annual kicking finishes too boot.

Special Teams letter-grade:
Notre Dame does nothing specialists real bad. They are average to better when taken in broad-brush terms. And yet you keep waiting for a more Italian Renaissance moment from this many VHT’s in-waiting in the kick-game wings. Flat B that should be at least a B+++.

Unit Rankings:

  1. VT D.
  2. N.Dame D.
  3. N.Dame O.
  4. VT O.
  5. (looks like an “under” total, don’t it?)


  • motive: LOL… who do you know in the VeeTix office? Hawtest ducket of the year. EDGE=VT (4sure!)
  • weather: was hoping for some help here… as Rain would hurt the better passing Qb1 (Jack Coen) mo’ than help anything else. EDGE=push.
  • health/off-field: V.Tech is dinged-up, tho’ coming off a BYE. N.Dame is mo’ dinged-up. In particular at: Rb, and on both frontlines. EDGE=VT.
  • penalties: N.Dame draws a few ‘whistles and I don’t mean “cat-calls” (88th most flagging). EDGE=VT by a very sporting amount too.
  • intangibles: 14th best in all-important Turnover Margin and 64th in TOP (time of possession) is none too shabby and pretty much splits the VT vis-á-vis vote. EDGE=push.
  • fatigue: Cleary the Hokies have the fresher legs and sleep in their very own beds. The Irish had a short week to begin the year and this is their 5th-consecutive week of work. EDGE=VT (mo’ than a little).


R.A.T.T.: VT's best chance to upset mighty N.Dame here is... what(s)???

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Illationconclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Irish who could shamrock @Tech=

the takeaway:

…the takeaway here is that although this is big, bad, and historically exceptionally well-fabled and highly-esteemed pantheon Notre Dame… what with their: 22 national championships from NCAA-designated major selectors, 11 of which are claimed by the University. And with their seven different Heisman Trophy winners… (septa-PROPS!!!)

…the Four Horsemen this year’s squad just, ain’t.
(at least not experience/learning-curves, yet)

There is Talent here… granted; although it is mo’ parts Tully Blanchard and Barry Windham
and less parts Minnesota Wrecking-Crew much less R.Flair.


xxx‘s & ooo‘s:

Chris Coleman beat me to the punch here… tho’ a 3-hour-stomach-ache or a Pepto kinda contest is RIGHT in Fr.Fu’s pet-game-manager wheelhouse.

Or, in other words, the longer this one goes and stays close… the mo’ it does NOT favor the bigger named team. Pressure bursts I.R.A. Steam Tunnel pipes if you will.

formulae here favors:
^^^that^^^ being correctly clinically stated… there are the Jimmy’s and the Joe’s. N’est-ce pas?

And N.Dame has nearly 300% more BIG-plays already generated this year than the somewhat fascicle or partially bundled Cliff’s Notes Fu’fense. This means N.Dame (and their better passing-Qb) can chase better in closing and they can also hit for power better in front of that.

And it also means they and their last recruiting cycle VHT’s are deeper by-the-bye. Meaning:… Fu’ and Corny need to cornhole the game-clock here and let the Dean Smith 4-corners air outta the pigskin and shorten this one so that the deeper team does not show out as the fresher team late in a potentially scoreboard delinquent contest.

Because…and recalling someone’s recruiting series two-off-seasons ago… N.Dame stocks an astounding 264% more blue-chip recruits than little ole V.P.I. does.


  1. Δ1=75% that someone wins a rugged-looking one here. Eye dig this (brand of yesteryear football) the most… tho’ this one could be you went to a football game and a Hockey Score (at least per quarter) broke out. Flannel-shirts, brawny-towels, and old-school aftershaves rejoice!
  2. Δ2=15% that N.Dame (somehow) pops-clean and hits a few power-plays here. As their recruiting rankings are worth at least a bonus +5% here.
  3. Δ3=10% that V.Tech (somehow) pops-clean and hits a few power-plays here. As this game is @Home and nitetime is the right time mo’ often than Lane Stadium not.

#ChallangeA.c.c.epted… there are 1,440 minutes in a day and… frankly, VeeTee needs to win prolly close to 59-minutes of this scrum to have a
fair-to-middling shot at this one.

the optics
…in terms of the modern broadcasting ‘basketball on grass’ or scoreboard gone The Who’s Pinball Wizard kinda game?

Eye doubt it… as this one could indeed have Fu’gly football contest written all over it.

Mo’ parts made for offensive dumpster-fire and less parts made for Hallmark or Lifetime.

the skinny...

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©)

  • N.Dame is a C— 87th best in 1st-down O | whereas VeeTee is a very plucky 11th best in 1st-down D!
  • N.Dame is a muddled looking 94th best in 3rd-down converts | whereas VeeTee is a striking 13th best in 3rd-down D!
  • VeeTee is a downright pitiful 120th in 1st-down O | whereas N.Dame is a respectful 38th best in 1st-down D.
  • VeeTee is (unusually enough) a pretty solid 39th best in 3rd-down converts | whereas N.Dame is a very thrifty 10th best in 3rd-down D!
  • Lo.FM Analysis: …well, the only lifeline here away from October Classic type baseball scoring is— possibly the Hokie 3rd-down Fu’fense. That objectively said… this one more than subjectively favors the halt-units here to put a stop (if not a stomp) to much if any O. EDGE=the D‘s.

TTT (Time To Throw©)

  • The Irish are a penultimate-1 or second-from-last-(place) 128th best in Sacks-allowed! | whereas the Hokies are a salty 16th best in opposing Qb’s, sacked! (wow!)
  • The Irish are an outright penultimate or next-to-last-(place) 129th in TFL (tackles for a loss) allowed! | whereas the Hokies are a progressive 42nd best in TFL inflicted.
  • The Hokies are a semi-user-friendly 90th best in Sacks-allowed | whereas the Irish are a pretty northward 24th best in opposing Qb’s, sacked! (dang).
  • The Hokies are a slightly below average 74th best in TFL allowed | whereas the Irish are a slightly above average 50th best in TFL inflicted.
  • TTT Analysis: well, both D’s have the advantage here, be clear on that. Although, the Hokie oLine is just a bit better at being less edgy itself. EDGE=VT (modest).

Performated TEXT

3-game splits,
…in their last 3-game, the Irish O has slumped by nearly 70-ypg (yards/game). Mostly due to mostly cloudy airwaves. The Irish D has only slipped by a nominal 10-ypg or basically one 1st-down. (Which is pretty dang salty when you see that the N.Dame O is doing them NO incoming field-position favors whatsoever).

…on the other side, the Fu’fense is up about 12-ypg or a bonus 1st-down. Whereof O&M green-eggs and j.Ham has improved by about ½ a 1st-down allowed in ypg. This is either consistent, or this is… peaked. Think about that and then take thy pick.

H/A splits,
…the Irish O has a buncha M.Gibson Road Warriors this year… what with nearly +70-ypg; virtually all of which is an aerial assault increase. (NOTE: this was also a vastly healthy oLine and Qb1 to boot). On the other side… the Irish D has been nearly centennially worse or mo’ user-friendly in your house by about 110-ypg (nearly equally suspect on the run/pass split).

…on the Hokie side, the Fu’fense is within 6′ of being perfectly static home vs. away. However, j.Ham and Co. are just a smidgeon stouter at home; in particular in defense of the ground-gainers.

Our handy dandy friend, the so-called: Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is merely calling for a fortnight ask-back as round-robin play begins to ‘chirp’ in earnest soon enough.

the call

Virginia Tech has only broken the 3-score barrier once this campaign— or 25% of the time. Now, you tell me… who has mo’ halt-unit swagg?

Middle.Tenn.State or N.Dame?

On the other hand, the Irish have cracked the 27-point barrier 80% of the time.

(You do the… maths).


7:30 PM tip-off!

Hidden-yardage, hidden-yardage, mo’ hidden-yardage, or even a miscellaneous yard or three. As there is more than a little offensive riffraff on tap in this one… all the mo’ so if the New River Valley gridiron gets spongy or downright, wet.

And yet then I found this… Cincy tallied 10 points on a whopping 20-∑-yards worth of offensive drives! As less two short, shorter, or shortest fields? That game was a proud as a peacock network sister kisser.

  1. Cincy is also 56th in Total-O (we/VT are: 116th)!
  2. Cincy is nearly 66-spots better in Passing-O and Passing Efficiency alike.
  3. Cincy is 16 spots ahead of us in Total-D, and yet 123-spots ahead in zone-D!
  4. (with: Rushing-O being the only semi-comparable thingy (only 10-spots removed)).

…or in other words, Cincy only outgained N.Dame by 40-n-change and needed a lotta Irish Car Bomb’s to go (selfie) off to nick what was a very even contest less a fair-to-middling amount of N.Dame, help.

Do you think the F’n Irish will be this helpful for 8-quarters, straight?

••• ——— •••

Then however we attend to the quirkiness of the metrical following…

The VT O is outgaining the VT D by an astounding 12′.
Whereas the N.Dame O is being outgained by the N.Dame D by an even’ less astounding 21′.

Or in other words, when you combine all four Totals’ (2-∑-O’s ➕ 2-∑-D’s) you get a nearly entirely centrist National Ranking of: …79th best! (Recall: this campaign there are officially: 130 D-1 men’s college football teams).

Or in final words… unless some underwhelming unit rises to the occasion, this one has C— caliber middleocrity written all over it. As pretty insanely enough, 61.4% of 2021 college football slots north of these two when taken as an aggregate indicium.

i.e., this is {sic: offensive} Tweedledum vs. Tweedledee.


However… N.Dame is stuffing the run in their last 12Q’s of ‘ball… per a measly 73.3 ypg allowed down in the trenches. This is great for 6th best in all the land! Or Paul Revere football… one if by land and two if by air— if you will. Because I must be the only VT-football-media member that thinks N.Dame really should start the best chucker on either sideline here. And thereby dare the Fu’fense to wing their way to VicTory come 11 PM or so on Saturday Night Live.

Incoming to this chaste contest… both clubs have kinda/sorta C+++ traipsed around a bit— although elements of both fan-bases have (somehow) classified this as positively “trampish” or D+++ indeed.

Or… 50-shades of: the pejorative: “HEY!!!”

♥    ♦ 

Meaning… someone is gonna do something to bushwhack and/or ambush the other side here at some point in time.

—with no sapiosexual word yet from Coach Nathaniel Hawthorne or his Chicago-Maroon Letter as Eye type…
As I predict at least one Qb1 does not hear the 12th round go: 'ding" here.

(possibly: both/each).

And if defense is your thang or your 1960’s Paul Horning swagg?
You’ve prolly honed in on the right, place.
As this one is a race to 20.
(Or, maybe to jus’ 17)
1st one there?



upset Index=41%


Virginia Tech=16, Notre Dame=25


Please support the VT F.C.A.!



COUNTRY >>> party!

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  1. Be a close game IF ND let’s be…VT is a cookie cutter team under Fuente. No matter the weekend..

    1. ‘cookie cutter’ is not unapropos.
      not at all.

      vanilla is his favorite… vanilla.


  2. A good-un B.Street. My heart goes VT but not sure. The Vegas line shows a virtual toss-up at a frenzied Lane. Do the Wise Guys know something or are Hokie fans betting their hearts first over their heads? Big night on a national stage. A.H.

    1. $$$ has generally rode with VT @home here… let’s hope they knows
      a little sompthin-sompthin… here.


  3. I always bet with my heart may be the reason I do not bet money on Hokies really in-depth look at game thanks BB

  4. I read the Irish have 35 consecutive wins vs unranked and a 20 game win streak vs ACC.

    Those empirics are sobering.

    Maybe we see some VT TE catch and run this week.

    Nice time for a pick 6 and or a ST score to get Lane insane..
    Fingers crossed

    1. …not very All Charmin Conference demonstrative either…

      …tho’ pretty well recruiting-rankings de-monstra-trive, however.


  5. That’s a good call. IF Tech plays psyched up ball we hang till the early fourth.

    Has anybody noticed we always slip more on a damp field than the opp.? That’s an extra 30-60 yds in big plays for them before we kick.

    1. …weather looks mo’ mellow at the 2 PM moment that forecast last nite…


  6. Must win 1st down blues on O whilst D gets the Irish in long yardage conversion on 3rd down. Excellent preview for tonight’s contest. Section 7 is eager to see if the analytics coach can somehow become an emotional intelligence one & inspire some
    Confidence to his QB Uno. Otherwise the ongoing passive aggressiveness from Maize will continue to brow beat the QB into indecision.

    Win 1st down is great 1st step.

    Let’s Go… Hokies!!!
    Stomp the ☘️

  7. Great indepthtitude as usual, B’. And thanks for the Queen City/PHNC tie-in. 🙂

    1. Neat word!

      I’ll be borrowing dat.

      (you’re welcome),

  8. I don’t grok the high grade you give their secondary, given their current ranking. B+? Really?

  9. …they make sooooooo many Takeaway picks… so, yah.

    Just the Cb2 is anything inviting overall.
    (tho’ he is ungreat, granted).


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