Old Dominion football preview!

#8o R.P.I. Virginia Tech #99 R.P.I. Old Dominion:

Today’s word of the day is… Pry!


verb: pry; 3rd person present: or present participle: prying
early 19th century: from the verb prise

  1. inquire too closely into a person’s private affairs.
  2. use force in order to move or open (something) or to separate (something) from something else.
  3. obtain something from (someone) with effort or difficulty.
  4. LOL… 2o22 VeeTee men’s football???

Old Dominion Head Coach: Ricky Rahne: age=41, (6-7 overall and at O.d.u.); has a rep’ for: building, offense, and passing offense in particular. And Special Teams.
$750,00.oo. (Does list as 1.5-large, due to incentives met; good on him!)

Boyhood Ricky Rahne was a native of Morrison, Colorado, Rahne attended Bear Creek High School in Lakewood, where he lettered in football and track and field. During his senior season, Rahne led all Colorado quarterbacks with 3,114 passing yards for 33 touchdowns.

Baller Rahne was a three-year starting quarterback at Cornell University from 1999 to 2oo1. Qb1 Rahne was a three-year starter at quarterback at Cornell (2oo2), and graduated as the Big Red’s all-time leader in completions (678), passing yards (7,71o), and touchdown passes (54), and total offense (7,994). He was inducted into the Cornell Hall of Fame in 2o14.

Rahne was the offensive coordinator at Penn State for two seasons and on the Nittany Lions coaching staff for six years. Prior to joining Penn State, Rahne was the quarterback’s coach at Vanderbilt for three years. 100% of his P.s.u. Qb’s are… Pro’s.

As hinted above… Big Whistle Rahne really blows special-teams works away. He is prolly the closest thing to being the next Frank Beamer in this category. He will take risks. He is an aggressive coach by nature. Some deign to even say: “very”. This guy does not come to out-point you on the outside and box the nite away and leave a Decision on the judges’ scorecards— he comes to, fight.

O.d.u.’s King and his… (home) court!

The coaching sewing circles say this guy… ‘rates’. Was something of an: ‘on the come’ or hot coaching the verb commodity two years back. Also, something of a hot-head at times in-game… Rahne does not suffer some things, well. He will Rahne on your parade celebration-wise (post-game) as well. As this guy is a juicy one, 22ov if you are keeping score @home.

p.s. this guy and our guy have coached together at 2 different tour stops: (Vandy & P.s.u.).
i.e., they should be familiar with each other in each direction.

Daddy Rahne and his wife, Jennifer, have two sons, Ryder and Jake.

2021 record:  6 up 7 down and 5-3 in the conference.

(READERS note: they were o-o-o in Rahne’s first O.d.u. year, due to the entire year being, cv19 canceled).

 O.d.u. Defense: (starters back=7)

  • 69th in Total D. (+/- VT)
  • 35th vs. the run!
  • 1o1st vs. the throw.
  • 9oth in Passing Efficiency D.
  • 8oth in Zone D.
  • 36th best in P.B.R. rate allowed. (This is nice).
  • Defensive explosion: 46th. (Solid, nearly, very).
  • 6 of 1o in dLine Havoc. This and the lack of front wall pass rush are the hypocrites of success here. The whispers say that this is a quick, gap-jumping front— and that clogging effect has proven rather dang run-fill(s) fight good of late mind yah. Top-2 Dt’s and best pass-rushing End all return. De2 Amorie Morrison and De1 Marcus Haynes seem to want the work; they seem to have the look/metrics. Just gotta take the next edge-busting step(s). Okay sized, not small; tho’ just barely okay.
  • 5 outta 1o in Linebacking Havoc. Ryan Henry is an all-star in the middle who made 75 stops to anchor the two in the 4-2-5. Henry is your Lb1, Sr., 6′3″, 23o lbs., lumpy mashed potatoes baller. A thick guy with a thick chest and neck to a northern hemisphere match. Hardened-looking streety kinda baller. And every second layer needs one to be clear. Pretty experienced middle unit; has some depth built up as well. ILb-twin Marcus Haynes has the experience and a little pass-rushing oomph to his game.

    Oshane Ximines: OLb/De, best Defender ever.
  • 6.5 in 1o in Secondary Havoc. Very curiously enuff… only 1o4th best in passes pilfered last year! And that does NOT jibe with anything hyper-acute high-risk preferential that you will read down below. Shawn Asbury transferred in from Boston College so he should start at free safety. R’Tarriun Johnson is going to be an All-Sun Belt player this year most likely at the other safety position. Their corners should be decent. r-Sr. year R’Tarriun Johnson, S1, pretty well-rounded run & pass support guy. Most say he grades 1st-place in this secondary here. Tre Hawkins, Cb1, Sr., 6′3″, 195 lb., towering and nimble guy alike. Find someone else in the jump ball red zone.
    However, there were just seven interceptions, and four of them came in two games! This too is a fu’gly part of the Turnover Deficit you will see sectionally down below… Middle secondary might just be a scosche ahead of the edges; if only via ’21 Cb graduations default. As some have labeled Safety as a strength of the O.d.u. D.
Base 30-look (Bowl Game ’21): (will flash 20-looks on 3rd-n-Long as well):
  • D overall: 25th in defensive scores last year told me a lot lot lot here; and it seriously reminds of someone who Fancied a particular Gap. O.d.u. plays aggressive and risky and advances any and all ball(s) just the same. (So, to; speak…). For example(s)… you could see O.d.u. court jesting and jousting at the football alike on breaking tape (37th best in fumbles recovered), and yet this does (sometimes) mess with surefire textbook halting vis-à-vis creating a BIG play.
    (Film Study): O.d.u. runs a 30-base, sorta. As they even the 1st layer out (on a cheat-up) or odd the 2nd-layer at times. They do look to score bit hits and will steal people— an anti-expected-outcome D with some streety/thuggy-bear in it to boot. Again, there are a few physical hitters here. Tacking is average. This is entirely because they do not ‘finish’ that many 1st-contacts; and somewhere Coach Spock is eyebrow… ducking. As they miss a few stops head-hunting for the Kayo. O.d.u. really varies their base-man intensity. 3-4 off, and 1-tight, or the obverse, or anything in between man-strength wise. They will cushion at times and give you a 15′ quick-Out. They will jam your Wr1, and then Centerfielder or Cover-2 behind that. There can be help here, tho’ it did not ’21 rotate with alacrity (or maybe their Rules do not allow catch-n-release?); or they only courted middleocore so-called: ‘recovery speed’. The Monarchs will double at times if they key your Wr1. However, Tulsa -in particular- had success on Down-n-Outs and they took a seam-splitter to that Cover-2 on medium to deep looks several times; one could dare say you reap what you… sew. Likewise angular routes that hit hook-zone drop(s) just right behind the receding O.d.u. second-layer. D does not always line up smart/swift pre-snap; quick ‘counts’ would be in order here. Edges were modestly sized then smaller the further away you moved East-West from your C1 on O. D does not shed blocks well once truly engaged. Frankly, O.d.u.’s highly ranked run-fits were a surprise. As Eye did not spy them upon breaking tapes. Nonetheless, they are supposed to be better on run-fills than passing by a considerable margin, FWIW. Finally, Old Ominion U had no “D” for pump fakes themselves. dLine will take Qb1 shots at times here, Wells needs to Fargo his chin-strap good-n-tight for this one here. Though -as B.Patterson hit upon- they also kinda have a middle flood-zone look that is not quite so aggressive, kinda reminded me of @Syracuse in another debuting VeeTee coaches rookie season.
  • ∑ (summary): returning D production=60% (92nd most!) R’Tarriun Johnson is (closest) to being your conflict defender here… he pretty good. And maybe he makes another 2o22 conflicting move? Overall, I had to rank the O.d.u. D fourth or last in my Unit Rankings below; nearly via default. They are not awful; they are not really below average; they are however the closest to being centrist of the quadratic Unit Ranking bunch. C— to C+++, something like that depending upon their ’22 health and development in-season.

Defensive letter-grade: mixed… this D may be stronger the further away you move from the LOS (line-of-scrimmage); tho’ that could be code for: run-inviting as well. C’ish. If you are an O.d.u. lurker maybe even a lowercase C+.

O.d.u. Offense: (returning starters=9.5)

  • 85th in Total O.
  • 72nd in ground O.
  • 83rd in aerial O.
  • 1o6th in Passing Efficiency O!
  • 66th in Zone O.
  • Passing Success rate: 1ooth.
  • Qb(s) P.B.R. rate, 106th!
  • 51st in offensive explosion (nevertheless, i.e., that’s not bad; considering…)
  • O overall: Wr’s & Te’s: Zack Kuntz! Zack Kuntz! Zack Kuntz! Te1, N.f.l. Testing Combine all kinda hot-n-bothered 1o1. 73 grabs good for: 692 yards on a 9.5 ypg average and 5 majors (TD’s) is all Black-Zack Kuntz was last year. Oh yes… that and he was also a Towering Inferno of a totally monsta looking: 6′9″, 245 lbs. of totally ‘swole’ thick set right-mass. Grad-transfer (P.s.u., same as Pry). Where he self-pimped his awesome biology to the tune of being: an Academic All-Big Ten; thrice! Very legit pro’ prospect just on metrics/testing markers alone. Massive match-up advantage check-mark in O.d.u.’s favor, if/when Kuntz will go WWZ and bring the damn pain. As he does not seem to enjoy catching big-time contact downfield upon breaking tape. Pretty big-time H.S. hoops head to boot. As this monsta-sized kid can literally do it ALL; if/when he decided to give of himself, the; same. Does enjoy two, that’s (2) A or single-A Pa.H.S. championship rings. May have been a bit of recruiting service disservice for it too. Tho’ ESPN did finally bump him to 122nd overall. A freaky freak of a human cinderblock. Check it… Heavy-Z only lettered in basketball three times and track & field three times. He only won the State Class AA Championship in the 110-meter hurdles in 2017. He only claimed district titles in the 110-meter hurdles and 300-meter hurdles three times each. He only won district crowns in the high jump as a sophomore and junior, as well as 4×100 relay and 4×400 relay titles in both 2015 and 2016. That’s all, #8o sucks as a Te1. All his siblings (four) have played some D-1 sport or another. So, Momma-bear Z is putting in next-level, work. BRA-vo. And as indicated, the only knock I could land is… Z needs to fight big. He does use all of these massive physical tools in his ‘contract season’? This ZZ might just grade Te1 big-board, Top!
  • …look out @Sams & Wills!
    Wr, Travis Fulgham: prolly their best Offender.

    Qb1: Pro-Style: Hayden Wolff Qb1, is pretty good. Not quite Eddard Stark good, tho’ prolly getting a little better and better. The only real question here is… headroom? Just how much do Wolff’s adequate tho’ not exactly high-octane physical metrics have, left? He does look older and conducts himself a bit mo’ maturely than his I.D. reads just the same. Doubt this Wolff wants for much horseplay on the side either. Bet the over on his girl game here. Hayden fast-track graduated in only 3 years this past May, so O.d.u.edu props @home. Likewise, all the Ivy League offers on the recruiting trail. Does have a history of left-knee or plant-knee dings and dents alike (St.Nikon bless). Not much of a rusher accordingly, as his 1o2 career rushing marker observes. Ditto his career-long carry of a mere 15′, no joke! Likewise, needs to clean his career: 6:5 passing ratio (TDs:INTs) up more than a little bit. Ditto however raise his passer rating by ≅35-points last year and that never sucks. Just needs to mind the thread the passing needle store. That’s the news news… the good news if you are a O.d.u. visitor here, is that you boy did improve a bit as the 2o21 campaign wore on. In particular in the 11th month where he flirted with authoring a: November to Remember. And closing stronger is always an ender caliber look. His 8:3 passing vibe and his 63% up to 69% November closings were more consistent than his 52% up to 57% so-so or less October and September nadir contests, respectively. IF, Wolff just flushes those early Autumnal games outta his system, he is a better 2o22 Qb1. If he actually builds upon his 2o21 closer he is an all-League threatening Qb1. Though just raising his floor would be worthwhile here. The question is… how much headroom, remains? ON TAPE: Wolff really goes Penthouse Forum full-front and leans away (think: K.Malone not delivering on FTA’s) from pressure right in his face. Like he’s dinged a hand/wrist enough times on a hard-charging opposing helmet upon his follow-threw. Sets-up low at times and fights from a crouch. Has a few slight mechanical foibles to him. Tho’ does appear level-headed and generally cool under fire mentally, if a bit contacts adverse in A-gap terms. 247Sports listed Hayden as a *** or 3-star Qb1 and as the No. 34 pro-style quarterback in the country. Wolff did have solid Sr. season scholastic numbers. As he only started one year and frankly it shows developmentally at the collegiate level. His big bro’ (Weston) is a backup Te on the Maryland football team, his old man (Jim) played in the Chicago Cubs organization, and his momma bear (Lori) played D-1 wimminz volleyball at U.Cent.Fla. So, the Sporting Genome Project surely projects well here. The caveat is… when taken on the whole (H.S. + College stats), Wolff virtually averages at least 1.1 picks per game as a starting Qb1 at any level. So, intercepting appears to project favorably for VeeTee in this one here as well. On the favorable side, in both O.d.u. seasons as a Qb1 (last year full-time, 2o19, partial to close the year), Hayden did improve in-season both, years. That’s a signal of being a ‘coachable’ kid, or maybe having a bit more headroom than his raw physical marker(s) offer. As he has found and hung ~15 lbs. of right mass (now 219 lbs.) upon his kinda skinny/raily looking 6′5″ frame since his O.d.u. arrival. He is also a better @Home passer-by ≅5%. Tritto… his near 68% and nifty 158-point 4Q Qb-rating. Clearly, he can shift gears and ride, clutch. An unusually clean-cut kid, who seems to keep his proverbial nose the same. Tho’ the 5.11 forty (and even slower: 20-Yard Shuttle) and the Picks remind us that… “Winter is Coming”. Let’s hope this Wolff waits a game until he goes:”I’ll Huff and Puff and Blow…”
    That all to say… there were credible late-Camping whispers that said… Wolff does have a history of hand-dings (St.Julia bless). Qb2 Mack is throwing better than he did when he started O.d.u.’s first six games last season and Clark (Notre Dame transfer), who is agile and has a strong arm, continues to make progress from his second A.c.l. surgery (St.Nikon twice bless!).
    Wr1: Ali Jennings III is pretty close to the truth. Behind him are uncertainties galore. Isiah Page (and his massive fro-flop) might be Wr2 closest to calling: ‘next’. Although there is a drop-off (pardon the sporting pun) here from Te1/Wr1 down t Wr2/Wr3. Lotta possession or truncated short to mid-range abbreviated West Coast guys who live here. And they need at least one medium to longer one to Wr2 emerge this season. And although hair-styling and profiling (seriously: they spend a lotta time/$ in the hair saloon @O.d.u.); they are also pretty lightweight in the seat of their pants. I’d like to see this catch cadre get their collective chins, checked. That said Ali III is legit. So is his waving (downward) at opposing endzone logos. Clever, almost anywho. Jen3 is a necktucky (w.V.u.) transfer Wr1— happy fo’ him here. He also came on really surging strong to close his ’21 works. Like 3 massive games in his final 6 G.N.C. Strong. III was a Highland Springs mere AAAAA or penta-A State Bling star prior to that. no.19 in-State (Va.H.S.) and no.79 Wr overall (USofA) per Rivals. Nowadays…. or last year in particular, Jennings 1,o66 yards was the third most by an O.d.u. player in program history; that counts. As does the little factoid that he amassed all of dat with only three, that’s ( 3) snags ≥34-yards last year. So, he nets a lotta medium fish as his Tidewater Wr1 haulage goes. Does a lotta work on longer/wider fields, think between the 20’s. And for whatever reason(s) is not much of a scorer. (With only 6 career majors/TD’s). He also logs 9′ of rushing yardage on zero, that’s (o) career carries. (Fumble advance). So, Jennings is not a frequent flyer on the ‘jet-sweep’ style play. Did however find his way deeper as 2o21 grew longer; what with a 24.6 ypc November to Remember (3-TD’s too). (Whispers said: ‘got healthy’ and beyond a serious of nagging ‘dings’ downstairs). Not sure this is a great Wr1, although there may not be a superior Wr-none on both rosters combined on Friday nite. Prolly a fringe C.f.l. caliber Pro’. And overall, 9 of their Top-1o ’21 snaggers return here; experience they gots. Additionally… transfer Marquez Bell (Cincinnati) and Dominic Dutton (South Carolina, where he ran T&F, this kid is a burner, he can: Fly, get it?) and highly touted high school recruits Ahmarian Granger (Maury High School) and Peter Kikwata (Northwest High School, Germantown, Maryland) all conspire to add even mo’ depth. And future-tense Wr1 Kikwata is the highest-rated recruit ODU has ever signed! Period.
    Rb1: r-Jr., (5′9″, 192 lb.), (also graduated in under 8 semesters) Blake Watson… the best Rb1 on the field Friday nite? How ’bout Rb1 Blake Watson + Rb2 Elijah Davis… being the best Rb1 and Rb2 1-2 punch on the field on Friday nite? Such is not entirely umpossible as out-of-kilter as that may Virginia Tech vis-à-vis Old Dominion seem. And although I do not know if these two are outright great? I do know they conspire to be pretty dang good, together. Shake-n-Blake does a lotta sorter to medium things well. Kinda/sorta their version of a throwback scatback to our very own Cy.Lawrence of sorts. Blake… is a very narrow and even mo’ serrated-looking guy cut-up-wise than that. Smaller, lowercase frame with a very low B.M.I. and basically a human barracuda to show for it. You can see a full double-hinge knee-brace showing out underneath his (right) compression sleeve sock. (St.Culbreth bless). Darty, quickie, cutty kinda rusher. Who broke in as a D-1 Wr. So, you’d have to think he has some measure of handiness to his game. Older bro’ (Brad’) is only a San Diego Charger, already. ** or a two-star recruit by 247 sports. Mr. Watson had 1o6 receptions for 1,885 yards and 25 touchdowns in his career at Green Hope, which does not Slot, poorly at all. Pretty decent (26.5 ykr) conference-leading KO-return guy when they need him to be to boot. 22nd ranked rusher in D-1 terms last year. (1,112 yards with 8 majors). Does have a history of a lotta dings and at least one, dent.

    You 2 can swagg his… merch!

    oLine: Four starters back and Donta Anthony ready to step in at center. Khadere Count and Nick Saldiveri are all-star caliber tackles to work around. Nick Saldiveri, Ot1 Jr. 6′7″, 3o7 lb. all-conference candidate. Started every game last year, mostly at tackle but a bit at right guard. Good footwork and just enuff strength. Ot2: Khadere Kounta, (blindside or odd-side), Jr. 6′7″, 309. A two-year starter at tackle –working mostly on the left side– and should start the season locked in at odd-Ot again. Good second-T, prolly honorable mention all-conference caliber. The incoming vibes say the run-fits are north of pass-pro’; they also hint both could be north of average itself. Only the ’21 C1 is gone (La.Charger). Mean, median, mode weight-watchers oLine, tho’ skyscraping with 80% of ’em 6′6″ or mo’. even-Ot1, Nick Saldiveri is prolly your bellcow here. This also is an okay-sized front wall, not small; just barely okay.

  • ∑ (summary): returning O production=90% (tied 3rd most)% Film-study 1o1: …this is a shorter to barely mid-range throw-fit O. It does a lotta quick-hitting single or secondary reads underneath, floods a lotta frontside looks with a passing quadrilateral (in lieu of the tradition 3-level(s) passing-triangle).
    (Film-Study2): towering inferno BIG-boy Te1 really overloaded anyone/everyone on film. Make no misQ here folks, we -and pretty much everyone else- have precious little match-up wise for this O.d.u. Te1. Who is prolly all-conference Te1 at that. He’s a pro’. O.d.u. will flex him outside into a massively overloaded Slot look, Box-man him, H-back him; and Te1 trap-block him backside of course. O.d.u. will operate from a shorter shotgun tho’ not a pistol. Think: sawed-off. Hb1 in front of Qb1 who is deeper than the Hb1. Trips will go Wide, or doubles per each side. And this is where they look to jaw-jack you with that massive Te1; did Eye mention the massive Te1, yet(s)? (Who does look left-leg dinged on tape at times; Godspeed). They will look to buck you up with said Te1 in the red zone; of course. Okay hands guy, maybe B—, tho’ not a pure Ozzie Newsome. Mo’ parts Ozzy Osbourne at times as he misses a few targets here-n-there. oLine lacked pure dozers to me on tape, Komatsu or Caterpillar they, ain’t. Tho’, they did some sharp sealing or shield turn-blocks; and they will counter behind the aforementioned ad nauseam Te1’s pull. (i.e. they run behind him as well as away from him). Rb1, one #2, has some quicks/acceleration to his wheels. Good off the line even if he won’t high-end run down a Porsche 944 way down the road. Qb1 Wolff has something of a Kosar cockeyed or sidearm sling to him at times. Tho’ he also just makes plays here-n-there; might be mo’ parts pure football player than pure passer. Only canonizes a B— arm or so. Tho’ he tallies A+++ g/f, game!

    skiHer… 1o1!

    Qb1 does not have the best wheels, and an early rush would help negate said play-making downfield.  The “Winter is Coming” question is… can this he-wolf howl any ’21 headroom up? I’d be surprised if he did… time=tell. Wr1 (Jennings) does help make Wolff look good at times. And Wolff does have a deft touch, soft; catchable ball. His mechanics bleed velocity, has a really deep torso-twisting load-point. Strange; very self-coached/sandlot (beyond injury of course). Wolf is kinda a Sansa in the pocket, as he turtles or physically shells out on some plays and is easily dropped for sacks. Seems in self-protect mode. Not a Penthouse full-frontal-loving kid. Did see me some very patient looking off-T or outside-zone looks. Rb1 Watson actually has the measure of this and it fits their massive Te1 to a T formation as well.

  • 54% run:pass 46% mix. Unless there is a breakout baller, nobody is your secret sauce offender here. As their Top-3 handsome play-makers are clearly ’21 revealed. 93rd in Completion% O last year told me a lot here. It told me that O.d.u. did do a lot at the close of 2o21 business; to their improved all-yearlong credit(s). And yet they left at least a decent amount of the same out on the field overall in annual terms. Ditto, they left a lotta pigskins out on the field when (not) carrying the same. 1o4th best in fumbling is Bart Simpson or butterfingers football men. As Coach Pry & Co. really should be taking a roll of 1’s to the strip club this Friday nite over in Northfolk. Now multiplicatively multiply that screwiness via being an even worse 11oth best in offensive passes you suffered interceptions on— and you gotta R.A.T.T. wonder just how good this O.d.u. O could/would be if they would only stop playing the fool and at least act a little mo’ princely? They have talent(s); plural. They have solid to significant to towering match-up advantages in their favor. If/when they would only get outta their own dang, way. This O could be good gents, maybe even, very… maybe… as Eye did see they pop-clean and really crack opposing D’s here-n-there on tape, then however they taped themselves shut as well. Finally, the coaching sewing circle whispers say ‘thin’ or a Jenny Craig O not named Wr’s. So, lack of depth-generating fatigue could be an issue in any tight 4Q scrum.

Offensive letter-grade: if the oLine was stronger, this is a sneaky good O. And even if they ain’t, and they cut down on all their bonehead foibles and mistakes? It could still be a solid B caliber O. (With B++ skill guys mind yah).

Overall addendum: BOTH sides: …of the Monarchs need to do more down the field with the passing game and the ground attack has to be stronger. However, more than anything else, O.d.u. must not O.D. on itself and has to stop screwing up. It wasn’t just that the O turned it over 23 times, it was the steady stream of mistakes…. everywhere. Self-inflicted own-worst-enemy 1o1 in ’21.

As in… there were only two games with more than two giveaways – three in the L’s to both Buffalo and WKU – but there were multiple giveaways in ten games. The team can’t get off the bus acting like it is the Poinsettia Bowl and Christmas Day and redundantly gift-wrap at least a 2 in turnover margin.

 Monarchs Special Teams: (both return)

O.d.u. was 1o9th in Net Punting in 2o21 and so was P1, Ethan Duane. E.D. is a ‘good day’ or Land Down Under P1 by way of: Melbourne, Australia, “mate”. He keeps a ginger top and beard alike and you’d have to like the girl game over here with the Men At Work accent effectively socially in tow. Ethan goes: 6′2″, 2o9 lbs. as a rare true-Soph. punter for O.d.u. Nick is NEW to American football, as he has played in exactly 13 games of the same at any level. Ergo, Ethan has never suffered getting a punt sent back and he has an okay-looking career-long of 60-yards thus far. After coming up on the Aussie Rules Football circuit, Ethan found his way to the leg factory otherwise known as: Australia ProKicker. Where he was indeed ranked No. 2 among international punters by ProKicker.com. Mr. Duane is known for his soaring hang time (4.58) which is among the best in D-1. This should only help in punt-coverage “Riddle” or “Lucy” terms. Ethan goes single-handed at the drop point of his wind-up/release. So, “aye” our football is surely new to him. Though 39.7 yards on average with eight 50+ yard punts this early may just speak to something bigger/better later on. Centrist punter (other than hangtime) so far, though this is a 2o24 ask back either way.

  • 2oth in Punt Returns | 33rd in KO returns. (Pretty sport here folks). LaMareon James has 12 points scored on two KO-return majors so far!
  • 53rd or acceptable in punt coverage | and a modest 82nd best in suicide squad.
  • O.d.u. had blocked six, that’s (6) kicks, and allowed 2 kicks to be blocked. (Notice: not only were 6-kick blocks 1st-best in 2o21, yet it was a multi-year 1st-best in the NCAA’s!!!)
  • O.d.u. had blocked four, that’s (4) punts, and allowed 0 punts to be blocked! (1st-best and perfected here on the other end, wowow!!!)

Final-year K1, Nick Rice —and his wavy surfer hair are back, bro’. Last season Nick went a serviceable looking: 2o for 26 on his FGA’s or right at ≈77% overall if you need him. Nick is a quad-year or 4-year-starting K1 for O.d.u. So, the Experience and Learning curves alike lack headroom or legroom if you will here. And Nick is NOTHING if not consistent as K1’s go… check it… as he has gone precisely between 75.o% up to 77.8% as a K1 on his FGA’s for the last four years at Northfork. He has not gotten any worse any more so than he has not gotten any better; either. Reasonable K1, who has not taken the ‘next step’ nor a step back. Nick has an okay leg, strength-wise; with only one make north of 48 {sic: yards}. His useful range is lower-40’s, his operable range is maybe 45 or so give/take. Nick does have 3 P.A.T. misses, two of which were P.A.T. blocks. (Low, punch style K1 trajectory-wise; needs to add a loft-wedge to his short-game, bag). Nick’s max FGA distance-wise is 58-yards; so I presume they think he has that much foot in the ball; or at least can get it there when wind-aided: (tho’ he, missed). Accordingly, Nick has KO’ed for O.d.u. several seasons. Mr. Rice is 4 fo’ 4 on game-winners, with no FGA’s blocked. So, maybe he can drive clutch? As Nick seems to want to be more parts Point Break and less parts break-point in several ways. He just needs the means to take 2o22 to the next level. This is not less than a dead solid K1, maybe even flirting with being a good one at K1 in ’22?

Special Teams letter-grade: Easy B, will be even mo’ with any 2o22 “B”etterment.

OBSERVE: the incredibly experienced O (Bronze Medal); that is NOT however well (Talented) thought of. Interesting… very.

Unit Rankings:

  1. O.d.u. special-teams!
  2. VT O., O.d.u. O. (tie).
  3. VT D,
  4. O.d.u. D.
BTW: …VeeTee is 60th in Roster talented overall compared to O.d.u.’s 111th, FWIW…
Game of… “Moans” 1o1.


  • motive: …LOL! Who is whose Super Bowl, N.b.a. Finals, and Lord Stanley’s Cup all rolled into, one? Eye’ll give you a hint… we don’t have a whole whole lot to gain here. (Though we surely have a lot to… L). EDGE=O.d.u., (all the mo’ so @home, XL time too!)
  • weather: sure looks like it favors scoring and/or throwing. Here is hoping that favors Wells & Co. EDGE=V.P.I.
  • health/off-field: …VeeTee is a bit dinged-up, Rb1 and Rb1a in particular. EDGE=O.d.u.
  • penalties: Same as below… O.d.u. plays loose and wild-n-wholly at times. VeeTee was so-so on discipline or centrist as flagmen went. EDGE=V.P.I.
  • intangibles: …last year and the Monarchs were French Revolutionary in the all-important Turnover margin. Checking in at a sanguine or leaky looking 1o8th best! (VeeTee was twice as protective or just dead-average. Additionally, VeeTee was up a minute or two in TOP (Time of Possession), not a whopping advantage (24-spots), though enuff that it could potentially count in the bottom of the 9th in a tight contest. EDGE=V.P.I. (for sure here).
  • fatigue: N/A for another few weeks give/take. However, I did find this… O.d.u. is well known for really hard S&C workouts. And it shows… 4th Quarter Scoring: ODU 121 – Opponents 75. That’s being in shape in a fatty everyone is ‘pretty beautiful’ world. Bra-vo!


R.A.T.T.: ...the likely winner here is named, who?

View Results

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Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Monarchs who could crown  @Tech=8

the takeaway:

Ginko… O.d.u. went D-1 way back in 2o13. Then, the Monarchs closed out their first D-1 campaign at: 8-4. Granted… playing mostly D1-AA teams. Then they peaked with a ten-win season in 2o16. Since they have spiraled downward from there over three years before missing all of 2o2o no thanks to cv19. Now, after eight years in Conference U.S.A. O.d.u. taking off for the Sun Belt.

Granted, they are indeed on a run of four straight negative or L’ing seasons… Tho’ big whistle Ricky Rahne knows how to get an offense going, the talent base was built up and worked on thanks to the year off, and after going really, really, really 2o2o young, there are now ∼17 starters are back with one of the most experienced teams in the Sun Belt.

A strategic thinker/planner this Coach Rahne. And he musta had some backing to bite the “I need multi-years” bullet.

Nonetheless, this is (supposed) to be the payoff year… so, just where is the O.d.u., R.O.I.?

Well, -and yes, Eye knows- wells are for water!

Tru Dat.

That said, this one is an unknown one, and anyone who says anything else is not one you need to know.

‘Cause who knows what will R.A.T.T. happen here?!?

VeeTee could and should (still) be a bit more Talented, though by how much?
O.d.u. should be sky-high like the International Space Station for this O&M @home work.

And only one of these two is two years deep into their given Learning and Experience Curves alike. (Whereas the other 60-minutes removed from even being in one-game, deep).

That makes you wonder if V.P.I. in-state Christmas might just come early for, O.d.u.?


xxx‘s & ooo‘s:

…there have been changes/toggles here…

as fo’ little ole me?
…see belows…

formulae here favors:

…it seemingly really should favor P5 VeeTee, right(s)?

However, same as X’s and O’s above… …which likewise should favor VeeTee coaching the (verb)… the Learning and Experience are curves surely do not. Unconditionally gents.

As in… any built-in or inherited comingled résumé ‘familiarity’ aside… O.d.u. and Coach Ricky make it Rahne, are waaaaaaaay ahead of us on both graphs in objective science-fact terms. Make no misQ on that folks.

…’cause try as we might, this ain’t rocket-surgery folks;
and sometimes you cannot see the forest for the coaching… 🌲?


  1. Δ1=4o%, I do (still) wanna type that VeeTee is the rightful betting favorite here, even out on the @O.d.u. road. Tho’ I differ from Vegas in that I’d give VeeTee a half-play advantage (maybe even VT-4 to VT-4.5). Not quite the opening listed VeeTee-9 or about 1.5 full play advantage, is it? Though you still have to hope that the Hokies have a bit more higher caliber depth if not a bit more star power itself in this one here.
  2. Δ2=3o%, well, there is that star power wants for or basically a lotta refuge or leftover 110v or domesticated looking O&M ballers. ‘Cause if anyone has anything closer to 220 or industrialized currency in this one it is the Top-3 skill guys @O.d.u. Playars play, and what if their playars have a career day and pop-clean for a 1 to 2-full play day?
  3. Δ3=3o%, toss-up. Sister-kisser. Pat-tie-Dye. Best two outta three. Or extra innings here we come as this one is a narrow matter no matter who you favor (or root for) on paper.

    Do you see what Eye means? (I mean…. we are nearly outflanked by four D1-aa, schools!)

#ChallangeA.c.c.epted… there are 1,440 minutes in a day and Virginia Tech prolly needs to win a good 5o outta 60-minutes here. Tho’ Eye really do hope this answer filters to look more like they only needed 40 or 45… time=tell.

the optics…

…the V.P.I. incoming optics are not 2o-2o, much less Gen. Chuck Yeager eagle-eyed (15-15) here. Not at all. I’ll be squinting -until we get beyond breaking the first tape- such is the order of the day. Although the more literate read with more coming back to the very same offensive and defensive sets clearly belongs to O.d.u. Our Monarchial read here is solid enough, whereas our Hokie optics are blurry at best.

the skinny

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©)

  • O.d.u. was a serviceable 58th in 1st down O (last year) | whereas VeeTee was a modest 74th best in 1st down D.
  • O.d.u. was a decent 51st in 3rd down O | whereas VeeTee was a solid 31st in 3rd down D.
  • The Hokies were a nearly flaccid 91st best in 1st down O (last year) | while the Monarchs were a nearly as soft 9oth best in 1st down D!
  • The Hokies were a middleocore 62nd best in 3rd down O | while the Monarchs were a flimsy looking 96th best in 3rd down D!
  • Analysis: …nobody was much good at anything other than VeeTee seemed mo’ want to get off the field on 3rd downs than O.d.u. was. Neither team is all that and a ‘snap’ here, it is rather that O.d.u. appears to ‘snap’ less and ‘pop’,  mo’. EDGE=V.P.I., modestly.

TTT (Time To Throw©)

  • O.d.u. was an okay 71st best in TFL (Tackles for a Loss) allowed on O | whereas VeeTee was a lilting 93rd best in TFL infected D!
  • O.d.u. was a below average 88th in Sacks allowed O | whereas VeeTee was a nearly as below average 83rd in Qb Sacks inflicted D.
  • The Hokies were a centrist flavored 59th best in TFL allowed O | while O.d.u. was an even drabber 88th in TFL inflicted D.
  • The Hokies were a vanilla-looking 7oth best in Sacks allowed O | while O.d.u. was a C—or 82nd best in Sacks inflicted D.
  • Analysis: …literally, nearly nothing moved any needle at all here. It is rather that VeeTee is just a little less dull on O. Just a smidgeon; if that. EDGE=V.P.I. (by a scosche).

3-game splits, H/A, …ask October!

Our handy dandy friend, the so-called: Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is merely calling for a A.c.c. round-robin ask back here.

O.d.u. Projected S&P+: 88th.
O.d.u. Projected S&P wins: 6.3 W’s.


WWI Trench Warfare (or Welfare)?







Trench foot(ball) Analysis:

…as you can see, this one appears to be something of middleocore on middleocore crime; or less than that. The only lockpick Eye could key was… O.d.u. seems to do a couple of things better per side upfront; (although nobody does much of anything great).

…the hard part is how poorly VeeTee has been in obvious passing downs along both front walls.

Ergo… EDGE=O.d.u., (kinda on default or threw no passing down credit of their, own).


the sportlight...

…in the previous three contested contests in this budding in-state series… mighty Vah.Tech was favored by -28, -29, and then by -31 points out in the Vegas big board.

For this 3o9-mile nearly due east as the crow flies 7-5-7 bragging rights sojourn… we see that VeeTee-8 is the betting line. Or a near redaction of about 375% favoritism when taken as a point-spreading indicia.

Gotta open up 3-1 or better in ’22!

Or in other words… do you see(s) what Eye mean(s)?

Something is ‘rong with dat… and I’ll give you this little hint… that ‘rong part has very little to do with Norfolk, Va. itself.

As it is not like O.d.u. has insurmountably Commonwealth risen up…. they tallied 5-wins, then 4-wins, then 1-win(s) in those given Lined years vs. us in annual win total terms. Since then, they have tallied: six wins in two years (although 2o2o was a cv19 goose-egg or total shutdown cancel-culture from O.d.u.).

Now, do you see(s) what Eye mean(s)?

What I mean is… something is very ‘rong {sic: with us/VeeTee} that we are even having this conversation per such a naughty-looking point-spread reduction in the 1st place.

And although none of that may be O.d.u.’s fault— going .5oo vs. big, bad, P5, Virginia Tech in their last four head-to-head-to-head-to-head would bring TSL.com to a top of the 1st inning head in a hurry.

The Call...

…ergo, therefore, to Whit… and say it with me now sports fans…

…Coach Pry needs this debuting win like a dead man needs a… coffin.

Even a squirrely-looking .007 VicTory on the corrupt Russian judges’ scorecard would be a major feather in this opening Hokiebird’s 2o22 cap for Pry and Co.

Or to put it a final way… who would you pick to win between 2o18 VeeTee vs. 2022 VeeTee
both playing away @O.d.u.?

So, here were my Pick-Rules from July…

  • Are the three uppercase, well-seasoned, and nearly dynamic O.d.u. skill guys, available? If “no” pick VeeTee for sure.
    (they are all available).
  • Is g.Wells available? If “no”, pick O.d.u.

Well, it turned out that it is VeeTee that has had some skill positions dings and at least one (maybe closer to “2”) sill-p0sition dents.

This moved me back closer to a push or sister-kisser or maybe something in league with a single-play game. As S.B. Ballard Stadium will be rocking. Accordingly, it would behoove us to land a big punch in the 1st-round and knock upstart or upset willing O.d.u. back onto their heels. (Tritto calming their crowd down as best we can to boot).

Eye hope -and nearly subjectively think- that VeeTee does still have mo’ Talent overall than little ole O.d.u. does. Nevertheless, g.Roberts “…Virginia Tech is at their lowest Talent level in 30 years” commentary is a haunting one. Greg is an N.R.V. a media and a campus playar overall. Although I am recalcitrant to outright ‘agry’ with Greg, Eye is willing to listen— until we gain mo’ objective film-study traction.

‘Because what if he knows a little something-something that everyone else, don’t?

Or, in other words… if we wet the Learning and/or Experience curves misQ bed over in Norfolk?
That could very well be enough for Pry to slip up leverage-wise and get upset here.

This could be a dicey one men… possibly Ginsu all the way.

🦃 >>> or <<< 🔪 >>> or <<< 👑


upset Index=44%


Virginia Tech=33, Old Dominion=23


Please support the VT F.C.A.!





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    1. …prolly the last big long one.
      …possibly last one for a few weeks… then back home October; Coach God Willing.


  1. Great stuff. As always you slice and dice matchups better and more thoroughly then anyone in the game. All I can say is “play ball”

    1. Well, thanks.

      It is a 4-5 decade refinement and sometimes still a work in progress.

      ‘preciate it,

  2. I would define it as possibly the lowest dot product of talent and experience in 30 years. Whether you agree or not depends on how much value you place on seniority and useful game reps (e.g. do you think a 3-star 4-year starter better, worse, or the same, as a high 4 or 5 star true freshman). Still though, whether or not it’s the actual lowest, or just in the bottom 10%, it’s enough that if everything goes VT’s way all season long, the ceiling is probably still only 8 wins. If everything goes wrong, the floor is probably 3.

    1. Seniority… has me mo’ worried about: ‘headroom’.
      (or, the lack thereof… time=tell)


    1. It did.

      Thank GOD I started in June this year…
      …as I will be gone in/out until somewhere in October after this.


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