Pitt Eye in the Sky and Tech Thoughts…

Pittsburgh 17, Virginia Tech 13

“This is the end, beautiful friend
This is the end, my only friend, the end
Of our elaborate plans, the end…

Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I’ll never look into your eyes, again…”

Jim Morrison, The Doors

(Prayers at the Stewart family for the soul of Will’s reposed mother-in-law are humbly offered…)

 1Q 15:00, remaining:

"You can dance, for inspiration." -Madonna-
“You can dance, for inspiration.” -Madonna-

You gotta admit, the Pitt belly-dance with the team was pretty funny to watch pre-game.

Although I’m not real sure how much this fires anyone up,  I am sure it fired Pitt up just enough.

 2Q 12:45 remaining:

Here is something coach Scot does beautifully, and never quite gets his come up’ins as credit goes for it. Scripting guys open or creating space to a tertiary or quadratic target; in very particular if said target just so happens to be a Te. Notice how the old-school drag route on the even older-school Boot Play still works like a charm, decades after its initial inception, plural.

"Wide Open Spaces" -the Dixie Chunks-
“Wide Open Spaces” -the Dixie Chunks-

Try however not to notice poor #5 Cam Phillips who gets totally stolen by a hustling #30 of Pitt on the pinball steal at the end of the Bucky crossing route along the Hokie sideline –hey this happens, and at least #5 actually does try to block people.

4Q 0:oo remaining:

“…it wasn’t just the offensive line’s fault.” –b.Motely, post-game radio interview

Yikes! Listening live and at first I thought that was pretty severe and not exactly a good way to encourage them to actually block for you.

Then I watched the tape. Watch for yourself as nobody on this o-Line ever bothered to help the guy they got killed, up! Not that I saw anywhere in the 2nd-half anywho. Then notice how -and again- nobody wanted to sit with poor Motley no the Virginia Tech bench (see: below pic). As dude was clearly hurting or even injured on a eerily similar orthodox or throwing right-shoulder plant right into the Worsham Field turf that had shoulder sprain written all over it. And yet nobody bothered to help this poor 7 times sacked, 3 times Qb hurried, 9 times Qb pressured and therefore 24 Time To Throw (TTT)© times contacted and sometimes outright abused Pivot back up? Nobody? Not one? This brings us to Today’s word (or term) of the Day.

"ABANDON ship!"
“ABANDON ship!”

Lifeboat ethics

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  1. Lifeboat ethics is a metaphor for resource distribution proposed by the ecologist Garrett Hardin in 1974.
  2. Hardin’s metaphor describes a lifeboat bearing 50 people, with room for ten more. The lifeboat is in an ocean surrounded by a hundred swimmers. The “ethics” of the situation stem from the dilemma of whether (and under what circumstances) swimmers should be taken aboard the lifeboat.
  3. i.e. the rest of 2015???


Now, and that being said… I do get that this is/was Michael Brewer’s team, even Motley went outta his way to say so up at Purdue; to  Motley’s  credit. Though still yet, somethings not kosher in Denmark sports-fans when the only person I see check on Motley is #19 Fs Chuck Clark at the end of the game. What’s up with that?

“Somebody go help him up man!”
-FOX1’s color commentator-

Yah; no S on that!
Never leave your wingman. That’s just not the …Beamer Way.

Unless “…it is, every man for himself”?


Tech Thoughts:

  • I saw the much maligned Tuaman play a bit better. No really, I did! I’m not making that up. He got to the ball better, he tackled a little better, he was even more vocal. Maybe the block shedding will eventually come; maybe it just won’t; however there were other improvements here, in particular in the final 30 minutes of scrumming. And make no mistake folks, Bud Foster really really loves his #54.Why I do not know, just be aware of that, and be aware that this was no real bad Mike-Lb game from a undersized guy who in in there at least a year too early, on 1.5 good wheels. 7 tac’s (player speak for: tackles), 1 sack, 2 forced fumbles, 2 1st-down saving solo stops in the open-field, too.
  • 276 total yards allowed by Bud Stout yesterday would rank 11th best outta 128 D-1 teams in Total Defense … I’m jus’ sayin’ …
  • 16th best! As in this Hokie O is 16th best in starting field position –don’t feel like it, do it?
  • and yet…
  • Bud Stout is only ranked 126th (outta 128 D-1 teams) in Defensive Explosiveness! (which measures how successful you are, and how potent you are when you are successful in the first place)
  • the Tech run-game is 113th in: Rushing IsoPPP. Meaning we don’t break many tackles or have many Y.A.C. (yards after contact).
  • the Hokie run-stop-game is even worse, 126th outta 128 D-1 mens football teams in Rushing Defense IsoPPP. (wow!)
  • and we are currently: 115th best in Penalties!
  • or in other words gents… …where are our helmet crashing shoulder-pad busting hits? Where is that explosion? Think about it… are you seeing any tomahawk missile type impacts at the game or at home on the telly? Me neither, nor is the Eye in the Sky and nor are all of the advanced statistical metrics designed to measure explosion and hitting.
  • Now, everyone gather ’round, as I confess my sins… as it took me a couple of ho-hum weeks to realize that I was not seeing as many so-called “steals” on film from Virginia Tech. In point of fact? Sometimes I’m not seeing any at all! Nadda. None. Nil.
  • Why? Why so BIG lick or BIG hit soft all of a sudden? That damn sure is not the way to be in a Terminal Contact Sport men.
  • Think about that … I’d like some analysis from the fans here… where is our HIT?!?

R.A.T.T. ... where will Frank and VT go from here???

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hucareshokiesrul asks:

Q. Are we a top 25 coaching job?

A. Actually, methinks that’s a fair question. Very fair, hear me out, as to why or how…

Someone pat this poor guy on the back, STAT!
Someone pat this poor guy on the back, STAT!

Is the Virginia Tech football
big whistle job in a bull market, or gaining attraction, accruing magnetism, or prestige as I type?
Or is it R.A.T.T. only leaking the same?

Virginia Tech’s football program’s momentum is trending downward. We my not quite be in the football recession the London Market is experiencing over at uva, nevertheless, we are mired in a .5oo mediocrity football recession here in the gridiron sporting New River Valley.

Make no mistake everyone, Virginia Tech’s  recruiting is dropping, not just downward; it is dropping, like a rock.

Or in other words, and for all you O&M change-agents out there? Whit may get tagged with a legacy of having waited at least 1 season too long.

And yah; I know, Whit will throw big buck$ at this problem. He is a fiscally liberal spender. I just wondering… will he have someone (still) interested who is truly elite to throw those big buck$ at?

As I’m sensing a pullback, a recant, or a renag on the Virginia Tech football head coaching job’s former rather rather inviting magnetism and/or attraction.

And that that will only increase if this season’s trajectory really does trac’ super sour. (and it damn well could). To reference the header in closing, Pitt many not be the end, however an L at home on national TV vs. State could very very well be the beginning of the end. And n outright spanking from the Woldpac would be the end. As this team needs a W Friday night like a dead man needs a coffin. As Tech has 2 home games remaining after State, and only 1 home game left in the month of November; as the Hokies close with 3 of their final-4 on the road!

Ergo, accordingly, and to Whit, This may or may not be the end, though another L at home with even tougher looking teams awaiting us out on the road will likely end the bowl streak and even I have to admit, that prolly will end Frank Beamer’s Hall of Fame tenure as head football coach at beloved Virginia Tech.


It’s now or never Frank, lifeboats be damned … or … beautiful friend…

(advanced statistical profile rankings):
Virginia Tech=70th, NC.State=52nd

Vegas Line: State+2 points




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  1. To quote the movie, Cool Hand Luke, ‘…what we’ve got here…is a failure to communicate….’

    * VT Coaches not wanting to learn from the game film and understand their players capabilities (or in some cases… lack there of) to the ‘perfect scheme or designed play’
    * VT Players not following their Coaches teaching, or unable to do so due to lack of skill
    * Too many fans living in the past memories of the “Good ole days…”
    * No new ‘Good ole days’ for future generations (See Student Section in second half-ouch)
    * Anyone, who did not believe we needed desperately to win that game and play our butt’s off is a fool, in the Proverbal Biblical sense.

    Foster has to stop being so aggressive and pull his LB and Safeties back 1-1.5 yards off the line of scrimmage… when Muto#54 runs free, he’s ok, but he’s so close to the line of scrimmage (LOS), when big plays happens, he’s caught in the noise due to being so close to the LOS–go back and look at Hokie Greats… Taylor, Hall, Houseright… all back further than Muto#54.

    CSL can design a passing plays Xs and Os, but I’m convinced now he doesn’t understand ho two design a running play. He is underwhelming in game day adjustments. In fact, he is so stubborn to run his plays/script that he’s not listening to his team’s performance on the field… NOTE LAST THREE SERIES ON OFFENSE, especially NOTE the last one.
    This inability to read his team has turned CSL into a liability in our offense.

    On an upbeat note, the coach under the most fire is coaching his butt off on Special Teams….Our Punter, Kicker, Punt Block, Punt Return, & Kick Off are winning the hidden yardage battle every game this year. Beamer has really upgraded his performance on the Special Teams in 2015 YTD. Nice work!

    Last point, something is rotten w/ our Medical staff. Motley was hurt and had no reason in playing those last two series vs Pitt. Last season played 3/4 of the season so hurt he could not make many of the throws he needed to do. Today it is reported that M. Williams re-injuried his knee, trying to prove to the coaches he was ready…. This is unacceptable treatment to VT Players… “the days of Lombardi.. if you can walk…you play” are over.
    As if you needed another datapoint to break out the broom at the end of this season.

    Traveling North on Friday and will be cheering until the echo of the cannon fires… This team has the potential to win… whether it has the heart and desire TBD…
    Let’s Go…Hokies!!! BEAT NC STATE!!!

  2. Have that same sick feeling of the last 2 years . Need to move this year unless we turn it around big time . Watched a ECU freshman with no experience shred us and a second string QB for Cincy tear up Miami but we are paralyzed when adversity hits . The blitz hard game plan works great against us , Stanford ,Pitt and many others . Not sure we can run a complex pro style offense heck the pros struggle except for the 5-6 that have hall a fame QBs . To bad coaches , players never can leave on top even when they say they want to leave on top . Hopefully Frank will retire and not make it more painful and having said that I think we have the right guy to make the move in Whit . Don’t know who we could get but Chad Morris maybe . I don’t think Rich would be a good fit Tuberville is a good coach but he is up there in age but having talked to some of the fans I think the mood is, it is time to make a move .

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