Pittsburgh Eye in the Sky!

Virginia Tech=29, Pittsburgh=45

‘rong deuce, ain’t it?

Virginia Tech football is ungood; at least for the moment.

The Hokies are prolly ungood for the foreseeable future as well. Or at least until either a November to Remember or a Cold November Rain smoothers all things 2o22, 24o6o as Blacksburg, Va. zip-codes go. As this one is gonna take a long 3rd-n-2 to cook for a minute or three. Maybe there were some signs up at Pittsburgh and maybe there were some other signs up at Pittsburgh to boot? Although and nevertheless, the next 8-quarters of scrumming is prolly beyond our depth. Then things really begin to deepen both clinically, culturally, and on-field’ly vs. a now upstart Gah.Tech. Mo’ longview or strategically on that below… maybe.

1Q 13:08 remaining:
Catch of the Year, baa-bee!

Observe, while proverbially: “taking a knee”, with a football already prepped and ready for a possible 4th down punt neatly tucked textbook-wise under his orthodox or right arm you ask?

…check out the ‘wow‘ expression on the ball maid’s face to boot!

Well, the Pitt Panther flippin’ ball-boy makes a one-hand snag with his freakin’ off-hand (Koufax) or left-mitt all while still on one-bleepin’-knee!

Best non-footballer catch I’ve seen in decades plural during a game.

Truly. And somewhere even Bennie Cunningham is, smiling.

2Q 13:00 remaining:
God bless #0 (Holston) mo’ than once; K?

And ‘aye’, Eye do get the O&M ag.school carrot (or reward/love) being a longsuffering senior shown here.

Granted. It is a nice idea.

However, this is a Terminal Contact sport.
And there is nothing nice, Hallmark or Lifetime Channel movie about dat.

i.e., Holston has zero business getting one, that’s (1) tokenism carry at the goal-line cold, like dis!

2Q 4:11 remaining:
Not gonna lie here… as I’ma not really super sure what you do with this?
Tho’ I am super-sure you gotta do something with this…

…did anyone else notice the Pitt F.G.A. team G-snapper-G staggers?

Or, less than heel-to-heel splits invite your alpha sprinter (c.Beck?) booking it around the narrowed edge.

LOL. I mean, this is a tripping call A-gap begging to happen.
This may have also been: ‘not enuff men on the LOS’.
And it surely is a bull’s eye begging for something.
Anything. As you gotta try your luck here.

3Q 8:32 remaining:
Our very 1st Steal of the season under Prybar!

No, I’ma not making that up.

Nor am I making it up that it took a record-setting 45.58% of the year to tally our very 1st, steal!

As (someone; the number is obscured) stole a Pitt Panther after the sideline screen pass by Pitt nice and late. Methinks it was a defensive backfield cat. Although, the Vick’s have the measure of it… we ain’t got hardly no dawgg left in us at all. Nadda. None. Nil.


2ndH compared to 1stH (left to right): (our dingy Rb1, may St.Philip bless!):

See what Eye, mean?

4Q o:oo remaining:

We called the missed P.A.T.!!! We called the missed P.A.T.!!!

Time To Throw (TTT)ยฉ:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=14
Qb hurried=2
Qb hits=12

Qb pressured=4
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=3

TTT Analysis:
Gotta give the 60% Pittsburgh oLine 100% love for this level of efforting; on what seemed like a backfield-inviting day going in under relatively moderate Keystone State skies for this time of year.

Pitt played a very clean pocket game. Truly.
“Aye”, we were De1 dinged-up upfront. Fair play.

And, and, and… off of all of that you ask?
Pitt Qb1 (Slovis) authored a nadir or lowest-ever Qb1 QBR metric of: 27.9!
And a season and 12 consecutive game bottom of 53.6% passing to show for it.

Love to truth-serum a Pitt offensive headset and ask them what they saw there? As scopolamine or sodium pentanol notwithstanding… how could you TTT votal predict that one pre-game?!?

Me three on me neither. Not even close in fact. As we were wondering out loud just how healthy he looked the week before upon breaking tape; though perhaps it matters nil when your Rb1 (with a shoulder ding, no less) is breaking free for โ‰…27โ€ฒ per carrying or a near first down on every single handoff received. Strange game yet again this oblong spheroid folks.

(o) (o)

Tackling Analysis:
It really did not tally *that* quantitatively bad game-wide or game-long.

It did tally that qualitatively bad in an instant or two in this particular case.

As just two whiffs expensed us two home-run Stargell Star swings or 14 points allowed when we had a decent enuff look at the run-fill shape. Then our shipshape shipped out and Israel Abanikanda was promised land, gone. He good. And we sure picked a bad time to hard-charge too far forward and let him get behind us for two 6’ers.

โ–„ โ–„ โ–„ย  โ–„โ–„โ–„ โ–„โ–„โ–„ โ–„โ–„โ–„ย  โ–„ โ–„ โ–„

post-script: P.S.: …mutually, the 15-15 Chuck Yeager Eagle Eyed among you are already making count upon the following maths… g.Wells hit for โ‰…53% on Saturday up in my home-shakes-joint, correct?

However, 6+3+4 = hmmmm… well, Eye’ma pretty sure that equals nearly a stone in English units, or a fortnight of time in temporal mechanics, or just north of (potentially) 80% passing left out on the ex-post-(pattern)-facto Ketchup Bowl’s field.


And even if โ‰ก8o.85% might seem a bit elastic in the good guys’ favorโ€”you could easily say
lowercase 70s-something-percent was left somewhere or another, right?


Longfield Management (Lo.FM)ยฉ:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| || (1 Pitt flag)
Swiss (neutral):
negative: |||| |||| |||| |||| || (4 VT penalties, 1 fumble!)

positive: |||| || (1 VT penalty)
Swiss (neutral): |||
negative: |||| |||| |||| | (1Pitt flag, 1 Pitt INT!)

Lo.FM analysis:
We won the 1st 26-minutes! We won the first 26-minutes!!

Did Eye mention that we won the 1st twenty-six minutes, yet?

Hell, yah my Hokie brothers!

Now if only this had been a pee-wee-timed contest.
With Capri-Sun fun bags and oranges slices all around.

Or, if my Aunt Kim had nutz-n-a-bolt she’d be my Uncle… Tim.


No joke, and then however the 3Q began.

And we literally began to not only fall behind given the down-n-distance schedule, Pitt then began to pop-clean and hit some really nice Lo.FM plays. 4 straight Lo.FM converts into 1st-downs and suddenly this actual Hokie (upsetting) lead ballooned into a 15-point Panther scoreboard surplus.

(o) (o)

And as kra-kra as this will surely read, this game did not grade all *that* bad right up until it actually, did.

’cause we were noticeably Lo.FM up until the final :32 seconds of the bottom of the 2nd-inning (2Q) happened. And somehow, something just went Beethoven and began to… decompose.

Eye mean something suddenly let go between the earholes.
Why I do not know.

Tho’ I do know that this gridiron game of inches is best measured in clinical centimeters indeed.

There is that… as we warned you on 1’s who never leave the field tiring out in the 4Q and on younglings making near-side of the learning curve and experience curve misQ’s alike right in the preview itself.

This is why our Training Room Staffing and Rest & Recovery are so dang sacrosanct.
We must fight at fullllll strength and we must not fight or give scheming injury to ourselves.

Then (maybe) coaching the verb might just have a shot to sneak one before ’22 is done.


(mid-script) M.S.: …tho’ the sage 20-20 Eye views among you will recognize that we just set a tips record. Bogen’s or Mill Mountain or Arnold’s must love seeing g.Wells roll in.

As he is a helluva a tipper indeed.

Blocking Analysis:
Well, it was a little better.

As I swear our gap-over push had just a little oomph to it here-n-there earlier on.
Not Art Shell and ‘gene Upshaw. Not epic. Not good. It was just a bit better as detectability goes itself.

Not Old Spice, tho’ passing the sniff test if you will.

Then Pitt went at us in a more northward way and we could not cover or wall off their stalemates or occasional penetrations (5 TFL allowed) and that was that.

And if you think I am stirring the P.A.T.T.y-cake pot… why did our Rb1 and Rb1a combine for 19 of 19 as traditional run-fit carries went and never ever L a single yard, or foot, or… inch?

That is better people.
Not epic, not good, tho’ a little better.

One guy was a bit mo’ consistent, and the other guy had to throw a lot. (i.e., too much).

the Pivotal takeaway...

It is tough to be taken with this, however, n’est-ce pas?

…is his confidence dropping as well?

Eye mean, that is a pretty obvious disconnect from the 3o4’s very own exported #6.

They really need to find Wells’ top handful of favorite plays, and what works best during this OPEN week. As this nearly reeks of a confidence, leak.

As a near 22% plummet in-game gets a lotta other Qb1’s, Qb’2’ed!


๐Ÿˆ ๐Ÿ‘๏ธ.Q. Award Winner:
FLA, Ga.South’, N.Dame, Temple, Miami…

‘thx’ @Hubman!

R.A.T.T.: ...up @Pittsburgh, the Vah.Tech Hokies actually played... how?

View Results

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xxx‘s & ooo‘s:
Pitt easily won hereโ€” as they sure sprung their alpha ‘Back behind some nifty crossbuck stuff upfront.

…we had no answer physically for this.

The Pitt Te/H-back pulled against the down-blocking short-side grain of all less the actual play-side (odd in pic) Ot1. Who folded to the 2nd-level and sealed our Linebacking like a champ.
Much less any of our secondary bantamweights who got entirely enveloped
when trying to come up and run-fill.

This was masterful, blocking clinic 1o1 near advanced degree.

formulae football… 326-yards rushing allowed is not very formulaic to us.

Such a muddle-huddle of minding the barn after the horses have all run away you ask?

Well, this would rank you 132nd outta 131 D-1 teams!
Or, about 30-yards worse/game than Colorado.
Or, 124th in D-1aa terms.


Or, in other words…
…Prybar and his ex-MLb1 now D’Coordinator gotta manage TO’s to give our defense a TV timeout, or R&R necessary breather on the twin quarter wrap-around boundaries. (1Q:2Q and again 3Q:4Q). Such as Riley had to do for a latent… and twilight prone to fatiguing Kareem.

Or, did that just make too much, sense?


The Rest of the Story...

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot happend to the Tau Sigma Lambda I used to know?

Eye still likes saying dat…

…that being said… here is my ‘maybe’ calculus…

We may be better than you think…

  1. 48th best in TFL (tackles for a loss) allowed O,
  2. 56th best in Sacks allowed O,
  3. …both say so.

However… we may also be worse than you think…

  1. 91st best in 1st-down O,
  2. 1o2nd best in 3rd-down O,
  3. …both say: “no”!

As in the first two letters of something is: not right.

’cause our raw down-n-distance markers are not too too bad. In point of science-fact, they are a little better than average when chasing the chain gang.

’cause^2 we enjoy a +14 TFL surplus for the season so far!

It is rather that we never catch up to the same, and/or we (somehow) get caught by the same when we (seemingly) should not. Call that what you deign… ‘composure’, {sic: lack} of play-makers, lack of Staffing fit, or still chasing on the Learning and Experience curves alike.huh?

The only remainder as calc’ itself goes is… does this equate to any remaining ’21 headroom?
Or are we at an offensive ceiling if not roofing itself?
Puuuurrrrfect, Pumas.

The sportlight...

…here in the sportlight, here is how we want you to play it…

  • 2o22=onside punt,
  • 2o23=squib,
  • 2o24=rugby kick,
  • 2o25=KO reverse! (Or, a ‘doink’ off the buyout Google “search returns” upright).


Hopefully, Prybar gets above .5oo here at VeeTee in 2o24.
That is your best/most objective sign.
Wellllll, …maybe?



Virginia Tech=29, Pittsburgh=45

โ€œLETS GO!โ€






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  1. Seems like a lot of hard work and perhaps decent analysis ruined by a writing style that I have no idea what I just tried to read

      1. …me?

        Kinda felt like I have written a lighter faire this year.
        NOT a whole lotta material has thinned the whole shebang.

        ; )


  2. Im in the camp that we are actually worse than the score. I thought Pitt looked bad at times and helped us get 29. Whatโ€™s more as for the 56th best in sacks allowed, iโ€™m not sure if i was a Def Coord. that i would bother manufacturing sacks as opposed to just confusing the VT QB and get the interception or the stop.

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