Pittsburgh Eye in the Sky!

virginia tech=22, Pittsburgh=52

Fu‘nked us, 1o1!!!

Virginia Tech football just shot their sporting wad per a temporarily valiant; yet ultimately forgettable comeback performance that was limp beyond all Viagra words in the end.

The Hokies were read the: “…you have to compete” (pleading) riot act during the 20-minute intermission period, and to their credit; they then did play a bit harder… and they did play a little longer. Nevertheless, as any girl will tell you … size matters. And this was a shrimpy 30 point stirfried outcome; so to speak. As one of the best pure No Fun League motivators of all-time once taught us all… The Fu’ture is Now. As mastermind Coach George Allen once temporally tagged his aging antediluvian Super Bowl run over-the-hill-gang with way back when. {sic: the} “next game” andnext season are for other teams’. Tomorrow is too late.” Why you ask? This owing to the fact that “someday” is just not a day of the week. And the “trust the process” message you are espousing Coach Fu’… well it simply has to start to take with this 2018 team. Just like a solid building-block foundational concrete base, it has to set. It needs time to set. And yet right about now, your message is down to precisely 120 minutes of MUST win football. That’s how the rest of your season sets up young man. And it can only take the dual streak-snapping weight of what you are saying in the all-mightly win column. Why? Because to say anything else is to reinforce a lack of… support.

1Q 8:45 remaining:
To paraphrase the poet and coach Dylan Thomas… “don’t go gently into this bad… night.”

Mmmm-k, now if steals and blindside hits are inevitable -and they are- do not lay back and enjoy it. #me26 on that. As the Pitt Wr #81 is a softie. And if you get genteelly stolen by the gentle looking Vanilla Lyte?

“Look mah… NO hands!”

2Q 2:54 remaining:
I know this could be called a dead-ball, although the Wingback on edge is not protected like the Long-Snapper is post-snap… n’est-ce pas?

As #3 Farley sure lit his world up and knocked him right on his wallet and it was on after that. (Fight Club 1o1 on).

As sometimes it takes a sneaky steal or hit to sprak a pilot light that’s out.

2Q :40 remaining:
And here I had always thought Lynn Swann’s levitating sideline, momentum denying, staying-inbounds 1976 Super catch was the greatest catch of them all. Dum’ass on me, as I’d have to say that catching the ball (somehow— and I truly have no idea how); as I’d have to say catching the ball with your jersey and with NO hands is the greatest catch of all-time
-hands down- forever!!! WoW, just w0w.

2Q 0:00 remaining:
Did anyone else catch this?

First eight “shh’s” Fu’ and the V.Tech sideline— just like a pent-up, hirsute, cat-eye spectacles wearing scolding Librarian in very scenty tights…

Cue: the n.W.o’s: “voodoo child (slight return)!!!

…then he throat slashes them just the same!

LOL… the ‘burgh’s Ocho was loco and he was not, scared!

2nd-half 30 minutes and a ¼ century bowl streak and a 1.4-decade Com.Cup streak remaining:
Did anyone else catch this one?

I saw one Hokie dancing/jumping around right as halftime came to a kicking-off close.

I also saw nearly the entire Pitt sideline totally fired up and ready to play.
Do you see what Eye mean?

So you tell me… who looks like they “WANT TOO” here?

3Q 11:30 remaining:
Man-o-man, just what we don’t kneed, as Pfaff -who has been passable of late- gets accidentally leg-whipped right in his right knee and instantly cut down like a sack of dead potatoes. And the ~20f° wind-chill chilled People’s left-hammie right on out (as in out of the game). (mid-script: for you oLine mechanics… was Pfaff in a battle all day 25/8 or what? And to his credit, Pfaff actually showed some fire and fired back, at least once or twice)

Not entirely married to “embracing the process” 1o1.

3Q 7:15 remaining:
Most curious the meta-communicating (i.e. body-language) with only 1 game left to quad r-shirt qualify here… as Fu’ does not even look at QVT (who prolly made a ‘rong RPO read). Fu’ merely sidesteps QVT while never once making eye-contact and never saying a word; never mind positive-reinforcement. And then QVT eye-rolls what his teammates had to say (to him). The Eye’s, have it (indeed)!

(as it is actually Hilgirth who is coaching QVT (clinically, I expect/hope) as he exist the game)

3Q ~20 mins. remaining in-game:
So to me, this was the @Pitt tipping-point and I realllllllly hope it was not the seasonal inflection point of pure spit the bit, imbalance.

So after your nominal Qb2 gone next man up Qb1 takes this caliber hit for dear ole V.P.I… you should do what?


You should reward him via yanking him and inserting a playbook limited rookie year QVT, to have him throw to the guy who is not wide-freakin’-open…

6miss, here. : (

Mmmmm-k little one… same as @G.Tech last year, talent management and/or Risk/Reward matrices are just not your thang. No need to be snooty about it. As Eye am the only one who rallied to your cause and defended you last week… however, “not this time.” -Coach Spock-

As to their credit, a wounded and nearly tapped Bud Lyte rallied to the flag and did come out and fight a bit better upon breaking tape for about 3-5 minutes into the fourth Q. As wiley old Bud threw what little he had left at Pitt. He threw personnel swapping, 30-looks, arrowheads in the 2nd-layer, clipboards, play-cards, et al, etc… with noticeably superior tackling in the final two innings to boot.

The O at least semi-tried, although this needy type of play-calling above is no better than pressing… nearly reaching… grasping for high-pressure straws. Like coming up through the ranks too fast and catching a case of the play-calling… bends. And although I’m no plumber me and Holden Hall and kimberlite pipes everywhere know that…

Diamonds >>> pressure >>> pipes 

(helluva a dirtnap hesitation catch from Kumah here though, gotta hand it to eight-three on that; as he bailed this whole needs to take a deep breath, and decompress mess single-handedly right on out)

4Q 12:26 remaining:
Do you see a difference here? In context and in culture alike?

Want sumget sum!”

I see 36 Pitt Panther playars rallying ’round their man (#2), and putting the team first when our K personal-fouls him a good 3-4 yards out-of-bounds.

Do you see this from our stoic sideline? As #93 from Pitt charges off the bench and has to be physically restrained from punting our K (J.Stout) good-n-hard. Plus not less than five guys who did not even dress (and were not even in pads) want some of #97 too!

If it is to be it is up to, we!”
-10 two-letter, words-

4Q 11:03 remaining:
This here was the Lex Lugar backbreaker and I’m gonna shut the Eye down right after this…

Walker and big Vin’ look dead-tired. Morticia and Addams Family football 1o1.

…as Pitt score five, that’s (5) pancake blocks vs. a nearly plum tuckered out Wiles dLine as everyone -including DAX- got blown 4 to 7 yards off the line-of-scrimmage on a critical, must have 3rd-n-short down two-scores (on two 2-point P.A.T.’s) attempted stop.

Then Pitt stole Walker good-n-hard on a pretty inexpensive looking shot at least a good second-n-change after the whistle echoed.


4Q 7:32 remaining:
Hazelton did tally a decent steal on a rounded peel-back hit to free Kuhma (who has a bad left-knee) for extra yardage along the Hokie sideline late. Still yet, even this was not quite a thermonuclear WarGames “put X in the center square” hit. As this team needs a W.O.P.R. of a hit to begin the Miami game and knock this sleepy O&M team outta its very own doldrums and possibly knock a chinny looking U right on outta the game. A.S.A.P.

dear bourbonstreet: you suck! In <24 hours you missed V.Tech by one point, then you missed Tech by ½ a play and you also missed Gardner-Webb by two shots. Get it together you pot-stirring obfuscating son!

Dear Coach God: thanks!

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=13
Qb hurried=3
Qb hits=28!

Qb pressured=4
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=5 (1 fumble)

So, I have to wonder out loud if poor Ry’ Willis is gonna last the, year?

Because that’s a helluva a beating count above.
A helicoptering, windmilling, Quixotic beating to be taking to only ultimately, get beat.

That reality firmly in place… poor Ry’ Willis may have just played his most complete game yet— if you will pardon the passing pun. He nailed three rugged throws under pressure, (somehow; thank God) survived one rugged hit and he is nearly on pace to overtake s.Peoples for the rushing lead in annual terms if/when this team does merit a full 13 games with a bowl. That’s not the worst work from your “can’t run” and throws a lot of picks labeled pre-season Qb2, if you can get it gents. As Ry’ -hold the wheat- Willis just (somehow) rumbled for not less than five individual medially Lo.FM positive (“+”) play carries his ownself! Two of which were life-n-death 4th down converts, and two more of which were scoring plays.

Nevertheless, although he (Ry’) handled them spritely enough -and although QVT numbered one positive Lo.FM vs. five negatives- that’s just too many times for any Qb to be falling behind-schedule to win out on the A.c.c. road in the final analysis.

And just look at the blocking pie-chart on the above-right… that’s two weeks in a row with Ry’ doing a lot for all of you with the front-5 doing south of a lot for him.

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| |||| |||| | (1 TD, 1 Pitt penalty, and a 2-point P.A.T.)
Swiss (neutral): ||||
negative: |||| |||| ||

positive: |||| |||| | (1 TD)
Swiss (neutral): |||
negative: |||| (1 fumble, 1 flag)

As you can see… Pitt won this metric although they won it in a… I’ve never seen anyone win like this in the history of the now lifetime-3 Lo.FM statistic.

This due to the phenomenal fact that the Panthers (somehow) managed to inflict an unheard of 263 Lo.FM yards in a virtually umpossible mere five Lo.FM plays! Or 53 ypp as chunk-yardage Lo.FM’s went when we had them (in theory) right where we wanted them! I’ve been undeservedly Blessed to do this a long long time. (THX @St.William insert______here!)

Nonetheless, I’ve never ever not even remotely ever seen anything like that at any level of play. That’s poking the proverbial bear with a beehive or a terminally lethal idea. That’s not wetting the O&M sheets folks, that’s bringing in several extra bladders and giving the whole shebang the maximum… soak.


So -and not that I am often importing/borrowing want to do this- although it is a Key, point… over on another website Mook’s dad is questioning the “nasty” of this 2018 football team.

Eye can only speak to that through quantification… i.e. have I not been the one -methinks the only one- to bemoan the lack of steals since Fu’ got here?

Now some coaches coach play the ball … and some coaches coach play the man.

Some coaches coach pure textbook tackling. Never go for the collision hit. Always make the stop. Jack Ham football in 2-words if you will. And yet some others coach New Guinea headhunter football. The Oakland Raiders of 1970’s Atkins and Tatum secondary velocity spring to mind.

As yes, there is more than one (successful) way to skin a cat… there are the screaming Lombardi’s, there are the stoic and unflappable Landry’s and there is the analytics like C.Noll. Who Fu’ is most similar too— I know, he was my neighbor for a season in Pittsburgh; and same as Fu’ we got him to speak to us once, just once, in passing (as everything was head down, focused, numbers for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner crunch!)

TEAM Tackling Stats:

Nevertheless, here’s the caveat… no matter your emotional or intellectual paradigm, it has to WIN.

It simply must win if you insist on their: “embracing (your) process”. Triumphs validate processing like nothing else. In point of fact, only victory can validate like nothing else, as everything else… hesitates.

Getting your branding or your pet message beat vacillates, then your message itself obfus’cates, and then they (the ballers or message target(s)) …vacate. As sure as coach God made sunshine and puppy dogs any high-strung message has gotta name that tune or it strikes a sour cord.

As in they will be the ones to vacate on your pet word of: “trust”. Trust in you and your system and in your methodologies. And that’s the program killing enemy of good.


In the here’s as much lipstick as I can get on this pig category…

  • ………….DAX is fun. Though he got pancaked a few times in the 4th.
  • Reg’ has a shoulder. Though he sure sounded discouraged post-game.
  • Ashby can tackle. Nice forum baller. Not a wus’. although not a piledriver, either.
  • Q’ tries as much as his body will allow him to try. (though his is a very small frame).
  • And Vin and Walker are playing Mister Scott ball and giving you all they gots. (though they were 1,000% tanked midway in the 4Q @Pitt; barely moving in pursuit— watch this as November wears on…)
  • Garbutt did put his back into it! A pretty solid game from this right-De here.
  • …and aside from Farley? This D has nearly NO recovery speed. None. Nil. Nadda.

Accordingly… Q.Ollison (236 on the ground) scored 18.75% of the time he carried the ball, D.Hall (26.6 ypr ave.) scored 14.28% of the time he ran the ball and M.Ffrench scored 100% of the time he rushed the ball… as the Panthers prowled us for 24′ short of a pentacentennial (5oo) yards rushing on the day; I’ma jus’, sayin’…

V.Tech’s rushing did improve every single Q of play (21 to 36 to 48 to 87); so that’s good, right?

V.Tech did have 11 more 1st-down’s, +9 in TOP (time of possession) and 16 more receptions than Pitt did. Although Pittsburgh did average just shy of 1.5 first-downs per offensive play -and same as Boston College- the Panthers left two easy clear-cut HR scoring plays out on the field, and… errrrrr, ahhhhh, eject!

R.A.T.T.: ...how many more 2018 football games do Fu' and VT have left to... play???

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the takeaway

Here are three season and nearly tenure long takeaways that have been stuck in my craw, well; until now…

  1. Lack of information=cahos, not control. Foster usurped Fu’ on the disclosure of the House ruined A.c.l. (may St.Nikhon super bless). Or as Coach Aristotle, his ownself taught us all. “Nature abhors a vacuum“. So the fanbase mindlessly goes… “pete”, repeat, threepeat and absurdity becomes assurity and assurity begets a really unsupported Eye gouge of asininity. All because a certain particular coach certainly will not say anything beyond: “it’s 100%, not the play-calling“. Honestly, is it any wonder how perceptions really do get far far away from this big-whistle? I mean (how much) can you blame ’em (i.e. the 411 starving fans).
  2. “Stars, shine.” As coach Hunter once encouraged someone when he wanted that someone to stop distributing and take the damn game over. That’s true, and you have fu’er and fu’er stars so last time I counted. As you need not be Dr. Simonetti or Dr. Broderick of the VT.edu.astro.physics.dept to know that you had dang well better take care of your stars. Before red-giants flame out and become… brown; dwarfs.

  3. Finally, do recall from the much well received Fu’view… that one of the things that someone came away with was… when Fu’ is YOUR boy and winning for you? He’s an epic attention to detail guy. Nothing left to chance. He dots all the eyes and crosses all the T’s. However, that very same someone said way way out in front of the curve…that if Fu’ ever starts getting beat… he will be no more or no better than a martinet micro-manager. A stodgy control-freak who handcuffs adlibs and improvisation routines alike.

As, although Eye do still (somewhat) suspect that Fu’ and his year no.1 latent cultural installation in year no.3 can still win… in order to win this year?

Well, I don’t need to hear any more scuttlebutt about big-money donors taking offense, or of Will’s hoarding I mean herding clity-kitties through the see you never again, door. Don’t be so small coach-Fu’, learn management talent. And yes I do know that it’s really only 5% of the time that the players have a legit gripe. And that 5% might just be more truthfully counted on your, thumbs. Still yet, this is why your best backup Qb now only has 1,050 passing with virtually 700 rushing and 13 TD’s (in only seven games); for… Illinois. And your best Rb now only has 91o rushing and another 100 receiving good for eight TD’s; for… Colorado. That’s, what; ahhhhhh, 22… scores?

Pitt sleeps Fu’ and VT on this… punch!

As I really don’t think a team this young, this inexperienced, this hurt, and this undersized can take too many more rah-rah-sis-boom-bah speeches and/or motivation via “TRY HARDER, COMPETE!”

This you must fix. You fix this not and get carried out on a 6 game L-streak shield, and you will have more than intrinsically scuttled what remaining program hygiene you had built up and what legacy you did inherit. i.e. you do that not and all bets are off young Sir. You do that yes and most of us with sentience will merely “check” on the 2019 give you another year bet.

As yes I know… you get your check’s at the bank.

And yet I’d bet that 4 win So.Miss’ may (actually) wanna play us, twice!

To present problems sans marrying them to solutions is to do no better than to complain… (so here’ s my humble suggest(s)…)

Well in order to win this year the very last thing this team needs is more stumping, more bully-pulpits, more Hilgirth, or more proverbial sticks. Least you 4th Law of Newtonian Physics (de)motivate them and they become, stuck. As this is a team that needs its lockeroom joker to do something funny, STAT! This is a team that needs the best possible comedy film -that yes does show a little leg- and pizza night all rolled into one. This team needs a prankster to actually go prank, Fu’. As yes, try as we might, you cannot spell funk without the “Fu'”, although least this club forget, you also can not spell having fun again without out having some Fu’, either.

So do whatever it Applied Sports psych takes here Justin, give them a 30 hill count to run, then get to 20 and have someone race Fu’ to see if they can stop at 25.

As this team needs a win, and it might just need a win vs. its head man.
  • If that does not work for you mister stoic coach-Fu’, give P.E.T.A. a hug, and then have Hank (Frank’s beagle) chase David Wilson’s rabbit up a Cassell Coliseum arch.
  • Bring back “Bruuuuuuuce” and have him and Ashley Lee fuel up the now long-gone ΠΚΑ firetruck with “hot, tuna”. (don’t ask me, T.M.Z… that’s all I can say…)
  • Do something, hell, do anything to make football fun again for them before this 2018 team and quite possibly this program really does blow its very own cultural …Fu’se!

Virginia Tech=22,Pitt=52







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  1. If this is Fu’ culture you can keep it. This team is anything but hard and tough, they are softer than charmin. Being tough and physical has nothing to do with youth. It’s a mindset, VT made a name because of being a “tough” fight to the end program. They may look like Tarzan in Hilgart photos but collectively play like Jane, and a silent movie at that!!!!!!

    1. Amen . . . with a caveat. Being soft is not the fault of the players/recruits as I am sure that many played in high school systems where adrenaline and testosterone were welcome and actually factored into their results. It is a natural tendency to rally to support your teammates or protect those that are threatened. As Mr. B’ Street pointed out that is not evident among this group of players. To play with passion is admirable and can be contagious. To allow other teams to take pot shots and cheap shots at your teammates/program/school and do nothing is cowardly and can be contagious too. Again, not the fault of the players but a result of the new “culture”. You can expect perfection when executing plays and stoic responses but the truth of the matter is these are young men that are still learning their way through life (let alone football) and are not predisposed to perfect results. They are not mindless robots that can execute plays according to the most cerebral plans but rely on intuition and instincts which were developed prior to arriving here. I am now worried that current players and recruits will see the results of the timid mindset and lack of desire displayed by this team and decide to play elsewhere. We are at a turning point for this program. This season is obviously less than desirable (currents streaks being in jeopardy) but where we go from here is critical. Does anyone think that the group of players that have been on the field through this tumultuous season will suddenly become hardened veterans next year? If so, then why has there been no improvement over the first 9 games of this year? There has been plenty of time to address the various issues that have sprouted this year but I see no results. All I see is the constant excuses for the lack of experience and the lack of preparation and, most disturbingly, the excuse for the lack of execution. These are things that all teams encounter. The solution for these issues is the coach’s responsibility. What he does will determine whether we (players, admin, alumni, and fans) buy into his culture or look for something better. The definition of insanity is to continue with the same method and expect different results. Let’s not be insane. And, to quote a great songwriter, “If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice”.

      1. If so, then why has there been no improvement over the first 9 games of this year?”

        EPIC post.
        One of the most thoughtful ones on this site, ever.

        And that’s a helluva a point/ask.
        Nobody has asked that up yet. So 1st mover points galore to you!

        That’s the short answer.

        (though Miami is a chinny team too… maybe we bust something BIG early;
        and get-well-soon???)


    2. Being tough and physical has nothing to do with youth. It’s a mindset,


      {Rookie year} “I, agry.” {/Vince Hall}


  2. True on departed, now starters for other teams.

    However, not bush league, Illinois QB also has 7 interceptions vs. 5 TD’s. (Willis is 16-4 on the good side), plus A.J. has been sacked 13 times. And please note Illinois’s record is 4-6.

    As for TMac, he’s done very well. However his team is 5-5, so his efforts may not have been rewarded, possibly by circumstances (injuries, youth, key departures???) beyond his control.

  3. Harrumph, Harrumph, Harrumph…

    It’s Miami week, Section 7s favorite of the year & nothing would be more fun than to see VT punk these down & out Canes from the starting kickoff. I’m tired of being bullied around on the field.
    Section 7 has 3 requests: (1) call fair catch and catch all balls kicked/punted. (2) Block through the echo whistle (3) Grab jersey and twist when tackling.

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!
    #KCA. #KCA. #KCA

    1. (4) FIGHT back!

      FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT… do not go gently into that bad, night.

      Do not go gentle into that good night,
      Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
      Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
      Because their words had forked no lightning they
      Do not go gentle into that good night.
      Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
      Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
      Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
      And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
      Do not go gentle into that good night.
      Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
      Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
      And you, my father, there on the sad height,
      Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
      Do not go gentle into that good night.
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      –Dylan Thomas


    1. Thanks!

      Not the best material… though it SURE ain’t dull material.
      I cut paragraphs plural for the 2nd consecutive week.

      ‘preciate it!

  4. Well, that certainly will sober one up after a less than sober weekend! Good thing today is a holiday.

  5. I my be mistaken, or recall incorrectly…was it last year or year before where we witnessed players getting hit hard and nary a hand was offered to help up or a fist bawled in defiance? Perhaps this is a multi year thing we are dealing with. Might be fluoride in the water fault!

    I don’t intend to be nagging. To hokie nation, griping about this, that and the other thing is fine. Calling to nuke it from orbit is your right. For a few moments, let’s propose solutions to try on and debate. Consider the pros/cons of various things bounded by realities like $$, availability, etc.

    I approach this like a failure review board. Consider all possible sources of failure, prune those that the data shows if not a contributor to the problem, isolate the failure mode, design a fix, test it, implement it.

    Admittedly, none of us ( most of us) don’t have all the data. Is this a systemic problem or a one of confluence of bad dice rolls? For example, the much debated recruiting. How were the guys rated coming out of HS? We’re they in demand by other P5 teams? Are they out of position? If so, Why? Wrt roster management, did we over do it in one area and let others go until “next year”? Thinking back, which fire do you put out first…OL, DR, QB, DOL, LB? What was done? What unforseen things happened? A key there is could these unforseen things been avoided or was it just bad luck?

    I read and re read the data put out in this site. Look at it all, chew on it, digest it, etc. And try to bring a constructive input coming from a range of perspectives. Yes, I am chewing nails like many of you.

    Like every off-season, the “hot stove” discussions, debates etc over a beer are part of the fun of being a fan!

    Thank you `street for writing on this game in a touchy period.

    1. I approach this like a failure review board. Consider all possible sources of failure, prune those that the data shows if not a contributor to the problem, isolate the failure mode, design a fix, test it, implement it.

      1. you leant that (approach) from what/where?
      (Military, google thought aerospace…. anywho…)

      1a. the ISO’ part is dicey.
      What if Fu’ has to ISO’……….himself?
      (or Hilgart and their mannerisms of culturing?)

      2. as a Nun, yes, a Sister once taught in ww2… “chew nails, spit glass.

      (she and others were rescued by a pig-boat submarine from Batan and she told ’em to stop feeling sorry for themselves as the japs would be showing them NO sympathy at all)


      1. Good sleuthing.

        Now, TBH you go where the data points you. If it points to the head whistle, so be it.

        If whit is chair of the post season “FRB”, he has to take it all in and evaluate the data and most importantly decide on the remedies. IMHO, the head whistle comes into play if whit sees on field poor performance AND a worsening beyond reason revenue problem. In that circumstance, you need the biggest political solution you have in hand.. you save that grenade for the rainest of days.

        What is see is the preponderance of data points at the D ( rocket science !) Lol. Unbelievable amount of youth, and injuries and player self imposed exile from program. Has college football seen enough and “solved” the one gap D?

        The O on balance, while not meeting expectation is above hokie average. Recall the days not long ago where we as a fan base hoped to have an O ranked above #80. The O line is fair, when I expected more than that. Not a 10 sack dumpster fire like 10 years ago.

        Emerging data points at team psyche. Are the guys mailing it in? Who can be the Apollo Creed to Rocky in Rocky 3 after Clubber Lang took Rockys heart away?

        Will be an interesting off season.

        I fervently wish hokie nation tread carefully. We, the fans, can unintentionally hurt things.

        I hope you see this, I’m a bit late responding

  6. B-street knows a whole lot more than I do about f-ball, I’m sure… but, leaving out some of the cute stuff, and fluff would make his info much more readable, enjoyable and save some time and space. I sure do wish Coach would be more open and have some open practices and reactions with the fans, live and otherwise..ONCE WE GO 10-1 Or 11-0 then we might have something to hide. Meanwhile, give something out there to keep the fans interested.

    1. thank you.
      And entirely agree.

      Yah; X-files Fu’ has brought all the Agent Mulders outta the woodwork.
      Every whisper is a scream. Every vibe a ‘quake.

      To be as smart as they all say he is?
      He shoulda figured that one out before now.


    1. LOL…. Nah, this is shotgun blast territory.

      or those dippy midway carnival h20-gun clowns with balloons in their mouf territory.
      They never seem to pop, unless you are the HAWT girl and you walk up and…

      ; )

  7. At this particular point in the season, can you really change the messaging all that much? As in, I know if I just had several months of everyone telling me to shut up and do the work, then suddenly tried to inject a little levity into a very sobering situation, my cynicism alarm would be going off the scope right about now. Even if the message didn’t change, just got reduced in volume and/or frequency, it would still strike me as a little transparent. There’s a good chance I’m more cynical than the average locker room, but I wonder if you have to ride this one out until the offseason, once everyone’s gotten a little space from each other.

    1. At this particular point in the season, can you really change the messaging all that much?

      “No”… to I doubt it… beyond some bizarro rallying cry.

      (God forbid, injury/death, or some opponent really unsportsmanlike totally trashes Tech and provides you a turnkey total lock-n-load selling point)
      You could ride it out.
      I’d say 98.6% (or more) that Fu’ rides it out.

      Though riding it to the double-streak-breaking-bottom is a LONG long way back, too…


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