Pittsburgh football preview!

 #67 R.P.I. Virginia Tech vs. #27 R.P.I. Pittsburgh:

Today’s word of the day is… sycophant.


origin: mid 16th century (denoting an informer): from French sycophante, or via Latin from Greek sukophantēs ‘informer’, from sukon ‘fig’ + phainein ‘to show’

noun: sycophant; plural noun: sycophants

  1. a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain an advantage.
  2. denotes an “insincere flatterer” and is used to refer to someone practicing sycophancy (i.e., insincere flattery to gain an advantage). The word has its origin in the legal system of Classical Athens.
  3. #ReNewFu’ …come Saturday night @8 PM?!?

Pitt Head CoachPatrick Regan Narduzziage=55, (46–35 at Pitt and overall); has a rep’ for defense, willingness to take risks, stubbornness, and as a quote-machine!
And for being a peaking Mr. November coach.
$3,213,000.oo base with an additional $450,000 in incentives.

Like him or lump him… Duz‘; ain’t, dull!

Baller Narduzzi was a nepotistic collegiate Linebacker his ownself at Youngstown State and then he later transferred to Rhode Island. He holds a Master’s from Miami Ohio after his playing days were finished; .edu props on that.

Coach Narduzzi began his career at Miami University in 1990 where he was a graduate assistant in 199o and 1991 and where he tutored the Wr’s in 1992. From 1993 to 1999 Narduzzi coached back at the University of Rhode Island coaching the Rams Lb’s from 1993 to 1997 and as the defensive coordinator from 1998 to 1999. From 2ooo to 2oo2, he served as the Lb’s coach at Northern Illinois University. He was the defensive coordinator at Miami University in 2oo3 before joining the University of Cincinnati staff as defensive coordinator in 2oo4

At that point… and so the story goes, coach Duz’ tried to leverage Cincy into giving him the head job, and instead wound up at Michigan State as D-coordinator. From 2o11-2o14, Michigan State was the only team to rank in the D-1 Top-10 in total defense and rushing defense alike. I’d say that counts; as does being the coveted 2o13 Broyles Award winner as top assistant coach accordingly. Father (Bill) was the big whistle at Youngstown State, so coaching is in his blood.

Poppa bear Narduzzi and his wife, Donna, have four children:
Arianna, Christina, Patrick, and Isabella.

2o2o record:  7 up 5 down and .5oo in the A.c.c.

Pittsburgh Defense: (starters back=7)

  • 40th in Total D!
  • 20th vs. the run!!
  • 78th vs. the throw.
  • 72nd in Passing Efficiency D.
  • 48th in Scoring D (allowed).
  • 9th best in zone-D!!!
  • 8.75 outta 10 in dLine Havoc. Upfront the Sunday bound departures of two 2020 All-America bookends, De1 Patrick Jones II and De2 Rashad Weaver will bite. A key returner is (now) De1 Deslin Alexandre (15 career starts, a disruptor 1o1), who posted 6.5 TFLs, three sacks, and a fumble recovery as Weaver’s backup. Promising Dt1 Devin Danielson (21 tackles and 3 sacks in seven starts) returns. He’ll team up with senior Dt2 Keyshon Camp, a sturdy Dinty Moore Stew flavored force who’s struggled through all kinda injuries the past two seasons (2 or 3 knee dents, St.Nikon bless!), and sophomore De3 Calijah Kancey (8 TFLs). Tho’ the vibes say that Dt2, Calijah Kancey could easily have the highest ceiling here. Ditto De2 Habakkuk Baldonado, who is their very own Amaré Barno and a member of the Corleoné backfield crime family. Seriously, this imported (I-tie) baller is new to football and he is just learning hand-n-dirt and how to shockingly lead the way in Sacks/TFL to boot. VERY interesting prospect going forth here gents. As the mo’ tape I watched here; the mo’ I thought this front wall could close November as one of the very best in the A.c.c. (which is wild for 50% turnover 0verall and 100% turnover at De). (Although: ‘tweener De/OLb: John Morgan III has been a disappointment here… tho’ if he suddenly fires up… you were warned). And, this is a big ole Panther Dline that is loaded for bear… what with virtually everyone north of 280 lbs. upfront. DLine averages 1.88% mo’ sacks inflicted than opponents do. Curious to see De’s in 4-point stancing again… run-heavy? Midfield of the Pitt dLine sure is twitchy. REAL good Gap-jumpers when their Dt’s are early possession cardio-pulmonary totally fresh; seriously. And they are 8-deep here to boot.
WOW! (power in particular!!!)
  • 7 of 10 in Linebacking Havoc. The Pitt Backer-Up’s (pre-WWII football prose for 2nd-layer) … seems solid if not spectacular enough. There is experience here and some returnees as well. As four of the Top-6 tackling 2021 Panthers are Lb’s. And their 2-deep 2nd-layer tallies 100 stops combined exactly. That’s pretty fair-to-middling work if you can play-clean enough to get it. They return of SirVocea Dennis (19.5 TFLs and 5 sacks since we saw him; VERY nimble/athletic freak on tape), and Chase Pine (43 tackles, 7 TFLs). Wendell Davis, who opened 2o2o as the starting Mike-Lb, is back after a Week 2 injury that short-circuited his season— although it is the emergence of Lb2, John Petrishen that is the prime-mover story here. Lb’s are normalized to C- on size… tho’ there are caddies or back-ups in play here who would start elsewhere at a minimum. (i.e., possibly, they would star’ elsewhere to boot). And this (as you can see) can be a wider box-stretch-look. This tells you their speed (literally) ain’t feelin’ no pain.
opening 43 look: Mike=spy at times.
  • 4.5 of 10 in Secondary Havoc. IF, there is a screw-loose here? It is in the Panther defensive backfield, where the ball-hawking Panthers have dropped from 6th best in passes-pilfered all the way down to a middleocore looking 6oth best this season. Which might just be code for having departed their multi-year starting Fs and Ss. As this Pitt secondary is in a period of rotational transition after the departures of said star safeties: Damar Hamlin and Paris Ford. That’s the hind-4 news… the good hind-4 news is that Pitt is not less than 5-deep at Cb where five diff’ covers have started at least 3-games so far in their careers. #9, replacement Ss (Brandon Hill) has made a smart move and has surprised at 2nd-best in Tackles so far. Tho’ Fs seemed pretty inviting on tape (target: #31, Erick Hallett II, who is either dinged/slow or at least slower on his recognitions and keys to the ball— he has really been picked on this year too!). The secondary is okay in the pants tho’ not exactly sky-scrapping vertically, with nobody listed north of 5′11″. (If/When you can win an iso’ jump ball here). The whispers say that Cb2 Damarri Mathis is actually your best pure coverguy. Pitt plays some stiffer Man boundary-side, and medium to off Man across that. They have a lotta zone-mixing in the middle of the field and some deeper hook-zone drops (Lb’s). Clearly, they want to umbrella things and make you drive longer fields. Pur lottsa initial press-man voted off the island into mo’ of a Tampa-4 the deeper you go.
  • D overall: …no matter the base D (30 or 40-look) or all Social Needia dressy 2021 nomenclature… this is an aggressive and risk-willing base-set. As Pitt is a halt-unit craps table. Same as the farmer… they make their fortune in: “The Field”. They roll a hard-7, or they crap out. Tho’ a lilting or soft-touch or counterpunching set this just ain’t. They throw first, and lead-first and will take two to land their, one. Not everyone is built for this in the basketball on grass scoreboard pinball wizard era either. (CAVEAT being: there are things that can wet the bed and break down here from time to time and allow an ISOppp+ or ‘chunk’ type of play for all this risk-neediness, on occasion). In point of fact… this Pitt halt-unit has ranked as high as 2nd-to-8th in opposing Qb’s sacked, and 3rd-to-7th in TFL (tackles for a loss) inflicted over the last handful of years Nationally! wowzo! (FILM-STUDY): looks mo’ like a forty-three nominally upon breaking tape. Not a lotta shoulder hitting here, very army tackling, like Lombardi bemoaned with: “grab, grab, grab, everybody grabbing and nobody tackling.” Could be some Y.A.C. (yards after contact) if we have a hard-charging Rb(1,2,3). As Pitt tended to miss underneath or shallow in their Euclidean halt angling. Pitt does showcase a very tipsy front-7, they sure get their paws on and deflect mo’ than their fair share of passes. And BAX ain’t the tallest tree in the {sic: Stadium} Woods.

    …a STUD Lb4 back in Steel City times/terms…
  • ∑ (summary): returning D production=64% (86th). The whole damn thang is your conflict defender here. Pur… a whopping 115 sacks to go along with 254 tackles for a loss inflicted over the last two-point-five years!!! wowowowow! Only 22% of the Pitt 2-deep are underclassmen and the upperclassmen plus 3rd-year ballers alone all conspire to nominate an astounding 96 aggregate seasons worth of D-1 experiences, very plural! That’s just plum krazy and the only thing krazier is most of the eligible to play and extra year guys self-elected to do just that in the selfie era of “look at me” or “me” in T.E.A.M. sports. That says Pitt Defensive Coordinator Randy Bates must be doing something right for that many kids who coulda left, to want another year’s worth of Terminal Contact sport work. wow!

Defensive letter-grade:

beta stats thingy

PittOffense: (returning starters=9!)

  • 4th in Total O!!!
  • 65th in ground O.
  • 4th in aerial O!!!
  • 2nd in Passing Efficiency O!!!
  • 1st greatest in Scoring O❗️
  • 1st best in total 1st-downs generated!!!
  • 7th in ypp. (yards/play)!!!
  • 32nd in zone O!

    Pitt base O:
  • O overall: Rb(s): 6′, 215 lb., double-final-year A.J. Davis is your 9′ in a cloud of dust proverbial runner for Pitt. Or, at least he was. He’s okay, and that’s what he has been fo’ the last couple of years; although he has been flashing a few signs of late. A.Jay.D. was ESPN’s no.14 Rb in America, after a dual-threat type Floridian all-star career that brought in a slew of D-1 offers. No Conner or whomever to be found here this year, and although the Pitt run-fits may not want for dust although they do lack burst. Lottsa singles and a few doubles nearly so far. And you almost are left wondering if Davis (who is dinged-up) has underachieved just a scosche? Still yet, this Davis has been industrializing a little mo’ utility of late; getting healthier is the ‘vibe’. How Pitt leading-rusher Vincent Davis Hb, gets anything on his head Eye do not know? I do know there are ‘dreads, there are predator ‘dreads and then there are VeeDee’s… ‘dreads. Vinny is a 5′8″, 175-lb. knifey/slicey Ginsū kinda Rb in his true second-season of carrying the mail. Rival’s #32 Rb in all the land after he tabbed his high school’s first-ever AAAAA Florida state title. As all-Nor-East Rb recruit: t-Fr. Israel Abanikanda, the New York Gatorade Player of the Year, has been mo’ parts Bronx bombed and less parts All-State. Or at least he was, too. (CAVEAT: for whatever reason(s), Pitt ball-carriers have been fumbling prone for years under Duz’, strip-club 1o1). And… other than Daniel Carter, the Panther ground-rounds are not really beefy at all. Tho’ talent here exceeds production, at least so trenching far. Qb.no.1!!!  Team Captain… 6′2″, 220 lb. r-Sr., Kenny “red-state/carrot-top” Pickett is solid. So, is his ‘da bears’ era j.McMahon double-glove. (Don’t throw-hand see that this side of the Ice Bowl). He does not beat you or beat himself, a nonabusive Qb1 if you will. He can run a bit, and he makes just enough short to shortest-medium plays to move the sticks. Kinda a super-glue Steve Casey of Hokie 1980’s redux fame with a better run-shape. That all being said, Pickett may be the best Dooley era “roll-out style play” redux in the A.c.c. since Mark Cox finished off all of that. He’s very comfortable here, to the point of having an N-S pressuring knack when he finishes extending plays E-W and actually throws or heads up-field. Best I’ve seen at this in a minute, or a season; or three. This Pickett charges a bit better this year than before, as his average completion distance marker and his Qb-rating marker are both trading at career highs. So, although not epic, this Ken’ Doll has come up each and every year as a baller, and how many get to stylistically say the same? As Ken’ was the no.10 Pro-Style Qb in America per 247Sports; even if his scholastic throw-game numbers were decent, not great. Daddy Ken’ some of you will recall was an all-American monsta Lb in his own right so the Pickett’s Family Genome Project is in charge. He also enjoyed something of a cardiac relief Qb2 tag’ four seasons ago pulling the fat outta the 2017 fire; twice! Ken has been waaaaaaaay less inconsistent this year than before… which is not bad for a guy with a gets Picked and (lacks) accuracy tag. What with 3 games ≥73% passing and NO games ≤64% passing. This statistical variance has tightened up a bit, as in A LOT. The one obvious improvement has been Ken’s protection of late as he has been sacked 300% less in his last 26-Quarters of airwaves. So, that helps, as does his warming into the mid-season, what with an average of 1.25 TD pitches/quarter since the final Q vs. UTenn (and HenBoss himself). wow! Never seen anyone north of even 1 TD toss/Q. As there are hot streaks, there is Buster Poindexter and then there is Ken Pickett. As this kid is throwing “Hot Hot Hot!” Flame-throwing WWII bunker-busting heat. The queer part is… Ken (similar to 2o2o) sees his completion percentage plummet by a nutty-looking 16% after intermission! And do recall that he chucked 88% of his Picks after halftime last season! (and the grapevine says: ankle ding and elbow ding to boot (St.Philip and St.Julia bless)). Tho’ even sans that… that speaks to an old-school “thrown-out” or “tired arm” to us. And yet his overall metrics for the season are (still) his season-best. And least we forgets… Ken sports an Alabama Qb1 looking 19:1 passing ratio, great for: 1,731 throwing yards on a mere 72.o% pitching. So, go fig’ on all of this?  (tho’ he gets the rock in the red-zone with ten (1o) rushing TD’s since we saw him last!) And, Pick’ is pure propane when he’s cooking with CH4. Five diff’ career quadricentennial (4oo+) passing-days says so! In addition to this eleven tricentennial (3oo+) throw-days! Tho’ don’t forgets… you gotta do something with this Qb1 before he naturally cools a bit in Q’s 3 and 4. As he is a total greyhound dawgg of a Panther right outta the gate. Wr’s/Te: Underneath solo-artist and A.c.c. Rookie of the Year runner-up Jordan Addison Slot-Wr1 and Dj Turner X-Wr2 are your mainstays of a decent enough pass-catching cadre here beyond Addison & Turner. Well, actually beyond Addison, who has virtually 200% more grab-game production than anyone else. Addison who led the nation’s freshmen in receptions per game (6.0) and total receptions (60); is a slickster route-runner with breakaway speed. Think Don Maynard with go-juice downloaded in full. Tho’ the squirrely thingy is… although not individually dazzling beyond the fairly dazzling Addison… the Panther Wideouts widen the field vertically here-n-there. They all get their looks too. On seams ripped-open or YAC (yards after catch) or just real good downfield blocking. This is impressive from such middle of the isle throw points. As here-n-there Pitt houses a short or medium snag for 6-points. And file this one away for future reference… Addison is only a super Soph. Who was more parts H.S. Qb1 and Db1 than anything else. As he only toggled to “it is better to receive” for his final scholastic season. (no.24 Wr is really wild nationwide (247Sports) for it to boot). Very interesting Wr prospect if not an outright 2022 Wr contender here folks. Does need butterfingers or Jugs Machine reps, however. 12-drops since last time speaks to this. Wr3 Taysir Mack? And not so much, he is handy indeed. Fun to catch game watch. Overall, the Panther catch-crew may not be heavyweights, tho’ they are heighty enough. Last time they were really missing all-conference (Florida Gator) caliber Te1 (L.Krull, knee, St.Culberth bless). Tho’ ⅓ of his incoming 2021 snags have gone for 6-points; and if this smokestack-sized kid finally rounds back into shape? This nasty Panther O only gets nastier all the mo’. With no word yet from the 80’s MASSIVE throwing-stary, thingy. Look for trips, quads, lottsa wides here. Tritto look for some jets here.
Could we “ruff” these cats, up?!?
  • Upfront: the Pitt oLine does depart three-time All-A.c.c. C1 Jimmy Morrissey. Who does leave a centrist, void for a unit that underperformed by most 2020 measures. Ot’s Carter Warren (8 starts) and Gabe Houy (9 starts) bring experience, as do G’s Jake Kradel (8 starts), Blake Zubovic (3 starts), and Maryland transfer utility-oLineman Marcus Minor (17 career starts). So, the experience curve is actually pretty willing here, and if they gel and newbie C1 (who is dinged-up in all fairness) develop? This is a top-5 or so A.c.c. block-unit for it. Only nag might be wanting for just a little mo’ depth. Although the passing cup is a good bit north of their ground-game here. And the 1’s only have 2.4 decades combined of college between ’em. Good if not great sized oLine as well.

    Isotoner… 1982, 1o1…
  • ∑ (summary): returning O production=82% (28th most). The Panther oLine is on the come and the Pitt Skillz-guys are nearly stars and they are pretty dang deep. As Pitt might only be one more ringer of a varsity offensive-lineman removed from winning the A.c.c. (never mind just the A.c.c. Coastal). (FILM-STUDY): The pit throw-points are south of their catch-points, tho’ both are well north of short, and prolly flirt with medium+++ itself. As Pitt takes a slightly longer look downfield— then their stud pitch-n-catch battery goes A&B for P.I.T.T. and lengthens mad-lib plays all the mo’. As 10 of the Top-11 Pitt grab-gangstar’s average a 1st-down-n-change (or: ≥11.1 ypg). And five of ’em average ≥15 or mo’. Can you say medium-plays galore? A LOT of doubles and triples live here in October Classic cross-sport metaphorical terms. And four of those five have at least one HR length (45 or better) snag to their credit. As Pitt/Ken’ has come a long way in detecting zoning soft-spots or just hitting coverage seams at the right time and at the correct angle alike. When they do? They go, or they are gone. And if they only had a legit C1…, have I mentioned the need for a legit C1, yet?
    Pitt will play-action, and you will see the same yesteryear G-personal-protector pulling-pass-block as VT has tried this year. (This is nearly a legit antiquated look). There are a lotta early-down or early drive scripted throws to points (on the field) here. Ken works a lot from a sawed-off shotgun with the Hb splitting him or offset behind him a scosche. Pitt works a lotta edge work earlier, be it down-n-outs or hitching. They really stretch E-W, then sneak something mo’ medium and occasionally N-S long behind that. Jab-outside, then uppercut inside. Rinse, recycle, repeat. Ken was really nose-down coached-up along the way, a harder ball to pick for it too— tho’ he will miss short or toss a grounder here-n-there. Pitt will motion into the grain pre-snap, then (of all the things) throw back against the grain to the motion guy in an old-school Z-pattern look. Don’t see this since Staubach to: Hill, Pearson, or Richardson era. Pitt runs some strange-looking crossbuck run-fits, in behind the play, and attempts (with mixed results) to hook-block and seal the Sam-side edge. The Panther bugbear -at times- was very finesseful Wr-blocking. Very pitter-pat here. And the Pitt run-fits necessitate patience and vision alike. (Kinda reminds me of the Elway era better Bronco looks). Pitt does block-late, they will steal (or decleat you if the zebras swallow their “tweeter”).

  • 47% run:pass 53% mix. (readers’ note: one of the few passing tilts we will catch). Back-up Wr4: Jaden Bradley is your secret sauce offender here. He only ships out long. Or any of the Rb’s with speed not named: the former Rb1 and bulky d.Carter. Recall… Coach Dooley may be gone, though inside of Coach Duz’? Bill’s still here. As the Panther O was (past-tense) pretty risk-averse via the backing of such a fundamentally strong D. This year they have given the offensive Panthers mo’ free reign and although not sin-free they have flirted with being puuurfect at times here-n-there. Pickett (who some thought was N.f.l. gone), came in with the old ball coach: Foge Fazio. Well, maybe not quite, tho’ he and the Panther Offensive huddle are far far right-tailed on the Experience Curve itself and that is indeed prolly the best time to cut them some go-make-a-play slack indeed.What with 6 of last year’s Top-7 Wideouts in return – six of whom snagged more than 20 passes in 2o2o itself. The Pitt-O only courts a hefty 52-combined seasons’ worth of D-1 ball in the starting offensive huddle. That’s, all. This O is good. As in very. If not, extremely.

Offensive letter-grade:

Panther Special Teams: (1 return)

Pittsburgh is 81st in Net Punting— and curiously enough, so is Pitt P1, Kirk Christodoulou.

This is up from the 121st in Net Punting nadir two years back. Or quite a Crocodile Dundee is Kirk’s cap. Kirk is yet another (young) Man Down Under. Or imported Aussie punter the same as our own, (per Melbourne, Australia). Kirk goes 6′1″, 225 r-Sr. season lbs. Down in ‘bloody’-‘roo-land, “keptin” Kirk was a standout Australian rules football player before embarking on his goal to play college football in America. Kirk worked with the renowned Prokick Australia program that has produced many successful collegiate and N.f.l. punters alike. Kirk has a pretty dang healthy leg when he gets it into the pigskin bladder, 44 career punts >50 yards and seven >65 for his bigfoot career says so. Kirk can and has changed field-position all by his ownself before. Kick also has faked one on the ground last year —that went for negative-seven nowhere. He additionally has a higher off the turf than normal toe-to-leather impact point. Go’on and aim high(er) if you wanna be a blocker, here. This is a very good very leg-game-willing Punter, who will only get better and he prolly does have a Pro’ strength leg: be that N.f.l., C.f.l. or Aussie Rules Football southern hemisphere ‘down-under’. Mr. Christodoulou also enjoys one mo’ collegiate career tackle than you and I combined; so, there is that too. He just needs some punt-coverage love; as he’s individually improved quite a bit off of a pretty impoverished 2018. (And this is an A or B-Gap wider punt-protect formation Eye’d enjoy challenging on speed-rush-max’).

  • 117th in Punt Returns | 62nd in KO returns.
  • a strong 27th in punt coverage | and very decent 40th best in suicide-squad.
  • Pitt has blocked 1 kick and allowed 1 kick to be blocked.
  • Pitt has blocked zero punts and allowed 1 punt to be blocked.

Sam Scarton is your K1 for Pittsburgh. And he is one hard K1 to grade. As he has not got much use at all during his debut college Place-Kicking season. As the r-Soph., 6′1″, 195 lb., K1 is still -to his credit- perfected about ½ way into the 2021 regular season. What with being 5×5 or 100% on his FGA’s (fo’ for fo’) or a Moses Malone kinda Kicker if you will. However, and most oddly enough, slammin’-Sammy is only 93.75% on his P.A.T.’s (at: 30 fo’ 32). That said, from what we can limited data-point(s) see… Scarton (great Pa. name) has range out into the mid to high-40’s. Although he did hit two makes in the lowercase 50’s in scholastic terms. (With a career-long at any level of 52-yards if you are keeping score at home). A study of Sammy’s high-school KO numbers seems to suggest this is about the edge (max’) of his collegiate range. As he has a good tho’ not quite Lee Majors bionic leg. Scarton also earned three letters in soccer and three in track and field at Hickory H.S. So, he does bring some athletics to the F.G.A. look and that brings a potential FG-fake into play. Additionally, big-bro’: (Jake) was a two-year walk-on kicker with the Pitt football team (2017-18). Little bro’ Sam is also a walk-on K1 with Pitt… so, you gotta bet the over on the leg-game-D.n.a. of momma-bear Scarton here. Finally, Sam is a freakin’ Norris Hall
-esque mechanical engineering major! And the next time I K1 read that will be the second! Pitt.edu professional degree props insert (______) here. Check.

Panther Special Teams letter-grade:
…in a word? Average. NOT bad. NOT great. Just middled. Lowest possible C+ or so as there are a few athletes here and at some point, you have to think they get all athletic. (Tho’ there are misQ’s and gaffs here capping this ST’s grade as well)

Unit Rankings:

  1. Pit O.
  2. (…gap…)
  3. Pitt D/VT D (tie).
  4. VT O.


  • motive: Well, in theory, and stop me if anyone else in old-media went little orphan andy on this already… tho’ this is for All Championship Conference Coastal-side 1st-place, rights? EDGE=push.
  • weather: Mid-Oct. and pre-New River Valley foliage peak? The throw-team could not have asked for a better pitch-n-catch day. EDGE=Pitt (quite a bit).
  • health/off-field: Pitt does have a few skill-position dings… tho’ VeeTee has mo’ overall dings and dents alike… and a 1st-half suspension to honor @Mike-Lb. EDGE=Pitt.
  • penalties: 65th in quantity of yellow laundry; and yet a whopping 91st best in quality of yellow laundry is a huge temperamental/indisciplined flag. EDGE=#4 ranked VT.
  • intangibles: 36th best in all-important Turnover Margin and an even best’er 24th in TOP (time of possession) is nearly unheard of. EDGE=Pitt.
  • fatigue: The Panthers have been having Bimbo’s Pizza and Primanti Bro’s to eats and washing it all down with my hometown’s I.C. Lyte in their den-den for 13 easy-peasy R&R filled days. EDGE=Pitt.


R.A.T.T. ...what are Fu' and VT's odds to declaw these Panthers, here???

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Illationconclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of  Panthers who could claw @Tech=13

the takeaway:

(October odds)…

…well, and in all candor?

We are not sure just what there is to (R.A.T.T.) takeaway here?

Kinda the same drill as last week… if the higher-ranked more favored team actually, wins?
This reveals what(s)?

’cause this far this regular season you ask?

It has taken NOT less than 42-points/game to put these highly offensive Pitt Panthers, down.

Now ask yourself thusly… do you really think that the Fu’fense has even 41-points in it?
(…in less than 5Q’s of play Eye mean).


xxx‘s & ooo‘s
Well, what we see is… the best Pitt O since Jocko Sutherland.

Well, at least since “TD” Tony Dorsett.
Or, at least since Isotoner d.Marino.

Did Eye bother to mention the Pittsburgh O, yet?
Pitt’s give a F is, broke! (they *feel* like they CAN intimate us…)

formulae here favors…
This time the formulae favors NOT having to chase.

This is NOT a quick-hitting high-voltage Fu’fensive O. It is Alice the Maid 110v, domestic. Not 220v. Not industrial. Not electrifying. An ‘open-circuit’ for you Dr. Jasmin (J.J. of Arnold’s poppa-bear VT.edu fame) or Mr. Electrical Theory for E.E. fans.

Hence, we must stay close, and amp up the Time-Keeper in our favor.


  1. Δ1=30% that Fu’ and company and the best D Pitt has seen all year, shorten-the-field, win the leg-game, let the air outta the ball, and hang around respectfully enough.
  2. Δ2=55% that Fu’ and company pop-dirty at some point in time here. BAX does not finish, Pitt hits a big play or three and widens a nominally acutely competitive game in some kinda obtuse way, late. (Or, VeeTee lays down and gets whooped and Pitt merely coasts home).
  3. Δ3=15% Eye guess you could argue that the, if not for bad luck he’d have no luck at all Fu’ is due. Due for something to bounce his way… and if we get some Pitt help? We could nick this one by about one full score @home.

#ChallangeA.c.c.epted… there are 1,440 minutes in a day and it will take high-50’s worth of minutes to tame this one here. Maybe even extra-innings or 65-odd-minutes.

the optics
Last year… was the Panther’s 11th consecutive season with five L’s or more. Including all eight seasons since moving to the A.c.c. Ergo, therefore, to Whit…

…one could nearly argue that Pitt is due…
(to ‘bounce’ in horse-racing terms).

Or, could possibly soon to be Nationally ranked Pittsburgh be in a look-ahead trap-game what with BIG-name-Klempson on tap, next? Eye wonder…

the skinny… 

3:34 PM tip-off!

The Panthers (4-1 overall) enter the game averaging 52.4 points a contest and haven’t scored less than 40 in any game all season. Pitt is led by quarterback Kenny Pickett, who is having a monster year. Pickett has completed 72 percent of his passes for 1,731 yards and 19 touchdowns, with just one interception.

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©)

  • Pitt is a downright spiffy 14th best in 1st-down O | whereas VeeTee is a useful enuff 21st best in 1st-down D!
  • VeeTee is an impoverished 1o9th best in 1st-down O | whereas Pitt is a (virtually) Spartan 19th in 1st-down D!
  • Pitt is a useful 27th best in 3rd-down O | whereas VeeTee is a pissy 10th best in 3rd-down D!
  • VeeTee is a rather surprising 29th best in 3rd-down O | whereas Pitt is a very salty 6th best in 3rd-down D!
  • Lo.FM Analysis: LOTTA canceling-effects per strength-on-strength here folks… only foible being… the Fu’fensive 1st-down O itself. As you gotta wonder how early-down effective the Fu’fense can Lo.FM be? EDGE=Pitt (tho’ not by a metric-ton to be clear).

TTT (Time To Throw©)

  • The Panthers are a downright bearish 8th best in Qb-sacks inflicted | while the Hokies are merely a C— best at 74th in pass-pro’.
  • The Hokies are a rushing 20th best in Qb-sacks inflicted | while the Panthers are a surprising (due: to their throw count) 33rd stiffest as pocket-protectors go.
  • The Panthers are a penetrating 6th best in TFL (Tackles For a Loss) inflicted | while the Hokies are a nearly user-friendly 86th best in TFL allowed.
  • The Hokies are a virtually centrist 64th best in TFL inflicted | while the Panthers are a likewise moderate 60th best in TFL allowed.
  • TTT Analysis: …nearly everything tilts to Pitstopping us on a potentially very scratchy feline kinda day here. (And this could very well muck with the Lo.FM navigation(s) up top). EDGE=Pitt. (Significantly too).

3-game splits:
…well, here we see that Pitt is really heating up on O. Nearly 600 ypg heating up from vaulting forward on their throw-fits in particular. The Panther D is about a couple of 1st-downs allowed mo’ friendly of late. Not a great sign, tho’ not off a cliff either.

On the other side… both the Fu’fense and O&M eggs and j.Ham have both softened by about 1 1st-down to the worse per side of late.

H/A splits:
…well, here we see that, invitingly enough, visiting Pitt plummets by about 70-ypg of Total O! With passing dropping off worse than the ground-gainers did. The Panther stop-unit likewise plummets by nearly 60-ypg worth of Total-D in your house! Nearly all of which was aerially suspect.

On the other side… the Hokie halt-unit moved by right at 3′ and the Gobblers O moved by right at 15′. This is only to say that both sides of the O&M LOS (line-of-scrimmage) are highly consistent be they scrumming @home or @away.

Our handy dandy friend, the so-called: Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is merely calling for a very soon, ask back…

Projected S&P+: 41st.
Projected S&P wins: 8.1 W’s.


Agent’s Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, dumbo’s magic feather, and every eleventeenth prime number bigfeets, and I all “want to believe”.

One is mo' parts offensive hustlers and the other is mo' parts offensive hacks.

And what if this one starts to get away from Fu’ and company, late?
As VT/Frank/Fu’ may indeed have it in for neighborly U.n.c.

Though the coaching-sewing circle says Duz’ has it in for all things VeeTee.

And if this one starts to slip away from us… and Duz’ decides to pump both-barrels into our side?


There are times during the practice week when the Panthers’ offense will break it down by yelling “1,2,3 … 50,” a nod to the unit’s goal of scoring at least 50 points per game.

Could they worst-case drop a cool fiddy, here?!?


hirsute Sampson’s >>> offensive >>> landingstrip got crew-cut snipped.

Meaning someone had got to make a play(s), who’ who do we have to R.A.T.T. accept the offensive sportlight? Least we get Delilah, clipped?

Or, is it mo’ like cat… nipped, here we come?

As they’ve done studies you know… 60% of the time Sex-Panthers(s) work every, time.
And oh BTW… if we get pegged good-n-hard by these kitty-cats?
Welcome to the realm of (5:7:5) Bye-Fu-Haiku.
Or to… psycho-phat?



upset Index=37%


Virginia Tech=1o, Pittsburgh=36


Please support the VT F.C.A.!



COUNTRY >>> party!

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    1. …well, their stud-Qb1 has had some pick foibles before…
      …just like @Midway (ww2), “maybe we’ll get lucky”?


  1. With apologies to earnest Lawrence thayer: an excerpt appro:

    ….he pounds with cruel violence his bat upon the plate;
    And now the pitcher holds the ball, and now he lets it go,
    And now the air is shattered by the force of Casey’s blow.

    Oh, somewhere in this favoured land the sun is shining bright,
    The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light;
    And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout,
    But there is no joy in Mudville—mighty Casey has struck out.

    Rolled a 1 on my d20 for morale check….need a miracle

    1. Love that one… you’ll see me reference “mighty” Casey here from time to time.

      (not Steve #7 Casey either).
      ; )


  2. Nope, not that bad. But still feels like a loss. Bring it on. Hokies show us how hard smart tough you are.

    1. …Eye’ma kinda nervy re: how well we set 1st-half coverages and rolls and disguises until big-chief-DAX gets back.

      recall: …we did tell you that Artis is a pretty solid run-plugger.
      He’s even a little fiesty-streety. Not a soft touch, right?

      Tho’ we also called him: ‘stiff’.
      Does not play well with bend.

      Then Dean is not yet a football graduate. He’s a bit rawer– tho’ maybe a higher ceiling as well…
      that’s NOT a good Pit-stopping look vs. K.Pickkett.
      (unless you just bench him and go Nickel full-time, maybe?)


  3. Let’s be clear if Nardozzi can crank it up he’s gonna hang 100 on Justin. I hope it isn’t so but I believe your prediction may be closer to halftime van to fat lady singing. Where is my English brother-in-law used to say oh “…we have Bob Hope & no hope of winning this game”. Justin bet the farm last week, lost and now it’s time to pay the magistrate. 09-27-2019

  4. VT strength pass D v Pitt strength pass O

    VT weakness Pass O v Pitt weakness pass D

    Which of the 4 units can raise their performance may decide the game.

    VT special teams seems to have sneaky significant advantage PR & KR units should shorten the field for VT O at a minumum. May well produce points.

    I do not think there has been a game in a long time where I have had less idea as to what outcome will be.

    Hokie nation seems convinced almost all hope is lost and we are about to get boat raced on our home turf. I am very skeptical of this being the result.

    If college football has taught me anything this season, it is to expect the unexpected!

    I am counting on TnT to find ways to make Kenny feel the heat and shake his 5th year poise.

    Yeah, I know what you guys are thinking Tapp is gone.

    However, Teerlink and Tennuta have elite level knowledge on how to make a QB uncomfortable. Often severe limitations lead to the best and most innovative designs. With Dax out for 1st half, I am counting on these two Architects to engineer a brilliant plan.

    1. Yah; that’s true/fair…

      …one of these weaker units will make a move here.
      …at least one of ’em is… due.


  5. I’ve seen some ugly Homecoming games before at Lane. This one might get ugly fast..

  6. Almost too down-in-the-dumpies to comment. Glued to the TV here in Tejas but not optimistic. Quite an assessment, B.S.

    1. …mine was prolly close to the worst-case… if that helps you any?


  7. BS, it’s early and I was a little confused, a normal state for me, about your D rankings and thought you were referencing 2020 stats. While my Russian is good, better in cyrillic, help the challenged me out more clearly next time. But I got to say, these reads are fun and detailed. Thanks.

    I never bet against my Hokies, even in 77 to seven years, this one looks improbable to go in the win column. The boys are going to have to bring it balls out and Coach will have to either stay out of the way or change his game. Are they going to play Barno in a James Bond like act or go complete conservative and try to limit the inevitable big plays with a prevent nothing? I say go after Gen’l Pickett, show him Gettysboyg South. Guessing our O will Corny O, whatever that means.

    I will be wrong of course. We are winning this one.

  8. Too much favoring Pitt. Too many not giving VT a chance. Take the Hokies in an upset win this afternoon.

  9. I find it unacceptable we are looked upon as a 3 td loss at home to a division rival
    Not saying its wrong just saying VT should never be that big a dog to anyone in ACC short of Clemson.
    Says much how far we have fallen

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