Poll: how do you rate Jim Weaver, VT A.D.???

This is a job or professional poll, only!

As best you can, leave any personal feelings out; and likewise omit any growing health concerns. May Saint James bless and intercede on that…

Please help James Weaver!
Please help James Weaver!

Accordingly let us recap just a couple of things, some Pro, some not so much…


  • reigning 16 year Athletic Director of Virginia Tech, (not everyone gets to say that; nor does everyone stay that long)
  • Atlantic-10—>the Big East
  • the Big East—>the A.c.c.
  • Lane Stadium expansion 2002
  • Lane Stadium expansion 2005
  • Basketball facility upgrade 2011
  • Numerous Olympic sport betterment’s facility wise along the way
  • other…(add: comment(s) below at your leisure)

Neutral: (or things that depend upon your personal point-of-view)

  • Lane Stadium re-seating 2o12
  • Lane Stadium re-seating 2oo5

    A man with a plan!
    A man with a plan!


  • Peaked football program
  • Or should I say a football program in a bit of decline
  • Lane Stadium sell-out streak broken (2013)
  • Decline in donations, attendance, concessions and Revenue Sport revenues alike
  • Last place men’s basketball program
  • Allowed the departure of several seemingly well-qualified head coaches from non-football sports in recent years…
  • …ergo, garnered reputation for Group Think or cost-cutter head coaching hires from knocking on a door just down the hall
  • More of a football-first fiscal general manger than he was an all-round or all-sport general manger
  • other…(add: comment(s) below at your leisure)

So, all-n-all, what kinda Athletic Director was Jim Weaver of Virginia Tech???

Jim Weaver was what kinda A.D. for Virginia Tech???

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