Post-game (specifically)… Tech Thoughts…

Virginia Tech=33, our bitches=15

I’m happy fo’ Fam‘-Fu‘… you?

Virginia Tech football just upset mighty uva to take the Commonwealth Cup back! Thereby marooning T.Jay O&M indentured servant style, leaving Jeffy yet again to mowing the faux-uppity always C’ville weed-whacked-lawn. Again.

Personally? I’m not surprised. I’ma stunned. Raised to the floored power! Truly. Eye’d be lying like a rug if I fibbed and told you Eye saw this one coming.

I did not. Hooever, I can tell you what Eye scraped up post-game. Which was every bit as bewildering -if not a good deal more so- than the actual gridiron contest itself! The uva Eye may open up somewhere this week, or next week… or whenever VT A.D. gone H.R. does this/that? Or maybe just stands hiring pat? Because as we all know… where you stand is where you sit— and right now? Well, right now the nearly infinitely embattled, and even a bit embittered… Justin Fuente sits right on top of the Commonwealth Cup!
(think about that…)

So, this is more of an editorial… “oui-oui” I WANT all kinda work with the post-game fight, a more mindful (#76Props) Brockworst, the uva total idiot baller with a Full Metal Jacket “kill” wad of eye-dark right on his face… did I mention the post-game fight; yet?

I want work with all of ^dat^ yo’!
(Eye just want to be sure which coach I’ma working under, first).

LOL! Same as The Outsiders: “the socs” get beat-(up); again!

Nevertheless… the post-game itself was nothing short of what may be an overworked word… Amazing!

As nothing about it struck me as anything other than two things… and you may go Backgammon Player’s Privilege and take the dice, and give it a roll here…

So, what was up with suuuuuuch an elongated post-game with NO Fu’ to be found?

As this truly Applied Sports Psyche (“thx” @’the’ Dr. Minnix of Illinois) befuddled me❓

As my initial Rx (chemistry jargon for: reaction) was… why would a dead-man walking do this?!?

To me and my surprised people (as this was not in-character for anything Justin) it was one of two major, critically important things… Either/Or style of course…

  1. Either, it was a Coach who is NOT gone! A coach who was setting/sealing the next year’s strategic tone as best he present-tense could. As Fu’ nearly went bonkers for being such a pent-up, not Penthouse; INTJ personality post-game. No joke. Fu’ is a lotta things ladies and Techmen… and effusive is never ever one of ’em. This is NOT a blabby guy. This is NOT a 4th-estate loving or camera-centric guy. This is NOT a social-media darling, NOT at all. Not even close in point of fact of clarity. So, was Fu’ laying the 2021 “I told you my way worked” foundation or not?
  2. Or, was this just pure prideful clinical venting? Take or get the very last, lame-duck gone “quack”-ATTACK, final-word in while he still could? Hubris is a tricky thing… and he did Hokie Pride back-it-up out on the field on Saturday night to boot. One could be forgiven for wanting the last word here at the end of his final night on the job. Eye might had a fu’ rather cavalier things to say my ownself under similar circumstances… wouldn’t most of you?


The point raised to the conundrum power being… why stay that long -longer than ever before by far- and say that much (post-game) if you know you are gone?

Unless you are staying?

Or, unless you yet not been… told?

(oh wait, that’s 3 things…)

 The Rest of the Story...

The pic=Fu’.

The Greatest fence-sitter; Eye’ve ever seen bar none. Truly. A perfect catnip ‘meow’-mix gone cat-of-nine-lives who has prolly spent about 10 of ’em over in the 24060 alone.

What‘sa Fu‘ to do?
As Justin has demonstrated more than justa slight knack at pure “bear” Grylls surviving itself. Like an older Spyderco knife that needs to meet the (grind)-stone. Although one that does still have an outright sense of utility, and/or, use.

As Justin repeatedly does JUST’ enuff… just barely… to right every single leaky Duck Pond ship at VeeTee just in the nick of foundering time.

A true 1972 Poseidon Adventure of a Head Coach.

And yet things are never truly O&M shipshape!


It really does amaze… go fig’?!?
As I’ve never seen anyone live this long on the Razor’s Edge.
Never! The last virtually perfect .5oo four years calendar run is indeed a perfectly split-vote.

Thus making Fu’ is 1-of-a-kinda.
As the best people I know fight hard, tired.
The 2nd-best people I know fight best when wounded, or cornered.

And like him or lump him, gentlemen… for four quarters of play… Justin Fuente just; did, both!

(and I’ma almost starting to admire that… and never thought I could, either)


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the closer

"All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by..."
John Masefield,  "Sea-Fever", in Salt-Water Ballads (1902)

And in closing this lowercase mini-me Tech Thoughts… what would you think if in the very final, waining, swansong, O&M twilight moments of his near ½-decade on the job… Justin James Fuente finally found a way to finally connect with his whole entire team?

All of them. Each and every one.

…not a bad (grand finale?) look!

As there are surely worse epitaphs you could authour here…

…or Hokiestone elegy’s for VeeTee’s very own: Odysseus.

Because the same of the classically tempest-struck life of the legendary meandering Odysseus… our man is also: “…the man of twists and turns”.

And if we are ‘rong and this is parting Justin?


Fair-weather, tall-ships, and a fair Oddesy to you Coach-Fu’.



REAL Men=33, got rode all nite and hung up, wet: Peleton‘s=15
please support the VT F.C.A.!!!




“…fear is the enemy of, Faith!”

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  1. That was a nice bitch slapping last night by the good guys. I saw a tough, hardhitting game by a team that was inspired to play. We haven’t seen that in a while. Dudes were ready to hit, and push the zimas around last night

    1. Why though?
      And… I do kinda wonder… if Bronco and his dippy bunch
      were taking recently o-4 VeeTee for granted?

      (not our fault– mind yah; tho’, still…)


      1. I think it was simple. Echoing CC here, but they couldn’t handle being the hunter. They talked some smack on Twitter but had nothing to back it up on the field. Also, they had a number of dudes hurt on D (which you recall has been their strength in the last couple years…save for Perkins of course). And can you say OL punch in the face? As an addendum, their recruiting tank is about as empty as ours, so the future is there for the taking (for us).

      2. I think in my heart of hearts that Fuente knows he’s gone that the team either feels or senses it and that they put it all on the line for him, giving him a great going away present. Fu looked and sounded relieved. He clearly was ready for this season to be over and it’s not hard to imagine that he’s come to grips that he’s gonna have 10 million reasons to move on… Not too shabby for a guy his age and his level of experience at that age. What REALLY struck me was that the team was OVERLY pumped up. They played like VT football teams used to play…If they kids were that amped up “normally” during the 5 years he’s been HC, I don’t think we’d be looking at a change of HC,,we’d have some momentum in a positive way, we would have won a bunch of games we shouldn’t have lost and CJF would be sitting in a good place. BUT, we didn’t play that way consiistently at the level of an ACC championship contender, and it’s easier to see us continuing to struggle than it is to see him turning the ship around..because that’s what it looks like on the field and off.

      3. I have the same question. Not sure which is most on my mind: what happened to VT or what happened to UVA in this game?

  2. B….COULD 2020 be Fuente’s “moment”.
    1992…Beamer’s 5th year…2-8-1. Make changes or……
    2020…..Fuente 5-6….several close losses…Pitt being an outlier. And UNC fought hard but….make changes or……

    Idk it’s a lot of similarities. If we fire him now, will we be any better off. Or will we be like Tennessee and continually switch coaches and never get back to the pedestal….

    1. Eye guess it is possible?
      A catharsis of sorts?

      Be a hellUVA a way to signal that…
      …tho’, how do Eye trust (i.e. be sure) of that?


      1. I was a freshman at VT in 92. NO ONE…NOBODY….could have predicted at that point in time that Frank Beamer would become a HOF coach. There were more fans/alumni clamoring for him to be fired at that moment. Just like Fuente now.
        To answer your question, you can’t be sure just like no one knew in 1992 that the streak would begin in 93.
        BUT….fire him and for sure we’ll never know…

        1. As was I. And I was calling for him to be fired too. Granted, I didn’t know jack about how football worked. I thought the head coach was calling plays (draw play on 3rd down? Come on Beamer!). Luckily, Braine saw something in CFB, but he also said “make changes!” What does Whit see in Fu is the million dollar question.

          1. Beamer was not a Braine hire, so that removes the ego stance from Braine’s decision. Whit, if he lets Fu go, would indicate a strong conviction.

      1. Oh, no doubt.
        today=instant coffee.

        And microwave/delicatessen B.K. “my way” at that!


  3. And they lived happily ever after.

    Cause that’s all that was left out of that right there – – that was some mighty fine reading. Some would say this era song would be Frank Sinatra’s, “My way”, but this morning after breaking bread with the section 7 crew talking about the 1/2 decade of Coach Fuente’s Era…I blared Def Leppard’s Rock of Ages, “…I got something to say….it’s better to burn out than fade away”.

    Rock on Fuente

  4. I too was mildly pessimistic about the game, which made me throw up in my throat bit – until I wasn’t. The D turned my head early on. Even after the Hoover’s early score. I saw/heard some pads snapping. What’s this?….a glimmer of hope ignited.

    On the O side, things were – searching for a word here – snappier with Bax under center. Decisive it appeared. Will look to you, and BP, CC, etc to break it down if it was correct.

    The Hoover’s maginot proved they are glass cannons, esp #s 6, 0, 15.

    Oh, and ‘street…not sure if Mario was the first one the swayers picked a fight with, but he sure cleared out some space as alpha bull in the ring. He is the guy in the foxhole you want next to you when your shot in the leg, have 4 bullets left and 10 enemy are advancing. Might be going down, but taking a whole bunch with ya. Brothers taking care of brothers. That end game fight is significant.

    Wrt FU….well, we know the answer to “what have you done for me lately”. The oft rumored locker room split didn’t seem too apparent. Last night….

    Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak…?

    BTW: isn’t it INTJ not INJT?

    1. B.Patteron pinned the tale on their donkey.
      They were internally thin. 2 Ng’s and that rangy long-limbed OLb being out really hurt.

      (dang it… a good eye on personality).

  5. I believe that the players know or strongly suspect that Fuente is gone. So they played their hearts out to ensure that he went out on a positive note against VT`s arch rival. Revenge for last season`s loss obviously also played role in their intensity. It was clear to me in Fuente`s post game demeanor that he knows his fate. He celebrated with his players,but was melancholy in the post game press conference.

    1. …Eye was literally just wondering the same?

      (as they did not seem like they were all about to be: Coaching Free-Agents).


    2. That is what I think too. It’s a shame that the only real time we saw the kids and coaches FIRED up..and playing with the kind of intensity we say against the Hoos was after the Duke disaster in 2019 and the UVA game last night. I don’t think we’d be discussing a coaching change if Fuente been been able to get them amped up and ready to kick butt more consistently.. That and the recruiting not creating a lot of confidence in the future are the two things that make me feel Whit has to do something, either now, or next year at the latest unless there is a HUGE / positive change in what we see on the football field in terms of wins/losses. Whit can’t do nothing after 5 years. and the trend we are on.

      1. I thought they played hard and hustled pretty well @U.n.c.

        Though your point is indeed well-taken…
        …their emotional output has been inconsistent under Fu’.


  6. Tx B for the quick draw! The beast is hungry to snack on anything leaking out of the VTFB/SCIF as we adjust fanfire from dropping a 3D canister of whoop@$$ on the Hoos to our 2021 campaign, and beyond.

    Inside the perimeter, VTOPS appear Fu-tidied up now. Problem (seen from way-way-way outside the wire) is the entry control point seems soooo difficult for anyone without a VTFB badge to get through in a day-age when everything is conducted on a stage for immediate stakeholder consumption. Media relations seems arms length. Fanbase engagement seems undervalued. Recruiting seems random (except for that dally with TX2VT which to my redforce play was a bit vulnerable to FU2TX).

    Taking off our masks, was 2020ball denied areas really much different than pre-COVID? Whit needs to pry open the old school turtle and keep that $10M in the 24060. Start by fixing the fans, ie engagement. Is #VTFamily only for badged personnel? Is Hokie Club just that? Seriously, I don’t get why General B has let Commander Fu’s flank get so exposed here.

    Socs, well played there ponyboy! That tag has legs.

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