Preakness States 2021 preview!

2021 Preakness States Preview:

Preakness 2021 is set to run this mid-May… of all the 2020 things… and smack dab in between the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes. Right as rain, right on schedule, right where it is supposed to be.

Staking this horserace, a¢¢urately however, is another animal entirely. As I forthwith warn you same as I did a fortnight back the 2021 Kentucky Derby before… the spreadsheet did what it was Norris Hall engineered and 36-hours of McBryde Calc’ and Stats designed to do. The caveat or thingy really truly madly deeply is… this 3-year-old crop of ponies ain’t all that deep. It ain’t all dat and a “snap”. And it is pretty unremarkable as anything top-heavy or truly elite horse-play goes. i.e. there are beta’s and ceti’s here sans any real live true blue {sic: grass} alpha. That attempt at $tud-fee satire aside… what you wanna know is… who is gonna win (or at least Show up) at this year’s Preakness Stakes, right? So, read on to find… out!

Here is your 2021 Excel Preakness spreadsheet…

…though Eye caution you again, Talent is spread pretty thin in the historic pure burner or insane Usain Bolt sprinting terms here.


Or to put this in a very direct way…

…the horse who is crowned the Preakness (eventual) winner is nobody’s 2020 or most velocity-heavy seasons Preakness chicken-dinner.

As Brisnet and Beyer both, agry.

I know. As I read/studied them both.

Just NOT a lotta gunners, here!

  •  a strange brew of pony’s ‘eh’. As in… I’ma still looking for my 2021 junior-season sprinters; right? Nonetheless, I did find 5 different equines with well above distancing or closing capabilities. Which seems Preakness vis-à-vis Belmont misplaced; at least to me. (namely: Ram, Midnight Bourbon, Rombaur, France Go De Ina, Unbridled Honor, and Risk Taking).
  • accordingly, I’ma going Prop shopping for someone coming from behind. Or, there is gonna be some really oddball Show payday from some horse-giving chase in a horse’s petûte kinda finish.
  • I wish to emphasize, ^this^ is extremely middle-leg unusual. And antithetical as it may indeed be, it may just lend itself to some kinda unusual outcome(s) at or near the proverbial ‘wire’.
  • on top of all of that… and to compound-fracture the mind all the mo’? This Preakness is literally riddled with… mudders! Every single horse is north of the average (320) WET rating. With Midnight Bourbon, Risk Taking and Concert Tour (apparently) well-heeled (if you will) for slopping-it-up; if weather.God need be. (and yet the earliest precip’ for this week seems to be late Sunday). 2021 Triple Crown racing season ‘go fig”, again?!?

Also worth mentioning— is that even in the traditionally about 50-cents on the K.Derby’s full dollar or 20-horse sized Preakness single-gate field, NOT many Preakness winners post-up wider than the eight-hole historically. (hence the Excel grayskin color coding above).

So, as best we can see… the general consensus here… says… this is NOT that strong of a Preakness field overall.

This… as well as everything up above… seems to conspire to allude to something outlying -or same as the Derby- this might not be the very worst spot to take a 1u flyer out and at worst you are 2u in the hole heading into the easiest of all to ‘cap Belmont Stakes.

To make the calculus of all of ^that^ all the unmanageable all the more… observe the intangible category… because if not for bad luck? Most of this seasons’ Preakness entrants would have had no luck at all.

Bad trips, bumps, bad-starts, bad-weather, etc. et al. Lottsa little things have done some medium+++ bad things to quite a few of these 2021 runners thus far. (leaving you to wonder out loud if some horse is serially due to really break out with a super clean rabbits-foot trip?)

On the D.L. (down-low) from some sourcing… at least one peep thinks that Crowded Trade is the best speed horse in velocity B— kinda 2021 Preaky crop. (NOT saying I agry, although I do agry that this is an interesting source to be sure).

Ergo, therefore, to whit… here we go…


If you ask me -and you did via reading these very words- I’ma still hoping I can find something far more particular for the Belmont Stakes. (as Frankie Lane and I both agree… there are a few interesting longers in this 2021 third-season mismatched set of clippity-clops).

That all said…

Preakness Picks:

  1. 1u on Concert Tour to Show.
  2. 1u on Crowded Trade to Show.
  3. 1u on Midnight Bourbon to Show.
  4. 1u PROP on Winner is from post 3 to 5.


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