Richmond football preview!

#34 R.P.I. Virginia Tech vs. #128 R.P.I. Richmond:

Today’s word of the day is… tal·is·man


noun: talisman; plural noun: talismans

mid 17th century: based on Arabic ṭilsam, apparently from an alteration of late Greek telesma.

  1. an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck.
  2. a person regarded as representing and inspiring a particular group. Or, Justin James Fuente… haha; just-kidding Fr.Fu’!
  3. …Saturday come ≅4 PM?!?

Richmond Head CoachRussell Frederick Huesman: age=61, (20–21 @ Richmond, and 79–58 overall); has a rep’ for defending, recruiting, and secondaries in particular.
$430,000.oo (with 32K in bonus/perks available)

Baller Huesman has put in his work(s) and it championship trophy case shows, plural!

…living younger than he looks @home. Good on, him!

As a native of Cincy, Ohio, Huesman played prep football at perennial National power and well-fabled football factory: Moeller High School. Where Db1 Huesman lettered for four years under head coach Gerry Faust. He helped Moeller’s team compile a record of 43–o–1 and win a pair of Ohio state championships. Double-bling-bling!

An all-city selection in football as a senior, Huesman signed a football scholarship with Chattanooga, where he started all four years as a defensive back (1978–1981) and was a two-sport athlete. He played under the late Joe Morrison for two years and completed his final two seasons under Bill Oliver. Huesman also was rangy/athletic enough and patrolled Cf on the baseball field for the Mocs during his freshman and junior seasons. During his playing career at Chattanooga, the Mocs posted a 31–11–2 mark and were Southern Conference co-champions in his freshman and sophomore seasons.

Coach Huseman broke in and began his coaching career as a student coach for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga during the 1982 season. He followed that up with a move to the University of South Carolina as a graduate assistant under Morrison. After this, he put in nearly 1.5 decades as D-coordinator @Bill & Mary. Whereby becoming something of a mini-me version of their very own Bud Foster. Huesman then -oddly enough- switched sides of the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) and became offensive line coach @Memphis. Thereby becoming something of a “de plane de plane” version of their very own Curt Newsome. (the vibe was: he was brought in as an ace-recruiter and had to staff-spot fit-in as oLine Hawk1). Huesman then moved on and spent the next five seasons as the defensive coordinator at the University of Richmond, helping guide the Spiders to the 2oo8 Football Championship Subdivision National Title. The Spiders were known for their “Stonewall Defense“. As Richmond’s defense was ranked in the top-15 in the nation in each of the final three seasons under Huesman’s guidance.

After all of this assisting, Big Whistle Huesman finally got his big break and Huesman was named the head football coach at the: University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Where he slowly yet surely built a pretty good-looking winner. Only suffering 1 L’ing season in eight years as the king-snake for the Mocs. The final-3 of which were post-season playoff-bound seasons and merited him a So.Conference crown threepeat, and two Coach of the Year honors. As a pretty formerly so-so or less squad nearly pocketed 30-dub-a-ews (wins) in his final three years alone. Dang!

Subsequent to this, Coach-H’ went back to UofR as their head-honcho. They have not won mo’ than 6 games under Hues’ since he arrived. Although they were better and showing signs last spring. As this is either a good twilight coach or a formerly good twilight coach… time=tell.

Huesman and his wife Amy have two daughters, Natalie and Emily,
and two sons, Jacob and Levi.

—UofR 2020 record: 3 up 1 down and .75o in the Colonial Athletic Association

 Spiders Defense: (starters back=)

  • seems to be a forty-three at first blush.
    (tho’ it elevators into/out-of more of an even-stack 4-2-hybrid).
  • 50th in Total D.
  • 46th vs. the run.
  • 62nd vs. the throw.
  • 49th in Passing Efficiency D.
  • 9th in Zone D.

    Spiders base D:
  • 7.5 in 10 dLine Havoc. Really surprisingly good and nearly kinda deep here. Big, strong nearly D-1 looking front wall upon breaking tape. Coach Wendy’s big-Dave likes the Dt’s, as this is “where’s the beef”. Big ole hogs on the inside A-gaps or o-technique G’s snout here. Dt/Ng Kobie Turner might could start for us. He is real. Utility-Dl Kobie.T has also been named to the initial Buck Buchanan Watch list. And for good reason too. Like… in 2019, Turner went for 14.5 tackles for loss and seven sacks by himself and added another 6 T.L.F. and 3.5 sacks in the spring. Turner gets in the backfield fast! De Darius Reynolds is on the come, almost eruptive or senioritis to the good, if not great. Very northward or Northern Exposure baller as he gets into and lives in your backfield from the edge.
  • 7 outta 10 in Linebacking Havoc. Leading stopper: Mike-Lb Tristan Wheeler is your alpha defender here. MLb Tristan Wheeler was also named to the initial Buck Buchanan Watch list. He led the Spiders in tackles in 2019 and again in the spring. Along with Tyler Dressler, Richmond may have the best linebacking duo not only in the C.A.A., but in the entire F.C.S.! Although he and OLb Tyler Dressler are both all-star caliber candidates in the Spiders second-layer. Methinks Eye saw their D morph into mo’ of a forty-two or quasi-Nickle via yanking one Lb on tape. (Tho’ the tape was very narrow vertically on its press box view). Hope I’m right… not betting my life, however.
  • 5/10 Secondary Havoc. Spiders secondary clearly plays the ball on tape— and frankly, they are a strip club vs. the same. As they get mo’ than their share of passes pilfered and ‘balls stripped. Nearly a right-sized defensive backfield (at least vertically) in N.f.l. terms. Seriously, this is a good-looking off the bus hind-4. Cb1 Tyrek Funderburk is your feature secondary baller this year. Safetying was adequate upon breaking tape, tho’ Tyrek made the edge or Cb(s) better all by his ownself. The ‘whispers’ called V.M.I. transfer A.J. Smith a: “star” Safety. Methinks him kinda good… as I thought his game needed a little ‘bend’ at first. As he puts the ‘strong’ in Ss. Tho’ this Spider is more hawkish than stiff itself.
  • D overall: D is 27.77% graduate starters and only one underclassman behind dat. So, you’d have to think they have the thoughtful or sides down pat by now. Meaning… you have to go’on and whoop ’em and not wait for them to give you a little sompthin-sompthin. They play an even forty-three base tho’ it has a wider second-layer East-West look to it at times. Almost the old-school umbrella fit; which tells you how much they trust their front-4 to whip or at least neutralize your front-5. Lb’s seemed available for throws just over their Hook-Zone drop heads too. The secondary is not uber physical on their stops, not exactly porous form-tacklers per se, tho’ it looked/felt like you could go freight-train shipping Mack-Trucks and bowl them over. Cb’s showed some jam/press looks on film. In particular on the short or Sam-side. And the D was susceptible to deeper/longer plays as the day wore on… this speaks to fatigue and that speaks to depth— or the lack thereof. Finally, this D does a lotta Lb-loop blitzing where they overload a given side or even the very same Gap with 2-blitzers. Point being… there have to be some opposite side real estate or Dixie Chunks “wide open spaces” behind all that vacancy when they deal that heavily on one side alone.
  • ∑ (summary): returning D production=???% Saftey1 A.J. Smithis your conflict defender here. He hits. New Guinea head-hunter kinda swagg. Well-coached D that had and industrialized its identity to the fullest. Then they mix in a new wrinkle or three per week. Really coached up, really high I’s and Q’s halt-unit classroom here. As you’ve already been (obviously enuff) told ad nauseam, this is not a tiny D-1aa halt-unit. They are unsmall, unmedium, and pretty dang right-sized by-the-bye, right? Right. Tho’ they do this at the expense of what? As the 1st thing Eye noticed vs. the Rollie Massimino U game-tape was… they are indeed big-enough, tho’ they sacrifice recovery-speed for it. Size at the expense of velocity if you will. ‘Nova really went wide-splits for this to try to edge or spread them out to the edge itself. Surely, we have someone on the End-around or jet-sweep or a reverse who can do the same, right? Likewise, this Secondary is a little shallow/aggressive in hero-ball mode on some of their tackling-fits… again, could/should be some big(ger) play room here at some point if we can just beat one-man or break contain. And that is odd… as they have a 1990’s Miami umbrella or M.Poppin’s look to them at the base. Deeper/off the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) in both the 2nd and 3rd layers to keep everything in front {sic: of them} and force you to drive the length of the field. Summarily… this is not a D to want to pier-6 phonebooth brawl with. They do have size/physicality. So, you simply go: Monty Python and “ away! Run awaaaaawy!
p.s. Eye really hope we can out-athlete this team here… as they are big enuff and roly-poly enuff to muck around with a behind Training Room bars Vice Squad upfront.
So, take the top and the edge off this lumbering D just the same.

Defensive letter-grade:


Spiders Offense: (returning starters=)

  • 37th in Total O.
  • 38th in ground O.
  • 39th in aerial O.
  • 38th in Passing Efficiency O.
  • 32nd in completion% O.
  • 51st in Zone D.
UofR base O:
  • O overall: Qb1: 6th-r-Seniorist Joe Mancuso …he can move, lead UofR in rushing last year. A legit dual-threat Pivot to be sure. And the Actor, Author, Attorney, and pro’ poker player can do work too. Google found a lotta Joe Mancuso love yo’ As the Qb1 (and Holder, and Wr9 (he has one TD snag in college)) Joe Mancuso goes…  10,485 yards of total-O in high school went pretty far. Not many crack the 10K platform as total O(utput) prom season-wise. Joe stands 6′5″, at 215 grad’ student lbs. So, props here! And Joe was a neat kid to scout… I don’t like ink, tho’ his off-arm tat’ sleeve and pseudo-fu’man-chu ‘stache somehow work well together. And he seems to have a knack for the big and/or clutch play to him… having starting pitched well and worked well as a closer or relief-pitcher in his Richmond gridiron career. Does leave his feet heading downfield and it is kinda impressive/fortunate that he has survived this trend thus far. Joe has decent to almost good accuracy, not great. Joe also gets picked just a bit for it. Joe does hit the long ball well, and he will break some field-position swapping runs or scores all by his ownself. More dynamic than his pastiness would prima facie suggest. Has cooled just a scosche as the season has got going, so we’ll see how that goes on Saturday. Arm strength is decent/so-so, Out-Routes can be jumped for 6. Wr’s/Te: Isaac Brown is your Wr1, he’s good enough to rotate in @VeeTee too. Catch-corps has both handsome D-1aa size and strength upon breaking-tape. All upperclassmen too, so you know their Learning and Experience curves alike are legit. Budding grab-gang star Jasiah Williams is apparently sequestered in the Spiders doghouse. He appears open to returning for this one, however. 10 different guys already have snagged one here and that includes their Qb1 which brings his career snag total to three (with: 28 y/c)! Whispers say that Wr2 (leo.Henley) is dinged up for this one, and that’s a hurtful one, as catch-game-acumen drops off post the Top-3 or so grabbers. All-C.A.A. Te1 John Fitzgerald, (QUESTIONABLE: concussion, St.Demos bless!) is a utilitarian jack-of-all-trades Tight-End who pretty much does everything well across the board. Prolly quietly one of the better (and lesser known) Te1’s we (may) catch (pardon the pun) all season. Rb: Spider rushers are a little bit butterfingers fumble prone struggling for Y.A.C. (yards after contact). Might be worth a swipe attempt here. Savon Smith and Aaron Dykes are nearly co-Rb1’s here. Savon can catch and seems the bigger-play threat to me. Tho’ Aaron does win on the Experience-Curve itself. Somewhat smaller, whip-it or jitterbug-looking ground-gainers. oLine: 123 career starts combined …and this is not a tiny one… 4 doods north of 306 and 3 of the 4 is north of 328 (lbs.)! The Spiders front-wall has a better passing-cup than they do run-fit push. Kinda surprising for such right-sized guys. Although both are well above average. Richmond features a deep and experienced offensive line led by C1, Clayton McConnell, and blindside-Ot, Tim Coleman (leg: ding, St.Culbreth bless). As the Spiders rotate at least an ‘ocho’ or neuf oLine deep with seven former starters among ’em. Odd or left-side is the money-side here and the clearly larger side for short-yardage work additionally. 100% of the starters did return, and they claim it as an unheard-of 15 (or 3-way-dance), deep!
  • ∑ (summary): returning O production=???% (film-study): saw a lotta sawed-off-shotgun here. Almost like a naked pistol, unless they have a split-back on occasion. 3 to 4-wide looks with a Te here in there. Even a naked-5-wide thrown in. Qb1 is a nice soft-touch catchable arc-passer. Kinda like Qb3 Andrew Ford was before he left for New England ball. Throws well on the move, in particular to his righty or orthodox or even side. Qb1 does see the field pretty well, will work backside when the play-side is closed. There is a lotta little set-up type plays here that attempt (pardon the aerial pun) to bait-n-switch you for something demonstrative later. O will work the old-school Fs/Ss seam with Te or even Rb routing. O has the seldom seen this side of Giles Co. fame… Tee-I-Formation. Really odd-looking and hard to key as the mesh-point is a quadratic with the Qb1 between 2 Hb’s and an I-back directly behind the Qb1. This does however necessitate that the smaller guys are a tradeoff for a Te1 or most H-backs and they must lowercase block-n-catch alike. They also use a stall-pause-button look in the Belly-play. The Qb1 literally walks the mesh-point N-S or E-W. Qb1 can move successfully northward when need be. Kinda a less strong t.Bradshaw, or a much smoother Stillers #12; take thy pick.
  • 52% run:pass 48% mix. Rb1 Milan Howard of Richmond is your secret sauce offender here. Or at least he was… as he has had a history with knee-troubles and the word is he is still: “OUT” (St.Nikon bless). As the maths suggest… this is a very balanced O that is hard to run-fit or pass-shape key. All the mo’ so as you do have to honor the run of Qb1 Mancuso. As he will take the top off of an opposing D. What with the krazy factoid that 2 of his Top-3 jaunts thus far this year are (already) longer than any O&M carry that we can catalogue!
    Additionally, his Top-2 chucks are longer than any of our V.P.I. pitch-n-catch. Again, krazy as bleep, ain’t it? Finally, this O don’t go backward or shift into “R” for reverse very often. It hits a bit for power, for singles and contact-hitting, and a few doubles/trips mixed in. Tho’ not many Mister October strikeouts. As this O is mo’ spry or shifty or alacritc than youthinks.

Offensive letter-grade:

Richmond Special Teams: (2 return)

Richmond is 46th in Net Punting, and curious enough, so is P1 Aaron Damian Trusler. He of the Aboriginal & Chinese looking 1980’s b-side action movie signature middle hair part. As I’d prolly bet the over on his girl-gets here. A.D.T. is from a line of punters, well kickers, well… Aussie Rules football linage. As his grandpaw (Alan Trusler) was a star who played A.F.L. for the Western Bulldogs. +1 Foster’s oil-can hereby be awarded for dat. (Their Beast Lyte beer by the down-under way). Anywho… A.D.T. is kinda Sammy Davis Jr. being joked by Dean Martin “S, M, all.” 5′7″ a buck-sixty-eight (168 lbs.) says so. So, aim block release-point lower here accordingly. Aaron has had no punts gone S.W.A.T. team in his career, yet. Although, Aaron is only 13-punts into his career to boot. (The leg-strength word is: ‘serviceable’ tho’ a few bricks shy of a load).

  • 58th in Punt Returns | 6th in KO returns. (Hint: returner/Rb1 Aaron Dykes=truth, 18-career return points is honest just like, dat). (Likewise, he already has had a Paul Revere quasi-year with: “if by land, if by air and if by sea” kinda campaign. Per: 1 TD rushing, 1 catching, and 1 returning alike).
  • 48th in punt coverage | 22nd and in suicide-squad.
  • Richmond has blocked 0 kicks and allowed 0 kicks to be blocked.
  • Richmond has blocked 0 punts and allowed 0 punts to be blocked.

K1, Jake Larson (5′11″, 176 lbs., r-Soph.) is 4-of-5 on the season with a long of 43 yards. For his career, he is 25-of-32 (78.1%), Tho he does punch-kick or M.L.B. line-drive a few and this has led to having 3-kicks and 1-punt snuffed out or sent back into his face. Larson was only the No. 1 ranked kicker in the state of Maryland. So, there is that; and there is also his perfected St. Frances 13-o record, win an MIAA Championship and a Geico National Championship ring. wowzo! Not many can say that (foreshadowing: humble-brag insert_____ here, ✅). Larson and his Opie/Richie red’fro do not list anything parentage-wise… God Bless on dat. Larson has never faked anything, prestifootatation is not his swagg. The punch-kick is ‘splained by his courting only one make ≥44-yards in college and a scholastic career-long of just 41-yards. Good K out into the lowercase 40’s and your backup P2 after that. (p.s. Larson has started a year as P1 for Richmond prior to 2021).

Special Teams letter-grade: A very coachy B+++. As just a little mo’ leg game woulda vaulted Richmond into an A-letter-grade too.

Unit Rankings:

  1. VT D.
  2. VT O.
  3. UofR O.
  4. UofR D.


  • motive: LOL… guess who is whose Super Bowl and World Series all rolled into, one? EDGE=UofR (4sure)!
  • weather: N/A. Really does not favor/hinder any of the 4-main-schemes here. Nice Fall weekend #1. “THX” @weather.God!
  • health/off-field: don’t favor the good-guys is the short version… as the UofR injury-repot is shorter than ours. Size, matters. EDGE=UofR.
  • penalties: UofR is 24th best in flag-count and flag-yardage alike. There is a slight edge to the Hokies tho’ it ain’t that sophisticated. EDGE=push.
  • intangibles: TOP (time of possession) is very strong, Turnover Margin is reasonable; this is a solid squad by-the-bye. EDGE=push.
  • fatigue: VeeTee has gotta be a bit worn both emotionally and physically after an all-out all-in knockdown drag-out brawl @Mo-town, WVa last week. EDGE=UofR.


R.A.T.T. ...Virginia Tech will do what vs. Richmond on Saturday afternoon?

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Illationconclusion(s), and OPT digits:

Number of  Spiders who could weave @Tech=7

The Spiders are coming off a successful spring campaign, posting a 3-1 record and finishing the year ranked No. 14 nationally in D-1aa topsy-turvy springball or whatever this is ‘posed to be called.

That’s not bad… not at all and neither is the Dooley build looking Spider-Web after that. They are getting $400,000.oo (or almost mo’ than their head coach does in a year) to come to the 24o6o to take a beating for one day’s work. Or about $9K per N.I.L. not getting much man as the starting two-deep goes.

Tho’ eye tangent…

…nonetheless, this Richmond squad was Top-5 (or 4th) preseason nationally in D-1aa terms.

This is not Directional Vo.Tech State or Compass Nobody Community College.

This is however 1 of 2 UofR mainstay showpiece Football Recruiting Weekends!

Which tells you they are coming for real.
Coming for keeps

xxx‘s & ooo‘s

This is a very triple-bock stout coached Spider’s football squad.

NOT that coaching the verb should be enough here,
tho’ they do not want for making straight-A’s in their gridiron X’s and O’s.

formulae here favors

…unless you live under a rock, or have recently been hit in the head by a rock, this one surely has let-down Trap Game written all over it.

And yet… how is the A.c.c. team not favored over the D-1aa Colonial Athletic Association team at the end of the day, at the beginning, and in the middle?


  1. Δ1=3(o)4% …are we still playing @w.v.u. or are we now playing UofR @home? IF, we are still 3o4 plop-plop fizz-fizz they will get up in our… biz.
  2. Δ2=20% …we are due to pop clean and break clear and free. As you read above… this UofR D is not T&F savvy.
  3. Δ3=46% …that we are going through the hangover (e)motions and it shows or slows the winning margin to 2-3 plays max’. A yawning festival or a ZZZZZZZZ’s kind sleepyhead early Autumn New River Valley afternoon. In which VeeTee plus away in the final 10-minutes or so.

#ChallangeA.c.c.epted… there are 1,440 minutes in a day and hopefully, Fu’ and Co. need not play much mo’ than 3o-4o minutes of action as the 1’s or starters go.

the optics

A good big man beats a good little man.
—old school sweet science adage

(and this little man ain’t ½ bad)

the skinny
…the skinny is just that. 

Do not bend down and fight-small here.
Punch downhill and use your size in this fight.
This will also shorten the game and burn clock ASAP.

Put the big-‘Backs in, put aTm Qb3 in… give the beat-up starters a N.Dame blow and run straight at dippy little Richmond like Bill Dooley did/would.

…as try as we might, this still ain’t rocket-surgery!
Go’on and Anthony Joshua this Cruiserweight Olek’ Usyk!

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©)

  • UofR is a reasonable 30th best on 1st down O | whereas the Hokies are centrist 61st best on 1st down D.
  • VeeTee and the Corn-rows are a modest 78th best on 1st down | whereas UofR is an okay enuff 47th D.
  • UofR is a nearly lethal 9th best on 3rd down O | whereas VT is a pretty savvy 34th on 3rd down D.
  • VeeTee is a reasonable 40th best on 3rd down O | UofR is a pretty dang salty 12th best on 3rd down D!
  • Lo.FM Analysis: well, and yes, I know, wells are for H20, tru dat… tho’ still yet… well, startling as this all is? UofR has the F.C.S. edges here plural. So let us hope this EDGE=UofR is B.C.S. B.S. at that.

TTT (Time To Throw©)

  • UofR is a really sharp 15th best in fewest Qb sacks allowed | whereas O&M eggs and j.Ham is a mutual 15th best in opposing Qb’s sacked! (Something’s gotta give, here).
  • VT and the Vice Squad are only a D+++ 96th best in pass-pro’ thus far! | whereas UofR is a middleocore 61st best in Qb’s-sacked.
  • UofR is a martinet 8th best in TFL allowed! | whereas VT is a hippy thrusting 26th best in TFL inflicted.
  • VT is a below-average 85th best in TFL allowed | whereas UofR is a centrist 57th best TFL bestowed.
  • TTT Analysis: again, same as above… the EDGE=UofR, technically speaking. Tho’ let us hope that size-matters and our Coach M.L. Alcott big-boyz are too much fo’ their Little Women here.


…may St.Christopher bless!

3-game splits are the same as seasonal… the Comstock Lode or data-mining seam hath run dry here.

H/A splits, do exist… except they are unkept for D-1aa teams.

Our handy dandy friend, the so-called: Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is merely calling for a fortnight ask back.

…none the old-fashioned green-slate old-school chalkboard less… there are signs that O&M eggs and j.Ham is tightening up to the good, whereas the Fu’fense just looks uptight itself upon metrical review. With no Top-25 conference Wr’s. Mind the store on that post hosting N.Dame.
The one warning being… V.P.I. halt-unit quarterly scoring vitals detail an increase in points allowed per quarter thus far. This speaks to S&C or lack of defensing, depth.

the call...

So, and Eye realize some of you are gonna have a hard time understanding this… so Eye’ma gonna type… slllllooooowly…

Upsetting #9 U.n.c is the worst thing that coulda happened to, Father.Fu.

He pulls the “I told you so” fat outta the Commonwealth Cup fire beforehand and spent by all accounts ≈1:3o minutes telling everyone and anyone in or near the football program so over and over and over again. (This is why the brick-n-mortar pressor was, delayed).

Then he -to his credit- clips big bad North Carolina; who big-Mack himself confessed had read too many of their own press clippings…

Then he does kinda/sorta what he is supposed to vs. Nobody Directional Dollywood State…

Or in other words, an o-4 big whistle incoming to hosting in-state rival uVa. suddenly went on a basically unexpected 3-nil run. So, thus begins what all-time N.b.a. maestro Head Coach Pat Riley in: The Winner Within deigned to call: “…the disease of me.” Or, who are you to tell me (___whatever___) when I just won X, Y & Z. (or in this case u.V.a. and u.N.c. and M.T.Screw.U).

Where you stand is where you sit Justin…

…and as things stand right now post @w.Va.? We are a 3-5 club in our last seven contests. A squad that is very likely to tip the Toledo’s at 4-6 in our last ten scrums after that.

After that, however, we could very well be back to fence-sitting itself.

high-noon: tipoff!

Whereby me and “all the king’s horses and all the king’s men” sure wish that Humpty Dumpty would make up his damn mind and fish or get off the pot. Fall either way Fr.Fu. Just make it a good clean fall this time.

In order that this football program can feel good about being a fu’tball program, or about some football reprogramming itself.

As this is now 1,000% officially your guys, your way, your rules.
There are no mo’ year-no.-1 reduxes or do-overs.

No mo’ excuses. No mo’ alibis.

Your next four, that’s (4) games are ALL @home.

Stand-up or sit down. Just objectively move the fencing needle, Justin.

Plueeze don’t go, 6-up and 6-down, again.


…show up?
Set the alarm?
Set the alarm and show up?


shirts vs. skins:

…although not an entomologist via trade my ownself… methinks VeeTee really should (still) manufacture a win here.

And this just in… rain is still rumored to be, wet.

As methinks we will have to help these Spiders weave a tangled enough web to upset Charlotte’s, Spud and Jack.

As Sgt. Joe Friday and me all thinks the Hokies win this one come Saturday.

Although we also are arachnophobic enough to say we thinks it is a fu’gly one for a while before A.c.c. VeeTee wears on little ole C.A.A. UofR late.


Crouching tigeers, hidden spiders?

As we did just ‘bend the knee’… and as there are only 36-mo’-webbing-days until October 31st… stranger things have @O.d.u. and getting our Liberty-bell rung happened.

And either way… you can be Big-O Oscar Robertson triple-double-sure… that the Spiders are certainly catching us/VeeTee at just the right time.

As there are limits here as Chris’ Total O vis-à-vis F.E.I. O efficiency construct built upon on Thursday afternoon publication.

The question for you all is… just how limited is this football team due to…

  1. 40% of its pro’ bound 2020 oLine is gonzo.
  2. 100% of its pro’ bound 2020 Rb1 is gonzo.
  3. 67% of our best returning Ot’s are dinged or dented-up. Likewise our C1 (right-side).
  4. Our most Talented catch-crew member is Te1 done for the duration…
  5. Our guys can not break a wet-noodle, a shape, much less a tackle… (2021: 2.50 YAC, No. 117th best)… and frankly, who on this O really scares the bejeezus outta you as Hall-and-Oates one-on-one offensive football, goes?!?
  6. Finally, our Qb1 (see above drop-ceiling type of graphic) is clearly hurting and plays worse as the game wears on and his clipped-wing wears down, or even out.
Or in other words… have they -to their credit in fact- already reached their, limits?


Or, do we have a hectoring coal-mining foreman on Staff, or in-Huddle, to met out discipline and want to when we needs that extra push? Or, are we more parts trapped in a redemption via the decompression chamber of 3-hour-stomachache of fu’tigue?

As the Fu’fense for all of its ceiling’ed F.E.I. or P.P.F. or S.T.P. or A.T.M. or “L.d.s.” stat-line glory, has not cracked 35-points since… nearly a year ago, or since halloween of last year to be specific.

There has to be a reason(s) for that, rights?

Because if you ask me -and you did via reading these very words- me does not think we needs a: talisman here. As a talisman or a no-leaf-clover or a stubbed rabbit’s foot or a broken horseshoe…

“D.” None of the above need Richmond apply.

And although po’ Frodo did get Shelob or spider-punked…
fear, not TSL… we gots the shortsword
spinster web-slashing here.



upset Index=18%


Virginia Tech=33, Richmond=13


Please support the VT F.C.A.!



COUNTRY >>> party!

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    1. …well thanks LMK!

      And we hope this game is not much of one to articlelize posthumously to boot.


  1. Magnificent. Wish Hokies played as fancy as you scribe–

    Section 7 modifying Fu motto to: Robotic, SOFT, & Exit stage right

    OL is baby butt soft, with dirty diaper smell to boot, esp G-C-G that stuck in reverse at snap. Undersized QB didn’t make it one half before pitching motion went sidearm vs over the top historic. 9 RBs <3 YPC; WR (less 9) just going through the motions.

    Knee pad insiders re-writing narrative, as Fu never a QB Whisper, Foster held Fuente Era held back, Corny great developer of QB talent -just not at VT. Time to take off the Maroon-Orange coloured glasses and pray today's game isn't Fu annual defeat by lower competition.

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