Syracuse Eye in the Sky!

Virginia Tech=36, Syracuse=41

…poor, Fu‘.

Virginia Tech football played some pretty mean Fu’tball, at least over on the O.

The Hokies DID rally to the Justin-time possession-based flag and delivered a better O-face than most expected. As Eye’d wager most woulda bet nickels to dimes that a 36-point near offensive explosion woulda been enough. What with our 44th (now 66th) ranked Total-D coming into this one. All the more so vs. a (seemingly) uno-dimensional run-heavy offense that (had) been passing challenged at best, or at most. Though… the oblong-spheroid bounces with a mind of its own. And: “...not so fast my (Hokie) friends.” As we actually needed six, that’s (6) full-scoring plays to win this one. One that included all kinda botched Syracuse nonsense upon breaking-tape. As P.A.T. gaffes, ‘doinks’ and did I mention the helluva a handsome Hokie offensive-output -and a potential Tb1 lifeline emergence- that all conspired to ultimately do just enough to get, beat. As you really gotta wonder just how much longer the Referee is gonna let this one, go???

b’burg, Va… the 24060 in (near) peaking full O&M… bloom!

1Q 15:00 remaining:

…a nice touch. +1 @Fu‘.

1Q 11:33 remaining:
Well, he has done better (somewhat) since hooVa last year— to his credit. However, when you punch peeps in da face? Umpire, Referee, or an in-rushing Line Judge might wanna kick you in the caboose with his 15-yard flag. Brôckworst got away with this one… and yah; the “whistling” was a bit inconsistent between: “let ’em play” or “toe the damn line”.

…tho’ all that to say… what is the Vegas O/U until a Premature Ejection happens here;
as the pressure continues to swell?

1Q duration:
Eye’ma, not a uniform code stickler… tho’ it did surprise that they (Zebras) let this old-school Cyrus Lawrence era jersey-tuck-up under the shoulder pads by the emerging #28, malachi.Thomas go this far? As this is a very slick look… that just ain’t technically, rule… book, savvy. (Tho’ it was mindfully undone late on).

Game duration:
Most curious to see big ole Dt1 Williams vending the other football’s (soccer’s) front tibia stirrup shin-guards on both sides? He does have a history of knee dings— that we have documented here. Tho’ it would sure be useful to j.Ham’ to get this fringe next-level candidate 100% leg-free.

1Q 8:39 remaining:
Wish I could get a lock on a screen-cap’ here… as this is very odd… and you can literally see the football fade (like in golf) for it. As j.p.Romo kicked the dang laces on the pigskin on this P.A.T. attempt that did make it. Barely…

1Q ≅8 remaining:
Po’ Waller gimps his just could not go any further foot here (St.Sebastian bless). And the sad part is, it did not take much for his foot to refuse to toe the line, as he plants it absorbing not much of a block for the ‘Cuse (bottom of the screen) Se, and you can see #2 come up hobbling. Try to hop-along walk it off if you will. Dang…


2Q 10:20 remaining:
Thrilled I cannot get a screen-cap here… as this is a Richard-hold on the right-De by #7o of VeeTee. No joke, the only thang this play is missing is: Ferret Face saying: “turn your head and cough.” Or, gettin’ to 3rd-base on the 1st-date fo’ the ‘rong team.

As life in the dogpile is fishhook, eye-gouge, and junk-(bleep) jus’ like ^dis^.


2Q 11:44 remaining:
Observe… and thanks @74hokie for being the film-study Johnny-on-the-spot… as big ole Luke Tenuta (which means: “estate” in I’tie-speak) drops back on the odd-side swinging-gate… seems okay enuff in real-time and live-in-game, rights? Right. Until I went for slo’-mo’ and caught his right knee gimp inward, or nearly begin to collapse… then you can see poor Luke reaching for his right-knee post-play right as the camera cuts away.

As he was engaged (i.e., weight-bearing when it gave). Dangnation… a cruel mistress this oblong-spheroid in spades. (St.Nikhon bless!!!)

Readers Note:
The Condensed Game is missing ALL time-stamps. (Which is NOT even being rebroadcast this time… and ESPN3+ has also gone ka-flu-k-ie).

Gonna be that kinda year, ain’t it???

Game combined: and 300 remaining:
So, we also caught the following in real-time… BAX (riblets, 4Q 12:41), Daley right-knee ding (4Q 13:11), Barno noticeable right-leg-limp (3Q final series), j.Hanson (2Q 3:44) with the knee-twist).

Coach God Bless!
As a thin team took several lumps on Saturday vs. the ‘cuse.

Game Duration:
…sadly, counted me 5 different Steals infected against our guys in-game on Special Teams alone. Watch this count as in-game or season-remaining barometers go.
(as our stealing count=2, fo’ the YEAR!)
Not this game men, annually.

’cause if/when you loaf?
You eat a Baker’s (dirty) Dozen mb’s of mercury for it.

As the kids who do not let up, have dog’dar (dawgg-radar) scopes; and they will
G.P.S. you into next week on I.C.B.M. hits— if you let ’em.

2Q 2:11 remaining:
Helluva a P.A.T., day!

…this proverbial “game of inches‘ is best measured in CM‘s, indeed!

Game duration:

Winter is Coming…” –Coach Ned Stark

4Q :19 remaining:

…LOL… no shite, huh?

4Q :19 remaining:
Memo at: chant-HERs…
Take your tampon out and get out there and do BETTER… if you cans?!?

Fi-re Fue-nte!” “Fi-re Fue-nte!” “Fi-re Fue-nte!

That’s all you gots girlfriend’s?

4Q :01 remaining:
We did tip it to our guy…

…it came up just, short.
(ask: wimminz species humor insert, here (_____), doh!)

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=4
Qb hurried=nil.
Qb hits=14

Qb pressured=1o
Qb hurried=3 (1 TD!)
Qb hits=24! (1 XXXL TD!)

DAXy “fought the good fight” right until the bitter end. ’cause if it is possible to have a disruptive quiet day? DAX just did… as 30.7% of his recorded plays really mucked ‘cuse up, set ‘cuse back (negative-yards), or literally stopped Syracuse drives. Kinda our very little ole Dutch Boy who be blonde-hair pluggin’ dykes.

…in case you are wondering… 550-yards of Syracuse Total-O allowed would be penultimate to last-place as arithmetic means go in 2021 objective science-fact terms. As only last-place (130th ranked total D) Arkansas St. (Sun Belt) could statistically want a word with that. (And 314th allowed down in the trenches is Battle of the Somme last-place as ground warfare goes itself for 2021 and for 1918 alike). Eye’ma jus’ sayin’…

(o) (o)

Vice Squad:
…the armchair Qb sage among you will be quick to observe that positive blocking only moved (downward) just a scosche. It was Swiss (or: neutral) blocking that virtually doubled, and negative blocking suffered a bit of an inflationary economy as well.

Pass-Pro’ was really not that bad… better than Eye had thought in real-time in-game to hold my feets to the fire and to be sure. It was quite reasonable vs. the oddball 3-3-5 stack.

It was however run-fits that graded moderately south of that.
They yo-yo’ed a bit… and it seemed/felt like ‘cuse was there for the taking.
As the Orangemen played their upfront run-fills like lemonade on tape; mis-Qs misfits galore.

Which really makes you wonder just how good m.Thomas might just be? As he really torched a couple of seam-runs when ‘cuse missed on their run-blitz fills. And the Vice Squad did have a few quality downhill moments. Tho’ they were more parts feast or famine or hell or high Duck Pond water than that. As BAX+Thomas+Blackie is not the worst run-fit look.


That all said… Gallo and D.D. really blocked/sealed well and even pancaked a few at Te1 and T2 out on the edge. Best collective Te-blocking day upon breaking-tape in a few years, or since a B— j.King blocking-day give/take.

#6o (Silas Dzansi) who really blocked down well. And C2 now right-G1’ish #55 (Johnny Jordan). wild how playing with a fu’ll blocking hand made our run-fits mo’ fistic, indeed?

Go fig’… right?

(Likewise G1’ish Kaden Moore, odd-Ot1 Luke, b4 he went down that is).
Even Brockwōrst has been trending upward for ≈10-Q’s.

As run-fits might be the one Fu’fensive lifeline here.

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: ||||
Swiss (neutral): |||
negative: |||| |||| || (1-n-only VT flag!)

positive: |||| |||| |||| || (2 TD’s! 3 BIG 4th-D makes! 1 ‘cuse penalty, 1 ‘cuse fumble)
Swiss (neutral): |||
negative: |||| |||| (1 ‘cuse penalty)

Lo.FM Analysis:
I did not catch nor glean this in real-time… although -to their credits- Syracuse did a pretty dang fair-to-middling job of staying on schedule down-n-distance wise as the Lo.FM went. Right up until late in the 3Q when they got a little run-fit predictable.

Tho’ even before that… they hit/converted or properly shortened Lo.FM’s to their field-position creating/negating advantage more often than not. As it was not until the 3rd-period when so-so passing -although hard-churning- Syracuse Qb1 s.Garrett accounted for 75% of his misses on the day. As same as Orkin, he sprays things a bit here-n-there.

After that though… ‘cuse went on a positive producing Lo.FM tear to end the 3Q and enter the 4Q and to therefore nearly end the game. 5×5 or five-by-five as a rarefied 5-straight Lo.FM converts went.

And oh yes… they went freakin’ 100% on 4th-Down vs. us!
The very elite teams in America only hover in the mid-70’s percentage by year’s end here.
And most go mean, median, mode somewhere in the neighborhood of: just north of 50% itself.

Making the odds on converting all four 4th-down-goes approx. ≈6.25% give/take.

And if you are a Hamiltonian fam’ member reading these words?
That’s some dang tough sledding… uphill… both, ways.

Whereas po’ BAX and the Fu’fense just got outta throw-fit sync’ for more than a spell. 31.Oct only being a week away notwithstanding…

As you can see Qb progressive above… BAX hit a really cold streak.
Arctic, in a word.

(o) (o)

As tackling went… well, the bookends look pretty dang tight and yet the midriff looks pretty dang Thigh Master, loose.

Go fig’ on that?!?

As it does not really showcase wearing down, being out-adjusted, or even giving up.
So that’s the news…

The enemy of good news is the middle of our D behind our decent enough (and better than that when Williams is leg-free or close to right) Dt’s and sometimes better than decent enough De’s. The mid-D missing plays are what really hurt us. Some of it is {sic: lack of} block-shedding. Some of it is going too shallow or too quick on fills. The other news-news is that not a metric ton of it is getting pwned or physically trucked. They are just missing plays here-n-there and some are not missing all that much.

’cause it is not that tackling itself sucks (strategically) —it is rather that it sucks at a very expensive tactical, time.

And as Snoopy would have me say: that’s just… ‘ruff’.
God Bless my peeps!!! (they are the best Eyeve ever, seen).

Thomas sure is lean north of the equator. Nearly spindly or spider-like in the arms race.

Tho’ he has a strong core and very high struck glutes/hamstring attachment points. Typical of epic De’s and a few downhill roaming pear-shaped Ot’s. Meaning: there is room to grow here. And he’s Tropic of Capricorn stronger with a better dig for it than you’d scaling think.

For 1 FREE OPT hoops win: …huh? Is this a typo? If nyet comradestreet; how did we do, this?!?

the takeaway...

The Fu’fense is: 2-8 on fourth down this season. Whereas Tech’s opponents are 12-15.

O=122nd on 4th down…
D=119th on 4th down…

the probability of *both* of these happen’ this south of good at the very same time when taken as a Dr. Mann McBryde Hall, indicie, you ask? o.005207100591716, raw. Or, about 1 in 190 give/takes… you do the 2021… maths.

Additionally, ‘cuse suffered through 900% more self-inflicted wounds (or penalties), got-got by a whopping 300% more: ‘hidden yardage’ and went butterfingers on three that’s (3) different fu’mbles… and yet the F’n Gobblers failed to gobble up a single yum.

All ^dat^, including missing two, that’s (2) HR throws for a likey bonus +14 points and yet Syracuse somehow (still) managed to win the day?!? LOL…

Rabbits feets, 4-leaf covers, pixie-dust, and any other talisman the superstitious among you care to nominate. They ALL hate our coach.

Or, a metrical catatonic in somatic, if you will.

🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner:
Coach Fu’. (No shite).

His textbook Hawthorne approach to the O proved Effect(ive) indeed. As he coaxed some bonus in-situ life outta this shop-worn crew.

V.P.I. A.D. Whit.B. should R.A.T.T. do what right, now???

View Results

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xxx‘s & ooo‘s
15′ in yellow-laundry whistled against does not suck. Virtually perfected as discipline goes. And an O&M ribbon epic for 1st-best in discipline. Which even has every single one of the martial Service Academy’s beaten is a 25 qt. gold medal.

All you haters #ShowFu’Love… he is the best coach in America at Discipline.

formulae football:
Syracuse whoopin’ us on negative-plays, by: +300% T.F.L. (tackles for a loss) and Sacks allowed is rarely a golden tix. Golden parachute maybe… drogue-chute at best. As we went Snake River rocket-jump here and straight-up misfired.

 “The Rest of the Story...

Here in the sportlight... Virginia Tech is exactly and yet entirely 14-points or a mere 3-plays removed from being a nationally ranked 6-1. 

And yet if my Aunt Kim had nutz-n-a-bolt she’d be my Uncle… Tim.

'cause if not for bad-luck, po' Fu' would have NO luck at, all.

…no joke!

He/VeeTee are a totally S-kicked 4th from last in: Fu’mbles, recovered!

PROPs @David Cunningham of TSL, here!!!

Which is just so Pig-n-a-Blanket John Madden drill hard to ‘splain?
Eye won’t. ’cause Eye just, kan’t.
😕 🏈 😕


The (Modified): Five Points of Calvinism and Arminianism:

  1. Free Will or Human Ability… Fu’tball is a voluntary activity. You can play tackle, or you can play tuba. There ain’t no Coach Pol Pot toss-sweepin’ your ass into the back of the turnip-truck and declaring you a… farmer. i.e., keep a good Roster/Portal “hard-count” in the next Fu’… weeks.
  2. Conditional Election… so, for coming up on a Kool-Modine -or should Eye opine: a Kool-Aid- 3.5 seasons running now… we have detailed things behind the scenes. We have never once been falsely recused as being presidents (Pro-Temp) of the Fuente fan club, right? Tho’, after 3.5+ tired ass worn out years of renaggin’ on the truth and on analysis itself… why are you faithful Fu-fighters now turning on your, boy? He ain’t ours. He’s yours. And since you did not listen to us… all we will say is… this ain’t buggin’ on us. Not one iota (1ι). As in…, we are amazed this wounded animal has survived this many blood trails for this long? And in a very backhanded kinda way? Fu’ and company merit a b.Scout Survival Badge for having lived this hard and yet (somehow) lived this, long.

    Fu’ has earnt his… has, you?
  3. Universal Redemption or General Atonement… well, clearly it was not the former vs. Syracuse. Tho’, at least Fu’fensively, one could argue that  ~440 yards in O good for 36-points atoned pretty dang swell. Per a whopping 26o, that’s two-sixty gained on the ground and the emergence of a stud Rb1 Mister m.Thomas; with Rb2 Blackie puttin’ in sharp work too. ALL ^this^ vs. the downright solid 19th Total D, from the downright parsimonious 120th Total O. Eye did not predict production anywhere near any of ^dat^… did any of …you?
  4. The Holy Spirit Can Be Effectually Resisted… well, let’s hope not on dat… however, what kinda spirit would Whit be displaying— if he whacks the poor little wet-puppy Fu’, now? As Fu’s offensive side orange-crush rose up. Whereas, it was actually O&M eggs and j.Ham’ that got… served.
  5. Falling from Grace… yah; Roger that. Big 10-4. As even a blind man could see this with a cane. As Fu’ is now objectively 1 game under .5oo coach over his last 45 games. i.e., he is now officially a L’er, and to type anything would be to be a… P.A.T.T.y-cake, P.A.T.T.y-cake, hyp•o•quit.

Nevertheless, where you stand is still where you sit and “in the land of the of the blind, the one-eyed man is… king.” And right now, queen-bee Fu’ must be stinging after another buzzer-beater suffered, against!

Because, as things stand now?
VeeTee is effectively marooned in 10th place overall in the All Charmin Conference.

And although not technically post-season wiped-out jus’ yet, you do have to wonder just how much longer this one goes with the Ref’ {sic: Babs} taking a long hard look at poor Fu’ and VeeTee.

Dire Straits Fu’tball: “…You’re so far I just can’t see. You’re so far away from me…”

V.P.I. Fu’tball… it’s (was) as easy as A.B.C.

Always be Closing… now gone: always be… choking.

Or, Fu’hgeddaboudit…


Coach Henry Heimlich… please report to the o-fer in our last four, 5-point home-game Lane Stadium dance-floor.

…’cause we had our ‘cuse chances here men.

And then we founds… dis❗️❓❗️

Geez! And Whiskey Tango Helen is going down now?!?

Mmmmmmm-k sports-fans… ^^^that^^^ cannot be code for anything good(s), right?


Ergo, therefore, to: Whit: accordingly, we are prolly gonna shorten some of this until this ends… as they will don their Fu’tigues soon enough as this truly begins to wear everyone, out.

Then Dean Stewart dropped his All-Time R.A.T.T. bomb right down the pike, and Mercifu’lly and closed this Eye Wide Shut.

Like a mother fo’ me…

(“thx @Will)!!!
WAR Will!!!

So, why not try some O&M: emotional escrow folks…
…at least until this is all, over?

Coach Now: “You bet.

••• ——— •••

And here is the Catch44 fo’ po’ Whit…

  1. #FireFu… and watch what happens to our starting to already slip (13th down to 21st) with zero decommits thus far, 2o22 recruiting class.
    Or, in other words… you are pissing down Coach Next’s back and telling him it is Duck Pond raining. What with 2 outta 3 years’ worth of recruiting renags, back-outs, and screw-ups. That’s quite a year no.4 Coach Next divot.
  2. #Promo.j.Ham… and what if he does run off 4 or 5 wins? And then, what if you do find a real star-power, surefire BIG-name Coach Next, with a big-whistling proven track-record and experience fully downloaded to boot? You then gotta ‘whack’ two big-whistles in about 1.5 months’ time. That seem unsavory to you? (PROPS @C2 and @OX here).
    It does to us… and to me three.
  3. #RideItOut… and at least you did not get 1st-date knocked-up preggers via po’ j.Ham. Let j.Ham’ interview same as non-groupthink candidates will do in November/December and see what IS AVAILABLE and go from there per due diligence itself.
  4. #PatienceGrasshoppers… –Coach Po’, Kung-Fu‘.

Or did any/all of dat just make too much, sense?

As we are dangerously close (now) to seeing how this one Science-Fact
turns out. Be dat…

✊  ✌️ …or… ✊ 🖖?


Virginia Tech=36, Syracuse=41




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  1. Good stuff. One observation: David’s chart is wrong (i.e., the numbers don’t foot correctly).

    1. 2+2+1+1=8?

      Good Eye!!!
      hmmmmm… wonder if he left something out?

      tho’ I published it here… it is on me. (not he).


  2. “For every complex problem, there is a solution that is quick, simple, and also wrong.” — Someone.

  3. On the TSL podcast they made the observation how Fuente had been working with defense and scout team, and defense had been pretty OK this year, he works with offense this week and they have one of their better performances. Maybe the problem isn’t too much Fuente, but not enough Fuente to go around.

    Perhaps Cornelsen understands, in the academic whiteboard sense, the overall coaching philosophy and all its associated tactics and strategy, but isn’t so good at actually translating and coaching it to the players. Maybe Galen Scott was the 2nd Fuente, the guy who could turn the coaching message into stereo, instead of mono. Same could be theorized for the brief stint of Jerry Kill.

    When you look at the staff around Fuente, it’s full of folks who are either young in their coaching careers, don’t have much P5 experience, or both. I.e., to borrow a Dune reference, maybe there’s too many folks on staff who are still looking for the right pitch for the (coaching) voice. At the peak of VT football under Beamer, specific offensive tactics may have left much to be desired, but there was no question that the Beamer coaching philosophy was being broadcast in 7.1 surround sound.

    1. …it is Fu’ presence conspicuous… tho’, why?
      As in: “why must it be that way”?

      (and yah: Scott and Mitch were real subtractions to good/bad-cop routine for the benefit of the team)


      1. …neat Youthy Staff glean too… that is interesting.
        maybe even, very!


  4. Firing a P5 football coach in the middle of a season is an emotional decision. P5 Football is a business, and business decisions must be devoid of emotion.

    I’m all for a Whit/Fu sit down in December and Whit gives Fu two choices… “Either you clean house, or I do.”. OC, Receiver Coach, and Strength Coach… gots to go.

    Strength guy is top chop block material to me. I’m tired of it being heinously noticeable how every other P5 team I see on TV or in person is twice the size of our guys.

    1. Agry.

      VERY knee-jerk-Rx.
      Cracking that patella with the heart-shaped hammer.


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