Syracuse football preview!

#76 R.P.I. Virginia Tech vs. #1o7 R.P.I. Syracuse:

Today’s word of the day is… hyp·o·quit.

noun. b.speak.

genome: Middle English: from Old French ypocrite, via ecclesiastical Latin from Greek hupokritēs ‘actor’, from hupokrinesthai.

noun: hypoquit; plural noun: hypoquits

  1. a person who indulges in hypoquitrisy.
  2. an actor or thespian whose curtain got, called!
  3. one of these two sagging clubs this Saturday afternoon, come say ≅4 PM give/take?

Syracuse Head Coach: Dino Sean Babers: age=6o, (27–40 @’cuse; 64–56 overall); has a rep’ for rushing (ex-Hawaii Rb himself), being a Qb whisperer, and doing more with less.
And fo’ the most EPIC, All Coaching Conference preaching!

Baller Dino was born in Honolulu, grew up in San Diego, and attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa (1979–1983). A 1984 graduate of the University of Hawaii with a bachelor’s degree in education, Babers started at three different positions (OLb, Ss, and Rb) for the Warriors during his career, while earning Western Athletic Conference All-Academic honors. As a senior, he served as Hawaii’s special team’s captain and was the squad’s leading rusher. Dang!

Babers tried out for the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League before an injury in training camp ended his playing career. Ouch.

Babers began his coaching career as a graduate assistant at Hawaii in 1984. From there, Babers coached at numerous schools highlighted by offensive coordinator positions at both Arizona and aTm as well as an assistant head coach position with U.C.L.A. After four years as an assistant at Baylor, in 2011, Babers was named as the new head football coach at Eastern Illinois University to replace Bob Spoo. In two seasons at Eastern Illinois, the Panthers made the playoffs both times, led by quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who was a second-round pick in the 2o14 N.F.L. Draft.

da man can talk S! Best woofer in da game???

On December 18, 2o13, Babers was hired as the new head coach at Bowling Green following the departure of previous Falcons’ coach Dave Clawson to Wake Forest. Babers led Bowling Green to the 2o15 Mid-American Conference (M.A.C.) championship.

Dino has won at both of his previous head coaching stops (Bowing Green M.A.C. titlist) and led Eastern Illinois into the playoffs each year. Finished 1st place in the conference every single season as the big whistle prior to the ‘Cuse. Amassing 5-Conference championship blings and mutually 5-different (tho’ not all Venn Diagram overlapping) Conference Coach of the Year awards for his troubles.

Nevertheless, up in Will’s “Jiffy-Pop Dome”… Coach Dino has fallen off mo’ than a bit…

…he did tear it up with 10-wins back in 2o18, tho’ he has also posted a L’ing rec’ in every single other Orangeman season to date. Going: a pretty unsavory looking 17-36 erstwhile to 2018 itself. There is mo’ than a few whispers that he needs this win. And frankly (see the pun), Dino is a sunset guy and as Will taught us likewise here… most coaches really drop after age=57. Twilighting in a young-man game is unforgiving just like dat.

The dino-saurus-sex, who received his master’s degree in education administration and supervision from Arizona State in 1987, and his wife, Susan, have four daughters
–Breeahnah, Tasha, Jazzmin, and Paris.

…and leasts we forgets… Dino enjoys beatin’-up on, us!

Syracuse 2o2o record:  1 up 1o down and .1oo in the A.c.c.

Cuse Defense: (starters back=)

  • oddball: 3-3-5 Nickle-Stack hybrid D.
  • 20th in Total D.
  • 28th vs. the run.
  • 26th vs. the throw.
  • Tho’, only 89th Passing Efficiency D!
  • 75th in zone D.
  • 8 of 10 in dLine Havoc. The defensive front three is full of super-seniors. Josh Black is a big ole d-End, McKinley Williams is an ultra-experienced senior for the d-Tackle inside, and eventually, utility down-lineman Kingsley Jonathan -by way of: Lagos, Nigeria- will be back and healthy again. De1 Cody Roscoe is a stud. And dang if he don’t have the stretch Ice-Cube street-swagg look to go with it too. As some guys mean-mug to appear a certain way… and a few guys certainly are mean… mugs. This is one of those. And this is a good, deep, and versatile front-3 for Syracuse. Maybe not a full-fledged Orange Crush, tho’ a pretty dang fair-to-middlin’ Fanta Orange soda-pop. (And they don’t make many misQ’s, either). Good size and even better experience here; with 14-seasons combo’ between the three of ’em.
…better NOT have to chase vs. this… geez!
  • 7.75 from 1o in Linebacking Havoc. The linebacking corps gets back a good twosome in leading tackler Mikel Jones —he’ll be an All-Star who does a little of everything. As  Lb1 Mikel Jones is flirting with being: “a tackling machine”. As he cut about 1-stone (16 lbs. in Brit’ units) in the off-season and his higher-octane zoom-chat is blabby for it this year. Real ball-hawking coverage Lb, might be the best in pass-defense we see this season. Tweleveteen career takeaways one way or the other would seem to, agry. Lb2 Geoff Cantin-Arku is experienced now in the middle. These two can make a whole slew of plays and get behind the opposing line. Linebacking 2’s depth however is not as deep as the 1’s are across the board. (Per:  ex-starting-linebacker Lee Kpogba being suspended indefinitely for an undisclosed reason and reserve Lb4 Tyrell Richards having elected to transfer). Reasonably sized, although, 100% all underclassmen stalk here. 1-3 of these guys will red-dog and deal on passing-downs and occasionally on run-blitz.

    HOF ‘cuse Coach: Ben Schwartzwalder… and a 3o4, hommie! Not to mention ww2 bad-azz 82nd Airborne warrior!
  • 3 of 1o in Secondary Havoc. The secondary departed several key parts to the N.F.L. –Ifeatu Melifonwu, Trill Williams, and Andre Cisco all left early. Obviously, ‘cuse is not as good nor as experienced here for it. Returning however would be:  second-leading tackler Ja’Had Carter (dinged) at one safety spot and potential emerging post-season-candidate Garrett Williams (dinged) a sure-stopper at Cb1. Overall, this will be a really, really young defensive backfield with a good upside come November or even 2022. Tho’ peeps be very high on Ja’Had you at ‘hello’ to say mo’ than in-game ‘hi’. He’s legit as Talent goes. New Mexico State transfer Jason Simmons Jr. has pitched in tho’ same as the 2nd-layer, depth is a breaking-ball here. Secondary plays the man not the ball (hence: 1o2nd in passes pilfered). Cb2, Duce Chestnut is a baller on the come. Good sized secondary, nearly skyscraping, and surely, tall. And surely as young as you will sees… what with a staggering 80% of their two-deep t-Fresh. or r-Fresh. ballers. (As this hind-4/5 should be dynamite come 2o24!) And they will still flood-zone with 8-deep. Recall, this gave a very lucrative Evans/Bucky/Cam/Ford pitch-n-catch fits way back rookie year when… as ‘cuse is very serrated at keeping everything in front of ’em and disallowing HR or triple type of R.B.I. throws. As you can see… Man intensity is south of boiling here too. And cushions=speed trust/reliance to close gaps.
Peeps be all over here… very variable look(s)!
  • D overall: The Orange allowed 2o9 yards per game on the ground last season, giving up 2,3oo yards and 24 touchdowns. It wasn’t so much that the run D was gouged for big dashes; it was more of a steady drip of production. Like the gaskets were caskets more so than the Fawcett was not, Farrah. This season d-Coordinator Tony White is gearing his unit up for Year Two of the 3-3-5 scheme. A movement-based defense that is meant to confuse Qb’s and create impact play opportunities, the scheme was somewhat successful in Year One. And it nearly has to grow into itself all the more so here in year no.2. (Film-Study) VERY active, movey, flexy, nearly motioning hind-8 pre-snap. ‘Cuse throws bucu looks defensively at you b4 the: “HIKE”. Gotta mind your assignment pints-n-quarts for it too. As they disguise so-called: “even” looks very very well. dLine is big enuff to be plucky enuff to keep the hind-8 relatively clean here. There are quarters and halves behind that and they really mixed their zone and off-zone looks swell. Might be some short room in front of some of that… tho’ ‘cuse rallies to the ball pretty well. Not bad tacklers and they sure trust their front-wall to put in work here. Everything begins/ends with their front-3 vs. your front-5. They will do some mo’ exotic loops, X’s and twists with Will/Sam help on obvious pass-rushing downs here-n-there. Tho’ there is a lotta read-n-react initially here. However, that front-5 can and will generate pressure, and they sure like to prance and pose and flex after they do. Clearly, Dino’s eggs don’t roll too far from the dino, tree. De’s are pretty studly gettin’ after the Qb for ‘cuse.
  • ∑ (summary): returning D production=76% (45th most). Safety e.Coley might want a word with this… tho’ De1 Cody Roscoe is your conflict defender here. Very disruptive guy off the edge when he decides he wants to be. Very. Flexy pre-snap aligns, realign, misalign, or an Orthodontist kinda defense. Lotta shell-looks behind everything else coverage-wise. Lotta moving parts (literally) live here. Would be nice to get this work after a BYE or in a Bowl with extra prep’-time onboard. 11 of the top 12 tacklers are expected to be back; that’s the good news. The news, news is that they were no epic tacklers or defenders overall last year. As the Orange took their 2o2o lumps per a youth movement that was supposed to pay 2021 dividends. As they played last year with this year in mind. Did not really scrape anything up worth reporting Beta-Stat wise here… ‘cuse checked-out as average or some kind B level letter-grade straight across as 2o21 halt-units go. As this is a somewhat wider-toggled 3-3-5 odd-stack set. A DS9 or Odo amorphous or polygon ‘fense. That aims to beat you on kinetics/athletics and speed. It does umbrella m.Poppins bit for being mo’ elastic, tho’ the recovery-speed supported this on tape. They are young and left-tailed on the Experience Curve. Gotta head-game test that or go physically straight at this much velocity.

Defensive letter-grade:

Cuse Offense: (returning starters=)

  • 63rd in Total O.
  • 13th in ground O.
  • 112th in aerial O!
  • 1o3rd in Passing Efficiency O!
  • 87th in zone O.
  • 57th in passes picked (off).
  • 40th most in fumbling (tho’ they run mo’ than most to be fair).

    …see the Tip pre-snap?
  • Qb1: ‘cuse has used two Qb1’s this year…  (now) ex-Qb1, former **** (high 4-star) and Elite-11 Tommy DeVito has been beaten up over the last few years behind the leaky line, yet he is back for another shot. And there are ‘vibes’ here… that says he’s about to pop-dirty on the Jiffy Pop Dome. However, Mississippi State transfer Garrett Shrader -he of the Grizzly Adams it is always beard season canelo flavored facial warfare- brings both mobility and thumping good 6′4″, 233 lb. pound size. With no word yet from Qb1 b.Pitt gone off-grid in: Legends of the Fall. He also be keeping a krazy amount of social pages… gotta be some backstory(s), here; right? Fanboi be all over this cat. LOL… as Garrett ain’t, dull. (Seems okay enuff to me and I did look/dig). Kinda a Tennessee Ave. man’s jim.Druck’ if you will. Or, at least a Qb1 who can break glass in case of oLine emergency once he breaks contain. And he is a total Woodstruck runner… very hippy dood. Seriously, his hip strength (flexors) and core, in general, break a lotta army tackles for him. Did surprise/impress as a pasty gangstar as in-line (180° or straight) speeds went. He has a near 5th gear and his acceleration was at least very decent to boot. Seems faster than his 4.63 upon breaking tape, tho’ that’s just T&F me. Tho’ he nearly broke the 4-sec’ 20-shuttle marker and this is nearly Vick -esque; let me tell you. Can dunk with ease at: 39″ vert’. And his SPARQ Rating (Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, and Quickness) is Top-5% of his recruiting class! This kid is legit as ‘twitch’ and athletics go. Hard charger who does run a scosche high between the T’s. (Like to see someone get under his chin-strap and test those whiskers here). Does roll better to the right-side; as most orthodox Qb1’s do; just mo’ pronounced here. Not the world’s worst play-action engineer, either. And between Gar’ and Tuck’ below, you pretty much-gotta honor that look. And it will freeze 2nd-layer members to be sure. Slower-release and low-throw-elbow make his mechanics waste a little motion. Not entirely a 1-man-passing-clinic textbook-wise. Adequate arm strength. Almost came across as an orphaned shock-athlete trying to find a Pivot (C.f.l. for Qb), home-position. Has yo-yo’ed on passing all year, 2 good games, 2 middle games, and 2 not-so-good games. Tho’ has made up for it with 2 superstar ground-gaining games. Is better (mo’ focused) @Away by 5%, and also is something of a closer/gamer. As 60% of his career TD’s have come in the final 15-minutes of work (with: zero-picks)! And his Wake Forest rushing effort alone would (nearly) lead us in rushing for the whole, entire, year! Rb1: Sean Tucker… who really should crack the much-vaunted 1K rushing barrier somewhere in the 2Q vs. us is, legit. As in very… as in 6.1 yards per carry, on 135 yards per game all married to 54-points tallied already… very. Kinda a low-boring, auguring s.Stith style rusher of yesteryear extraordinaire. With just enough kicks in his sneaks to extend a bigger play in lieu of flat-out T&F jets. Qb1: Garrett Shrader is none too shabby as a rusher his ownself… as he would lead the Fu’fense in rushing by 197%… while only winning the Orangeman bronze-medal on the ground-gainers thus far. wow! ‘backs Abdul (and his blow-out twist-top skyscraping ‘fro) Adams and Jarveon Howard return after opting out last year. They are not getting as much run this year, tho’ depth is not Rb2-Rb3 bad here. Tho’ Sean is a pretty underrated “vision”-back. Little Chuck Yeager 15-15 eagle-eye in him here. oLine: the ‘cuse offensive-line has been plum offending indeed. As the offensive line hasn’t blocked anyone for a very, very long time. The Orange front-5 gave up 3.5 sacks and 7.5 tackles for loss per game last year along the way to a guess where? Last place A.c.c. doormat finish. 9 of 10 do return upfront, they are big/burly guys and that could be spun as an All Charmin Conference edge. This is a veteran Experience-Curve right-tailed oLine and did Eye mention their size, yet? Blindside-Ot Matthew Bergeron, Soph. is said to be the most Talented. And the most, Canadian, ‘eh’. Still yet, the offensive line hasn’t come close to getting the job done in pass protection over the last several years. It allowed 38 sacks in 11 games last season —and that’s an improvement after the fiddy (5o) it gave up in 2o19. Additionally, since Dino took over in 2o16, the team has allowed 195 sacks – an average of 39 per year. Tho’ that can happen when your Fb1 is moved to starting-G midyear. This year, last year’s transfer addition, ex-Florida G1 Chris Bleich, is eligible and healthy to compete, and the staff landed a major Ju.Co. prospect in Jakob Bradford to boost the unit. Tho’ po’ Chris might be the next Jim Otto… as his medical-jacket is sickly full… check it: he has had: torn cartilage in both of his hips and a double sports hernia, already (St.Elmo helps!) And now he has a right-foot ding (St.Sebastion bless). Dang… cruel mistress this oblong-spheroid indeed. That said, this is a tallish and pretty strong oLine (with: only one guy south of 315 lbs.). And depth is the one really bugbear here.
…their run-shapes check out as shipshape indeed!
  • Wr’s/Te: Last year X-Wr1 Taj Harris led the team with 58 grabs for 733 yards and five scores! This year he is Wr3 and you can see how/where ‘cuse really needs some extra lift here. As sources say Taj will ☮️out and portal ‘cuse just because. That hurts a pretty thin Jenny Craig looking catch-corps all the mo’. Eye guess: Y-Wr Courtney Jackson is your de facto Wr1 now? He’s okay as a possession C.Joyner type guy working underneath. Tho’ the reports say he does have: “upside”. And Wr3 Anthony Queeley has the size and better feets than he does have hands— tho’ he’s a burner if/when he’s a… catcher. And after that? Not so much here. Maximilian (grate name) Mang and Luke Benson are nearly glorified Ot3’s. Blocking-Te’s 1o1… both are younglings and Luke could use a protein shake or three. Less just one guy… the catch-crew is undersized here. And oh, by the way… the leading catcher=the leading rusher, here! As Sean is a Roger Craig dreamscape of a true dual-threat Rb1 (14 snags, good fo’ 224-yards, averaging: 16.o ypc, with a long of: 72-yards; and 12-catch-points, caught). i.e., if t.Harris stays gone? This is a major catch-cadre subtraction here. (As some had him A.c.c. alpha-1 Wideout pre-season)! Catching itself was moderate here, maybe even C— as handy goes.

    Playgirl notwithstanding: most old-timers say: “Best Rb, ever!”
  • ∑ (summary): returning O production=83% (26th most!). ‘cuse runs the craft-beer looking: Veer-and-Shoot system. Which (in theory) veers more into the Flex (or passing part) of the Flex-Bone itself. Think of it as if the old-school Big-8″ and the old-school Run-n-Shoot Cougar sets had sex and the Veer-n-Shoot dropped (out). (Film-Study): ‘cuse does a lotta downhill 45° blocking here. And they are pretty good at it when they get onto their flow. They will counter-pass behind that to the short-side. Tho’ downhill play side is the Panera-n-Parkay here. (i.e., bread-n-butter). Lotta shorter sawed-off ‘gun looks with narrower oLine splits and bunching(s). Curious oLine in that they nearly airplane-wing at times. Might be not enuff men on the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) if you work the Line-Judge just right in-game. Not getting his due is #5, “Rhino”/Fb/H-back/Te, or whatever nomenclature wise: Chris Elmore. 5′12″, 272 lbs. of some version of ‘back beast-mode. Also of notice… the ‘cuse blockers will steal and block-late. A soft-touch they just, ain’t. Not quite dirty, tho’ at least aggressive, Eye’ll put it that way. The b.Kosar cockeyed standing of Qb1 (under C) is just really odd. Sure, seems to tip things to the even side as not crossover dribbling your feet back to the odd/left-side would be impressive here. Tho’ he does scoot odd/left side from the ‘gun sure enuff. O nominally operates 3 or 4-wide and this really does stretch their run-fit things E-W. Pretty screen-heavy O for it tho’… as their Wr’s literally collide with each other downfield on rubs/picks. There are some familiar-looking cornhole End-around into R.P.O. looks here. The drunk among yah might cuss out the ‘rong O if ‘cuse sports all-Orange.
    KRAZY and LOL 1o1!!!

    That said… the monsta Fb/Hback/Te guy really pwans peeps on the edge as OLb’s go. #5 is a beast, a beast! Key #5 play-side and follow him to the rock. Tho’ bring a backhoe and a ‘dozer to quarry him when you do. ‘cuse O looks a bit Dooley at times on sit-downs and things waiting on the rock. Not a deep throw high-risk aerial set. Populated more so by short to medium-throw points. Tho’ it does get the ball away quickly, and it makes its money on Y.A.C. (yards after catch/contact). Not unphysical, either. And the very vintage triple-I (Fb-Qb1-Tb inline) is just fun to watch. Nearly the even older-school so-called: “Stink-I”. Tho’ make no misQ… when that #5 or the Ot(s) get good seal blocks, everything else opens up including the inside. As this is a pretty heavy C-gap look in base terms. (And God help if s.Tucker had any mo’ speed, don’t Q-word, he can be run-down from behind). As it was in reviewing B.P.’s embedded vid’s that I finally Eye’D’ed who s.Tucker really is… old-school Ok.Sooner Greg Pruitt. He of the “hello” front-side and “goodbye” back-side shirt under his shoulder pads, fame! Very similar rushers… very good at everything… just a ½-brick shy of a load.

  • O overall: 64% run:pass 36% mix! (Helluva a dirt-tilt, is it 2o21, not?) ??? is your secret sauce offender here. As in… don’t see one here… as this is a classical 1-2 boxing offense. They don’t (much) pack a 3rd punch. The ‘cuse O checked out pretty decently Beta Stat wise… less negative drives. Meaning they have not done the best job with their better field-position(s). Tho’, they are pretty bad azz in trench-warfare carrying the mail.

Offensive letter-grade:

Orangemen Special Teams: (1 returns)

Syracuse is 126th Nationally in Net Punting; and curiously enough so is P1, James Williams. 6′1″, 215 lb. r-Freshman booter here. And the resume surely scholastically comes correct here… what with #2 (Rivals) Place-Kicker and no.4 (Kohl’s Kicking) Punter is about as VHT (very highly touted) as playing H.S. footsie gets. As this P1 can clearly double-dip as your K2 and that leaves you +1 as travel squad maths go. Anywho… Jimmy (who has been dinged-up; St.James Bless) was team Captain (as a specialist mind you) as a rising-Sr. in the ATL down in Ga. Where he won about everything you municipally and AAAAAAAA (ocho-A) can win kicking/punting wise in peach-state terms. The kicking camping vibes say Mr. Williams has legit range out into the FGA 60-yard marker. So, leg strength seems right as rain here. Did come up through something of a Kicking-Factory as his H.S. went… so, again, there has to be some legit leg-love here. Curiously, the P2 is the one with the one blocked punt this year here. As Jimmy’s punt-pocket is 100% D-1 clean thus far. He can KO in a pinch and he has launched two punts north of 58-yards already. Prolly the least experienced and possibly the most leg-talented P when he steps out onto the field each week this season. Check back in 2o24 and see if he is still P1 for Syracuse (or doing legwork on Sundays for someone else)?

  • Syracuse is 60th in Punt Returns | 72nd in KO returns. (Pretty vanilla Orangemen here).
  • 27th best in punt coverage | and a thrifty 12th best in suicide-squad!
  • ‘cuse has blocked o kicks and allowed 1 kick to be blocked!
  • ‘cuse has blocked 0 punts and allowed 1 punt to be blocked!
  • ST’s coordinator Justin Lustig is/was said to be one of the best. (He now of: Vandy fame).
  • Average Offensive field-position (64th) | Very poor Defensive field-position (11oth).

K1 Andre Szmyt (6′2″, 210, r-Jr.) was a Unanimous All-American in 2o18, and he also won the Lou Groza Award as the alpha top-kick’ in the country that season. Rated: four stars (****) by Kohl’s Kicking coming outta high school. Coming into this season, he was 56-of-65 (86.15%) for his career as FGA’s go. Although down nearly ≅25% for this year. Which really makes you wonder if Mister Szmyt (Pole surname) is healthy? As he has sprayed misses in both directions and he’s just too good for that. On tape, ‘dre does use a cropped or truncated punch-kick style follow-through. (Like: Jan Stenerud of Kay-Cee Chief fame did). As Andre’s name is literally all-over the ‘cuse leg-game record book already.  SU Athletic Director’s Honor Roll selection does not .edu suck. Neither does having your u.grad’ (Psych’) already framed up on your athletic-dorm-room wall. Neither does his career leg-work out to 39-yards… as 46-makes against only 2-misses is great just like dat. Tho’ ‘dre does have range out to the mid-50’s, and he is 69% beyond 50. He just got a bit off-track WW2 style or in the forties. Go’ fig’ on dat?

‘cuse Special Teams letter-grade: methinks Syracuse to be better than this C+ letter-grade, tho’ hurting, slumping and a lack of returning all conspire to disagree.

Unit Rankings:

  1. VT D/’Cuse O/’Cuse D.
  2. …gap…
  3. VT O.


  • motive: …well, the thermometer on both proverbial hot-seats is mostly warmly as Eye type… hard to say which one ‘needs this one like a dead man needs a coffin’ mo’? EDGE=push.
  • weather: weather.God is a non-starter here; as neither team courts a pure-passer in this one. Enjoy the near peak New River Valley colours folks! EDGE=the foilage/leaves!
  • health/off-field: ‘cuse catch-corps is hurting, dinged or out, oLine has a couple of boo-boos too. Tho’ overall VeeTee has a longer injury list (and apparently had some sickness woes (again) last week). St.Corona bless! Edge=’cuse.
  • penalties: Fu’ wins this round 10-7. As this is semi-close to a 90-spot advantage to the great as yellow laundry goes. EDGE=VT.
  • intangibles: Pretty much a split-vote here… as the ‘cuse rush-shapes do win TOP (time of possession). Although ‘cuse gets spanked on all-important Turnover Margin (.43/game)! EDGE=push.
  • fatigue: ‘cuse did go +1 on R&R with the Friday Night Lights vs. Klempson last week. Tho’ they must travel here and have not enjoyed the luxury of an OPEN or BYE week yet all year. EDGE=VT (quite a bit, actually).


With V.P.I. H.R. rumors truly tempest swirling... Fu' has what left???

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Illationconclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of  Orange who could colour @Tech=1o

the takeaway:

…the takeaway here is… ‘cuse followed a nominal-looking 5–7 campaign in 2o19 by posting its second one-win season since 1948!

The pandemic cut into a pivotal offseason of installation after Babers hired two new coordinators last winter. And that’s harshing indeed… tho’ in theory they (and j.Ham) should be 1.5 seasons north of that by now.

Nevertheless, somebody has gotta be due to pop-clean here, right?!?

The starter=the finisher is my best take.
A Preakness Stake(s) contest.
As neither one is cardiac.


xxx‘s & ooo‘s:
Dino’s D is a pretty squirrelly one… P.E.T.A. and Hokiebird’s be warned…

…with no word yet from Ranger Rick, the Panther, red-herrings, or Lassie barking at the mothership as I type.

That attempt at animal-crackers satire aside, still yet, there
is defensive match-up thingy(s) here that favor ‘cuse.
No joke.


formulae here favors:
Syracuse in true blue old-school football fundamental terms. They have just enough slight to modest-sized checkmarks… IF/(when) they get outta their orange way.



  1. Δ1=45% chance that ‘cuse does barely enough to ultimately control the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) and therefore ultimately win an ugly one late by a half to full play. And not by more than 1.5 full plays.
  2. Δ2=40% chance that ‘cuse does enough to keep VeeTee in the game so that VeeTee can just nick the game late. With VeeTee winning by a half to a full play.
  3. Δ3=15% chance that this one is indeed so ugly that it needs extra innings to decide the final outcome.

#ChallangeA.c.c.epted… there are 1,440 minutes in a day and we are gonna have to pitch a complete 9-inning game or high 50’s in minutes here.

the optics...


Syracuse (re)sourcing reports that the Orange locker-room vibe is at least a little peachy-keen, in that they feel that they are close to a breakthrough. Two straight Ls vs. two consecutive Ranked opponents; each by one ½-play apiece, one requiring sudden-death to settle the dead-heat mater, the other a very ‘near thing. Or, three straights by one-half-of-a-play. A 3/2’s trifecta burn if you will. Dang…

Over on the other sideline… that sharp thingy butt-poking po’ Fu’s proverbial hot-seat is what some deigned to call a: “crisis-point”. The Hokies are 22-21 in their past 43 games since 2018; and have precisely one single solitary win to sh0w for their last 43-days of, work!

…you do the, maths.

the skinny...

12:33 PM jump!

…VeeTee Talent is running petty dang possession-based… thin.
Check it out:

FBS football player rankings as of midweek…

  • Burmeister ranked #90 Qb
  • Turner ranked #90 Wr
  • Robinson ranked #160 Wr
  • Blackshear ranked #26o Rb
  • Holston ranked #29o Rb
  • Offensive Line ranked #85-1oo depending on pass or run blocking
• so, do tell, unless ‘cuse helps us out… who will go’on and make a play ^there^?

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©)

  • the Orange are a downright solid 36th best on 1st-down O | while the Hokies are an effective 32nd on 1st-down D.
  • the Hokies are a downright inert 111th best on 1st-down | while the Orange are a middled 61st in 1st-down D.
  • the Orange are, however, only 100th best on 3rd-down O | while the Hokies are a virtually dominant 13th best on 3rd-down D!
  • the Hokies are a decent/surprising 47th best on 3rd-down O | while the Orange is a very reasonable 40th best on 3rd-down D.
  • Lo.FM Analysis: well, most run-teams ain’t too 3rd-down bling-bling savvy. And that holds true to form here. However, it is 1st-down that will tell the tale in this one… and that scores as either a push or a slight Orangemen advantage. Take thy pick. EDGE=Syracuse (barely).


TTT (Time To Throw©)

  • ‘Cuse is a centrist 66th best in Sacks Allowed | whereas VeeTee is a good enough 36th best in opposing Qb’s sacked.
  • VeeTee is an immodest 82nd best in Sacks Allowed | whereas ‘cuse is a very salty 7th best in opposing Qb’s sacked!
  • ‘Cuse is a pretty sporty 37th best in TFL (tackles for a loss) allowed | whereas VeeTee is a trying to be so-so 77th best in TFL allowed!
  • VeeTee is a less than hardened 82nd best in TFL (tackles for a loss) allowed | whereas ‘Cuse is a bitey 18th best in TFL inflicted!
  • TTT Analysis: well, ‘cuse wins this one here… as both TFL and Sacks favor their D vs. our O mo’ than a little bit. As they just might have the better oLine overall? And they surely do as run-fits go. EDGE=Syracuse.

3-game splits,
…the one prime-mover here was the ball-breakers down low.
As ‘cuse is rushing a bit better of late and V.Tech is defensing the rush a bit less better of late.

…nearly an aggregate net gain of +fiddy (5o) ypg in Syracuse’s favor.
(Or ≈5-points, which could prove cosmic in a single-play game).


H/A splits,
…’cuse not only runs a bit better on the road, they pass less or run mo’ if you visiting Game of Planning will. A r-Nixon set of Road Warriors. The Orange traveling D however does soften a bit in run-defense itself.

(Might: be a slight lifeline here if we get our ground crew on track).

Our handy dandy friend, the so-called: Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is merely… calling for a very soon ask back.

the closer

–Coach Dylan Thomas

…IF, if Fu’s culture does not get all chinny when chin-checked by the obviously oncoming Syracuse ground-game traffic?

This is jus’ the kinda game that is right in much-maligned Justin’s wheelhouse. Penalties, R&R, Turnovers, and Special-Teams generated: hidden-yardage all favor Fu’ here.

Here in the sportlight…
You have to wonder which Syracuse team shows up?

The A+++ punch Syracuse team is prolly a Bridge Too Far for po’ Fu’. Although the C letter-grade version or any lessor caliber ‘cuse Fu’ should be able to 3-hour stomachache just sick. I mean just… nick.

Syracuse Projected S&P+: 86th.
Syracuse Projected S&P wins: 6.3 W’s.

…or in other words… this one is all about Syracuse.
IF you are sure the lessor one shows up back Vah.Tech (at least straight up).
However, if you are sure the greater one shows out take the points. (Maybe the $-line too!)


The call...

A cacophony of... lull. 9′ and a cloud of... rust.

One hot-seat will ball, the other will warm prior to the… fall.
A 1-armed-akimbo with the other arm tied behind a jet-sweep out in the… flat?

Don’t spit the bit Techmen!

Don’t drop the soap… don’t let go the rope.

Don’t “underperform“…
…and don’t hyopquit.



upset Index=44%


Virginia Tech=17, Syracuse=33


Please support the VT F.C.A.!



COUNTRY >>> party!

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    1. They are both gone?

      Not umpossible– not at all.
      (tho’ assistant have to be bought-out as well)


  1. Mochas Gracias as I did not know Dino was an island man, now in the froazen tundra of upper state Cuomoville. Ohhh the places we will go book/life no doubt.

    Been too long of a funeral, as that Friday night it was done.
    Peace be with you Justin & Good Luck.

  2. Beyond belief… Cept it’s true.

    Way past time for change. UNC now owns the state. It’s a long, long road back home if we can ever get there. So much promise and such a disaster. This is a top to bottom total failure by everyone involved. We have finally exceeded UVA.

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