Tech Poll: …who is the Alpha Recruit of the 2015 class?

Interesting class, that was by all accounts very good, and about 1 more chip baller(s) awaySettled from being extremely good, maybe even outright great. Or a 20’something ranked national recruiting football class basically no matter where you look.

Nevertheless there is some rather alluring star-power in this rather top-heavy (pun intended, see: pic) on O&M paper 2015 Virginia Tech football recruiting class. (training-room,, off-field and Coach God all willing)

So who is your most intriguing prospect of the 2015 recruiting class?

Who is your Alpha?

  1. It’s Settle(d). As in all-everything Dt Tim Settle. 6’4” 344 lbs. of ESPN, Rivals,DLaw Scout, 247, MaxPreps and basically everyone else, can’t all be ‘rong! This kid is good, this kid is a threat to start; as in start right away and possibly start for 3-4 years. (depending upon when he leaves). Tim almost has an impoverished man’s Vince Wilfork look-n-feel to him. Could give coach Wiles his first true S.e.c. monsta sized pure Ng in years. 37 solo TFL last year, with a 6oo lb. back-squat and a 5.25 forty … at this size, does not suck!
  2. 6-6 2o9 lb. Qb Dwayne Lawson: Has every attribute you could possibly want in a big time dual-threat vertical and horizontal stretch Pivot; and he truly can do it all. Lawson just needs some mechanical refinement(s) or passing game fine-tuning from great Scot, some Gentrification, and a steak; or three. The body is willing, just ask his massive wingspan on a Klitschko scale too boot. Ditto his fast-forward or high velocity throws, even with the “ok” symbol on his release.
  3. Tb DeShawn McCLease: a 5’8” 177 lb. 4.4o best forty mighty-mite in the finest Mike Imoh and/orDmcClease J.C. Coleman sense of the word. Has more pure speed than Imoh, has more moves than J.C.C. Will have the best Rb mits for pass catching the instant he sets foot on campus. Prolly the best Tb hands since the days of V.Hebron. Seems to be experiencing a post signing day bear-market –which is always a good sign. A 37” vertical with 36 yards in the medicine ball throw for a kid this size is jus’ plum crazy!
  4. Other??? (Hill, Clark, Burke, Mook, Nijam, or even a total sleeper pick?)

The #1 recruit in the 2015 Virginia Tech football recruiting class ... is???

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Class rankings:

ESPN=25th, Rivals=24th, 247 sports=29th, b.street=23rd (like the star power here, see potentially 2 sleepers as well)




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  1. Carson Lyndon (sp?) intrigues me. Big linebacker that from all accounts has a motor to boot. I think he has a good chance at mike linebacker to see the field within a year or two.

  2. I’m going with Austin Clark because it’s such a position of need. We can make almost anything work on the defensive side of the ball. Heck, Maddy was a 2* player. Finding OL that can play apparently is harder than any other position. We’ve had to resort to 2* recruits on the OL in 3 of the last 4 years. Glad to finally get a highly recruited one.

    1. I hope so.

      I really do.

      As we really only need 1 more piece to have a pretty solid starting oLine 5.
      (depth=recruiting cycles, plural)


  3. I’m surprised you didn’t include Trevon Hill in this mix. Given the shortage of DE’s and the plethora of RBs, DTs, and QBs, he may be the first to see the field. Njiman appears raw by all accounts, Hill would’ve been more highly rated if he’d played more Sr. year and he has that alpha swagger!

    1. Hill is actually in the Other listing.

      He’s close.
      Maybe closer than I think.

      Thanks for reading Rick!


      1. No I get it as far as the Other listing. I’m just saying maybe he deserved number 5 instead of grouped in the “Other”

        1. Ah-ha.

          Maybe I should showcase say a Top-5?

          Remind me next year; please.
          And I will.


    1. Yah; he is in this mix.
      Good addition.

      1 of my 2 sleepers in fact.
      Looks play-right away possible to me.


    1. He seems a little less fluid, maybe even just a bit mechanical/stiff.
      (whereas Trey is almost too loose)

      Though yes, I do agry.
      Both of ’em have some pop in their pads.
      You’d better buckle up when you draw them.


  4. Mook Reynolds
    He’s a ball hawk. He’s got a body length to add upper body muscle to gain strength when he’s on the island next year. He excelled in solid HS program in NC using his speed. But due to the competition this year among the DBs, he’ll be forced into the nickel position which will improve his tackling and technique to matchup against bigger targets forcing him to quickly learn to use his length and speed and get to the ball first. Wouldn’t surprise me to see him take 2-3 int this year.

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!
    Beat OSU, part 2!!!

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