Tech Thoughts… August camp weigh-in analysis…1o1

Always one of the funniest articles I get to articalize each and every season…Hang on Frank

… the reporting to August training-camp, weigh-in, feel good article nonpareil extraordinaire.

As every single one of the current 2015 men’s D-1 football teams’ are all have one thing in common right about now … as they all are currently in 1st place!

Nobody has been beaten. Everyone still perfect and undefeated.

Coach God willing, nobody has gotten hurt –at least not yet.

So P.A.T.T.s euphorically rejoice, this is you kinda write-up, most of the news is good or encouraging this time of the year.

; )

359 lbs. and the matter is SETTLE(d)!

flipped out
Staff has flipped (out) for this kid!

Thinks Settle is one of those rare bulwark natural Ng’s—->b.street

Does not bother me 1 iota. Well, maybe 1/2 an iota, though not a whole whole  helluva a lot. As Settle has far better feets than that admittedly bulky thick-set size suggests. With a very quick first step or fast-twitch burst off the L.O.S. (line-of-scrimmage) as something of a high voltage football version of James Worthy. Let him be him. Let him play his way. Just like Shaq-Fu, let him play his way… into shape.

It's Settled...
It’s Settled…
(ergo, maybe Settle can not get as many plays in to begin with; though so what?) i.e. the best defensive-line in Atlantic Coast terms ain’t exactly thin at Dt, or so last time I checked.I am (pleasantly) surprised Lawson made it up to triple-2’s.  (222 lbs. from 2o9 during T&F triple Gold Florida state competition efforting just 2 months ago)
Though that’s enough for him.
Let us agree to keep him electrifying and dynamic.
No need to Oxendine a guy who zips high-jump (see: pic), triple-jump and 800m gold.
Again, let him be him. Let him do his thing his way; allow me to assure you, there no need to reinvent the highest touted Pivot since MV1. (“yes”, they said he has the most “raw” Qb talent since MV1 … lets get that hype-machine cranking!)

“Move aside and let da man go through…”
Soul Coughing

knee braced, 1o1...
knee braced, 1o1…
Dadi, dadi, he don’t cause problems he don’t bother nobody. Dadi Lahomme Nicholas. 6’3” 227 lbs. of stud-De with the emphasis on the word: stud! That’s just enough weight-gain to help the human-hustle or the human-ding hopefully avoid a few nicks and cuts this time out.Mars‘ Williams (in a jersey) with no surprise as he went out and found +23 lbs. to currently weigh-in at a well rounded looking 243 or Fullback ‘esque physique. That objective science-fact firmly in place, unlike last campaign?

I’d say a blown A.c.l. is discount coupon enough. Ergo, let’s discount this weight-gain for the time being, and see where he is once he is outta Blue; and then give him an additional oh say, 4-weeks+ to recondition and to work his way back into Tailback shape. (though clearly, not what we hoped to see at this juncture of re-hab; was it?)

The MLb Tua-man found himself 15 lbs.? Where did he put it? As speed and lateral mobility are Andrew’s calling card(s) by trade. Not power.

As the proud warrior who wears #54 is just not a Mike Tyson. He’s a Cruiserweight version of Evander Holyfield. (at best, and that is where ‘tua needs to stay) This one I wanna get down there and see/investigate in-situ prior to “the” Oh.State before I publish anything any further…

If Deon Clarke actually added 14 lbs. worth of electricity or right-mass to his already pretty stacked up fast-twitch laden rippling frame? Dee-yam! Can you say Most Improved Player in the A.c.c. award for 2015? Maybe even a long shot Free/Agent special teams next level ball-hawking kinda guy this time next year? I can too.

Stroman +13 to 173: this is a Buzz Williams Point-G sized guy by genetic Human Genome Project sporting nature. And I am curious to see where he put this triskaidekaphobic thirteen pound gain? Although no doubt about it, he could stand to mix in a steak and a protein shake, or three.

L.Maddy down 7 to a less exhaustive 286 lbs. is an endurance move, plain and simple. Good move as well for anyone who needed some off-season knee (torn right meniscus) work per Doc Sigel’s knife to boot.

My positional orphan boy Joel Caleb cutting 13 lbs. down to 187 means what now? He is gonna be a crackback specialist at Wideout? Because his lb. for lb. raw, lead-pipe hitting quotient, only just went up! Bet the under on the other Wr’s wanting to politically incorrect bull-in-the-ring with this guy. Geez!

Durkin -23 to 219, guess those moving to Te spring practice whispers are bunk now. Unless he is moving on, or moving to Wr? As that sure reads like a Koterback weight to me.

Parker in da 3o4 house!
Parker in da 3o4 house!

My almost boy Osterloh -20 to 323 lbs. was, needed. That’s how I’ll put it, as he really ain’t that bad of an envelopment blocker per such a towering frame. And if he could only move laterally with any measure of agility; Osterloh conceivably might just morph himself into a credible back-up candidate at Ot, before the year ends.

Nigel Williams finding elven (11 lbs.) I don’t too much mind this one. If that’s bad weight that will melt-off by Oh.State in the New River Valley sun. If that is good weight than that signals increased rep’s for Nigel this upcoming season to me, and the associated need to take more contact, more often, and hence the necessity of adding some salubrious enough career protecting insulation.

Wading in
Wading pool…

I realllllllllly like seeing “God’s Gift” (so say his triceps), or one Bucky Hodges cutting 7 lbs. and leaning himself to a W.Teller ‘esque looking raw physical overload in the Slot as a now true phantom Wr. This guy might as well tattoo “the problem”, on his biceps, next. Because that is precisely what is he gonna be as our 3rd and quite possibly a nearly full-time slot-Wr. This is very good news men, possibly the best of the weigh-in day lot.

Teller got even stronger?!?
Which Wyatt Teller?
(and how is that even possible?)

Nice on Wade  Hansen with a 11 lb. gain (see: pic). He needed strength work to truly fill-out and become a credible D-1 starting power-conference Ot. (this should only help)

Facyson+8 catches my eye as well. Either/or, either he was reduced in terms of his off-season cardio-pulmonary conditioning regime during P.T. and recovery … or … or, he is gonna be an ass busting field-Cb! Shew! Lawsy!


Opening Salvo odds-n-split-ends:

Finally, and in so many words, my oldest sourced said “watch out” when I inquired regarding our real chances in hosting #1 in the galaxy “the” Oh.State on Labor Day night.

And one of my best sources characterized us (i.e. the team) and our 2015 seasonal chances as being: “…better than you think.”

I don’t know about you?
Though me likey that!

Feeling better?
Me too!

The biggest (so to speak) August Camp weigh-in news is what?

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Days till “the” Oh.State=27




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  1. Tua. We need a breakout season from our MLB, next MAN up needs to be ready for Ohio State!

    1. I really wanna see this weight-gain.

      He did/does need power.
      He did not need to cut speed; however.

      So I am either: unsure or unsteady, here???


  2. I.e., more raw talent than either MV2 or TT? That’s some serious praise, hope it comes to fruition.

    1. “RAW”.

      As in, his passing game may be a bit D-1 undercooked for a year or two.

      Though yah; Lawson’s physical metrics >>> T-mobile and MV2.


      1. so he sits this year and then wins the job next year. Then what? We have a guy who runs the read option and throws deep? Or do we hope that our ever increasing stockpile of offensive linemen can finally get to the point where they can give our qb a chance to search the field before he pulls the trigger?

        1. Not really. I saw a lotta field spreading (pun intended) work on film in high school. I read somewhere it was a pretty sophisticated attack for scholastic terms.

          (note: we hired his coach, who is said to be a new Coach Walsh)


      2. I’m A-OK if he’s still raw for a couple of years. So was Tyrod, and he still turned the tide in several close games (especially 2008) despite some pedestrian or even downright gruesome passing numbers in the early years. By the time he was fully online as a senior, with no redshirt year, were it not for 2 or 3 defensive/special teams busts against Boise State, he would have led the team to a 13-0 mark heading into the bowl, if you ask me. As good as Tyrod was for the program at the time, I still think that if MV2 had not had a 2-cent brain, he would have brought a national title to Blacksburg. Those teams had real NFL talent on both sides of the ball, and MV2 had all the physical tools I’d want in a college QB. I don’t mind waiting until 2018 to see what Lawson can truly do, that’s a good home schedule anyway, as long as the recruiting around him keeps up.

        1. Yup.
          And being such a freak?

          A FREAK can still make that one freaky play that breaks a late tie on a 10 for 20, 2 INT passing or off day.

          He can do that.


  3. I voted “other” because neither Settle nor Lawson will be a significant contributor this season. The “right mass” pounds that pleased me the most are Stroman (the little engine that could, can, and will continue to surprise us with his ability to shine at every position he plays – the kid is a baller!), and Hansen (the deck was definitely not stacked in this young man’s favor when he transferred in as a 3rd string DT, but with a big heart and a LOT of hard work later he’s our starting OT!).

    1. Yah; 10-4 both of them.

      A baller Stroman is.
      And Wade -to his credit- is an overachieving worker-bee extraordinaire.


  4. He was really good last year once he’d gained some PT/experience. I hope the added weight does not change his quickness, change of direction, overall speed.

    Tua, ….now I’m nervous about the added weight effecting HIS quickness, lateral speed. (thanks a lot ‘street ;->)

    1. Quietly – stroman is the best offensive threat on the team.Every since last season,I was thinking to myself,this kid is dangerous with the ball in his hands;he needs some offensive reps”.He’s all around- the second or third best on the team,if you consider his value in PR,DB,and WR. He’s looks more natural then the starting WR with the ball in his hands too.

      1. I think they are toying with him at Wideout.

        Why not KR as well?
        Get, him, the damn, rock!


  5. b-st my concern with Mars is that this is a repeat of last summer. I remember you circling his gut on pictures on the board. Coming off a knee surgery you would think he would be more careful about what he is eating until he can go back full force on the cardio. My concern is weight will always be a problem for him. most guys that start with a weight issue never shake that.

    1. Though why?

      He looked like a pure knife in high school.
      A total switchblade runner.

      Why, change in college?
      (I just don’t know)


  6. Ahhhhhh the initial weigh in, excellent write-up!!!
    highlighting a summers worth of hard work or multiple bags of Doritos….
    Our team looks rock solid and primed for a repeat victory bs OSU!!!
    One note–read multiple reports of concern over Mike LB, #54 A Muto, but remember his position coach is pretty talented, in fact year after year has placed some lower star rates talented into superstar college football players game day numbers for tackles. A.Muto was very productive in last seasons appearance in fact his tackling totals were in line with start Chase W. With his speed he’ll add 4-6 more tackles a game to his totals once he allows his kissers to settle and let the game slow down for him.

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!
    Beat OSU, part duex

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