Tech Thoughts: …four Q’s and four A’s for the… IVth!!!

Tech Thoughts: Q&A, style…

Virginia Tech football is in the sitzkrieg.

The Hokies are in the realm of (mandatory) voluntary workouts whereby NO news is good news. As any real news tends to be bad news— be it off or on-field news itself. The Phoney War is nigh upon us. And it will be sitzing down until the dawgg days of August begin to nibble, then bite down fully upon all things Vanderbilt prep’. In the meantime… what you wanna know is… can b.street answer a question; or, four? What about… a Spring Game Eye? A S&C continuance? What (or, when) is Drones Draft fate? And how about a Writer Ranking and maybe a pinch or Recruiting prologue you ask(s)? What did your Hokiebird bunny ears, (Playboy), see? Well, read on… to find, out!

I. Q. arch80: says he wants to see more Eye Openers… {sic:} What did your Spring Game Eye in the Sky spy?


1Q 11:39 remaining:
Lane got away with one here ‘men… St.Culbreth be praised. As he took a friendly-fire savate kick right to the back of his right knee (from #17) while totally defenseless and totally prone after the INT deflection pop-up play. He seemed ‘K’ enuff afterwards… tho…..

Shew! As this was a rough 20 minutes of work from our 1’s to be sure.

1Q 12:48 remaining:
Quirky-looking thingy that bent my Eye here… as C.J. McCray just gives out on the pass rush and goes down (mostly) sans any help from X (Ot1-odd).

Like the proverbial: ‘dead sack of potatoes’… which is scary if you’ve ever done this or seen this in a Boxing squared-circle gone: “RING”.

…dang… and dang again…

Although, he too did come back… then…

2Q 11:48 remaining:
The play itself is jus’ plum nasty— see yo’ lunch twice nasty. (Once going down ¦ and once coming up). Observe… Mc’ pursues downfield and suffers an entirely accidental port or left-side roll-up from no.41, which PINS his foot into the Worsham Field turf. You can see it bent ‘rong post-play and then kinda/sorta flail or fall back into place. YIKES. You can clearly see five-six immediately reach for this left ankle/foot, (St.Sebastian bless).

Sad, sad, sad one to watch here folks… look close and you can see his foot point at the press box. God Help. This is the visually gnarliest spring-game injury I’ve seen in years, plural.

However, we did see some signature Stud-De (wide/angular) techniques opposite the End-De or short-side CeeJay looks. We also saw a surprising amount of 3o-set toggles from our ’24 1’s.. This is most curious… when you consider that the mo’ proven and deeper halt-unit layer IS the forward layer itself. {sic: the dLine}. So, why remove or limit them with so many question marks in the 2nd layer overall, at Fs1, and at Cb3/Cb4 to a lesser extent? Me? I’d dance wif who brung me … as Terry Bradshaw used to La.Tech say.

Fuga also bent my Eye with several bowling ball 8-1o split pick-ups. As he rolled a buncha our oLinemen over when he was fresh(er) early on.

(UPDATE: McCray is said to be on the mend… full credit(s) @A.B., here!)
Alpha-PR1, Tuck’ Holloway, and not so much…
…and that could cloud or return game, hurt!
Here is the end result. (Where you can see 90 (Andrew Hanchuk, Dt7 or so) and his blown left knee (St.Nikon help).


II A. “Pry must have a big ole pot of money he didn’t have last year. He’s building future roster depth by paying for portal players.” (A so-so ‘bama De he was referencing F.Y.I. that we were hosting on campus in very early May). —tallahasseehokie

Now ^that^ is a fiscally stimulating and a downright interesting Jamerson war chest thought…

Hmmmmmm, that could be very interesting. IF this is an All-In (Top-down or A.D.) backed move to bet on this Ag.School’s cash cow (football) as an O&M all-sport P2 lifeline for the whole entire Jamerson shebang.

i.e., every football dime-piece had better roll back dressed up as at least a nickel and a copperhead or two.


Recall we four said after the very first Whit-view that history would show Whit to be one of two things…

…(Aye, he is the cover boy for Southern Living itself… though he is also at least one of the following…)

  1. Either… as CC’s mostly correctly argues… Whit had to break some piggybank egg$ to make a fiscal Hokiebird omelet; (if, he/VeeTee land on their forward-facing P2 feets).
  2. Or, he was very very liberal with other people’s money; (if, he/VeeTee land on their P2 knees).


Q. Or, or, or… what if this is a tactical Community Chest or immediary raincheck… in lieu of a far more longview V.P.I. strategic (management) I.O.U, Chance?

That’s my question here @tallahasseehokie— as Pry and Co. are surely throwing every single thing in the Owens Dining Hall inventory -including every single campus kitchen sink- at you had better win, right, n.O.w.! Right this very now… in 2o24 A.D. today.

Meaning… this is only the *right* today bet if you win P2 tomorrow. Or BIG X/S.e.c. P.D.Q.
’cause IF, you get P2 beaten on the ‘morrow? You will surely wish you had those already spent purse strings to pursue. Or, try going begging for more bucks once you are G5 marooned and see how that goes.

As someone Jamerson seriously needs to get down to O&M R.A.T.T. P2 brass tacks… is it…

{sic: No Opportunity Waits or no ‘opportunity cost’ in textbook terms}


{sic: Negotiable Order of Withdraw} (basically a rainy-day hedge bet or slush fund of sorts)

The criticality here is... does VeeTee really have a R.A.T.T. P2, shot???

And here we see the Immediacy Effect trumping those bidening their far mo’ longview Horns vs. Halo Effect…

…and in order to see that most clearly we must see it through the Pry era Talent acquisition prism…
where are we doing pretty dang good all things considered, and where not so much?

▄ ▄ ▄ ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄ ▄ ▄ ▄

’cause… don’t you think Pry and Co. would prefer to have pretty Talented or more traditional pipeline kids for 3-5 recruiting years worth of Blacksburg balling instead of 1 or 2 N.I.L./portal seasons?

’cause, and credit where credit is due… so, far? Kids seems to actually *want* to stay and to play for Pry @VeeTee. If/when he can get them to VeeTee in the initial place that is. And this is your 24o6o Catch-44.

His retention rate for a coach who is still trading right at ½-a-season underwater career-wise is nothing short of phenomenal. Truly. Such is a shocking retention or campus adhesion so far… for a mere .416 career coach❗️

Or, in other words… there is way more than a palatable whiff of fiscal pheromones in the Lot 2 air down in the New River Valley air folks. And it is a very very needy ovulation affirmation seeking whiff at that. Cat-$cratch-fever if you metaphor will. NOW. Immediately egg-drop and propagate. Tactically. Today. Tonite. As there is no… strategic tomorrow; the way they are playing all things today.

That, and there appears to be no ≤P2 plan for suffering the got left out… same. (We know this ’cause we four dared to ask… “what happens if rejection happens… what is our V.P.I. plan-B?”) And Eye assure you, everyone thought we’d gone Planters raised to the Keebler power, nutz!

Meaning… to us? There is a palatable sense of “danger, danger” (Wayne) Robinson!

As in… they are betting every single O&M highest stakes the A.c.c. may indeed fold on poker-night O&M blue-chip, that they can bet right away.

🎼”Shah-la, la-la-la-la, live for today
Shah-la, la-la-la-la, live for today
And don’t worry ’bout tomorrow, ay-ay-ay
Shah-la, la-la-la-la live for today (live for today).”🎵
—The Grass Roots

And in all candor… if you are not playing VeeTee sports final-jeopardy attention to this P2 campaign season; or, a run-off in early ’25? You Sir are living under a rock… or have recently been hit in the head by the same.

’cause *the* time to campaign and hopefully gain P2 membership was when there was a still reasonably bound-up P5 way back before. Not during a gathering steam power-two storm. Back before the initial S.E.C./BIG-X expansion(s). THAT WAS WHEN WE HAD A SEMI-TO-SLIGHT R.A.T.T. ENTRY SHOT.


Or, did all of that just make too much, sense?
Eye wonder?


Fast-forward to ’24 today, and the here and now, and the only available checkpoints are to see what happens if Pry ever starts raking/hauling in H.S. recruiting terms… time=tell on that… as we need another MV3 sexplex off the top of the O&M Steel Cage just like a dead man needs a coffin. We need something attractive to electrify college football and force the P2 to give us another once-over looksee.

As… time=tell on Clemson, Florida State, and MiaFla going on a permanent All Chump Change vacay, if/when all these P2 chips do (eventually) fall… ’cause when they do?

…then… and I gar-ron-damn-tee this one… all of you will turn on Whit;
just like all you turned on all of Fu’.


Σ P2 (summary):

  1. The time to make this football 1st, 2nd, 3rd, next, middle, penultimate… last bet was during the initial S.E.C. dalliance. As now? The U.S.S. Duck Pond has sailed— maybe even, sunk.
  2. see: no.1. As today may be a dollar(s) short, year(s) late.
  3. vah.Tech Football fell at the worst possible P5 reducing to P2 time… timing was (past tense) everthing’ed.
  4. Nevertheless, ’24 wish-casting is want to say: “What else can they do, b.street?!?
  5. Whereas truth-casting will retroactively gone 3-Mile Island radioactively say… there won’t be much left for A.D.-Next; if/when we are P2 left out. (And some will look back and say that, that P2 binge spending #FAIL was better tucked away and saved for a G5+ rainy day).

6. OR, or, or… and someone holding a TSL Press Pass… please ask… @Whit: “What can you tell us about your Contingency Planning just in case VeeTee is P2 skunked?”

7. Or, would that too just make too much, ¢ents❓


III. Q. “Fair to say if Drones gets drafted high next year, then Bowen is likely also going to be poached?”

A. at this moment? Hmmmmmm… to we? Tyler merits the most props for the… Bear Market find here.

Nobody @Baylor was any kinda sad that Cobra-Ky moved on and was gone; see. As whatever Ty.Bow’ saw was something(s) nearly nobody else could see. 2o-2o props @he. A Hokiebird eagle-eye.


And mea culpa… when Eye actually broke the Baylor and @w.V.u. tape on him? ‘Meh‘.

As he looked like a rough-hewn ATH playing or even overpowering Qb2 to little ole me. Stiff, in a word.

So, the ’23 Staff musta brought him (Cobra-Ky’) along, somehow, someway, right?

Some say Offensive Analyst Brian Crist, (a Fu’ retainee recall), helped with the throw-fits; and some say that Senior Analyst Brent Davis helped with the trucking run-shapes themself. Fine. 1o-4. No worries. Good, even… However, Tyler is the one who found him so the rest of them could arms-race and foot-race him in the first place. Tyler. Not those other two.

So, Tyler the L and Found’er is prolly worth a sniff or three… whereas Tyler the O’cord is more parts mystery… However, he has his pieces, in his places, his way; and now we all shall ’24 offensing the verb, see.


IV. Q. Regarding that October trip to Palo Alto, which Stanford team shows up?

What kind of tree will they be?

A. Ahhhhhhh… a, sapling?

As in… this one is far mo’ about our very own Stadium, Woods. Than anything Stanford else. At least on Norris Hall E.S.M. V.P.I. (now gone A.c.c.) paper.

As this one is far far mo’ about… ’24 fatigue max’… make no misQ on that one gentlemen.

As this one will be contested right on the tenth inning tip of the 1o-straight-weeks worth of football-spearing work max. This means that this one is all about S&C max’; or, not so much on any given, fail.

It is also on roadie (length) max’. Sewing the seeds of 2,691.4 miles worth of distancing between these two not really Left-Coast or same-side Atlantic Coast much of anything schools. This one is hetero-graphical max’.

Either, this one is homecourt gone Cardinal squatters’ rights; and that could very well homesteading Arbor in their favor. Or, this one augur in our F’n Gobblers hard-word/dedication favor. IF, we truly are Hard, Smart, Tuff enuff. IF, our Talent advantage really is large and in change.

Which is to say… and, either way, one could dare to peck that this game is… for da’ birds.


As the football depth chart itself favors us vis-à-vis. And not much else favors us here. That favors the always nebulous looksee of hard to define -albeit: easy to see- Leadership itself. All that and, and, and, if anything happens to our Qb1 who just so happens to Hokie1 itself… and this will be our biggest cultural chin-check since Fu’ marooned us in-year and left us (and J.C.) @hooVa high-n-dry.

Even with our Qb1 still #1 this one is gonna bend a few O&M whiskers on 10-weeks + ~2.7K worth of miles = a lot lot lot. And much and more off of two consecutive battleaxe contests of: the black-n-blue Schembechler/Hayes ‘esque BIG-1o Scarlet Knights followed up by a scruffy looking at best/at most ≥9oo+ mile traveling trip after all of that down to So.Beach, FLA.

As this may or may not be that tall of a Cardinal tree to fall; that is however very much a: fatigue max’ + road-max’ + cultural chin-check max’ triple-threat match.

Or, in a worst-case… a triple threat, trap❗️

Bonus Round:

Today’s Word of the Day is: pic·a·resque!


  1. relating to an episodic style of fiction dealing with the adventures of a rough and scrupulous yet appealing hero.
  2. A.K.A.: Qb1, Cobra-Ky’?
early 19th century: from French, from Spanish picaresco, from pícaro ‘rogue’.
And, Galt IV in ’24.
Look at his radials and biceps! Goodness… this is De1 loading.

Q. Do you see what Eye mean(t) last time now?

A. ‘member? As Eye just found this after Eye had just published all of that…

Galt IV does all kinda non-traditional or even what could be categorized as retro-work(s). Including lottsa muelings and carryings. Different. Very. Requires a lotta small-to-medium sinew to sign on and lock in and burn out. Timothy Leary lifting…

…and if you doubt any of that?
Take two milk jugs out back and take ’em for just a 1o-minute walk. IF, you can…


R.A.T.T and overall: ...the best VeeTee football writer is, who???

View Results

Loading ... Loading ...

Q. b.street… who do you rate? Who do you Virginia Tech football take when you wanna gridder read?

A. or in-house Writer Ratings:

B.P. continues to opine well and illustrate/educiate the same… (mo’ below)…

Now, normally the Joe Dumars of the VeeTee media pool (Chris Coleman) sits here… though A.B.’s injury scoops of late have serially tailgated C2 a mite. We shall see if that holds on-trend or not. Tho’ it is a sharp rise >>> run. Therefore, C’s is bumped down a pinch for globetrotting inactivity as much as anything else… 2nd-place emeritus; or, in recess if you will.

Will Stew’ is the steady Eddie of the O&M media pool sans the typical spatty Edys themselves. Our rudder. Our sextent. As he seldom moves off of being downright solid as current coverage goes. Not better and not worse. Even-trimmed steady, ballast, and reliable. Also, the best at taking the emotional pulse of the TSL fanbase by far. His needle need not tap any veins. They rise for him.

d.Cunningham has been marooned -pardon the foreshadowing and pun alike- in the off-season Revenue Sports sitzkrieg gone Olympic reporting, do the best you poison pen certificate of participation can. Although his recent hoops offering has done as much as the B-side sport B-side can. The calendar is his summertime enemy here more so than anything else.

A. Overall (all publications)… and it goes like this…

  1. The Key Play’s: rendezvous francais… duh, right? This just in… rain is still rumored to be wet and Mr. French is still unmeral uno until proven otherwise. (Wish he’d check just a pinch of the uber mechanical techniques critiques— and add some lockeroom/clinical and therefore strategic juice. As he is the only other one who exhibits any sign of a putting it all clinically together thrust). And predictions… can Eye get any digits on who will win and by how much, please?
  2. TSL’s Brandon Patterson: he is really heady on modern pigskin nomenclature; he IS the most gifted pure writer, and he just put in a virtual A-letter-grade ’23 in terms of predictive accuracy itself. Dictionary, Pictionary, and Givenchy… such is a triune lot all under one hat to boot. Only one to teach me five new (modern) gridiron terms. (One of which: (‘stalking’) actually new-schooled me true).
  3. VTScoop: Doug Bowman: …basically a younger or diet B.P. Although, he may just be showcasing the best long-view skill-set two generations below, moi. Good on that… that can get you where you wanna (eventually), be.
  4. And oh yes… Eye hope all of you had a nice looooooong-weekend too.





Virginia Tech=???, Vandy=???
please support the VT F.C.A.!!!








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  1. Silly to try to conduct poll on best VT football writer when so many written articles are unavailable/ behind paywalls, but they all are fantastic VT sports writers and I enjoy all of their takes when available.

    1. true. fair play.

      That is sad…
      …though not here.
      Here we even eschew up and spit out T.O.S. itself.

      Eye don’t need no paywall– and I would prolly be done if they wanted to invoke one.
      Ask what you can do for the VeeTee football fanbase. Not what the VeeTee football fanbase can do for you.” –Coach J.F.K.


      1. Eye think that is the essence. No one had the forethought or temerity to look over the edge or beyond the horizon after the old ball Coach was in the rear view mirror to set a course for the future. Unless and if there is some Harry Potteresque Merlin closet on high, where the master puppeteer resides, as of now one does wonder if it was an epiphany of sorts or was it new ball Coach Head Chief Pry himself that put the mirror in front of Whit and asked “What do you see for good old Vah Tech in the next 5-10-20 years?” As there has to have been a catalyst that turned the chief at the helm of the Titanic to exclaim,”Hard starboard, there’s a ‘berg about to put us to the bottom!” Too late, a la the Titanic or do the flat-earthers have to go back to geography class? That will be answered soon enough as you have extrapolated in your 7-part Answer #2.

        1. +1 for: ‘flat-earthers’.
          That is nearly always a debate VicTory card when played.

          …yah; time=tell… prolly pretty soon at that; that, and time=running out, too.


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