Tech thoughts: Fu’s not so Free-Agency, 1o1…

The Future is… now!

Virginia Tech football (maybe) almost had a new Head Coach just last week.


I and my sources, however? Well, we called this: “brutal“. Nonetheless, if you message board look back, we never even slightly hinted at even the slightest version of: ‘agry’. And when asked if they were updating resumes… as they nearly all did when Frank announced… the long answer was ‘nope’. And the short answer was: “huh”? As peeps were more confu’sed than scared this time behind the scenes. And that is where our narrative begins… with the one who truly is pulling Fu’s strings…

The playerJimmy Sexton! Age=56
Net Worth: ~$50,000,000.oo
Tennesse Volunteer grad’.

A straight razor dawgg!!! Truly!

Among the numerous (non-encompassing) accolades and power-plays, I did find… we see that… BIG-Jimmy is the alpha-dog in the very likely alpha pack of lawdogs for coaching-agency in college football and that he and his group (Creative Artists Agency; Football Division) are about as top-kick or as top-shelf as it A.c.c. (or S.e.c., as you will see) gets…

  • Creative Artists Agency star pupil and merely the no.21 -that’s only the 21st- ranked Sports Agent in the whole damn entire world! (Forbes)!!! wowzo on a triple-double.
  • Sexton’s main H.Q. is in… wait for it… Memphis! With no word let from Elvis although he (Jimmy) and Pat Dye (you may recognize the name) Jr. had (past-tense) merged their sports agencies together a few years back. (yes, they are tie-dye related: Auburn old-school joke; right?)
  • Sexton was the youngest agent ever licensed by the NFLPA. Ever! Period. All-time. Do pass go and collect Water Works, community a chest and a few hotels while you are at it.
  • Right now he controls a mere: $1,000,000,000.oo or a cool billion dollars in client contracts! That’s it. (spread across 79 clients). Including some dork named N.Saben in the other “Tide” water region and a staggering 78.57% of S.e.c. coaches. i.e. this guy does not take 110v clients. He only accepts 220v coaching power-brokers. As it prolly is something of a privilege/honor to contractually be ‘his boy’. Although he is not doing as well in Not For Long terms… as Sexton only reps 15.63% of N.f.l. big whistles at the moment. That’s all. He sucks jiminy crickets. Hence Jimmy is only ranked as the 10th most powerful N.f.l. agent right about now.
  • As Jimmy steers more G.D.P. on a per State basis when taken per capita than all less the three that’s the (3) most fiscally lucrative states in the whole damn Union!

    The straightest, mostest Playar… 1o1!!!
  • He only keeps one that’s just (1) King Air 200. ✈ (which is about eleventeen mo’ than you and I combined).
  • Sexton only broke in -per se- with some bum of a De named Reginald Howard White and his N.f.l. blackballing U.S.F.L. deal worth a (then) unheard of $4,000,000.oo per! And oh by the way… guess who Sexton lived with in college? Where he was only a 20-year-old equipment manager at Tennessee at the time of the very gaudy and entirely successful White contract negotiation! After this Sexton rep’ed N.b.a. stars -including Scottie Pippin during the running of da Bulls- for about a decade before switching to football agency fulltime.
  • Insiders hint that Sexton has a non-residue-based style or that he tends to operate under a relationship-building paradigm— when he can. As he is literally known to try to “not piss people off”.
  • Although he’s known as a great negotiator, Sexton’s true superpower lies his ability to build trust with his clients and the people on the other side of the negotiating table, i.e. the athletic directors, team owners, and general managers of said clients’.
  • ^this^ is the signature of a so-called: “Integrative Bargainer” in textbook terms. Or one that most often seeks W-W outcomes and the longer-view in lieu of what have you done for me lately or fixed pie-eating contests of today.
  • He is also said to have: ‘buyout clause’ expertise… and placement (next gig) very long legs indeed. Additionally, he has been known to successfully leverage whispered extrinsic job-interest into bigger continuing intrinsic contracts for: Saban, Fisher, Malzahn, and Mora.
  • For example, Sexton only increased the never dull and prolly not easy to rep’ Coach Hugh Freeze’s salary by a staggering 7,500% over the course of his representation of H.Freeze!
  • Sexton is also known to be a true frequent-flyer Road Warrior; just like Hawk and Animal. As he typically flies from stadium to stadium taking in as many clientele games live and in person, as geography and Learjet weekend red-line velocity itself will allow.
  • Unlike virtually all other mega-sports-agents… this one never went to law school.
  • Additionally, Jimmy carries something of a Scot Loeffler or “out-work” and ‘out-hour’ them reputation inside industry circles.
  • He has only pocketed $24.8 million in commissions up through 2015. (the industry norm is about a 3 to 4 percent SOP (standard operating procedure) rider on most client contracts)
  • Jimmy is a single father of not less than three sons.
  • Sexton does give back, however… as Sexton has served on the board of the Make-A-Wish (Mid-South) foundation and on the board of Hope Christian Community Foundation (Memphis) and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Memphis). Coach God bless!!!

In other words, what’s the Memphis @Jamerson point-spread here folks?!?

LOL… Fu’ and Sexton are how much of a visiting favorite over Whit and Vah.Tech? A couple of scores at least; right? Maybe more like 3 to 3.5 full scores?

I mean… I would not bet one O&M red-cent on Whit and little ole V.P.I. come 2020 or 2021 in this one if I were you. Sexton is basically the John Rambo or Lincoln Hawk of Over the Top (Sylvester Stallone arm-wrestling movie) fame. And that audible ‘crack’ you just heard when Fu’ and Sexton baylor’ed out on what was reported to be a 90% done-deal by

Well, that was Jimmy and Justin breaking Whit’s wrist on the jump.

As Chris Coleman has this totally and entirely incorrect…
…this ain’t no: “Shot across the Bow”.

This is the Bismarck in front and the Yamato from behind. And if/when -and the expectation is that he will- if/when Fu’ goes on a rather shiny looking upcoming O&M football run and tallies possibly ~20 odd “I told you so” VicTories over in Blacksburg, Va. in the next two years? You won’t need to go retconning on this column.

B.O.H.I.C.A. and say: “ahhhhhh” V.T. A.D. Whit.
Here the Bismarck and Yamato come again son!


 While message boards burn Blacksburg, Whittles?


“No bucks No Buck Rogers…”

Tho how exactly do you sell this gridiron empire expanding pr fiscal Right Stuff pitch to our fan-base such as Will and Chris are harping?

As there are surely two distinct ways in which to science-fact narrate all (recent) things Fu’ in solicitous terms…

Behind Door #1.

Myers–Briggs Type INJT’s are not exactly known for being salesman 0f the year candidates or all warm-n-fu’zzy types by definition. As we have a big whistle who visibly/actively bristles in front of the 4th estate H20-bottles be damned. Micro and he’s not half-bad | macro and well, not so much.

Then we see the highly uneven to downright tainted recent objective history of his regime itself…

Per a just culturally and morally gutting 2018 pre-season, regular-season and off-season both on and off-field alike. As the poster child “pip” with fundraising Great Expectations (or at least great necessities)… just suffered through all of the following prior to asking all of you to pass the hat…


He had a highly visible philandering —who introduced Fu’ to his wife; of all the things… we had a De who 3-mile Island melted down in what most are calling the college football upset of the decade; we had a gamey/wounded tho’ highly entitled sissyfied Qb1 with at least two brushes with the law, we did rally to beat our alpha-rival after extrinsic motivators (Sam and Brown) rallied the butt-hurt four-game L’ing streak sagging uva troops and a Perkolating butterfingers moment or we/VeeTee could easily be streaking the ‘rong way. Which Scandal Illustrated said that 2018 treasonous seniors actively threatened teammates to NOT win the 2018 finisher -and therefore become Bowl eligible- vs. Marshall who barely showed-up and was in the sudden extra 12th game fog in more ways than sum.

Ice to Eskimos? Or more parts Richard and less parts… Byrd?

2019… we begin with a flat looking punt of an upset L start @BeeCee.

Then we meandered along a heavily misQ/playing-time sanctioned couple of games and then suddenly the floor let go as we hit something of a fleckless or worthless looking Duke emotional nadir moment.

Only to be rather successfully followed up by a nearly outright stunning 6 outta 7 game-winning rally-cap streak when numerous media outlets did in print call for Fu’ to be fired. A handsomely uppity run that even more stunningly ended on two consecutive upset L’s. One to our most hateful archrival whereby we, that’s us folks, we/VeeTee spit the 1.5 decades or 15-season bit @uva and then got punched in the face pre-game by Kentucky’s streety, gangstar, thuggy looking Qb1 and basically never managed to legitimately hit back.

All of ^that^ from a team that was winning its final three L’s with 127 seconds to play, and went o for six on 4th downs to yak all three victories up. Thereby drooling the drool of regret on the Shanks Hall pillow of remorse.

With the lowest-ranked or likely (on paper) worst V.Tech football recruiting class since 2004 after being nearly instate/backyard Tidewater dried out, the puerile cookie-jar type Maryland schoolie renag, the Kaepernick cornfed r-state got self-outfoxed social media scuffling and finally with Mack the knife now carving his way back into the T.Heel state.

And frankly, this new staff is inexperienced as can be.

Or… Hold On Pain Ends.

So… just how much money should anyone invest in any of ^that^?

Behind Door #2.

On the other hand, the Fu’tures rating from Morningstar Pigskin Ratings does read: “BUY” for 2020, and “BUY” again for 2021 for beloved Virginia Tech. Even the most ardent Hokiebird gone chicken little cannot deny ^this^.

The vastly heavier looking upperclassman rich roster (finally) says so. The fact that Fu’ and company soft-touch S.O.S. (strength of schedule) and get to skip-out on Atlantic side stalwarts F.s.u. and national champion runner-up Clemson says so as well.


Fu’ has approx. 93.5% of his starters returning next year (2020). He has at least 1.75 pretty dang intriguing Rb transfers coming in to help carry the mail. He has nearly everyone back up front on both sides of the ball including a chance to go a credible 8+ deep on the “orange crush” dLine and 10+ deep on the Vice Squad oLine for the first time since the Orange Bowl with Druck vs. Nebraska.

$$$ talks! (see: the hotlink/thumbnail below)

Punting and Kicking look very leggy alike. I’d say at least 15 all-A.c.c. toes live here.

And for the first time in a very long time… Eye do (actually) agry with the tired and played out rest of the never actually played football traditional brick-n-mortar media pool… in that 2020 Tech Quarterbacking has to better next year. And it could very well improve again in 2021.

Be that per a returning starting Qb1 being actually healthy and installing a guidance software upgrade per the same…

Be that per the throw-game of the Lebron James in cleats starting to proverbially ‘click’ and then starting to outright mesh…

Or be that per the thickest playbook carrying quack-attack kid from Oregon. Who could very well be your most well-rounded Qb1 in a long-standing square-peg is forced to say: “that’s whack”  to the round-hole time… or nearly going all the way back to T-mobile’s coverage plan actually fitting the Frank-n-Stiney O.

And frankly, this new staff could be a breath of fresh air.

Or… Together Everyone Achieves More.

So… just how much money should anyone invest in any of ^that^?

R.A.T.T. As a pigskin equity investor: your best shareholder advice is... what???

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Down Corridor #3

Ergo, therefore, to Whit…

...are you willing to $ubscribe or would you rather wait-n-see?

Or in other words…

Don’t tell me “yes b.street”… here you go… “A¢ta non Verba” indeed men!

click >>> Virginia Tech football Donations <<< me!

Because Will is perfectly correct here… put thy money where they mouf is…
or shut the message board nagging of Fu’p!

“… — …”

Virginia Tech >>> Baylor 
(for now…)






ANTE up and KICK in!”

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  1. Don’t get too high. Don’t get too low. Things are never as good or as bad as they seem. Advice from Beams. When Coach One left the drama queens came out of the woods that we could not cut down. Had we cut down a tree or two we would have at least one more practice field, likely 2-3 more wins, and a whole lot less drama.

    1. Krazy how the space for the Beamer Barn’s foundation basically ate 1 full-field

      As Frank had 3 basically.
      2 one direction and one the opposite.

      Now we have 2 the same direction with 1 under cover.


  2. Section 7 money deposited & check cleared so its on soapbox we now stand…

    Quantify this Fu-brand as It’s barely > 62% win, below 50% vs Power 5, WITH AN INCREASING TREND TO LOSE TALENT, WHO FOREGO THEIR FINAL YR OF ELIGIBILITY…No running game, less 240 QB Mercenary Yr uno, whose Alpha dog personality was the only thing bigger than head whistle’s. & since yr 1 the fight has been trained out of these dogs (see punk ass punch vs Kentucky). Finesse without athleticism is our new identity on the field of play & yet we’re asked to give more $$$$$$$$$$ cause $$$$$$$$$ cures all…..

    Dukebacle was alarming.
    Stubbornness is becoming a SOP on both sides of ball.
    New Staff is friends of Fu with only 2 outside Fu coaching circle.
    Player personnel/ roster mgmt/ “the people side” of player development has raised eyebrows???

    But Hokie fan to core & always believed we can find a way to them all,,,,season Tickets purchased w/ Hokie Club fees deposited, as step off soapbox, time for talk is over & Just win, Fuente…Just WIN!!!

    1. Finesse without athleticism (and lack of ‘thud’ hitters) is our new identity.

      ^now that^ could be.

      Tho’ this also tells us how much Fu’/Corny trust *their* pet system
      if/when they get the right players rightfully, matured.


  3. In 2000 days, where do Fu and VT admin&AD see themselves?

    Fu: is his long term goal Not For Long HC gig? What best gets him there? A VT football program reborn and regularly relevant on national scene? Hes already checked the “good transition from a legend box”, and has run a clean program. Neither one most can claim. Or does he wish to keep and maintain stability for his youngins during their maturing years? Something in between? Something entirely other, like retire at 50 and enjoy life? Dont know.

    Measuring this off season vs those possible futures hints at a couple things. To his credit and the coaches that came to the burg, I intuit that experienced coaches like Claeys and Teerlinck are great visible mentors (in addition to bud) to JHam and Tapp, etc. They might be here for a max of 750 days, or until /if Fu decides to change zip code. Conclusion: nothing yet. Observation – these moves are consistent with a guy who has not “mailed it in”, rather doubled down AND wants to do right by VT if/when he leaves.

    20+wins next 750 days will do alot to determine how things shake out. Continued trajectory upward? or lateral? Or put down roots and build VT even more so – aiming perhaps for more than coaching in his future…

    VT Admin/AD: well it’s time to do something, anything to show some love to the rainmaker program. Staff may push back a cite thus and that. I say, “you” ain’t listening… easy things like the hokie club giving site needs an overhaul – just do it, it ain’t hard. A Little harder is a strategic plan to give donors a destination that can be seen (if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there). Harder might be “right sizing” the # of team sports to allow $$ to flow differently. Out of the box things like stadium naming rights, or a better uniform deal (which timing may be good if we do win 20 games next 750 days) or raise the student fee by 250/year…etc. Perhaps not screwing the pooch wrt size of incoming class and paying to house them in hotels in the future can free up a few $$ for common use facilities – or a down payment. Please do something!

    Lots for wise scribes like you to articulate as things play out. I look forward to it!

    Legacies are being laid down.

  4. We need a more Proactive Whit. Facilities vision $$$. Gabbard is great but has time passed him by?

    Whit has been a boon when it comes to coaching hires and olympic sport facility upgrades.

    Other than the 15 mil for a new athlete dining palace & Carrilon and First Union Corp. deals his fund raising results seem to be lagging expectations a bit. Seems to have taken very piecemeal status quo approach to FB & BB facilities. I am fine with a Cassell makeover vs replacement, but the shovel needed to be in the ground 4 yrs ago.

    As to FB, more Kill like analysts and recruiting staff support are lagging in implementation by at least two years need to hire NOW!
    You say we have no space to put them in, well as I recall during Beamer/Fu transition Fu’s new staff worked out of Lane press box/suites etc. Until bowl was over. Put them there until you can get act together with longer term vision for FB complex space plan. Another option if you really want to raise the $$ and show Fu your commitment is have AD give up his office and staff space move into portables on tennis courts give up AD office suite to FB until new offices for one or the other are complete. Could just build new AD office suite to connect Cassell and Hahn or as two story redo of ticket office Washington Street entrance to Cassell.

    1. Eye do agry on an out in front Whit… in lieu of a counterpunching one.
      Hit hard | hit FIRST.

      Tho’ he’s only got so many budgetary volts to throw around…


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