Tech Thoughts: Hokie Bench Press max’s to ponder!

Hokie Bench Press numbers spring 2015!

  • Wyatt=Mohawk!
  • Conte=44o.
  • L.Maddy=45o.
  • Very impressive by all three——>bourbonstreet

Read on to learn more…

I don’t know if r-freshman o-lineman Andrew Williams does anything or not?
I do know that his 445 bench is straight sick!
Dude is moving 178 lbs. more than he freakin’ weighs!
His 41o-pound front squat does not suck; either.
So is coach Stacy slotting Williams as a Center; (by build)?
(as the whispers say Center is wide open, 3 way dance, legacy-Chung, Pettit and Gallo)

Teller moving 43o. Up 25 lbs. on his max-bench!
With: a 37o lb.  push jerk, a team best 6oo lb. back squat, a likewise team tops with a 385 lb. power clean. And you have to wonder if he can dunk at at 28” vertical? If I were a betting man -and I am- I’d wager… “yes”!

"Boom! Boom! Pow!"
“Boom! Boom! Pow!”

Facyson moving 300 lbs. for a kinda raily or slender looking Cb is pretty dang impressive as well. 159% more than he weighs if you are keeping score at home.

Shai not too shy on moving iron at 355! Mars’ Williams even better at a 365 bench. Or a 720 lb. 1-2 big-back punch; when healthy.

J.C.Coleman pushing 34o lbs. at ~190 lbs. himself is very much in the Manny Pacquiao or “money” Mayweather lb. for lb. crown running.

And don’t forget, the little man with a XL sized sense of professionalism just finished 5th in the men’s 60m at the A.c.c. Track & Field Championships with a 6.89 in the finals to earn All-A.c.c honors!

p.s. J.c.c. already owns the all-time Tb position record for front squat record with a 455  pound lift!

Place-Kicker, Joey Slye checking at 355 lbs. is pretty well nutz.
WoW! Looks like VT has a 4-year starter on their hands to me.
Not bad work from an Engineering major high school soccer state champion; in addition to being all-state in shot-put and in the discus! Since half-past when have you ever read that on, on a freakin’ Kicker?!? (me neither)


In the almost 400 club:  390 apiece for  Dt Woody Baron, G Alston Smith.
Both guys pitched a fit two spring practices ago at D-Line for for coach Wiles.
Both guys have been dinged and dented @Virginia Tech. Both guys make handsome breakout picks for this spring –as the intersection of their physical maturity and practice/game reps curve seems to hint …if not outright predict.

A circular or 360 lbs. from possible Fs Greg Jones, could announce his spring practice intent. (shoulder health permitting; as someone has to take over for Bonner)

hokie bench

The strongest Qb on the squad you ask?
325 lb. bench from current 4th stringer Chris Durkin.
(and don’t forget, Chris was Lefty’s boy coming outta high school; or so the vibes then said)

Off again on again Wr Kevin Asante racking 300 lbs. is worth mentioning. That’s a pretty damn obvious Strength:Speed ratio folks. (as a 4.36 40 time is a lotta things, and slow ain’t one of ’em!)

Inherited starting Mike-Lb the ‘tua-man himself, one Andrew Motuapuaka; with a popping 37o lbs. is worth mentioning as well. Now mix in a 38o lb. front-squat and downright shocking 32.5″  vertical leap and you might just have a recipe for Most Improved baller on your hands.

The pound for pound strength champion of this football team ... is???

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Total Bench max’s=99 lifts, Total Iron moved=31,4o5 lbs.!!!




Happy St Pats Snoppy Woodstock

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  1. I don’t think you meant to say Wang when you were referring to the competition at center

    1. All C’s look alike too————>b.street
      ; )

      All I ever saw (split out at Fl) was basically the nose of their face-mask.
      If that being offset to the L.O.S.

      (nice Eye!)

    1. I think, (note the italics) they did not suspend him until after he did the bench max.

      (nice catch),

  2. While I think it is great to see our team getting stronger, we need to remember we have had plenty of “look like Tarzan, play like Jane” types in the past.

  3. Also, Asante has one year left. With his speed and strength, I am hoping he can be one of those receivers who will step up contribute more this year.

  4. Love hearing those large plates ‘clank’ when VT is pushing serious iron.
    Impressive numbers!!

    Let’s Go… Hokies
    Beat OSU!!!

    1. +1.
      Yah; that 45 sliding inward is a kool sound.

      (like the UA signature “click-clack” in any tunnel or asphalt surface)


  5. Impressive numbers; however, I do recall the great upset at WVU when they had Major and the commentators relished in these type number about the entire WVU team until they shut up in the 4th quarter. VT 12 WVU 10 !!!!

    Oh we didn’t have one player that could darken the WVU weight room

    On the field is where it counts.

    1. 4 FG’s made to upset wvu after the ND MNC year.

      Frank’s very 1st BIG big win.
      : )

      (could not happen to a nice bunch; either)

  6. How about a comment on the Lone Survivor cause and how many $ they raised in addition to the lbs?

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