Tech Thought(s): LT3’s R.A.T.T. N.f.l. odds = what???

Which Hokie did what at the recent N.F.L. Combine?


Bull? Bear? Or hold?

Where do they project?

LT3: draft stock forecast: Bull!

Combined strengths, 1o1
Combined strengths, 1o1
  • (officially) experiencing a A.O.C. (approximate original couture) reclamation job –to mix in my Mining Engineering background metaphors. As there are some who will surly forecast a positive slope going forth that therefore does not need to be reclaimed.
  • Or in other words, how in the Wide Wide World of Sports did LT3 do LT3 any harm out in Indianapolis? Because it sure reads to me like he’s really helped himself with those metrics/testing results last week. And great for him.
  • This from a kid who was realllllly slowed by the concussion coming back from the Sun Bowl. Someone saw/heard one of his 40 timing work-outs and declined to publish it; it was that severe after that mega kiloton hit from U.c.l.a.
  • If you are keeping score at home, LT3 is seriously flirting with having shed about 20 lbs. in the last 20 months. Then having shed what is whispered to be about 0.15 off his worst, to now best 40-time. In point of fact, his new body looks a bit Wide Receiver ‘ish, and very not Tight-End.
  • First best (as Qb’s go) in the following:  4.6o 40, 35.5″ vertical leap, 118″ broad jump (horizontal leap), and nearly tabbed the gold medal for Pivots (Qb’s) in the 20-yard shuttle run
  • only negatives I picked up were that he was a little inconsistent earlier in his work-out; then got better; and some are boo-booing his footwork a bit, though it’s never been epic and it prolly never well be; although it ain’t getting any worse 20 lbs. lighter as well
  • and from what I saw? I though LT3 intentionally held back just a little bit; as he was riffling 65-70 yard throws without putting all he had on the ball (could be a smart play; once he and his agent gain some G2 or intel’ on who is really interested in terms of a jumped-up private campus work-out)
  • 2nd to 3rd round pick.

Exum: draft stock forecast: bearish

  •  my personal take is, he and his agent are doing the right thing, selling Ex’ as being healthy enough for Cb (regardless whether he is; or is not) As you can always move an aging or hurting (if he is big enough) Cb to S.
  • Though Exum has a bit of a soft melon, he won’t last long physically at S; not at all S sized, either)
  • 40 time off by .14 seconds! Vertical down by 3”. Not exactly positive signs of explosion
  • Never truly bettered his coverage skills in college, which were good to start, came in right at his ceiling if you will
  • EPIC kid, who has had everything other than epic luck in the last year of his life/career, could still will himself into making a roster as a Special Teamer if need be, as he’s not quite a Safety and he’s not quite (yet) healthy enough to be a real Cb
  • late round to F/A or un-drafted (and un-drafted could actually work best in this case)

Gayle: draft stock forecast: HOLD

  • James tested pretty damn well as north-south defensive lineman metrics go. Though is he a Sunday player with his hand in the dirt? Or is he better served at 6”4”, 259 pounds as a second-layer player (i.e. as an OLb)? And BTW: I’m not real sure he is 6’4”.
  • That’s quite a transition, just ask Corey Moore. Though how well can James -who is willing- handle the voltage of no less than all-conference quality Ot’s -everywhere he looks- as an undersized De at the next level? How well can he cover? As I do not recall seeing James drop into Zone-Blitz coverage very often off the top of my effusive film-study head.
  • Did improve his vertical by 3”, which is pretty dang unexpected!
  • Great teammate! Great in the locker-room, you can do worse in terms of drafting the raw person.
  • Kinda like LT3, needs to find a good schematic fit and some front-office patience as well
  • 5th to 6th Round Pick

    KFull combines
    Gift of grab 1o1

 K.Fuller: draft stock forecast: slight to moderate Bull

  • hearing some very nice intangible takes and simply things that go beyond raw stop-watch or weight-room metrics coming outta Indy!
  • testing marks were mixed: 2 good, 2 medium, 1 not so much
  • tackling machine however!
  • Though not at all super-sized as a Db or pure Cb goes.
  • Surprised scouts with his hands or catching abilities (see: pic)
  • Has that intrinsic knack for the game, plays better than he tests and he does not exactly test awful either
  • Much more of a Nickle or Dime-back profile at the moment
  • and he damn sure could make a team just for being special-teams glue guy as a very adhesive open-field tackler.
  • even heard some motor-city whispers of this Fuller being a 1st-round talent
  • late 2nd rounder at worst, flash shot at very late 1st round does exist N.f.l. Draft terms, LT3 truly is code for what?

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