Tech Thoughts: …off-season 2021 A.D., Vol.1. …

May the Holy Prophet Jeremiah bless & intercede!!!

Very soon, well semi-soon, well, sooner than you thinks… August Camp 2021 will be upon us!

Personally, I cannot wait!

Intrinsically that’s why Eye’ma here. To deal with and deal on the lack of extrinsic information dissemination. Except a fu’nny thing happened along the way to the Corner Drug candy store. This is to say that not much happened this spring. (at least not in purely football ‘trinsic terms— as Lb7, Isi; whose name literally means: “Consecrated To God.” did happen. Tho’ that story violates at least II, some might say III of my IV “thou shalt not cover” publishing commandments). So, this spring was a rather sleepy one in lieu of the off-field non-New River catfishing. The alpha cash-cow of off-season publishing: the Qb room was hollowed out; and beyond that icky downtown harshing; this was the very O&M Mellow Yellow of a Spring ball that Fu’ needed raised to the craved power. Ergo, therefore, to Whit, this off-season of coverage will be a bit differential than the three or even fourscore stories galore off-seasons before. Nevertheless, this website is NOT where dull goes to die and there are a Fu’ very interesting things to cover… that is; if you only know where to dig and therefore where to look.

Eye in the Sky leftovers/tinfoil:

Wanted to rehit this… as I somehow fouled up and C&P it into my fu’ture tense notes… tho’ do Eye in the Sky recall… they said that the uva-Lb’ing stud being out was a reallllly big deal upon breaking take. Accordingly and to take what they told me fu’rther…

Check it… because an incoming and frankly downright ‘solid’ as could be 46th Defensive F.E.I. Rated wahoo stop-unit fell like a rock sans their cavalier L.C. Greenwood 2nd-layer looking Linebacker.

Observe that uva gave up four, that’s (4) different Home-Run plays (≥40-yards) vs. little ole v.P.i. 50% of which produced 42.2% of our VicTorious points tally on the day! Think about that one for a moment my armchair Qb purists.

Recall… this was an incoming very ‘solid’ uva D, that (hooever) was not all that bendy on film. They were stiff (even with their gangly-looking Lb1) all year long in a word. This is evidence by their finishing 1o6th (DPP), opponent offensive touchdown rate; or in plays that went to the opposing O’s house. Now short-circuit a 110v set of speedsters all the mo’ and suddenly you can see why an erstwhile entering very respectable uva-D literally did blow a Commonwealth Cup… Fu’se.

And the incoming pretty starchy 37th ranked cavaliers rush-D suddenly finds itself in a nearly virtual bicentennial 200 ground-gaining deficit whereas the Fighting Gobblers find themselves Commonwealth Cup drunk. You do the maths…

And Fu’ & Corny are not getting their run, here!
They hit them where it hurts the most.
A cut opens? Apply… leather!

Do we start where we, finished?


At the risk of mixing my sporting metaphor? Now would be a good time to start to move the needle, forward.

Last year (2020) we finished at a wicked 11th best in opposing Qb1’s sacked and at a disruptive 25th best in TFL (tackles for a loss) inflicted! And not incoincidentally, we finished a hawkish 17th best in opposing passes pilfered. And yet— we were a lamentable 85th vs. the run and a nearly pitiful 1o7th vs. the pass! Huh? Or in other words, where would our 106th Total D have finished if it did not ‘plum git after‘ the opposing O via producing so many chain-gang chasing or negative Lo.FM, stops, and pigskin swap meet INT’s?!?

^this^ heretofore never seen before Bud Böck statistical madding discrepancy is not “big and beautiful”, that’s a downright bad look or what have you done with yourself?

^that^ all science-fact Coach Spock rightfully struck… there are those on the opposing sides of this industry that say they welcome playing our 2020 D again in 2021. As there are difference makers or freaks you have to account for R.A.T.T. at how many 2021 positions? A De who has only been a De for a year-n-change longer than you and I have combined. Then a very solid Dt, a formerly displaced Mike-Lb who really needs to contract-year shine. A pretty good hitter at Rover and one pretty dang good Cb who was seriously dinged/dented-up last campaign; two other youngling and interesting secondary ballers on the come plus a few other just reasonable pieces here/there.

So, just how phobic do you R.A.T.T. expect our 2021 opponents to be of ^that^ on paper? And although the 2021 D is not as Jenny Craig or as thinning as the 2021 O is… it ain’t exactly Marianas Trench deep either. (enter: Linebacking or 2nd-layer experience and cue: Ss/Fs/Rover which really needs to settle down and settle into a 2021 careerist growth curve for V.P.I. A.S.A.P.)

Yes, they should be better than ∑=106th best.

Is this true?

Do we deny this?

However, how many Ulysses S. Grants are you willing to wager on just how much {sic: better} they will be? (see: VTizzle down below…) As just cracking 75th best and being basically a C— halt-unit would be a helluva smart statistical climb most campaigns. And sniffing up on middleocore after 106th best is code for Broyles Award voting.

Me? With really quality health?

They may just surprise and move more than 1-2.5 Standard Deviations to the good. Tho’ that’s prolly code for 50th to 70th best. And with bad health and questionable depth behind all of that,
the 2021 stop-unit could prove graphically deviant indeed.

YEAREND Special-teams:

Have left the Jamerson Athletic Center building.

Rebuilding is the P & K buzzword here.

And yet the Lincoln-Logs and erector sets seemed to have come up a few bricks shy of a replacement P1 and K1 load. As there were a Fu’ whispers of our going questing for some immediate portaling or walk-on competition boosting help here. From what I have… there are two reasonable lean(s) here for P1 (p.Moore) and K1 (J.P. Romo) priorities; tho’ some say the lean is a narrow one. Pisa -esque. Some say our next K1 was some else’s K1 to boot. So, let’s see if any incoming roster acquisitions are made, and then reask this one for a reup by late August Camp give/take.

And although the coverage teams were 2020 strong, 106th in Punt Returns and zero that’s (0) Punts & Kicks blocked combined really does need to move/improve.


Is pretty well gonzo!

As in two once-a-decade pure stud oLinemen -or 40% of our best blocking troop since c.News’ DeChris, Nosal, Brooks, Lanier, and Miller pentagon of blocks- and a possible once-a-career Rb talent have joined Coach Elvis and left the building.

This from a 2020 Fu’fense that despite something of a yawning festival midseason (moderate) slump, still finished 46th or better in every single one of the Football Outsiders advanced metrics. Think about that… because where do they finish with a fully available stud and N.f.l. workhorse caliber Rb1, with good health at the Pivot or Qb1, and with better health/availability in the catch-corps and on the oLine alike?

I mean… just talent-wise?
You could construct a fair-to-middling argument that 46th was the Fu’fensive worst, case.

And although I may only have 36-hours of McBryde Hall calc’ and stats, if they had all pretty much remained upright and locked, cocked and ready to rock? I’ma pretty sure that encodes for somewhere north of 46th best on O in every single one of Football Outsiders advanced metrics categories. Which I for one nitpicked looking for just one single solitary outlying 2020 weakness which I never ever found. (And frankly, it did NOT feel that way upon breaking 2020 tape to me— did it to you?)

Nonetheless, the 2020 Fu’fense finished 2020 with a staggeringly high run-shape favoritism of ~65% ground-n-pound as opposed to a relatively meager 35% bomber command or aerial look.

Clap on!” …or… “Clap off!”???

By the end of November, this had reduced even fu’rther in favor of trench-warfare as our run-shapes were hovering just below 71% itself. (With ~only 3 in 10 odds of attacking the enemy via the 2020 O&M Air Force).

The 2021 Fu’fensive catch-crops could be a bit north of the 2020 grab-gang. Granted… tho’ just how much? Likewise, the 2021 run-fits or the mudders version of the Vice Squad already forecast a good deal more acute than the obtuse pass-pro’ reports from springball 2021 (left or odd side was shaky at best/at most in pass-protect). And fu’rther… just how much do you wanna risk your 2020 Qb1 run-fit matrix of a staggering 40% of all 2020 carries being Qb1-keepers when you are basically 2021 Qb1 deep or Qb(n)one deep behind that?

And yes, Eye know, this squirty-quick Qb1 can carry the mail sharply enough.
Tru dat.

Nonetheless, can he fully BAXcinate into a pretty solid 10+ game 2021 healthcare provider however is another ask entirely or indeed?

Or in other words… Fu’ and Corny need at least one legit Rb1 to emerge like a dead man needs a coffin. (Maybe even a good deal mo’ than that).

Because if one does not?
(or maybe even a true breakout baller @Wr?)

Mark my words here men… this will be a nickel-n-dime offense.
Hunt-n-peck. Or, aquarian in a… word.

A spring that never really… sprung?

LOT less wasted ancillary or extracurricular energy in camp this spring. NOT quite code for mo’ chi (Chinse for energy) or enthusiasm itself necessarily, just less wasted energy. Meaning: less critical coaching and more corrective coaching. Or another way to say this is to say that the knucklehead ‘ear-game’ or ability to listen and take coaching the verb as: “correction” is way way up this spring per dustup type of fires that needed to be stamped out being way way down. And this is a welcome auditory/implementory change of pace or change of peace to be sure.

A.c.c.ordingly, there were no real storylines, taglines, or mytharcs… no Qb1 musical chairs. This is celibacy itself. And Qb1(s)’s dickering it out is *the* off-season sex that sells. No real controversies brewing or swept under the O&M rug like before.

Ergo, bra-vo 2021 team leaders!!!

Odds to NOT be coaching the same school in 2022:

  1. Clay Helton -11o (bet: $1.00 to win $1).
  2. Justin Fuente +125 (bet: $1 to win $1.25).
  3. Lincoln Riley +175
  4. Scott Frost +25o
  5. Jim Harbaugh +3oo
  6. Chip Kelly +35o
  7. Dino Babers +4oo
  8. Mike Norvell +4oo
  9. Jeff Brohm +45o
  10. David Shaw +5oo
  11. Randy Edsall +55o
  12. Dana Holgorsen +6oo
  13. Mike Leach +6oo

Now, let us look back for a moment and think about it… and think hard about it if you are in the appetitive for change or Δ-Fu’ crowd…

(…and yes-yes, Eye of all fu’lly know; thinking comes every girl is pretty every girl is beautiful Social Needia hard these days. Nonetheless, humor my precocious cognitive side here…)

Let’s say Whit did somehow obtain gar-ron-damn-tee’s to fu’lly buy Fuente all the way out… and he HAD the monies!

How bad does this much-maligned and even more-so post-uva upset victory and picked-over pressor look now?

Because what do you do with the 12.5 XXXL that you did not use to buy Fu’ out? (In addition to buying the weightroom some new, plates, I mean).

Would you not be tempted to keep it— or at least beg the deep-pockets permission to keep some of it in shutdown/lockdown balance-sheet teardown fiscally sanguine finishing very much in the O&M red kinda year?

’cause if you did HAVE it (in lieu of the pledge, meaning: cash-in-hand, liquidity in an account(s)); and you still did NOT off-Fu’? How big of a wimp-sauce dip would you look like, then?!?


And why did this sudden-alleged #FireFu reversal happen?

  • Firstly, well, how big of a gridiron dummy does Whit look like if he fires *the* seminal alpha-hire of his Athletic Directing career? That’s a pretty big selfie Fu’BAR misfire move in my book.

    LESS football? This is amazing, truly!!!
  • Secondly, and accordingly, who is a bigger fan of Fu’ putting in work than Whit, well; not named Mrs. Fu’, once the sun goes down?!? I mean, look at what Whit the Olympic Sport 25 qt. hiring gold medalist has done… outside of the ultimate golden-fleece or pigskin cash-cow? (A.D. Whit has been nothing short of fabulous here; truly).
  • Recency-Effect or halo>>>horns. As no matter how horny this asinine did not listen fanbase was to off *their* very own former 4-year boy… the uva upset VicTory did afford Fu’ more than a little traction in his next-day exit interview with Whit. DO not underestimate this immediacy disinfect on a guy {sic: Whit} who really knows precious little about American Football itself, either sports-fans.
  • Finally, just how many football big-whistles can you afford to fire in the fiscal F.E.M.A. bottom-(line)-triage that 2020-early-2021 has been? Meaning: this most recent Coaches Convention down in the ATL was unconventionally thin as resumes and/or availability went. As the 2022 off-season almost has to be deeper by any and all possible headhunting definition(s). i.e., finding a 2020 upgrading replacement Coach Next like this woulda been the hardest displacement H.R. find of them, all. A needle in an Ag.School haystack or a needle in a haystack of needles itself.
  • Finally, and just how deep are those deep pockets if your Coach Next hire misfires and needs to be bought out, come 2024-2025? Think they wanna scratch your don’t know jack-‘bleep’ itch when it comes to inking 8-greenback-buyout-digits; twice, again? Meaning your ability to crowdsource after a second hiring strikeout woulda prolly come up more than a little M.L.B. short. No matter your personal seamhead or Olympic sport wizardry indeed.

And yet FU is still coach:

I mean if you do not ax the guy after this last 3-year-circus of:

  • @O.d.u. Hokie baller vs. son and then vs. poppa-bear coach(s).
    then: (all kinda baller-on-baller O&M crime!).
  • Everything in-around (Not once, twice!)
  • Lockerroom won’t put out for Ry’ on wheat…
  • The hellish ballers-vs.-ballers bus ride prior to upsetting Marshall in the fog.
  • The fu’gly optics of getting our Liberty bell-rung, and 4-game “resistance is Fu’tile” that culminated in an (entirely impracticable/intractable) post-@Pitt near mutiny?
  • Then we talked ourselves outta a possible bowl entry exemption… or in other words… in 2 of the last 3 years? We did NOT want dat post-season work!!!
    The ballers had had enuff of regulation balling for him.
  • (and sadly, everything Termination At Will recently off-field) …
  • well…………if you did not fire him already………….when would you #FireFu?

LOL I mean… which photogs of Whit’ does Fu’ have?!?

  1. A whit-lock applied on a she-cheerleader?
  2. Babs getting all kinda whitty with a professHER?
  3. or, does Fu’ have *the* unicorn lothario photogs of all time? (i.e., of him him-whittling away his ownself on… Whit?)


That all being rightfully said… and either/or way…

Actually-n-factly: We STILL kept him?

LOL, do; what now?

i.e., I mean, after all of ^dat^? Well, what in the “Wide Wide World of Sports
would it take to actually unkeep him ❓❗️❓

Like it or lump it, men… tell me Fu’
is NOT here too, stay?

Fu’ud for (next time Tech) Thought(s)…

…and… is it just possible that Fu’ is actually coaching (the verb) his ass (the noun) off?

…Eye, wonder?


The truth is we kept Fu' because of... what???

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Virginia Tech in 2021=4 wins. Or, Virginia Tech in 2021=8 wins.

please support the VT F.C.A.!!!







Happy 245th @U.Sam!!!

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  1. Mighty fine use of keyboard as like Herpes this FuFense is here to stay. So best to learn to live with it vs ignoring & hoping it goes away. And after the futile attempt to finger point or blame others on no spring game… a medication lotion has been applied to reduce symptoms of withdrawal by increasing fan engagement now even Our beloved DC’s Twitter novel thesis which has become a well placed outreach to rally the Hokie Nation together for 2021. Keeping QB1 erect will be a challenge as never has a season been completed under Fu without QB1 in the M*A*S*H unit. But in the end, believe it’s the progress of a defense which never truly installed the new system that may be a bacon shakin & saving grace for this staff & AD.

    Simple. Easy to comprehend & know your role. Let’s Go…Hokies!!!

    1. well, thanks!
      Made my nite.

      Yah; I mean… I am almost wondering if this contract is Fu’s to, Fu’llfill?

      And… Eye guess you could make it a backhand compliment to him {sic: Justin}
      that he is still here. I mean, how many can survive all of that?
      and IF he did turn it all around?

      type about a LOVE-a-thon!!!
      I mean that is earning your O&M stripes in spades.

      (with Recruiting recently suffering a bit of an uptick of sorts– who is to say he is 1,000%
      for triple-double sure not starting to turn the, tide?)


    1. I will try to redact a bit of it… not sure how much… tho’ some of it may need to go find the sword.


  2. Fuente,has nine,lives, how,many has he used up? I hope this year is the year he turns it all around, cheers to a solid year. QB 1 upright for all games ,and tech should win 7

    1. eleventeen?
      I mean… yah; and to extend your metaphor?

      Fu’ always lands on his… feet(s).


  3. What was the Marshall bus ride flare-up? Is that when “quitting” came to a boil?

    1. Not exactly… some of the ballers very actively threatened the ready-to-play ballers;
      that they wanted to lay down and let Marshall win.
      (so the season would, END!)

      i.e., they would NOT have to put in any bowl-practice work, which they
      clearly extremely much did not want. Not at all.


  4. Not much here on special teams. I was waiting for some news. Is everyone ignoring the fact that our kick game may take a nose dive? Did someone take over the punt returner position or is this still going to be a fumble every 1 in 5?

    1. No news is at least not, bad news.

      Nobody ‘won’ either leg-game spot.
      (this was not let’s continue the competition– nobody booted the completion). There is a diff’.


    1. Thanks!!!

      It is not meant to be Gerber or babying– that’s fo’ sho’.


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