Tech Thoughts … spring practice part IV:


Lot going on in Blacksburg, Va. this past week and weekend. Some in memorial –God Bless o4.16.

Game on!
Game on!

Some things are always going on over on Slusher Beach as the New River Valley starts annually heating up.

And even some football to boot!

I have a lot more than this.

However, in the interests of having more objective off-season things to write about, this will suffice for now. As per always, there are some guys making a move, some guys just setting the pace and a few guys who need to get it in gear. Timely enough Bristol Motor Speedway short-track weekend pun, insert here ________ check!

As only 3 work days remain to make your O&M depth-chart, move!

So far the early returns are that former scholastic football star, and current men’s hoops team member, #89 Point-Guard, I mean, Wr, Devin Wilson, can catch that damn rock! How his is route discipline, how is his blocking –after not having played football since the fall of 2o14? Dunno yet on that? I do know that he put up 230 receptions good for 3,200 career yards and 41 TD’s! They say he can return punts/kicks in a pinch and was a pretty fair to middling Cb on top of all of that (6 career INT’s). 455 yards rushing his senior football season leaves one wondering if he is not something of a throwback or old-school Wingback trapped in a Pt.Guard’s body? As Wilson can do a lotta things… only question is, how many football things can he do soon enough? As I really wish the football had had him on Roster since 2012. As there is something just downright talented about his look at Wr. Which makes one wonder if we could r-shirt him and effectively have him play 2 years of hoops and 3 years out on the gridiron?

…a 2sport Star?

Dwayne Lawson………………….is the best Virginia Tech (potential) Qb1 prospect, since? Some guy named Michael Vick. There I said it. With heavy emphasis on the word: “potential”. As this is one triple-double, or should I say one triple-jump, freaky freak indeed! Check it out…

  1. 15.2o secs in the 110m hurdles, (Florida State Champion)
  2. 22’8” in the Long-Jump
  3. 49’1” in David Wilson’s Triple Jump (Florida State Champion)
  4. and just a mere 6’5” in the High Jump (Florida State Champion)
  5. 4,464 passing, 1,976 rushing and an absurd 69 total TD’s in his last two year!
  6. he sucks! We should cut him right away.

That attempt at droll levity aside, D.Lawson is a bigger, stronger, faster T-mobile or a much more effortless or fluid LT3. Take thy pick. Or maybe he should have picked Track & Field? As he put up crazy numbers as a mere part time T&F warrior! How good is this guy at the Triple Jump, the High Jump or even the 11om hurdles if he throws his football away for keeps and goes 100% T&F? As some on the former Staff went so far as to wonder out-loud if he (Lawson) had picked the right sport? They were *that* dang happy to get a pure Matrix movie type talent. Albeit a bit of a still raw football talent. Although suffice it to say that Lawson is by far and away the furthest from his person ceiling vis-à-vis the j.Evans and b.Mot’ kids as well. They are semi and very close respectively to what they can ultimately be. Whereas Lawson is nowhere near. Nonetheless, what does this posit or aver going forth? I don’t know? I do know that there are a lotta moving parts in this #2 6’6” 230 lb. basically an N.b.a. Small-Forward sized Dwayne Lawson equation. Among them… he has been buying beer (legally) for about 9 months now. He will be 22 years of age before we host Liberty. He will be 24 years young before his O&M eligibility, expires. He is a daddy; already. He has put his work in, having added 24 lbs. of pure right-mass or muscle, since he first Jamerson Athletic Center weighed in. There are reports he can run a legit 4.4o forty. He also is said to have missed a practice last week (academic). There are also whispers that this Lawson kid truly does have it all and prolly does offer coach-Fu the best Fu’fensive fit. IF, he can put it all together, by the time we get to Bristol. After all… “if is the middle word in life.” -Dennis Hopper, Apocalypse Now-

And IF we played Liberty tomorrow, as someone reported ~10 days ago, it appears that the #1 Pivot (Canadian Football League or C.f.l. for QB) it appears that the #1 Pivot Talent is not ranked any higher than Qb3. Which leaves you wondering just how much ground the #1 Talent can elapse while only receiving tertiary reps before we get to Bristol?

(UPDATE:) If you ask me? This spring (and August Camp) are hidden critical for Lawson. As in…………….if b.Mot really is Qb2; or even close enough to Evans to be a credible Qb1a threat? Lawson can not be any more than Qb3 (baring injury, God forbid), until spring ball 2017. Or basically a year of  Pivotal development really cut down to size. Think about that…

May not be (pop) guns, ain't exactly 16'' Iowa Class, either...
May not be (pop) guns, ain’t exactly 16” Iowa Class, either…
As that’s NOT good men. As someone from Evans, Lawson maybe Joshua has to be Q2 come fall of 2017. Motley will abdicate that slot no matter nothing. So if Lawson can earn at least Qb2 reps, he really advances himself significantly, going forward. And if he does not he really hamstrings his very own development just the same. This Spring Practice could be a really big difference maker in the 2016 Qb2 August Camp Lawson taking the next 2017 step. That, or the 2016 Qb3 Lawson could be left a good deal behind. Making  right now a critical…………….time for Lawson. Critical. Continuing in the Qb mode… above is a good look at the heir apparent to m.Brewer. What do you see, you tell me? Because what I see is a D-1 power conference Qb with what more/less amounts to a scholastic looking set of pipes (biceps + triceps). Someone has heard a few nag’s regarding d.Evans pure throw-game velocity or arm-strength this Spring. On breaking tape? I did not truly see that, as his arm looked right in between “okay” and good enough. He throws a Warren Moon very catchable ball as a Bryan Randall+. Now that being said… Evans is indeed prolly Qb3 as any pure arms-race goes between Motley, Lawson and himself. And you can see why up above. This is just not a sliced-up looking human Ginsu knife of a Qb. Hence the former comparisons to Tajh Boyd; who never quite passed the eye-exam although he could and he did ball his ass off when the chips got big and blue. Is that very same proverbial switch-throwing je ne sais quoi part of the gameday credibility of d.Evans as a likely Qb1,  once the Bristol whistle blows? Time will tell… though I do lean “yes” at the moment.

…was recently asked about the rookie Wideouts and how they are doing on the Free-MB. It would appear to someone that Divine Deablo is out in front and do not die of shock if he is the #3 Wr by the time November rolls around. He is the Alpha-catch of the freshman year voters here. He has the height, the size, the physicality, the speed and the hands. Kinda reminds someone of a taller though leaner Joshua Morgan just a little bit. Plays bigger than he is listed and he (Divine) uses his size well to create openings between the hashmarks in midfield space. Ergo, I’d forecast a 30+ grab season with a handful of TD’s for him at this stage. After Divine it would appear we have a quality stretch guy (Samuel Denmark, state champion runner-up in the 100m) and possible Charlie Joiner’s or possession type guy(s) (Eric Kumah, and more so in Sean Daniel). And make no mistake, that’s a really tight looking 2019 pass-catching matrix. If you can not have three Divine’s or all-around guys, that mix is exactly what you’d want.

soleus braceing
Egyptian or mummified right-leg…

Interesting to see both true Rb positions, (Tb or Hb and a pure Fb), both left in the backfield to block on scripted roll-out passing plays. Can’t say I’ve seen that since half-past Bill Dooley or the early 1980’s. Very interesting to see Rogers working a bit with the 1’s, at Tb! Yes, at Tailback and yes, that tells you something about Sam, about the Tb’s or about both; right there.

Curious to see Bucky in two full knee sleeves this week. The keen observer in you will no doubt point out that Bucky typically sports the “bimbo” Cole’s looking Patella-Knee-bands on game-day. Don’t think this means anything bad-bad, as much as it is an increase in personal care if you will.

Whispers say Tuaman is back at practice, full (not contrast or contrast); though he does look a little gimpy on his lower-right side and is now in a full right leg sleeve. Published reports now say he suffered two full (opposite) knee injuries last season. I do not know if Tuaman suddenly becomes a G-c-G block shedding terror overnight? I do know that it is tough to shed even an equally matched Fb or Tb block on two flat tires. May St.Andrew bless, as there are at least a few legitimate v.Hall toughs inside this Polynesian. Now let us all hope there is some legitimate v.Hall play inside him as well. (UPDATE: he has a grade I soleus sprain, though Hopefully, nothing too bad here; though his penchant for developing an injurious litany is piling up, is it not?)

Pleased to report that incumbent starting Center Eric Gallo looks like he has stopped finding weight and that he may have cut a bit of weight since March. He does look better, he is moving better and he will only play better as his conditioning progresses. Still wondering if maybe he was not cleared S&C full and if that mucked him up a bit? Though this does show a willingness to work and the only place winning comes before working is still the dictionary. Just ask his practice Captain’s jersey if you doubt any of that.

Nice to see likely starting Rover Terrell Edmunds getting some jersey practice captain love on Thursday as well. As this 6’1” 210 lb. Rover looks like he has chainsaw teeth cuts all over his northern hemisphere. Might wanna consider a career as a a super-model if football does not quite work out. As lb. for lb. this is one mega jacked up guy.  A 375 lb. squat and a 38” vertical jump off of 210 lbs. in weight says so!

As reported all ready, methinks Durkin is making a quiet move at Te. He is a very willing hitter; and there is now evidence he can catch as well. Pretty solid all-around athlete this Durkin kid; and I hope he gets some kinda unselfishness award for taking one for the good of the team at the Spring Game.

Spring has sprung!
Spring has sprung!

Sure sounds like Shegog has got the Whip position in at least a side-headlock, if not an all out full-nelson. This spot seems like a good place for the physically willing Shegog to me. Though I will predict that his (Shegog’s) P.T. or playing-time may actually be a function of how well or how soon a couple of secondary guys come along. As the true Top-11 best defenders Bud Stout can place on the football field at the same time prolly does include Shegog; even if the necessarily defending Spread set match-ups do not.

Never head a Position coach (Wiggins) go full Mister Miyagi and actually teach: “Wax Off” as a release technique for Wr’s/Te’s off the line-of-scrimmage proper. Too funny and it might even be too effective to boot. Extremely charismatic group this new Staff, and methinks this will only aid and abet their ability to “reach” or clinically motivate these current ballers and future recruits. And they are not getting their run for said charisma; either.

Woody Baron sure looks mechanically set at Dt. No real wasted motion to his game whatsoever. Crisp on his techniques(s), well schooled and well learnt –stronger in the northern hemisphere than ever before. Kinda looks like a plucky Otis Sistrunk, only on the other side of the line-of-scrimmage. Accordingly, he is prolly right at his trench fighter performance zenith and even if that is not all-world; how many of us have our peers say that about our game? Know what I mean?

It would appear that r-Jr. Mitchel Lidwig almost has the de facto leg up at the race for Punter right now. He has enough leg to have kicked-off for Tech 73 total times in his career. Had average+ or Breyers vanilla bean kinda punting numbers in high school. Which makes his likely punt-game better than average, flirting with good, though prolly not outright great. Has an interesting drop on his (hand) release and it does not make his toe to leather impact time any faster. We are kinda thin here at Punter men. No other way to put it. Almost has you wondering if they will look to bring another Punter(s) in this summer? Although Lidwig is serviceable enough; you’d really like to have a weapon at  Punter; would that you could.

As reported before, the coaching quotient itself has gone way way up this Spring Ball as someone is seeing a lotta cross-coaching going on like never before. Formerly, Position Coach ABC coached up his ABC kids; and basically, that was that. Which is the historical paradigm most places. Now? Now we see coach ABC coaching up all the way out through XYZ. Or correcting/coaching anything he sees anywhere on the field. And do understand, coaching=correcting, coaching≠criticism. I for one supremely applaud this and the new Staffers sure seem to have a good time, doing it. They are reminiscent of General Siato of Bridge Over the River Kwai fame “…be, happy in your work.

The most interesting story-line thus far this Spring ... has been what?

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Virginia Tech=1 week of Spring ball, left!!!




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  1. Have you forgotten that we have a walk-on punter coming in who looks like the real deal. Mostly 5-second hang time!

    1. yes, yes I have.
      Who is this please?

      And yah; someone could still steal this spot.


          1. Can wade thru the writing, but the graphics are very distracting.
            Enough with the fonts already.

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  2. No one is talking about the unheard of competition at running back. where is TMACK?!? (Travon McMillian) If Fuentes wants to keep his job I suggest he get OUR best RB back at the top of the depth chart.

    1. Oh he’s there.
      Tb1 or Tb1a.

      He and Shai are getting more of the 1’s work. Though moving Sam into the Tb1 spot has to say something. Either about how much they like Sam; or where the feel Tb itself truly is.


  3. Re: QB Competition

    Given the developmental rationale ; I can see case for “if BMot clearly isn’t #1, he is #3.
    Good stuff on a pretty interesting spring, bstreet. Ty. Now slap some mud on that and get back in the game!

  4. Glad you mentioned Durkin. For whatever reason I have always wanted him to do well. I loved that to catch I saw on mic’d up.

    1. I’m not sure he’s a true Te.
      Though I’m pretty sure he’s a true football player.
      He gets contact (intuitively); he likes it, he will deliver the same.

      Not everyone out there can say that in cutie 2016 terms anymore either.


  5. One of his most readable. At least you did not need to know ancient roman history a la D. Milleresque speak.

    Good info, but nothing unexpected at this juncture.

  6. Don’t care what some of you say about Bstreet. He’s passionate for VT sports and that’s enough for me. Thanks Bourbonstreet. Now, if you’d just explain a few things.

  7. Have read this person for the last time. Waste too much time trying to figure out what he is saying. He is passionate but too obscure for me.

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