Tech Thoughts: Whiskey Tango Helen is… Adam Lechtenberg?!?

Virginia Tech football coaching staff (now)=10!!!

Virginia Tech football went out and made its highly anticipated 10th coaching hire this week and unveiled a Chicago Maroon Honda Accord otherwise known as one… Adam Lechtenberg.

The Hokies did not exactly tally a cannonball splashy hire that the message boards seemed so January gone summertime thirsty for. Nevertheless, who is this guy; what does he have under the hood; and what does he bring to the Owens Dining Hall table? Per always, read on, to find… out!

Virginia Tech 10th assistant coach: Adam Lee Lechtenberg: age=36, 19-15 overall mark as an assistant coach.

Now to be fair… Coach Adam Lechtenberg is unproven; if not by-n-large; unknown.
Pro or con: either way… or at least so it, seems…

Though as Ricky LeBlue put it:
Q. …does he have “the chops” for this?
A. … “I don’t know” is the short answer… so why don’t we actually do our homework and take a closer look?

So maybe I’m misunderstanding this… precisely what is a 10th college football coach allowed to do? This seems like a recruiting hire; nearly; singularly. Not another position coach… right? Or is a 10th position coach, illegal? (Anyone wanna go James Joyce Ulysses and NC2A rule-book look this one up and reply down below?)


Now, I know that finding a mid-major or small college up-in-coming flashy splashy hire, like a someway somehow all tricked out Jeep Patriot spinning rims type coach or at least a young mans RichRod was not a given… though still…

Mea culpa, I gotta confess, I’m a little… flat; here; (or at least I was until I looked all of this up…)

  • Qb coach and O-coordinator at: Central Connecticut State 2010: total O=22nd, run O=7th, throw O=81st.
  • Qb coach and O-coordinator at: Central Connecticut State 2011: total O=20th, run O=14th, throw O=70th.
  • (non-on-field coach for a few seasons; recruiting coordinator, academic liaison, et al)
  • Passing game coordinator & Wr’s coach at: University of Tennessee at Martin 2016: total O=14th, run O=57th, throw O=11th.

    No.10 coach…

Central Connecticut State was a 1-time Northeast Conference champion in 2010; and UT Martin was a 1-time conference runner-up; that does not suck. Also seems like coach Adam knows how to mine some rubies and carnelians in the tall grass, as in total, 11 of his Tiger walk-ons eventually earned scholarships at Memphis, while 23 made major contributions. Coach Adam has well known recruiting ties down in So.Eastern country at Alabama, Tennessee. And up north in more of the traditional Big East Nor-by-Nor-East panhandle states. And if you look at those aforementioned run-fit, throw-game and total O stats… it sure looks like Coach Adam knows his way around a productive offensive huddle.

Baller and Butte, Nebraska native Adam was a walk-on member of the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the late 1990’s. And since half past when did you ever meet a walk-on at a major D-1 football factory -where punishment is typically the scout-team order of the day- that lacked Foster’s so-called: “want too” or toughs? Me, neither…

Daddy Adam and his wife Kristy have a daughter Madison.

the skinny
So -and may the very first Saint of them all; Saint Adam bless- as I gotta admit, I’ma warming a bit to this hire. As you had to expect an offensive savant such as Coach-Fu’ to go offensively spelunking for his 10th coaching hire; and he did.

Coach Adam has the prerequisite offensive background; and Fu’ seems to think he {sic: Adam} can actually and factually recruit. (And if you read the pay-side message board you will see I was hoping for a recruiting vector here)

Nonetheless as George Burns once so aptly put it: “Time is the greatest critic of all.” And time will tell… so I’ll wait and see what time it is come 2020 or so, and then ask 2020 how all of this, tastes.

How ’bout you???

How do you (now) rate the coach Adam... hire???

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Virginia Tech’s 10th coach=Adam Lechtenberg!!!




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  1. Always count on you for the R.A.T.T.. Adam is a P-5 lightweight and a Fuente crony and this alone counts for the hire. The one thing Fuente and Beamer have in common is “loyalty”. Come on B’Street, Galen Scott doesn’t even deserve to carry the lunch pail, much less be Bud’s successor. If somebody else wanted to hire him, doubt it was P-5, we should have let him go. Seperation without guilt you know! Love Fuente as the head coach, but everyone has chinks in the armor, even Justin.

      I appreciate that.

      The Scott deal is resume` nomenclature to me.

      Nice for him to have the title to bling in any H.R. hiring situation.
      Good recruiter; and a hard core meltdown yeller/discipline type guy.
      That the last staff; lacked; sorely. They say him vs. Alexander is earplugs; only.


  2. BTW My Dad was born in Switchback West BY GOD VA. He knew your family and brothers, said they were intelligent and ballers.

    1. I’m biased so I normally D.Q. myself; nepostically speaking…

      Though to rep’ their gone and missed humility I’ll just say: they would not want me to flash them.
      Not at all. Bragging was never ever their thing. Not, once.

      And God Bless your pops!!!

  3. Even though there’s much less undiscovered talent than there once was, gaining an edge through identification and development is still an edge for us and a realistic approach for a strong team that lacks a title and a strong university that doesn’t have the academic rep of Duke or UVA. Plus, Fu is coming on as a good recruiter himself which mitigates the need for a hired gun to close – it’s not our culture and how big a hired gun do you get with our budget if you go that route? We need to become the three headed monster and with Bud, Charlie, Fu and Shibest we should get there. Sounds like this kid will help. Also, a youth infusion is nearly always a recruiting plus in and of itself.

    Fits our culture, adds youth and adds coaching horsepower to the side of the ball that we will ultimately maul people with after D and ST’s get good field position. Hiring flash and frills ain’t us and this looks like a smart hire, all things considered. Hard, Smart, Tough

    1. Also, a youth infusion is nearly always a recruiting plus in and of itself.

      Fully agry here.
      Young typically reaches youth; better.


  4. I trust Coach Fuente as an evaluator of football talent and I trust him as an evaluator of coaching/staff talent..

  5. Looking for More in “name” and experience for this 10th hire. Fuente is starting a garden. I wanted something from the vegetable market. Ready to be used…

    1. I had/have similar feelings.

      Tho’ he (Fu’) wanted this promotion from within.
      Which is either a show of loyalty… or Group Think in textbook terms (i.e. lack of FRESH produce/ideas)


  6. I am convinced Fuente has a plan for success. We are just beginning to see what will be. I “get” the talent evaluation portion of the coach Adam. Fuente has seen him in action and it has worked where he has been. It not only opens u new possibilities in territories, but gives us a full time boots on the ground worker, vs. a position coach…I like! Welcome to the HOKIE Nation, we are open for success!

    1. Tru tru.
      I did like the new territories kick myself.

      Now can he land a ‘bamma or Tenn. or Conn. Ave. boy or not?


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