Vah.Tech invades the inaugural Greenbrier Classic in force!

Virginia Tech-34

That is what my scoreboard reads up here this week up at the Greenbrier.

I am seeing a surprising amount of “VT” logos and downright Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange in the gallery up here in White Sulfur Springs in West -by God- Virginia.

3 Hokies dot the 2010 Greenbrier Classic field.

Ergo, let’s dabble in an off the beaten path look at Golf O&M style on

Brendon de Jonge: $1,360,173
A big thick set golfer who looks like something of a Zimbabwe tree-trunk out here. The closer to the hole Mr. de Jonge gets the better Mr. de Jonge is. Brendon is a very handy putter and skillful when playing iron shots into the green. Off the tee however Mr. de Jonge is a little be erratic and does not play as long as his bulky 6` 240 lb. frame suggests. Still, he is very likely the best VT touring pro out of these three and he will be playing this weekend after being tied for 9th after two rounds.

Johnson Wagner: $375,752
Johnson had a good run during early late May through early June and has been a bit off his game ever since. Another fairly heavyset Hokie golfer at 6` 230 lbs. The sand game down on the beach appears to be Mr. Wagner’s strong suit. Basically every other golfing facet is average or below. One has to wonder if Mr. Wagner gets to keep his touring card at the end of the season. As this Amarillo Texas native has a little bit of temper in him as well.

Drew Weaver: $0
Drew is the N.A.F.T.A. savvy Canadian golfer who make some O&M noise by almost making the cut as an amateur at the British Open in 2007. The next year he competed at the Master’s and this year he managed to sratch out a nifty 40th place finish at the U.S. Open. Drew is the leaner and meaner of these three Hokie golfers, standing 6`2“ and only weighing in at a buck75 (175 lbs.). The High Point NC. native is not the most powerful hitter in Golf; though he does have a reputation for being a very keen ball-striker and above average with his putter. (see: above pic)

Seeing these Pros up close and personal has taught me two things that I have never been able to distinguish when watching the on TV. First up would be the fact that 80-85% of them are in very good physical condition. Perhaps this is best glossed as the Tiger effect as most of these touring pros are now 6` or taller and look like oh say a Danny Coale or an ever so slightly undersized D-1 college Wide Receiver. There are still a few who carry a few extra pounds; though not many. Daily work-outs -outside of playing rounds- improved nutrition and better socializing disciple after-hours on the 19th hole have all conspired to make this a leaner meaner P.G.A. Tour.

The other thing that has really stood out is just how high most of these guys hit the ball off the tee with mid to long-irons. You’d think you were at Cape Canaveral with this many moon-shots being launched on any given par 3.

Overall, it appears clear that Mr. de Jonge is the cock of the O&M walk at this time and an all together solid touring pro. Drew and Johnson need a bit more work and Drew could likely stand to find a few right-mass lbs. whereas Johnson and even Brendon would likely benefit from losing a few. In order to compete out here you need to be in no less than A- physical shape. This game has changed and it is now more competitive than it has ever been before. That’s all I’ve got and best of luck to Mr. de Jonge this weekend up here at the Greenbrier Classic.

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TSL much love shout-outs to numerous TSL readers that I meet up at the Greenbrier. Thank you for your kind words and it was a pleasure to make your  acquaintance.  Coach JB and his team, MissionaryHokie and his crew, Coach G-, numerous others and of course the host of hosts … one Mr. Jim Justice. Thank you one and all for your support of all things

WAR VT Golf!!!



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