Virginia Tech basketball preview: Maryland Eastern Shore

#216 R.P.I. Maryland Eastern Shore @ #96 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech men’s basketball plays host to Maryland Eastern Shore this Saturday at pm. U.M.E.S. is a historically black university, as well as an 189o Historically Black Land-Grant University.

The Hokies are year hyphen St.Louis, they are pretty close to being Top-25 ranked; they are set to break for finals exams and then they are set to break for some dippy little game over in bluegrass, bourbon, Derby, and Adolph Rupp country. Or something like that… though for the moment Coach Buzz and Co. are flying high; Buzz himself is whispered to have said his team has more than a little headroom between here and its 2o17 ceiling and yet they do have a Sunday matinee to play. Vs. lowly Maryland Shore who is three for the year (3-6) and yet only two shots removed from Virginia Tech basketball’s record in, reverse.

Maryland Eastern Shore Head Coach: Bobby Lee Collins: age=51, 222-224 overall, 42-57 at M.E.S. Has a rep’ for: basically inheriting talent, and doing clean-up jobs as best he can. Something of a surrogate/father-figure as well.

Baller Collins played collegiate basketball at Eastern Kentucky University from 1987 until 1991, earning All-Ohio Valley Conference Honorable Mention in his senior season. After earning his degree in business administration and management, he played one season overseas in Finland before returning to his alma mater to spend two years as an admissions counselor. In 1994, Collins took his first coaching job as an assistant to Jeff Capel II with the Old Dominion Monarchs.

Coach Collins came up as an assistant at Old Dominion and Hampton and then later he inherited the Hampton big whistle. After that he went on to .Winston Salem and now to Maryland Eastern Shore. Making coach Collins a three time M.E.AC. head coach if you are keeping score at home.

edu Collins enjoys a whipping 100% Graduation Rate rate M.E.S. and he was 2o15 M.E.A.C. and The Ben Jobe Award National Coach of the Year. He has won three conference titles and he

Maryland Eastern Shore at a glance:

  • 347th in scoring ( 6o.9 ppg)!
  • 347th in FG percentage overall (38%)!
  • 347th in 3-point percentage allowed (43%)!
  • 331st in 3-point percentage made (25.8%).
  • 321st in scoring defense allowed (81.8 ppg).
  • 321st in FG percentage allowed (48.4%).
  • 1st in… need I say, more?!?

Hawks Returning Starters=4

Maryland Eastern Shore Strengths:

  • A lotta Hawk experience returns and that is never a bad thing.
  • The Hawks took a bad-azz Team photog in front of their very own learjet.
  • My preview mags seem to think that M.E.S. has a lotta shooting back; even is early 2017 returns beg to differ. Both 2 and 3 point shooing/shooters.

    SKY Hawk!
  • One, #2, 6′8″, 198 lb. rookie year string-bean P/F-S/F and C-town Ohio hommie Miryne Thomas 12 ppg, 5.4 rpg, and 23% from deep is what’s what here. He was also a backyard member of you know who’s A.A.U. squad and ran ball for King James as a shortie. He is a Key Club officer DNK they still had that- M.Thomas once wrote guest column published in Cleveland Plain Dealer:A tough past doesn’t have to destroy your future”… his pregame routine includes praying and his hobby is… sleeping. No I’m not making any of that up and neither am I making it up when I say that Thomas was listed in only one of my pre-season mag’s. So I’d say that qualifies him as a pleasant surprise to boot. No mix in a steal and a block and you’ve got an interesting looking 2o21 kid to check back in on; who is pretty dang easy to root for in the meantime.
  • (11.3 ppg) Tyler Jones and (1o.1 ppg) Ahmad Frost are the only other Hawks to crack double-digits in scoring and they did not crack it by much. Tyler is a 6′7″ , 2oo lb. sophomoric stretch-Swing, who wears a headband, grabs you 5.5 caroms off the glass and shoots 34% overall and 22% from downtown. Which I suppose is not half bad from a kid everyone said would be a back-up this season; who was a walk-on last year, and who is a member of the National honor society; God Bless anyone classing it up while holding; court. 6′, 18o lb. r-Soph., Ahmad leads the Hawks in steals at 1.4 spg; he shoots 37% from the floor and 28% from long-distance. Ahmad is not listed in any of my preview mag’s and methinks that labels him an: “overachiever” smartly enough; and Godspeed on his knee blow-out last year.

Maryland Eastern Shore Weaknesses:

  • Gone is Bakari Coepland, F, and one of the best scorers (18 ppg) and rebounders (9 rpg) last year in M.E.A.C. terms.
  • Contrary to one of those bullets above, the Top-5 Hawks are all shooting 29.3% from beyond the arc this campaign; hence outside shooting a M.E.S. strength is not.
  • FT shooting has not been a historic strength of Coach Collins teams.
  • (preview magazine) (allegedly), alpha-Hawk, Ryan Andion has not even played this year. And oddly enough neither have his 12.7 ppg (2017) or his final year slick handles at the Point; as Ryan has elected to wear a r-shirt this year. (READERs note:there are some social media rumors here, and I’ll just say yah; sit-out, get well soon, Coach God Bless!)

Hawk Bench: (depth=3 to 6)
Kinda depends which nite we are typing about as only six Hawks have played in every single game thus far this year.

No Hawk nets more than six ppg;o or grabs more than four rebounds in relief, and one substitute Hawk has yet to score in eight games so far!

I supposed that makes 6′5″, 2o5 lb. r-Freshmam S/F Colen Gaynor and his 6 ppg and 4.3 rpg the best B-side Hawk almost via default though being the best B-side Hawk is a very nested statement indeed under these statistical terms.

Beating Maryland Eastern Shore is really all about ... what???

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Illation, conclusion (s) and OPT digits:

Number of Hawks who could soar @Tech=nil.

the takeaway:
The takeaway here is… if you read the intangibles row up above, you will see that I left that space blank; intentionally.

As I suppose this is a Kentucky look ahead trap-game in the finest textbook sense for coach Buzz and company. Maybe it is even, a study-hall encroaching Fall Semester final exams game. And it surely is Maryland’s Eastern Shore’s N.b.a. Finals, and Super Bowl all rolled into one.


And yet what does that matter when one team {sic: V.Tech} is first in scoring O, first in FG% from the floor and third best in 3-point shooting; playing at home vs. the Baltic Avenue metrics you see listed above for Maryland E. Shore on offense.

Decent, hard trying, coach.

As this game gives new meaning to offensive disparity; as you won’t see first-best vs. virtually first-last as offense goes for years to come. As four Hokies have hit at least 11 3-pointers thus far. And Virginia Tech has won all seven previous meetings, including a 75-59 triumph last season, and is 29-o against current members of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference.

As if that’s not enough for you… UMES is getting drilled in its six road games by an average of -35.5 points. Time to warm up and purfect things for those Wildcats up next.

(98% confidence interval)
Virginia Tech
=1o2, Maryland Eastern Shore=55




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  1. Can see century + for Hokies…MES bests double nickel just by # possessions….even shooting terrible. But maybe not much over 70’s Interstate speed limit. 101-60.

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