Virginia Tech football thoughts…

Virginia Tech football just broke August Camp 2016 and is now finally in full preparation mode for a warm-up Liberation weekend followed by a totally jumped-up call for …Volunteers.

This man seems renewed to me!
This man seems renewed to me!

Tech reported everyone back to camp; although as you no doubt already know by now, uber talented yet pretty well muddied off-field and therefore likely formerly Qb3 Dwayne Lawson has left the Beamer Barn building; accordingly, Godspeed and God Bless to Mister Lawson out in Kansas. In the meantime however, we have objective summer training camp regimental things to examine and a few early returning weigh-in whispers and vibes; plus some overall offensive tempo driven things and as always a few odds and Split-Ends to tie up. So with less than 30 shopping days until Hokie football v.2016, let us get started and jump right on in!

Today’s word of the day is… succinct



adjective. suc·cinct·er, suc·cinct·est

  1. characterized by clear, precise expression in few words; concise and terse: a succinct reply; a succinct style.
  2. Archaic encircled as if by a girdle; girded.
  3. the NEW coaching Staff practice field and meeting room methodology!

Interesting practice scheduling emerging, of which I could not approve more…

  • Part I: Firstly, Fuente said that he and his staff planned on spending the opening week initializing and then installing the base offense and defense for the upcoming season in totality; before taking this Wednesday off.
  • Part II: Secondly, then they will begin specific situation work. Down-n-distance driven then via specific down(s)  (1st, 2nd, then 3rd) itself.
  • Part III: Thirdly, game week normal work load begins the final week of August in preparation for his Hokie debuting coach-Fu offensive showcase on o9.o3, in Lane Stadium down on the Worsham Field turf  vs. little ole Liberty; or so we all hope. (READERs note: although you have to wonder if coach-Fu and company can resist the temptation to begin operations for Top-10 ranked Tennessee and the battle of Bristol with Vegas charting Virginia Tech-31 or as a thirty-one point favorite for game#1)

Now, what do all of you notice about all of this regimentation and/or newfangled scripting? Seem different to you; as in very? Before, it was pretty much an elongated version of part I, with a lotta definitional sorting out (between the 1’s the 2’s and the 3’s) as to who may or may not be able to potentially help right away. And then of course the inevitable segue into part III to prep’ for the given seasonal opener. Or in other words… this is quite the sandbagging job as most position races seem to be mostly decided already to me. And that creates a bit of a relief valve to individual competition(s) which places any given Staff –sooner– into pure gelling, cohesion and synchronization mode or pure team building in lieu of extended pitting of 1’s vs. 2’s vs. 3’s. As coach-Fu is industrializing a far more long-view approach that spares us all the tactical lassitude’s at the expense of getting down to strategic brass tacks right away; or at least as soon as that given seasons’ depth chart can afford. If you ask me; and you did by reading this column …this new Staff sure seems: “succinct”, as in extremely, in a single word.

Specific, exact, measured, quantified, objective and directed; as in very. Long long gone is the the anthology of plays otherwise known as the Frank-n-Stiney offense; likewise the N.F.L. complex sometimes compound fracture of the “great” Scot offensive set –which sure seams misplaced to me up in Boston College; though I digress. As this is a very vector specific set under coach-Fu, measured precisely to the arc-minute if not to the very arc-second. A very specific set that specifically metamorphose itself to emphasize the lockeroom talent it fields and the match-ups that avail themselves per the given breaking of tape on that specific opponent that specific Saturday afternoon. That seem refreshing to you for what had been a very very moldy and offensive stale set when in O&M possession of the ball? As this coach-Fu work seems so very refreshing to me, that I dare say this is a unique offensive era in the entire offensive history of V.P.I. football dating all the way back to the inaugural Fighting Gobbler offensive season of 1892. As this offensive side of the ball has been spayed or chaste for far too long; As these 2016 first steps may be virgin steps indeed; although the time has come to open things up and let her rip. And I for one can not wait to see what the Fu’fense is all about; as o9.o3 can not possibly get here soon enough.


Boy does likely Tb3 Deshawn McClease have a very high strung soleus muscle (calf muscle) with an abnormally high peak on the back of his leg. Almost as if the peak of your biceps upon flexing inched upwards towards your shoulder. Can’t say I’ve ever seen this before and that tells me that this kid is some kinda genetic freak. Also hints at a kid who should have an enhanced first-step or quicks and better change of direction and balance, for it. (And they say he has the best Tb Hokie-hands since Vaughn Hebron too; ergo you can see why coach-Corny is said to be pretty curious about him)

SD Triceps
Gun Show… 1o1

Possible Qb2, one #9, r-senior Brenden Motley sure looks back strong upon reporting to camp. Mot’ has never been a physical weakling, however, he has clearly added some upper hemisphere raw voltage or power to his mobile game this summer; as he is bigger than our starting Lb’s and he kinda looks more like a leaner Te, at least across the shoulders to me. When before Motley looked basically like a lean or athletic cut T-bone steak. Almost Defensive-End strong in the trapezius; as someone forgot to tell Brenden to enjoy caddying for d.Evans this year; as Mot’ has clearly come to work, after having put in the same this off-season. (p.s. Mot’s is in a full throwing-arm sleeve and in any other sport we’d call that: “tennis elbow”, here in this sport or in baseball you call it a: “tired arm” as he surely put a (bleep) ton of reps this summer to open camp with this basic precautionary measure in place –and also do remember this… Motley is an orthodontist’s dream; as this dude wears a lot of braces, or don’t worry too much about this one just yet)

I’ve said this before and I just do not know a way to say it any better; so apologizes for redundancy insert here______, check. Seth Dooley looks like he has a pair of large mouth-bass stapled to the back of his arms or what we mere mortals call: triceps! I mean this guy is absurd looking in the triceps; as he is to the O&M triceps group what George Bell and Popeye once were to forearm flexors.

Someone is also hearing a lot about Coach-Fu as a 40th President Ronald Reagan or as our very own “Great Communicator” redux. As part of coach-Fu’s knack or Gift, is just that, communication.

when coach-Fu talks ... players, listen!
when coach-Fu talks … players, listen!

Hearing a lot about the following offensive keywords to put it in 2016 Google societal sporting parlance… among these Fu’Fense buzzwords would be…

  • fast-paced
  • quick strike
  • pushing the tempo

In a word, a sense of: urgency; as in offensive urgency; as in both efficacious and tempo terms: –and “quick strike” was one that really bent someone 1st day of practice ear.

Now thing is… how long will it take this O to get “efficacious” off of their narrower, normally 1-3 read base plays; typically? I doubt that that has ever been code for just one August Camp + just one spring. At least not when starting from newly installed scratch or from the (0, 0, 0) or origin of the learning and experience-curves alike.

ready to BUCK you up!
ready to BUCK you up!

Typically I’d say wait until at least beyond the first month (September), or maybe out to that second OPEN week as our schedule goes this time. Give coach-Fu and the Qb whisperer coach Corny some time to tinker and putter. Adjust. Maybe swap a few positions or guys in/out as need be.

Nonetheless, I RELLLLLLLLLLY like what I got last Friday. How long will it take for this to click? Well, I’d be voting coach-Fu coach of the year if it is any quicker than October; and the tenth month might even be code for the eleventh month some seasons.

Though I super like this offensive set now that it has been much more thoroughly; revealed.

Once it does click? There is some pretty damn smart skill position refugee talent already in place here. Who has a more talented Te, Se, or Fb? Not many have more talent at Tb, or L-Guard, or R-Guard. Not many have more experience up front along the offensive-line. And methinks Evans at Qb1 is plenty solid enough.

It is just a matter of hearing that it all came together and suddenly went: …”click”. (This is a function of time and reps; and of course it could be a function of health) Though me super thinks most of you are gonna enjoy this sleeker not at all over-thought way too thick of a Stiney play-book; or the slow-developing N.F.L. level of play-side or back-side clearing from Loeffler. As this Fu’Fense is almost a lightening version of the old-school “Fun Bunch”. Once, or when, it does eventually snap-to and “click!”

R.A.T.T.: ...your debuting coach-Fu Virginia Tech offensive expectations' are what?

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Virginia Tech=best most exacting Offensive Staff, EVER!




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  1. One nice surprise this year is no significant injuries or physical limitations starting fall camp. I saw in one interview (forget which player) that was something they were working on during off-season conditioning, namely preventing injuries. Now we were all big fans of “Iron Mike”, but the past few years literally killed us with so many players losing time to lingering preseason injuries. Sometimes you just need a change to realize that maybe you were missing something before…

    1. yah; and we’d been pretty dang healthy before that; too.
      Not many critical hurts during that seven year 10 win span.
      I’m not Coach God.
      So go fig’ in each direction on that?

      (as that good health run is every bit as abnormal as the M*A*S*H 4077th run was as well)


  2. I think sooner rather than later !!! Our offensive players will be freed of the
    read and react offense of the past and will make big strides and I think VT
    could be a real sleeper this year. The offense will attack and play down hill as you said we
    have some very good talent and the OL may be one of our best in long
    time . I think the new coach is interested in making a statement now, like this year .
    I hope I am right about him . I thought we stayed a little long with the last regime.
    It however may have resulted in getting this guy and Whit may have hit a home run.
    Hoping Bud gets the D back to Buds D ,if he does I am thinking we are going
    to put a hurting on some unsuspecting ACC foes as the year unfolds . Not
    ready to make any predictions yet ,will need to see Evans in action but the
    pictures looked like he was in better shape . I like what I see and hear .

    1. I really need to see him at 238 lbs.!?!

      Is that added muscle or did j.Evans go back to being Tajh Boyd?


  3. you mean uber-athletic…. I would not use the description uber-talented to describe people just because they are quick, fast, or whatever. Quibble with wording.. fine.

    Funny you define succinct… because you are not succinct b-st. 🙂 with all due respect.

    1. I would say the Top-3 to Top-4 maaaaaaybe even the Top-5 on O are pretty talented.
      (couple of them are not entirely uber athletic, too)

      (no worries on succinct, good zing!)


  4. There’s lots of room for hidden offensive improvement in the form of reduced penalties and penalty yardage per game. Virginia Tech has been scraping the bottom of 1-A for the last several years (down in 90s for penalty yards per game average, in the 110s(!) in terms of total penalties). In the latter half of the 2000s, up through 2010, they were actually pretty good (top 25%) in avoiding penalty yards. Even if the tactical mechanics of the offense take a little while to coalesce, Fuente’s renewed focus on discipline should hopefully improve that quite a bit.

    1. tactical mechanics=good one!
      well spoken.

      However…………………118th. (never better than 92nd and 116th the other year)

      i.e. don’t hold your yellow-flag breath and turn blue in the O&M face –as that was Memphis under coach-Fu last year in Penalties,


  5. Succinct : Amazing that every word from all five of my Drill Instructors were succinct in every command. Are we sure R. Lee Ermy isn’t behind the scences? To be humbly honest, that’s how us Leathernecks became one efficient unit! Any military background with the coaching staff? Parris Island was no friggin joke!

    1. True. You guys gotta be brevity in command or people; -God Bless- die.
      I thank you for serving as well!


  6. Another question? Are we the pooor man’s Ohio State this year? Tons of starting talent, but not the depth?

    1. Not quite that talented.
      2-3 notches below.

      Conference champ’ competitive as opposed to a sneaky national titlist.


  7. I think the offense can be good. Depth is a serious concern. You really need to be two deep at receiver to feel “comfortable” going into the season with this system. The incoming class could help that, but none of them really struck me as “just add water” ready.
    The OL should be solid, but I’m not sure it’s oozing talent. Lots of experience, but talent wise I would just say it’s good. An experienced “good” OL is going to be good enough against most teams, but against a team like Tenn., that not only has experience but lots of talent in the front 7? Not sure.
    RB has an absolute stud, but how does he fit in this offense? Didn’t really excel in the passing game last year, and ideally you’d like more of an APB in the spread.
    Then there’s QB. There’s like 5 JUCO QB’s I can think of in the history of my life that did anything, and even fewer that were nobody’s coming out of high school. That’s generally because QB is such a difficult position to learn, two years just isnt enough time. Snyder at Kansas State has had success with them, precisely because his offense didn’t ask a ton of them. Run the ball and throw jump balls down field. Fuente will ask more than that of Evans. The scouting report on Evans was he tended to be a one read QB at JC. Is two years enough time to really get him to learn to go through the reads and progressions? I don’t know.

      1. Yes he was. He chose Air Force over North Texas. He then went JUCO and blew up. That’s different somebody like Cam Newton or Chad Kelly. Both were big time out of high school, had big time offers, went to big time schools, and then got in trouble so ended up in JUCO.

        1. I’m just hoping he (Evans) is a good coach-Fu fit.
          This is his (Fuente’s) boy.
          Nobody else at Pivot can say that.


  8. I see this new offense like driving the first time on a new interstate section of the highway and dropping the hammer!!!

    * OL experience helps both QBs
    * Receivers and tailbacks have play making ability, but ‘system’ must work to their strengths
    * By making Evans beat Motley, team will especially him more and forces him to upgrade himself in process

    Coastal is realistic and obtainable goal… Booked hotel in Queen’s Cuty already as the new look Hokies face the Atlantic in December.

    2016 vintage of Kook aid tastes good!!!

    Let’s Go… Hokies!!!
    Buckle up the chin straps as its football time in Blacksburg!!!!

    1. your 1/2 full point of view is always welcome here Chaz.
      Encouragement is a very good thing for most of us; Humans.

      I foresee a 50% shot at the Coastal.
      UNC will be a tough one and Pitt is not a good match-up.
      Then maybe mix in one misfire game.

      As I doubt we can afford more than 2 A.c.c.. L’s (less a head-to-head tie breaker) and still get there.


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