Tech Thoughts: Virginia Tech football’s next Qb1?

Virginia Tech football just had a great N.f.l. day; and probably a pretty bad 2017 seasonal adjustment in R.A.T.T. Atlantic Coast Collegiate terms. Godspeed to our early entries!footballl-logo-vt

The Evans, Bucky, Ford, Sam, and 100% of the right-side oLine departures are a critical offensive-based talent downgrade. Make no mistake here sports-fans; you do not get better with 75% of your pitch-n-catch routine gone; 40% of your oLine gone, and 55% of your O gone overall. Still yet, someone has to win the Qb1 job, and what if that someone was actually not even on the 24060 campus this last fall?

Hendon Hooker metrics:

  • 6’5”
  • ~212 lbs.
  • 40=4.96!
  • Vertical=35”
  • 20 yard shuttle 4.44 sec’s
  • Power throw=37.5′
  • Bench=235 lbs.!
  • #1 ranked dual-threat Qb in North Carolina (Greensboro).
  • Pretty sharp looking Shooting-G in hoops, a hard finishing and breakaway open-court slasher with just enough range.
  • Recruiter=Charley Wiles

    Stronger built than he looked on tape.
    Stronger built than he looked on tape.

Hendon “the boss” Hooker is a interesting, elongated, lean looking shifty signature dual threat Qb who can threaten you with his arm and his wheels alike. He just won his AAAA (quad-A) state championship in football, while being named the M.V.P. of the title tilt where he only scored six that’s (6) TD’s his ownself. Making his senior year box score is a lucrative one…

  • Statewide MVP after a dominant performance in the NC AAAA State Championship.
  • 61.9% completion percentage good for: 2,652 yards with 28 TD’s passing.
  • 1,236 yards rushing, on 27 carrying TD’s.
  • Or, 3,888 in total O, great for 55 big TD’s or 33o total points.
  • 25 total D-1 offers.

Offer List:


Film Study 1o1:

  • Seems to roll-out well enough, with elongated bonus ground covering strides when he does. Appears very comfortable in a rolling R.P.O. type pocket that affords more east-west stretch. Not a pure drop-back pocket passer via physical trade(s) or high school play-calling design.
  • Has a decent enough touch on the ball; although he’s more parts gunslinger off of 1-step or 3-step quick hitting play-action sets. Does have a slight sidearm action to his release point; will eventually catch a few deflections for this vs. D-1 De height.
  • Has a nice pump-fake game, very strong on this, which hints at very strong and/or very large hands to truly gun and therefore bait-n-switch his pump-fake salesmanship here.

    R.P.O. dreamy...
    R.P.O. dreamy
  • Throws off of a heavily panted right-leg as an orthodox passer; probably bleeding just a little throw-game velocity here for an semi anchored weight-transference moving forward in his throwing motion itself.
  • Runs very well internally, and remember you read that hint, here; first. Stronger than I expected on the read-option keeper looks up the gut. Those remind you of anyone’s just departed 2016 offense? Got some very smart looking Y.A.C. (yards after contact) as Hooker is not shy on tucking and heading up-field; not at all.
  • Poised and competitive looking on tape; pretty good decision matrix as well; brings a accuracy shiny gold-foil star to affixed to his reputation game as well.
  • Read a few technique foible type critics re: Hooker’s passing mechanics. However, he did not look quite that bad to me upon breaking tape. He does shoulder turn into his targeting side in an oblique way, and he dart-pub guide a few throws on a frozen rope follow-though; nonetheless, I’ve seen worse, much worse at that.
  • I could not find a max’ throw (distance) listing; although I can tell you I saw him crank a good 50-55 in the air with relative ease. Probably has the biggest arm on campus the moment he sets foot… (even if that says more about the incumbent campus arms-race itself).
  • Has a nice slip-move downfield, changes direction on dipping undercuts well enough; with plenty of swivel to his hips; appeared game-speed Emmitt Smith faster than listed on film; at least to me.
  • Confident, well spoken kid, who says he wants to be an Orthodontist after college! (and me neither on: never heard that one, before)

The Skinny:
To be quite direct, methinks this is your starting Qb1, IF -and after all, “IF is the middle word in life“- IF, you need the Qb spot to be a run-game genie (generator); as we did in 2016 | or if coach-Fu and coach Corny simply prefer a pure dual-threat Qb per their very own pet offensive definition.


In summary, although Joshua Jackson is no doubt noticeably further ahead in Fu’fense playbook, learning and experience curve terms alike, and likewise no doubt, he is probably the more polished pure throw-game pick; for the moment…

Nevertheless, the run game ceiling is mutually noticeably higher for Hooker; and his overall physical skill-set and therefore his overall ceiling appears taller as well, which may prove to ultimately be more long-view seductive indeed.

As this this looming Jackson vs. Hooker Pivotal showdown sure has the look and feel of a very nip-n-tuck or a very close Qb1 sweepstakes this spring and later on this summer for Virginia Tech football.

$100 says the opening day 3o4 VT starting Qb1, is .... who???

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Virginia Techs 2017 Qb1=Jackson or Hooker or other???




V.A.D.A. approved

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    1. I guess?!?
      I saw it on multiple sites.

      Though he did NOT look like that on tape.
      4.6 to 4.7 to my Eye in the Sky.


  1. only benching 235 at a weight of 212lbs? And the 40 time has me concerned too. 4.96?

    1. I presume those are older (when he was younger); measurements.
      (I hope…)


    2. Lots of kids in high school haven’t been lifting very long or have no idea how to use optimal technique to increase their leverages on the bar. If his weightlifting mechanics are flawless that’s one thing, but I’ll bet he has some janky pressing motion, in addition to notably long arms (from that picture anyway), which is great to have for a QB but lousy for the bench press.

      1. Agry.
        Mike Imoh=best on the bench.

        And some Qb coaches still frown upon a lotta Qb lifting.
        They want that arm loose and natural. Springy; even.


        1. Glennon benched 390#. Tyrod was very strong as well. Even at 18 yrs old, 235# bench is not good and playing D1 ball with that kind of (lack of) upper body strength => injuries!!

          1. Hokiesports says 330 as a freshman, and strength growth is more logarithmic than linear, so that 60 is worth noting. Without having seen both of them do it in person I can’t really say one way or another, I’m just saying that I can easily imagine a high school dude benching with a flat back and 0 leg drive who could add 50 in a single workout just by being shown how to bench like a powerlifter.

  2. Plenty of potential with both JJ and HH but we need a good experienced transfer with immediate eligibility on campus during spring drills.

  3. B-Street, good stuff. Sound like one heck of a QB – at least in high school. Hopefully it will carry over to the next level.

    p.s. I appreciate you writing in such a manner that I can understand it. Thanks.

    1. b.speak has been in a contraction or bear market for years.
      Though a little will always bad-penny turn up.
      From, time-to-time.

      and you are perfectly welcome Chip.


    2. CO-sign – “p.s. I appreciate you writing in such a manner that I can understand it. Thanks.”

    1. Would coach-Fu, Platoon?

      I don’t know.
      Did he use that at Memphis or T.c.u. or wherever?


  4. When I herd the rumor at the Duke BBall game I sad no way and once again I was proven wrong.Now I wish Evans well and I am excited about how all this plays out.

    1. I found the whisper to be 1,000% Battle of the Bulge, “NUTZ!”

      Right up until it was not.


  5. Question?? Would a Qb transfer that will not be here for spring practice really be considered experienced over a Qb on campus and red shirt? IMO trying to learn a new scheme plays and language in August will be extremely difficult. Thanks B’street

    1. I know there are usually 2 sets of transfers but I have to think if Fuente had his way, we’d get a grad-transfer in the next two weeks as opposed to after spring ball. Although, VT has recent history with a late spring/early summer transfer QB getting the nod as Brewer transferred to VT after graduating in May.

    2. I guess, it is possible.

      You send him the play-book and some films anyway.
      Though he needs a high Q-score WOW-factor soon as he arrives.
      Say MV2 focused and doing work high.


  6. I don’t believe that 40 time is accurate. You can tell from his tape that he is much faster than that. I’m thinking 4.5-4.6 from what I see on video.

    1. My eyes agry.

      Yah; that’s has to be old/or just plain ‘rong.


  7. 235 bench isn’t bad for a high school QB for reasons others already pointed out. Heck we had some d linemen that were benching that in HS and ended up benching close to 350-380 by the time their careers were done in college. Dadi Nicholas comes to mind for one

    1. Agry.

      Look at his combine pic’ above.
      He’s pretty strong in the shoulders/front-delts and upper/arms.
      That’s good enough. As your pecs are not that much of a throwing propellant.

      More for up-chuck blocks, getting under pads, uppercuts in boxing; things like that.


  8. Ahhhh another contribution from VT hottest pipeline the Piedmont Triad otherwise known as the 336. BTW closest major metropolitan area to Blacksburg!!!!

    Hooker has all the skills to be successful in this offense, he’s long & lean right now as a redshirt would help S&C build, but as noted that may not be an option. Saw play 2x this season, he’s got wheels (40 ~5 sec doesn’t feel right in person) and an arm. Ball zips from hand in tight spiral.

    Coach Fuente got the real deal.

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!
    WVU, you’re next!!!

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