Virginia Tech Oklahoma State Camping World Bowl preview (part II)

#22 R.P.I. Virginia Tech vs. #19 R.P.I. Oklahoma State:

Virginia Tech football returns to field the Thursday after Christ’s birthday, to take on the Oklahoma State Cowboys in the 2017 Camping World Bowl down in Orlando, Florida.

The Hokies are a 5.5 underdog out on the Vegas big board for the 5:15pm tip-off than can be seen on ESPN terrestrial and ESPN3 online. And this one might just remind you of someone… which segues us effortlessly into our word of the day…

Today’s word of the day is… west virginia.

(noun), hate-speech, (oink) Latin.

  1. 20th June 1863 A.D.
  2. the 35th state in the Union.
  3. the 5Q of game no1. begins at a quarter past, five?
  4. … read on to find, out…

Head Coach: Mike Gundy: age=5o, (9-3 year; 113-53 overall); has a rep’ for offense, mo’ offense, uptempo pressuring offense, Qb’s and the throw game in particular; and for, controversy.

Baller Gundy was a rising star at Midwest City H.S., Ok., Gundy played Qb, and was voted Oklahoma Player of the Year in 1986. Qb1 Gundy eventually signed with the Oklahoma State University Cowboys. He became the starting quarterback midway through his freshman year. Gundy would become the all-time leading passer in Oklahoma State and Big 8 history. In four seasons Gundy threw 49 TD’s, on 7,997 yards. He led the Cowboys to two bowl wins aided by two Hall of Fame Rb’s -you may have heard of them- i.e. Thurman Thomas and Barry Sanders. Qb1 Gundy held the record for most consecutive passes attempted without an interception at the start of a career by a freshman in Division 1 history with 138.

Qb1 Gundy made the unusual immediate jump to Coach Gundy the very next year. When Gundy graduated, he joined Pat Jones’s staff as an assistant coach. He was Wr coach in 199o, Qb coach from 1991–1993 and offensive coordinator from 1994–1995. Gundy was Qb coach/passing game coordinator for Baylor during the 1996 season. He was on staff with Larry Fedora at Baylor and would rekindle that relationship when he became head coach at Oklahoma State, bringing Fedora on as his offensive coordinator. After the 1996 season, Gundy moved again, this time to Maryland where he was Wr coach and passing game coordinator from 1997–2ooo for the Terps.

“Let’s hear it for the boy!”

After that Gundy became big whistle Gundy at his alma mater. Where Gundy has one Big-12 championship, and he has been named the Big 12 Coach of the Year (2o1o), the Paul “Bear” Bryant Award (2o11) and the Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year (2o11). So yes he can coach…

…he is also no stranger to, attention, if not; controversy. As he is the author of one of the greatest coaching and greatest middle age blasts of: “I’m a man! I’m forty!” (in defense one of his players after a win no less). And then there was this madness from S.I…

In September 2o13, Sports Illustrated published a series of articles as part of an investigation beginning with Les Miles’ tenure as head coach at Oklahoma State from 2oo1 and continuing through Gundy’s tenure as head coach in 2o11. The allegations concerning Gundy included involvement in a bonus system for players along with direct payments and no-show or sham jobs involving boosters, continuing diminished academic standards including players playing who were otherwise academically ineligible such as having players’ school work done by so-called tutors and other school personnel, tolerating widespread drug abuse among the players by continuing a sham drug counseling program and selective drug enforcement, and also purportedly like Miles, personally interviewing hostess candidates for the Orange Pride hostess program and facilitating some hostesses having sex with prospective recruits.”

Coach Gundy is 7-4 in Bowls; there have been written reports that he has been “unhappy” at Stillwater and that he may be leaving for Tennessee. (Though the latest intel’ says he is, staying).

Gundy and his wife, Kristen, have three children, Gavin, Gunnar and Gage. His brother, Cale Gundy, was a starting Qb at Oklahoma in the 199o’s.

‘Pokes 2016 record:  1o up 3 down and 7-2 in the Big-12.

O.S.U. (west) Defense: (starters back=5)

  • 74th in Total D.
  • 27th vs. the run.
  • 12oth vs. the throw.
  • 33rd in defensive efficiency.
  • 3rd in defensive TD’s scored (3 for 18 pts.)
  • 38th in Qb’s sacked | 13th in Tackles for a Loss (TFL) inflicted!
  • 78th in 1st down D.
  • 51st in 3rd down conversions allowed.
  • 100th in defensive explosion.
  • 22nd in Rushing S&P.
  • 17th best in stuff rate.
  • ∑=39o yards in reverse generated this season.
  • The OSU D goes from pretty good to pretty dang bad from 1Q to 2Q and again from 3Q to 4Q. As this D only withers as each half wears on.
  • 21st in dLine Havoc. Dt was whispered to be a bit thin coming into this season and only one starter returned upfront. De is the deeper/stronger part here as there are 2 or possibly 3 fringe all-conference talents on the front-line edge here.
  • 63rd in Linebacking Havoc. Smart and savvy 6′, 242 lb. stocky looking final year Mike-Lb Chad Whitener enters his third season as a starter and he’s the best on the third place defensive layer in a stop-unit race of three. Chad is a Baltic Avenue man’s stuffing Ray Lewis as a blocky run fighter goes; and Jr. OLb Justin Phillips is prolly the next best after that.

    43 base defense.
  • 53rd in Secondary Havoc with no small thanks to being ranked 11th best in passes picked. As OSU will play the ball not the man downfield and play for the INT whenever possible. Hence these Cowboys do get lassoed by the big play allowed in the secondary with a 98th best IsoPPP rate. Feast or Hop-Sing here folks as this is a true Rio Bravo defense. Cb AJ Green looked like a weak-link upon breaking tape; and the middle of the field OSU Safety(s) play was okay enough to occasionally good. Fs Tre Flowers is a rangy play-maker with over 26o tackles and over 25 pass breakups in his career. Though do bear in mind that Safety was basically shored up by depleting Cb;. i.e. robbing (or robber coverage) on Peter to pay Paul. Clemson transfer Cb Adrian Baker, Sr., and all his knee troubles are the one boundary lifeline here (God Bless).
  • As you read above, this is a gambling, defense that will try to score/advance the ball as opposed to just recovering the same. Hence 31st in overall Havoc with numerous chuck yardage breakdowns allowed after/behind that. This is also a rather athletic defense that passes the eye-test 20-20 and yet only scores a 40-20 on the box-score itself.
  • Film-Study: saw me a lotta man on edges, with all three varieties: press, medium, sometimes even off as OSU will cede the 2-3 yards shorties —and the Fu’fense does find that convenient enough. The Cowboys did not respond well to angular routing in tight-man by the way. They will show a variety of fronts, from a 10, a 20, a 30 up to a more standardized forty-three; also saw a red-zone fifty-two. Even saw a gorilla erector 2-point stance Ng flexed 2-3′ off the C in a o-technique. This is a wild looking defense with metric tons of looks/fronts. As said, they even play a D with only one down lineman technically speaking and 10 men in a 2-point stance. Will deal or red-dog either ILb. Tends to keep the Fs in Cover-1 and just let him help or Centerfield everything; the catch (bad pun insert here____check), the catch is that he’s not all that deep and that limits his vertical help. Although I suppose this makes him a better run-game stopgap measure as well. D did freeze or bite on play-action run-fakes at times; in particular the ‘boys second layer (i.e. Lb’s). Tackling and block-shedding are both sub-decent upon breaking tape. Not bad-bad, definitely not good, barely to sub-decent at each. i.e. this D is not quite soft, although they are batting some serious 2am take me home closing time eyes at that feline label. Defense assigns well enough; yet not the most physical defense I’ve ever studied either. Almost a zone-blocking defense if that makes any modern era sense.

Defensive letter-grade:

Cowboy Offense: (returning starters=8)

  • 2nd in Total O!
  • 48th in ground O.
  • #1 in aerial O!
  • 4th best in offensive explosiveness IsoPPP (OSU will throw long on 1st down).
  • 9th in passing IsoPPP! (lotta big plays live here)
  • OSU is 5th, 5th, and 6th in all three Lo.FM categories. Not only do they throw well when chasing the sticks they throw downfield, and far downfield at that.
  • 37th in offensive efficiency.
  • 3rd best in passing efficiency!
  • 7th in yards per completion (15.49 ypc).
  • 16th in 3rd down conversions.
  • 14th in overall completion percentage (65.4%).
  • 33rd best in zone O.
  • 1o4th most fumbles!
  • 6th hardest Rb’s to tackle nationally.
  • 46th in sacks allowed | 81th in TFL allowed.
  • The OSU O goes from great to phenomenal from 1Q to 2Q and again from 3Q to 4Q. As this O only heats up as each half wears on.
  • Only 93rd in power rate.
  • ∑=out-gained opponents by a backbreaking 2,1o5 total yards this year!
  •  27th in Rushing IsoPPP does not suck and nor does Tb1 Justice Hill. As OK.St. does hit some chunk yardage hand-off plays and this 5′1o″, 186 lb. super-soph is prolly on course to press Thurman Thomas -if not Barry Sanders- as the Cowboy career rushing tally goes; if he stays. 30 receptions does not hurt 1ι or one iota either. There are three different HR runs here of ≥71 yards on the year; with four scoring jaunts of 40 or more; wow! As this ground assault can and will bust game breaking gains if they break second-layer contain. Though Hill does have a history of shoulder ills as well; (Godspeed).
  • Qb1, one #2, Tom, Cruise; I mean Mason Rudolph is basically…  the Will Grier next door. Kinda flashy, though not as needy; and yet a better, more lethal downfield thrower. As this 6′5″, 231 lb. final year passer is about as good as I’ve statistically seen in terms of just pure box-score or fantasy league type productivity in a long long while. Mason is third in rushing and second in rushing TD’s (1o); so you must account for his wheels as well as he soon to be salaried arm. And oh by the way… that professionally gifted arm only racked up 4,553 yards with a stunning 35:9 passing ratio. Again; everything Will Grier always wanted to be —seriously, as both kids are in love with the long-ball; it’s just that Rudolph is a little better at it. Though Mason does have four multi Pick games, to go with five fumbles and a wild swing in-completion percentage from seasonal low of 52% to a annual high of 86%. As this Mason jar is either just half full or full of blowtorch heat when he does get throw-fit hot. To take that a step further -or should I type deeper downfield- Mason averages a crazy looking 9.6 yards per attempt. Not per completion folks, per attempt; or to put that in a different perspective… Mason averages basically a 1st-down even if the ball is not, caught! 65% passing for Mas’ is none too shabby and this triggerman will prolly finish his career in access of being a 13,500 yard career passer. He is a 7% better passer away from home; and he is at his best -by far- in the 1st-Q when he truly does tend to open hot like the Sun. Not bad work, if you can get it. (READERS note: no word yet on all-male K.Loggins lubed up beach volleyball or side, outs; or how Kelly McGillis, feels, here… did see him in a left-knee full hinge brace late season and something that demonstrative is never there for a salubrious reason(s), Godspeed)

    A 41 Points (per game) Diamond set.
  • James Washington and Marcell Ateman (real nice hands here), both went over 1K receiving this year and OK.State fields two more pass catchers with 55o+ through the airwaves. Pretty decent catch corps with all five of the OSU top-5 pass catchers notching between a 65 and a 76% catch rate. Six receptions in excess of 56 yards with four of ’em north of 70 yards is about as deep as it gets. As this Cowpoke O has the most vertical stretch I’ve seen -from Wr screens to deep posts and rocket fly’s and all points in between – in a long long time. Almost reminds one of the late 1960’s early 1970’s A.F.L. prior to the merger in point of fact. Chris Lacy is about a wicked of a downfield blocker as you will see. Keep you head on a swivel for #15; who looks and hits like Laurence Fishburne in Boyz n da Hood. Then there’s Tyron Johnson, an LSU transfer and former five-star recruit who wowed coaches as a play-maker in the spring. As no remaining Hokie cracks the top-5 catch rotation here.
  • Oline, 2 all-conference talents live here…  just ask 6′3″, 3o1 lb. senior C lbach Crabtree (he of the never seen before penta-academia awards and one Leadership trophy to boot), and the extremely nimble almost graceful 6′7″, 276 lb. Ot r-senior Brad Lundblade. Overall 3 starters returned aided and abetted by Cal graduate transfer Aaron Cochran who provided a boost at Ot. G Marcus Keyes is said to be the future here.
  • 35 passing TD’s and 33 rushing TD’s is a hard, harder, hardest to key lot. Ditto… being one of only two FBS teams with a 3,000-yard passer, 1,000-yard rusher and two 1,000-yard receivers!
  • Basically, 6 Pro’ campers (or better); huddle up here. OSU also went 13th of 18th on 4th down! Not a gun-shy offense, as any risk:reward matrix reads; not; at; all. Clearly an O that S&C’ings for agility and quicks; as there is a lotta twitch or burst within 5-10 yards of the line-of-scrimmage (LOS) here.
  • Film Study: Lottsa moving parts here folks —a truly multi formational offense and the extra Bowl time (had we used it) would not have hurt here; not 1ι (one iota). They have a “diamond” look with the Qb gone Pistol, Tb behind him and yet 2 Hb’s in front of him offset. They like this in short-yardage and in the red-zone where Mason will actually run. And he’s not the dweeb runner some are typing that he is; he just doesn’t run that much. Kinda like LT3, a Read-Option loooong strider who covers a lotta ground when he gets up to speed. O has a lotta counter-trey or scissoring looks to it. OSU will run (down) Hill behind or in the opposite direction of the pulling-G who goes the Qb’s way. The Cowboys will fracture the Diamond set with trips to one side and one Hb missing. Assignment dedication is a must vs. this misdirection type run-fit– Wr’s block pretty decently downfield as well. O will play-action off of all ^that^ triple flexion point read-option misdirecting mess and hit seams medium to long on vertical or linear Go routes with one bent or angular pattern for big gainers here. As the Pokes put a whole helluva a lotta pressure on the edge defenders to commit one way or the other (i.e. run-fight or aerial-flight); then take, attack what you give. oLine looks to turn or shield block on run-fits and to stonewall (not a Cup or a Vee) on pass-fits; pretty decent technicians at all of that to boot. They will also influence block all left or right at 45° all downhill. Quick-hitting burst type O as well, not much at all in the realm of “slow developing” or zone-stretch patience type plays.
  • 50% run:pass 50% mix.

Offensive letter-grade:

OK.State Special Teams: (return)

OK.State is 72nd in in Net Punting and so is Zachary Sinor. He of a long of 57 this year and more of a directional or hang-time style approach. Zach is a 5′1o″, 233 lb. sturdy looking r-junior year punter from Texas. Zach is a three year starting P, and he has the most unusual ball-drop I’ve ever seen on tape. NO, not that kinda tape… as Z drops the football nose down at times, like a plum bob in surveying terms. Though he does have a career long of 65 so whatever works for yah. He is an Academic all-Big 12 honoree; he has been on the Ray Guy watch list every single season, and he was first string AAAA all-state as a P in Texas. He also seems to have a knack for a loft-wedge backspin on his punts inside the opposing 10. Last year Zach’ led all D-1 P’s with 62.5% of his punts being downed inside the opponent’s 20-yard line, a figure that was nearly 10 percent better than any other punter in the country. Has a rep’ for being an exceptional target Punter with hang time. And the Cowboys ranked No. 1 nationally a year ago in opponent starting field position per Mister Sinor’s legging.

  • 1o2nd in Punt Returns | 1o5th in KO returns.
  • 62nd in punt coverage | 39th and in suicide-squad
  • OK.St. has blocked 2 kicks and allowed 1 kick to be blocked.
  • OK.St. has blocked 2 punts and allowed 1 punt to be blocked.

Matt Amendola is the walk-on FG-Kicker for OSU. Mister Ammendola is a 5′9″, 159 lb. second year FG-K who is 67 of 67 on P.A.T’s and 78% on his FGA’s. Matt has misses every 10 yards and yet a long make of 53; or i.e. their very own Joey Syle.  And yet Matty has only missed one FG try going back to before October 31st. So maybe some of his erraticism has been married to some new and improved targeting software? Or maybe it has something to do with his pushover, 1950’s, Hollywood Knights homage Chevy cruiser hair’fro? Though Matty does have enough leg strength to handle KO duties, and did I mention his hair; yet? Matty is also a member of the ski and board club, and the Upper Dublin Soccer Buddies… maybe one of them styles is head? Though either way; this is a potentially special K with already special; hair; and yes, somewhere Ford Fairlane is, smiling.

Special Teams letter-grade: (The want for a quality return game and some FG-attempting flightiness is disaffecting the Cowboy’s final grade; nonetheless there is sum leg-talent in Stillwater: Grade=lowest possible B)

Unit Rankings:

  1. OK.State O.
  2. VT D.
  3. OK State D/VT O (tie).


  • motive: Might be just a scosche more for a 10-win Fu’ crew to play for here. Minor edge=VT.
  • weather: Very inviting. Truly suggestible for camping out. Edge=Even.
  • health: OK.State is a healthy a Bowl team as I’ve ever seen and Cam is out for VT (St.Elmo’ bless). Big edge=OSU. (UPDATE: C.J. and his bum left-ankle are closer to being alright than they have been in a spell. Holston was seeing by sources sans any knee bracing (thank Christ). JAX had a new wrist wrap on; although he was moving less gingerly downstairs than he has since pre-Miami. Little bit of pep back in his step. Parker still left-Ot1, i.e. no Nijman whose season is perfunctory, over.
  • penalties: 33rd in discipline, as these Cowboys don’t do much laundry. Edge=Push.
  • intangibles: OSU is 97th in TOP (time of possession); a quick, quicker, quickest strike offense that is actually used to sitting to some extent). OK.St. is +.38 in turnover luck; that never hurt. And those aforementioned 1Q jump-starts speak to the Cowboys here to me. Edge=OSU.
  • fatigue: non-factor on 4-5 weeks rest. (Though VT needed it, mo’).


VT's best chance to pull the upset in the Camping Bowl vs. OK.State is... what???

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Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Cowboys who could start @Tech=1o.

the takeaway:

The takeaway here is… that this Bowl game is a contest of strength on strength and weak on weak.

The strength on strength part is best represented in the two opposing alpha units going at each other for 12 long hard fought rounds. As there are those who would beg to differ on which unit is the true A-side here… as the OK.State offense vs. the Virginia Tech defense has Hercules vs. Samson written all over it.

Over on the other side however —what most would probably rightfully call the B-side, we find the the generally user-friendly Cowboy D vs. the “limited” Hokie O. Although the Pokes halt-unit and the Gobblers offensive crew may technically slot closer to mean, median, mode in national ranking terms overall; there is little doubt that they are the lesser or thinner side that represent the bottom eleven on each competing clubs respective line-of-scrimmage.

Thus making handicapping this bowl match-up a Joseph Heller scrum or quite literally
a Catch-22.


  1. Δ1=65% that the OK.State “cumulative effect” O; when it is big pimpin’ and a downright “dynamic” O, enjoys one of its good hair-day games. Such is a bit too “dynamic” for VT sans Cam and OK.St. wins by at least 2 plays; possibly more.
  2. Δ2=25% that the OK.State “cumulative effect” O; finds out that pimpin’ ain’t easy;  and plays one of its erratic bad hair-day turnover prone games. Such a game is actually within reach for a much more “static” VT O, and the Hokies pull the fat outta the fire by a ½ to possibly 1 full play on a roller-coaster day.
  3. Δ3=10% that this erupts into a Earps vs. Clanton’s gunfight at the OK Corral. Defense, what defense? As he who scores last laughs last in a true Bonanza era television style shootout; where someone Doctors that final score when both teams appear to be on, Holiday.

the skinny
…oddly enough, our handy-dandy friend the so-called Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame decided to go bowling this post-season. As Virginia Tech and Oklahoma State both played hateful w.v.u. and the Pitt Panther’s this season.

The head-to-head metrics are sobering here indeed, as OK.State beat the damn breaks off of Pitt and later on upended w.v.u. decently enough. As when we check the total yardage margin(s); they call for a 28 point O.S.U.-west victory. When we aggregate the scoring margin(s) they call for a 18 point Cowboy roundup. As either way, when we ask common opponents how Virginia Tech and Oklahoma State taste, the refrain is that this calculus equates to a rather unsavory looking 3-4 full play Cowboy win.


…would it be fair to say, that with Cam (God Bless) Phillips sidelined with a sports-hernia surgery, that 9% of Virginia Tech’s remaining Camping Bowl offensive starter’s would beat out their Cowboy counterparts?

i.e. Wyatt Teller @left-G.

And if “yes” is indeed the objective, science-fact or Coach Spock appointed reply -or even if it is more like say 18%- just how often, does, that; win?

Once we got to the meat of our docket, the well-coached Fu’fense scored more than 24 points in A.c.c. play only once all season.  In point of fact, we were held to a grand total of 62 points in their final four ballgames.

r-Frosh Qb Josh Jackson cannot be positively compared to the elite senior QB on the other sideline and that’s a Pivotal tipping-point right there.  As all season long our beloved Hokies lacked play-makers around JAX.  And now ace Wr Cam Phillips is out for the bowl game with a {sic: sports} hernia.  No Virginia Tech RB reached 5oo rushing yards this campaign, and our alpha run-game talent (T.Mac’) has transferred out; and Tb2 Holston’s knee gave out @uva. (the whispers now hint that Savoy has a “ding” and is Probable for the bowl). Do you see what I mean yet?

Hockey-hair in football? What will they think of, next?

To take that a step further the dilettante Fu’fense has averaged just a hair north of 15 ppg ever since October! That may not (quite) be offensive Nihilism though it’s prolly is pretty close to offensive agnosticism and after all agnostics are basically wimpy atheists. Though I tangent…

So, if you are not seeing what I mean yet, the final step here says that it’s gonna take a good 30 odd points to put these Cowboys down. Ergo, beyond return-teams scoring and maybe even some defensive tallying courtesy of Bud Bøck… how exactly are we gonna keep pace? (As even when beaten the ‘Pokes O averaged 41 ppg in 2017, and rang up a +416 yardage margin in the 11th month whereas VT went for 11o in the hole)

the call

However… and nevertheless… so, I finally finished film-study as I watched the Oklahoma and Kansas games today (Wednesday). And these Cowboys are not quite as serious or as insurmountable as I had originally thought.

As the Fu’ and Corny’s uva gameplan is just the tix here– physical, slow-down, splintering good lumberyard type football. And guess what Hokie Nation? (That might be the only football we have left to play; i.e. a pretty sound game-plan nearly via training room attrition based default)

Now, to be clear, make no mistake folks; OK.State is a good football club, however; they are cutise good. They are not very physical; and yet they surely do field a whole helluva a lotta skill position talent; and at the end of the day, at the beginning and in the middle… there is (still) that.

As I just told Chris Coleman… this is almost like playing a wvu offensive mac daddy or something akin to that.

The caveat being… we can NOT not not afford to let them lead and have to chase them down from behind. We simply do not have any turbo thrusters to keep pace with any of that. As Virginia Tech must maintain striking distance -one or no more than 1.5 full plays- and therefore let the game-clock noose-knot and hogtie these Cowboys head-game, and thereby become the implicit twelfth O&M defender as the game itself wears on.

Ergo, Fu’ and company can actually steal this; and I did just add +5% to my upset index according.

However; I’ma gonna look at this one as if the West Virginia Wr did catch that ball; albeit earlier in a tight game that is pretty close for half, possibly more.

As Oklahoma State could run away and hide if our sonar L’s contact; and like it or lump it, that is code for an OSU, win.

Merry Christmas+3.
Happy Boxing Day+2.
God Bless

upset Index=38%

Virginia Tech=2o, Oklahoma State=37






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  1. But wait, there’s more… as noted in Part uno of this duo series… the impact of a physically aggressive defense against this soon to be NFLer gun slinger’s body will have more make more of an impact that we can predict….if pretty boy QB can’t step into his throws due to DT pushing the LOS into his face…= INTs. With Edmunds/Hill off the edge = OUCH!!!! Boom!!! Ka-Baam! for QB Rudolph ribs.
    Sneaky Petes Mook Reynolds & Andrew Matuapuaka in the boundary & over the middle cherry picking the stray balls from blitzing VT hit… = Defensive TD
    But all that aside, there’s the skinny: Coach Fuente’s & Cornelson’s Oklahoma Pride… Whether its said public or not, they want to win this game really bad and not by Bud’s defense and Coach Shibest’s Special Teams, but via their ability to win the offensive match up….

    As the RV fire up to come home, look for VT 32 Ok State 24

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!!
    BEAT Okie Pokie State!!!!1

    1. Oklahoma Pride… Whether its said public or not, they want to win this game really bad…

      An obvious though shrewd point I 100% totally missed.
      This is indeed something of an expatriate homecoming for J.Fuente per his early OK.Sooner initial collegiate career.

      Yah; I could see that OK.State may not be his favorite team from his boomer-Sooner days. That makes good sense; very.


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