Virginia Tech football: the ’24 preseason!!! (part I):

Tech Thoughts: the State of the Program!

Virginia Tech football has no longer orphaned pip-squeak little boy expectations… they now gone: full-blown, Full-Money, pre-season “Great Expectations”… for the first time in a long long time… As Whit and Co. are basically betting our fu’ture is now via going all-gridiron, all… in!

Preseason Rankings:

  • ESPN 21,
  • 247 21,
  • CBS 26,
  • Athletic (Mandel) 25,
  • CFN NR,
  • FanNATION 21.

The Hokies are picked by most to enjoy a “Dickens” of a ’24. As they are virtually nearly a unanimous Top-25 team with all 22 1’s in return no matter where you look. Here, however, where we refuse to look through an O&M P.A.T.T.y-cake prism,  well, we here see things for what they R.A.T.T. are. And we now offer you legitimate help in doing the… same. Including getting downright fiscal on Talent and Recruiting itself in part deux/trois. Nonetheless, what you wanna know is… how many will the ’24 F’n Gobblers win, right? So… reads on; to finds, out!

Here we go now...

Friday Q&A armchair G.M.’s: …how would you say this compares to, Fu’? When you consider both coming and going, quality and quantity…

O&M transferring/portals… seems to run ’bout ~3:1 for both… and this conspires to tell(s) us what(s)?
Tell me true… is this what you really 3rd year, want?

  • Soooooooo… is this much a net O&M gain?
  • Is this much a net v.P.i. loss?
  • Or, is this netting ’bout the Tehno’ same?

Or, is the sager ask… why are our proprietary in-Hokie-Haus evaluations flunking out virtually the exact same?huh?




There are mixed (hindsight-biased) reports behind the scenes here… as it is tough to gauge just how serious; or, how downright serial this dalliance with catching a Crouching a Tiger by the Tale truly was. (Some, (now), even hint that this was an Ear-Force move via L.s.u. to try to jump-start their (already) million-dollar N.I.L. mercurial Qb1 inheritance boy. And it appEARS to have Applied Sports Fisicality worked… as he put in a legith Qb1 starting quality spring).

So, although there are mixed solicitous mathematical claims on just how much who Jamerson $.e.c. knows…

We do know that VeeTee entirely and absolutely HAD; that’s unconditionally HAD to win this defacto P2 round no.1. And we had to win it cleanly, if not on a knock-down or kayo.

IF we did not? The Takent scalping vultures woulda picked our Hokiebird clean from pillar to post from here on out.

So, this kinda/sorta -if not basically- has already opened our ’24 up a nifty 1-o.

As we surely won the Spring Season here.

This was a BIG BIG ‘save’ by Whit & Pry and Co.

Make NO misQ here folks.
Nadda. None. Nil.



Playar movement(S) asides… and that modern-era roster churn all being said

With regard to… ’25 and beyond… *THIS*  is how you build and hopefully LOAD an offensive program❗️

247Sports has C2 seeing O&M… RED!

D r-shirts add..

Or, or, …ore! That’s code for ~% of your upcoming team(s) being red-shirted! Or, something close to being man-grown 22+ years young senior ballers in their fifth (possibly 6th) season of P5, D-1, ‘ball.

That’s code fo’ “MAN’s game, son“.

Or, so we all 2o25-‘2o3o, hopes.

Though it sure is a chance at developing and matriculating the verb(s), alike.
That, and somewhere C2 is Champions Bar & Grill, smiling.


This is where the rubHers hits the road…

Applied Sports Psych rating(s):

Streety’ness is in a ‘on the come’ as the Brit’s say… or a growing Hokiebird bull market; and it will be very curious to see how this Staff manages or manages-not, all these so-called: hoody-hoo’ “young bulls”.

Don’t tell me Eye made this up, K? As Eye (bothered) to validate my subjective take via objectifying it on the look-up…

  • When/while we had a pasty Qb1 last year you ask?
  • Behavior/discipline was: 9th best!!! That’s ninth.
  • …cue ’23’s Qb2——>’23’s Qb1…
  • After we switched to a not-so-vanilla flavored Friday Night Lights Cobra-Ky’ Qb1 you ask?
  • Behavior/discipline was: 93rd best! That’s 10-fold, better? NO-no-no folks, that’s ~1,000%, WORSE.
  • (And nobody seemed to catch up to this last year, did they???)
  • As the year wore along… our bigger, or, less-sporting {sic: 10-15 yarders} started to grow to boot.

Think about that folks… now think about how the thermostat and/or lockeroom clinical thermodynamics have dialed-up Great Expectations changed. Now think about how they will handle success, (should we blatantly ’24 actually and factually succeed); and you have to behaviorally and disciplinary… wonder…


Now think about all these pre-season press clippings that they have never ever never-never O&M had in their collective Beamer Way tenures. Never. Not once in their 24o6o collective careers have August Camp anticipations been this caffeinated. And as we all know… press-clipping tends to put weight on… and they tend to put greater weight on meat… heads.


Or, to put it a final way… who on this ’24 Staff could pantomime Fu’s rather useful/effective early-on behavioral modifies and discipline inflictors otherwise known as: (coach) Mitch’ and Scott: (who rated a downright salty Good Cop/Bad Cop or 22nd best in behavior/discipline combo’ if you need ’em).

Or, Foster and Hite gone O.G. rector’s or Brubaker’s for that matter.

Who makes sure the ’24 inmates do not seek to run a new-school, asylum???


Now some (LEGIT) feel-good, the off-season is 1st-placed S.A.T.T. to close… (Sugar All The Time)…

Winter O&M S&C 1o1…

DeeJ did not tally so-called: “Anchor-De1” honors until he moved to De1 after having served as a modest though team-first, team-second, team-next, team-middle, team-penultimate and team-last… Dt5 for four long hard years. This was after a significant knee surgery; yikes! (St.Nikon help). He moved to Anchor-De1, only to finish 2nd on the whole entire Team as the silver medalist Sack Leader in his final or fifth year of ‘ball.

That’s a dang “hard times” Dusty Rhodes De1 if there ever was one gentlemen.

As an authentic self-made man mills here. He earned his stripes, cut his teeth, and made his own bones.

This after being a rather spartan-looking 3-year starting-De1 in high school terms (@Good Counsel). Team Captain all three seasons. And he clearly had a proverbial nose for the ball… per his shiny senior season stats… check it out: “15 TFLs and six sacks, 10 Qb hurries, two fumble recoveries, two PBUs, and one blocked punt.” You do not do that unless you *get it*. And you do not get it unless you hustle it.                                                                                                                                                                                                    🥈

A two-year starter in hoops as well; so an ATH Dwight be. 2nd-team all-state as a Sr. grider. State runner-up dropping a ‘thriller’ of a State title tilt by 1 single solitary point (29-3o). Ouch.

All of that after having been born March 12, 1987— 16 full minutes before twin brother and fellow Terp, (now: reposed) Tommy. (May St.Thomas bless).


…this Fn Gobbler quadruped is a Dawgg. Make no misQ!

Soooooo, and to the Applied Sports Psych (available among yah); …do any of you see any 2nd-place trend(s)… here?

Some might nag that… which is not entirely unreasonable. As I’d bet nickels to dimes that Dwight Galt IV his ownself would agry. Nevertheless,… every single stat he amassed in five seasons of D-1 collegiate P5 ‘ball was amassed in his FINAL year on the gridiron only! Dats zero or (o) stats amassed in year no.1 through year no.4, combined, collectively. Not one.

Or in other words… you do not survive all that wear ‘n tear, with nary to show for it, to only (finally) rise above it; all unless you got heart.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       💗


Like Tin Man and Cowardly Lion made to sit down and ride beyotch total heart. As a lotta lesser peeps in the game of life would gotten outta ‘ball -and for keeps- before this kid’s final Fall. A lot. As DeeJ is an overcomer mo’ so than overachiever or any P.urely C.hicken bologna like dat. And Doc Gentry-era Frankly spreaking… that’s just the kinda guy you want leading your S&C charge.

As our S&C coach can out-heart your S&C coach.

Leave no doubt. 5.5 finishing sacks after having been voted four times the toughest Terp by his teammates, and three times voted the Work Out Warrior Award winner says so!

▄ ▄ ▄ ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄ ▄ ▄ ▄

A ferrous or Iron Hokie indeed!

Son-of-a-gun… and to be a nearly never publicized Strength and Conditioning coach, this Galt IV hath battled and defeated much, and more before he went 24o6o.

That, and if this ’24 gridiron incarnation does push back when Rutgers Middle West ironbelt style of scrumming comes to shove?

This guy prolly won’t get any credit… although here in these watchful pages he just… did!

A rarefied credible self-confidence.

A cerebral orthodontist... everything, aligns.
…sequeing effortlessly and seamlessly now… (as Dwigth is no small part of the next, part)…

Things that caught our S&C… Eye(s)…

Lottsa: push, pull, and carry thingys drilling wise going on. Who knew that traditional old-school 45’s {sic: places} now have cut-out hand-insert places just to accommodate?


Never seen a human being manage to actually stretch and/or deform the outer harder/thicker edge of a rubber car tire length-wise; or, into an increased radi before either. Inner yes. Outer? NO. Bent it like a damn rubber band… and that is downright nasty impressive; or, should I opine: downright ‘deformable’ Norris Hall v.P.i. football E.S.M. slide, rules. VERY.


Insiders say: Galt IV has them down to three -sometimes down to just two- lift-days/week!?!

Per the addition of +stretching and +competitive S&C O.G. calisthenics and numerous muelings; (or, carrying thingys lifts).

WILD. Old school is the new, new school all over agan.

We saw such during a VERY high-intensity aerobic burning six or seven-circuit/station routine.

You win the given station via totaling the most pure raw reps… at X, Y, Z. (Quantity, counts).

Such is not the realm of power-centric max’ weight-training. It is rather the melee Battle of the Bastards realm of battling centric max’… +++reps!

This is Positionally baited. Mostly conflicting or opposing O vs. D and D vs. O. Although, it is mostly like (sized) on like (sized) positional line-of-scrummage crime. P’s/K’s are not pitted vs. Dt’s for example as that would sooner mismatch dispatch.

However, leaders/alphas per position are sought to emerge— per having to give each other a yesteryear Extreme Championship Wrestling hardcore lead pipe go.

Basically… FREE MV1 vs. Ronyell Whitaker 25/8!!!

And the kicker/keeper part is… this SURE IS DIFFERENT than (Fu’bar) before!
Mo’ than just good neighbor nite and day.
Nevertheless, and even if Rutgers will prolly want a bear-pit word or three with this… so far so far… maybe even so far so good?

Right now as ‘24 prognosticnti goes❔

Hmmmmmmm… so, 6 wins seems like a worst-case scenario at the {sic: current} Training Room moment… some might even have us deign to say 7 wins is the ’24 cellar-dweller absolute floor. Could be… Eye will give a listen…

Although, where are we P.A.T.T.y-cake, P.A.T.T.y-cake if everything ’24 actually goes, right? That’s an ask for the Vandy -or the post-Vandy- depth chart alone.

And yet there I go again… always putting the cart before the horse…

That mea culpa being squarely struck… IF, we get beyond @Vandy, Marshall, and get 7-5-7 over @O.d.u.; all while keepin’ it 1oo and keepin’ our ’24 1’s basically intact?

Well, then you will have bent my Eye…

Now, try seeing it through this prism… when was the last time you saw VeeTee physically mount up and regulate all the lunchroom money from a well-known set of lunchroom pigskin, bullies?

⚔️ <<< >>> 🏈 <<< >>> 🦃

And let there be no debate here… ’cause Rutgers is gonna calling-card all your ’24 drinking age questions come September the 21st!

We turn Rutgers out, and finally learn how to hook with a hooker;
and you will credibly have your November to remember
R.A.T.T., 1o-wins shot.
And not b4.


R.A.T.T... right now.: ...Pry and Co. are, what(s)?

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Next time(s)

  • Some recruiting… (guess who does better in… State)?
  • If we have so much Talent and our coaches selected the ‘rong opening ’22 scheme— why does the Market itself -and coaches of all sorta schemes all over the place- STILL not want our castoffs?
  • Will History itself record that 2o24 was the apex predator, Pry?
  • These ARE the on and off-field Drones you are looking for.
  • …and… oh… BTW
  • We have the goods!





Joe=???, Don=???
please support the VT F.C.A.!!!







C.N.N.! U.S.A.! FOX!”

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  1. We’re still defining success as 8-4 as opposed to 11 wins and shining in the CFP. Just a little patience . . .

  2. Lots o dome scratching here in uber world . We B like- what he say ??? BS giv’n BP dap or slap ?? Vah T Bhav or B N car ser rated ? uber thinks BS play’n for both teams so when Vee Tee gridders go 6-6 or 12- 1 BS be like – told you sooooo !! UH out .

      1. …as I am most seriously. (very most at that); considering coming outta the prediction and the Eye game(s) this year… we shall see?

        Tho’ that is an ask for Friday before @Vandy anywho… so… time=tell…


        1. Pry ‘DAP’ like ro.Parrish and the keltics FT-makes or a ‘slap’???

          Hmmmmmm…. good thing Eye already put that in part deux.
          Tho’… they are NOT showing many signs is the only thing Eye can ‘ghost’.

          Same drill on discipline or ‘behaviour’ as you stroke it…
          Penalties got MUCHO worse on the Mocha Qb1 switch… why???
          He (Cobra-Ky’) is said to not roll like that his ownself… so, what gave on the swap???
          That is a very very tough question… tho’ the vectoring of “competition’ MAX could spill over on them in ways they not only did NOT intend… they (likely) were blind to see. We and not so much… we call it “right down the middle” as Jesse the Body said.

          That’s a good ask… +1… it is a hard answer…


  3. Dude, I am old and would love to be able to read what you really mean. Can we chat get this ?

    1. Ask Will and Chris… Eye will listen if they want to do/that… I did radio for decades and decades… I can prolly dig out a microphone…

      Neat idea, +sum,

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