VT up in the Mecca of all-sports arenas!

Gotham, The Big Apple, the NYC, and VT in the Madison Square-Garden house!

This is a very big deal folks. This is the house that “Clyde” Fraizer and his signature lambchops used to roll cooler than kool bell-bottom right on through. The house that helped make Ali great. The house that has hosted more Tite Fights than any other. The house that has seen more conventions, circus’, events, games, services and a whole lot more. There is MSG, then there are all the rest. But who will win b’street?

Hofstra is several things……..

  • They are a one-man team, as they are lead by the guy who very likely will lead the NC2A in scoring this year, and in minutes played, one Tony Agudio. (that’s him on the right, though he now wears #13). However, numerous sources say he is damaged goods, courtesy of the dreaded high-ankle sprain and may or may not play tonite, and he’s had a history of Ankle and Elbow injuries prior to this year as well.
  • Hofstra is a pretty solid defensive team (73rd in FG% allowed, and 28th in Blocks), so expect another low-scoring game with 2 teams in an unfamiliar Gym tonite.
  • Hofstra commits a ton of personal-fouls (22 per game if you are keeping score at home), so our Hokies should get some 15` set-shots, and we need to cash in on them, though our Team FT% of 64% suggests otherwise. As Hofstra is 33rd in defensive Boards, which says we prolly won’t get a lotta 2nd-chance points tonite, which makes our FT shooting all the more critical.
  • Hofstra is very deep, as 10 different ballers play 11 minutes or more. So Hokie fatigue to close the game is something to watch for in this one.

I’m going to presume that Agudio is damaged goods; and to be frank, I’m just not impressed by this 2-6 Hofstra team that is only 4 points away from being shut-out of the win column on the year. Hofstra has had some pretty sneaky good hoops teams over the year, but this is not one of them. I like our Hokies in this one, but it will be an unsightly ugly kinda VT win. Virginia Tech 69 Hofstra 60. b’street