War Plan Orange Part II and scheduling 1o1

War Plan Orange v.2.oo

…the time to ‘23 suit up is neigh upon us!

Virginia Tech and Coach Pry are indeed -and to their sizeable credit- winning the off-season. Prolly tallying a 1o-7 round in their favor when you consider they are merely a .272 caliber team. You gotta give ’em that… you really do.

The Hokies have yet to show (under: Pry) that they can win much of anything in-season, however. And this pre-season is off to a rather insalubrious start; with 1.75 1’s or starters already, done. Coach God twice, bless. Nevertheless, read the R.A.T.T. metrics down below… then take a deep breath and then try not to turn blue in the O&M face, K? ’cause if you ask me -and you did via reading these very words- if you ask me, we have a fair-to-middling row left to hoe.

Techsideline Surgeon Generals Warning

“If you are a P.A.T.T., if you feel you may be becoming a P.A.T.T., or if you are preggers with a P.A.T.T., …this may not be the Tech Thoughts for you!“

Scheduling 1o1… or one-oh-(n)one?

Docket Rankings:

  • 67th Virginia Tech: 80-71 (53.0%, winning percentage in theory). Per S.I.
  • PFF has us at the 74rd most difficult schedule.
  • Although VT has 5th toughest schedule in A.c.c. And the 27th toughest in the nation: According to college football news.
  • So, 30th to about 75th is the Range as statistical surveys approximation goes here… got it?


’23 MUST WINS!!!

  • ODU (3-9 in 2022), .25o;
  • @Rutgers (4-8), .333;
  • @Boston College (3-9), .25o;
  • @le’ team or hooVa (3-7), .3oo.

It ain’t exactly Murders Row, is it? As you’d have to be at least a bit hopeful to get at least .5oo or 3 up and 1 down there; rights?

MUST read here folks!

However, as Eye hope we all knows… “Hope is not a strategy.”

“hope” …is not what it takes to play Major League Football.

And do you see a trend ^there^?
75% of our most winnable games are @Away!

Now, do recall what none other than the brutalized big-daddy Junction Boy himself… “bear” Bryant wrote in his epic program-building book: “Turnaround“.

‘bear’ his ownself taught us that first of all…

  1. First, you learn how to win @Home. Defend thy own turf, backyard J.Y.D. style. .4oo here last year. And 1-play and 1-point away from .8oo. Though if my Aunt Kim had nutz-n-a-bolt she’d be my Uncle… Tim.
  2. Then, you learn how to win @Away. Where you will find the breaks tend to break against you more often than they do in your very own backyard. .166 here last year. A ½-play and then a fully run into a: 65-point hole plus a more respective 1-point @Away L in the bottom of the 8th inning.
  3. Then, you learn how to win when you are not supposed to win. Like how Man o’ War learned how to be “Upset”. Ringing a Liberty bell was well struck here at the close of ’22 business accounts.
  4. Virginia Tech: Under .5oo ATS in six straight seasons (longest active streak in FBS)! (Just thought Eye’d throw that in here… as that is really bad…)
So, and R.A.T.T., just how much do you truly, madly, deeply think this ’23 squadron
knows about: “winning” itself???
The lowest the Hokies have been picked in the preseason poll since joining the A.c.c. in 2oo4!

From C2:

Now let us look at the ex-2o22 FEI defensive ratings for the 2o23 opponents:

Old Dominion: No. 87
Purdue: No. 6o
Rutgers: No. 5o
Marshall: No. 15
Pitt: No. 22
Florida State: No. 36
Wake Forest: No. 69
Syracuse: No. 49
Louisville: No. 14
Boston College: No. 74
virginia: No. 41

Now the ex-2o22 FEI offensive ratings for Tech’s 2o23 opponents:

Old Dominion: No. 12o
Purdue: No. 43
Rutgers: No. 122
Marshall: No. 119
Pitt: No. 68
Florida State: No. 8
Wake Forest: No.15
Syracuse: No. 48
Louisville: No. 57
Boston College: No. 116
Virginia: No. 108

Do you see what I pre-season means?

’23 “3-hour stomach aches” …here we come again?

As Points will be at a premium in a good number of these prolly pretty good {sic: tight} games.
Or a race to 3-scores or 3.5 scores and the first club there, wins.
All ’23 fingers point to that❗️
^^^this^^^ must be US!

Competition Socialization 1o1:

Pry thinks it is essential to improve the roster, not just from a talent standpoint but in terms of competition.

Primarily the transfer kids, but also some of these high school guys who have already joined us, they walk into the room and they’re talented in their own right, but then they just make everybody around them a little bit better,” Pry said. “They work a little harder. They compete a little better.
They strive a little bit more

Or in other words… the kids who are NOT marooned at 10 games south of .5oo @Vah.Tech since the uncommon Commonwealth streak went: “snap“.

They have not learnt how to do jus’ enuff to get beat @Tech— they still (scholastically) only know how to compete. And we needs all we can get just like dat sports fans…

A clinical breath of Applied Sports Psych fresh air that a dead man needs like a coffin.


…’cause ^^^this^^^ is the A.c.c.

All animals are created equal it is just that some animals are more equal than others.
—Orsen Wells


So, here is what time it really is… jus’… watch!

All of the above the early still undecided Qb1 feelers, a dinged-up Rb1, and 20% of our starting oLine now ’23, done… we will not be fielding a home-position: Mike1, C1, or Fs1… not at all… all of this does harken some very stark R.A.T.T. ’23 questions… among them would be…

  • What if the good version of ’22 Grant only=Glenn? As do recall that the ’22 O did zenith only AFTER Glenn went upstairs to give Bowen an in-game hand and an extra set of in-game press-boxing eyes.
  • ^^^this^^^ right here, again!
  • Is Drones kinda/sorta the homecourt Tyler pick? Or, rather does Bowen now already know from his very own ’22 objectively— that Wells is just not his pet boy?
  • ^^^this^^^ right here, twice; again!

A Pygmalion is a dirty animal
—Coach Jules Bernard Shaw,

Which dot connects and possibly encodes for:

  1. That Glenn=the best and the snappier Grant— as he is HIS guy has some legs.
  2. That Bowen NEVER even had a ’22 Qb1 guy— this too could very well be true.
  3. That could mean that Drones is his very 1st VeeTee Qb1 ‘guy’ too!

Although all of that is from a guy with some ’22 fanbase razor-burns who cannot afford another L.Van.Pelt Holder1, or wishy-washy 1ooth-something Nationally ranked Total O scrape.

Or… t.Bow’ heads to the: ’23 Ribald Hair Club fo’ menz.



So, a little Hokiebirdie heard the following Jamerson grapevine things…

Same as it ever was…
—VT fb media: Talking, Heads

As this Team (still) turtles and goes into its shell and this year no.2 staff -the very same as the last Staff- has had a damn hard time getting them to come back out in play. Pry in fact recently said so his ownself: that it takes: “…a quarter and part of another one to get them to go back to being them”.

That’s soft. Whimsical. Fairy. Pansy.

And try as we might gents, the Game of Life ain’t Viagra.
Meaning don’t make anything(s) any harder on yourself than they already are!

Or in other words… who does Pry have on Staff that is a pure rah-rah motivator or extender extraordinaire?

In final words… who does Pry have on-field to rally the sagging-troops or to lead from the front as j.Evans and Sam did for 1st-year-Fu’?

He needs at least one of each; again, just like a dead man needs a coffin.

▄ ▄ ▄ ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄ ▄ ▄ ▄

Now: IF it is coaching the verb, then next year should be better with better verbiage itself. Granted. Fair play here; if that were actually true.

Such, however, is not the realm of making the facts fit the narrative— such is the realm of making the narrative fit itself. I literally saw this treasure (Gold) hunting up in Alaska 4-decades ago. The grass ain’t always greener, sometimes it is permafrost frozen or issues its very own moral embargo if you will.


What they are not telling you is… if it is the Talent, Coach Next won’t matter that much ’cause he won’t have that much Talent to work with in the first place; nor in the last.

Finally, what if Talent is down -which it clearly film-study is- AND coaching the verb is misconjugated at best or ‘incoherent’? i.e., the worst of both worlds!

That’s not just a hole folks, that’s a shaft; and it may be a while before the same reaches rock, bottom.

Stay frosty kittens; …this rebuild going on reboot may take a while to cook.

Qb or not to Qb… that is the question❓

If the quarterback the coaching staff picks doesn’t perform to my expectations, I’m not going to blame him. He either wasn’t coached well enough or the coaches should have done a better job in the portal with quarterback recruiting over the course of two off seasons.”

While Wells has had durability concerns, …
…the coaches seem to be rooting for {sic:} Drones…

So, Eye for one bothered to run the maths —not my mouf here…

  1. in ’21 you asks? There were an astounding 199 combined Qb1’s, Qb2’s, and Qb3’s and beyond in the Transfer Portal!
  2. in ’22 you asks? There were an astounding 192 combined Qb1’s, Qb2’s, and Qb3’s and beyond in the Transfer Portal!
  3. K? So, riddle me thus… why were no fans, no coaches, and no teammates crying when these two left their former (Huntington and Waco) schools?
  4. This number four says see: number “3.”

Do you see what I means yets?

Maybe not… so I shall draw you a picture…


Before bailing out Baylor… we went out and gots the…



This is prior to posing these Herding or Bearish hard-to-do much worse than possession-based, digits…



NOW do you sees what I starry-eyed mean folks?

Or to put that another way… Eye mean… it is pretty dang impressive we somehow got a ≅5,600+ yard Rescue Puppy passer with a whopping 36 hurling TDs and a downright nifty 11 carrying majors to boot to come here! Nearly astonishing he came here in point of fact.

Then we only got the 45th ranked Qb1b to come here.

That’s Portaling like a champ’ or soliciting the verbs, plural!
…well, unless of course…



Now, if the Fire-Bugs are right… in ’22 VeeTee had vastly mo’ Talent than the posting of a 3-win, team?

N’est-ce pas?

Let us consensus to allow them the necessary cordage to go’on and noose-knot…

Then why come nobody wanted our cast-offs? Not named one single solitary Qb1 -who shed three, that’s (3) braces and finally got healthy- and, and, and… why come thee ones that find a replacement window home do nothing no matter where they land?!?

As their coaching, the verb changed a total of… nearly sixty, that’s (~6o) freakin’ times❗️

Check it:

  • 2o23: six, that’s (6) are not ‘pretty or ‘beautiful’; they are Delta-Vegas or downvotes by collegiate football at any, level! They are outta football. Additionally, thirteen, that’s (13) down-voted (Δν) their very own selfie college football categorical level; thereby forced to sign somewhere lower. 1 did upgrade. And two at least sorta landed/moved P5 laterally.
    Code for: 3% wanted strongly and 6% wanted moderately.
    9o% wanted not much or not at all!
  • 2o22: five, that’s (5) are not ‘pretty or ‘beautiful’; they are Delta-Vegas or downvotes by collegiate football at any, level! They are outta football. Additionally, eleventeen, that’s (11) down-voted (Δν) their very own selfie college football categorical level; thereby forced to sign somewhere lower. o upgraded; not one! And two at least sorta landed/moved P5 laterally.
    Code for: o% wanted strongly and ~7% wanted moderately.
    89% wanted not much or not at all!
  • 2o21: six, that’s (6) are not ‘pretty or ‘beautiful’; they are Delta-Vegas or downvotes by collegiate football at any, level! They are outta football. Additionally, ten, that’s (1o) down-voted (Δν) their very own selfie college football categorical level; thereby forced to sign somewhere lower. 1 did upgrade. And 3 at least sorta landed/moved P5 laterally.
    Code for: ~5% wanted strongly and ~14% wanted moderately.
    ~79% wanted not much or not at all!
  • ROTF LOL!!!

Do you see a trend here folks?

Greg Roberts and his totally epic: “…Talent is at a: 30-year low…” blast sure did!

…mo’ like: NO show! LOL!!!

As in… it ain’t little ole me telling you that our Talent is not only down; it is way down and therefore nobody wants it…

It is rather the Talent Market itself. Coach a.Smith going laissez-(un)faire.

It is in particular the “invisible hand” that is pimp-slapping our guys with a most R.A.T.T.: you ain’t NO damn good. #facts. The Market itself is what is saying so; and frankly, it is saying so over and over and over and over…

Not b.street!
The Market.

The Portaling market is pretty much sayin' our guys, suck.
Now check this little top-shelf nugget… 0%.
That’s how many of our few starry guys have been N.I.L. BIG name deep-pockets bought out❗️
Eye; wonder, why?

🌟 🔭🌟


These Drones are not the Qb1s you are looking for

  • What if… Marshall=Wells level?
  • What if… neither Baylor nor Vah.Tech is Drones’ level?


  • Hokies… do you see what I mean?
  • What if  little olé V.P.I. can no longer get a really good Qb1?

’cause Portaling left-over or retread or refugee *** and **** VHT (very highly touted) at least (light) chip Qb1’s is a stop-gap step.

The next step… the only Realistic All The Time step… is to step up and go’on and ink a said **** or ***** VHT stud-Qb1 recuit right outta the signing-day gate.

So, then Eye bothered to research this… here are the ’23 A+++ four-star (****)
Qb1 Targets Nationally for your perusal…

Now, and IF, you bothered to left-click each and every one open -and Eye for one did- you will see that nobody sees much of anything @Vah.Tech. We are listed: nadda, none, nil times. Or: zilch, zero, zip. As they say in Britain: “… it’s all in the maths.”

And sure enuff… as the drunk girl in A (new) River Runs Threw It taught us all…

Watch the first step – it’s a lulu.

R.A.T.T.: ...the true alpha or #1 Talent in the VT Qb Room is... who???

View Results

Loading ... Loading ...

Then then then… L-L Hokie hit me with this blast… which I screen-capped as this is a savvy/shrewd observer of all things Gridiron to detect and then objectively statistically validate all of this… check it…

The fact is… coaches like to find their own stars. It’s more satisfying.”
—Lombardi’s Rb Coach with the ‘skins (Gene Dickenson, on: finding: Rb1, Larry Brown)

As I had one very keen source describe the ’23 Qb Derby as thus… “Wells has the tallest floor by far and the lowest ceiling alike.”

That’s not unfair in our quad-book(s).

Wells only has so much he can get outta his okay body.
His kinetics are not elite; he only busses 110v domesticated power.
He is a little bigger (denser; just a little) than say BAX was in person— to his credit.
Although he has no thud-power (Anthony Joshua), he has no twitch/burst volts (Deontay Wilder).

He does have a nearly +4 (years) Experience Curve advantage, and that is no small measure. He is also from a truly Passing Fancy football family tree. As his old man was a Kennedy Award Qb1 runner-up back in ’84 in 3o4 terms. So, korterbacking is in his blood and he prolly had a football in his crib.

Drones on the other hand titillates with (seemingly) better testables and metrics and some of that is the Eye test (gone: fail) between Pita-pocket-Qbs and Wheat bread itself.

“Aye”, he is the better physical specimen, and yet how much is that truly saying?

  • 4.68 forty. Some, say closer to (only a legit 4.7) which is bottom ¾’ers as speed goes for Qb1’s!
  • 4.45 2o-shuttle: This is not a quicker or tricky change of direction cut on a dime-flavored guy. (Nearly bottom 90th percentile here!).
  • Good vertical though: 36″which means he can dunk 2-handed and easily. (Top 5th percentile!)
  • In fact, and wildly enuff… he: (Drones) only rates as 53rd percentile in: Scrambling/Rushing!

This paints a much mo’ physical baller picture to we; even a mo’ powerful one. Though not a quickster or slickster Qb1. Pasty BAX would totally smoke this somewhat slow-poke Waco hommie as in-line goes.

Drones is the mo’ aggressive, streety, or temperamental guy.
Tru dat… and we needs dat like a dead man… well… you know…

Although he also goes Karl Malone’s fall-away throw under pressure (i.e., leaning backward); he throws a very army ball (i.e., no shoulder/core) on the move (this bleeds velocity and accuracy alike) and he tends to hold the ball too long.

Now here are the Wells-Fargo testables/metrics…

  • 4.56 forty (low): Some say closer to 4.6 even though still yet; he wins the foot race here. And the 4.56 is right on the Qb1 margin for Top-⅓ best. Not blazing; though good-speed itself.
  • 4.22 2o-shuttle: This is right upon the Top-¼ best. As this guy has the quicker feet here hands down at that. Surprisingly, even… and it makes you wonder if he has mo’ run-shapes to show?
  • Good vertical: 35″! He too can cuff-dunk if he so chooses. Same near the Top-5th percentile.
  • Tallies a new shocking 4o.5 in: Power Throws. Pluckier than he looks for his colour and/or build.
  • Had a buncha Ivy League offers; and you don’t merit that wearing a dum’, jock.
  • Also: has been very durable during his 4-year starting Qb1 career. Drones’ durability is unknown/unproven at this stAGE). (Though the ‘whisperers’ hint that: he has a history of ankle rolls and quad-attachments dings alike). St.Philip bless.

Do you see what I mean, (yet)?


i.e., what ’23 happens if Lombardi and Coach Gene Dickenson could not develop either would be Qb1 guy❓

Pivotal ∑umation:

What Eye means is… if you did start Drones, you are forfeiting a near half-decade built-in Experience Curve advantage for a guy who does have more eligibility remaining; (Granted, pardon the Qb1-derby pun).

However, he is also said to need mo’ passing-fancy development and may or may not ultimately have a higher ceiling than Grant does vis-à-vis. IF, Drones were more kinetic, this inside-straight might be a more alluring 1o-J-?-K-A (off-suit) bet. Right now, it is mo’ like a ?-3-4-5-6-? wager.

And if this bet does not hit; how much heat do you bet that Pry will take for it on the ’24, Draw?

It was, however, Coaching the Verb… 

Eye say that in all frankness, because in-year, in the closing month of November… tell me where or when did we get a stud Rb1 portaler? Or, Baylor’s Qb2a? Or multi-betterments in the Catch Corps? Or, several defensive upgrades and some oLine help? Oh, wait…

We did not— right(s)?

We did however perform the following betterment(s) in-year; during a sucky season werehby lesser men surely woulda spit-the-bit, let-go-the-rope and picked up the… soap!

  • We did everything less upset Nc.State by 1 single solitary point out on the road. As three fumbles later and yet our rushing deficit improved by three 1st-downs and our passing deficit improved by a season-best or a stunning twelve, that’s (12) 1st-downs as total yardage gained goes.
  • Then we got beat by 1; again, vs. Gah.Tech. As one Pick, one FG-shank, and four fumbles later and we went asexual and basically beat ourselves.
  • Then we got Duke Picked, missed another 3-pointer, and frankly, things seemed to be about to let go… in spite of improving our rushing deficit by 1.5 1st-downs and our passing deficit by nearly three 1st-downs.
…how does this group look anything other than about to get: Liberty Bell rung, up?
  • Then… some coaching how… Pry and Co. picked a penultimate Senior Day truly sagging VeeTee football team back up off the mat when they surely seemed on their way to tanking just like Shamu.
    They posted their best Rushing Margin since: 17.Sept.22 and their second-best Passing Margin since: 22.Sept.22! wowow!
  • LOL, ^^^that’s^^^ kra-kra or nearly Applied Sports Psych, A+++, umpossible.

Understand… this was all from a then 2-win-incoming bottom-feeding V.P.I. squadron competing vs. four teams that totaled a whopping 27 wins on ’22 itself! That’s over 1,300% mo’ successful than us/VeeTee! We had two wins when all those games started compared to two bowl invites among those November four people.

And while our Talent remained the objective science-fact not yet off-season Portal upgraded the same; our team did not improve. It rather noticeably improved. As F+++ to C— is quite a ninth-month jump.

And coaching the verbiage best of all… it refused to tap out and ride-bitch.


Again, do understand… Talent remained the very in-year month of November same.
Only coaching the verb changed and it changed for the better!


Where you Stand is where you sit

Still, yet, …and as things stand right now you ask(s)?

Vegas has us lined as the betting favorite in a whopping two, that’s (2) ’23 games.

After=left, b4=right
Koufax or unorthodox, side… 🦵️…

Think about that one for a minute or three folks… now consider the midway camp mounting deleterious 4o77th dingy and denty news… in particular for a sketchy and paper-thin highy inexperienced oLine.

…’cause as my late father taught me: “See those (L.V.) lights son? They don’t pay for themselves.”

It’s gonna take Pry & Co. until 2o24 or even ’25 to go old-school V.P.I. V.T.C.C.,
and pay the price on their very own gridiron… War Plan Orange.





23 Virginia Tech=4 win floor!
please support the VT F.C.A.!!!







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  1. Offense, offense, offense. Okay.

    Build the old way, defense…? Find field position and maybe some TO points …

    A key year for the brand as skullduggery and $$ gets tossed around

    1. I kinda agry– D was pretty fair to middling for 1st year Learning Curve and Experience Curve foibles if not foul-fits in ’22.

      Hopefully, those Seniored Dt1’s set the tone.
      Inisde-out D which should play into improved hind-7 kinetics/speeds.


    1. What is my fave team’s Health ceiling for the Injury Report vs. O.d.u.?
      (We don’t yet know, right? So, ask me then… for an official digit).

      Though right this VERY minute now? 5 to 6, 7=dream year.


  2. As you allude to with those close losses, VT was 1-5 last year in games decided by less than a touchdown, but that’s a somewhat unusual deviation from the norm. In the long run, everyone goes about .500 in games by that small of a margin. So while things were bad last year, and everyone feels like it’s the low water mark for VT football in decades, they were actually not quite as bad as their record indicated. They had a little more than their fair share of bad breaks and ended up with 3 wins instead of 5. I think that with the help of all of the roster turnover they’ve had in the offseason, if they don’t suffer a concentration of injuries at 1 position group (i.e. maybe they have to play some 2nd string here and there, but they don’t have to reach down to 3rd string anywhere), I think they can be a 6 win team this year.

    Ironically, while going from 3 wins to 6 wins would actually look like a big improvement, by my own argument, it would actually mean that the net progress wasn’t all that much.

  3. “1-5 last year in games decided by less than a touchdown…

    As the Aussies taught me– ‘you’re not ‘rong.’

    That said… it don’t sound too fight to the R.I.P. the other side death, “competitive” to me.

    Eye saw none of that on breaking tape either– and as Pry -to his honesty credit- alluded, they have
    troubles (plural) with in-game trouble itself.

    Fix that– cut down a Turonver here-there, hit an extra FGA and you have 6 wins, granted.


  4. As someone may have already noticed, after a year the VT offense still can’t score in the red-zone against their own defense – where tendencies are known and the scheme should be well-understood. Do you think the OC is keeping the real plays in the closet so we can spring them on unsuspecting foes in the regular season? Regardless of the QB (assuming that none of them are a reincarnation of MVI) there are going to be serious issues this year scoring touchdowns unless we manufacture a real running game and win the turnover battle big time. I think 6-6 would be a great result considering the statistics from last year – it would be nice if some of those wins were at home.

    1. Nearly totally agry.

      PPG on O will be at a premium. And C2 is correct– they must win all little to little+++ sized battles to nick as many close contests as possible.
      As to this O-cord’???
      Unsteady to unproven… my peeps say Glenn was the brain. (Not anyone else).


  5. Overall D should be top third ACC quality. OL “should” improve over 2022 – a year older, stronger, bigger, some game experience, maybe more effective coaching. QB play “should” improve over 2022, with better support all around, learning curve if Wells. In-game coaching “should” improve – intelligent football minds with a year’s experience – mistakes to learn from – and better talent to execute. And an expectation that we will see heightened passion and focus and aggression – and far fewer dumb mistakes/breakdowns. A key will be Pry’s vaunted “compete” mantra – winning the individual battles is determinative. At this point, it’s just words. We’ll see if it translates onto the field.
    2022 was a realistic 5-6 win team. UVA + really, really – really – stupid plays and breakdowns made it a 3 win team. And some injuries to key players. (If you think the talent was subpar with the first string, it was downright abysmal with their backups). Given a years growth – physical, mental, experience, technique, coaching – some better-quality depth at key positions, and an influx of upgraded talent, 6-7+ wins should be the minimal expectation.

    1. At this point, it’s just words. We’ll see if it translates onto the field.”


      This has to fulfill its own prophecy and show out… so far?
      It has yet…


  6. If this Coaching staff can’t play or sing a good song..this team is not going to dance to the beat..Other words..coaching is the key…coaching kids Up… not just going thru the motions, this is 2023 and lot rides on this staff…carry on

    1. We shall see… 3rd oLine Coach in 3 years and two modest Qb1’s and we shall see…

      i.e., ’cause to us 4?
      We see this (still) needs a year or three.


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