West Virginia football preview!!!

#25 R.P.I. Virginia Tech
#69 R.P.I. West Virginia:

Today’s word of the day is… eer!!!


genome: pejorative: from French -ier, from Latin -arius

  1. (forming nouns) denoting a person concerned with or engaged in an activity.
  2. (forming verbs) denoting concern or involvement with an activity.
  3. (foaming nouns) denoting the Mo-town, WVa. Fire and Police departments on rabid old-blue-n-gold Red Alert come Saturday afternoon ~4 PM???

West Virginia Head CoachNeal Harmon Brown: age=41, (12–12 @WVa. and 47–28 overall); has a rep’ for offense, velocity, Wr’s/Qb’s.

Baller Brown attended Boyle County High School in Danville, Kentucky, where he was an all-state wide receiver, baseball, and basketball player. At Boyle County High School, he finished his career as the No. 2 pass catcher in state history. dang!

Brownies… 1o1!

Wr Brown played football at the University of Kentucky under head coach Hal Mumme and his assistants, Mike Leach and Tony Franklin, before transferring to the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He did earn all-S.E.C.edu honors as a Wildcat.

Student-athlete Brown earned his bachelor’s degree in business management and his master’s in business administration from Massachusetts. While at UMass, he was an Atlantic 10 All-Academic honoree and an NCAA Division I-AA Athletic Directors’ Academic All-Star team selection. Impressed!

After that baller Brown went Coach Brown started his coaching career as a graduate assistant at UMass, then Sacred Heart, and then Delaware. Then Brown caught his big break as Brown was named the offensive coordinator at Texas Tech under new Red Raiders head coach Tommy Tuberville. Then after a year as O’cord at Kentucky Coach Brown blew his first big whistle down at Troy.

At Troy Coach Brown tallied Troy’s first 10-win season since joining FBS in 2001 in 2016. He scored a massive upset over all-galaxy L.S.U. and he ended with 10, 11, and 10 wins again at Troy. Making him something of their mini-me Frank Beamer. He also improved his team’s G.P.A. and graduation rate every single season. Troy.edu props insert (_____) here. And has acquired something of a program-wide renaissance man’s tag for it to his sizeable credit.

Most curiously enough, Coach Brown is perfected in his bowl career. (4-nil). And he has been the betting ‘dog every time less once. This tells you the man can break a tape and really preps shrewdly on extra time.

As this is one pretty dang educationally accomplished collegiate football coach folks.
Not many have anything anywhere near his curriculum vitae classroom props.

Daddy Brown and his wife, Brooke, have two daughters: Adalyn and Anslee, and one son, Dax.

202o record: 6 up 4 down and .5oo in the Big-8 (now: XII).

 Defense: (starters back=5)

  • 3-3-5 hybrid/variable.
    (was a busty #4 overall last year, tho’ D staff is in flux post-late pre-season toggle).
  • 42nd in Total D.
  • 37th vs. the run.
  • 59th vs. the throw.
  • 96th in Pass Efficiency D!

    Base D:
  • 7 of 10 in dLine Havoc. odd front-3/even-4 does have Landry -esque Flexy or offset toggled looks. dLine is not quite S.E.C. thirty-four sized. Almost a little light in the pants. Dante (Stills) may or may not evolve into the inferno that big-bro’ was… tho’ he has a Dt/Ng knack for TFL (Tackles for a Loss). A quick-enough/strong-enough gap-jumper here. De Jeffery Pooler Jr. and De1 Akheem Mesidor (who is coming off a Freshman All-America campaign) are solid to developing here. As the front-3 is pretty reasonable if not good. It is 4 through 6 that drop off a bit. Tho’ the starters do play with a shoulder in it, they will hit. You will see 30’s, 40’s and even an even looking 50 with so much elevatoring from the 2nd-layer at times to the LOS (line-of-scrimmage). The d0 a lotta Stillers twisting, X’ing, crossing and things to muck with Gap-assignments upfront. De’s really rush deep more so than wide— two-step forward and take a 2nd-HR-hitting type of look off a pump-fake downfield.
  • 6.5 of 10 in Linebacking Havoc. The middle layer is a bit thinly, what with 50% of them 2o9 lbs. or less in tipping the Toledo’s. Linebacking seems a bit unsettled to me, as WVa. departed a stud-MLb and is trying to replace him with a Will-Lb. Which effectively has created two holes in their 2nd-layer for the price of one. Or robbing Peter to pay Paul if you will. As sliding over Mike-Lb (Semedo) does tackle well— and yet there are no other Lb’s in WVa.’s Top-6 of tackling itself! Wild, ain’t it? OLb, Exree Loe is an interesting athlete, tho’ is he just an ATH playing football @Lb here? (i.e., their d.Hunter of sorts).
  • 3 of 10 in Secondary Havoc. The secondary is ALL r-Sr.’s less one fellow upperclassman guy— so, experience and learning curve effects should be in full effect here. Cb seems >>> Safety(s) at the moment. Tho’ this secondary is not exactly deep all over. Did Eye mention their heights, yet? As they only have one guy in the rotation ≥5′11″. Not mighty-mites dunk-truncated tho’ not real sizey either. Their 2020 starting and staring Safety and likewise starting Cb1 both went ☮️ut and transferred out. Whereas three former staters have transferred in and that much transference may take another game or three to fully in sync. Coverage/contain does get a little shaky here-n-there. r-Sr. Fs Alonzo Addae is ‘posed to contend for all-star honors… senioritis un-VAX’ed?
  • D overall: (film-study): Maryland sure attacked their edge from the word: “Go”. And at times they looked a bit big-play available; including deep edge available at that. Toggling D… tho will deal from guess where? Edge-on; and A-Gap red-dogs here-n-there. D is aggressive every bit as much as it will over-pursue and is countering susceptible for it. Maryland’s 455 lb. combined Tb1+Tb2 had some success probing internally and off-Ot alike here.
    That said… do understand that there are 2 and some would say 3-variable or semi-variable hybrid positions here. Will-Lb/3rd-De, Fs, and a Cb are all gone: Bandit, Spear, CAT respectively; and sometimes even a dime-piece. So, there is a lotta 2020 dust to settle here as you really want veterans back when you ask them to do so many in-between (the three traditional layers) things.
    Saw a bit mo’ medium-man that seems to have fallen outta-in between coverage intensity vogue of late… some Cover-2’s and 3’s behind that. Tho’ they drop or pass off most Man looks upfront pretty quick and then settles into pure shape-zones. D will hit you, kick you, or whatever you. Not a soft-touch tho they live on the back jacket of the rulebook itself— and a letter of the law stickler herd of Zebra might prove costly for Wva. in this one. dLine will over shift short-side with the 2nd-layer (compensatory) over shifting wide-side behind that. Or, vicea-versa. VERY odd-looking set that makes scrape blocking angles unusual at best and hard to reach at most. D will try to rally to the flag and assist tackle in swarms. They are pretty middled in tackling acumen overall. D seems to want to funnel things to midfield and swarm there.
thirty-four kinda looking Even/40… note double 2-point stancing short-side!
  • ∑ (summary): returning D production=58% (88). Stills is your conflict defender here. The Wva. D is a W.I.P. work-‘n-progress as they are prolly still playing a mini-me game of 52-pick-up after a late-pre-season reshuffle. Kinda hard to get a solid handle on their hierarchy which although not sons of anarchy, it does remain to require some tweaking and some twerking if you will. Or in other words… it is better to get them over with now than come late November when they should have gone Alice the maid and got some of this wrinkling ironed out. As their spacing and availability/responsibility seems kinda muddied in the film room. Like emphasizing the ‘ass’ in assignment football. This is not a bad halt unit, it is an odd aligned one, and yet there is a lotta classroom headroom here. And although still kinda-sorta spotty good, N.f.l. aspirations and head-scratching transfers hit this unit hard in the offseason. This is not a roofing or even a ceiling-crew fo’ it any mo’. As there are solid to good guys here; although, a lotta the star-power guys are taking a shine to somewhere else. Ditto 3rd-downs: whereby in the two years under Neal Brown, they’re 1-6 when allowing teams to convert 45% or more on 3rd-down and only 7-9 when allowing 35% or more. They’re 4-2 when allowing fewer than 35% 3rd-down pick-ups. ^that^ forecasts as your in-game barometer men.
p.s. this D has a knack for Brockwōrst type p.fouls in it.
Keep your head on a swivel, they will take shots!

Defensive letter-grade:

Offense: (returning starters=8)

  • 49in Total O.
  • 99th in ground O.
  • 21st in aerial O.
  • 51st in Pass Efficiency O.

    outcome Wildcard… 1o3!
  • Qb1: Jarrett Doege, Bowling transfer Qb1 outta Lubbock, Texas. 6′2″, r-Sr., 2o7 lb. pocket type of gunner. (Not gunslinger, pure gunner, there is a diff’). Academic All-Big 12 First Team member, so his wvu.edu game is at least **** or 4-stars. Graduated in May 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and working on a master’s degree in athletic coaching, Big 12 Commissioner’s Honor Roll, and the Garrett Ford Academic Honor Roll. Did I mention the M.A. progress in… coaching, the verb (yet)? Never read that one before, though it surely says a lot, here. As does the fact that Mr. Lubbock did win a lotta scholastic games and did chuck it for a lotta high school vitals (senior: threw for 3,363 yards and 33 touchdowns). Tho’ he never won the big one just the same. This can be ‘splained via his being a really good Qb1 when he gets it cooking with Ch4 or natural gas. Tho’ he strays a bit into targeting inaccuracy a bit here-n-there. Almost like a Wr that lacks concentration. Very much a home-cookin’ Qb1 to boot, as his homesteading metrics are about 80-Qb-rating-points better this year after being nearly 45-ratings-points-better last year in his Mo’town-East backyard. WoW! Additionally, JayDee has been a better 1st-half passer by about 5% for several years running. As he seems to bleed just a little velocity after intermission and it almost makes you wonder if he’s courting something mechanical in his pitch-game? Ditto the fact that his completion percentages wavers or outright drops from 1Q:2Q and again from 3Q:4Q. Why nobody would say— as frankly, I’ma not sure any of my W.V.u. contacts knew? They do know however that he went at it this off-season S&C wise! Which brought a better arm, and better fitness back to campus: per: going from 20% down to 9% body fat! Better wvu.O.edu to boot. And that is good, as the incoming off-seasons nags were: deep-ball, pocket mobility, and even huddle-assuredly (i.e., leadership itself). Kinda sorta their very own JAX to some degree/extent, albeit with a higher/tighter ceiling metrics-wise if/when Doege gets there. Doege is a good short to mid-range zippy passer, with/in a clean pocket. Sometimes a great one. As he is not the tallest/biggest tree in the woods (weights less than even BAX!) and struggles/sprays a bit when crowded. In his fifth collegiate season, Doege has thrown for 536 of his 7,982 career yards in 2021. Curiously enough, Doege’s passing accuracy has declined every single year, at both schools! Most unusual indeed. And as CC pointed out a burner of a runner, he ain’t. 28″ vert’, 4.52 shuttle, 34.5′ power throw. The first two are a little north of average, the final one is mo’ south than that. With a: 4.73 forty. (i.e., we gotta bring da wood, here). 432 yards for his grounded career— says so! Rb: Leaddie Brown is nearly an NHL-savvy ‘little ball of hate’ or a mini-me bowling ball. A compact tho’ pretty shuttling 5’11”, final-year 216 lbs. says so. Brown can do a lot for you— including joining the good hands’ people and getting the ball on the catch in space. As this is prolly Fu’s dream Rb1. He can run, he has good (not epic, tho’ very good) speed, he has a bit of s.Stith in him downhill and runs more physically than his vitals suggest. And he can catch. Like a Blackshear+++ with mo’ physicality. Although he only logs two totes ≥38-yards; as a lotta his offensive things are WVa. middlecase all over. Those compliments rightfully and effusively bestowed, he is easy to key as the Qb1 is nearly a lock to not run (very much or very far). As Qb1 has one that’s (1) career carry ≥8-freakin’-yards (and it went for twelveteen!!!) That all accurately stated… Qb2: (Garrett Greene) is a darty good little water-bug Pivot. Do you sit Doege for the (vastly) better run-fit here, however? (m.s. mid script: Rb’s Jaylen Anderson and Justin Johnson Jr. are VHT recruits in addition to all of ^that^). oLine: z.Frazier (dinged left-shoulder; St.Christopher bless) and G-c-G is the strength here. No seniors permeate this offensive front wall, so they are playing 2o22, today. The even or right-side is a bit more graduated physically. And c-(right)-G-(right)-Ot sure looks like the money side upon breaking tape. Pass-pro’ and run-fits are about equal at the moment… although if there is a fly in the offensive ointment, this penchant for giving up untimely TFL (Tackles for a Loss) or outright Sacks is it. The frontline is okay sized at best/at most. Almost a little smallish by modern standards. (Only one guy is north of 3o8 lbs.) And Hokie fans should love this Wva. oLine, as it is 20% Hokie and 20%, hoo!  Ot Brandon Yates, Soph. and C/right-G Zach Frazier is supposed to be your bell-cows here. And Zac is a mauling good grizzly bear of a G; who has been forced ‘hike’ the rock. (i.e., they need to find a real home-position-C). oLine is NOT a footwork quickness clinic.   Wr’s/Te’s: Although not really massive there is some height here and you gotta wonder if that will not red-zone help at some point. Wva. has 5-guys @Wideout with over 500-yards career-wise and over 30-snags career-wise as well. Experience is not wanting here as they are all r-Jr’s or older. They all average at least a 1st-down per grab. Tho’ they do not have a metric ton of breakaway plays. Lottsa singles/doubles and a few trips. However, not many grab-gangs court five, that’s (5) ex-Wr1’s in total for varying reason(s). Te1 Mike O’Laughlin is a solid blocker, tho’ he only merits about 1 catch every other game. And it is very narrow sit-down type of stuff at that. Wr1 might be: Winston Wright? Tho’ WVa. really Spreads the airwaves around here, as six guys already have snatched 6-throws or more. (Making it tough to key just one), Slot-Wr Wright does have the right stuff in his feet, as they accelerate go-game Saturn V style. Wr’s are athletic more so than soft-handed. All dat married to Chuck Yeager 15-15 eagle-eye open-field vision. As he’s a Pt.Guard in another life.
  • O overall:  4-1 when Tb1 went >100 yards. 6th best last year in broken tackles up the gut! Qb1 does not seem to feel/sense backside pressure real presciently.

During his tenure at Texas Tech, Brown perfected his NASCAR spread offense. The offense created by Brown focused on players running to the line immediately after the play and quickly snapping the ball before the defense could get set. The offense requires speed at every position to be run the way Brown envisions it. The focus of the offense was to snap the ball 8 seconds after the previous play. Recall there are some leftover 3o4 tinfoil richrod elements here… although unlike richrod’s 3-speed O (turbo, Indy, jet) this O is all Hot Wheels or burn-rubber as best it can.

  • ∑ (summary): returning O production=71% (47th). Terps film-study: lotta edge and countering and scissoring looks here. Edge seal blocking is pretty sporty and there are some bursts/quicks here if/when it does achieve sealing tightness. There were a few slowing missing drops and miss-throws. As the throwaway is clearly coached-up here JIC. Additionally, there are untimely penalties here-n-there. Tho’ this is good dang O when it gets outta its own dang way. Lotta mid-field angular rooting near or between the hashmarks. And Doege seems to have a knack for these— tho’ he surely is a streak-shooter. Think Byron Scott, his hot is mo’ than luke-warm and his sudden cold-snaps chill an otherwise snappy O out from time to time. Tho’ this kid is a pure gunner upon breaking tape. He just keeps pitching be that hit or miss.
Throw points ALL well behind 2nd-down-Marker!
  • 51% run:pass 49% mix. Garrett Greene is your secret sauce offender here. IF he really plays in relief, it could prove Pivotal in outcome terms men. Truly. Pay attention to #3 now wearing #6. He is their BAX a bit mo’ jacked-up (on run-fits). (And least we forgets… Coach Brown has played dodgeball with his Qb1 before, just ask Army last year).
    (L.I.U. film-study): Unusual medium+++ passing team (mostly). Observe I did not type short-to-medium, nor midrange to long. Lotta intermediary crossing/rubbing works here with some shorts and a few longs. Meaning: this is a slightly deeper hitting set than all Spread whizbang 2021 things tend to be. More than slightly actually… as this is a Rocky Mt. W.A.C.-O compared to Left-Coast O in b.Walsh quicker hitting looks in geography terms. Then they sneak a screen look in underneath or a Hb-draw. Tho’ honestly, it actually grows in pass-point depth as the game wears along… O is a curious very starting specific one, as they literally run the same play(s) more than once. Almost redundant via 2021 all things cuttise spread-out standards. And from above, Wva. sourcing says the only thing they are truly worried about is our dLine vs. their oLine. And it is very alluring that the coaching sewing-circle ‘whispers’ report that Brown oLine’s historically struggle with TFL (Tackles for a Loss); allowed!

    greenish color=favorable, j.Ham HAS to dog them out here!

    O will go 3, 4, and even 5-naked-wide at times… very typically 2021. Spread-Gun base with Hb offset, and a near Hback short-side off of that. WVa. will sometimes leave the Ot-G-c-G-Ot uncovered. Gotta watch for enuff men on LOS (line-of-scrimmage) for it. Wr’s motion and Hb shifts around, and tends to follow the pulling-kick-out Te/H-back to wherever the play-call fits. Or they play-action to freeze Lb’s here-n-there and try to work behind them. Not real sure how much you play DAX like this… might wanna ante-up a full Nickel look. As they will really expose any Linebacking passing foibles on the quick here. They do a lotta plunging inside the G-c-G wedge style with the Hb(s) and this will test DAX’s Y-chromosome as well. This is an O that will add/load tempo as drives lengthen… it is a run-then-pass O. 60:40% in theory. And its Wideouts run you off the LOS patterning even on run-keeper-plays. (Very Tom Landry Pearson/Hill era). They run you East-West too pre-snap and do old azz things like banana routing off of that (to the Motion-Wr). This helps enhance/bait-n-switch the R.P.O. looks each way… ‘cept for the fact that the Qb1 is not much on the “R” in the R.P.O. vector himself. Then they counter-screen behind that, like A+++ rick.Bustle stuff to create friendly pin-blocking angles. Finally, this O will get a little pushy-shovey post-play, they (similar to the D) will try to ‘bleep’ wif yah if you let ’em. Qb1 looks mo’ settled this year to me— as you can see Jar-D’ coming off of play-side things to find tertiary pick-ups behind all of that backside. This is a matriculating look. Tho’ they will in-line Go flood medium to deeper areas with Wr’s plural, almost looked a little Loeffler-like at times.

Offensive letter-grade:

Special Teams: (about 1.5 return, one was a part-timer last year)

w.V.u. is 116th in Net Punting and oddly enough so is P1 Tyler Sumpter. Ty’ is an r-Sr. sixth-season booter and clearly experience and learning curves are curvilinear enough here. Ty’ is a Troy transfer-P1. As he followed his pet coach to Mo-town WVa. Where he had logged a noticeable 25-FG makes down in ‘Bama! So, he can (easily) pitch-hit in a K2 pinch. He was 1st-team all-State in Alabama as a P1. He has not missed a collegiate P.A.T. He already enjoys his Troy.edu Education undergrad B.A. Ty’ also handled KO-duties down @Troy for a couple of seasons so his foot seems heavy enough. And frankly, it is almost a bit of a surprise that he is only per se punting here? Although he seems to be more of a directional/hangtime coverage P than a Ray Guy pure boomer. Sill a better than average P1 to be sure.

  • 99th in Punt Returns | 2nd in KO returns. KO return team has da juice, just ask the Terps!
    (Wright double-dips as PR and KO-R, neat guy— when he actually catches the rock).
    (Although, the 2020 star-PR transferred out to boot).
  • 51st in punt coverage | 33rd and in suicide-squad.
  • WVa. has blocked 0 kicks and allowed 0 kicks to be blocked.
  • WVa. has blocked 0 punts and allowed 0 punts to be blocked.
  • KO-specialist has fully hinged braced on his blown plant-knee! wow, St.Nikon bless.

Casey Legg -great surname- is w.V.u.’s r-Jr., K1. He is serviceable thus far as a K1 as his career 69% F.G.A. make-rate avers. Legg has a college career-long of 51-yards; though his reasonable range seems to hover in the mid-40’s give/take. Legg only has one make ≥45-yards career-to-date. Although he’s a forty on campus what with being Academic All-Big 12 First Team, with a perfected 4.0 GPA! .edu proppers @Casey! That said, Casey was WVa.’s kick-off guy until this year, and he did close pretty strong after a modest FG-Kicking start to last year. So, maybe there is mo’ in the bag here than his statistics connote? Tallish elongated K1 at 6′5″, so you need to mind the F.G.A./P.A.T.-block punch-point accordingly. Has had one FGA-swatted. Casey does enjoy 3o4 State Championship bling in the other football {sic: soccer}. And he was his team’s leading hoops scorer as a scholastic Jr. and Sr. alike. So, there has gotta be some athletics for a fake somewhere in the mix here. Enjoys ‘dancing’… whatever that encodes to mean…

Special Teams letter-grade:
This ain’t a bad ST’s unit, and it ain’t an average ST’s unit neither. The only quibble would be which B to assign? Prolly at least a flat-B although a B+ is in play.

Unit Rankings:

  1. WVa. O.
  2. VT D.
  3.  WVa. D.
  4. VT O.


  • motive: let’s see… one team has a bear-pit home-field advantage/rep’; is playing @home. Did Eye mention this is an away game, yet? Yah; I’d have to say that counts. Ditto having a non-gimmie with Oklahoma after us/VT. EDGE=WVa. (Big too).
  • weather: clearly favors the better passing team, and here I was hoping it might uno-dimensional slow that chucking down… EDGE=WVa.
  • health/off-field: w.V.u. has a couple of dings (in particular @Te). Although V.P.I. has more, and now they have a very mitched-up dent. EDGE=WVa.
  • penalties: very few teams are better at (not) doing yellow-laundry than Fu’s is (#2 best). w.V.u. appears to have tightened up on flagging, tho’ not as uptight as Fu’. EDGE=VT.
  • intangibles: Fu’ is a bit better at T.O.P. (time of possession) and way better at Turnover Margin. EDGE=VT.
  • fatigue: VeeTee is +1 in R&R, although they have to travel here and that makes this cat’ awash. EDGE=push.


The VT vs. W.V.U. football series should...

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Illationconclusion(s), and OPT digits:

Number of eers who could be heard  @Tech=9

the takeaway:
“Once mo’ unto the breach dear friends.”

As Vah.Tech is soldiering up @Mo.town Wva., for the first time since grandmaw last got laid.

And at least we forget the classical days… when all the important Big Easters O&M champions were at the meatballs and w.v.u. was at the dip… we did sorta, kinda, semi… or at least on occasion, get along, at least a little bit. Sorta…

Then after a less than congenial and mo’ parts, hidden-cam found break up… it all went to a sudden hell in a conferencing-call gone speed-dial hand-basket.

And yet here we hard fallen-out-friends round #11 goes again…


xxx‘s & ooo‘s:
Nestor=big time oo7 Duquesne spy-ring edge here. Make no misQ about that… who else on their squad can give an insider scouting report (in particular with re: to Vice Squad mechanics/tendencies) like he can?!?
(or even a… playbook)?

formulae here favors

The home team as home is where w.v.u.’s points typically were, what with tallying a 182-65 scoring marker while going 5-o at home last season.

ESPN digits…


  1. Δ1=15% …IF this game snowballs and gets away from anyone either way? It is very difficult -to the point of unreasonable- for me and Frosty to say that that favors the visitor here. IF this one opens up? It prolly opens up in WVa.’s favor.
  2. Δ2=50% …that the home team is gonna win a hard-fought one by about 1.5 full-plays at the end of an old-school Big East black-n-blue pier-6 brawl of a day.
  3. Δ3=35% …that the traveling team is gonna win a hard-fought (hard-won) one by about ½ a play to a full-play in a game of pure attrition-based phonebooth fight where your fingers do the walking, the talking, the fish-hookin’ and the eye-gouging. While being outgained in Total Yards by 65-100 yards.

#ChallangeA.c.c.epted… there are 1,440 minutes in a day and don’t die of shock if it takes extra innings or 65-7o minutes to notch a VicTory upstate.

the optics
…the optics favor camouflage here. 

Buy a WV.Tech football blue-n-gold shirt and really muck with the hosts targeting software!
Wear O&M or travel in a Va. tagged car and don’t cry fo’ me… Argentina.

the skinny...

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©)

  • WVa.’s O is a useful 40th best on 1st-down | whereas j.Ham is a centrist 68th best in 1st-down D.
  • VT’s O is a middleocore 70th on 1st-down | whereas WVa’s D is thrifty 30th best in 1st-down D.
  • WVa.’s O is a stellar 11th best on 3rd-down | whereas VT’s D is so-so 57th best in 3rd-down D!

    Always bet on Black!
  • VT’s O is a downright good 21st best on 3rd-down | whereas WVa.’s D is very reasonable 31st best in 3rd-down D.
  • ANALYSIS: …this one ambushed me a bit; tho’ generally and overall, most of this does not favor the good guys. EDGE=WVa.

TTT (Time To Throw©)

  • The Vice Squad is sharp 18th best in fewest sacks allowed | whereas WVa. is okay 68th best in opposing Qb’s sacked.
  • WVa. is a below-average 86th best in fewest sacks allowed | whereas O&M eggs and j.Ham is a spartan 8th best in opposing Qb’s sacked!!
  • The Hokie oLine is a pleasant 38th best in TFL (Tackles for a Loss) allowed | although, WVa. is a silver-medalist or phenomenal 2nd-best in TFL inflicted! (wow!)
  • WVa. is a very decent 36th best in TFL allowed | although, the Gobblers are a northwardly 12th best in TFL inflicted!
  • ANALYSIS: …as you can see… “the other team’s Korterback must go down and he must go down HARD.” —Al Davis, Oaktown G.M./Coach.
    And the only thing that separates these two here is Pass-Pro’. Could VeeTee even genny a Doege fumble or turnover here? EDGE=VT.


…need Eye say mo’?

3-game splits, H/A… this is the Hokies first game @Away, (Check back next time).

Our handy dandy friend, the so-called: Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is merely calling for an October round-robin reask.

the call

This one is not one for the sissy-ass P.urely C.hicken realm of Disneyfied imaginers.

This one is gonna be Smith Barney football and someone is gonna win this one… “…the old-fashioned way.”

Inspect, circumspect, retrospect, suspect,

  • Inspect, “It’s going to be the biggest home game we’ve had here in my tenure. … (I look) forward to the opportunity.” —Coach Brown.
  • circumspect, The Hokies are just 7-8 away from home since the start of the 2o18 season.
  • retrospect, Wva. has won six consecutive games at home and is 18-o against nonconference opponents in Morgantown since 2o11.
  • suspect, “…loud, emotions cause us to lose our mind. They cause us to act out, they cause us to do silly things. What we have to do is we can use that, playing on the road, to fuel our energy and our passion, but we can’t let it cloud our judgment.” Coach I.N.J.T. personality (or… Coach Fu’).

And yet as inimical as this may read… the queer part, this may just be our best (match-up) chance to win one of the final-3 contests right here. And don’t forgets… you charge a gun and run from a knife.

Charge the musket, Justin!
Do NOT emotionally reel them in here young man— all fingers point to that.

Will you protect this, couch?”

The Juice...

…here’s the real deal in the truest sense

The old gray mare, she ain’t what she used to be,”
—Coach (composer) Stephen Foster


As the halcyon or national championship competees’ of Frank Beamer and Don Nehlen is long gone and halcyon has been replaced by helium.

Or a lotta hot-air and wait-till-next-year football.

This means that both teams now lack {sic: super} star power. There ain’t no MV1 and there ain’t no Major Harris to go on and whoop the other side respectively.


This brings each winning outcome into play as neither squad is no longer great enough to go out and flat out and club the other to death. Each team is now hunt-n-peck or aquarian football as greatness goes…

…this means one of two things… someone screws up a determining play or two; or someone wins this one at or near the buzzer by one-full-play in a game that is more parts equilibrium and less parts shortage or demand.

Accordingly, Fu’ has got to hang around, slowly tighten the noose-knot and try to win a shady game of hangman. He must body-snatch, gut-punch, work the beltline and win his proverbial 3-hour-stomach-ache of a Futball game, late. HardFuglyTough.

Because -and mark my words here folks- IF Fu’ can somehow open up 4-o and pull the O&M fat outta the old-blue and gold fire?

His culture, his way, based upon his pet build... may have finally; arrived!
click me!

The Mountain State or 3o4 bugbear being… how the hell do you pick the upset, this side of our A-game punch landing on their temple accompanied by very clean Hokie-Pokey football being played when you are looking up from a near 150 yards/game ∑ or Total Yardage deficit?

This while having to war @one of the toughest ever collegiate places to play which just so happens to hate our damn guts?!?

And in a game that the averages say will see a combined 20-TFL and 9-Qb’s-sacked? That’s code for both clubs chasing the chain gang and that favors the better passing Qb1 with the better individual Rb1 behind him.


The graft...

That total yardage edge to me is Gen.Montogomery football or… A (New River) Bridge Too Far.

As methinks, this one is even-steven knotted at about 20 or so before a couple of having to press plays sees things go sideways. Thereby making for a cheap-looking 4Q 0:00 remaining tally in a game that was much more expensive than the final margin will indicate.

So, and ain’t nobody dislikes typing this any mo’ than me…

…and yah yah; Eye can hear you crying already…
though what if WVa. really does…
“stick it in” our …eer
C U 24.sept.2022!!!


upset Index=41%


Virginia Tech=2o, West Virginia=34


Please support the VT F.C.A.!



COUNTRY >>> party!

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  1. I’m with you…..corny ball won’t work in Morgantown… Defense has carry Corny since he’s been here. Love my Hokies but not a fu Cornball fan.

    1. Let us hope we is most, ‘rong.

      AND… this would be a helluva a cultural scalp for Fu’ & Co. to take too!


  2. Great analysis & love all the female ‘Eers pics this week. 304 Membership do have its privledges. Wowie woo woo.

    Gotta eradicate Cuomo College stats from Mtn–Eers thus current way overstated. This is 5-7 win midcard Big12-4 team. Venerable to misdirection and wearing down by the O. Ie Vice Squad please report to multiple 1st down & 10. Don’t need chunk plays but chain moving, non negative 1st down plays & game falls into HOKIES lap.

    VT 35. WVU 21
    PS, what’s the local mood in Field of Blue regarding game… big game feel or has some air been removed due to absence since your grandma last got laid???

  3. You calling for a 14 pt victory for the eers? Did you fall and get hit on your head? How they gonna score 34 on jham’s D?

    Well, if VT pulls out a victory over such a superior team, bourbon street will have to reassess the obvious low opinion you have of this year’s hokie team.

    If you are closer to right, I will have to do same. VT 29. WVU 20

  4. I like our trenches better than theirs, and so does my knowledgeable WVU buddy that puts his money where his mouth is. He wants to put money on VT. I talked him out of it because I suspect he’s using it as some sort reverse psychology mojo. He doesn’t know that was my reasoning. 😁

    I think our DL dominates and keeps our talented, but neurotic offense in the game. Like you said, it’s going to be a brawl and it’s a winnable game if FU/Corn don’t get too cute. Just pound the rock!

  5. Nice work B! Always look forward to this one … btw, word from the GVA is a Hokie Olympian from the 304 will be on the sidelines. To confirm/deny such rumors, when in position at ORP Milan-Puskar, G2 advises surveillance target area is 53.3 yards W across from the visitors bench. G2 also reports a rising HSBB recruit, with (very) close association to the aforementioned, that’s not getting much (any?) attention from the 24060. Fusion cell says these two reports are linked. Here we go again. Is history doomed to repeat itself? Coach MY has to be > B Huggins in such hometown strategery, right?

    Battle of the The Wilderness today. Counterattacking enemy maneuver miscues and timely special teams strikes lead to victory (Int. Beamerball).

    VT23 WVU17

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